Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Chapter 9

The Swat Board and Other Surprises

An hour later…

Kit felt something was wrong, then all of a sudden her red eyes burst open, and she felt her body lying on something cold and uncomfortable.

“Man, that was some weird dream,” she said, rubbing her head. She wasn’t even sure where she was until she realized it. Her vision became clearer now, and she quickly checked her watch. “Oh crud, 6:45 already!” She freaked and then looked at the mess she had caused before she fainted.. “I gotta get rid of this junk!” she said, using her paws to pile up the ripped pieces and remains of her punching bag and then kicked to a corner where no one would notice it.

Her body started shaking, and, after a while, her stomach started growling too. “Man, I just hope there’s enough cereal left.” The famished feline rubbed her small tummy. She quickly changed back into her skater outfit and folded her swat suit that was just a few hours old. Then, she made sure everything was back in place (except the pile she left in a dark corner). She switched off the lights and made her way back up. Although, she had a difficult time climbing since it was pitch dark, with the suit tucked under her left armpit. She decided to hide it under her shirt when she finally made it to the top.

Before opening the trap door, she rested a pierced ear on the wood and was on the lookout to hear if anyone was above her. Carefully, pushing the door half open, her pale red eyes peered around the living room, and, to her surprise, no one was around. She quickly climbed up to her feet and gently lifted the trap door down, grabbed the rug and put it back to its place. Then, in a flash, made her escape straight to her room and slammed the door shut. She took the suit out from her shirt and threw it under her bed where the glovatrix and mask were hidden. Kit rested her shaking body on the bed and closed her frightful eyes for a while. Her left paw managed to grab hold of her brush that was right behind her and started brushing her straight, shoulder length bloody red hair and then her fluffy tail.

The drowsy red head lacked sleep and was already going back to dreamland till she was interrupted by a knock.

“Come in,” she answered in a weak voice.

The door opened, and it was Jake who came in again, wearing his mechanic uniform and carrying a tray of food. “Morning Kit, how are feeling?” he greeted.

“Fine.” She sat up and grinned at her brother’s best friend.

“Hey, about what happened last night… about your mother… I’m really sorry.”

Kit wasn’t in the mood to weep, but she couldn’t seem to get rid of the painful feeling in her crushed heart. “Yeah, I kinda miss her already…” She frowned.

Jake set down the tray on the floor since there was no table to carry it. He sat on the bed and gave the upset a kitten a pat on the back and tried his best to cheer her up.

“Where’s Chance?” she suddenly asked.

“He’s been in his room for a while. I doubt he’d be coming out for work today,” he predicted.

“Is he pissed at me?” She gave him a worried look.

“Pissed? No way. Why would he be? It’s not like it’s your fault.”

“Well, I pretty much believe it’s still my fault.” She groaned.

“Why would you say that?”

“B-b-ecause I wasn’t t-there to save her,” she stuttered, and tears slowly began to form.

“At least the Swat Kats tried…” he trailed off.

“If only I was like them!”

“But, you’re not, and you should be glad.”


“Those Swat Kats pretty much want to keep the city safe and are willing to risk their own lives most of the time for what is right. Believe me, I don’t think it’s an easy job for those guys to be masked vigilantes for the rest of their life. I mean, once you’re a Swat Kat, always a Swat Kat, and there’s no turning back.”

Kit really kept that in mind and heart and thought really hard about what Jake said. She felt the urge of confessing to him about her discovery, but that would have been a stupid move to commit right now. Jake, on the other paw, was willing to let out their secret, but he knew the day would soon come to pass.

There was a long silence that lasted for about a minute until Jake decided to break it. “Uh here, I made you breakfast in bed.” He brought up the tray and handed it to Kit.

“Gee thanks, you didn’t have to you know.” She forced a smile.

“I figured you might like cereal for breakfast.”

“Sugar Spree!” She grabbed the box and hugged her favorite cereal in the world. She poured some in the bowl, added milk and took a spoonful.

“I was wondering, are you allergic to certain kinds of food? Because the other night you wouldn’t even touch any of the food we served.”

Kit nearly choked. “The truth is, dude, I’m a vegetarian, there!” she blurted it out.

“A vege… why didn’t you tell me!” His eyes grew into saucers.

“I guess I was ashamed… I mean, you guys do eat a lot of meat… yeck.” She stuck her tongue out.

“Well, we do have canned veggies which we use as toppings when we make sandwiches, or if you want me to buy…”

“Canned veggies sounds good to me.” She finished eating and got a second round.

“Are you sure? I mean, it’s only one can, enough for one meal. You won’t die, would you?”

“I can survive with pizza… without pepperoni.”

“You won’t mind eating pizza for this week? ‘Cause we’re pretty low in cash if you know what I mean.”

“Yeah, it sucks being mechanics after getting kicked out from the Enforcers…,” she said with her mouth full.

“How do you know that?” he interrupted her sentence.

“Uh… well… uh… my mom told me,” she lied.

“Oh ok.” He looked around the room and only noticed that it was back to normal. “Oh, did you clean your room that fast?”

“I was trained to… you know what I mean… not that I’m a neat freak.” She blushed.

“Knowing Chance, it would take him 50 years to clean his.”

Kit frowned and sighed. “I don’t think I’m ever gonna get along with him.”

“Don’t say that. Chance loves you, but he doesn’t really show it… yet,” he explained.

“How would you know?” She took another spoonful.

“From what I heard, he was scared half to death when he saw you fall and…”

“Accidents happen, duh. Of course he would. I mean, he’d be so dead if mom found out.”

“But, he did worry about you, didn’t he?”

“He pretty much did. It was really freaky, but at least I fell on my arm.”

“How is it?”

“How am I supposed to know? I can’t feel a darn thing.”

“You be careful next time ok? Promise me.”

“Sure.” She went for her third round. After the fourth, her stomach was satisfied and full.

Jake took the tray from her and was heading out.

“Man, you eat just like your bro,” he laughed.

“I do…”

“You go take your kat nap. I got some customers to handle.” He winked at her and left the room.

“One whole week of pizza.” She licked her mouth.

One week later…

Kit had managed to slip past the two and was back in the hangar, painting stripe designs on her helmet, elbow and knee pads using her favorite color red that went with the swat suit. The careless kitten left the gear to dry up and forgot to clean up and left the mess she had caused. The thought slipped off her mind, and she decided to practice her martial art moves, as she did every single day.

After a while, her red eyes spotted something on top of a table covered with a huge piece of cloth she had never really noticed since the place was humongous. She walked up to it and was ready to pull it off, but her pierced ears heard voices approaching fast! So, she hid behind one of the cyclotrons.

“This can’t be happening!” Her heart started pounding.

Two different shadows appeared, one was skinny and the other was full of muscle. They were in front of the table where the cloth was hiding something.

“What were you trying to pull me here for? I’m going to miss my show,” her brother’s voice was heard.

“Relax, this is what I wanted to show you. After spending days of frustrating work, I have finally accomplished the new project.”

“You mean invention…,” Chance corrected.

“Yeah, whatever.” He pulled the cloth off and, to their astonishment, it featured a platinum skate board made directly from scrap in the figure of the logo. Two pointy edges located on the back to represent the ears and one long, sharp end on the front or also known as the nose. It was spray painted in the famous black, blue and red colors. “I call it the ‘Swat Board’!”

Chance and Kit’s eyes grew wide with shocking amazement!

“Cool, ha? I got the idea from Kit’s skate board and decided to build an extra vehicle for the Turbokat to hold.”

“Uh, so what does it do, buddy?”

“You wanna know? It’s a 5 in one transportation system,” Jake explained.

“You mean to say it’s not just a crappy old skate board?”

“Chance, it’s a skate board, a pair of skies, surf board, a glider and a jet pack electrically charged. Amazing it doesn’t really need gas. You can charge it anywhere, even from the Turbokat itself. Not to mention the board is water proof, fire proof, shock proof, and scratch proof.

“Is that all?” his friend wasn’t really interested.

“Oh yeah, I also made these awesome goggles that go with the gear. With this device, you can easily target and lock aim for the missiles. There is also night vision goggles when we go on late night missions. The board also comes with a locater, tracking device, auto-drive, a radio and is very automatic. I mean you don’t need a key, or a stirring wheel or breaks. Just say or give the magic commands ‘Engage, disengage, activate, deactivate, deploy, etc…and all that.” He showed him the device with its spare.

“Pretty good, Sure Shot, but there are a few minor problems that need some answering. First, I don’t know how to freakin’ skate, and I’d rather pilot the Turbokat anytime. And last, how are we both going to use it if it’s size is so small?” He grinned.

The inventor’s proud smile suddenly turned into a frown when he realized his major miscalculation on the size. “No way! I couldn’t have miscalculated anything! Oh crud!” He started cursing.

“Guess both of are us are too heavy to even try that darn thing. Forget it, buddy!”

“But… but, all my hard work… with love and care and…,” Jake stammered.

“Aw, c’mon, you can always make another one,” he cheered his best friend.

“Hey, it ain’t that easy. I’m not even sure how I started building this crud!” He slapped his face.

Kit had been in a squatting position for a long time and was starting to get cramps. She rested her arms on the cycle and stood up right away before the pain got worse. With the weight being pushed from her arms, she had accidentally caused the cycle to fall on the ground, and that created a huge disruption!

“Oh shoot!” She quickly escaped and looked for a different hiding place.

Both vigilante’s ears perked up and eyed the place.

“We’re not alone.” Chance grabbed a glovatrix and tossed the other one to his partner in crime.

“Let’s use the night vision goggles.” He used the device and gave the spare for Chance to use. He switched off the lights, and complete darkness surrounded the place.

“Lets kick some intruder tail!” the Swat Kats (without their suits) yelled.

Both took opposite directions. Jake was able to see a short running figure but couldn’t tell who it was since it only looked like a shadow. “Intruder at 6’o clock, do you copy?” he signaled Chance,

“That means 12’ o clock for me. Razor, he’s mine!” His partner aimed the glovatrix and shot out a net, but, fortunately, Kit was able to dodge it and then ran to Jake’s direction.

“Crud, I can’t believe I missed! He’s heading your way, buddy!”

“I think it’s time to do this old school!” Jake followed the figure and cornered her. “You can run, but you can’t hide!” He gave her a blow, but Kit used her right arm to block it, then she slipped under his legs.

“The midget got away!”

“Good, he’s running straight to me!” He finally grabbed her by the arms and pinned her to the ground.

Kit tried struggling, but failed. Her heart was beating faster every second, and she knew she was busted for now.

“Who are you? Who do you work for? How’d you get in here?” he threatened the intruder. With no answer he lifted her up to his height and, of course, Kit was no match for her muscular brother. He wrapped his muscular arms around her slender body and it was a way suffocating her. “Talk, you pathetic piece of crud!”

The poor kitten was already choking with tears and could hardly breathe any longer until the lights were finally turned on, and Chance found himself strangling his younger sister to death. He dropped the intruder to the ground where she was found to be unconscious.


So so so sorry I wasn’t able to upload this chap earlier. I got freakin’ exams to study for, and school’s almost over for me! Yeeepeee! Summer time, 1999! Hehehe I enjoyed writing this chap. Heck, better get back to studying… don’t forget to review peeps?

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