Original SWAT Kats Story

The New Arrival

By Felicia McFurry

  • 2 Chapters
  • 2,196 Words

Felicia is ill for some reason, and doesn’t want to go to the doctor which surprises Jake. Felicia knows what is wrong with her but doesn’t want to know that she is right. But, just how long has she been ill?

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Chapter 2

9 months had passed and Felicia was due at any moment.  She had to  went to the doctors a couple of months ago to get an ultrasound and  discovered that the kitten was going to be a boy.  Jake was so proud because  now he would have a son who would grew up to be like him.

Jake and Chance  had gotten up early that morning to do a desert test run which didn’t bother Felicia because she didn’t want to go anywhere.  It wasn’t because she didn’t feel good she just thought that she was too huge and it would embarrass Jake.  Jake kept telling her that it was okay because he still loved her and after  the kitten was born she would go down to her normal self again.

Isis had  dropped by that morning to check up on Felicia.  They were sitting on the  couch talking about the new kitten.  Isis told Felicia that after the kitten  was born and she wanted to go out and be Ricochet for awhile, Isis would  baby-sit him.

“Want something to drink, Licia?,” Isis asked as she got up and  walked over to the refrigerator.

“Sure.  Get me a can of milk,” said Felicia.

“Okay,” Isis said as she opened the refrigerator to get the drinks.

Suddenly Felicia felt a sharp pain from her stomach.  She clutched  it.  She knew what it was! The kitten was coming!  She started to breath  faster.  Isis turned around and walked back to Felicia.  “You know, Licia.   Chance and I were thinking….,” she stopped when she see saw Licia.

“Isis!  Call the paramedics!,” Felicia managed to say.  The pain was  so immense that she laid down on the couch, sweating and breathing hard.

“Ok! Hang on Licia!,” Isis said and ran over to the phone.  She  picked it up and called the paramedics.  After she told them the situation  and the address, she hung up and went over to comfort Licia.

“Isis, call Razor from down in the hangar after the paramedics  leave,” said Felicia.  “Owww..I hate kittens!!”

“Don’t say that.  You’re just in pain.  It will be okay,” said Isis  as she gripped her paw and held onto it.


30 minutes later after the paramedics left, taking Felicia to the  hospital, Isis went down into the hangar to contact Razor.  “Razor, come  in!,” she shouted into the intercom.

At the desert, Razor and T-Bone were about to do a second run when  Isis’s call came in.  “Call come in, buddy,” Razor said.  T-Bone nodded his  head in agreement and pushed a button on his console which enabled the call  to be heard through out the entire cockpit.

“Yeah.  Who is this?,” asked T-Bone.

“It’s me, Isis.  You two need to get your tails back here!,” Isis  shouted.

“What is it?,” asked Razor.  “Is Felicia okay?”

“Razor, Felicia is in labor.  They took her to the hospital,” said  Isis.  “I am going on to the hospital.  See you two there.”  She  disconnected.

“Let’s go, buddy! I don’t want to miss this!,” said Razor.

“Roger that!,” T-Bone said and hit the afterburners.


Jake and Chance arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later.  They ran  into the waiting room to meet Isis.  “How is she?,” asked Jake.

“The nurse hasn’t come by yet so she must still be in labor,” said  Isis.

“Crud,” Jake said, he started to pace.

“Calm down, buddy.  Everything will be fine,” said Chance.

“Mr. Clawson?” the nurse asked when she came in.  Jake yelped in  surprise.

“Ye-yes?,” he said shakily.

“Congratulations.  Your wife made out fine.  It’s a boy,” said the  nurse.

“Can-can I go see her?” asked Jake.

“Yes.  She’s in room 785,” said the nurse.  She walked out of the  room.

“Congratulations, buddy!,” Chance shouted and hugged Jake.

“Thanks,” said Jake.  “Let’s go see her.”  They walked to room 785.   Jake opened the door and walked inside followed by Chance and then Isis.   Inside the room.  Felicia was sitting up in the bed with her hospital gown on  holding their son wrapped in a blue blanket.  “Hey, Licia.  How are you  feeling?,” asked Jake.

“Fine,” Licia said softly, she was really exhausted.  Jake sat down  in a chair beside her bed.  Licia handed him their son.  Jake held his son  carefully and pulled back the blanket to get a better look at him.  His eyes  watered up with joy when he saw his son’s face.   Their son was brown with a  little tan tint to it.  He had the same floppy cheeks as Jake and have blue  eyes like Licia.

“He has your eyes,” Chance said when he saw their son too.

“Yes.  Dusty meet your father, Jake,” Felicia said.  Dusty cooed at  Jake.

“Oh, he is so adorable!,” Isis exclaimed.  “I can’t wait to baby-sit  him.”

“Come on,” said Chance.  “Let’s leave them alone for awhile.”

“Okay,” said Isis.  She and Chance walked out of the room leaving  Jake and Licia marveling at their son.  Dusty was a new joy in their life but  he was also another danger for them as well.  After all, he is the son of a  SWAT Kat.

To be continued…. 

By: Felicia and Ace

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