Original SWAT Kats Story

Who Are the SWAT Kats?

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,602 Words

Takes place during the time not too far from the episode Metal Urgency. This is if the Metallikats’ memories weren’t scrambled after they found out that Jake and Chance were the SWAT Kats. So, for revenge, they decide to use their information in a helpful way.

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Author's Notes:


AUTHOR: Ricochet Date: 9/7/01

COMMENT: This takes place sometime after Metal Urgency, and it would be if the Metallikats memory didn’t get scrambled either so they didn’t lose any information that they obtained during that episode. If you saw the episode, then you know what I am talking about.

RATING: PG I have one cuss word in it and that’s it. (Archive host note: There is  some roughly PG level violence as well.)

Mac and Molly had just escaped from prison and were hiding in the sewers trying to avoid any enforcer tailgaters.

“I hate staying in the sewers, Molly! I don’t know why you suggested this place to hide in,” Mac said as he removed some slime from his chrome forehead.

“Would you rather go back to Alkatraz?” Molly said as she placed her metallic hand on her hips.  Even though she was a robot she hadn’t lost her feminine ways.

“I know a better place and where we could get revenge,” Mac said as he grinned the best he could, even though his mouth really couldn’t move.

“Where?” Molly said. “If you are suggesting we go to Hackle’s, forget it!”

“You know those two grease monkeys at that salvage yard?” Mac said as he started to trudge through murky water.

“Yeah, so?” Molly asked as she followed, feeling the water oozing inside the cracks of her metal plates.  She was so thankful that she was rust proof.

“Remember we found out that they were the SWAT Kats,” Mac said as he stepped out of the water to a ladder.

“Yah, I remember!” Molly said. “That’s a great idea, bolt brain! We get revenge on for the ones who put us in prison in the first place!”

“Aw, come on, Molly. Think like a gangster. If we capture one of them and hand him over to Dark Kat, we could get paid handsomely and even kill both of them!” Mac said as he climbed up the ladder to the manhole.

“That’s a great idea, Mac!” Molly exclaimed. “That way, if we capture the other one before Dark Kat, we could double the price for him!”

The next day Jake and Chance were watching television; of course, Chance had won the remote control battle that day because he was laughing his tail off at “Scaredy Kat.”  Jake groaned in discontent as he heard Chance’s laugh becoming louder.  He looked over at their calendar.

“Oh, no. Two strikes in a row for one day.  Burke and Murray come today at 1:00pm,” Jake muttered under his breath.

Chance’s ears perked and heard Jake muttering about Burke and Murray. “Maybe they’ll wreck,” Chance stated, smiling at his buddy.

“Nah, I doubt it. Remember, Burke isn’t driving anymore.  He wears that dumb hat over his face,” Jake sighed heavily as he got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen to get him something to drink.

Meanwhile, in the Salvage Yard, Mac and Molly were hiding behind a pile of trash outside of the garage.

“Now what do we do?” Molly whispered. “We’re not going to attack their tails like last time.  Remember, we lost our bodies?”

“Yah, old good-natured Professor fixed us up though before he was stupid enough to put us in the prison.  Let’s wait till they are distracted and sneak inside LIKE last time and trip the alarm. When they come in, we’ll grab one and leave,” Mac said.

“Wow, this is exactly not LIKE last time!” Molly grumbled.  Then, she heard the sound of a dump truck coming down the road near where they were. “Quick, get down – someone is coming!” She pushed Mac down so they would be in hiding.

The old, rust yellow dump truck drove up; it pulled up and dumped the load of scrap metal right in front of Jake and Chance’s garage.

Chance ran out in anger towards the truck. “Hey, shorty, how many times do I have to tell you – the trash goes in the piles over there, not there!” he growled as he ran to the side of the truck.

“Oh, sorry there, Chance,” Murray said as he leaned out of the passenger window. “But, Burke has trouble seeing driving sometimes.”

Jake looked up in horror and saw the big tomkat Burke wearing his trademark red toboggan cap with a white puffball on top on his head, which covered his eyes. “Aw, crud, he IS driving again.”

From a distance, Mac and Molly watched the fight between the four tomkats.

“Hey is this déjà vu or what, Mac?” Molly whispered.

“Shut up, now’s our chance!” Mac said as he crept down around the piles of metal and approached the garage from the back side window. Both he and Molly climbed in, which tripped the alarm.  Jake heard a beeping noise in his pocket and pulled out an alarm device. He walked over to Chance, “You keep dumb and dumber busy.  I’ll go check our alarm systems,” Jake said as he walked inside the garage.

“Surrrrrre, Jake, you always back down,” Murray taunted as he jumped down from the truck in front of the fuming Chance.

“But, I won’t, elf,” Chance grinned as he stood there in front of Murray.

Inside the garage, Jake glanced around and saw that everything was intact; he was about to make his way over to the hangar to check on it when he saw that the phone receiver was off the hook.  “How did that happen?” Jake confusedly asked as he walked over to the phone.

Suddenly, Mac and Molly attacked Jake from behind.  Mac wrapped his arm around Jake’s neck, starting to crush his windpipe.  Jake gasped for air.  He started to beat against his metallic restraints, already knowing who had got him.  Molly then grabbed Jake’s head and banged his head into the table hard, making Jake’s lip bust open.  His lip was bleeding and spilling drops of blood on the table near the phone. Jake started to feel darkness overcoming him from the immense pain and throbbing from his head.

“Chance…” he cried out in his last attempt as he faded into nothingness.

Meanwhile, Burke and Murray were arguing with Chance.

Murray looked at his watch, “We’ve got to go and pick up another load of this crud,” he said. “Tell your chickening out friend that we’ll see you guys Friday.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Chance grumbled as he watched Burke and Murray leave in their truck down the dusty road once more.  He walked back inside the garage. “Hey, Jake, they’re gone. Is everything okay in here?”

But, he noticed that Jake wasn’t in the room, he also took notice that the phone was off of the hook.  “Jake?” He went over to the phone and saw it was off of the hook.  “Why did he do this for?” he said to himself.

But, as he approached the phone, he noticed spots of blood near the phone too. His eyes widened and he let out a loud gasp.  Already knowing whose blood it was.  He shakily touched the blood and felt the warmth of it on his fingers.  He knew it was fresh too.

“Holy Kats,” he coughed.  He felt sick to his stomach.  He felt the rage burning inside of him. He sprinted downstairs to the hangar and turned on Razor’s tracking device.

Razor had planted homing beacons in different devices that he and T-Bone had on them such as helmets, alarm buttons, communicators. Luckily, Jake had one of the communicators and alarm buttons on him, which meant that the tracking machine should give him some whereabouts of his lost partner.

Chance couldn’t help but let a smile cross his face as he saw a blip on his screen.  “Good, job, buddy. I’ll find you! Thank goodness for making this machine in here and in our jet.”

Chance got up and was just about to go to his locker when he heard the alarm blaring.  Chance went over to it and pushed the button.  “Yes, Miss Briggs?” Chance said.

“Dark Kat is robbing MegaKat Mint!” Callie said as she saw a bunch of enforcer cars surrounding the mint.

“I-um-we’re on our way,” Chance said.  He knew he shouldn’t let anyone know that his partner wasn’t there at the time.  He changed quickly into his g-suit then got in the TurboKat.  Seconds later, the sleek black jet was streaming down the tunnel.

“Why the heck would Dark Kat rob the bank? He’s not a thief.  It just isn’t like him to be so low when he’s out there stealing detonators and trying to blow up things.  Something has to be going on.  What if Dark Crud has Razor? Grrrrrr… if that megalo hurt him anymore, I’ll kill him!!!” T-Bone said as he gripped the pilot stick tighter.

Then, he shook his head, knowing he couldn’t be in a blinding rage into battle.  Razor taught him that.

When he reached the mint, he saw the Fear Ship lifting into the air and blasting off. T-Bone slowed down and kept a trace on the Fear Ship, making sure he wouldn’t be in Dark Kat’s radar range.  He decided against following him in the air. He landed the TurboKat near the bank and got on the Cyclotron, launching it from the bomb bay of the jet.  He took off, having a ground to air pursuit with Dark Kat, making sure he wouldn’t lose Dark Kat on radar.

From her car, Callie noticed the TurboKat landing and only T-Bone leaving from it, but, clearly, there was no one else in the jet.  “What is he doing? And where’s Razor?” she asked. “I better go follow them – something has to be up.” She drove off in hopes she wouldn’t leave the Cyclotron.

Meanwhile, at the Metallikats hideout, which was one of the empty warehouses near the docks, Jake was tied to a chair.  Molly was watching him while Mac was looking out the window for any sign of Dark Kat.

“You know, Molly, if I had a face like yours, I would try to make up for it like some kind of personality, ” Jake stated.  His comment couldn’t help but make Mac laugh.

“Shut up, Mac!” Molly screamed out. “Why you little…,” she growled as she aimed her gun at Jake.

Mac knocked her gun out of the way.

“Don’t do it, Molly! We don’t want him to get scratched up anymore or Dark Kat won’t pay us much as we want. We don’t need a dead body,” Mac said.

Suddenly, they heard the engines of the Fear Ship approaching the warehouse.

“Good he’s here. Stay in the room with hi -, I’ll go greet our guest.” Mac walked out of the room, closing the door and keeping Jake and the steamed Molly inside.

Molly grinned evilly as she approached Jake and put a gag in his mouth.

“I am sure Dark Kat wouldn’t mind me breaking you in for him first,” she smirked as she looked at her sharp metallic claws.

Jake gulped.

With one quick movement, she swiped Jake’s mechanic’s uniform, breaking through it and his fur.  He let out a cry of pain, but the gag in his mouth kept him from getting any louder.  Blood started to pour from the four claw marks that were dug into his chest.  He growled and looked at the more and pleased Molly.

“Next time be nice to a lady,” she grinned as she walked out of the room, leaving Jake in horrible pain and bleeding.

Dark Kat walked into the warehouse just when Molly was walking into the room to join him.  Mac looked over and saw a huge grin on Molly’s face. He wondered what she had done.  He looked back at Dark Kat and tried to get the fear off his mind.

“Hello, Dark Kat.”

“Hello, Metallikats,” Dark Kat said as he approached the two chrome gangsters, three of his creeplings following him. “To make my presence very short. Do you have what I came for?”

“That’s if you have the money,” Mac said coolly, showing no fear to the large, cloaked purple kat.

Dark Kat motioned to his creeplings who were carrying three large sacs filled with a million dollars in them a piece.  “Here it is,” Dark Kat said.

Mac smiled and grabbed one of the bags from a creepling, causing the creepling to shout in displeasure.

“Let me inspect these bags first, Dark Kat,” Mac said as he took the bag and walked over to the table to thoroughly inspect it to make sure it didn’t have any detonators and all of the money was real.

Meanwhile, T-Bone had arrived at the warehouse and got off the Cyclotron.  He had actually stopped a few feet back so he wouldn’t alert them.  He took Razor’s extra flight suit from the seat compartment and crept over to the window to the warehouse.  He looked around inside, but he didn’t see Razor anywhere.

“He must be in another room somewhere.  I’ll go around and see if I can find another room with a window,” he said to himself as he crept along side of the warehouse.

When he went around the building, Callie pulled up in her car.  She got out and went up to the window and saw Dark Kat and the Metallikats inside.  Two of Dark Kat’s creeplings who were outside standing guard spotted her and quickly ran inside.  With their distinguished chattering, they rushed to Dark Kat and pointed to the front door.

Dark Kat smiled and said “I’ll be right back.  I think we have been followed.”  He walked out of the door.

Callie saw this. “Now, where is he going?,” she asked as she looked around frantically.  Suddenly, her ears perked when she heard the sound of a gun clicking behind her. She gasped out and turned around to see the barrel of Dark Kat’s gun.

“Hello, Miss Briggs. So nice of you to join us. Inside, now!” he said as he moved her inside with the gun. “Look what I found,” Dark Kat said to the Metallikats as they turned around to see the Deputy Mayor.

Mac walked over and took some chains from the floor and tied Callie up with her hands firmly behind her back.  He pushed her down to the ground hard.

Callie looked up at them. “Where’s Razor?!”

“Patience, child,” Dark Kat smiled. “They claimed they have him in the next room without his mask.” “I paid to see him, but your beauty will match the amount I paid for you to see him.” Dark Kat smiled and stroked Callie’s face softly.

She jerked away and looked at him angrily.

In the other room, Jake’s ears perked when he heard the sound of Callie shouting to Dark Kat and the Metallikats. “Oh, crud, they’ve got Callie,” he thought to himself as he strained to break free from the chains that were holding him down in the chair.

T-Bone looked inside the window to the room where Jake was.  He opened the window quietly and slipped inside.  He saw Jake’s overalls slitted open from the front and blood that was stained on them.

“Holy Kats……  Jake, are you okay??” T-Bone said in a loud whisper as he removed the gag from Jake’s mouth.

“Yes, but they’ve got Callie.  I can’t go out and fight like this,” said Jake.

“Don’t worry, I brought your extra suit,” T-Bone smiled as he showed Jake his uniform. “You sure you’re going to be okay with that wound?” He grabbed some pliers from the table and cut free the chains that were on Jake.

Jake put on his g-suit and slipped on his glov-a-trix. “Shall we give Dark Kat more for his money?” he smirked as he stood at the door, waiting for the criminals opening the door.

Mac smiled as he saw that the bags were safe and all real.  “Looks like it’s all here, Dark Kat,” Mac said, “and you even got more for your money.”  He looked over at Callie. “Now, I present to you the SWAT Kat, Razor,” he smiled as he opened the door to where T-Bone and Razor were, waiting for that exact moment.

“Hey Mac!” Razor smiled as he kicked Mac, hard sending him flying across the room.

“SWAT Kats!!” Callie shouted out, her eyes wide with happiness.

Dark Kat growled in rage. “I have been tricked!!!” he said as he stormed out of the warehouse.  “Creeplings, come now!” He walked up into his jet.

The creeplings chattered noisily as they snatched the bags of money.

“Hey, where do you think you’re going?” T-Bone said as he launched three spider missiles from his glov-a-trix, making the creeplings fall to the ground and the money spill everywhere.

Dark Kat took off in his jet, escaping quickly and leaving the Metallikats there to fend for themselves.

Razor looked at Mac, who was starting to get up, and Molly, who was ready for battle. “T-Bone, distract them while I try to untie Callie to her out of danger,” Razor said quickly as he sprinted over to Callie and started to break through her chains with his mini buzzsaw.

T-Bone smiled and pounced on Mac, fighting with him once again.

Razor finished breaking through Callie’s chains.

“Thanks, Razor,” Callie smiled.

Suddenly, Molly ran to Razor and knocked him on the floor.  “NOOOOOO!”

Molly was on top of Razor.  Her eyes glowing red with anger, she dug her metallic claws into Razor’s sore, making his wound bleed again. Razor cried out in pain.

“AHHHHHHHHHH HOLY KATS!!!!!,” he screamed.  He could feel her metallic fingers digging into his flesh, pressing deeper it seemed.  He thought for sure that she would rip out his heart. He laid under her heavy metallic body paralyzed.

“Stop it!!” Callie screamed in horror, seeing the blood gulfing Razor’s uniform. She got behind Molly and started to hit her back in a desperate attempt to save Razor.

“Get away from me!” Molly as she removed her hand for one moment and hit Callie hard, knocking her back so she hit the wall. Callie slid down the wall, unconscious.

“Callie!! Leave her alone!” Razor cried.

“Shut up!!” Molly shouted at him as she thrust her fingers back into his wound, trying to at least keep one of the SWAT Kats pinned down.

AHHHHHH CRUD!! T-BONEEEEEE!!!!!!! HELP!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. T-Bone heard his partner’s desperate cries and threw Mac over his back and onto the floor. He looked over and saw Molly on top of the bloody Razor.

“Leave him alone, you b*tch!!” he screamed as he launched two mega-scramblers from his glov-a-trix. They hit perfectly on their target, causing Molly to shortcut her circuitry.  She fell off Razor seconds later, shut off. Razor let out a sigh of relief and laid down on the floor, knowing he was out of this battle.

Mac heard Molly fall and cried out, “Molly!!!”

T-Bone whipped around, and, with one swift stroke, he launched two more mega-scramblers, which did the same to him like they did to his wife.  T-Bone ran over to check on Callie.  She was just waking up from her unconsciousness.   He smiled as he saw her coming to and then ran over to his fallen partner.

“Razor, you okay, buddy?” he said as he looked at Razor, whose chest was exposed and bloody.

Razor smiled his trademark smile and nodded. “I swear, T-Bone, I am getting too old for this stuff.”

T-Bone chuckled. “Wimp….I’ll get the paramedics for you.”

Razor smiled and laid back down.  They knew they had won. Minutes later, the paramedics came and put Razor on a stretcher to take him to the hospital.  They had given him a IV with morphine in it to relieve the pain and make him a little drowsy.

T-Bone stood at Razor’s side as they took him to the ambulance. “Hey, T-Bone, one more thing.”

“What’s that?” T-Bone asked.

“If the Professor reactivates those two mega lows again, shoot him for me,” Razor said as he smiled softly.  “Also, it’s time for my vacation pay to kick in.”

T-Bone couldn’t help but let himself chuckle at Razor.


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