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By Frost

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(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats answer a call to deal with an alien creature at the space center. They capture the creature quickly enough, but why do they both feel sick the next morning?

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Author's Notes:

Title: Invasion
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Date: 7/13/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence and blood.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera and unfamiliar names belond to me, Frost.
Summary: The SWAT Kats answer a call to deal with an alien creature at the space center. They capture the creature quickly enough, but why do they both feel sick the next morning?

“How’s the cocoon?” a scientist asked as she brushed her brown hair out of her face.

“It’s been showing activity from inside for the past half hour,” a short tom answered as he wrote down something on a notepad.

The cocoon started to move. It split down the middle, and a back paw came out. A little hyena looking creature came out of the yellow cocoon. Big golden eyes looked up at the scientists. The baby started to lick goo from its light brown fur with a forked tongue.

“Aw, isn’t that cute?” the she-kat tapped on the glass of the container.

The pup looked up and wagged its tail. Much to the scientists’ surprise, the creature doubled in size in seconds. Soon, it grew to where its back hit the top of the container. The glass broke.

“Oh my.” The tom took a step back, and the hyena jumped out of the container and landed on the floor with a thud. It was already taller than him.

Sickly green drool dripped from its mouth. Large fangs hung passed its lip and its forked tongue flicked in and out of its mouth. The space hyena’s tail was still wagging fiercely as it jumped at the two scientists.

* * * *

Jake crawled into bed next to Frost. He pulled the covers over his shoulders.

“What were you doing?” Frost asked as she cuddled up to him.

“I was working on the TurboKat,” Jake answered as he yawned, baring his fangs.

“And, is it done?” Frost asked.

“Yes, after weeks of work,” Jake grumbled and closed his eyes.

A beeping started to come from a drawer in the night stand. Jake growled and pulled open the drawer.

“You have to be kidding me.” Jake pushed the covers off and jumped out of bed.

Jake raced down the stairs in his pajama pants with Chance on his tail. They jumped down the hatch and raced over to their lockers.

“Jake, when did you go to bed?” Chance asked as he zipped up his G-suit.

“I hadn’t even fallen asleep when the alarm went off,” Jake said as he rubbed his eyes then tied his bandanna on, becoming Razor.

“You need to stop staying up so late,” T-Bone ordered as he sealed the cockpit shut after his partner jumped in.

“I’ll have to remember that for tonight,” Razor grumbled as he glanced at the time on one of his instruments. It was five o’clock. Jeez, next time he was going to go to bed way before five.

“So, where was the alarm set off at, buddy?” T-Bone asked when they were airborne.

“M.A.S.A. Space Center,” Razor reported as he shook his head, trying to get the sleep to go away.

“I hope it’s not bugs again,” T-Bone moaned as the huge space center came into sight.

“Only one way to find out.” Razor slipped his Glovatrix on as the jet lowered down.

Both toms jumped out and landed on the grass with silence. They ran and climbed over the fence with ease. Once close enough to the space center, they saw tons of Enforcers surrounding one smaller building.

“Okay, so what’s going on?” Razor asked as he approached a black she-kat with silver hair pulled back into a pony tail.

“We’re not sure,” Lieutenant Clawson looked over at the two and a smile spread across her muzzle. “But, I’d sure like it if you two would check it out.”

“Roger,” Razor winked at his daughter as he and T-Bone stalked past.

The Enforcers parted to let the SWAT Kats through the defense line. Carefully, T-Bone opened the door to the building and slipped in with Razor close behind.

“It’s quiet,” T-Bone whispered as he tightened his Glovatrix.

“Too quiet,” Razor replied almost silently.

As if on queue, the giant space hyena, which had doubled in size, came racing down the hallway, chasing a kat. It stopped and perked its ears when it saw the two toms. Its tail wagged fiercely, and it yipped and barked like a dog.

“Okay.” Razor raised his arm and readied to take fire.

The beast ran forward at full speed. It jumped and cleared the two as it blocked the door. The sickly green drool dripped from its mouth as it flicked its tongue in and out continuously.

“It’s like a big puppy,” T-Bone commented as he backed away from the licking tongue.

“Yeah, but a puppy who kills.” Razor nodded to the two dead kats further down the hall.

“Hey! Hey!” T-Bone yelled as the beast’s tongue licked his arm.

The space hyena seemed like it was smiling and didn’t have a care in the world. It took a few steps forward and knocked both toms down in a playful manner. The beast rasped its forked tongue over both toms.

“Ew! Get off!” Razor raised his arm and fired a net.

With perfect accuracy the net caught the beast and pinned it to the ground. The poor thing looked heartbroken and lowered its head on to its paws.

“Aw man, this is gross,” T-Bone grumbled as he wiped green drool off of his face.

“Well, at least this thing is caught.” Razor heaved a sigh of relief and walked over to the door.

After the Enforcers sedated and loaded the creature on to a helicopter, the two left for home, hoping to catch at least another hour of sleep before getting up.

“Okay, what was it this time?” Frost asked as Jake crawled into bed.

“Just some giant hyena at the space center.” Jake yawned and buried his head into his pillow.

* * * *

Dark gray clouds blocked out the morning sun. Opening the curtains only let in a tiny amount of light. Jake rolled over and realized Frost wasn’t in bed.

“Hey, where’re you goin’?” Jake asked as Frost pulled a black t-shirt on.

“It’s Friday; I have to go to work at the museum,” Frost answered as she sat on the end of the bed. “It’s not Saturday yet.”

Jake sat up and rubbed his face. Only then did he feel that his throat was raw and sore.

“Hey, can you make me some tea before you go? My throat’s sore.” Jake stood up and stretched.

“Yeah.” Frost kissed his cheek and ran downstairs.

The dark ginger tom massaged his throat and walked over to the closet. He pulled off his pajama pants and put on a white t-shirt and his overalls. Slowly, he made his way downstairs and sat down on the couch.

“Here you go.” Frost handed her husband a mug with hot herbal tea in it.

“Thanks.” Jake graciously took a sip and turned on the TV.

“Okay, I’ll be back around four.” Frost grabbed her denim jacket as she started to walk out the door. “Are you still gonna come and have lunch with me?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there around noon,” Jake replied as Frost smiled and slipped out the door.

Jake felt his throat starting to feel better, but he still felt like he had a chest cold. Being the middle of summer he doubted that idea though. Perhaps it was allergies.

“Hey dad,” Kacey said as she came down the stairs in her pajama pants and t-shirt.

“Hey, sweetie,” Jake looked up from the TV.

“Did mom already leave?” the dark ginger she-kat asked.

“Yeah.” Jake scooted over as his daughter sat down next to him.

“How’re you feeling?”

“Fine,” Kacey answered with a yawn. “Zarin woke me up this mornin’ though.”

“I’m sorry.” Jake took another sip of his tea. “She must’ve slipped out of my room when Chance and I took off last night.”

“Where’d you go?” Kacey asked as she pushed a few loose hairs out of her face.

“Just the space center,” Jake answered.

“Bugs?” The thirteen year old looked up with blue eyes.

“Nah, just a giant space hyena,” Jake chuckled as Kacey gave him an odd look.

“Okay, I’m gonna go wake Kit up,” Kacey said as she walked over to the freezer and grabbed an ice cube.

“Oh boy,” Jake mumbled as his daughter slipped upstairs and into Chance’s fourteen year old son’s room.

There was a grumble then a scream. Kacey came running down the stairs with the tabby tom hot on her tail. Kit was about two inches taller than Kacey but was thin like her. He was in blue plaid pajama pants and had no shirt on.

“When I get a hold of you, you’re dead, Kacey!” Kit shouted as he disappeared out the door after Kacey.

“Oiye,” Chance grumbled as he walked down the stairs.

“Hey, buddy,” Jake said as his friend plopped down on the couch next to him.

“Hey,” Chance’s voice sounded rough, like his throat was sore too.

“Your throat sore?” Jake asked as he sipped his tea.

“Yeah,” Chance stood up and walked outside.

A cool breeze bringing the smell of rain and the sea ruffled his tabby fur. A rain drop landed on his nose. The tabby tom walked back inside and approached a black jeep.

“Okay, Jake, did you figure out what was wrong with this hunk of junk?” Chance asked.

“Yeah, the kat didn’t even check to see if its battery was dead,” Jake answered as he stood up and set his mug on the counter in the kitchen.

“Hm, yeah, that may have been why it died.” Chance shook his head and leaned on the jeep.

To Be Continued…

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