Original SWAT Kats Story

Chance’s Second Chance

By Flamable

  • 13 Chapters
  • 35,186 Words

(Unfinished) After the horrifying death of his mother, Chance is left with no choice but to take care of his 12 year-old sister, whom he has disliked ever since. But, no matter how he treats her, Kit is always loyal to her brother. Will Chance ever be a true big brother?

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Notes: Finally done with my exams and school ovah! sniff I’m really gonna miss it since I’m transferring to another one…long story…anywayz…

Etherweil: Thanx again for the review. Dude I seriously loved every bit of the fic you wrote. You have awesome writing skills. I wish I could just write like that but I’m kinda lazy at times but you still inspire me. If it wasn’t for the latest chap I read I wouldn’t have finished this chap right now…hehe

Chapter 10

Busted and More Trouble

In the living room…

After the intruder false alarm in the hangar, the unconscious Kit was quickly brought upstairs and her petite body was laid on the couch while the two best friends were arguing and freaking out. Both were really shocked and had mistaken her for an intruder, and Chance couldn’t help but feel guilty for his action.

“Chance why do you always have to do that!” Jake screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Do what?” He gave his partner a puzzled and I-am-so-dead look.

“You suffocate the suspects before they even get a chance to speak.” He had to lower his voice a little so it wouldn’t disturb Kit who was still knocked out on the couch.

“Sorry! How was I supposed to know it was her?” He folded his muscular tiger-striped arms.

“How many times have I told you to take it easy when you threaten someone, especially someone like her. A few more seconds, and she could have lost all the oxygen she had left… and you could have killed her!” Jake’s rare temper somehow burst out.

“But, what the heck was she doing down there in the first place!” Chance roared.

“You think I can answer that crappy question!”

“Great, just great… I bet she knows every single detail about us, and it’s all you’re fault!” He shot a finger at his friend.

“My fault! Just because you don’t have anyone to blame…” His sentence was immediately cut off by Chance.

“And hers and Dark Crud’s fault! If it wasn’t for him, Mom would still be living and the squirt would be out of my life!” He threw a punch at the wall and a crack was formed and also tears in his green fury eyes.

“Chance, it’s too late… you can’t return to the past… cause the past won’t return… It’s over! Yeah, I know it must be hard for you to be living with someone you dislike… a lot… but you gotta deal with it…” He had to find a way for him to stop or the place might collapse if Chance couldn’t control himself.

“I knew this day would come sooner or later… I… I don’t know what to do… Jake. I hate my life! My dreams are gone, my family is broken and my life is just so full of crud right now.” He continued crying with his eyes closed and rested his head against the wall and felt like banging it.


“You don’t know what the hell I’ve been through… How miserable I was before. My bastard father left us when I was a teenager. He used to beat up my mom in front of me, but I just couldn’t understand why mom still loved him no matter how much pain she was given. We became poor for a while, and I still won’t forget all those hungry and painful days I experienced both at home and in school. I used to get into a lot of fights and end up getting suspended, and, one time, the freakin’ principal was thinking of my expulsion. After realizing what my mom was going through by borrowing money and working double time just to pay for the bills, put food in the table and pay for my school tuition, I decided to get my act together and study hard… till I was able to pass high school and take college and then become an Enforcer. Then, that’s when Dark Crud came into the picture and ruined everything and look where we end up, Jake… as crappy mechanics for the rest of our entire lives!” A fist was formed and another crack in the wall. The miserable tom-kat couldn’t help but cry everything out.

Jake had been touched and listened to every word. “Look on the bright side, Chance, there was a purpose for everything. Yeah we ended up as mechanics after getting kicked out of the city’s best force, but we were given a bigger and better responsibility to serve Mega Kat City as… the Swat Kats. Shouldn’t you be happy that we ended up this way instead of being useless Enforcers for the rest of our lives?” he cheered his sobbing friend and patted him on the back.

“You’re right, buddy… I’d rather spend the rest of my life fixing cars and piloting the Turbokat than be bossed around all day by Feral.” He finally got the message of his partner and used the wash cloth from his pocket to blow his wet nose.

“Not to mention you have a younger sibling to watch over whether you like it or not,” the caramel kat added.

“So, what are we gonna do bout the squirt.” He gritted his teeth and carelessly threw the piece of cloth at a random place.

Kit could hear the voices in her head even if she was unconscious. She knew it wasn’t a dream and had to force herself to wake up a few times until, finally, two red, piercing eyes were slightly opened.

The two tom-kats didn’t notice her and continued their conversation.

“We take care of her ’til she’s old enough to be independent and live on her own,” Jake’s voice was heard.

“Can’t wait for her to finish high school and move outta here for good,” Chance added.

“Maybe we can…” Jake trailed off when his head turned to the suddenly awaken kitten.

“What happened? Where am I?” Kit wasn’t really sure what was going on.

The smart one had a hard time coming up with an explanation. “Oh, you uh… slept walked to the kitchen… We found you there and… decided to transfer you here ’cause…”

“Lemme handle this,” the brother interrupted and walked up close to his sister. “What were you doing in the hanger and how long have you known about our secret?” He looked at her straight in the eye without a blink from both of them.

“What secret?” she lied.

“Don’t you dare lie to me like that. You know who the Swat Kat’s are, don’t you?” His calm tone became serious.

It took a while for Kit to reply and only her pounding heartbeats were heard by the two. “I… I can’t believe you guys are the actual Swat Kats,” she said in deep breaths.

“How long have you known this?” he asked again.

“Ever since I arrived.” She forced an innocent smile.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jake was curious.

“I dunno…” was her answer. “But, I swear I won’t tell anyone… I mean, why would I spill it out since you’re my brother and all…”

“Just keep it down low, Kit,” Jake sighed.

“Nothing better come out from that mouth of yours or else…” Chance said a little threatening.

“Or else what?” she asked, a little frightened.

“I’ll discuss that later on, but what you saw down there never happened, ok?”


“And, you’re banned from ever setting foot in the hangar again, got that?” he said in a stern manner.


“What?” he said, annoyed.

“Nothing.” Her heart sank. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She had no right to talk about anything she saw or knew and was banned from ever visiting the hangar again.

After that, the three split and went back to their own business except Kit who decided to stick with Jake while Chance went back to catch his favorite show. Both the caramel kat and the red head found themselves in the kitchen with curious looks on their faces.

“Hey, Jake,” she whispered.


“You know the Swat Board you made.” She had to say it soft for Chance not to hear.

“What about it?” He rolled his eyes.

“Dude, it’s awesome. I mean…” Her voice was raised a little and her mouth was suddenly covered by Jake’s paw.

“You saw nothing, remember,” he reminded her.

“But, there’s so many questions that I want to ask you, almost like an interview with the one and only Razor,” she said, a little excited.

Jake tried to ignore her and walked out of the kitchen and was on his way out to fix one of the cars he was assigned to this morning and only realized that Kit kept following and asking him questions but he tried as much as possible to change the subject.

“Kit, can we please not talk about this anymore… ’cause if Chance finds out…” His voice trailed off.

“But, he’s not here.” She looked around and made sure.

“So what? You’re not even supposed to be talking about this, remember? And, I don’t want to hear the two words anymore.”

“You mean…”

“Don’t say it.” Again, he used a paw to cover her mouth.

“Ok, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.” She pushed his paw off her mouth and wiped her lips.

Jake smiled and ruffled her bloody red hair and gave her a pinch on the cheek ’cause he thought it was a cute sight. Yup, she was just your perfect annoying little sister for him. He just couldn’t understand why Chance wouldn’t accept her… yet.

One thing Kit really hated was none other than being treated like a kitten especially now that she was in her pre-teen years. She fixed her messed up hair to the way it was and stuck out her tongue at Jake who couldn’t stop laughing.

“What are you laughing at, tooth pick?” She gave him the you-better-stop-it-or-else glare.

“You’re a tough kid, huh,” he teased.

“I’m not a kid… I’m gonna be a teenager in…,” she counted her fingers, “7 months.”

“I suggest you enjoy yourself before your time as a kid is up.” He grinned and went back to his work.

What he said was pretty true and she accepted it. “Ey dude, I’m just curious,” the skater asked.

“What now?” he said, untwisting the screw of the worn out engine he was working on.

“What are you gonna do with the Swat Board?”

“It’s useless now.” He sighed.

“You’re not gonna dispose of it, are ya?” She frowned.

“Nope, I was thinking of disconnecting the parts and starting from scratch on another gadget,” he thought.

“Why would you waste something you really worked hard on?” she moaned.

“What’s the chances of it being used if Chance and I are both too heavy?” He accidentally dropped the wrench he was using ,making it fly in Kit’s direction.

The kitten picked it up and, before giving it back, an idea popped in her head. “Why not let me use it then?” she suggested.

At the sound of this, Jake’s head had hit the engine’s hood, and he gave a surprised look at her. “You? Of course not. It’s highly dangerous and needs to be tested.”

“Aw, c’mon, I’m an experienced and certified skater and all that.” She showed him her famous kitten eyes.

“Absolutely not. If Chance knew, he’d kill you and me, you know that.” He ignored her adorable kitten eyes and grabbed the wrench from her paw.

“Dude, danger is my middle name.” The stubborn kitten wouldn’t stop.

Her rebellious attitude reflected her brother’s personality. Well, Jake didn’t really want to put his creation back to scrap and knew Kit was just the perfect person to test the board. She had the right weight and size and the skills to use it. He thought really hard about it but second thoughts flew in cause it would have to involve risking cases for the sake of her safety since she was only twelve but still possible. He smiled and let it slip off his mind.

“Kit, why are we talking about this again?” He had to change the subject.

“So, I guess that’s a no, huh?” Her heart sank.

“Yup, and that means I wouldn’t want to hear those other two words.”

“You’re referring to the board not the Swat Kats… right?”

“I meant both,” he explained.

“This is so unfair. I can’t talk about anything Swat Kat related even if I’m living with them.” She folded her striped arms and sighed.

“Maybe not forever, Kit. You just better make sure it’s not in front of your brother’s face.” He gave the upset kitten a pat on the head and went back to work again.

“Jake! You better get your tail in here fast!” a yell was heard from inside.

“What’s up with him?” Kit was wondering.

“I don’t know, but it sounds serious. Let’s go!” He pulled her by the arm and rushed inside.

“Ann Gora from Kats Eye News reporting live from the mayor’s office building with the top floor occupied by Dark Kat’s pink creep-like creatures where Mayor Manx and Deputy Mayor Briggs are being held hostage.”

“Craplings you mean!” Chance stood up from the couch and took a closer look at the television.

“This is serious alright,” Jake commented.

“Dark Kat,” Kit muttered under her breath and the event ran through her head again.

Johnny then faced the camera directly at the sky, and the familiar aircraft of Mega Kat City’s worst villain was flying above the building also surrounded by Enforcer choppers trying to shoot it down, which was obviously impossible.

Cannons shot out from the ship and sent most of the useless choppers crashing to the ground and pilots in parachutes landing to safety. Feral then sent the jets to take their place, but they were also no match for the Dark Kat’s indestructible ship.

“Not even the Enforcers can stop this menace and break into the building, which is now burning in flames from some of the debris of the choppers that had unfortunately crashed on top.” The reporter sighed and ducked from some of the flying debris that blew up her background with more flames.

“Is it me or is it getting hot in here?”

Johnny and Ann ran out from the scene and were settled in the Kats Eye chopper that brought them even closer to the aircraft.

“What are we waiting for, Jake – let’s go!” He dropped the remote and pushed Kit out of the way then kicked the rug off its place where the trap door was hidden.

“Hey!” She rubbed her aching shoulder that had been pushed with a lot of force.

“You better watch where you’re going next time, buddy!”

Jake gave him a dirty look.

The impatient vigilante just rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You better stay here, squirt. What use do you got anyway?” He made his way down the ladder.

Kit couldn’t help but curse under her breath. “Jerk,” she said in her mind. He didn’t even care to apologize.

“Don’t listen to him, Kit,” Jake groaned.

“He better take back what he just said.” She gritted her fangs and walked away.

He knew what Chance did was just cruel, but what could he do? Just as he was about to grab hold of the ladder, his paw had reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring that he had invented a few days ago. “Kit, wait!” he called her attention.

“What now?” she said in tears before turning her back.

“Whatever happens I want you to have this, ok?” He tossed her the small piece of metal.

“What is it?” she asked as she slipped it on her petite ring finger

No answer came when she turned to see that the trap door was already closed. She walked up and put the rug back at its place. “Good luck, guys.” She grinned.


I’m done… finally! I guess I have more time to finish this fic. I don’t know how many more chaps do I have to write. My guess is two or three. Thanx for lending your eyes and don’t forget the reviews, peeps. Take care and God Bless.

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