Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Notes: Ello peeps…. I am so so sorry I hadn’t updated this fic earlier. It’s just that I’m kinda in a tight schedule even for summer… view. Thanx for understanding. This may be the last chap of the fic! Finally! Hallelujah! Mwuahahahahaha! But, I can’t promise you guys depending on the ending. Enjoy and don’t forget your reviews.

Chapter 13

To the Rescue

“Ann Gora reporting live at Mega Kat City Bay at the scene where the Enforcers had seemed to put a stop to this chase scenario…”

Smoke had filled the place, making the bay look like a fogged up swamp. Feral ordered the fleet to stand by and keep a watch for any sign of life, but nothing was seen but smoke.

The viewers of Mega Kat City were glued to their televisions, waiting for something unexpected to happen any second. Finally, the smoke cleared up, and, to everyone’s surprise, the camera showed nothing in the water. Was it her time? Was it too late? There was no blood or anything whatsoever.

The Enforcers took off their helmets in respect for what they thought was a death scene except Feral who had his second thoughts as always. The Kats Eye News crew sighed in disappointment and decided to end the story and pack up.

No one had been paying attention to the spot where Fang had been hit earlier. Slowly, bubbles rose to the surface of the water. Waves and ripples began forming and a sound of jet engines was heard from beneath. In the blink of an eye, a young pre-teen kitten wearing the blue, red and black colors flew out of the water and was blasted into the skies.

Ann Gora ordered Johnny to set his camera on the young survivor whose feet were gliding onto a skateboard with jet engines and wings on the sides. (It kinda reminds you of the glider the Green Goblin used in Spider Man the movie. Now you got the picture).

The camera man zoomed closer to the mysterious girl who was wearing a worn-out flight suit, and her blonde fur was dripping wet from her bloody red hair to her thick tail. No one could have guessed who the heck she was, for she was wearing tinted goggles under the hidden mask.

Fang couldn’t believe she was able to hold her breath that long. I guess those extra diving lessons really paid off. She knew she could have drowned but she was able to recall that the board was waterproof even underwater and also featured a glider mode which she thought could get her out before she lost control of holding her breath. The impatient kitten hesitated and knew she couldn’t waste time and set her goggles on tracker mode.

Fortunately, the map and location where it picked up Razor’s voice was still there. “Awesome!” she scored. The arrow below the map pointed south, and she was able to about face the glider when Enforcer aircrafts had already filled her surroundings until she was trapped.

“These guys just don’t know when to quit, do they?” Fang grumbled.

“You are under arrest! Put your paws in the air and surrender!” Feral used the megaphone for it to be heard loud and clear.

“Dude, you tried to kill me!” she yelled it straight to the Commander’s face.

“If you don’t heed me again, I will order the Lieutenant to…” His sentence was suddenly interrupted.

“Oh, cough out a fur ball will ya, uncle!” Felina’s voice butted in.

The other Enforcers were shocked to hear what they just heard and couldn’t stop giggling.

“What did you say?” Feral growled.

“Not to sound rude or anything, but I’m sick and tired of hearing you ordering me around like I’m some little girl!” she spilled it out.

“At least someone here understands how I feel.” Fang rolled her eyes.

“Shut your mouth!” Feral snapped. “You do not talk like that in front of your Uncle, do you hear me, Felina!”

“Loud and clear, Mr. Bossy Butt,” she mumbled.

“Ouch.” Fang bit her lip.

Laughter was heard from the entire squadron, and the worst part was it was being recorded live in front of all the viewers of Mega Kat City.

“Have it your way then, Felina! If you’re so tired of being bossed around, why don’t you take over then.” He couldn’t take the embarrassment any longer.

“That I’ll accept, Commander.” She saluted and giggled. For years, the lieutenant had been planning on getting back at her uncle.

“We’ll discuss this later,” the grumpy commander ended.

“Look, we’ve been chasing this punk for a long time, and I think we should give her a chance to talk,” she suggested.

“The name’s Fang,” the Swat Kat corrected.

“Whatever, just tell me your business, kid,” she demanded.

“Do I have to repeat this?” She gritted her fangs. “I told you – I’m looking for the Swat Kats and the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor and Dark Kat.”

“Well, so are we. Problem is none of us have no idea where they’re located.” She sighed.

“No problemo, dude. According to this locater Razor invented, they’re in the Peninsula Ruins.” She recalled the place.

“Peninsula Ruins… Hmm, that’s not far from here?” The Lieutenant retraced the building that had been abandoned for years.

“You’re sure? ‘Cause if you play another one on us, we’ll have to arrest you.” Feral sounded serious.

“Positive,” Fang reassured.


Before all that…

Dark Kat turned off the big screen and did his evil, cold laugh that echoed around the room. “Now that your pathetic rescuer is eliminated by those blasted Enforcers, nothing can stop me now!”

“Oh, will you just pipe down!” Callie stood up to him and wasn’t afraid at all even though her body was rested or locked to the wall together with the others.

“Did you hear what I just said, Ms. Briggs…” the humongous purple figure walked up closer to the feisty she-kat and was ready to wring her neck.

“Don’t you dare lay a claw on her or else!” Razor roared.

Hearing this made the villain release his grip on the Deputy’s neck. “Or else what?” He faced the defenseless Swat Kat.

Before Dark Kat could take a good aim on punching him, saliva flew from a direction and splatted all over his hideous purple face. He about faced and guessed it was none other than T-bone who spat at him.

“Lay off my partner, Dark Crud!” T-bone’s anger rose again, and this time veins appeared on his neck and he looked like he was ready to kill someone. Problem was he was pinned to a wall, and, no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t break himself free from the iron rings that had locked both his feet and paws.

Dark Kat snapped his finger and, at the sound of it, the creeplings climbed up to the two vigilantes and attacked them. T-bone and Razor did all they could to get them off their faces from the scratches and bites. Even the head butts weren’t enough. The two did their best to also endure the pain the creeplings were giving them. Callie and Manx couldn’t believe the torture they were seeing. All the more, the Mayor shook in fear and fainted.

“Stop it! Please let them go, you imbecile!” Callie pleaded til tears dripped down her worried face.

Again, Dark Kat snapped his finger and the little pinkish creatures stopped what they were doing and headed back to their master. “You happy now, woman!” he cackled.

“T-bone… Razor… Are you two ok?” she asked the two bleeding victims whose bodies were filled with scratches and bites.

“Yep, we’re fine, Ms. Briggs.” Razor forced a smile.

“Nothin’ to it, Callie.” T-bone bit his lip.

“Aw, this is too sweet, but I hate to break it up with my dooms day plans.” Dark Kat smirked.

“I don’t think I wanna hear ’bout it,” T-bone growled.

“Save it for next time, Dark Crud.” Razor gave him the dirty look.

“There won’t be a next time after this. This building you are in will self-destruct in ten minutes.” The mastermind took out the remote and pushed the red button.

“You’ll never get away with this!” Callie kicked her shoe off and hit him on the head, which made him drop the remote he was holding.

Dark Kat rubbed his forehead and picked up the pink shoe that landed on his head and, to his surprise, a mini pistol fell out. At the sight of this, an evil smile grew on his face.

“What’s with the pistol?” T-bone asked.

“Uh… Feral… gave it to me… for protection…” she explained.

“Did you ever use it?” Razor asked.

“Are you kidding? Never used it in my entire life!” she yelled.

Callie had committed a huge mistake and should have used the other shoe, but now it was too late when she saw the firearm pointed at her direction. She could feel her fur rising up and a cold shiver running down her spine. She knew she was in for it.

“You better think before you act next time, Ms. Briggs.” Dark Kat was ready to release the trigger.

“No!” The Swat Kats couldn’t bear to take their last look at the Deputy Mayor who was about to get shot.

“We’re too late, buddy.” Tears formed in Razor’s eyes.

T-bone didn’t answer him but mumbled something under his breath like a prayer. “You gotta believe in miracles!” He kept repeating it.

“But, you said you don’t believe…”

All of a sudden, the glass window blew up to splinters and some flew directly at the creeplings and Dark Kat, who screamed in pain, but still he didn’t let go off the pistol that was still pointing at Callie. In slow motion, he released the trigger but a strong force had flew into the room, hitting him, and the impact sent the giant flying to the wall that hit him hard. Nevertheless, he released the trigger.


Callie shrieked as she heard the piercing sound of the bullet that launched out of the pistol, and, fortunately, hit her in one of the iron rings that held her right arm, and, to her surprise, it was free. She opened her eyes to see that her murderer had been crushed to a wall by none other than… It couldn’t be! She couldn’t get a word out of her mouth and was just wide eyed staring at the kitten wearing the outfit of the Swat Kats with the matching colors except for a few changed details.

T-bone couldn’t believe it too. His younger sister was standing in the room in a mask with goggles, this time pulled back on her head like a head band. On her back was the Swat Board that was used as a jet packed that made her break into the building, and she was also responsible for crushing Dark Kat to the wall. His heart lit up, and now he believed in miracles.

“Fang, you made it!” Razor cheered.

“Squirt… I thought you were…” T-Bone stuttered.

“Dead, does it look like I’m dead, dude?” She smirked and looked at the four who were pinned to the wall. Then, there was something that caught her eye and made her want to puke. “Is that… is that?” Her petite body started shaking.

“What!” they all asked in unison except the Mayor who was still unconscious.

“Blood!” Her vision started getting blurry.

“Fang, look out!” T-bone tried to get her attention, but it was already too late when the creeplings pounced on her.

“Use your glovatrix!” Razor yelled.

Fang was having a hard time struggling with Dark Kat’s henchmen. She couldn’t grab hold of the gadget since they were all over her, but she didn’t feel like giving up yet. One by one, she kicked them out of the way until her arms were free. Using her left paw, she aimed it at the pinkish creatures who were starting to back away. “Take this, you little pieces of crud!” She pressed a button and a net flew out and gobbled them together.

“Nice aim, sis!” her brother’s voice was heard.

“No prob,” she tried, catching her breaths and answering him with a smile.

“Fang, listen, this building will explode any second,,d so I want you to…” Razor instructed.

“Grab hold of that remote and press the green button!” Callie finished the instruction.

“You mean that one?” She pointed to the device that was lying on the ground and was about to pick it up when a purple hand grabbed hold of her neck and brought her up in the air.

“So, you’re the little Swat Kat I’ve been hearing about.” Dark Kat made his grip tighter and watched her lose oxygen.

“Put my sister down, Dark Crud!” T-bone demanded.

“Your wish is my command.” He walked up to the broken window and was ready to drop the choking kitten down to the streets. He used his other claw to pull out the jetpack skate board and dropped it carelessly on the floor.

“I didn’t mean literally.” T-bone gritted his teeth.

Fang knew she was losing, and she couldn’t hold on much longer. She couldn’t save herself without the Swat Board, making her feel so useless and doomed. Slowly, darkness was creeping upon her from the lack of oxygen, but there was something that lit up her mind. She recalled the event from the day her mother had died because the one person who was responsible was choking her to death. The determined kitten had practiced her martial arts every single day just for his tail, and she didn’t want it to go to waste, but she still was no match for the seven foot tall kat who was about to drop her hundreds of feet below the building which wouldn’t really be a pretty good sight. Then, she had an idea which she thought was crazy enough to work.

“Any last words?” his cold voice asked.

“Yap, the name is Fang.” She forced her voice out and placed her fangs on his hand and bit it really hard and deep.

Dark Kat was screaming in serious pain, so painful that he was forced to let go of his grip. Fang, on the other hand, released her fangs that tasted like blood, and, in a quick way, she slid under his legs (which wasn’t a good sight) and then gave him a kick in the you know what.

The more Dark Kat was in pain, and his scream was able to wake up the Mayor. Cheers and sighs of relief were heard from everyone except Mayor Manx who had no idea what was happening.

“You go, squirt!” T-bone couldn’t stop laughing with tears in his eyes.

“Maybe that’s why she got the name Fang.” Callie laughed too.

Razor was now in a panicking moment and didn’t even care to make his comment. “Fang, the remote!” he reminded.

She couldn’t answer for she was spitting thick liquid out of her mouth. She seriously felt like puking, but she had to hurry before the building exploded since she only had a few more seconds left. She finally grabbed hold of the device and pressed the green button.

In a moment, the iron rings responded to it and released the prisoners, who eventually fell to the floor with a loud thud.

“Sorry ’bout that,” Fang apologized and helped them stand up to their feet.

“Freedom!” Mayor Manx started jumping for joy.

The two vigilantes ran up to the table and slipped their glovatrixes back on their paws and were ready to get outta there.

“Don’t tell me we’re jumping off this rotten building?” Callie guessed.

“Oh, that won’t be necessary.” Fang smirked, and a bunch of Enforcer choppers appeared near the broken window.

“This ain’t right.” Razor scratched his ears.

“Long story.” The red head rolled her eyes.

“Put your paws in the air and surrender!” came Feral’s voice.

Everyone in the building did what he said.

“I was referring to Dark Kat and Swat Kats,” he explained.

“Us? What did we do, Commander!” T-bone denied.

“If it wasn’t for Fang here, you Enforcers wouldn’t even be here by now, right Mayor?” Callie turned to the confused Mayor.

“Uh…what she said,” he quickly answered.

“Hey, where’s Dark Kat?” Razor suddenly asked and realized that the villain had suddenly disappeared in a flash.

“I’m on it!” Fang ran out the door ’cause she didn’t want him to get away yet.

“You guys go; I’ll take care of both of them,” T-bone ordered Razor and the others to go save themselves.

“But, T-bone…” Razor refused.

“No buts, buddy; this is meant for me!” The fearless pilot ran after his sister.


At the mean time, Dark Kat was able to escape to his ship and was ready to make his getaway. He found himself in the cockpit and took the pilot seat, clicked a few buttons that made the ship lift from the ground and flew in a high altitude, then it took off.

The Enforcer jets and choppers went after it, shooting their missiles at the aircraft, but they were still no match and the cannons sent them crashing to the ground.

“Those lousy Enforcer’s think they can stop me.” He cackled and launched more explosives to get them off his tail.

“They can’t, but I can,” a familiar she-kat’s voice was heard from behind the shadows.

Before he could even turn his head to see the intruder, a kick appeared and hit him hard to the ground. He opened his eyes to see the kitten who had attacked him earlier. “Did your mother ever tell you it’s not polite to hit your elders,” he teased.

Hearing this made Fang build up her rage, and she was already in her fighting stance and position. “I don’t have a mother anymore,” she said, burning in anger.

“That’s too sad to hear.” He gave her a punch, but she dodged it and answered him with a front-kick in the face again.

“You ruined my life!” she growled and did a non-stop 45 bullet kick to his stomach and then ended with a turning side kick.

“Uuuf!” The force of it made the purple giant lose his balance and fall to the ground with a loud thud.

“It’s all your fault… You killed the one person I really loved, and now she’s gone!” she said, panting.

“Fool, I am murderer. Why do you think I’m Mega Kat City’s number one mastermind?” He started laughing like a maniac as if he belonged to a mental institute.

“Dude, you seriously need to go to a mental hospital.” Fang gave him the dirty look and spat on him.

“How dare you disrespect me!” He took out the pistol and pointed it at her.

Fang didn’t put her paws up but froze in fear. Dark Kat stood up and brought it closer to her. “I am so busted.” She gulped.

“You bet for no one can stop Dark Kat.” He gave his evil smile that was very freaky and disturbing to see.

“Hold it right there, Dark Crud!” T-bone entered the place with his glovatrix aimed at the villain.

Fang found her chance and did an out-in kick at the gun and sent it flying out of Dark Kat’s claw and was ready to attack him again but was stopped by her brother.

“Get behind me, squirt, before you hurt yourself!” T-bone ordered her.

“I was here first, dude!” she answered back.

“Stand back; he’s mine!” he roared.

“You think I’m so useless and weak, well, think again!” she screamed at him with tears forming in her hidden red eyes.

“You’re just a kid, and you know that.” He tried to calm himself down ’cause he didn’t want to make the situation worse.

“No, I’m not!” She bit her lip.

“I’ve seen enough. You don’t have to prove how strong you are; it’s pathetic,” he shouted again.

“We’re never gonna get along ’cause of you!” She shot a finger at him.

T-bone was speechless now. He thought really hard about what she just said. Earlier, he had hurt her feelings and hadn’t realized that she had just saved his life together with Razor, Callie and Mayor Manx. All he ever cared about was to kick the tail of his arch rival who was responsible for the death of their mother. He knew Kit was still having a hard time getting over it, and so was he. He had a responsibility of watching over her since he promised his mom before her last breath. Why was he acting like such a total jerk, leaving his best friend to handle everything, especially her? No wonder he could never get along with her.

“I hate to break up your sibling rivalry, but…” Dark Kat pointed the pistol at T-bone, who was forced to bring down his glovatrix and back away.

“No, don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” Fang pleaded.

“I have finally assassinated Mega Kat City’s number one pilot and now is my chance to eliminate the second best one!” He was ready to release another bullet. “We have our times, don’t we? And, your time is up!”

“Give me your best shot, Dark Crud!” T-bone was ready to take the pain.

“By the way, the name is Dark Kat!” He released the trigger.

“No!” Fang pushed her brother out of the way and was willing to take his place instead.

“No!” T-bone’s heart broke into a million of pieces as he watched the bullet hit his younger sister in the arm and her body falling to the ground with gushes of thick red liquid following after.

“You fool!” Dark Kat cursed.

The hotshot’s temper rose to 99 degrees and was angry as ever. He tackled Dark Kat to the ground and punched him as if it were his last fight. All the punching bags he broke were really worthwhile, and now he was having the time of his life. Blood flew out of the villain’s mouth, and he lost a lot of teeth too.

“Please have mercy on me!” he begged.

T-bone ignored his words and continued what he was doing. “This is for my sister!” He let out a left jab on the jaw and made more blood gush out.

“I didn’t mean to hurt her I swear!” he cried.

“This is for Mega Kat City!” He threw a right cross at the head.

“And, this is for my mother!” He kicked him in the stomach so hard that it sent the criminal flying at the side of the ship, creating a huge dent and it finally knocked him out.

T-bone took deep breaths and stared at the work he had done with his arch nemesis. The one who got him kicked out of the city’s top force, the one who had ruined his and Razor’s reputation, the one who had been dreaming of having the city in his claws for good but it never seemed to work and last but not the least, the one who murdered his mother, the she-kat who had raised him since his birth.

He was also the one who was responsible for almost killing him…but wait a minute…! He lost no time and ran to his sister’s side who was dying at the moment. He carefully picked up her petite body and rested it on his chest. Fortunately, she was still breathing and had found out the bullet went through her right shoulder that kept on gushing out blood.

“Kit, listen to me!” He shook her.

There was no answer except slight breaths coming out of her mouth.

This made T-bone freak out some more. “I’m so sorry! I’ve been such a bad brother!” Tears streamed down from his worried eyes.

It couldn’t be happening… It just couldn’t! He was afraid to lose another part of his family. Why didn’t he get shot instead? Why did she have to have guts and go push him out of the way and take his place? Why was this happening? Deep, deep inside he really loved her and never meant to hurt her feelings and all. He felt so stupid for treating her with hate and disrespect ever since she was born. He regretted every single thing he committed. He promised his mother before she died to watch over her, to raise her, to take care of her and look where things ended up.

He started blaming himself and thought he was such a jerk. What had he done! Oh, how could he feel so irresponsible for his actions? He hugged the dying kitten closer and wished that he had gotten along with her earlier.

“Please don’t go! It should have been me who got shot, but why you!” he cried out at the top of his lungs and watched as she was losing more blood and oxygen.

After a moment of silence something happened. “Chance…is…is that you?” Words were trembling out of her mouth, but her eyes were still shut.

“Yes, yes it is, squirt…I, I mean Kit!” His eyes lit up. “Everything’s gonna be alright… now that you’re with your big brother.” It seemed so familiar to him. He imagined her as his mom and tried to recall what happened the night she died in his arms.

Finally, her red weak eyes opened, and she found herself face to face with who she thought was holding her. Although she was having a harder time trying to speak. “B-b-b-b….” she stuttered.

“What?” T-bone was afraid it was important.

“B-b-behind…y-y-y-you,” she forced it all out.

T-bone turned his head, and a punch went straight to his face, making him drop Fang to the bloody floor and it almost made him lose consciousness. “Oh crud!” He tried to endure the pain.

“It’s time you face the consequences, Swat Kat!” The shrill laugh of the villain was heard.

“What consequences?” T-bone’s vision was still blurry.

“This ship will self-destruct in a few seconds!” A button was heard, and then he ran out of sight before the Swat Kat was able to have a clear sight of everything.

“You have activated self-destruction of the aircraft in 30 seconds…starting now,” the entire aircraft spoke.

“I’ve gotta get us outta here!” He looked for an opening, but Dark Kat had locked the door as he left so they wouldn’t escape.

To his surprise the sound of familiar jet engines were heard from outside. T-bone ran up to the pilot seat and saw the Turbokat with Razor inside. He gave him a hand signal, and the gunner nodded his head.

The pilot picked up Fang and stood away from the cockpit as much as possible and waited for Razor to launch a missile to the ship that created an opening for their escape.

“Bingo!” they both cheered.

Ten seconds remained, and time was running out fast. Razor brought the jet closer to the opening and opened up the sliding glass. “It’s about time, you guys!” Razor called them up and was surprised to see the condition of Fang

T-bone picked up his dying sister who was really covered in blood and hopped into the pilot’s seat. He didn’t mind having her body rest on his and quickly brought the jet on full blast and flew it out of the way right just in time. Dark Kat’s ship exploded to bits. And, some of the debris hit the tail of the Turbokat, making it lose its power.

“Oh crud!” Razor cursed.

“We gotta get to the nearest hospital!” the pilot yelled.

“Mega Kat City Memorial Hospital it is,” he suggested and watched as his partner brought the jet on full blast until they found a place to land the Turbokat in front of the hospital.

“Open the damn thing!” T-bone roared.

Razor kept quiet and did as he was told. T-bone carried Fang in his arms and jumped out of the aircraft and ran inside the hospital like there was no tomorrow.

All the doctors, nurses, visitors and patients were surprised and shocked to see a Swat Kat carrying a bleeding kitten in his bloody muscular striped arms.

“What are you idiots waiting for!” he roared.

Immediately, the nurses ran and took out a stretcher and carefully rested the dying kitten on it and rushed it straight to the ICU. T-bone ran after it and made sure they were doing it with caution.

Razor, Commander Feral, Felina, Callie, Mayor Manx, Ann Gora and Johnny entered the place and followed after them until they arrived at the ICU.

“I’m sorry, everyone, but you aren’t allowed to see her,” the doctors explained.

“What do you mean I’m not allowed!” T-bone walked up to the male doctor and lifted him by the collar.

“T-bone, calm down!” Razor pushed his angry partner away from the poor doctor.

“We’re very sorry about this,” Callie apologized.

The nurses started whispering and pointing at the two masked vigilantes. “I’m afraid you two need to be treated,” one of them said.

“Forget it, I’m not leaving this cruddy place till I see my sister!” T-bone refused.

“Same here, miss,” Razor joined in.

“Perhaps you should be patient and listen to the doctor…er Dr. Cymric,” Feral read the name tag of the doctor.

“We’ll do our best to treat the young kat. Please do tell us what happened.” Dr. Cymric was afraid to go near T-bone.

“She was shot, doctor,” he explained with tears.

“There, there, buddy – she’ll be fine.” Razor gave his best friend a pat on the shoulder.

“She better be…” he continued, choking in tears.

“T-bone, I’m really sorry.” Felina couldn’t help but give him a hug, which made Feral a little uncomfortable.

“I guess this isn’t a good time for us to record.” Johnny put the camera down.

Ann put her mic down and didn’t answer him.

Everyone glared at the Mayor, who wasn’t really paying attention.

“What did I do?”


Finally! It took me 3 days to write this. I think it’s the longest fic I have ever written in my entire life… I’m not really sure. Yes, this isn’t the last chap. I’m going to a four day camp, so I won’t be able to write the last and final one. I hope you guys enjoyed… Maybe you felt kinda bad. Thanx for lending your eyes, peeps. Don’t forget the reviews…I love reviews. God bless y’all!

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