Original SWAT Kats Story


By Frost

  • 7 Chapters
  • 4,830 Words

(Unfinished) MegaKat City’s usual villains are turning up frozen solid in blocks of ice. But, the she-kat behind it isn’t doing this out of the goodness of her heart. She has an ultimatum for the SWAT Kats. And, if they don’t meet it, all of MegaKat City may suffer.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Frostbite
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 12/17/08
Rating: K+
Warnings: Minor blood.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera and Frost, Anubis, Blizzard, and the Jackals are copyright to Frost.
Notes: This story should get done before spring.

Chapter 1

Dr. Viper moved with the shadows as the warm summer’s night passed by. Fathom Square was just around the corner as was the shipment of chemicals.

“Just a bit farther,” Dr. Viper told himself as he slithered through the shadows with his snake tail trailing behind him.

The night was still and quiet. The perfect night for a trap. From on top of a warehouse Dr. Viper was being watched. The gray kat watched Dr. Viper with her pine green eyes. She jumped from the roof and landed right in front of the startled snake. Dr. Viper saw that in front of him was a very gentle looking kat.

“Move aside, kitten,” Dr. Viper ordered.

“This kitten has claws,” the mysterious kat said as she iced Viper. “And, she’s not afraid to use them.”

Dr. Viper stood frozen inside an ice block. The mysterious kat slipped into the shadows. Now her trap was set into motion.

In the morning Dr. Viper still stood frozen as Commander Feral looked him over.

“Who could have done this?” Lt. Feral asked her uncle.

“I have no idea, Felina,” Commander Feral answered sternly.

“Uncle, there was no sign of tracks or anything that shows who could have done this,” Felina said. It was true; there were no tracks or signs of struggle. It was like the kat had been a ghost.

Dr. Viper was hauled off to Enforcer Headquarters. There he would be chipped out of the ice block and be put into a cell. Maybe then he could give the Enforcers some sort of clue to who this mysterious kat was.

“She was gray with frosty tipssss,” Dr. Viper hissed. His snake body was still freezing from being in the ice block.

“So, it was a girl?” Felina asked.

“Yessss,” Dr. Viper hissed again. He hated being questioned.

“Was there any distinct markings on her?” Commander Feral asked.

“She had a sssscar. It was across her left eye,” Dr. Viper answered.

Felina and her uncle left Dr. Viper in the cell. It was all too strange.

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