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Captain Flint’s Revenge

By Frost

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  • 1,852 Words

(Unfinished) Captain Flint is back for revenge. And, MegaKat Aquarium’s new shark exhibit has such perfect timing.

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Author's Notes:

Title: Captain Flint’s Revenge
Author: Frost
E-mail: swatkatsyd@live.com
Dating: 3/29/09
Rating: K+
Warnings: Violence, gore, and blood.
Copyrights: SWAT Kats belongs to Hanna-Barbera, and Flint ‘n the other unfamiliar names belong to me.
Notes: I love aquariums and study marine biology.

A hawk screeched in the gray clouded sky. The sun was setting and dyeing the clouds blood red. Powerful wings glided across in the cool air. Suddenly, the breeze changed, and the hawk dove down.

A fairly tall figure stood in the shadows. He held his arm out as the hawk came down lower. Powerful talons balanced itself on the figure’s arm. The hawk made an odd purring sound as the figure stroked its feathered chest.

“They shall come to me. They’ll pay for protecting Carmen and this planet,” he growled in a low tone. His dark orange and black fur shined as a street lamp turned on. The blue stripes under his eyes and on his upper arms started to glow their eerie shine. His yellow eyes lit up as a car’s headlights hit them. Slowly, the figure made his way back into the shadows.

A sign waved in the breeze. Lightning flashed across the sky and thunder cracked like a whip. A drop of refreshing rain landed on the fox’s nose. He looked up, only to be hit with another rain drop. Putting his hand over his pet hawk, the fox made his way over to another alleyway. The sign fluttering in the wind caught his attention though. It had a picture of a shark on it. Above the shark it read, ‘New shark exhibit opening tomorrow at MegaKat Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium.’

“Hmm.” The fox looked down at his hawk and an evil grin spread across his white muzzle. “Sharks are right up my alley. Perhaps,” he cooed to the bird of prey, “if I could get into this aquarium, the shark and its brethren could aid me in my attack on the SWAT Kats.” Eyes shining bright with delight, the fox laughed. “Captain Flint will once again rule the galaxy!”

*    *    *    *

Kacey’s dark ginger tail twitched. She had been reading all about the new exhibit that was opening tomorrow. Her room was dark, only lit by the light of her computer and the dim glow of her new fish tank. The thirteen year old jumped a little as her Dad entered her room.

“Dad, can we please go see the new exhibit at the aquarium tomorrow?” Kacey begged.

“If T-Bone and I aren’t out all night,” Jake promised as he leaned against the door frame. “So, how’s your fish tank doing?”

“All my little tetras are doing fine. And, watch this.” Kacey leaned over and turned out the light on her fish tank. The tetras’ blue stripes glowed in the dark. “The pet shop didn’t say they’d glow in the dark.”

“Well, I guess you got a bonus,” Jake chuckled. The dark ginger tom kat walked over behind his daughter and looked at the picture of the shark. “Well, he’s a mean lookin’ bugger.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kacey scrolled down the page to the information box. “It says that it’s the most recent discovery of a new species of shark. And, it is now ranked the second most aggressive shark ever recorded.”

“Well, what’s the most aggressive?” Jake asked as he leaned in closer.

“The bull shark is ranked number one,” Kacey answered. “But, it says here that a full grown bull shark was killed by the Bermuda shark, so scientists are reconsidering ranking the Bermuda shark the number one most aggressive species. But, when the shark encounters a kat in the water, it won’t attack it unless it smells blood. So, there’s a debate about it right now.”

“Man, I’d hate to meet that shark face to face.” Jake pointed to the sharp needle like spines coming out of the shark’s back, right beside each dorsal fin. “So, what’s going on with these?”

“Those are like hypodermic needles that inject poison,” Kacey mewed. “It’s the same kind of poison a horn shark has. And then, the five stiff spines right in front of its front dorsal fin are like a weaver fish’s spines; they inject poison as well.”

“This shark looks like it’s protected from snout to tail fin,” Jake whispered in surprise.

“Not quite.” Kacey pointed to the picture. “Its snout and gills are sensitive. They say that if you get attacked by it that you should kick or punch its snout or gills. But, they said that the kats that have gotten attacked usually don’t live because they’re too far from the shore and the shark attacks multiple times. The interesting thing is that the shark doesn’t attack with great force but usually attacks once, drags its victim under the water, and then either drowns it or lets it float in the water until the victim dies of blood loss.”

“Huh, interesting.” Jake stood up straight and walked towards the door. “I’ll have to remember that just in case I get attacked any time soon,” he teased before he walked back downstairs.

Frost was sitting in her La-Z-Boy chair when Jake got downstairs. He walked past her and headed towards the secret hatch that led down to the hanger.

“I’ll see you later tonight, honey,” Jake yelled before he disappeared down the hatch.

“Be careful!” Frost yelled back as she turned on the TV.

Chance was already down there. He was putting on his bandanna and helmet when Jake arrived.

“Hey, what took ya?” T-Bone asked as a smirk spread across his face.

“Kacey was telling me about this new shark at the aquarium,” Jake said as he zipped up his G-suit. “It’s called the Bermuda shark. That bugger looks like it’s armored from snout to tail fin.”

“Well, at least, if we get attacked by any sharks, she’ll know what shark put us in the grave,” T-Bone joked as he jumped up into the cockpit of the sleek black jet respectively named the TurboKat.

“Ha-ha, very funny,” Razor mewed before he jumped into the weapons officer’s seat.

*    *    *    *

Captain Flint, usually just called Flint, wrapped his arm around the tan she-kat’s neck.

She struggled and kicked, but that made the space pirate captain hold on tighter.

“Let me go!” Felina screeched at the fox. She elbowed him in the gut, but it felt like elbowing a rock. His abs were more fit than any tom kat’s she’d seen!

“If you keep screeching, I’m gonna let you go right into the jellyfish tank at the aquarium!” Flint growled at the Enforcer Commander.

“Why the heck are we going to the aquarium?” Felina questioned as she was drug through a back door. “That has to be the most stupid hiding place ever!”

“It’s not for hiding; it’s for setting a trap,” Flint responded as Felina elbowed him again.

“If I had my gun with me, you’d be so sorry!” the she-kat yowled.

“Well, you don’t have it right now, do you?” Flint’s voice was angry.

The dim blue glow of the huge aquarium tanks filled with all sorts of marine life shimmered on the two figures. Tiny fish in smaller tanks seemed to watch as the two passed them. Stingrays in one of the larger tanks glided through the water and up against the glass. As the two walked through a tunnel, a shark, about fourteen feet long, swam above them. Its shadow danced on them as it brushed up against the glass.

“Whoa, she’s a beauty.” Flint looked amazed at the shark’s stream like body and its poisoned spines by its dorsal fins and in front of the front dorsal fin. “I know every species of shark by heart, yet I’ve never seen one like this.”

“That’s because it’s a new species,” Felina mumbled as she gripped Flint’s arm.

“She must be the beauty on the sign.” Flint’s heart felt like it was light as a feather. “Hm, I could use her as my trap.”

“And, what is your trap?” Felina inquired through clenched teeth.

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing,” Flint’s unusually large, sharp fangs glinted in the dim blue light, “you’re the bait.”

*    *    *    *

The sleek black jet flew through the cool, moist air. Lightning struck here and there. Thunder rumbled in the dark clouded sky. The city below was glowing with bright lights and cars.

“You know,” T-Bone mewed as he flew around the top of City Hall, “ever since the space pirate incident, there’s been absolutely no action around here.”

“Well, I have no idea how to help with that problem,” Razor replied as he tapped one of the instruments in front of him.

A beeping sound soon appeared. A little red light flashed on the control panel next to T-Bone.

“There was a katnapping.” Ms. Briggs sounded frantic. “It was Felina. Commander Felina Feral was katnapped! But, no one has any idea where she is. No one can get a trace on her homing device.”

“We’ll be right there, Callie.” T-Bone turned off the signal and turned the jet around.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Razor said as he tapped one of his instruments. The screen became foggy and then a figure appeared.

“Ha! It worked!” the fox triumphantly yowled. “I told you I could find their signal,” the figure barked at the she-kat behind it. “Ah, so we meet again, SWAT Kats.”

“Again?” Razor questioned.

“I see you don’t recognize me.” The fox rubbed his hand over his face. His eyes turned pure yellow and bull like horns grew from his head. Three spikes appeared on each shoulder and his tail split into two. “Now do you recognize me?”

“Captain Flint,” Razor growled at the screen.

“Yes, I’m back for revenge.” Flint’s odd features disappeared, and he became normal looking again. “And, I have your Felina. But, to save her you must come face me.”

“Where the heck are you, Flint?” T-Bone’s voice was low and angry.

“The aquarium; it’s so big you’ll never find me!” Flint clicked a button and the screen went black.

“Keep on asking and you will be given,” Razor teased T-Bone.

“Ha-ha.” T-Bone whipped the jet around. “Now let’s go kick some alien tail.”

*    *    *    *

To be continued…

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