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Fight Fire With Fire

By Frost

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(Unfinished) Thanks to the bite of an escaped lab experiment, Chance has transformed, and Razor’s going to have to take some desperate measures to get him back to normal.

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Author's Notes:

Title:Fight Fire With Fire
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Date: 6/10/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Blood and violence.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats are copyright to Hanna-Barbera and unfamiliar names are copyright to me, Frost.
Summary: Thanks to the bite of an escaped lab experiment, Chance has transformed, and Razor’s going to have to take some desperate measures to get him back to normal.

Frantic kats scattered all over the fairly large lab. Two tom kats barked out orders to the white coated lab assistants.

“If you find it, don’t kill it!” the larger one yowled as a couple lab assistants zipped past him.

“And, whatever happens, do not let it bite you!” the other tom yowled.

The little fuzzy black and white spider ran across the floor, trying not to get squished by running feet. Then its chance came. A large door swung open. Eight legs going as fast as they could, it ran out into the partially cloudy day. Making a mad dash, the spider ran across the sidewalk and underneath a green car. Climbing as fast as a spider could, it crawled up under the car for safety.

“Oh, it’s almost four,” Ms. Briggs mewed as she opened up the door on her car. “I better get over to the garage so the boys can fix this old crate.”

The tan she-kat twisted the keys in her car. The engine tried starting but just sputtered. Callie twisted the keys again, and the engine finally roared to life.

“Yep, definitely need to let the boys look at it,” Callie sighed as she pulled out into the busy street.

The spider hung on for dear life as wind whipped underneath the car. It crawled up higher and tried hanging on tighter.

Callie pulled under the garage. She opened her door and stepped out. A familiar tom kat walked up to her with a warm smile on his face.

“Hi Callie,” Chance greeted her by lifting his red ball cap off of his head.

“Hey, Chance,” Callie purred. “My car hasn’t been starting up like it should. I need you and Jake to look at it.”

“No problem,” Chance said as he leaned against her car.

Frost walked into the garage with Sapphire behind her. Both she-kats had grease smeared across their faces and their old white t-shirts. Sapphire grabbed a rag and wiped her hands off then looked across at Chance and Callie.

“Oh hi, Mayor Briggs.” Sapphire gave the rag to Frost then walked over to Chance and laid her hands on his left shoulder.

“Hi Sapphire, hi Frost,” Callie waved her hand at Frost, who was leaning against the wall. “What’ve you two been doing since you got off of work? You’re covered in grease.”

“We we’re, um,” Frost thought of an excuse. “We were helping the boys with cars.”

“Okay.” Callie turned her attention back to Chance. “So, when can I come pick it up?”

“In about an hour,” Chance answered. “Do you need a ride back up town?”

“Yeah, I do,” Callie said. She pushed her graying blonde hair back over her shoulder.

“Oh, I can give you a ride back to City Hall,” Frost suggested. Her frosty-gray tipped tail lashed back and forth.

“Well thank you, Frost,” Callie smiled as Frost walked forward and out the door.

“Here,” the gray she-kat handed Callie a helmet. “I drive a motorcycle.”

“Oh.” Callie took the helmet and put it on. She sat behind Frost on her black, red, and blue motorcycle.

“Hang on to me,” Frost instructed as the motorcycle roared to life.

Chance watched as Frost and Callie sped down the long dirt drive way. He chuckled slightly then turned around and walked over to the secret hatch.

“Jake, Callie needs her car fixed,” Chance yowled.

“I’m comin’,” Jake yowled back as he clambered up the ladder. “Okay, so what’s up?”

“She says the car’s not starting like normal.” Chance climbed underneath the car as Jake lifted the hood. “Maybe she has something stuck up in there.” Chance reached his hand up.

The spider jumped on the new hand. It rose into a fighting position and revealed its tiny but powerful fangs. With all its might it drove those fangs into Chance’s hand, pumping powerful venom in.

“Ow!” Chance jumped and smacked his head on the car. “Ow!”

“Hey, bud, you okay?” Jake backed up as Chance crawled out from underneath the car.

“Something bit me,” the tabby tom kat growled as he looked his hand over to only find a tiny red bump.

“A beetle maybe?” Jake suggested as he looked at the red bump.

“Nah, it felt too powerful for a beetle.” Chance shrugged his shoulders and stood up.

“Maybe it was a scarab,” Jake teased as he grabbed a wrench.

“Don’t even,” Chance grumbled as he leaned down under the hood. “You know how much those ancient bugs scare me.”

* * * *

Later on that night, both tom kats had managed to fix Callie’s car and finish up their finishing touches to the newly rebuilt TurboKat. Jake was in his thirteen year old daughter’s room while Frost was taking a shower, and Sapphire was tucking hers and Chance’s four year old daughter into bed. Kit, Chance’s fourteen year old son, was doing something out in the piles of junk in the dim light of dusk. Chance was on the other hand watching “Scaredy Kat”. But, he seemed a little off. He wasn’t even laughing.

“Honey, I’m gonna head to bed,” Sapphire mewed as she took a step down the stairs.

“I’ll be up in a little while,” Chance answered.

Jake stood at the top of the stairs, watching the tabby tom kat. Something didn’t settle right. Maybe Chance was right, maybe it wasn’t a beetle that bit him but a spider or something.

“G’night, Jake,” Sapphire said as she headed off down the hall to her bedroom.

“Night,” Jake responded quietly.

Chance rubbed his eyes and stood up. He peered off into the waning light of the red sunset. Slowly, he made his way outside. Jake followed, curious about what his friend was doing. But, when he got outside, Chance was no where to be seen. Kit, on the other hand, was running towards him.

“Jake.” Kit stopped and braced himself on his knees as if he’d been running a marathon. “Jake, there’s somethin’ big out there.”

“Alright, I’ll check it out,” Jake took a step forward, but a beeping sound from inside his pocket stopped him. “Yes, Ms. Briggs?”

“There’s a giant creature attacking cars on the street and City Hall,” Ms. Briggs announced.

“Alright, we’re… uh… I’m on my way.” Jake replaced the device back in his pocket. Glancing out into the dark, he sighed and headed for the hanger.

The sleek black jet shot off down the run way and out into the open night sky speckled with stars. Razor sat in the pilot’s seat. He’d been trying to get a hold of Chance but just got static.

“Crud, Chance, where the heck did you go?” he questioned quietly.

The sound of police sirens sounded down below. The dark ginger tom kat looked out of the canopy but couldn’t see anything. Growling about how dangerous it was to fight hand-to-hand, he landed the jet on an empty street. The canopy slid back as Razor tightened his Glovatrix. Landing on the black asphalt with a quiet thud, he observed his surroundings. Everything was quiet. Not even the police sirens could be heard.

Suddenly, there was a gun shot and then a blood curdling scream. Razor took off and turned a corner on the street. Still, he could see absolutely nothing. An Enforcer car was then lifted off of the ground and hurtled toward him. He dodged it nimbly and leaped to his feet.

A deep throated growl came from a ten foot tall creature with its fur standing on end all along the ridge of its spine. Its fangs dripped drool as it came closer to the small tom kat. It almost looked like a werewolf from some old urban legends, but it was much bigger, standing ten feet tall at its shoulder, and it was standing on all fours. A line of dark golden brown fur lined its spine, and the rest of its fur was a lighter golden color with brown stripes.

“Alright.” Razor aimed his Glovatrix at the beast and fired a net.

“Nice shot,” Commander Felina Feral commented as she walked up beside him with her gun ready.

“Strong fella.” Razor walked a bit closer to the beast that was now limp. “It threw a car at me.”

“It killed seventeen of my Enforcers.” Felina sighed but then soon shook it away.

Razor moved closer to the beast. It was limp and breathing heavy. Its ears were nicked and its pelt carried many scars, so this was no new creature. Its white fangs glimmered in the light of a street lamp. Pure white eyes opened. They looked frantic but then soon became reassured. It rolled over and used its powerful hind legs to send Razor and Felina flying back into a group of Enforcers. The net ripped as it raked its sharp claws through the material. Its mouth parted open into a snarl then an ear shattering howl.

“Attack!” Felina yowled.

The beast reared up on two legs and brought all of its force down on the Enforcer squadron, killing three of them. Lowering its head, it sent one Enforcer flying and clutched another one in its jaws.

“Hey!” Razor whistled to get the creature’s attention.

The creature turned its head towards him and dropped the Enforcer. It made its way towards him with its jaws parted, ready to kill.

Carefully aiming his Glovatrix, Razor fired an Octopus Missile. The force of the missile knocked the creature off balance, but it quickly regained it. Snarling, the creature lunged and caught Razor under its massive paw.

“Heads up!” Felina fired her gun and seared the beast’s shoulder.

The beast growled and turned around to face her. Blood dripped from its lips as it bared its fiercely sharp teeth. Removing its paw from Razor, it charged at Felina.

Razor jumped to his feet and fired another net at the beast. With success the net managed to catch the beast. It howled and ripped through the net with ease. Standing on all fours, it shifted its white eyes from Razor to Felina and decided to make a run for it. For as big as it was it got around with a lot of agility, jumping moving cars and not plowing over the few kats walking on the sidewalk.

“What in the world was that thing?” Felina asked as she walked back over to Razor.

“It looked like a werewolf in giant size,” Razor answered as he saw the creature disappear down the street.

“Hey, where’s T-Bone?” Felina hadn’t noticed that he was gone until the dust had settled.

“He couldn’t be here,” Razor responded quietly.

“Is he hurt?” Felina asked with real concern in her voice.

“No, no,” Razor lied through gritted teeth. “He’s just sick.”

“Well, tell him I said he missed a good fight,” Felina said as Razor started to walk towards the TurboKat.

“Will do,” Razor jumped up into the cockpit and shut the canopy.

* * * *

Razor took off his bandanna and sighed. Chance was gonna need to be on top of his game if that creature returned. He didn’t bother to get into any clothes because it was well past midnight, and he was going to go to bed.

“Chance?” Jake crawled up from the hatch and looked around.

Chance was sleeping on the couch with a blanket wrapped around him. The TV was off, but the garage door was wide open.

“Odd,” Jake walked over to the door, shut it then locked it.

The small tom kat climbed up the stairs and quietly walked into his room. He crawled under the covers next to Frost.

“Where were you?” Frost rolled over and snuggled up to Jake.

“Fighting a werewolf,” Jake answered groggily.

“A werewolf, eh?” Frost yawned and drifted off to a deep sleep.

* * * *

Jake woke up as Frost opened up the curtains. Bright sunlight seeped in the room, but huge gray clouds threatened the warm sun. Groaning, Jake pushed the covers off and stretched.

“How long have you been up?” Jake asked when he noticed Frost was already dressed in a loose black t-shirt and old blue jeans.

“About an hour or so.” Frost sat down on the bed next to Jake. “I thought I’d let you sleep for a little longer since you fought a werewolf last night.”

“Yeah, a werewolf from hell,” Jake grumbled as he stood up and walked over to the closet. “That thing was huge. I really needed Chance there.”

“Wait, Chance didn’t go with you?” Frost asked, shocked.

“No, he just walked out of the garage then Callie called.” Jake pulled on a black tank top and some camouflage jeans.

“And, you couldn’t reach him on his communicator?” Frost mewed.

“All I got was static.” Jake opened up the door and walked out into the hall. His daughter’s door was closed. Quietly, he opened it and walked in.

The covers were pulled clear up over Kacey’s head and her pillow was on top of her feet.

“Did you know you sleep upside down?” Jake said quietly as he sat down on the bed.

“My feet prefer the pillow,” Kacey mumbled as she pushed the covers down and looked up at her Dad with sleepy eyes.

“You know what I fought last night?” Jake asked as Kacey sat up.

“No, what?” The dark ginger she-kat yawned and rubbed her eyes.

“A werewolf,” Jake answered.

“Really? No way!” Kacey jumped up from her bed and landed on the floor. Her blue pajama pants and white t-shirt clung to her. “How big was it? How’d it fight? What’d it look like?”

“It was nearly ten feet tall at the shoulders,” Jake mewed. “And, that’s when it was on all fours. It fought like a werewolf would fight; it clawed and bit at everything. It killed twenty-one Enforcers and injured several of them. Its fur was long, and it was a golden color with brown stripes. It also had that crest of fur going down the ridge of its spine.”

“Wow, it’s a lot bigger than the legends say.” Kacey sat down on her bed again. “So, did you kill it?”

“No, it ran.” Jake wrapped his arm around Kacey. “It was pretty agile for such a big beast.”

“That’s so cool,” Kacey mewed. “What did Chance think of it?”

“Well, he didn’t come,” Jake answered. “I tried to get a hold of him, but all I got was static.”

“That’s odd.” Kacey rubbed her fingers through her shoulder length black hair and then stood up.

* * * *

Later that night, both Chance and Jake were watching TV. Chance seemed a little out of it, which was odd because he almost slept in until noon. Jake was still trying to figure out where Chance had gone the night before.

“Chance,” Jake started out, unsure how to ask him.

“Hmm?” Chance turned his attention towards the small tom kat.

“I was wondering…” Jake paused as a beeping sound came from his pocket. “Yes, Ms. Briggs?”

“Razor, Dr. Viper’s inside the new lab right next to City Hall. He must be having a blast because there are all sorts of chemicals inside of there.”

“We’ll be right over.” Jake replaced the small device back in his pocket and took off for the hanger with Chance on his tail.

* * * *

T-Bone and Razor crept around a corner. There was a shadow dancing on the wall. Dr. Viper had many different chemicals in his scaly hands and he was holding one with his tail.

“Freeze, Viper!” T-Bone yowled as he shot an Octopus Missile at him.

The doctor slammed up against the wall, dropping the chemicals. A cloud of smoke surrounded him. There was a hiss then Dr. Viper was free of the missile.

“Foolssss! You two should know better than to meddle with Dr. Viper!” The snake whipped his tail around, knocking both SWAT Kats off of their feet.

“Well, you should know by now not to meddle with anything in the labs,” T-Bone growled as he lunged forward and collided with Dr. Viper.

“Get off!” Dr. Viper wrapped his tail around T-Bone’s left wrist.

T-Bone balled his right hand into a fist and slugged Dr. Viper. The doctor hissed in pain as another, smaller body held him down.

“Ain’t so tough without the chemicals, eh?” Razor smirked as he held the snake pinned to the ground.

“You’ll be ssssorry when I break your pathetic bodiessss!” Dr. Viper kicked Razor and T-Bone with powerful back legs and was able to throw them off. “Now I’ll finish you!”

T-Bone was panting hard. He usually didn’t get tired this quick. His sides ached and his heart was racing. The veins in his arm started to show as his muscles tensed. His hands started to turn into huge paws with killing claws at the end of them. His G-suit started to rip as his back arched and a dark golden brown crest of fur grew on the ridge of his spine.

“Let go, Viper!” Razor growled as he dug his claws into the doctor’s tail.

“I will not!” Dr. Viper answered as he and Razor wrestled around, not noticing the ever growing T-Bone.

T-Bone pulled off his helmet and panted. His legs grew and became more like a wolf’s. His battle scarred ears grew, and his tail grew longer than normal. His G-suit ripped until only the bottom half was left on. Huge fangs dripped spit as he stood up on all fours.

Dr. Viper was about to strangle Razor when a monstrous paw walloped him. Blood splattered from his jaw as he flew into a wall.

“Oh my God,” Razor backed up against the wall. “T-Bone is the werewolf.”

T-Bone pinned Dr. Viper down with his paw. His claws dug into the snake’s skin. The doctor lashed out with his tail and managed to hit the beast’s chest. T-Bone grunted as Dr. Viper wriggled out from under his paw. He growled and turned around. The snake was no where to be seen.

Razor stood up as the giant beast saw him. Oh, what a way to die, he thought silently. Making a run for the door was the best thing he could think of.

T-Bone swung his head around, knocking the small tom kat clear off his feet. He slammed into the wall hard. Growling, he took a step forward and sniffed the unconscious dark ginger kat. Something seemed familiar about him and then memories flooded back to him of the small tom kat saving his tail many times and how he always had stood up for him.

“Freeze!” Felina aimed her gun at the mighty beast.

The beast turned his head towards the she-kat. Immediately, Felina saw the mask then realized who the werewolf was. She lowered her gun as T-Bone broke through the glass window.

* * * *

Razor opened his eyes. He sat up quickly then winced at a sharp pain in his head and neck. The last thing he remembered was T-Bone sending him flying into a wall then it was all black.

“Ah, I see you’re awake,” a black and white she-kat mewed from where she sat in a chair.

“Where am I?” Razor asked as he stood up from the blankets on the floor where he’d been laying.

“You’re somewhere safe,” Felina said from where she was leaning against a gray wall.

All three of them were in some type of office that was fairly big. It had a table with chemicals laid out on it and two desks with computers on them. The one wall was totally made out of glass windows and stared out into the bright city.

“You’re inside my office,” the she-kat said. She wore a white lab coat with a black shirt underneath it and some black pants with sandals on her feet. “I’m Dr. Spade.”

Razor had to chuckle at that. Dr. Spade had a black marking the shape of a spade on her forehead along with a black tipped tail and ears.

“I can’t believe T-Bone’s the beast!” Felina growled as she walked over to Razor. “I could’ve killed him last night.”

“I didn’t know he was it either until tonight,” Razor groaned as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I wonder why he didn’t kill me.”

“Maybe he remembered your scent,” Dr. Spade suggested. “Wild wolves remember each other by scent, not by looks. The real kat inside of the beast recognized you and made him not kill you I bet.”

“Huh.” Razor walked over to the glass windows. They were on the thirtieth floor, and the ground was a long way down. “We have to catch him.”

“Yes, but no one can approach him without being thrown fifty feet into the air,” Felina reminded him.

“Well, if he trusts me, maybe I can get close enough to him,” Razor suggested as he looked back at the two she-kats.

“I’ve worked up a serum that should turn him back to normal,” Dr. Spade mewed as she held up a vile full of black liquid.

“But, could you have made that without knowing why he’s acting like this in the first place?” Razor asked as he braced himself on a table.

“I have a feeling that it’s half way my fault,” Dr. Spade mumbled quietly. “We had been experimenting with genetic mutations. We had made a genetically altered spider. That tiny spider carried enough mutating venom to alter a big kat like T-Bone.”

“So, how’d he even get near that spider?” Felina questioned.

“The other day a lab assistant knocked the cover off of its containment unit and it escaped. Who knows where in the world it went.” Dr. Spade sighed and turned around to her computer.

“T-Bone said he got bit by something yesterday,” Razor grumbled. “We just passed it off as a beetle.”

“Hmm, that’s interesting,” Dr. Spade whispered as she scrolled down an article on her computer. “I never knew you had a genetic mutation.”

“And, a nasty one at that,” Razor hissed. “Dang bat venom turned me into a kat/bat hybrid. I killed everything that moved, almost killed T-Bone.”

“You know you still have the old mutation lying dormant,” Dr. Spade commented as she stood and walked over to the lab table.

“Yeah, and let’s hope it doesn’t wake up,” Razor said as he watched the she-kat reach for some chemicals.

“In our case, let’s hope it wakes up,” Dr. Spade purred.

“What?!” Felina and Razor both yowled.

“Now listen to me,” Dr. Spade mewed. “If we awaken the mutation but only physical part, you’d still have your mind, not the bat’s.”

“And, then what?” Razor asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’ll give you the antidote to T-Bone’s mutation, and you can get close enough to him to inject it,” Dr. Spade answered.

“How will having his mutation help?” Felina inquired.

“Let’s say T-Bone goes to bite at you – with your wings you’ve got a quick get away,” Dr. Spade responded with a sure fire tone.

“You sure that’s the only way?” Razor asked quietly.

“Helicopters would either scare him away or provoke him,” Dr. Spade quietly answered. “You’re the only one that can probably get close enough to him.”

“There’s an antidote to my mutation,” Razor said. “Biochemical Labs has it somewhere.”

“I’m afraid not,” Felina mewed. “When my uncle was still commander, he had it destroyed.”

“You won’t need the antidote to your mutation,” Dr. Spade said as she held up a vial with a clear liquid in it. “You’ll just need the antidote to my serum, and that’s what I have right here.”

“Fine,” Razor whispered as he lashed his tail.

Dr. Spade filled a needle with the serum and approached the dark ginger tom. She pushed up his sleeve and injected the serum into the largest vein.

“You may want to stand back,” Razor warned as the serum started to awaken the old mutation.

Both Felina and Dr. Spade backed up as Razor doubled over. His breathing became raspy. Long, sharp fangs dropped down past his bottom lip. His ears grew into huge bat ears. Even through his mask the she-kats could see his blood red eyes. Bones started to stick out of his back as the tips of his wings started to appear. Giant bat wings wrapped around Razor’s small, shaking body. The wings were covered in some type of clear goo that dripped from the tips of them.

“Well,” Razor stood up shakily and spread out his bat wings. “What do you think?”

“That is one beautiful mutation,” Dr. Spade mewed as she handed Razor a metal bracelet. “Wear this so we can keep track of where you are.”

“Okay,” Razor snapped the bracelet on his right wrist.

To Be Continued…

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