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Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Notes: This weekend’s episodes I was to watch “Mutation City and “The Deadly Pyramid” (was that the name of the ep?) My memories have been restored and I understand the show more ever since I started watching it recently…man I was 6 or 7 when I first saw the show…hmm…I noticed one ep can really inspire you to write more…hehe

Etherweil: Ey, it’s my one and faithful reviewer. Dude thanx loads for the looong review. It really made my day? Being a perfectionist ain’t easy for a lazy writer like me. You need lots of patience and the right mood. Thanx for all the advice and tips. Heh, yeah, it is a God given talent if you could write a chap in a day which I think would only work with inspiration and the right mood. Dude, you read my mind in the upcoming fics like driving lessons and piloting the turbokat…shh! LOL! The bro-sis relationship is getting more complicated if you know what I mean but I promise you it’ll turn out well…hehe! I’m really looking forward to your awesome fic. I just can’t stop reading it! Anywayz, don’t stop writing and do your best. God bless dude?

Chapter 11


The late silent afternoon had been disturbed by the noisy and swift jet engines of the Turbokat that flew gracefully through the gloomy skies making her way to the city. Although the jet was flying as smooth as usual except for the pilot was not really himself.

“Ey, Razor, was I… a little harsh back there?” T-bone asked.

“Obviously, you happened to hurt her feelings.” His partner’s voice was heard from behind the pilot’s seat.

“Crud, I felt pretty stupid treating the squirt like that.” He had that guilty look on his face.

“Haven’t you learned to accept the poor kid for once?” the gunner scolded.

“I’m sorry… I’m feeling like a moron right now, ok.” The pilot rested his gloved paw on his forehead and closed his eyes.

“It’s Kit you’re suppose to be apologizing to.”

“I’m guessing she’s upstairs in her room crying like a baby, and I bet she wouldn’t talk to me.” T-Bone sighed with guilt.

“Well it’s never too late to try,” his friend suggested.

“I think it’s already too late,” he thought hopelessly.

“I know you two will work this out…eventually.”

“Yeah…if there’s a chance.”

“I knew you still that heart of gold of yours.” Razor smiled.

“I dunno…ever since she arrived…it’s just that…” he paused.

“Just that…,” Razor repeated his unfinished sentence.

“Ok, I know this sounds stupid but…I was je…je…” he stammered.

“Jealous,” Razor completed the word.

“Yeah that’s word. When I was still a teen I felt so out of place and left out. I mean, the attention was always on her and mom hardly had time for me and I thought the squirt was a curse to the family. I blamed her after dad had walked out on us, but it’s not her fault.”

“Family issues?”

“Not really, it’s just that I’m not used to having her after five years. I never really got to know the runt. It’s just, sometimes, she can really get on your nerves like you really wanna grab her by the neck and…” T-bone imagined it.

“Oh, I know what you mean, T-bone. You’re not the only one annoyed, but that’s what little sisters are for…right.” His best friend laughed so did T-bone but didn’t last too long.

The two vigilantes kept quiet the whole trip until the burning building was in sight and more air forces that Feral had sent for. The eager and impatient pilot landed the Turbokat right beside one of the tanks that Feral was on giving commands and firing missiles at Dark Kat’s ship.

“Let’s go kick some tail!” the Swat Kats yelled in unison and jumped on the flat ground where some Enforcers were aiming their firearms without any vehicles, and one both of them happened to bump into the Commander’s niece.

“It’s about time you guys got here!” the fearless she-kat called their attention.

“Sorry we took too long, Lieutenant,” Razor apologized.

“Yeah, I was getting tired of shooting and calming my uncle down.” She grinned.

“So, what did we miss?” T-bone asked.

“For the past hour, Mayor Manx and Ms. Briggs have been held hostage in the top floor of City Hall, and not one of the numbskulls here can break in… except maybe for you guys.” She was referring to her fellow Enforcers.

“No problem, Lieutenant.”

Both of them smirked.

The door of the tank opened and Feral’s head popped out and caught his niece chatting with his rivals. “Felina, what are those two hotshots doing here?” he yelled.

“What do you think we’re here for, Commander?” Razor replied with the disgusted look on his face.

“I was talking to Felina, not you, moron,” Feral snapped.

“You call him moron one time!” T-bone’s legendary anger rose.

“Will you guys lay off each others’ tails and continue this after we figure out how to stop Dark Kat!”

The she-kat was able to shut the three up.  They all stopped what they were doing and all eyes and ears were on her.

“That wasn’t so hard was it?” she said relieved.

“Don’t worry, Felina, the Enforcers can handle this. This is Feral; bring me more chopper back up!” he sent a message through his radio.

The masked and annoyed vigilantes and the Lieutenant rolled their eyes after hearing his favorite quote, which was very useless right now.

“Uh nice move, Commander, can you tell them to send donuts for us,” T-bone cackled and was making the situation worst.

Hearing this, Feral felt like shooting him down but was interrupted by Razor. “Oh this better be good,” he groaned.

“Just keep Dark Kat busy while T-bone and I break in the building and rescue Mayor Manx and Ms. Briggs,” the smart one suggested and pulled his partner and made their way.

“I told you, the Enforcers can handle this!” Feral repeated once more.

“Oh save it will ya, Uncle!” his niece stopped him.

“Fine, but I’m telling you those two criminals could be working for Dark Kat the whole time,” he ended and went back inside the tank.

“Whatever.” Felina rolled her eyes and went back to her business.

“Ready, T-bone?” Razor got his jet pack ready.

“Ready when you are, buddy,” T-bone replied and did the same with his.

“Deploy jet packs!” they gave the magic commands and were sent flying upwards in a parallel direction until they had reached their destination, which brought them crashing into the windows of the Mayor’s office and were fixed in their fighting position.

The room was dark but not empty; right in front of their eyes were two hostages tied up in chairs with their eyes blindfolded and mouths gagged and sat helplessly making a few muffled words escaped from their mouths.

The Swat Kats gave each other suspicious looks and ran up to release them from their agony. T-bone took Callie’s side while Razor did the Mayor’s.

“Mayor Manx, are you alright?” Razor untied his blindfold, and, boy, was the Mayor relieved and shaking in fear.

“Ms. Briggs, what happened here?” T-bone gently pulled off the gag that had been blocking her from speaking.

“Swat Kats, stop what you’re doing!” were her first words.

“What are you talking about, Ms. Briggs?” Razor asked after taking out the Mayor’s gag.

“H-h-help us, S-S-S-S-WA-AT K-K-k-kats!” he whimpered in fear.

“Don’t worry, Mayor, we’re busting you guys outta here,” T-bone reassured them.

“Get out of here while you still can!” Callie ordered.

“Huh?” the rescuers gave them a puzzled look.

“It’s a trap; don’t you get it!” she finally blurted it out.

“What are you talking…aaaah!” Both of them were suddenly tackled by an army of creeplings that came out from their hiding places.

“Get off me, you crudlings!” T-bone grabbed one of them by the neck and slammed it to the wall and did the same with the rest attacking him.

“What kind of trap is this?” Razor shot a net from his Glovatrix and was able to capture a few.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!” the Mayor couldn’t help but scream his lungs off.

Callie tried to stay as calm as possible and also tried to get their attention. “Get out of here before it’s too late!” she kept yelling, but both them had a hard time dealing with the creeplings, which seemed to never disappear.

“I’m getting tired, buddy, how you doing?” Sweat was rushing down T-bone’s fur.

“Not so good here,” Razor replied, sweating and running out of strategies and attacks.

Just then a loud and evil cackle was heard, and the creeplings stopped what they were doing and retreated to the other dark side of the room. The lights were suddenly turned on and humongous figure of a purple kat with creepy and ugly features appeared, and everyone watched as his massive shadow covered the room. The creeplings were no where to be seen, just the mastermind himself holding something in his huge claw.

“You fools have finally joined the party.” He spoke with a cold and dark voice.

“Yeah thanks for the invite, Dark Crud.” T-bone gave him the dirty look.

“Sorry to be such party poopers, but your Dooms Day plans are over.” Razor got up to his feet, and, at the same time, he and his partner aimed their Glovatrixes at the purple villain.

“Oh, you won’t be needing those anymore…Swat Kats.” With him he put on a gas mask that he had been hiding earlier and threw the device he had in his claw that seemed to be activated.

Thick and unpleasant smoke filled the place and the lungs of the Swat Kats, Callie and Mayor Manx, and, slowly, their vision became blurry and a shadow of darkness fell on each of them until they saw no more.


The upset kitten had been switching through channels and found nothing but the same picture on the news, which she was getting sick and tired of. She decided to relax and watch what Ann Gora had to say this time.

“It has been 1 hour, 17 minutes and 27 seconds since the raid and attack of Dark Kat not to mention the capture of our hostages, Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Briggs, who are still in jeopardy. Fortunately, the Swat Kats have arrived a few minutes ago and were able to break into City Hall and rescue them, but with no response, we cannot guarantee that they are still…”  Her voice was cut off by the sounds of the air craftabove them that was finally making its escape.

Feral knew things weren’t looking good so he ordered more choppers and jets to shoot it down, but, unfortunately, none was able after getting hit by the powerful cannons from the ship, sending more aircraft and causing more destruction to some of the buildings and injuring more victims.

Ambulances and fire trucks surrounded the place and did their best to settle the flaming building and gathering of injured victims that the havoc had caused.

The reporter and her camera man took one last look at the getaway of the intruder’s ship that had affected all the citizens and worried looks were filled in everyone’s heart and made them grieve. Not only had the Enforcers failed, but the Swat Kats and the hostages were no where to be found when Felina and the troops checked out the office and found no signs of life except two chairs, ropes, blindfolds, gags and creepling blood dripping from the wall.

Ann Gora was now face to face with Commander Feral. “Commander, do you have any explanation to this event? The destruction of City Hall and their katnap?”

“I’ll tell you what.” He grabbed the microphone and pushed the reporter out of the way. “Listen, all you katizens of Mega Kat City. This isn’t just the dirty work of Dark Kat, but it was also planned by those two masked vigilantes who have been working for him the whole time and posing as innocent rescuers, which was actually a set up and get away for them to help in the katnap of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.”

“But, why would they leave without their dependence on the Turbokat and how can we be sure they weren’t also katnapped together with the other two?” was Ann’s theory.

“I swear, we will rescue both the Mayor and Deputy and put Dark Kat and the Swat Kats behind bars for good,” he reassured everyone and left.

“And, there we have it, Mega Kat City’s afternoon disaster with no idea where the disappearance of the hostages and our heroes or traitors could be traced. This is Ann Gora reporting live from Kat Eye News,” she ended.

Kit could not believe what her worried red eyes and pierced ears just saw and heard. They were all abducted, without a trace whatsoever. She sat frozen for a minute or two then started freaking out. It couldn’t be! The Swat Kats failed, but how could they! What’s gonna happen to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, not to mention Mega Kat City!?! The Enforcers were just useless to do anything now even if Feral reassured everyone! Damn Feral for accusing her brother and his best friend!

“No worries,” she thought. They’re the incredible Swat Kats, they could get themselves out of anything no matter the situation, but she had her second thoughts. What if they were unconscious and useless to do anything? What if…what if…! A lot of scary and freaky thoughts were coming in and out. The word ‘Dark Kat’ appeared this time and made her go crazy, then the unforgettable event flew in and was seen over and over until she was able to get rid of it after the difficult struggle.

“This is my chance!”   She got up then sat down. If Chance or T-bone found out what she was up to she’d be in so much trouble, but he wouldn’t care about this right now even if she had to break the rules, and Kit knew she was their only hope.

All of a sudden, darkness filled her surroundings, and then she found herself facing a mirror. And only realized it she was face to face with the same person from her dream that had the same features as her except for the mask that hid her identity and suit she was wearing.

“”What should I do then?” Kit asked.

“Then do what you need to do!” the other kat replied.

“I’m not fit for this…I just ain’t!”

“Listen to me, Kit, or should I say Fang. Mega Kat City needs you!”

“No way!”

“Whether you like it or not, you made this decision.”


“What are you waiting for? Go now!”

“But, I don’t know where to go!”

“Trust me, Kit, you’ll know…”

“But, what if I fail…”

“I believe in you, dude…” She waved, and the darkness disappeared and everything was back to normal.

A tear ran down from Kit’s eye, and she wiped it with her paw. A smile was replaced from her frown, and the energetic kitten ran upstairs to her room and dove under her bed and got hold of the suit she had made a week ago and found the other accessories she had stole, which were Chance’s Glovatrix and Jake’s mask.

In a flash, she had the suit on, used her fingerless skater gloves then slipped the glovatrix on her left paw and tied the black mask to her head. Before leaving the room, she kicked off her sneakers and removed her socks and ran barefoot to the living room, found the trap door and made her way down to the forbidden place.

She skipped eight steps and landed flat on the ground. Her head quickly turned to the equipment she had painted earlier and attached each one on her knees and elbows and set the helmet on her head. The designs on it were red, pointy stripes that resembled fangs.

The anxious kitten walked up to the table where the ‘Swat Board’ was, together with the goggles Jake had invented. She picked up the board that seemed to be heavier than a regular one and faced it to where the cyclotron’s path way out of the hangar. She put the goggles over her mask that made her surroundings even more complicated and darker. She slipped her bare feet into the metal rings where they were supposed to be situated. To her surprise, it automatically locked and felt like she was cemented to it.

“Sweet,” she commented and felt as if she and the board were ‘one’. There was a problem though. Kit couldn’t get it to start since it had no key or anything. Then, she remembered Jake, I mean Razor’s, instructions.

“Activate Swat Board!” she gave the magic commands, and the vehicle came alive and, before she knew it, the jet engines attached in the back brought her and her partner dashing out of the hangar with full force and speed.


I had fun writing this chap. Thanks again for lending your eyes and time to read this… I fink I’m gonna need some more coffee…Zzzzzzz. Don’t forget the reviews, peeps…night…Zzzzzzz!

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