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Joining Forces

By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,231 Words

(Unfinished) The Pastmaster sends the SWAT Kats on an unexpected trip to another dimension with Dr. Viper along for the ride. Response to the Powerpuff Girls Crossover Challenge. See also Robina’s entry.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Joining Forces
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 1/9/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Minor blood
Copyrights: SWAT Kats belongs to Hanna-Barbera, and the Powerpuff Girls belongs to Hanna-Barbera too I think.
Notes: This is an entry for Dreamcatcher’s Powerpuff Girl Crossover Challenge. It seemed interesting, and I hope I can finish it soon.

The Pastmaster groaned as he aimed his watch at the sky. Clouds started to swirl and become the portal he always used to zip back and forth through time.

“Those infernal SWAT Kats will pay,” the orange skeleton groaned again. “Just not today.”

T-Bone looked over his shoulder and decided that maybe going straight up would be the solution. The TurboKat shot straight up into the cloudy sky.

“Razor, I can’t lose him!” T-Bone yowled as he brought the sleek black jet straight down.

“Dr. Viper has a better grip than I thought,” Razor growled to himself.

“Is there any way you could hit him with a missile or something?” T-Bone asked as he swerved around City Hall where the Pastmaster was.

“He’s too close and…” Razor paused as he saw a familiar portal opening.

“We’re travelin’ again!” T-Bone yelled over his shoulder as the jet was sucked towards the portal.

“I can’t even get back to my own time!” the Pastmaster yelled as he saw the familiar black jet appear. “But, maybe I can get rid of the SWAT Kats.” The orange skeleton aimed his watch at the sky and then yelled out a command to the portal.

The portal started to shift and change from a black color to a green color. Lightning flew out of it, and thunder cracked across the sky.

“Hang on to your stomach, Razor!” T-Bone screeched as the Turbo-Kat disappeared into the portal.

*    *    *    *

“Ready or not, here I come!” Buttercup yelled playfully as she sped off in search of her two sisters.

Careful not to knock any vases or breakables over, the green eyed Powerpuff Girl searched up stairs. She could hear giggling but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.

Bubbles tried to keep from giggling as Buttercup passed the closet door. The blue eyed Powerpuff Girl looked through the crack of the closet door to see where her sister had gone.

“Gotcha!” Buttercup yelled as she flung open the closet door.

“Alright! Let’s go find Blossom!” Bubbles laughed as she took off so fast she was just a blue streak.

“Right behind you!” Buttercup took off after her sister so fast she was just a green streak.

Bzzt! Bzzt!

“Aw, we didn’t get to finish the game!” Blossom sighed as she sped out from her hiding spot. The pink eyed Powerpuff Girl picked up the hotline. “Yes, Mayor,” Blossom spoke. “Alright, we’ll be right over.”

“What’s up?” Buttercup asked as she and her sisters sped out of the door.

“The Mayor said there’s a portal or something over Townsville Park,” Blossom summarized as the three neared the park.

*    *    *   *

“I can’t get control of her!” T-Bone growled as the jet started to plummet towards the park down below.

“You’re doomed!” Dr. Viper hissed as he broke the glass over Razor’s part of the cockpit.

“T-Bone, do the Death Roll!” Razor yowled as Dr. Viper tried to wrap his tail around his neck.

“She won’t respond!” T-Bone yelled back.

Razor unsheathed his claws and scratched Dr. Viper’s tail, and the snaky doctor yowled in pain.

The three Powerpuff Girls watched as the sleek black jet kept falling towards the ground.

“Come on! We’ve got to help them!” Blossom said as she and her two sisters took off towards the jet.

Razor hissed at Dr. Viper as the snaky doctor grabbed a piece of glass and lashed out at Razor. The doctor barely cut Razor’s flight suit because the agile tom was faster than him.

“Hey, what’s goin’ on?” T-Bone questioned as the jet leveled out.

“Ew! It’s a snake!” Bubbles yelled as Buttercup grabbed Dr. Viper by his tail.

“Let go, you foolish girl!” Dr. Viper hissed as Buttercup dropped him.

When the jet was finally set on the ground, T-Bone and Razor jumped out.

There was a long silence until Blossom spoke up. “I’m Blossom, and this is Buttercup and Bubbles,” Blossom said warily as she eyed up the two kats.

“I’m T-Bone, and this is Razor,” T-Bone said as he tightened his Glovatrix.

“Aw, they’re kitties!” Bubbles yelled cheerfully as she hovered over to the weary kats.

“And, you are?” T-Bone questioned as he took a step back.

“We’re humans,” Blossom answered. “Well sorta; we have super powers.”

“I see,” T-Bone muttered as Blossom and Buttercup hovered closer.

“Where are you guys from?” Buttercup asked as she eyed Razor up.

“We’re from MegaKat City,” Razor answered. “I think it’s at the other end of the universe from here though.”

“And, what was that snake thing on top of your jet?” Bubbles asked curiously.

“That was Dr. Viper,” Razor replied as Bubbles came closer to him. “He’s half snake half kat.”

“Wow,” Blossom said. She eyed up the kats, and the two eyed her up as well.

“Hey, where’d you put Viper?” T-Bone questioned as he looked around.

“I just sorta dropped him.” Buttercup answered.

“Why’d you do that?!” T-Bone growled.

“Hey, bud, they didn’t know,” Razor said as he scanned the area. “That snake can really cause some major trouble.”

“Well, we can help you find him,” Blossom suggested.

“But, the sun’s going down.” Bubbles pointed to the setting sun on the horizon.

“She’s right.” Blossom looked at T-Bone and Razor. “You can stay at our house if you want to.”

“What about our jet?” T-Bone asked as he rubbed his hand over the smooth paint.

“No problem,” Buttercup said as she heaved the TurboKat up.

“Come on.” Blossom and Bubbles picked T-Bone and Razor up then sped off to their house.

When they arrived at the small two story house, the girls set the two kats down.

“Wow, I’ve never flown like that before,” T-Bone grumbled as he got his balance back.

After Buttercup had put the TurboKat in their back yard, she followed her two sisters.

“I hope the Professor doesn’t mind,” Blossom said as she opened the door and led T-Bone and Razor inside.

“Hi, girls. I was just wondering…” Professor Utonium paused as he saw the two kats.

“This is T-Bone and Razor.” Blossom introduced the two.

“Their jet fell from a portal!” Bubbles excitedly said.

“And, there was an evil snake attacking them!” Buttercup said as she and her sisters hovered over to the Professor.

“Can they stay at our house until we figure out how to get them back home?” Bubbles asked with big blue eyes.

“I…I guess,” the Professor answered cautiously.

“Alright!” Buttercup proclaimed.

“Sleep over!” Bubbles yelled with happiness as she sped up to her room with Blossom and Buttercup behind her.

“Oh boy,” T-Bone mumbled as he and Razor followed the three girls.

*    *    *    *

Dr. Viper hissed as he made his way through the sewers of the unfamiliar town.

“Hey, snake! This is my sewer!” a voice called from somewhere in front of the snaky doctor.

“I don’t ssssee your name on it,” Dr. Viper answered with a cool voice.

“I’ve never seen you around here before,” the voice said as the creature came into the light.

“Hmm… well, I’ve never seen a chimp in the ssssewers,” Dr. Viper hissed as the short chimp came closer.

“My name is Mojo Jojo,” the chimp said. “What’s yours, snake?”’

“I’m Dr. Viper,” the snaky doctor hissed as he lashed his tail back and forth.

“Hmm… looks like you took a beating from the Powerpuff Girls,” Mojo said as he looked Dr. Viper over.

“Ah, so that’sss what you call those flying creaturesss,” Dr. Viper hissed as a clap of thunder sounded overhead.

“Do you have a place to stay?” Mojo asked as he scanned the snake over.

“No I don’t,” Dr. Viper hissed.

“You’re welcome to stay at my place for the time being,” Mojo offered.

“Fine,” Dr. Viper accepted the offer and followed Mojo to his lab in the middle of the town.

“There’s a couch over there.” Mojo pointed to a couch over in a corner as they entered the main part of the lab.

“Hmm…” Dr. Viper’s yellow eyes glowed with curiosity as he spied a lab table with chemicals on it. “Mind if I look?”

“Go ahead,” Mojo said as he sat down in his chair and grabbed a newspaper.

“Interesssting,” Dr. Viper hissed as he looked over different beakers with chemicals in them. Plans and diagrams were also laid out on the table.

“So, where are you from?” Mojo asked from where he sat.

“I’m from MegaKat City,” Dr. Viper answered. “It’sss much bigger than this town.”

“So, are you a mad scientist or something?” Mojo asked as he flipped a page in his newspaper.

“You could sssay that,” Dr. Viper chuckled as he grabbed a beaker filled with some purple chemical with his tail.

“So, do you have anyone that beats you up in your own dimension?” Mojo asked as he laid the paper down on his lap and watched Dr. Viper look at the chemicals.

“The SWAT Katsss,” Dr. Viper turned and hissed with anger in his voice. “They alwaysss have someone around to help them.”

“Ha, yours sounds like they’d be easy to get rid of. They don’t have super powers like those blasted Powerpuff Girls,” Mojo growled as he picked up his paper again.

“Don’t underestimate those SWAT Katsss,” Dr. Viper hissed as he walked up to Mojo. “I’ve tried everything, yet they alwaysss survive. They alwaysss have friends around that help them or something or other.”

“You just need to get them where they have no friends,” Mojo answered, not paying attention to the snaky doctor that was flicking his tongue out of his mouth.

“Yesss,” Dr. Viper hissed half to himself. He stared out of the large glass windows surrounding the top level of the lab. Then it hit him just exactly where he was.

“Those Powerpuff girls would be easier to defeat if I knew their weakness,” Mojo muttered as he got up and stared out the window at the falling rain as well.

“Every living creature has a weaknessss,” Dr. Viper hissed as he placed his arms behind his back.

“Every creature has a weakness except for those girls,” Mojo said as he cast a glance over to Dr. Viper. “I mean, they wouldn’t dare hurt a cat or anything like that, but I just can’t make that fit into my ideas.”

“But, I know how to make that work to our advantagesss,” Dr. Viper hissed as he lashed his tail back and forth. “You sssee, from where I’m from everyone is a kat,” Dr. Viper explained. “Including those wretched SWAT Katsss.”

“I see,” Mojo’s eyes glowed at the thought of where Dr. Viper was going with this.

“If we capture the SWAT Katsss,” Dr. Viper continued. “We can use their capture to our advantage. If we threaten the Powerpuff Girlsss by hurting the two katsss, they’d be putty in our clawsss,” the snaky doctor hissed as he returned to the lab table.

“Very good,” Mojo said as he approached Dr. Viper. “But, the girls will just bust them out. I’ve tried the same thing with the Professor that made them.” The chimp jumped up on to the lab table and watched Dr. Viper fiddle around with some chemicals.

“Yesss,” Dr. Viper hissed as he looked up at Mojo. “But, I’ve got an idea of how we can fix that.” At the back of the snaky doctor’s mind he thought of the perfect chance to get rid of the SWAT Kats.

“And, what is that?” Mojo asked, having a totally different idea in his mind.

“You’ll sssee,” Dr. Viper hissed as he looked back at the table. “You wouldn’t happen to have a zoo around this town would you?”

“Actually, we have a fairly big zoo,” Mojo said, his curiosity peaking.

“Where isss it?” Dr. Viper asked as he lifted his head from the chemicals.

“It’s right down the block.” Mojo pointed out to the window and out into the darkness.

“I’m going to head over there,” Dr. Viper hissed as he slithered towards the door.

“During the night?” Mojo asked as he jumped off the table.

“Yesss.” Dr. Viper was confused that these beings didn’t like to stay out after dark.

*    *    *    *

“So, where do you guys want to sleep?” Blossom asked as she hovered into the three girls’ room.

“We can sleep on the couch,” Razor said as he looked at the pink room. A slight shiver went down his back at the color pink.

“But, the couch’s not very comfy,” Bubbles pointed out as she settled down into her spot in the bed.

“It’s okay,” T-Bone answered quickly.

“Okay, whatever,” Buttercup said as he she settled down next to Bubbles and Blossom.

“Can you please turn out the light?” Bubbles asked in a small voice before Razor headed down stairs.

“Sure,” The slender tom flicked the light off and left a small crack open in the door.

“Hey, it’s like your three girls in human form,” T-Bone joked as he sat down on the couch and took off his helmet.

“That’s for sure,” Razor said as he took off his helmet as well.

*    *    *    *

“I can’t imagine any being having the knowledge to do this,” Mojo whispered as he stared as Dr. Viper’s creation.

“Yesss,” Dr. Viper looked back at the chimp and snickered. “Now all we need to do is turn on the reversed valves.”

“The what?” Mojo asked as he jumped out of Dr. Viper’s way as the snake made his way over to the windows.

“Last night, I reversed the water valves, so now the water will be sucked in from the bay,” Dr. Viper hissed as he motioned towards the bay about seven miles from the lab. “Instead of it being drained into it.”

“I see,” Mojo observed as Dr. Viper flipped a switch on a small device in his pocket. “But, how will that help us?”

“You see, my alligator will be able to get around the town with ease with water in it,” Dr. Viper pointed out as he nodded to the water that was already covering the ground.

“Very well,” Mojo grumbled as he stared up at the immense beast sitting in the corner of the room.

Dr. Viper walked over to his beast and then turned and headed out the door with the alligator following.

“Hey, wait!” Mojo yelled as he caught up to the snake. “What about the SWAT Kats?”

“They’ll come; don’t worry,” Dr. Viper hissed with pleasure in his voice.

“How can you be so sure? I mean, the Powerpuff Girls are the ones who take care of this town,” Mojo said as he followed the snaky doctor outside.

“They’ll come,” Dr. Viper snarled. “Don’t worry.”

“So, once we catch them, we can take over the town,” Mojo summarized as he stayed behind the snake.

“Sure,” Dr. Viper hissed, knowing that he was going to do something else.

*    *    *    *

“Yes, Mayor,” Blossom sounded worried as she spoke to on the hot-line. “We’ll be right there; don’t worry.”

“What’s going on?” Bubbles asked as she followed her sisters out the door.

“Is it Him? Or Mojo Jojo?” Buttercup questioned as she fell into place behind Blossom.

“No, the Mayor said the town’s flooding.” Blossom questioned the idea herself but believed it when she saw it.

“Wow, now that’s a flood.” Buttercup stared in awe at the water that was already a good seventy feet deep.

“Well, I think we should…” Blossom paused as a shadow appeared below the surface.

The three girls screamed as the beast rose up out of the water in a great effort and clamped them in its jaws.

“Holy smokes! Did you hear that?” Razor asked as the scream reached the two kats’ sensitive ears.

“It’s gotta be the girls!” T-Bone yelled as he headed for the TurboKat.

“Come on, we’ve gotta help ‘em,” Razor said as he jumped into the weapons officer’s seat behind the pilot’s seat.

“Here we go,” T-Bone growled as he shut the canopy and took off vertically.

The three girls tried pushing their way out of the alligator’s mouth.

“What the heck is this thing made of?” Buttercup questioned as she punched a tooth only to be thrown back.

“I don’t know,” Blossom muttered as she avoided a drop of spit that dripped from the roof of the alligator’s mouth.

Razor slid down his visor and lined up the crosshairs on his targeting scope then prepped an Octopus Missile.

“Fire!” Razor yowled as he launched the missiles.

The three girls were shaken as the missile hit the alligator’s nose. It growled in pain and dove under the water.

“Come on, we’ve gotta get closer,” Razor said as he slid his visor up.

Below the surface, the alligator waited as the jet got closer. The shadow gradually got larger as the jet got lower. Now. He launched himself upward and bit down on the left wing of the sleek black jet.

To be continued…

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