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Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Notes: Ey, peeps, sorry I was taking my time in this chap ’cause I really had a fun time writing every single bit of it… Hope you enjoy…

Etherweil: thanx again for the review, dude! Suspense and hypocrite… whoahahaha… You’ll be surprised in this fic since I finally came to my senses to write a longer one… I couldn’t stop writing and editing this… Hope you enjoy this… It’s the second to the last chap or maybe third… Iono. Please update your fic too, dude!

Chapter 12

Chase Scenario

The streets in Mega Kat City were stuck in heavy traffic due to the menace Dark Kat had caused. It seemed to take hours for them to even move an inch since the joint was bumper to bumper. Just then, the sound of jet engines surrounded the place but weren’t really as loud as usual.

It couldn’t be! Was it the Turbokat?

All the katizens rolled down there windows and heads were faced up the sky… Unfortunately, nothing took place there. Then ,that’s when they realized it was coming from land not air. They looked behind and saw an incoming vehicle running at the speed of a race car through the pedestrian lanes and nobody could tell who the heck was riding it. The only thing visible was the familiar red, blue, black colors. Who was this strange kat and what was it doing?

Kit, I mean, Fang had never rode on something as fast and swift as the Swat Board. Her bloody red hair had been flying in front of her face a few times, and she couldn’t see where she was going. She was making her way to the crime scene in City Hall even though she had no idea where it was located.

Then, she remembered Razor talking about a locater that was designed and built in the goggles she was wearing. She noticed there were buttons on the sides and pressed one of them. Her vision turned red with a target view or however you call it.

“Fire me to City Hall,” she requested. To her surprise, two missiles were launched from the board and were sent flying to that direction. Kit then realized she had set her goggles on missile mode. The kitten followed after the missiles as fast as the board could take her and hoped it wasn’t too late.

Commander Feral was investigating the Mayor’s office, searching for clues or evidence, whatever his paws could grab hold of. Just then, his niece’s voice was heard through his radio.

“Uncle, retreat back to chopper! Incoming missiles on their way to the building!” she called from outside where the chopper was on stand by.

Feral stuck his head out the broken window and saw two familiar but smaller missiles heading his way. He signaled Felina to bring the chopper closer and hopped into it just before the explosives touched the building, causing another fire explosion.

Fang had arrived too late and saw the destruction she had caused, and she knew she was in deep trouble. Before she knew it, all the Enforcers eyes were on the mysterious Swat Kat with their blasters pointed at her, and she was forced to bring her paws up.

Felina landed the chopper to safety, and she and her Uncle joined the other troops to see who was responsible for the unexpected explosion. They couldn’t believe what their eyes just saw. A pre-teen kitten wearing the familiar swat suit. Was it Halloween or something?

“I demand to know who sent you here!” Feral questioned the masked kitten.

“N-n-no one sir…,” she replied with an I-am-so-dead look.

“You must be one of Dark Kats lackeys!” he accused.

“No, it’s not you think it is…” she tried to explain.

“You better give me a good explanation why I shouldn’t arrest you.” He brought out his handcuffs and his blaster.

“It was an accident, I swear… I didn’t mean to!” She gulped.

“Then, how do you explain this?” He pointed to the burning building.

“Look, Commander, I know this may sound crazy, but I was just on my way to rescue the Swat Kats and…”

“So, you’re one of them, eh.” He brought up an eyebrow.

“Pretty obvious don’t you think?” She smirked.

“And, why would I believe you?” He gave her a suspicious look.

“Because I’m on the good side, and I’m here to kick Dark Crud’s butt!” She couldn’t take it anymore.

“No matter; we’re taking you to Enforcer Headquarters.”

Fang knew this was just wasting and delaying her time and felt so stupid she wished she was dead. She had to do something and quick. “Hey look – it’s Cat Women!” She pointed in front of her, and everyone turned around to see if it was true but were tricked when they saw that the Swat Kat had escaped.

“What are you idiots waiting for? Shoot her down!” Feral couldn’t believe he fell for it and was boiling in anger.

He let Felina take the jets and lead them to the chase while Feral took his chopper and followed after.



“T-bone, wake up,” Callie’s voice was heard.

“Where the heck am I?” He finally opened his and found himself pinned on the wall with his feet and arms locked into metal rings. He looked around him and saw Callie beside him while Razor and Mayor Manx were still unconscious.

“Buddy, wake up,” he called his partner.

The sure shot finally opened his eyes and realized where they were. “Where are we, T-bone?” He studied the place they were in. In front of them was a big screen featuring the news.

The three of them finally woke up the Mayor who was still shaking in fear. “Get me out of here!” he screamed.

“Oh, pipe down, will ya.” The Deputy rolled her eyes.

“Don’t worry; as soon as Razor figures out a plan, we’ll be outta here for good.” T-bone looked at his partner.

“We’re actually useless without our glovatrixes.” He sighed and saw them lying on a table on the opposite side of the room.

“Don’t tell me you ran out of ideas, Sure shot,” T-bone guessed.

“The only thing that can save us now is a miracle,” was all Razor could say.

“Miracles, who believes in miracles?” T-bone grumbled.

The cowardly Mayor had been staring at the big screen for a while. “Oh, not my Ceety Hall!” he cried.

The rest also faced the screen and observed what was happening and waited for the face of the famous reporter to appear.

“News Flash from Kats Eye News, Ann Gora here again. A mysterious masked she-kitten was accused of launching two explosives directly at the Mayor’s Office.”

“What?” The four hostages’ eyes grew with wonder.

“Let’s get back to the chase, shall we?” They hopped in the Kats Eye Chopper and got a good glimpse of the chase scenario that was happening between the Enforcers and a masked kitten on a skate board that was running about 300km per hour (is that right…er)

Johnny set the camera on zoom and got a closer view of the getaway kitten. “Who the heck is she?” the camera man gasped.


T-bone and Razor gave each other open mouths. “Holy crud!”

“It… it can’t be!” T-bone said, shocked. He couldn’t believe his younger sister had the guts to get her tail chased on the…

“Swat Board! I knew I shouldn’t have trusted her!” Razor freaked.

“You know her?” Callie was surprised.

“Know her I…,” T-bone paused, “I never saw her in my life before.”

“T-bone!” Razor snapped.

“Wait, is she one of you?” Callie had the right to ask.

The Swat Kats had a hard time answering this. “Uh… well… you see… Ms. Briggs… she isn’t exactly…”

“Who cares! She just blew up my office!” the Mayor interrupted.

“Boy, she is so dead, Razor, so dead!” T-bone gritted his teeth.

“So, you do know her.” Callie grinned.

“Hehe, she happens to be T-bone’s lil sis, would you believe,” Razor explained.

“Yeah… sure, and I’m the candyman.” T-bone rolled his eyes.

“The mysterious young she-kat has claimed that the explosion at City Hall was an accident and said she was on her way to rescue the Swat Kats together with the Mayor and Deputy although Commander Feral had some doubts about this.” Ann gave in the reports from one of the Enforcers.


“See, Mayor, it was all an accident.” Razor rephrased.

“I… I certainly… hope… s-s-so.” He finally calmed down.

“I can’t believe your sister is actually rescuing us, T-bone.” The deputy forced a smile at him.

T-bone returned to her with his winning smile. “I’m just worried how the heck is she going to be dealing with the Enforcers, especially Feral who’s after that tail of hers.” He sighed.


Fang had been running for her dear life, or should I say, skating for her dear life. She noticed that the board was getting faster and harder to control, but she had to keep moving on to try to loose the Enforcer squadron who was right above her. “Good thing Feral’s not as pissed as I thought.” She took deep breaths.

All of a sudden the Commander’s voice was talking to her from the board itself. “Give it up, runt…,” he hissed.

Fang then realized there was a radio built in the board too. “How bout some other time, dude, and, by the way, the name’s Fang,” she replied.

“If you don’t heed my words, my squadron will have to do all it takes to bring you down.” His voice was serious.

“Pity, like those guys can do anything.” She cussed.

Fang was really getting on his nerves. “This is the last warning!” And, boy, did he mean it.

“Give me your best shot.” She smirked.

“You asked for it, runt! One… two… three.. FIRE!” he commanded the whole force.

Lasers and bullets were flying and aiming for her, but they just weren’t as fast as the board, which happened to be breaking a new speed record. Fang couldn’t see where she was going since the board was at the speed of a rocket and more hair was flying all over her face.

“I just wish Razor was here to tell how to use this thing!” she screamed for her life.


“Nobody messes with my sister, Feral… except me!” T-bone gathered all his strength to break himself free but failed.

Razor could already see that his friend did really care about her. He was very proud to have built the board himself and was even more proud of the person riding it, but still, he was disappointed with Kit for breaking the rules.

“Is there any way you can get in contact with her?” Callie asked.

“I told you we’re pretty much useless without our glovatrixes… unless…” Razor paused, and another idea occurred to his brain.

“Unless what?” she repeated.

“If it’s one of those crazy ideas of yours, I’m in.” T-bone finally lightened up.

“Actually, the crazy idea of mine is referring to… I mean your sister.” He smirked.

“What use does the squirt got anyway when’s she being attacked by the Enforcers?” He brought up an eyebrow.

“We’ll have to bring her here.” The genius smiled.


All eyes were on him.

“Good thing I was able to give her a communicator.” He looked at the ring he had on one of his fingers.

“I get it, you’re going to direct her to where are, isn’t that right, Razor?” Callie guessed.

“Problem is, we have no idea where the heck we are!” T-bone studied the place again, and more or less they were kept in a building. “Nice guess there, Ms. Briggs, but the kid will have to do her best to track us down.”

“I’m getting confused. Can you please repeat what you just said?” The Mayor had a puzzled look on his face.

“I installed a tracking device in the goggles she’s wearing, and it’s programmed to locate where any voice is coming from,” Razor explained.

Everyone nodded their heads and let him continue. “I just hope this prototype ring works.” He sighed. “Activate communicator.”


“Felina, can you tell me where the runt is heading? Do you copy?” Feral radioed her.

“Uncle, she’s heading straight towards Mega Kat City Bay… over.” She watched the Swat Kat from below the jet she was piloting.

“Good, there’s no way she can get through water. Tell the squadron to hold their fire and surround the bay for her capture. Do you copy, Felina?” he ordered.

“Roger, Uncle.” She understood but was still worrying about the katnapping of the Swat Kats and the Mayor and Deputy. Maybe the kitten was right. Maybe she was really on her way to rescue them, but how she could she convince her Uncle?

“Attention all air force units, hold back your fire and surround the bay! I repeat hold back your fire and surround the bay!” she radioed all the pilots.

Fang noticed that the choppers and jets had stopped their shooting and were forming a circle around the place. That’s when she realized she was heading towards the bay. She didn’t know what to do next and thought she was in for it when suddenly a voice came from her ring.

“Hey, kiddo!” it spoke.

“Aaaahhh!” she shrieked.

“Relax, kid, it’s me, Razor,” he identified himself

“Razor? Dude, you’re still alive! Where the heck are you anyway?” she rejoiced.

“That’s one problem we’re dealing with now. You’re the only one who can locate us,” he replied.

“How?” She was eager to know.

“Ok, listen here, kid – you’re going to have to water ski and get past those Enforcers,” he started.

“You want me to… Hey, what’s up with calling me a kid?” She got annoyed.

“Hey, I need a alias from you, or do you want me to blow your cover?” he teased.

“Alias… as in a codename?” She wasn’t sure.

“Duh!” she overheard her brother’s voice.

“Ok then, call me Fang.” She smirked.

“Fang, I want you to put the board on ski mode and get into the water,” Razor instructed.

“Then what?” he understood and saw a ramp on her way.

“I want you to release the grappling hook from your glovatrix and aim for one of the speeding boats.”

“Hey, isn’t that my glovatrix you got there, squirt?” T-bone asked.

“Not to mention she has my mask,” Razor added.

“Wait a minute, how can see me?” Fang was curious.

“Duh, you’re on live national news!” T-bone told her.

“I am, cool… I mean, that sucks right,” she said, a little embarrassed.

The ramp was coming closer, and the redhead was ready for her instructions. “Engage ski mode!” Amazingly to all the viewers’ eyes, the board she was riding on separated in to two and were in the form of water skis. She then aimed the glovatrix at a speed boat and the grappling hook was attached to the speeding boat.

The force managed to yank her up the ramp and land in the waters with a huge splash that got her all wet and out of balance. After a while, the surfer finally got the hang of it and happened to be enjoying what she was doing.

Commander Feral had to order Felina to lead the jets and follow after the surfing kitten and continue to shoot her down. Felina on the other hand was quite glad that Fang made it past them… but she still had to obey her Uncle’s orders.


“I knew he’d do that.” Razor cursed.

“Great, nice move you did, Razor. Now that she’s on water how the heck is she gonna get her tail here?” T-bone gave his partner a glare.

“One thing’s for sure – if we loose her, we’re doomed,” Callie groaned.

Mayor Manx didn’t waste his time and started praying and freaking out more.

“Relax, guys; she’ll be fine.” Razor gulped.


“Razor, little help here please!” Fang yelled, trying to dodge the bullets and lasers that were hitting the water.

“Sorry ’bout the situation you’re in; I just wanted to test the board in water… hehe.”

“Well, consider it tested!” she cried as a bullet had blasted on the board and created a black spot. “Hey, watch it, will ya!” she cursed at the jet responsible for that.

“Don’t worry; the board is fire proof. Right now, I want you to set the skis on surf mode and detach the grappling hook from the speed boat,” he instructed again.

“Whatever you say.” She trusted his words and somehow separated the hook from the boat and then engaged it on surf mode. The skis merged together into one, creating a board and a propeller from the back that made it move faster in the water. Fang was surprised to see how fast it went and even went past the speed boat she hung from.

“How ya’ doin’?” Razor asked.

“Awesome dude!” she cheered. “What else does this board got?”

“You still hadn’t tried the glider and jet pack?” he hesitated.

“Nope… uh what’s next for me?”

“Listen, Fang. I want you to put your goggles on tracker mode, got it?”

“I’ll make sure of that.” She pressed one of the buttons on the device and made sure she wasn’t on missile and target mode. “Then what?”

“I want you to track my voice by activating it.”

“You mean like this – activate tracking device.” A map appeared with a green dot in the middle and a compass on the upper right side.

“Cool,” she said, amused.

“Wait, there’s more.”

“Voice detected. Voice located at Peninsula Ruins,” it spoke. (I just made up the name of the building).

“Peninsula Ruins? Where the heck is that joint?” she wondered.

“Just follow the arrow in the map.”

Then, she noticed that an arrow appeared below the map and was facing the opposite direction. “Follow the arrow he said.” She turned the surf board and dashed past the jets and choppers at a very high speed.


“Bingo!” Razor scored. “She’s on her way!”

“Buddy, I just wish I could give you a noogie right now.” T-bone smiled at his friend.

“Razor, I don’t know what to say,” Callie blushed.

“Thank heavens we’re being saved!” Mayor Man rejoiced.

“Don’t just thank me; thank Fang. Without her there is no way we’d be found.”

“Thanks, Fang!” they all cried.

“Anytime, dudes.” Her voice came from Razor’s ring.

Razor felt someone or something jerking unto his ring finger and found one of Dark Kat’s lackeys pulling off the ring and crawling its way down. “Damn you!” he cursed.

The door of the room opened, and a tall seven foot tall purple kat with a hideous face stepped in, boiling in anger. “You think you can just slip a big one on me, you fools!”

“We’re not that stupid, Dark Crud!” T-bone growled.

“Who were you contacting?” he demanded in a shrill manner.

No one spoke as the creepling came crawling up to him and handed the ring to his master. (Ring master…get it… hehe… nevermind) He examined the small piece of metal that he held in his overgrown claw and figured it out.

“Razor, come in… Where are you?” Fang’s voice was heard from the device.

“So, you idiots think you can get get help, eh?” He crushed the device with his bare claw.

Gasps filled the room together with fear and worry as their only hope was crushed into bits except Razor and T-bone who just answered him with dirty looks.

“Your rescue party is over!” he snapped and glared into the eyes of the Deputy Mayor.

“Lay off me… you over… overgrown moron!” she said in disgust.

“Ooh, feisty, Ms. Briggs, but not good enough.” He gave an evil chuckle then was face to face with the cowardly Mayor who was still shaking in fear.

“Whhhat d-d-do y-you w-w-ant?” he stammered.

“You know what I want, Mayor.” The villain smirked.

“Yes, of course, y-y-you can h-h-ave ma-ma-ma ceety, b-b-but p-p-p-please I b-beg of you d-d-d-don’t hurt me!” he whimpered.

“That I clearly accept.” He cackled then was turned to his two angry cross arch enemies.

“Who were you contacting?” Dark Kat’s claw grabbed hold of Razor’s long neck.

“Why would we tell you?” He tried to endure the pain.

“He’s not worth it, Dark Crud!” T-bone roared and got his attention.

The purple villain released his grip from the choking Razor and walked up to the fearless Swat Kat. “You think you’re so tough eh… Swat Kat.” His cold breath blew into his red face.

“What do you want this time and when was the last time you brushed your teeth?” T-bone changed the subject.

“Do I always have to answer this pathetic question? I want to do dominate and rule Mega Kat City and, after all these years, I finally have you two idiots in my claws and no one can stop me now, not even those useless Enforcers.” His creepy eyes faced the big screen and noticed that they were going after what he thought he saw and started laughing.

“This is unbelievable! You called a pathetic kitten to rescue you! I mean, of all kats you chose her!” he continued laughing his heart off.

T-bone couldn’t take it anymore. “Shut your cruddy mouth and don’t you dare dirty talk my sister that way!” Again, he tried breaking himself free but failed.

“The only way you can free yourself from there is through this.” He held a remote in his other claw. They all noticed that there were only two buttons with two colors. One was red and the other was green. “As you can see, the green button is the only way for me to release you, but why would I do something like that?” he explained.

“What’s the red one for?” Callie could sense it wasn’t good.

“Oh, you mean this button? The reason why I have you locked here is step number one.”

“What’s that?” Razor groaned.

“With just one press the building you are in now will self-destruct in 60 seconds.” He continued with his evil cackle.

“Why did I even bother to ask?” Razor rolled his eyes.


Meanwhile, Fang was still wondering why her communication with them had flicked off. “Dude, are you still there? Hello? Where are you? Guys?” She kept talking to her ring and waited for a response but still nothing. “This cannot be happening… aah!” She turned her head and a net was shot at her, causing her to slow down a little and she couldn’t really move.

“Good show, Felina!” her uncle cheered.

“Great, now can we bring her up?” she grinned.

“No I want you to shoot her down!” he ordered.

“You want me to what? Are you kat litter; I’ll kill her!” she refused.

“Do as I say, Felina… Now before she escapes!” he yelled.

“She’s only a kitten, do you know that!” she shouted back.

“What are you waiting for?” he said impatiently.

“I…I can’t do it, Uncle… I just can’t!” the stubborn lieutenant folded her arms.

“Fine, I guess I have to do it myself.” He locked a target on Fang and released a missile.


But, it was already too late before she could stop him. The missile glided down at the struggling Swat Kat, and a wet explosion was seen throughout the news and the viewers couldn’t believe their eyes.


“Good heavens!” Mayor Manx cried.

“Oh my gosh!” Callie shrieked.

“It… it can’t be happening!” gasped.

T-bone was the only one who kept quiet. His boiling temper and remaining strength had frozen and disappeared. His worried heart sank and tears fell from his eyes. He gritted his teeth and decided to say a little prayer and hope for the best. Could it be? It couldn’t… His younger sister was… but… no… why… now… was it her time…?

“What do we do now, buddy?” his friend whispered.

“The only thing we can do now is… hope for a miracle.” The older brother continued sobbing and bowed his head in grief and despair.


Cool, I’m finally done wif this! Wooohhooo! Happy Holy Week to all! If you have any questions, suggestions or comments pls don’t forget your reviews. I’ve been thinking of changing the title of this fic due to some reason. Thanx for lending all your time to read this… Hehe, don’t forget to review, peeps. God bless yall!

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