Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Chapter 4

The Huge Discovery

7:30 at the dinner table…

“Ey, Jake, pass me the steak will ya?”

“Here you go, Chance.” Jake slid the plate to him.

“Thanks.” He took a bite with his bare paws instead of using his utensils.

Kit gave him a disgusted look.

“Gee, Chance, is that how you eat in front of your sister?” Jake scolded him.

“She’s a guest, Jake, and, by the way, I’ve been eating like this ever since.” He chewed with his mouth open.

“Yeah, but still…. and chew with your mouth closed for kats sake!” his friend shouted.

Kit just watched the two argue for a while, then faced her empty plate. She didn’t really like what was being served on the table. A big plate of t-bone steak, pork barbeque, and leftover chicken. She felt so sick to her stomach that she lost her appetite.

“So, are you gonna eat, squirt, or what?” Chance asked her for the third time.

Kit didn’t know what to answer. She wasn’t hungry at all. “Uh…”

“Well…?” her brother was waiting impatiently.

“Well…I’m not really hungry for now,” she answered.

“Ok then, I guess I could have your share of the steak.” He grabbed another piece and took a huge bite.

“Is there something wrong with the food?” Jake asked.

“Um, no, it’s just that I’m kinda tired from the trip awhile ago,” was her excuse.

“Are you sure? How about a tuna sandwich?” he offered again.

“No thanks, I’m fine,” she refused.

The two mechanics gave her a weird look then went back to eating.

Kit just watched them and played with her knife while waiting till she had to guts to say it. “Can I be excused?” she asked.

“Of course, Kit, it’s alright with us. Right, Chance?”

“Yeah…right,” he said, still chewing with his mouth open.

“Sorry for not joining you guys for dinner.” She stood up and tucked the chair in.

“Don’t worry, Kit. It’s fine with us. We know that you’re tired and all.” Jake smiled.

“Just go to bed.” Chance couldn’t stand her anymore.

“Night, you guys, and thanks for everything.” She walked upstairs.

“Night, Kit.” Jake waved.

Chance didn’t answer her and just kept on eating.

“Gee, Chance, what’s your problem!”

“What problem?”

“Ever since she arrived you’ve been acting like a jerk.”

“So…” he rolled his eyes.

“She’s your sister, not mine, and it’s also your responsibility to watch over her and, you know… be nice.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Dude, she’s not so bad once you get to know her, and she’s nice to hang around with,” Jake gave him a report.

“Maybe for you.” He folded his arms.

“I can’t keep watching her all the time; I’ve got some work to finish!”

“Mom said she can handle herself,” he scoffed.

“Yeah, you’re right, but you can’t just ignore her for the whole weekend, can you?”

“I can if I have to!” he raised his voice.

Jake just kept quiet and folded his arms. “You’re gonna have to work this out on your own, buddy, whether you like it or not.” He left the room.

“Where ya going?” Chance asked.

“To the hangar, where else?” he yelled.

All on his own again, he sat down and turned on the TV and watched his favorite show, Scaredy Kat. But, all of a sudden, Ann Gora appeared on the screen, and that made him even more pissed. “Crud, what now!” he cursed.

“Ann Gora here from Kats Eye news. There has been a break in at Enforcer Headquarters but still no sign of the intruder. We are still not sure what things have gone missing and…” The TV was suddenly switched off.

“Ey, Jake, heard there’s a break-in at Enforcer Headquarters…” He quickly climbed down the secret door to the hangar.


Kit didn’t exactly sleep at all and had been listening to the argument the whole time. She felt so crushed and hurt by her brother’s comments. Why did he hate her so much? What did she do to him anyway? It had been five long years since they saw each other, and the only thing that kept her comfortable here was Jake.

Out of her curiosity came the word “hangar”. What did Jake mean by that? And, why did Chance suddenly freak out and disappear so fast? She knew they were hiding something from her, and she was dying to find out or investigate.

She made sure no one was around and came out from her hiding place. She walked to the living room and found something unusual. A rug had been pulled up and a secret door took its place.

“What the heck could this be?” she thought. Carefully, with her two petite paws, she lifted the door and found a hole with a ladder leading somewhere way down.

Kit wasn’t sure if she wanted to do this, but did it anyway. She climbed down step by step and found herself inside a secret underground hideout, and it reminded her of Mega War 2 she had just recently learned in school even though she hated school so much.

“A secret hangar!” she exclaimed. “So, this is what Jake was talking about.”

She noticed a few motorcycles, missiles, gadgets and other stuff that looked quite familiar. They were all painted in red, blue and black. Then, it flashed in her head.

“This stuff belongs to the Swat Kats!” she beamed. She went closer to the cycles and sat on the driver’s seat. “This is so wicked!” She imagined herself as a Swat Kat, driving the Cyclotron down the busy streets of Mega Kat City. Then, her eyes turned to a bunch of glovatrix’s that’s were just lying carelessly on the ground. She took one and placed it on her left paw since she was left handed. It seemed heavy and a bit big for her, but maybe if she wore gloves, they’d fit well. She thought. She studied the awesome gadget and noticed a few buttons that were very tempting and waiting to be touched.

“I wonder what this one does?” She pressed a random button and a gigantic net flew out and had locked aim on the Cyclotron. “Crud!” she freaked and ran to get rid of the mess she caused.

After a long struggle of fifteen minutes, she finally got the whole thing off.

“I guess it was really meant to capture villains, not vehicles.” She panted and rested on something cold and metal. She turned her head to see two huge lockers each one marked with the letter “R” and the letters “TB”.

“No way – it can’t be! This actually belongs to T-bone and Razor! The one and only!” she screamed. Both lockers were open, and Kit happened to pull out a blue mechanic uniform with the name labels. “Chance Furlong!” She grabbed another one from Razor’s and read. “Jake Clawson! What the!” she dropped both of them to the floor.

Freaky thoughts started exploding in her furry head. “It… it can’t be! My brother and his friend… are… are the Swat Kats!” She finally figured out the mystery. She was both surprised and excited at the same time. She knew who the Swat Kats were and thought it was all a dream, so she pinched herself on her upper right arm but felt nothing at all. This time, she pinched herself hard on her left arm.


She rubbed it afterwards.

She opened both lockers wide open and saw extra dark blue and red uniforms complete with the masks, helmets and fingerless gloves. She took one of Razor’s masks and tried it on. Her surroundings seemed darker and mysterious but exciting too. For the past two hours, she had been checking the place out until she fell asleep on one of the Cyclotrons.

For some reason, the red headed kitten sensed something was not right. Her pierced ears started twitching and suddenly both bright red eyes opened and she quickly got up to her feet. It seemed like a sound of a jet engine was heard and became louder and nearer, and Kit knew what it was. The whole place started shaking and the ultra loud sound was coming towards her.

“Oh my gosh! The Tur… tur… Turbokat is gonna land…EXACTLY NOW!”

She ran to the ladder and climbed it as fast as her feet could carry her and was back in the living room.

The TV had been on the whole time, and Ann Gora’s voice was heard. “A few minutes ago, the Swat Kats made an interesting discovery, and, according to one of them by the name Razor, have guessed Dark Kat was responsible for…”

Kit quickly turned it off and retreated upstairs to her room.

“Man, I can’t believe Dark Crap was under this the whole time!” T-bone, I mean Chance’s, voice was heard from the living room. He was switching channels now and looking for his favorite show.

“Not exactly; it was the creeplings who broke in,” Razor, I mean Jake, corrected.

“Yeah… so, it was Dark Crap who gave the commands obviously.” Chance rolled his eyes.

“I still can’t get why those creeplings claws were fixed on the new fighter jet.”

“Like those little craplings can fly that baby.” The Scaredy Kat fan laughed.

“Hmm, I don’t think they were trying to fly it, Chance.” Razor was trying to figure out the puzzle.

“Whatcha mean, smarty pants?”

“I bet you Dark Kat had been planning something for the fighter jet whether he wants to use it or damage it.”


Jake was silent for awhile and was concentrating real hard. “Ey, Chance, I don’t think it’s safe for your mom to fly it tomorrow night.”

“You have a point there, buddy. I’m guessing one of the craplings had done something to it.” Chance sounded serious.

“I suggest you warn her now before it’s too late,” Jake suggested.

The worried tom-kat grabbed the cordless phone and dialed a few numbers he had just memorized last night.

“Ey, Chance, I’m just going to check on Kit and see if she’s ok.” Jake was on his way upstairs.

“Yeah…whatever.” The phone was still in his ears, and he was waiting for it to ring anytime now.

Kit was panting and trying to relax as much as possible. She was so close to getting caught and she still had the mask on. “How could I forget!” She untied it and threw it under her bed then rested her left hand on her chin and found out that she also forgot about the glovatrix that had been there for the longest time.

She started pulling it out, but it wouldn’t budge. “Shoot, it’s like it’s stuck or something!” She tried every possible thing to get it out, but failed. Then, out of the silence, footsteps were heard and were making their way towards the room. “Crud!” she cursed and tried pulling it off again and was running out of time!

Jake carefully opened her door, bringing in a little light in the dark room. There, lying on the bed, was a dead tired Kit tucked or wrapped in her blanket with Z’s bouncing on her head. He didn’t want to wake up the kitten, so he tiptoed towards Kit and gave her a kiss on the head.

“Night, Kit, sleep tight ok?” He smiled and walked out the door then closed it.


Kinda freaky, eh… I wonder how Kit got away with it? Chapter 5 will be coming soon – maybe before New Years I hope. Please review and tell me what you think? Comments, Suggestions, anything! Happy Holidays, peeps! Have a Rockin’ Christmas and a Happy New Year! God Bless!

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