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Monsters of the Mind

By Frost

  • 4 Chapters
  • 3,933 Words

When Dr. Zyme experiments with recreating mythological monsters, something goes terribly wrong. And now, MegaKat City is overrun with creatures even the SWAT Kats may not be able to handle! (4 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Monsters Of The Mind
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Rating: K+
Warnings: Minor blood.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats is copyright to Hanna-Barbera and all the beasts are copyright to Frost.
Summary: When Dr. Zyme experiments with recreating mythological monsters, something goes terribly wrong. And now, MegaKat City is overrun with creatures even the SWAT Kats may not be able to handle!

Chapter 1

Breaking Loose

“Ann Gora here live at the new zoo in the middle of MegaKat City. This zoo will hold one of a kind animals. Dr. Zyme, what kind of one of a kind animals will this zoo hold?”

“Well, Ann, it’s kind of hard to explain; let me show you.” Dr. Zyme’s fur was mauve with a dark orange tip on his tail. He had dark orange hair, and he was a biochemist. Dr. Zyme walked towards a humongous cage. The cage was covered with a metal shield of some sort. Dr. Zyme punched in some numbers on the key pad and the shield slid off the cage.

“Wow! And, what is this creature?” Ann stepped towards the cage. Ann was a news reporter for Kats Eye News. She had tan fur, short brown hair, and sparkling eyes full of curiosity, which would explain her always getting into trouble.

“This is the one and only Chimaera (Ki-mar-a). The Chimaera has the head, body, and the mane of a lion, a tail that’s a venomous serpent, and a vicious goat’s head springing out of its back. It’s an extremely weird creature.” Dr. Zyme had been researching for months to figure out how to recreate mythical creatures.

“Is there anything special this beast can do?”

“The Chimaera can breathe fire.” Dr. Zyme walked close to the cage.

The Chimaera growled and smacked the cage. The two stepped back. The poor beast is 25ft. tall at her back, and she’s locked up in a small cage.

“On a scale from one to ten, how dangerous would you rate these creatures?” Ann asked Dr. Zyme.

“I would rate them all as a ten. These creatures are extremely dangerous; that’s why we have to chain them down.” Dr. Zyme pointed out the chain around the Chimaera’s right front leg. “You’re free the look around.” Dr. Zyme walked off.

Ann and Johnny, the camera guy, walked over to another cage. The creature inside it was Cerberus. He earlier had broken all three chains that were supposed to hold him down, so now he was even more dangerous than before. He was just waiting for the perfect moment to break out. Cerberus growled and reached through the cage and grabbed Ann.

She screamed loudly, and Dr. Zyme came running.

“Help!” Ann screamed.

The three headed hell hound ripped open the bars on the cage and walked out. It seemed as if he had a smirk on all three of his faces.

“Oh no! Cerberus is loose!” Dr. Zyme knew how much destruction Cerberus could do and that he would let out all the other creatures so that they could help him take over. Dr. Zyme called the Enforcers.

Cerberus was 40ft. tall when he walked on his hind legs. He had a serpent for a tail and a mane of vipers around each head. The creature got down on all fours, with Ann still in his hand, and ran over to the Chimaera’s cage and ripped open the bars on her cage. Legendary origin says that Cerberus and Chimaera are brother and sister. After Cerberus let Chimaera out, they both started letting all the other creatures out. Chimaera let Roc out. Roc was a bird of prey, as big as a jetliner, and had talons as big and sharp as swords. When she got out, she took off to go rain terror in MegaKat City. Cerberus let out the Thunderbird. The Thunderbird was another bird of prey, but he had two heads and can shoot lightning out of his eyes. All together, the two let out a deadly Werewolf, a fire breathing Wyvern, and a sea monster named Leviathan. They released all the creatures except for one. Jormungand (YOUR-mun-gand) was the biggest snake to ever live on earth. He exhaled clouds of poisonous gas that could kill any mortal creature instantly. All the creatures knew, if they let him out, they would be spelling doom for themselves and everyone else. The Enforcers finally arrived and started shooting at the creatures.

“Stop or we’ll fire!” Commander Feral shouted.

The beasts just went full speed at the Enforcers.

“Fire at will!”

Commander Feral and the other Enforcers started firing with everything in their arsenal. There was no stopping these beasts that spelled doom for MegaKat City. The beasts sped right past Feral like they didn’t even notice him. But, Chimaera noticed Feral’s niece, Lt. Felina Feral, and grabbed her.

In all the shooting, something very bad happened, that for sure would spell doom for MegaKat City. Jormungand’s cage had been shot, and now he was out to go wreak havoc.

The beasts were running in the streets and scaring all the kats. Cerberus and Chimaera climbed up MegaKat Tower and started howling and growling. Something pinched Cerberus in the back of the neck and made him ticked off. He turned around and saw the SWAT Kats’ jet behind him. Razor, who was an orangey caramel colored kat, had fired an Octopus Missile at him. Cerberus grabbed at the TurboKat, but T-Bone, who was a brown striped tabby, was too quick for him.

“Boy, that’s a weird beast,” T-Bone said as he flew the TurboKat over MegaKat Bay.

Big, big, big mistake. The water beneath them began to boil and bubble. The Leviathan grabbed the wing on the TurboKat.

“Crud!” Razor shouted.

T-Bone tried pulling away, but the Leviathan’s sharp teeth were dug very deep into the wing of the TurboKat. T-Bone switched all three turbo boosters. They didn’t exactly get away; the Leviathan climbed onto their jet. He broke through the glass on the canopy and grabbed Razor.

“Razor! If you hurt him…”

Leviathan grabbed T-Bone too. Their jet started losing altitude. The Leviathan jumped and landed on the ground with a hard thud. The landing didn’t hurt Leviathan, but it jerked T-Bone and Razor around. Razor pulled his arm up out of the grab of the beast and fired a Mini Megavolt Missile. The Leviathan let go of T-Bone and Razor because of the major shock to all the electricity. The two ran before Leviathan overcame the shock. They ran into an alleyway that the beast couldn’t find them in.

“Okay, we don’t want to run into that creature again,” T-Bone said as he slouched against the wall. Just then, Ms.Calico Briggs called on the distress ban. “Yes, Ms. Briggs?”

“SWAT Kats, six beasts are attacking MegaKat Tower!” Ms. Briggs cried over the distress ban. A bunch of glass shattered in the background and Ms. Briggs screamed; then it was silent.

“We need to get to MegaKat Tower now.”

T-Bone and Razor took off towards MegaKat Tower. When they got there, it was deserted, except for one deadly snake. The two SWAT Kats didn’t see him until they smelled a foul stench.

“What is that smell?” Razor asked as he looked around the room and spotted Jormungand. “T-Bone, put your oxygen mask on now.”

Razor and T-Bone pulled their oxygen masks over their noses and mouths. They got out of there as quick as possible. When they got out, they took off their oxygen masks.

Razor started coughing real hard.

“You okay buddy?” T-Bone asked as he looked back behind him.

Jormungand was right behind them.

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