Original SWAT Kats Story

Cyber Chase

By Frost

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,630 Words

(Unfinished) The SWAT Kats are contacted by a mysterious figure who can not only trigger a variety of accidents, but she knows everything about them. Everything. And, she wants their cooperation in her plans. Or else.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Cyber Chase
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 1/20/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence and gore.
Disclaimer: SWAT Kats is copyright to Hanna-Barbera, and other unfamiliar names belong to me.
Notes: The story will pick up, don’t worry. Bear with me for the time.

“Razor, we’re getting a message,” T-Bone said over his shoulder to the slender tom behind him.

“From who?” Razor asked as he scanned the computer in front of him.

“It’s unknown.” T-Bone proceeded to let the message through their system.

“An Enforcer chopper will get out of control in thirty seconds,” a computerized she-kat’s voice announced.

“What?” Razor questioned as a dark figure in a hood appeared on the screen.

“Hurry,” the voice commanded in calm tone. “You now have twenty seconds.”

“What in the world?” T-Bone asked as he listened in on the message.

“Fifteen seconds,” the voice announced.

“Where’s the message coming from?” T-Bone questioned as he whipped their black jet around a fairly tall building.

“I’m trying to track it,” Razor growled as he worked as fast as he could at tracking the message.

“You have five seconds,” the voice announced again.

“Holy crud!” T-Bone yowled as a chopper fell from the sky.

“Come on!” Razor slid down his visor and lined up the crosshairs on the targeting scope. He launched the sky claw just in time.

The chopper hung about five feet up off the ground. T-Bone lowered the jet so the chopper settled on the ground, and Razor released the sky claw.

“I warned you,” the voice said as the dark figure appeared on the screen again.

“Who are you?” Razor asked as he slid up his visor.

“Do not ask questions, SWAT Kat,” the voice whispered. The message disappeared, and the computer returned to its normal screen.

“That was really odd,” T-Bone commented as he turned the jet around to make sure the chopper was okay.

“No kiddin’,” Razor said as he looked out of the canopy.

“Well, the chopper looks fine,” T-Bone observed as two Enforcers got out and waved a thanks to them.

“Yeah, but I wonder how that she-kat knew it was gonna to fall,” Razor wondered aloud. “The only way she could’ve known is if…”

“She was the one who made it fall,” T-Bone finished.

“But, how?” Razor asked half to himself.

*    *    *    *

Commander Feral led the way up to the top of Enforcer Headquarters with Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs behind him. The she-kat looked small and petite next to the tall and broad shouldered tom.

“This new computer system will help the Enforcers track crime before it even happens.” Commander Feral raised his head up as the elevator came to a halt on the top floor.

The room was halfway darkened. The only light was from the computers that glowed in a circular room. Water surrounded the room and a large spherical device hung above it.

“Right this way, Ms. Briggs.” Commander Feral led the tan she-kat into the room.

“So, what is this thing again?” Ms. Briggs asked as she stared in awe at the complex computer systems all over the room.

“This system will allow us to keep every major villain in MegaKat City under a watchful eye,” Commander Feral said as he leaned over a computer and typed in a code. “It can second guess the villain’s moves, it analyzes their behavior, and it keeps track of them at all times.”

“Interesting,” Ms. Briggs whispered to herself as the computers darkened and the sphere lowered down to their level.

A dark figure started to be projected from the sphere. It was that of a she-kat’s. She wore a hood and a silver dress that reached down to her ankles. She was black with a tail that had a white tip at the end of it. White hair hung down to her shoulders and odd silver scar like markings scarred across her eyes. A fairly large golden earring hung from her left ear and golden bands wrapped around her ankles, wrists, and neck. Her eyes were a piercing blue with pitch black pupils.

“Good evening, Commander.” The she-kat dipped her head.

“This is the image that the computer projects when she has something to report or we want to speak with her,” Commander Feral pointed out as the she-kat lifted her head.

“Nothing has happened since the car accident last night,” the she-kat reported. Her image sort of faded in and out as she stood there, her arms at her sides.

“This is Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs,” Commander Feral introduced the she-kat.

“Calico Birman Briggs, also known as Callie,” the she-kat summarized as she looked at Ms. Briggs. “Forty-four years old, became deputy at the age of twenty-four. You’re an only kit and grew up in the middle of MegaKat City.”

“How’d she know all that?” Ms. Briggs questioned as she stared at the computerized she-kat in surprise.

“Every kat in MegaKat City is installed into this computer. She has a full biography of every kat from the youngest kit to the oldest elder.” Commander Feral looked very pleased as the she-kat stood there quiet.

“But, how can she do that?” Ms. Briggs asked as she approached the she-kat.

“She has access to every computer in the city. She records logs from hospitals, records cell phone conversations, and keeps track of where you’ve been from the computers in your car,” Commander Feral explained.

“Wow,” Ms. Briggs muttered as the she-kat turned her head and looked at her. Her blue eyes pierced the tan she-kat. “Does she have a name?”

“Her name is Cyber,” Commander Feral answered as the she-kat took a step forward.

“Please, Commander, excuse me,” Cyber said as she started to dematerialize. “There’s a fire going on at MegaKat Tuna Factory.”

“See, she detected that before any one got a call in.” Commander Feral lifted his head in a proud stance.

“I guess you better get going to that fire as well, Commander,” Ms. Briggs said as she followed the tom out of the room.

“I hope you enjoyed your little tour, Ms. Briggs.” Commander Feral smiled as he got into the elevator and pressed the ground floor button.

*    *    *    *

Chance rubbed his hand over the smooth black paint of their jet as Jake sat down at a computer.

“Hey, what’re you doing?” Chance asked as he stood behind Jake.

“I’m gonna see if any other odd messages have been received,” Jake said as he turned the computer on.

The screen came to life. It looked like any normal computer screen. But, it had all sorts of hacking items and other more than standard technology.

The silence was broken when the phone rang. Chance walked over to the phone and answered it. There was a she-kat’s voice on the other end. Chance said that she had the wrong number and hung up.

“Who was it?” Jake asked as the burly tom walked back over to him.

“Wrong number,” Chance rolled his eyes and braced himself against the wall.

The screen on the computer went black and then a faint light showed up on it. The dark figure appeared again.

“Greetings, SWAT Kats,” the dark figure said. It was the hooded she-kat again. Her face was shadowed from the hood, but her eyes still glowed a faint blue.

“How…” Jake asked himself as he flipped a switch and the computer turned off.

“Was that her again?” Chance asked as his green eyes widened.

The phone rang again. The two kats stood frozen as they eyed the phone cautiously. Chance hesitantly made his way over to the phone and answered it.

“I know who you are,” the voice whispered. “I know where you live.”

“It’s her!” Chance slammed the phone down and backed up.

“Let’s get upstairs,” Jake suggested as he pulled himself up the ladder.

Once upstairs, they turned on the T.V. and switched to the news. Nothing unusual was going on. Just the weather and a traffic jam.

“You cannot hide,” the voice said as the figure appeared on the screen.

“Are we the only ones who’re seeing this?” Jake questioned as he leaned down and looked at the screen.

“Yes,” the voice said as the figure walked closer.

“What do you want?” Chance asked as he lashed his tail back and forth.

“I need your help,” the she-kat said as she lowered her head down.

“With what?” Jake questioned.

“The government is not strong.” Her voice darkened as she continued. “A new generation will arise.”

“What do you mean?” Jake narrowed his eyes as the she-kat continued.

“A new mayor is needed.” The she-kat lifted her head. “Someone who is strong, doesn’t play by the rules, and isn’t afraid to get their claws dirty.”

Jake and Chance exchanged a glance. They didn’t like where this was going.

“You two were Enforcers,” the she-kat whispered. “You were fired when you took matters into your own hands. You weren’t afraid to go full force and take out Dark Kat.”

“How’d you know that?” Chance growled.

“I know everything, Chance,” the she-kat hissed. “You two have been activated.”

The figure disappeared and the screen returned to normal. The room was silent except for the quiet noise of the news.

“This isn’t good,” Jake growled as he laid his head in his hands.

“We’ve been activated?” Chance wondered aloud to himself as he stood and looked outside.

     *    *    *    *

Thunder rumbled outside and lightning flashed across the sky. It was about one in the afternoon and the museum was fairly quiet.

“Let’s see,” a gray she-kat spoke to herself as she looked around a table. “I know I put that paper somewhere.”

Another she-kat walked in. She was tan with shoulder length brown hair. She wore a white lab coat and a dark blue dress.

“Frost?” The she-kat chuckled as the gray she-kat jumped at her voice.

“Oh, hi, Dr. Sinian,” Frost mewed as she turned back to the table. “You wouldn’t have happened to seen my paper any where, would’ve you?”

“No, I haven’t,” Dr. Sinian said as she looked at the table as well.

“I know I had it this morning.” Frost set her hands on the table and thought.

“Is it over in the Egyptian Exhibit?” Dr. Sinian asked as she sorted through the papers on the table.

“I bet it is,” Frost said as she stood up straight and headed for the door.

“That she-kat and Egypt,” Dr. Sinian said to herself. “She’s always over in that exhibit.”

“Well, you can’t blame her,” a leopard-spotted she-kat mewed as she walked into the room.

“Sapphire, you’re not supposed to be here today.” Dr. Sinian walked up to the spotted she-kat, who was just a little shorter than her.

“Well, I wanted to drop off my paper.” Sapphire handed Dr. Sinian a lot of papers stapled together.

“I said I wanted a small report on the Velociraptor.” Dr. Sinian took the papers from the young she-kat. “Not a book.”

“But, those little ‘Raptors are my favorite,” Sapphire laughed as she laid her hand on her swollen stomach.

“How late did you stay up working on this?” Dr. Sinian asked.

“Not that late,” Sapphire bit her bottom lip as she lashed her fairly long tail.

“Not that late my tail,” Dr. Sinian teased. “You have to get more sleep than what you’re getting. You need to sleep for two.” She pointed to her swollen stomach.

“If I did that, I’d be sleeping all day.” Sapphire chuckled as she headed for the door.

Dr. Sinian turned around and set the papers on the table. She liked working with the two new she-kats, Frost and Sapphire. Sapphire was young and had a deep interest in dinosaurs. And, Frost, she’s about two thousand years old. She lived in Egypt most of her life and had a great wealth of knowledge about her home country.

       *    *    *    *

Dim lights shimmered in the rain as the TurboKat flew through the sparkling rain. The city below was quiet. Nothing much had happened. But then, a message arrived.

“Is it her?” Razor asked as T-Bone let the message through.

“You have sixty seconds,” the familiar voice hissed. “She will die if you don’t get there before time runs out.”

“Who will die?” T-Bone questioned as he pinned his battle-scarred ears back.

“A loved one.” The she-kat lifted her head, and her eerie blue eyes came into sight. “She’s at the museum.”

“Come on, T-Bone.” Razor’s voice was coated in a layer of fear. “We’ve gotta get there fast.”

“Thirty seconds,” the voice announced in a cool tone.

“Hey, there she is.” Razor’s heart stopped as he recognized the she-kat. “Pop the canopy.”

“Alright.” T-Bone pressed a button, and the canopy slid back.

Razor jumped and landed on the ground with a thud. The she-kat saw him and perked her ears in question.

“Razor, what are doing here?” she asked as the slender tom grabbed her arm.

“Saving your tail.” Razor jumped on the wing of sleek black jet and pulled the gray she-kat up. She hopped up into his seat then he sat in front of her.

“Zero,” the voice growled. The figure’s ears perked as a shower of sparks fell from the electric line and shocked the spot right where the she-kat had just been.

“I was almost Kentucky Fried Frost.” Frost stared in awe at the dangling power line.

“Extra crispy edition,” Razor joked. He laughed as Frost slapped his shoulder.

“You almost had bacon for a wife,” Frost growled jokingly.

“Very good,” the voice interrupted. “You have quick reflexes. But, let’s see how well you do in the next test.”

“That’s her,” Frost’s green eyes grew wide. “She kept calling me on my cell phone all day. I finally turned the phone off.”

“She figured out who we are this morning after we caught that Enforcer chopper,” T-Bone growled through clenched teeth.

“She said we’ve been activated,” Razor said as a clap of thunder sounded across the sky.

“That’s what she told me,” Frost hissed as she laid her head on Razor’s shoulder.

“And, I wonder what the next test is,” T-Bone muttered under his breath as he hit the throttle and the jet rocketed forward.

To be continued…

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