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Dark Knights

By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,355 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats find themselves in Gotham City, but they don’t exactly receive a warm welcome. Response to the Vigilantes in the Dark Challenge/Batman Crossover Challenge.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Dark Knights
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 1/4/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats belongs to Hanna-Barbera, and I don’t know who Batman belongs to.
Notes: A response to my own challenge.

“Dangit, Razor!” T-Bone growled as he swerved their jet through the unfamiliar buildings. “Once again you’ve gotten us stuck in a different universe.”

“It’s not my fault,” Razor grumbled to himself. He pressed some buttons on the computer in front of him and got a read out of where they were.

“So, where are we, Sure Shot?” T-Bone questioned as he flew over a river and then doubled back.

“You got any idea where Gotham City is?” Razor asked as he studied the read outs.

“I think it’s probably at the other end of our universe,” T-Bone answered as a large moon rose above the huge city.

A single shadow sat on top of a building. He watched over the large city as his black cape swayed in the gentle breeze. Then a large figure dashed past him. He jumped off of the ledge and his large man built wings spread out, letting him glide like the creature he was chasing.

“Alright, Manbat,” he whispered to himself in a cool voice. “What are you doing out of prison?”

The creature turned its huge bat head back, and its pink eyes caught sight of the Batman behind it. It hung a left and nose dived into an alley. It screeched and let a breeze take it back up into the dark sky.

“Holy crud, Razor!” T-Bone banked their jet to avoid hitting the creature and the man chasing it.

“Whoa! I wonder if everybody’s a bat in this universe,” Razor chuckled then slid down his visor and lined up the crosshairs on it. “Octopus Missile fired!”

The slick red metal missile shot out of the belly of their jet. Eight powerful metal arms opened up. The man swerved out of the way, and the bat got the missile instead.

“Bingo!” Razor yowled in triumph as the bat fell to the ground. He slid up his visor and looked out of the canopy. “You wanna go check it out, T-Bone?”

“Guess we better.” T-Bone lowered the jet down and popped the canopy.

The Batman landed on the top of a building and put his wings up. His cape fell back down on the ground once the wings were off. He watched as the two kats jumped out of the cockpit and walked towards the bat wriggling in their missile.

“Now where could those two be from?” he asked himself as a police car pulled up behind the two’s jet.

“Freeze! Gotham PD!” the female yelled as she stepped out of the car.

“Hey!” T-Bone turned around and raised his arms up as she pointed a gun at him.

Razor raised his arms up as well.

“Who, or what, are you two?” she asked as she walked closer, her gun ready to fire.

“We’re the SWAT Kats from MegaKat City,” T-Bone answered firmly.

“And, we’re kats,” Razor added as the female lowered her weapon.

“I’m Detective Ellen Yen,” she said as she looked over her shoulder. “Where’s MegaKat City?”

“If you go to the end of the universe then hang a left we’re right there,” T-Bone joked.

Ellen cocked an eyebrow then looked at the wriggling bat on the ground. She walked over to it and kneeled down. She rubbed her hand over the metal on the missile and looked back at the two.

“So, you two caught him?” she asked as she stood back up.

“Yeah,” Razor lowered his arms as did T-Bone. “He just looked kind of dangerous from where we were.”

“He’s very dangerous,” Ellen looked over her shoulder again and then up at the building. She spotted the masked figure up there. “Usually, the Batman brings in the villains, not you two vigilantes.”

“Well, we’re the ones who bring ‘em in our city.” T-Bone walked closer to Ellen as she seemed not to mind having two kats standing six feet from her.

A man with a long tan trench coat in the alley next to the three watched in silence then pulled his gun. He cocked it then aimed at one of the kats.

“I’ve got your back, Ellen,” he whispered to himself as he fired the gun.

Razor fell into T-Bone when the bullet hit him. T-Bone looked at Ellen and growled. Ellen swung her head around and spotted the man in the trench coat in the alley way.

“Cash, what the heck are you doing?!” Ellen questioned as he aimed his gun again.

“I’ve got your back, Ellen,” he said as he fired again, this time hitting T-Bone in the back of his left shoulder.

The large tabby tom raised his right arm and prepared to fire at the man.

Ellen stepped in front of him and raised her gun at the man.

“I said I was doing this mission alone!” Ellen yelled as she cocked her gun.

A black and blue boomerang knocked the gun out of Cash’s hands. He looked up and saw the Batman standing on top of the roof, his boomerang in his right hand.

“Well, what are you waiting for, Ellen? There’s the Batman!” Cash pointed to the masked figure that jumped down from the roof and landed beside Ellen.

“I told you I already have a new partner,” Ellen growled as a black car sped up behind her and the Batman.

T-Bone picked the barely moving Razor up and jumped up onto the wing of the jet. He fell to his knees as another bullet hit him in the back of his leg. Growling, he turned his head around to see that Cash had another gun.

“I told you stop!” Ellen screamed as she fired her gun at Cash.

The gun Cash was holding was knocked from his hands as the bullet hit it. He looked at the gun then at Ellen and the Batman.

“The chief said to bring in all vigilantes,” Cash stated as he pulled another gun from his back pocket. “Dead or alive.”

“Well, I say your chief and Feral would’ve gotten along,” T-Bone hissed as he fired a Mini Bolo Missile at Cash.

Cash fell to the ground as the missile wrapped around his legs. But, as Cash fell, his gun fired, hitting T-Bone in his left arm.

T-Bone couldn’t keep himself conscience much longer due to blood loss but managed to see the Batman rushing towards him. He blacked out and went limp.

The Batman jumped up onto the wing of the jet and kneeled down by the two bleeding kats. He looked at Ellen and then at his slick black car.

“I need to get them medical care,” he said in a dark tone.

“I’ll get an ambulance,” Ellen pulled out her radio then stopped as the Batman gave her an odd look. “Right, they’re kats.”

“I’ll take them back with me,” the Batman said as he slipped his muscular arms underneath T-Bone’s knees and shoulders.

“I’ll get the other one.” Ellen’s long black hair that was pulled back in a pony tailed bounced as she jumped up onto the wing of the jet. She gently lifted Razor up and jumped off as slowly as she could.

The Batman laid T-Bone in the back seat of his black car as Ellen laid Razor in the passenger seat up front. The Batman jumped into the driver’s seat and shut the door then sped off.

To be continued…

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