Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Chapter 3


The boiling hot sun was killing Jake and Kit, so they ran to the two story building after the disappearance of Chance. They were relieved that the place was way cooler than outside.

Kit studied the place. It was a bit messy. Empty milk cans and piled up pizza boxes were everywhere, and a left over tuna sandwich was just sitting on top of their TV.

“I hope you don’t mind the place. Were not much of neat freaks,” Jake apologized. How could he forget to clean the place?

“It’s ok. I don’t mind,” Kit replied, still studying the place.

“Shall I show you to your room?” Jake asked.

“Yeah…sure.” She sighed.

Jake escorted her upstairs and to their guest room. Inside the small room was a single bed, a closet and drawer and a table with a lamp. To her side was a slide-in window that brightened the place a bit. There were two bags that were dumped on the side of the room near the window.

Kit stepped in, sat on the bed and sighed. “A little small, but it will do.”

“Is there a problem?” Jake raised an eyebrow.

“Oh no. It’s just that I’m kinda claustrophobic, but I’ll get used to it,” she explained.

“Oh, ok…. ’cause if you need a bigger room, you might wanna use mine…,” he offered.

“No, no, no it’s ok! I’m fine. I like it here,” she refused.

“Are you sure?”


“Ok then. I guess you might be hungry from your trip. Are you?” he asked.


“C’mon, I know you are,” he teased.

“Well I…”

“I’ll prepare you some milk and cookies.”

“Sure, thanks,” she accepted.

He led her downstairs to where the kitchen was. There was a table with chairs and a fridge in the corner. Jake opened the cupboard and brought out a box of chocolate chips and placed some on a clean plate. Then, he opened the fridge and grabbed a box of milk and poured it into a glass.

“Here ya go.” He set them on the table as Kit grabbed a chair.

“Gee…thanks,” she said, dipping a cookie into the milk and taking a bite.

“You’re welcome. Would you like a tuna sandwich with that?”

“Oh, no thanks; I’m fine,” she refused.

“Oh ok.” He grabbed a seat. He watched the redheaded kitten and examined her looks that she inherited from her mother. He admired her bright, piercing red eyes that was really rare for a kat to have, also the fangs, that were growing out of her mouth and the piercings on her ears just seemed to disturb him a little.

“Ey, I heard you like to skate?” he suddenly brought up a topic.

“Uh huh.” She dipped another cookie into the milk and took another bite.

“So, are you good?”

“Iono? My mom says I’m kinda advanced for my age, and she thinks it’s dangerous.”

“Oh, really?”

“Sometimes she thinks I’m too young to handle things by myself.” She sighed.

“Ey, I know what you mean.” Jake chuckled.

“Yeah, it sucks.”

Jake was aware of what she said but ignored it. “So, how long have you been into it?”

“Since I was five.” She counted with her fingers.

“Whoa, you must be good then,” he commented.

“Iono…” Kit couldn’t admit or decide.

“Did you ever get into any accidents?” he asked with curiosity.

“Yeah, I had many falls, cuts, and bruises, but my worst was when I was nine. I was trying to do a move I saw on tv. You know, trying to do a hand stand on the board,” she explained.

“And, then what?”

“Well, I knew I got a bad head start, so lost my balance and fractured my upper right arm.”

“Ouch.” He showed a disgusted look.

“The doctor said I couldn’t skate for a few months, and my mom happened to be so pissed.”

Again, Jake was aware of what she said but just ignored it and went on. “What a bummer.”

“Yeah, but after the cast came off, I was back again. But, for some reason, I felt something was wrong with my right arm. Even though I pinched or hit it against the wall I felt no pain at all.”

“So, you mean to say, even if I drop an anvil on it, you won’t feel a thing,” he joked.

“Yeah, just like that… well, I never tried it yet,” she played along.

They both laughed and talked for some time until Kit was done with her hearty snack. She even brought the plate and glass to the sink to have it washed, but Jake stopped her.

“Aww, c’mon, dude, lemme wash them,” Kit pleaded.

“I can’t – you’re the guest remember?” He pushed the plate and glass to his side. Kit was trying to reach for it, but he wouldn’t let her. The fight ended when Jake finally gave up and allowed her to wash instead. He knew that she was feeling right at home already. He thought it was easy for a kitten like to socialize that fast. Not to mention she had a stubborn personality.

“See? All done.” She wiped the remains and wet part inside the glass with a hand towel.

“Whoa, you sure are fast,” he said, amazed. “But, next time, you let me do the work, ok?”

“Yeah…sure.” She smirked.

Jake’s ears perked when he heard the sound of the TV go on, so he walked to the living room with Kit following from behind.

In the messed up place, Chance was seated on couch, watching the news, eating his tuna sandwich and drinking a can of milk, then crushed it with his bare paw. Kit was shocked at the sight of that.

“Ey, buddy, what’s up?” Jake asked his partner.

“There’s something big happening at Enforcer Headquarters,” he answered.

“What is it?” Kit asked.

Chance didn’t answer her question and was glued on the tv when Ann Gora appeared.

“This is Ann Gora, from the Kats Eye news, reporting live at the Mega Kat City Enforcer Headquarters. To my right, the Enforcers here have just finished building an indestructible machine-made platinum fighter jet. And, it only took them a few months to complete it.”

“What a beauty!” Chance said with his mouth wide open.

“Incredible!” Jake said with awe.

“Awesome.” Kit grinned.

“Tomorrow night, one of the Enforcers’ bold and skilled pilots, Ms. Aischa Furlong, who has given her time to travel all the way from the countryside, is going to be the first kat to pilot this jet into the skies of Mega Kat City.” The camera turned to a she-kat with wavy red hair wearing her enforcer uniform.

“Mom!” Chance and Kit screamed at the same time.

“Let’s have a little a chat with her, shall we?” The reporter signaled the camera to face both of them. “So, Ms. Furlong, how do you feel to be the first Kat ever to fly this magnificent jet they’ve built?

“It is a great honor and opportunity,” she answered.

“Why do you say that?” Ann Gora asked.

“It’s been years since I was an Enforcer, and I want to thank the mayor of this wonderful city who invited me for this,” she explained.

“According to Commander Feral, you are one of the Enforcers top pilots.”

“Yes, that is true, but I decided to give it up afterwards.”

“Why is that?”

“I wasn’t expecting to raise a family.” The mother smiled.

“Is it true that your husband was a pilot too?”

“Yes, he was one I would never forget.” A frown grew on her face.

“That is very nice to hear, Ms. Furlong. Are you excited or nervous for tomorrow night’s event?”

“Both I guess since I hadn’t flown a jet for years, and I am very proud to take this opportunity for the sake of our beloved city.”

Cheers and applause was heard from the background.

“Thank you so much for giving us your time, Ms. Aischa Furlong.” The camera went back to the famous reporter. “This is Ann Gora, reporting live again from Mega Kat City Enforcer Headquarters,” she ended.


Eh… I admit I suck at news reporter stuff… Believe me, I do. Please review and tell me what you think. Aww, how sweet – Kit and Jake had finally got along, but there’s still time for Chance…

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