Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Notes: I’m back… sigh This chap may seem long as you could see it will be referring about Kit and other stuff you’re about to read. Enjoy… Again, before I start…

Gundamknight- Just to let you know on the previous chap that it wasn’t Hard Drive or Dark Kat in the dream. It was her counter side of her as Fang and was…. yeah, telling her about the horrible truth. I hope you and I understand what we’re talking ’bout here… hehe. Again, thanx for the review, dude!

Shnook- Hey thur, I know you’re excited and hadn’t read all the chaps yet but you will anyway. Don’t worry – Chance’s relationship with Kit will mature somehow… later on. I’m glad you like Kit. Thanx again, dude. God Bless.

Chapter 8

Preparations and Stuff

1:30 A.M.….

The piercing red eyes of Kit suddenly burst open with confusion, and she realized it was all a dream and she remembered it very clearly. The sweating kitten jumped off her bed and switched on the lights that blinded her at first. She took deep breaths and sorted out her thoughts again. It was normal for her to wake early in the morning, but this time there was a reason.

The word “Fang” popped into her head and made her think really hard. “Was she right? The girl on TV… Was that her referring to me? Did she have a purpose?”

So many questions needed answering. She looked at the havoc she had caused and decided to tidy up the room and put everything back to its proper place since she had the energy to do it. She was able to make her bed, fold her clothes and put them back in the wardrobe and fixed her skate gear and placed them back in her duffel bag. A few more things were still lying carelessly on the floor like her diskman together with her favorite punk-kat album “Litterbox” (I made up the band name), her wallet with the allowance she had received from her mom, a hair brush, fingerless gloves, a skater magazine, some rocker accessories and other junk she had managed to bring with her. There was no place for her to put them away, so she dumped everything on her bed and decided to sort places for her belongings later.

She only realized that there was only one more thing left on the floor. There laid an old, crumpled photograph that was taken years back. Kit picked it up and saw her and her brother five years ago. She was wearing a skirt and long sleeves, smiling at the camera while Chance was standing a few feet away arms folded and a huge frown on his face, wearing his Enforcer uniform. It was the only picture Kit had with him. She hugged it close to her chest and felt like crying.

Why couldn’t he just get along her? Right now, she had to deal with a broken family and knew it would take time to reassemble the pieces back together. Her parents were both gone, although her father was still alive living far away from them, and all she had left was a cold-hearted brother who hated her.

She fell to her knees and started crying all over again. She felt so useless and pathetic right now, but then she remembered the dream and what the kat told her. Kit knew she couldn’t just keep mourning and being depressed forever cause there was something she was yearning for too. She finally stopped crying and stood up straight with that petite structure of hers. Bright piercing eyes stayed wide open and her fierce fangs sticking out of her mouth just might have scared you, especially with the bloody red hair covering her face. It like the room was revolving around her. She heard voices talking in her head followed by flashbacks.

“Kit, be a good girl ok and please take it easy on the board, will you?” Her mom gave her a kiss on the cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too, mom.”

“What the hell were you thinking!” Chance growled.

“I… I could explain.” She tried thinking of an excuse.

“Were you trying to get yourself killed!” He looked at her straight in the eye.

“In just seconds, one of the Swat Kats by the name T-bone did his rescue to save the women who had been piloting the uncontrollable fighter jet for the past hour that has now blown up into flames. Right now, we are going to take a closer look at the flaming building below us to see if the rescuer and the victim are still living. And, on the other hand, Dark Kat has managed to escape again…” Ann Gora ended with a worried look on her face.

“Chance is still adjusting and so are you. It may take a while… or longer than you might expect… but you just gotta deal with it ok. You gotta understand, we have our times and… and…” came Jake’s voice.

“Don’t be such a pathetic, hopeless, fake, poser…”

“Shuddup!” Kit yelled.

“Then, if you’re not, prove it then.”

“Ok, you’re really freaking me out here!”

“There will be harder responsibilities for you, and I tell you they ain’t easy. There will be a point where you can’t decide where you belong to or who you are. There will be risks you may not be willing to take that’s worth life and death. You’ll be forced to sacrifice things that are part of your life, and you’ll have to learn to let them go.”

“I… I… don’t understand!” Kit was getting confused.

Nah, you’re just too young to understand this crud. Maybe when you’re older you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“What should I do then?”

“Then, do what you need to do!”

“Then, I’ll do what I should then!” She turned off the lights and sneaked out of her room, tiptoeing quietly down to the living room. Fortunately, the two vigilantes were sound asleep upstairs and not doing any of their late night business. She made sure no one was watching and pulled the rug off its place and opened the secret door and walked down to the darkness below her until she reached the bottom.

From the cold darkness, the kitten was able to find the light switch. She examined the place once more and looked for things that she was seeking for. One of the tables had a personal computer, and the curious kitten searched for the right button and switched it on. The problem is, it needed a password. She sighed and came up with a few ideas that would be acceptable, but failed. She thought really hard and then typed the numbers 79285257 which encoded Swat Kats. (I hope you get what I mean. If you have a cell phone, you’ll notice that on the keypads, each number has three or four letters on them) And, this time, she succeeded in breaking the code.

“You have accessed the secret files of the Swat Kats,” the computer announced.

“That was pretty lame,” she said, relieved. She brought the mouse and clicked on one of the files. There were so many folders, each with a specific name. She decided to go through the files of T-bone and Razor. Most likely about their history, status and alliances.

Then, she clicked on ‘Weapons and Gadgets’ That explained their uses and how to handle them, together with their blueprints and models. Kit skipped on the missiles and decided to look up on the glovatrix and its uses.

Then, she went through the file of ‘Vehicles and Transportation’. Each one had pictures from the side views, together with more blueprints and models. Of course, the Turbokat was there, so was the Cyclotron, Turbomole, the jeep and other vehicles that seemed to bore her, but maybe if she had enough time, she could research more on them.

She opened a file that read “Flight Suit’ and saw the wonderful outfits the two vigilantes had designed themselves, each with a different taste and personality. She noticed Jake loved long sleeves while Chance preferred short sleeves to show off his muscular arms.

She found another file referring on the villains together with their history and articles. The mouse scrolled down and clicked on the file “Dark Crud”. T-bone must have been the one who organized it, I guess. The disturbing pics of him that were posted made Kit very uncomfortable and made her shake the computer as hard as she could but then remembered that it wasn’t hers. She ignored the pictures and read the pretty long text about his origination, articles and Dooms Day plans. Kit’s piercing red eyes were fixed on every sentence, every word and every letter until she was done reading everything. Her eyes were dropping, and she had to keep rubbing them every second. She was able to find out about his history and knew why T-bone and Razor became ex-Enforcers and were forced to work for the rest of their lives in a salvage yard. She also found out about his strengths and weaknesses… I mean, every villain in Mega Kat City had to have one.

She exited the villains folders and decided to play some games the computer offered her. She chose solitaire, the game she always mastered, and a small window appeared. And, just before she was about to make her move, she noticed another folder lying around with the name ‘New Projects. With her quick and excellent strategy, she was able to finish the game twice as fast and then clicked on the folder. The text, in capital letters, read ‘Swat Board and, below it, was the blue print of the model which she guessed Razor must have done. She found it very interesting and read the text below. For the first time she was shocked to see her name, and she read the sentence a few more times. ‘I was able to catch the idea from the skateboard of T-bone’s younger sister, Katrina Furlong.’

But, why did he have to type that in? She knew it was very personal and what if someone else could have hacked into the computer… well, besides her. After reading the text about it, she smiled and couldn’t wait to see what Razor was trying to accomplish. Well, it did say it would take only a few weeks to finish the project.

She closed and exited all the windows and logged off and shut down the computer properly and left it as though nothing had happened. She felt kinda guilty and proud for hacking another kat’s property.

Kit walked to the other side of the place and found a storage closet and opened it. There she found all kinds of old things that had been cooped up for months. Books, manuals, tools, paints, pieces of scrap paper, unsharpened pencils, a sewing machine and the familiar blue, black and red material.

Kit had just learned how to use the sewing machine recently in school and was pretty good at it. The excited kitten pulled the machine out and grabbed the pieces of leftover cloth, a piece of paper and a pencil that she had to sharpen without a sharpener. Most kats would have used their nails but Kit was a different one who was blessed with really sharp fangs. It looked and sounded disgusting, but it worked faster for her. After nibbling the pencil, she spat out the remains of the shavings and gave a disgusted look.

She wiped the pencil on her shirt and then started sketching the desired suit she had been dreaming of long ago. She recalled the dream and tried to remember what the kat on TV was wearing. It was sleeveless with a black collar. In the middle of the top she drew the famous logo. Below her were baggy blue pants with red stripes on the sides. She was thinking of using her extra elbow and knee pads and painted stripe designs together with her helmet and added the logo there. Well, she wasn’t much into drawing and would suck at Engineering and Architecture, stuff she hated. But, hey, Razor was a master at those things.

Anywayz, after a few crumpled papers, pencil erasures and a few more teeth sharpenings, Kit finally completed the sketch of her whole Swat Kat outfit. She also made a final decision to be barefoot just like the two daredevils and use the mask of Razor and the glovatrix…

“Well, they wouldn’t mind… would they?” she thought.

She proceeded in measuring herself by taking off her clothes (no one was there anyway) and placed them on the blue material and started outlining and tracing the form. Then, she used the dull scissors that were a major pain in the tail, and Kit almost could have ruined the whole thing. Then, she took out the red and black material and sketched the other stuff like the collar, stripe designs and the logos. The excited and stressed kitten opened the drawer of the sewing machine and to her luck found some extra thread, needles, pins and other sewing materials. (Ok, I have no idea on how to handle a sewing machine, so forgive me for not putting any details in it)

From the procedures she had followed in homeroom class, she assembled the materials in their proper places, grabbed one of the clothes which seemed to be the top with the pair and started sewing the two together until it became one piece. She did the same with the pants and sewed all the designs into their specific places and cut a hole in the back for her fluffy tail to stick out. She was so scared at first and thought the she wouldn’t get into the suit. Well, to her surprise, she managed to fit in it just right since the material was elastic and seemed to be comfy. She smiled at her masterpiece and couldn’t wait to tell her homeroom teacher what she had accomplished.

“Watch out, Mega Kat City, ’cause you are about to encounter FANG!” She posed with her fangs sticking out and laughed at her silliness. “Pretty lame quote.” She giggled.

Kit was up and about and more energetic than ever. She looked around the mess she had made and just pushed and dumped everything in the closet. Just as she was about to shut the door closed, her red eyes spotted an old sack that had been left behind, and that gave her an idea. With all her strength, she dumped everything out and pulled the sack that seemed to have stuff inside and grabbed a pail of purple paint and kicked the rest of the stuff back inside.

She opened up the heavy sack and found nothing but trash and junk. To her left was a chain hanging from the ceiling used to hold the punching bags T-bone used his fists on. She took the hook and hanged the heavy sack on it to use as her own temporary punching bag and maybe disposable. She opened the can of paint using her sharp nails and dipped her finger inside the gooey, sticky purple substance and finger painted on the sack and there and behold, was the ugly and dreadful face of what a kindergarten kitten would paint of Dark Kat. Yes, I told you Kit wasn’t even much of artist at all and would really need art lessons but she never cared.

Her smile turned back into a frown, anger rising up in her calm soul, eager to do something she had been planning for the night. Tears formed within her eyes together with her paws in a steady and ready position the Kat-rate master had taught her years back. She broke off the silence with a left jab, followed by a right cross and then brought her foot, knee leveled and gave it a powerful kick that almost knocked the sack off its place. She did the same move several times and then exchanged positions and did the opposite and concentrated on her punching and blows and kicks separately. She also had to duck and dodge a few times since the heavy sack had been swerving in different directions and could have knocked down the junior black belt. Kit performed everything with gracefulness and passion and wished her master could see the whole thing.

There were already holes and ripped out portions on the sack and the purple paint had begun fading every second. Sweat was running faster than the time, and Kit could already feel cramps and aches growing in her petite body but she couldn’t care less and was waiting for the right moment to arrive. Since her upper right arm couldn’t feel anything, she gathered all her remaining strength and ended everything with one last powerful punch and finally knocked the worn out sack to the ground that also ripped to pieces.

Kit fell hard to the ground with a loud thud and was left there, panting and gasping for air and strength, but all seemed faded and cold. The tears stopped falling and so did the sweat. Her surroundings were moving too fast, and, in seconds, darkness grew upon her…


Ey, sorry I took a while on this chap. It was too tiring for me to write. I hope it didn’t bore you too much. Apologies for the bad writing material and a bit of the grammar and stuff. I’m telling you guyz I’m not much of a writer either just like Kit isn’t much of a drawer. And, why am I writing this? I just wanna get it over with this fic and love writing and typing no matter what. Feel free to do whatever you want to accomplish even though you feel like killing yourself! Always do your best in everything… Thanx again for reading this and don’t forget the reviews, dudes… Nyt!


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