Original SWAT Kats Story

The Felicia McFurry Saga 3

By Felicia McFurry

  • 4 Chapters
  • 36,292 Words

Five years have passed, and the SWAT Kats have been unable to find Ricochet or locate any sign of Dark Kat. A restored Sub-Zero has joined them under the alias ShadowKat, and life continues. But, Dark Kat is far from finished with MegaKat City or the SWAT Kats.

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Chapter 4

Fatal Weakness

The cold wind ripped around Bridgitte as she approached the cemetery. She was going to visit Dusty’s grave.  As she walked up to his grave, she noticed how it started to get very quiet, tears started to form in her eyes.

Jake still wasn’t strong enough to go to his son’s grave. He still felt guilty inside and the loss of his beloved son was hitting him pretty hard.

Bridgitte stood at the grave silently. She really didn’t talk aloud but deep inside her, knowing Dusty could hear her. In her hand was a single red rose, which she placed on his grave.

She sighed sadly, trying to be strong because she knew Dusty would want her to be.  She had stopped by his grave almost every week since his death last month but every time she came, she still felt so sad deep inside.

Bridgitte looked at the diamond engagement ring on her finger and thought back to the day she found that ring. It was when they were preparing Dusty for burial. He was buried in his SWAT Kat uniform but deep inside the pocket of the uniform was a black box that had the label “To Bridgitte my love” on it. Inside the black box was the diamond engagement ring.  Jake knowing that it would have been Dusty’s will to give Bridgitte, he gave the ring to her.

Bridgitte shivered by the cold wind, and felt the sickness in her stomach again. She knew she must be getting the flu because of the cold weather recently, it was getting towards winter. She decided it would better if she went ahead and left. She looked at the grave with sad eyes and softly said out loud, “I love you, Dusty.” Then with that, she turned and walked back towards her car.

At the garage, Jake and Chance were eating a pizza that they had ordered for supper. Felicia was upstairs, looking up information on the computer.  Bridgitte walked in the room, Jake looked up and saw her. “Hey, Bridgitte! Want some pizza?” he asked.

Bridgitte looked at the pizza and her face almost turned green. She held her stomach. “Uh, no thanks..,” she said.

Chance looked up at her. “You okay, Bridgitte? You look kind of pale.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I think I am getting that flu that has been going around. I am going upstairs to lie down,” she said.

“If you get that flu, don’t come around me,” Chance called after her.  Jake grinned.

After Bridgitte left the room, Chance looked at Jake with a serious look.

“Buddy, don’t you notice this?”

“Notice what?” asked Jake as he put down his pizza.

“Notice Bridgitte. I don’t think she’s sick,” said Chance. “I think it might be something else. Remember Felicia when she thought she was sick. Maybe it is the same for Bridgitte.”

Jake’s eyes went wide. “No..no, Chance.  You don’t suggest that my son and her..uh, you know?”  Chance nodded and smiled. Jake’s face was even beginning to turn pale by the shock. “No, no. Chance she can’t be!”

“Shh..,” Chance said. “Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just since its happened so many times around here you know. Eh, maybe we should ask.”

Jake scoffed. “Yeah, right, Chance. You want me to go up to Bridgitte and ask her if she’s expecting.”

“Expecting what?,” Felicia asked as she walked into the room, only hearing the last part of Jake’s sentence.” Both Jake and Chance blushed and returned to eating, trying to look like they weren’t talking about anything.

Felicia smiled. “Now don’t pretend I didn’t hear you guys chatting about something. Come on, Jake. You know how I hate to be left out. Tell me.” She looked at him.  Jake looked up from the table and then looked at Chance, then back at the table. Chance did the same.  Felicia looked over at Chance then back at Jake. “Come on, tell me,” she protested as she grabbed Jake’s arm.

Jake sighed and nodded. “We need you to ask Bridgitte something. But we want her to be in the same room as us.”

“Sure, love,” Felicia said lovingly. “What do you want me to ask her?”

“Ask her if she’s you know…,” Jake said, having difficulty bringing it out.

Chance saw this and finished it for Jake. “Ask her if she’s expecting a kitten.

Felicia’s eyes went wide and then started to laugh. “You guys are serious?,” she manage to ask from her laughing.

Both Jake and Chance nodded. Felicia grinned at them and shook her head. She got up and made her way to Bridgitte’s room to call her to where Jake and Chance were. “You two are so silly,” she called back to them.

A few minutes later, Felicia returned to where they were followed by Bridgitte. “Yes, what do you guys want?” Bridgitte asked, her face was still pale. Both Jake and Chance had blank look on their faces so Felicia knew she would have to ask her.

Um, Bridgitte. What my husband and his friend want to ask you is that they think you are not sick and they fear that you might be expecting a kitten. Because they believe that you are showing the same signs I did when I was pregnant with Dusty. So do you think that you are?” asked Felicia.

Bridgitte response was kind of hesitant.

“Um..I-I don’t think so..”she said. Jake and Chance looked at each other. Felicia looked at Bridgitte. “Now are you sure?”

“I think so..I mean I guess,” Bridgitte said, really not to sure herself.

“Well did you and him…you know?,” Jake asked, looking at her.

“Um…,”she said, and then blushed. “Yes…”

“And it is has been a month since Dusty’s death too,” Felicia noted. She looked over at Jake and Chance, letting them know that she might think they were right. “Bridgitte, I need to take you to the doctor.”

“Wait..wait. You guys are suggesting that I might be pregnant?”Bridgitte asked.

“Eh, the signs you are showing, yes. But then you again, you could just have the flu. So we need to take you to the doctor just to be sure,” Felicia said calmly.

Bridgitte nodded and stood up. “Then let’s go.”


While Bridgitte and Felicia were gone to the doctors, Jake and Chance decided to get some of the cars done that they needed to work on. They heard a car approaching the garage. “Aww, great. More work,” Chance complained and wiped the grease from his hands. “Jake, finish this one, while I get the paperwork done on the new comer.” Chance stuffed his handkerchief back into the back pocket of his coveralls. He turned his back from the front door to get a work invoice sheet from the shelf. He heard the bell ring as the door opened. Chance could hear the footsteps of someone approaching. “One sec,” Chance called, not turning around. “I need to get a pen.” Chance opened a drawer, retrieved a pen and then closed again. He turned around, his eyes first down at the sheet. “Okay, I need to write down your name and number.” He looked up, what he saw, made his jaw almost literally drop to the ground. There in front of him stood Matthew, his son. “M-Matthew…,” he said.

“Heya, dad..,” Matthew said, smiling a little.

“Hey, Chance I finished that car out there,” Jake said as he walked in, his eyes focused on Chance. “What is to be done now?” He looked over and saw Matthew. But his reaction was totally different from Chance’s. “You!!!!!!”, he growled. He jumped at Matthew, pushing him hard against the wall, his elbow pressing into his neck, the other fist bawled up tight. Matthew started to cough. “I should kill you right now for working for Dark Crud who killed my son!!!!” Matthew was unable to talk because of Jake’s hold on him.

Chance pulled Jake away. “Let him go, Jake!!  Let my son go!! We don’t need both of them dead for kat’s sake!”

“Well he didn’t help kill one of your loved ones!!,” Jake yelled and then stood, panting. Trying to calm down. “Just what the h*ll do you want anyways?!”

“I-I w-want to be with you….after I saw you, Jake lose your son. I didn’t want to put my own father through all of that misery. I want to be with him..,” Matthew looked over at Chance with hurt eyes. “D-dad…can I join you? I was blind to see to the danger and the wrong doing of being with Dark Kat. I should have listened to Dusty. I am sorry…can I please be with you and Jake? I don’t want to be alone.”

“I want you with us too, son. I want you to join us,” Chance said softly and then smiled.  Jake’s eyes went wide with disbelief.

“I don’t believe you, Chance!,” he said with anger and then stormed out of the room and down into the hangar.

Matthew watched after Jake and then looked back at Chance. “Ma-maybe I shouldn’t..”

“No, son. You *will* become a SWAT Kat..I promise. Just let him cool down for awhile,” Chance said and then grinned. He hugged Matthew tightly. “It’s good to have you back son.”

“It’s good to have you back too, dad.”, Matthew replied.


A couple of hours later, Felicia and Bridgitte returned. “We’re back,” Felicia called as she walked into the garage.  Felicia and Bridgitte walked into the car bay where Chance was. “Hey Chance,” said Felicia.

“And?,” Chance said as he looked over at Bridgitte.

“You were right,” Felicia said and smiled a little.

“Congratulations,” he replied and looked at Bridgitte. Bridgitte smiled and nodded. “Oh, by the way, I have a surprise for you 2 as well. Hey, Matthew come over here.”

Matthew was over at one of the workbenches looking at the tools, when he heard Chance call for him. He walked over at the group. “Hey, everyone.”

Felicia’s and Bridgitte’s eyes went wide. “Matthew? You mean DarkClaw?,” Felicia said almost in a whisper.

“Yep,” Chance smiled. “He came back. Look, Matthew has changed. He is going to join our squadron.”

“Really?,” Felicia said as she looked at Matthew. She also felt kind of angry but then again it *was* Dark Kat who killed her son not Matthew.

Matthew looked over at Bridgitte. Already kind of knowing her due to the fact that he saw her at Dark Kat’s place. “Hey, ” he said softly.

“Where’s Jake?,” Felicia asked, finally noticing that Jake wasn’t in the room.

“Oh, he’s downstairs in the hangar,” Chance said.

“Really? What for?,” she asked.

“He just needs to blow off some steam,” Chance said and smiled real quickly.

“Oh, well I’ll go down there to talk to him,” Felicia said.

“I’m going upstairs to lie down,” Bridgitte said. “I’m glad to have you met you, Matthew.” She turned and walked up towards her room.

“I was glad to meet you too,” Matthew called after her as he watched her leave.


When Felicia went downstairs to check on Jake, she found him at his locker, swearing under his breath.  Jake turned around towards her, his uniform in his hands. “Jake, what are you doing?,” she asked him.

Jake looked at her and sighed, made his way over to a table where his red duffle bag sat. He placed his uniform in it and then went over to his workstation to get some stuff. “Jake, answer me, ” Felicia called after him. “I know something is bothering you and I want to help you. Now tell me, what is wrong.”

Jake turned around to face her, his face full of pain and sadness. “You want to know what is wrong?! I am packing my bag in order to leave and save myself. I suggest you to do the same thing. Because that killer up there isn’t going to come near me! Chance can go ahead and be soo blind to all of this, but I sure am not!,” he said, his fists bawled up.

“Jake, you can’t leave Chance. You would be breaking up the squadron. Chance needs you!,” Felicia protested as she put her hand on his arm.

“Me breaking up the squadron? Oh, no. Chance already has by allowing his traitor of a son to join our team! Felicia, his son killed our son!! Or haven’t you forgotten?!,” Jake said angrily.

“No, I haven’t, Jake,” Felicia said sadly, the pain coming in her from the remembrance of her son.

“I just don’t associate Matthew with his death. Dark Kat did kill Dusty not him. Please Jake, don’t leave us. Just give Matthew a chance. Please, my love. For me.”

Jake sighed and closed his eyes. His face had the look of anguish on it. He knew he didn’t want to leave Felicia for this plus Chance. Chance was like his brother. He sighed heavily and then said, “I will stay.” He opened his eyes and looked at her. He started to unpack his bag.

Felicia watched him and smiled, feeling much relieved now. “Thanks, Jake. Oh you and Chance were right. Bridgitte is pregnant with Dusty’s kitten,” Felicia said.

Jake couldn’t help from smiling from what she said.

“That’s good,” he said. Jake glanced at his watch and then added, “The news will be on shortly. I’ll finish unpacking now, you go upstairs and tell the others I will be up shortly to watch it with them.”

“Okay, sweetie,” Felicia replied. “I love you, Jake.”

Jake smiled over at her. “I love you too..” He walked over to her and kissed her softly. “Thanks, love.”

She smiled and then went upstairs.


When Jake walked upstairs, he saw Chance and Matthew sitting together on the couch, watching the news. Felicia was sitting down on the floor.  Jake figured that Bridgitte was probably upstairs since she wasn’t feeling too good. Jake smiled over at them when they looked up at him, he walked over and sat beside Felicia. He put his arm around her, smiling at her, purring. Then refocused his attention on the news.

“Tonight, we have a special announcement to make. After years of hard work, the time machine that Puma-Dyne has finally finished. After spending billions of dollars, the finished project is well worth the money.  The time machine is secured at the Temporal Security Annex building.  A new building on the outskirts of the city, the building itself costed 2 million dollars in order to have the best security system ever.  The time machine is continued to be tested and modified by Dr. Haako and Dr. Gunray.  Though no test runs have managed to assure the machine works, the doctors assured us that the time machine does in fact work according to their equipment.  This time machine was created in order to alter time due to the even if something really critical happened. Also since the building is heavily armored and guarded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is also used to house the mayor and other important city officials in case of an emergency. More to come later.,” Ann Gora reported.

“Whoa!,” Matthew said.

“A time machine?,” Chance asked. “Who needs the Pastmaster then.” He grinned over at Jake.

“I don’t know, Chance,” Jake said, contemplating about what he just heard. He was softly stroking Felicia’s arm up and down while thinking. “Altering time. There’s more to that then just going back and fixing something. I mean a rift could occur if they alter the time too much to the point where the present and or future could be altered.”

“Plus there’s a fact that it could be stolen and fall into the wrong hands,” Felicia added.

“Who’s hands though?,” Chance said. “I mean the only smart person who would be able to pass the security would be Dark Kat and he’s dead. I mean look at Viper. Viper would try to use his plants or something. But there’s no way he could pass all that armor just to get there and by the time he would  manage, we would already be there. Then there’s the Metallikats. Their firepower probably couldn’t even pass the blast doors. Hard Drive, sure the electricity might have an effect but still, he doesn’t have the brainpower nor the firepower in order to do that operation. So relax, Jake.”

Matthew grinned. “Nah, dad. There’s a way that someone could get in if they really planned it out.”

“Oh?,” Chance asked and looked over at him.

“I mean, the blast doors, the security systems. They all run on a system. If someone knew how to do the wiring and cut the circuitry, they could easily have communications to Hard Drive. Then all Hard Drive had to do was to go into the control system room via power surge. Do what he was told and boom, the security would be down long enough for them to steal the time machine before any enforcers or you guys came. Plus if they rerouted the system for themselves they could use the security system against all of you,” Matthew smiled.

Chance’s eyes went wide. “Whoa! How are you that so smart?”

“Obviously not from you,” Jake teased. “But your son does have a point.”

“Yeah, well his mother could verify they did come from me, but she’s out of town for the week remember?,” Chance smiled.

“Oh yeah, dad. I was wondering can I go out on the Cyclotron by myself,” Matthew asked. “Please!! Please!”

Jake grinned at Chance. Chance smiled proudly. “Sure, go ahead, son,” he answered. “You can use my extra SWAT Kat uniform.

“Yipee!!,” Matthew cheered and ran downstairs to the hangar. Felicia and Jake laughed. Chance shook his head and grinned.  Jake started to realize that maybe he shouldn’t have went off on Matthew.


Chance glanced back over at the clock, it was 11:55pm. Matthew had been gone for about 2 hours now and it was getting late.  Felicia had already gone up to bed, Jake walked over to Chance. “Chance, don’t worry. He’ll be home soon. Remember, he is a young teenage boy. He’s probably out showing off or found a she-kat. Come on, go to bed now,” Jake said as he yawned.

“I can’t, buddy.  I am just worried. I  mean you lost Dusty and I fear for Matthew,” Chance said, he had a terrible worried look on his face. Jake sighed.

“I know, buddy. Well look, don’t stay up too late and if he doesn’t’ come home soon. Call for me,” Jake said and smiled. Chance nodded at him.  Jake was only half way up the steps when both he and Chance heard the alarm blaring from the hangar. Both of their eyes went wide and ran quickly downstairs.

Chance hit the alarm button switch to make who ever was calling them to be able to talk to them.

“Yes?,” Chance answered.

“Hello, SWAT Kats,” a familiar voice said back to him.

“Hard Drive?!,” Jake asked.

“Yep,” Hard Drive said. “Guess who I have”

“Dad, help me!”, Matthew’s voice cried out from the background.

“Son!!!,” Chance said, he growled. “You better let him go, you low life.”

“I will if you can find me,” Hard Drive taunted.

“You better hurry or I might his presence here to become annoying.” With that, he disconnected.

“Jake, can you trace that call?,” Chance asked.

Jake ran over to the tracer. “Crud!! He scrambled it up, I couldn’t!”

“Well that’s terrific. Let’s get our tails out there and look for him!!, Chance yelled as he ran to his locker, Jake followed. Few minutes later, the TurboKat was out of the hangar and into the dark night sky.


“Anything yet buddy on the surge tracker?,” T-Bone asked hopefully as he flew over the sky of MegaKat City.

“Negative, buddy,” Razor said and then growled in frustration. “He must have not be using his surge coat. That low life.”

“Well keep searching. We *have* to find my son.,” T-Bone said, already defeat entering his voice, he banked the jet a little to the right and continued the search.


Around 4am, Razor and T-Bone returned back to the hangar, utterly discouraged.  T-Bone threw his helmet into his locker and then growled out loud from all of his rage that was deep inside of him.  Razor just sighed and shook his head by the sight. “Look, buddy. We will find him, why don’t you get some rest.  So that way just in case if we do find Hard Drive we will be able to fight him,” he said softly as he approached his partner.

Chance shook his head as he zipped up his coveralls.

“I can’t sleep, buddy. You go ahead, Jake. I’ll be fine. I’ll keep searching the city with some of our equipment,” Chance smiled softly.

“Okay, Chance. But if you hear anything and I do mean *anything*, get me first,” Jake said. Chance nodded, with that Jake turned and went upstairs to get some sleep.


The sound of birds chirping outside, woke up Jake. He slowly got up from the couch. He had decided to sleep on the couch, so that way, he wouldn’t awaken Felicia. He looked around and guessed that Chance must still be down in the hangar. Jake went down the hangar’s ladder and saw Chance sitting on the desk where the computer was, his head resting down on the keyboard. Jake shivered when he reached the hangar, it was cool outside because of winter approaching and the cement walls always made things much cooler. He silently approached Chance and saw that Chance was asleep. His head resting on the keyboard, one hand resting on the keyboard also. Jake’s eyes noticed something in Chance’s other hand. He looked at it closely and saw that it was a picture of Matthew when he was little. “Awww..Chance..,” Jake said softly to himself. He was about to go get Chance a blanket, when the alarm started to buzz.  Chance quickly sprung up, nearly knocking over the chair that he was sitting in.   Jake was amazed on how fast Chance was running towards the alarm, he touched the button.

“Yes?,” he asked.  Suddenly they heard the beeping of the visual screen button coming on. Hard Drive appeared on the screen.

“Heya, SWAT Kats.  Have you guys been losing your touch? I have given you almost 9 hours to look for T-Bone’s son and still you have not been able to find me,” Hard Drive said with glee.

T-Bone growled with fury.

“Where’s DarkClaw?” he demanded.

“Oh, the SWAT Kat. So it has a name. It *had* a name,” Hard Drive said and smirked.

Razor’s eyes went wide with fear while T-Bone’s anger just bigger. “You lie!,”T-Bone shouted.

“Do I?,” asked Hard Drive and grinned. With that, he held up a black bandanna, which appeared to be the one that DarkClaw was wearing, covered all over it was blood.

“Holy Kats, “Razor managed to choke out.  T-Bone just stood there his eyes were wide and his mouth open from the shock. It was like someone had just shot him and the pain that he felt was similar.  Hard Drive laughed.

“See you around,” Hard Drive. “Oh yeah! One more thing; that was for Dark Kat.” He disconnected.

Razor closed his eyes, he felt so guilty for even suspecting DarkClaw’s trust at the beginning. He knew T-Bone was going through the same kind of pain that Razor did when he lost ShadowKat.  He sneaked a glance over at T-Bone, his partner’s face the same. Razor let out a sigh and walked over to T-Bone. He gently placed his hand on his partner’s shoulder. “Look, T-Bone. We have to get around this. Hard Drive could be lying…we *will* find your son.”

T-Bone let out a heavy sigh and then said softly “I-I know, Jake…,” he walked away towards the hangar ladder. Jake watched him, very surprised on how Chance was taking this. He figured that Chance would be in soo much rage that he would beat up something or break something, he was hoping not the television again. Jake smiled a little to see how well his friend was taking this, Chance was about halfway towards the ladder when something happened. All of a sudden he dropped to his knees, and started to sob. Jake ran over to him.

“Hang in there, Chance. Please come on, buddy. Be strong, you can do it. I know you can,” he said softly.

“I am going to kill that low life, Jake. I swear, “Chance said sadly as he stood up and wiped away his tears.

“We will find him, Chance..we will find him,” Jake said soothingly.


Hard Drive approached the main room of the underground building that he was in. This was the room to where his new leader was located. After the death of Dark Kat, the group renamed themselves after some adjectives that described their new leader.  The group was called the SITH. Which stand for: Smart, Intriguing, Terrorist, Havoc-causing.  Their leader was unknown to anyone except for those who were in the group. He dressed in total black outfit, also he wore Dark Kat’s cloak over him. Of course, Dark Kat’s cloak was much too big for him but it was  used as an advantage in order not to be seen during any other of their actions.  Of course, their leader wasn’t nearly as big as Dark Kat in physical form, but he had the same amount of evil in him.  Basically all that remained on his mind was to get Dark Kat back.  Whatever it took, of course, the idea remained to be impossible since Dark Kat was dead.

“Well, is our deed done?,” the Sith leader asked.

Hard Drive approached the leader’s chair, only about 5 feet away from it. He bowed down to his leader, but even though he knew who their leader was, a dark shadow covered the chair, which kind of made it hard to see him. Hard Drive nodded in a response to his leader’s question and then grinned. “I called the SWAT Kats and told them that T-Bone’s son was killed.”

“His son is dead,” Sith leader added. “Now we must strike while the SWAT Kats are down for awhile. I know exactly what to get paws onto if we want our gracious leader back.”

“Oh?,” Hard Drive looked up at his leader, wondering what his demented mind was thinking.

“Puma-Dine has basically done the hard part for us. They have built a time machine, which they claim to work. If this is true, then we will use it in order to prevent Dark Kat from ever dying. Ooh, even better, we will also go back further in order to prevent Ricochet from ever being born. We know that Dark Kat was the one who blew up the building, which killed Rico’s parents, which was the birth of Ricochet. So if we go back in time and stop him from blowing up the building then he will remain in here. Also this will prevent Rico and Razor ever meeting. Then once Dark Kat is able to continue  his reign of terror over this city. He will be the future leader of MegaKat thanks to my help and the time machine’s. A title, which he far well deserves. So I need you to gather our best men up and come with me to the Temporal Security Annex Building. Tonight we will strike,” the leader said and smiled.

“But…they believe I was the one who killed T-Bone’s son. If I come and they see me..,” Hard Drive said,  his face turning white from his fear.

“Trust me, I have it all planned out. By the time they arrive to stop us, we will the building and the time machine in our control,” Hard Drive’s leader said soothingly which in fact made Hard Drive feel better. With that, Hard Drive got up.

“It will be done, my master,” Hard Drive said loyally, he turned and left.


At the Temporal Security Annex Building, Dr. Gunray was talking to Ann Gora on the phone about his time machine project. Dr. Haako was standing outside the door, obviously annoyed.

“Yes, that sounds good, Ann. I’ll call you tomorrow before I let you come over. Good-bye,” Dr. Gunray said and put the phone back on the receiver. He glanced over at Dr. Haako, which he received back a mean glare. “What is the problem, Haako?”

“You telling too much to the press,” Dr. Haako replied sharply as he walked into Gunray’s office. “Don’t you realize the danger you putting the city, including us in by revealing this to the press. Who knows what criminals will come and try to get this machine!”

His friend stood up and shook his head. “You worry too much. No one will take this machine. There isn’t a criminal alive anymore  who is smart enough to surpass our security. I have assurance from Commander Feral himself.”


15 minutes later, the SITH had arrived at the building and were waiting outside to attack. The leader turned towards Hard Drive. “Okay, Hard Drive. I want you to use a power surge and get into control room. I will talk to you by these ear walkie talkies. While my men try to distract the guards and people inside from your presence. Hard Drive grinned and nodded. He transformed into a power surge and went into one of the wires that led into the building. The leader grinned and turned towards his men. “Okay, troops. Attack!,” he ordered. His men took out their guns and began to shoot at the doors. A camera near the front door were catching them.

Inside the building a guard saw what was going on out front by the camera. “Holy Kats!!,” he shouted and got up running towards Gunray’s and  Haako’s office.


When he reached their, he told the doctors of what he saw. “What?! What did you say?,” Dr. Gunray asked the guard in fear.

“I told you. I believe they are Dark Kat’s old forces ,” the guard said as he panted to catch his breath.

Dr. Haako turned towards his colleague. A “I told you so” look on his face but fear was overwhelming him also before he could blame his friend from being so foolish. “I knew it. They are here for the time machine,” he said bluntly, trying not to act like he was scared.

“Distract them, I will contact the enforcers,” Gunray said calmly.

“Are you brain dead? I am not going out there against Dark Kat’s forces. Send this guard,” Dr. Haako replied. Both of them turned towards the guard, whose face was full of dread.


Finally the SITH was able to break from the front door and now were casually walking down the hall. The guard ran up to them followed by more of them. The SITH and the guards started to fight. The leader saw a camera filming them and then aimed his gun at it and killed it.


After Gunray contacted the enforcers. He and Dr. Haako ran to the security room. “What is going on down there?”, Gunray asked.

“We lost the transmission, sir,” the guard replied. Gunray let out a growl in frustration and started to run towards the time machine room. He knew there were several blast doors that would be able to hold off the attackers until the enforcers arrived. Dr. Haako was following him.

“Have you ever encountered Dark Kat’s troops before, sir?,” he asked.

“Well, no but I don’t…seal off the time machine room!,” Gunray shouted to another guard who was in the room.

“Yes, sir!, the guard replied and closed the time machine room off with a heavy armored door.

“That won’t be enough, sir,” Haako commented. “We will not survive this.”


A few minutes later, the Sith had reached the time machine room. The Sith leader touched his ear walkie talkie to turn it back on. “Any progress?,” he asked Hard Drive.

“Yes, I got the security system for the outside perimeter in my favor. I now control it. It is impossible for the enforcers or the SWAT Kats to get into this place!,” Hard Drive shouted in glory.

The Sith leader grinned. “Good.” He turned towards his men. “Attack those doors. I want that time machine!” His troops began to fire at the door. Trying their lasers to penetrate through the door. Dr. Gunray and Dr. Haako watched the monitor in the room, which showed what was happening outside. Both of their faces pale with fear.

Suddenly the Sith leader took out a very powerful flame thrower began to burn at the door. Having some success with it. The door side in the room began to turn red by the heat from the flame thrower, almost starting to melt. “Close the blast doors!,” Gunray shouted to his guard inside. The guard pushed a button, which closed 3 more heavy doors, which prevented the flame thrower to go any further, thus protecting them. “That will hold them,” Gunray said with pride, a smile creeping onto his face.

The Sith leader grinned and flipped a switch on the flame thrower device which gave it more power, he used it again at the doors. This time being able to get through to some of them. The blast door near the doctors started to burn again which terrified them.

“They are still getting through,” Haako said with fright.

“This is impossible!,” Gunray shouted out, his lip quivering.

As if the Sith leader knew what was going to happen next, he turned off the flame thrower. “I got the inside security system as well”, Hard Drive said to him.

Suddenly the blast doors open. There at the door, stood the Sith leader facing the terrified doctors and guard. His hood lover his face, he looked up at them with a mean look. One of his men without an order shot the guard instantly.  Then the remainder of his men ran and took the doctors captive. The Sith leader grinned. “Ah, victory,” he said as he looked at the time machine with great pleasure. A grin coming onto his face.


When the SWAT Kats arrived at the Temporal Security Annex Building, they saw the enforcers trying to break in through the front and the back but were having no luck.

“It is impossible for anyone to get in,” Razor commented as he watched.

“According to what Ann Gora reported the building is impossible to break into especially if the bad guy was smart enough to reroute the security system.”

“Well I guess there *is* someone in this city who as smart as Dark Kat. The only question is who,” T-Bone noted. “There are probably some innocent people inside as well. So what’s the call, Razor?”

Razor’s eyes narrow down as he began to think of a way to get inside. “Well I would say the TurboMole but the whole building is made out of alloy so we couldn’t penetrate through. Not even lasers are strong enough. There’s a invisible shield probably protecting the perimeter of the building from an air strike,” Razor growled in frustration. “There *has* to be a way inside this place!”

Suddenly there was a buzzer in the jet, which indicated that someone was trying to contact them. T-Bone pushed the button, which enabled him and Razor to talk to the person. “Yes?,” T-Bone asked.

“T-Bone, this is Jenson. I need you and Razor to come down to headquarters fast, before Feral gets back here!,” Jenson said back to them, his voice sounding very urgent.

“What’s wrong, Jenson?,” Razor asked as he saw T-Bone already setting his course to the Enforcer Headquarters.

“Well the security system alarm cameras not only show what is going to the monitor inside the building but a monitor also in the headquarters. I think we have a somewhat image of what the intruder looks like but I am started to become frightened on who it looks like,” Jenson replied, his voice trailing off towards the end.

“We’re on our way, Jenson,” Razor answered. “Step on it, T-Bone.” T-Bone nodded and hit the thrusters.


T-Bone and Razor were able to get to the room where Jenson was at, thanks to his help. Jenson led them over to a monitor, the monitor’s screen was shaking as if the video wasn’t played yet. “Here you guys, take a look at this,” Jenson told them as he pressed the play button on the control panel. The monitor began to display the intruders breaking into the front door. Razor was already taking notice on the kat who appeared to be the person in control. “Holy Kats….,” he said almost in a whisper. “Jenson, can you pause this image and try to focus on the kat right there in the middle.” He touched the monitor where the kat was with his finger.

“Sure thing,” Jenson said as he started to press buttons on the keyboard.   Once the image was where Razor wanted it to be, they were still very unable to see the true form of the kat since the video was in black and white. T-Bone also began to see this kat as Razor did.

“It can’t be..,” his voice trailed.

“Jenson, tell me that *isn’t* Dark Kat,” Razor said.

“No, it isn’t him. Look the kat isn’t nearly as huge. But he *is* wearing Dark Kat’s cloak. But we can’t really see his face because of the hood,” Jenson added.

“A Dark Kat wannabe?,” T-Bone pondered and looked up at Razor.

Razor nodded. “Maybe it’s Hard Drive. Those kats *do* look like Dark Kat’s troops. Maybe Hard Drive is trying to take over Dark Kat’s place.”

Jenson shook his head. “That was something else I wanted to show you two.” He turned on another monitor and played another video. “Now this was taken from the camera in the main control room.” The video showed Hard Drive trying to scramble the computers.

“Wait. Wait. If that’s Hard Drive..,” T-Bone began as he pointed to Hard Drive on the video then he moved his finger over to the image of the other kat on the other monitor. “Then who’s that?”

“I dunno, buddy,” Razor replied as he sighed and tried to think of possible people.

Suddenly the phone rang, Jenson ran over to get it. T-Bone and Razor continued their discussion on the mysterious attacker. Jenson ran back in a few minutes later. “Um..guys. That *is* Hard Drive on the phone. He wants to talk to T-Bone.”

T-Bone and Razor both had blank looks on their faces. “But how did he know we were here?,” Razor asked.

“Well, that building does have a radar system. They probably traced you to here,” Jenson replied. T-Bone gave one last look to Razor as he walked over to the phone.

“Hello?,” he asked.

“Hello, SWAT Kat!,” Hard Drive said with glee.

“What do you want, you low life?,” T-Bone asked.

“Well it is not what I want, it is what *he* wants. My master, the Sith leader. He wants to have a meeting with you and you alone. But first here the intention of our plans. We have the time machine in our clutches and pretty soon we will be able to use it to transport us anywhere we wish. But we will wait awhile for you to think about this. We are going to use the time machine to stop Dark Kat from blowing up the building. Yes, that building that Ricochet’s parents worked at. If this is done then her parents will live on. The only thing will be that everything else that took after that will never happen and Dark Kat will probably still be alive. But then again, her parents *will* live! Which means it will make Ricochet very happy. So we will let you guys decide on that. We will depart in 24 hours. But first my master wishes to speak with you tonight at midnight at the MegaKat Park. You alone. If anyone else appears, then my master will detonate a bomb, which he placed in a building but I won’t tell which building. It could be a hospital and I know you don’t want that. Well I’ll leave you now and please think about our idea and do make plans to attend the meeting tonight,” Hard Drive said and then disconnected.

“Holy crud..,” T-Bone said as he put the receiver back. Razor walked up to him.

“What is it, buddy?,” Razor asked.

“Come on, I’ll explain it along the way back to the hangar. We need to tell Rico something,” T-Bone said and ran out towards their jet ; Razor close behind.


After Hard Drive told this to the SWAT Kats, he grinned and ran back to his leader. “It is done, my lord,” he grinned. Sith Leader had the same grin on his face.

“Very good, Hard Drive,” Sith Leader stood up and walked over to the two doctors. “Now, gentlemen. I wish to have the time machine key and then your use for us will no longer be needed.

Dr. Haako growled. “We will not give you the time machine key!,” he shouted. He began to keep telling the Sith leader about the dangers of using the machine and so forth to the point where the Sith Leader was getting annoyed. He took out his gun that he had in his uniform and shot Dr. Haako. Dr. Haako fell to the ground, dead. Then he turned to Haako’s counterpart; Dr. Gunray.

“Now, Doctor. The time machine’s access key if you will please,” he said. Out of fear, Dr. Gunray nodded his head and scurried away. He went over to a panel and took out his admissions key card. He slid it through a slot and presses his hand on an ID pad. A metal wall behind him opened, which revealed a square disk. Dr. Gunray took the square key disk over to the Sith leader.

The Sith Leader smiled at Dr. Gunray, seeing the fear in him.

“Good. Thank you, Doctor Gunray.” With that he aimed his gun at the doctor’s forehead and shot him also.

Hard Drive watched the Sith’s pure evil attacks on the doctor and grinned.

“I thought you would never be able to get the key from those doctors,” he said amazed.

Sith leader turned and grinned at Hard Drive. “Fear. Fear attracts the fearful, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally,” he said.

Hard Drive smiled. “Now once we have Dark Kat back here, I will regain my position at his side. Then together him and I will take over the city.”

“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that, Hard Drive,” the Sith leader said to Hard Drive coldly.

“And why not?,” Hard Drive asked,  a little taken back by this.

Sith Leader raised up his gun and shot Hard Drive in the head also, killing him also. He smiled down at Hard Drive’s dead body. “Sweet dreams.”


That night at the garage, Jake was trying to convince Chance into not going to meet up with the Sith leader. While Felicia was in her room, pondering what to do also. “I dunno, I want my parents back. But I can’t afford to lose Jake…but I love my parents. I want them back, there has to be a way to do both,” she sighed and walked towards Chance’s room to where he and Jake were.

“I’m telling you, Chance, don’t go,” Jake said persistently. “We need to discuss on how to stop Hard Drive. I am pretty sure that you and I can distract them long enough while Ricochet can pull the switch on them.” He saw Felicia and looked up at her. “Right, Licia?”

“I-I don’t know, Jake..I don’t think I can help out on this one. I mean this would get my parents back to me…but I could endanger a lot of people if Dark Kat should come back alive,” she said softly still contemplating her decision.

Chance sighed. “You see, Jake. We need to find a way to stop them now or something. Maybe there is a way to save her parents but not endanger something else. That is why I must meet with their leader now. That’s all that is to it right now.” He turned and left the room, heading off to their hangar. Jake sighed and watched him leave, then he turned and looked at Felicia.


That night at the MegaKat City Park around midnight, T-Bone was stealthy walking through the park. The night wind blowing through his fur, he shivered. He didn’t know that if he was cold or he was frightened. But no, he couldn’t be frightened. After all, he was T-Bone, a SWAT Kat. Razor was at the hangar monitoring his signal, if anything happened to T-Bone, Razor would be on alert, along with Ricochet. T-Bone looked around from side to side very fast, making sure that he wasn’t falling into an ambush. Suddenly a voice almost so familiar to him called out to him. “Hello, T-Bone,” the voice said.

T-Bone whipped around at the voice. The voice sounded so familiar to him but he couldn’t quite place it. A dark shadow walked out towards him. He stepped closer to T-Bone so he would be able to see him.  It was the Sith leader but this time he wasn’t wearing his mask so T-Bone could see his face. T-Bone who it was, he stood there, frozen in place.

“DarkClaw?,” he said softly.

“Back from the dead,” the Sith Leader replied. T-Bone was still frozen, his green eyes wide. “What’s the matter, T-Bone? No glib remark? No pithy comeback?”

“Why..?,” T-Bone asked softly.

The Sith Leader laughed. “Hilarious question. Particularly from you. Would you ever ask why? Why we toppled all those criminals and lowlifes. Only to come home ‘Well done! Good job, SWAT Kats! But sorry, enforcers don’t give a d*mn. Everything that you have risked your life and limb for has changed!”

“It was the job we chose,” T-Bone replied

“Of course you would say that. T-Bone, Callie’s loyal tomkat. Your probably secret lover. ‘Defender of Megakat’,” Sith replied. T-Bone had enough, he raised his glov-a-trix at the Sith, growling with fury.   “Oh, please, T-Bone. Put it away. It’s insulting to think I haven’t anticipated your every move.”

T-Bone relaxed his arm. “Yes..I trusted you, DarkClaw.”

“Trust. What a quaint idea. To be katnapped by the Linquei and made into a freak. Only to fight against you and pity everything against me.  I am loyal to Dark Kat. You know why? Because he loves me! Even more than my own father! Who wishes to kill me now. I helped kill Jake’s son because he was blind to see this too,” Sith said, a little hurt.

“Am I suppose to feel sorry for you?,” T-Bone asked him, showing no mercy to his son now. Because he knew that his son has changed and was pure evil and had to be his enemy.

“No. You were suppose to die for me,” Sith replied and grinned evilly.

“Closing time, T-Bone. Last call!” T-Bone raised his glov-a-trix, but a quick shot was fired. A tranquilizer hits his back and he collapsed to the ground. A sniper who was working with the Sith revealed his position. Sith stood over T-Bone.

“For Dark Kat, T-Bone,” he said coldly.


Jake was watching T-Bone’s signal down into the hangar. As soon as he saw that T-Bone was now in serious trouble, he growled with rage.

“D*mnit! I knew something bad would happen like this!,” he ran up the stairs to get Felicia.

“Felicia!,”he called out for her.

“Yes, Jake? What is it?,” she asked as she ran up to him.

“T-Bone’s in trouble. We have to go get him or do something,” Jake said, the fear was obvious on his face.

Felicia lowered her head down. She didn’t really want to go.  Felicia *did* want to help T-Bone but she wanted to let them make her parents be alive even if it did mean to help the bad guys win.

“I-I can’t go, just yet,” she said sadly.

Jake sighed and looked at her. “Look, my love. We’ll wait till tomorrow for you to make up your mind. We still have time before the Sith will activate the time machine,”he smiled and hugged her.

Bridgitte was upstairs near the top, listening to the conversation. “I have to get T-Bone for them. If they wait, it might be too late,” she said to herself. She ran off to Chance’s room and scurried through his drawer to find his gun. She was lucky enough that Chance showed her where the gun was just in case there was an emergency and this *was* an emergency. Bridgitte took out the gun and checked it to make sure that it was loaded. Then she thought about whether or not to sneak down to the hangar to  get an extra flight suit but her sneaking out alone was a risk as it was so she decided against it. She carefully held the gun in her hand as she scurried off to her room to hide it. Bridgitte would leave when the time was right but right now she would go off to bed since it was still around 1 am.


A hour later, Bridgitte was still leaving but she was having a nightmare. She was dreaming that her and Dusty was in her room watching television. For some strange reason she knew that he would die and she started to cry and weep. Dusty looked over at her. “Why are you crying? Please don’t be upset…I’ll be gone for a little while. But I *will* be with you, I promise,” he said softly to her as he stroked her face.

She looked at him, her eyes filled with tears. “You promise?,” she asked.

“I promise, “Dusty replied. “I love you, Bridgitte. More than the world. I will never ever leave you.”

Suddenly her radio alarm clock came on, awaken her from the dream. She glanced tiredly at the clock and saw that it was 2am. She quickly got up, she still had her clothes on and opened the door silently and slowly. She heard Felicia and Jake asleep and she tip toed down the stairs. Then she moved stealthy in the dark shadows of the waiting room to the door. She knew the door had a bell on it, she held the bell in her hands as she opened it and then closed it so slowly that it wouldn’t trigger the bell again. She glanced over at her car but knew it might wake up Jake or Felicia if she started it up so she decided to use Chance’s Kawasaki Ninja Bike. She rolled it down the salvage yard to the very end and then took off on it, heading to where T-Bone went.


Minutes later, she arrived at the Park, she arrived early due to the fact that the traffic was so light. She quietly walked around the Park hoping to find something that would trace to T-Bone’s whereabouts. Suddenly she saw a figure approach her, she gripped her gun at her side just in case it was an attacker. But to her relief it was Steele. Bridgitte let out a sigh of relief. Steele approached and smiled at her. “I’m alone,” Bridgitte told him as she relaxed off her gun and smiled at him.

“Aren’t we all?,” he replied back to her and held up a gun to her. “Hands up!” Bridgitte couldn’t believe it. Steele was working with the Sith!


Steele took Bridgitte to where the Sith headquarters was located. Inside the main room, the Sith leader was eating some food at a table. He looked up, his eyes immediately settling on Bridgitte. Already taking notice on her gorgeous body and beautiful eyes; not even paying attention to Steele. “You brought me the perfect gift, Steele. Or you’ve made me a very unhappy man.”

“Razor wasn’t there with her,” Steele said, laughed a little.

“Good for Razor. Bad for you,” Sith said, not even changing his cold expression. He eyed Bridgitte again and decided to attempt to be a gentleman. “Take a seat, my dear.” Bridgitte gave him a mean look and sat down in a chair near his table. Sith leader walked behind her and knelt down. “You know, ShadowKat shared everything. Absolutely everything..” He pulled back her from her face to softly stroke her face. Loving the softness of it, how much he wished to have her. “To the victor go the spoils,” he smiled and thought about how soon he *would* have her.


At Enforcer Headquarters, Jenson was at his desk. He was suppose to be doing paper work but has been happening lately had been distracting him from work. He had a bunch of paper out on his desk with notes he had scribbled down about the incident that has been going on with the Sith.  He was alerted by Razor that morning that Bridgitte seemed to be missing so they had figured the Sith had taken her as well, plus what had been hurting Razor the most was that T-Bone was captured. Jenson had watched the video tape footage from the break in the TSA but he wasn’t able to trace the Sith leader. Suddenly Steele walked into his office, he had a look of dread on  his face. “What is it, Steele?,” Jenson asked.

“Bridgitte was taken by the Sith. I saw it,” Steele said fast, panting hard.

“Do you know where they took her?,” Jenson asked.

“Yes. At the Temporal Security Annex Building. But what I saw was some hidden place where entrance was very easy to get in,” Steele said and grinned. ” A hidden door near the back of the building. Beside it was a panel with colored buttons. I believed the leader pushed green , blue, red, red.”

“Very good, Steele. Jeez, any smarter and you’ll take Commander Feral’s job,” Jenson smiled at him and stood up.

” I hope so,” Steele smirked. “So you going?”

“Yep. As soon as possible,” Jenson replied.

“Well I better head home,” Steele said. “Been a long night.” He turned and left. Jenson took off towards the hangar. He figured that he might need some help on this one.


After Jenson arrived at the garage and told Jake about what was going on, they were discussing on what to do to get T-Bone and Bridgitte back.

“Well I figured, Jake, would be that you and I break into the building distract everyone then Ricochet would be the second wave and she would free everyone,” Jenson told Jake.

Jake looked over at Felicia who was looking right back at him. “Eh, no can do, Jenson. She’s still little confused on this, because of your mom and dad,” Jake replied as he saw Felicia get up from the table. Jenson looked up at Felicia and stood up.

“Sis, you can’t let us down now ,” He persisted as he followed her. “I know you want mom and dad back as much as I do but they are gone now and even if this time machine did work, it would alternate what we have right now.”

“What do I have now?! Tell me that! A dead son! Okay?! Plus a dead friend! What more do I have?!,” Felicia shouted at him angrily as she spun around to face him.

“Well what about Jake? Huh? You are going to lose your husband for kat’s sake. Don’t you see? If we save mom and dad then you would never have met Jake and everything you have now with him would be nothing. Don’t you love him?!,” Jenson replied back to her, obviously very frustrated with this. Felicia looked over at Jake with a confused look. Jake knew she obviously couldn’t choose. He sighed heavily and got up to walk away from this conversation. Jenson took note of this.

“Now look what you have done, Licia?! You upset Jake! I can’t believe you are so selfish! You are going to abandon Jake just like this? He *loves* you!” Felicia started to sob by this, getting very upset. Jake walked over to Jenson and laid his hand on his shoulder.

“Just let it go, Jenson. We can work out something..,” he said, a tone of sadness in his voice.

Felicia  turned around and walked towards her room. Jenson growling with anger.

“This is the city d*mnit! You don’t belong as a vigilante anymore. You hear that, Felicia?! You are *not* Ricochet! You don’t deserve that title anymore!,” he shouted at her.

“Then so be it!,” Felicia replied angrily back to him as she walked into her room and slammed the door.

Jake sighed by this and turned towards Jenson. “Let’s figure this out, Jenson. We have to get the others back before it’s too late.”


Later on that evening, Jenson and Razor were at the building ready to break in.  They had found the secret entrance that Steele had told them about. They were now down in the dark, basement of the building itself. They were unaware that the Sith had security cameras down there, watching their every move. Steele was watching the monitors of these cameras in a room on the 2nd floor along with the Sith Leader. “I thought the battle would take place far away from here. This is almost too close,” Steele said, shaking terribly from his fright.

“Patience, my friend. It will take awhile for them to get anywhere close to us. I’ll have them right where I want them. Now come, we have something else planned to do,” the Sith replied calmly.


Felicia sighed. She was in her bedroom,  her face shoved into her pillow, the fur on her face matted down by her tears. She growled with anger and threw the pillow across the room and then stood up. Her eyes lifted up and she caught site of herself in the mirror. “I AM Ricochet. I have to be. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one. Just like Razor told me. I love him,  and they are right. The city DOES need me. I just pray that we can fix this to where my parents can come back.” She walked downstairs to the hangar to change into her uniform. Once she did that, she hopped on the Cyclotron and took off towards the MegaKat Cathedral, unaware that she was being followed by the Sith.


Once she reached the Cathedral, she walked in slowly and quietly. She noticed that no one was there except a little old lady wrapped up in a black blanket. Ricochet moved her eyes back and forth across the room, scanning to make sure that no one was watching her. She decided to come here to help her get through all of this and make the right decision , if it came down to choosing between her family or Razor. As she approached the altar, which had candles all around it, she was about to just to bend down to pray when all of a sudden, one of the doors slammed shut! Quickly she got back onto her feet and ran towards another entrance. She was scared, her heart pounding! When she made it out of the doorway, someone caught her. She started to struggle hard. “Shh!! Shh!! It’s me Steele! Steele!,” Steele replied calmly as he held her from struggling.  Ricochet stopped struggling and faced him, her face starting to smile from relief. Steele smiled back. “See? There we go,” he replied. All of a sudden, when Ricochet turned around, she became face to face with the Sith Leader. A look of pure evil was on his face, unbelieving at what was happening, she turned back to Steele hoping for an explanation but when she saw the same look on Steele’s face, she knew that she was in trouble.

“Oh no you don’t!,” she cried and hit Steele hard, just being able enough to make him let her go. She took off running.

“After her!,” the Sith cried as he followed her. Ricochet’s breath was becoming fast, she could feel the cold sweat of fear on her fur. She jumped on her Cyclotron and drove off real fast. She knew she had to get help, and knew just where to go find it.

Steele and the Sith stopped in their tracks when they saw her leave. “Well she’s gone,” Steele responded, smiling a little.

The Sith leader growled and held Steele around the neck. “I want her back! Now go get her!”


When Ricochet reached Enforcer Headquarters, she knew she would find some help there, but the things took a turn for the worse. Unfortunately her help, Felina had gone out on patrol that day and wouldn’t return till  much later on. So she got stuck there with Feral, and he was angry by all what has been happening. Feral had decided to arrest her and question her about the events that had been going on. He took her to his office. He had Ricochet sit behind his desk, her D5K on the table.

“How do we get into that building?,” Feral asked.

“I assumed you knew how,” Ricochet replied.

“I have 2 SWAT Kats missing, a Colonel missing and my niece missing,” he told her, his tone becoming fierce with anger.

“Or at least, that is what a traitor here wanted you to think,” Ricochet answered him, her voice also becoming angry.

“Who has the authorization codes to that building?!,” Feral shouted.

“Oh will you stop it?!,” Ricochet shouted back at him. She was tired of constantly having to deal with Feral. Now wasn’t the time, she had to find Razor and the others before it was too late. “It was Steele. Lieutenant Commander Steele is the one who helped katnap a lot of the missing people in order to help the Sith. I saw him working with the Sith.”

Feral’s eyes turned wide as he listened to her, still having some doubts in his voice when he asked her, “Are you certain it was Steele?” His voice very soft.

“Yes, he has helped the Sith kill everyone and steal the time machine,” Rico replied to him, her voice also becoming calm.

“And why would he do that?,” Feral asked.

“Simple, Feral. They want to kill you.  Once they have that machine in the Sith’s power, Steele can waste you away along with everyone else,” she replied. “It takes no rocket scientist to figure that one out.”

“Thank you, Ricochet,” Feral said softly as he leaned back into his chair. Puzzled about what he had just heard.

Suddenly Steele busted into them room. His voice panting hard, it had seemed that he was in a rush to get there. “Commander, I must protest. You told me that this was my investigation. You’re out of order.”

“From what I am hearing, it is YOU who is out of order,” Feral replied angrily to him.

Steele picked up Rico’s gun, both Feral’s and Rico’s eyes went wide. “I have seen this gun before.”

“Put it down,” Feral told him sternly.

“In the hands of our enemy, these vigilantes,” Steele continued.

“Put it down. Put it down, Lieutenant Commander!,” Feral shouted.

“Do you know who the enemy even is, Ulysses? Do you?!,” Steele shouted back.

Feral had enough! He stood up quickly. “Guard!,” he shouted. Steele quickly turned around and shot the guard was standing in the room, then he turned back and shot Feral in the neck. Feral collapsed on the floor. The gun had broken through his windpipe making him unable to breathe, he suffocated to death within seconds. Ricochet jumped out of her chair quickly onto the floor in cover.

Steele’s turned wide as he looked down at Ricochet, exchanging the magazines on the gun. “Commander Ulysses Feral..murdered by a vigilante, Ricochet,” he said as he put a blank magazine into the D5K and tossed it at Ricochet. Ricochet took the gun and slung it behind her back to where she kept it. Steele took out his gun. “She shot him while trying to escape..Guards!!”

Ricochet sprung up and hit Steele right across the face, knocking him down quickly. She knew the response time of the guards and knew she couldn’t  risk being scene right now. She took out a smoke screen ball and threw it on the floor. Once she knew Steele wouldn’t be able to see her, she climbed on the window onto the window sill and shot a grappling hook onto the sill above her with her grappling gun and she slid down the cable to the ground to where she then got onto her Cyclotron and head off towards the hangar to get some weapons, knowing right then she would be going alone.


Steele was now back at the TSA, monitoring the whereabouts of Jenson. He had just then had taken notice that Razor had came along with Jenson. His face turned pale with dread.   The Sith noticed this and grinned. He was amazed at how the SWAT Kats had struck fear in the criminals of the city.  Steele growled, furious in the fact that he knew they were finished when the other SWAT Kat was there. “How does that SWAT Kat fit into your marvelous plan? You crazy lowlife!,” Steele screamed, so terrified! “You are going to get us all of captured and I’ll be killed because I killed Feral!” The Sith growled at him and shot Steele right square in the chest, killing him.

“Shut up!,” he yelled at the dead corpse. He turned towards one of his guards. “Keep monitoring them. I will deal with them myself,” he flung his cape as he turned around and made his way down to where Jenson and Razor were.


Jenson and Razor were walking down a hall way that was partially lighted.  Up head was a more lighted area that had a big circle in the middle. The circle appeared to be a very deep hole, so deep they couldn’t see the bottom of it. Razor took out his glov-a-trix and decided to pop in a couple of missiles in it. “Razor, I’ll go on ahead some to make sure the area is clear,” Jenson said as he walked ahead. Razor finished loading up the glov-a-trix and ran towards Jenson. But a red force field shield appeared before him and stopped him in his tracks. The force field had separated Razor from Jenson. Just as Razor was about to call out to Razor, he saw a pair of doors open near the side of the room to where Jenson was. There in the door way stood the Sith leader. He took off his cape to reveal his identity to them.

“Holy Kats!,” Jenson cried out.

“It’s him…,” Razor said, soo amazed by this. The Sith smiled evilly at Jenson as he slowly approached him. Razor started to become frightened. “Jenson get out of there!”

“I can take him, Razor,” Jenson said back to Razor, his paws bawling up to fists.

“Oh really?,” Sith taunted. “Let’s have it then, Jenson. One on one. No guns.”

“Don’t do it, Jenson. It’s a trap..,” Razor said.

“Hush up, Razor! I can do this!,”Jenson said. He turned back to the Sith. “You’ve got it. No weapons.” He tossed his gun aside and the Sith threw away his gun.  The Sith then pounced at Jenson taken him on by surprised and they started to fight. All that Razor could do was to watch the fight helplessly.


Meanwhile Ricochet had reached the TSA and now had managed to sneak past the Sith group in order to find the others. They were all in one big huge back room that was locked up. One guard had spotted her but she quickly took him out with her D5K. When she opened the door to find the others, she grinned. “Let’s kick some tail,” she said to the others.


Jenson was doing okay during the fight, true he wasn’t winning but then again he wasn’t dead. He had several scratches especially on his face. But then again Sith had a pretty bad scratch on his right arm. But by the expression on the Sith’s face, Razor knew he had something planned. He had saw Jenson trying to block all of the Sith’s move but the Sith was over powering him. Suddenly Razor saw the Sith whip to his side pocket, Razor knew he was grabbing something. Razor’s eyes went wide when he saw a small knife like sword. The Sith held Jenson close and stabbed him hard right in the chest. The small knife had went through half way through Jenson’s body and then the Sith pulled it back out. Razor almost stopped breathing when he saw this, he quickly scanned to Jenson’s face and saw the look of surprise, fear, and pain in Jenson’s eyes. “No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” Razor screamed out. Jenson subconsciously fell to the ground. The Sith quickly replaced his sword and turned around to face Razor. Razor’s chest was moving up and down some by his breathing, he was so angry. He kept looking at the fallen limp body of Jenson and then he finally managed to look at the Sith. The Sith could almost see the fire burning in Razor’s eyes.

“You want to be out here to get me don’t you?,” The Sith taunted to Razor.

“Yeah…,” Razor growled. “And soon as I do, I am going to kill you.”

“Oooh. A brave challenge by someone like you. You see, Razor. I AM not afraid of you. It is you that should fear. I have your partner,  your friends and I have killed one of your friends. Do you think you could possibly beat me?,” The Sith chuckled.

“I would sure love to try,” Razor said as he bawled his hands into fists.

The Sith grinned and moved his hand across of the shield and just like that it disappeared. Razor’s eyes went wide. “Oh I forgot to mention, Razor,” The Sith said to them. “Those chemicals that they injected into me to turn me into Scorpion have made a reaction when they removed the chemicals from my body.  I have great force power so I would beware.”

“Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see that,” Razor challenged and pounced on the Sith.


Meanwhile Rico and the others were trying to make their way through the TSA building in order to find Razor and Jenson. “You sure you know where you going, Rico?,” T -Bone whispered. “If we keep running into the guards, we’ll never be able to find them.”

“I KNOW where we are going, T-Bone. I overheard Steele telling Jenson and Razor the direction to getting into this place,” Rico replied as she kept her eye out for a guard or two.

“But I thought you said that Steele was a bad guy?,” Bridgitte asked.

“He IS. I know you might think it is a trap..but I am praying it isn’t. Now let’s keep moving,” Rico said quickly as she moved down the steps.  Once she made it down the steps, she saw the lighted corridor to where Razor and the Sith were. “I think I see something, this way!”


Razor had just knocked the Sith hard onto the ground but he came right back up and punched Razor right in the face. Razor was becoming overwhelmed by the Sith’s quickness. He had now tried to use all of his strength to block the Sith’s throws which he was successful but getting very weak. Right when the Sith stopped and Razor let down his guard, the Sith held his hand up to Razor and a great force lifted Razor off his feet. Razor fell down the hole but to his luck there was a piece of a pipe sticking out just far enough for him to grab onto. The Sith smiled to himself and walked up to the hole in a way that he was thinking that he had won. He looked down and saw Razor holding helplessly to the pipe, he knew he had Razor right where he wanted him but he would wait some to let Razor be frightened some.

“I have you now, SWAT Kat,” he said evilly down to Razor.

“Let him go!,” a voice screamed towards him. It was Ricochet, both she and the others were running towards the Sith. The Sith growled from impatience, he wanted to beat them, he wanted Dark Kat back. He took out a smoke screen ball. “You see I have one too, Rico.” He tossed it onto the ground and the whole area began to fill up with smoke. All of the others were coughing.

“Great!,” T-Bone complained.

“Wonderful!,” Ricochet replied. When the smoke cleared, both T-Bone and Ricochet had noticed that Bridgitte was no where to be found.

“Bridgitte??,” Rico called out but no reply.

“Crud! The Sith freak must have taken her again!,” T-Bone growled.

“Hey guys!! Anybody want to help me down here?,” Razor called out to them.

Ricochet and T-Bone ran over to the hole and T-Bone reeled down the grappling cable to Razor, till Razor was able to climb up onto. “Thanks,” Razor smiled to them.

“No prob, love,”Rico smiled back at him then her face turned serious. “Where’s  Jenson?”

“Eh….,”Razor said and sighed sadly, nodding head towards  the limp body of Jenson near the other side of the hole.

Rico’s eyes grew wide with shock.

“Jenson..Jenson!!!” She ran over to him quickly. Jenson was still alive for the most part, he was bleeding all over, his shirt was covered with blood and there was a blood puddle forming beside him.

“It’s too late…,” Jenson said, his voice very weak.

“No…,”Rico choked as she started to undo his shirt some. Jenson started to cough, starting to close his eyes. Razor and T-Bone watched this, knowing that there was nothing to do. Even if Jenson was able to get to the hospital he already lost too much blood. “You are not going to die on me Jenson….” But Jenson did die..his eyes closed shut. Ricochet saw this, tears rolling down the cheeks of her face.  Razor bent down on his knees and held Rico.

“It’s okay, love ,” he said softly to her as he rubbed her back. But Rico wasn’t okay, she kept crying, she couldn’t stop! She wanted Jenson back, she felt like this wasn’t fair to her.

“Razor,”T-Bone whispered. “We need to go after the Sith if we wish to stop him and get Bridgitte back.”

Razor nodded. “Love, we need to go find the Sith. Come on.”, he tugged at Rico’s arm. She nodded sadly and stood up.

She looked down once more at her fallen brother and then turned away, never wanting to see it again. “I am going to kill that lowlife, I swear.” Ricochet took off running trying to find Sith, Razor and T-Bone followed.


When they reached the place to where the time machine was located, they saw the Sith standing there holding Bridgitte, with a gun at Bridgitte’s head. The time machine was already ready to go. “Stay right there!,” the Sith shouted.

“Let her go!,” T-Bone shouted.

“I will once I get to where I want to go,” the Sith shouted back. The noise was so loud from where the time machine was located. “I decided to change plans I am going to back just where Dark Kat will be shot and stop that so your parents will still be dead Ricochet! Looks like I win, SWAT Kats. You lose!” He got into the time machine, Bridgitte screaming to be let go. The time machine started to spin fast and then disappeared. Rico and the others covered their eyes from the light blast. Minutes later, the time machine capsule appeared but it was empty.

“They’re gone..,”Razor said softly, he couldn’t believe. They just witnessed a technological break through.

“I think we should go after them, but I know it will be risky,”T-Bone said. Razor nodded, then both he and T-Bone approached the time machine capsule.

“Wait a minute, guys! Take these!,”Rico called out to them as she ran up to them holding wrist bands.

“What are those?,”Razor asked.

“I think they are some kind of devices which calls the time capsule back in order to return here. All you do is punch the number of the year you want to return in,”Rico replied. They put the wristbands on and then got in the time capsule in pursuit of the Sith.


Few seconds later, they appeared in the building to where Dark Kat was, they knew it must been way before they were coming to attack him during this time. “We have to find the Sith before its too late,” Razor replied. They started to walk up the steps in order to find the Sith. Up ahead they saw a person in a black outfit hiding near a door. They knew the Sith knew he couldn’t be seen either because Dark Kat’s men would truly see him and would probably shoot him. Razor told the others to stay back as he would get the drop on the Sith then the others could help. Razor pounced on the Sith. T-Bone and Rico ran to the room and took care of the guards. Sith growled with rage and punched Razor hard in the face, causing him to fall back. Razor growled back with fury and scratched the Sith hard across the face. They continued to fight each other, both taking painful wounds.


Meanwhile T-Bone and Rico had taken out most of the guards that were in the room, but to their favor they found Bridgitte there too. She was tied up in the corner with a gag in her mouth. Ricochet ran over and untied her.

“You okay, Bridgitte?,”she asked. Bridgitte nodded.

“Rico, go back to our time using your wristband, as soon as Razor and I defeat the Sith we’ll come back,” T-Bone ordered.

Rico nodded and tugged on Bridgitte’s shirt. “Let’s go,” she told her. Right before Bridgitte left to leave, she looked out the window and caught a figure running towards the window.

“Holy Kats…,”she said softly.

“What is it?,”Rico asked.

“It’s him…It’s my love!,” she said happily. Rico looked out the window and saw ShadowKat running towards the building. She knew then that they didn’t have much time, they couldn’t run into their own selves or it would alter time.   She shook her head to try to resist to stay there. “Bridgitte, we must leave,” she persisted.

“I’m not going,”Bridgitte pouted.

“You HAVE to, “T-Bone argued. ” That isn’t ShadowKat. That is his old self. You can’t be with him now or it would alter time significantly.”

Bridgitte shook her head, this couldn’t be! She HAD to be with him. “I want him back!,”she started to scream. “I want to be with him! I want to be with him!” T-Bone’s eyes grew wide, knowing that she could alert Dark Kat and his men and that would have been great.

“Get her out of here!!!,”he shouted to Rico. Rico punched some buttons on her wristband then both she and Bridgitte disappeared. But just as she did, some more of Dark Kat’s men ran in. “Oh, great,” he mumbled and got ready for an attack.


“Ooomf!,”Razor said as he fell to the ground pretty hard. He looked up at the Sith, still seeing no weakness in him. Razor touched his face and felt the blood coming from his right cheek where the Sith had scratched him pretty hard there. The Sith showing no mercy pounced on top of Razor and drew out his small knife, the same knife that killed Jenson.  Razor could even see Jenson’s dried blood on the knife, he growled with fury trying to k nock Sith off of him but when the Sith placed the knife right up to Razor’s neck, he stopped squirming.

“Now this does look familiar,” The Sith said coldly. “Now where I have seen this? Let me think.. oh yes, this is exactly the way your friend, Jenson looked before he died.” He took the knife away from Razor’s throat and placed it right in his right arm. He put the knife in so deep and then started to twist it. Razor screamed out in pain

“AhhhhhhHHHHHHh Crud!!,”he screamed, gripping onto the Sith’s clothes.

T-Bone’s ears perked when he heard this. “Razor!,” he said out loud. Suddenly the last remaining guard that he had been fighting with, pounced on him from the back. T-Bone growled with frustration. “Get off of me!” He threw the guard against the wall. He ran out of the room to where The Sith and Razor were and saw the Sith holding the knife against Razor’s neck, the knife already covered with blood.

“Now prepare to face death and say hi to Jenson when you get there for me,” the Sith said and leaned up to slash Razor across the neck. T-Bone ran as fast as he could and knocked the Sith off of Razor. The Sith being knocked off with a powerful force T-Bone’s anger, he lost his balance and fell off of the edge. T-Bone saw this and gasped, he ran and slid after the Sith grabbing by the foot. The Sith was now dangling over the banister, his life basically in T-Bone’s hands. T-Bone looked down into the Sith’s eyes hoping to find mercy or love so he wouldn’t have to let him go. But all he saw was the look of evil and no love for him. “Come back to us, Matthew..please, don’t be this way.”

The Sith growled. “Long live, Dark Kat,” he sneered.

T-Bone sighed heavily and knew he had to do what needed to be done. The Sith saw this and looked back up at him. “For MegaKat, T-Bone?”

T-Bone shook his head. “No, for me.” He let go of the Sith and he fell off the edge, crashing into the floor below him which was about a

20 foot drop. The Sith choked blood and looked up at T-Bone from down below. Then he turned his head and closed his eyes, dying. T-Bone rolled over onto his side, sighing heavily, crying softly, his paws covering his face. Razor got up, clenching his right arm and walked over to T-Bone. “T-Bone….,”he said softly, unable to say anything because he couldn’t find the right words to tell his partner. None of them had to face something like this and Razor wished he wasn’t T-Bone.

“It’s okay, Razor,”T-Bone replied, as if he knew what Razor was thinking. “It needed to be done….he was bad and wouldn’t turn.”

Suddenly Razor saw Dark Kat walking  into the room below, he also noticed that the Sith’s body had disappeared. Dark Kat looked up at Razor. “Oh sh*t,”Razor said. “T-Bone, we need to go”

“Why do you say that buddy?,” T-Bone asked. But before Razor replied, he hit the deck and bullets flew above him  hitting a picture .

“Because that’s why!,”Razor screamed. They pushed some buttons on the wristbands, which put them back in the time capsule.

When they were in the time capsule, they heard the usual beeping but then an image appeared on the screen in front of them. It was the Sith. “Welcome, SWAT Kats. I anticipated on you defeating me, that is why I had a  victory present for you. I have altered your present course and changed it for something special in mind. Something that would have happened if I was successful. Hope you enjoy,”The Sith said from the recording and then it went off.

“What does that mean?,”T-Bone asked his partner with a confused look on his face.

“Not good,”Razor said. The time machine went to the future time to a specific date that the Sith had preplanned.

“Hey buddy, anyway of getting back to OUR time?,”T-Bone asked as the time machine was traveling.

“Yeah, IF we survive wherever we are going,”Razor replied.


Once the time machine stopped to wherever they were going, T-Bone and Razor were separated into different positions in the city. T-Bone find himself driving a Porsche 911 Turbo, a car that he always wanted. “Now this what I truly like!,” he cheered as he shifted the gear. He turned the car sharply to the right and went down a back road of the city, enjoying every second of it. Suddenly he heard the sound of pavement peeling up and explosion from behind him. He looked back behind him, his eyes growing wide from the site. Some kind of strange force was tearing up everything behind him and it was gaining fast! T-Bone shifted the gear to the max and started going down the hill, he crossed an intersection, barely taking out some cars. The force was right behind him, picking up the cars destroying them within minutes! “Crud! This isn’t good!,”T-Bone panicked. He began to push the right buttons on wrist band. “This better work!” The time machine picked up T-Bone right before the force destroyed his car.


Razor on the other hand, was stuck in a skyscraper building. He sighed, stood up and walked over to the window to look at the city below him. Suddenly to his horror, the same strange force was ripping through the city! Tearing straight through the buildings, disintegrating them along with it. As soon as Razor saw this, he took off running. He flung open the door that said exit and ran down the hallway of the building.  Explosions were going off behind him, which he knew that the force was ripping through the building right behind him! Razor covered his eyes from the blasts as he ran. He turned the corner sharply but to his horror, came face to face with the window. He screamed and jumped out the window.   He saw the ground coming further and further up close to him, he started to punch buttons on his wristband and prayed it would work. He closed his eyes and the time machine took him.


When Razor and T-Bone arrived back in their time, they were at the building from where they started at, Rico and Bridgitte were there waiting for them. “You guys okay?”Rico said as she ran over to them.

“Yeah, I think so,” Razor replied, his eyes still wide from what he had experience a couple minutes ago. He turned to his partner, whose expression was the same as Razor’s. “T-Bone, what the heck WAS that?”

“Well that was COULD have happened if Dark Kat was still alive I guess,”T-Bone replied.

“What? What did you guys see?” Bridgitte asked, looking at both of their faces.

“I dunno,”Razor said as he shook his head.

“It appeared to be some kind of explosion, a HUGE one. One so powerful that could disintegrate anything it went through within seconds.”

“A nuclear bomb?”T-Bone asked.

“Possibly,”Razor said. “Dark Kat’s one wish would have finally came true.”

“And we stopped it,”Rico added.

Razor and T-Bone nodded and smiled. They had stopped the city from facing total devastation.


A few days later, the SWAT Kats, Felicia and Bridgitte were attending the funeral service of Jenson and Feral. After the funeral service, Lieutenant Felina Feral was named as the new Commander of the Enforcers and Felicia was named as the new Lieutenant Commander of the Enforcers. There was no service for Steele for his deception to the city. While everyone was congratulating Felicia on her promotion, Razor stood by her side but T-Bone had snuck away. He walked used the Cyclotron to drive up to a small hill that overlooked the city. Usually Razor went up here, but he went up here this time.

He sighed and looked down at the city below and closed his eyes. He didn’t really want to lose his son during all of this but there wasn’t nothing he could have done since Matthew refused to be good again. T-Bone sat down and started to think about what Razor told him that the Sith said.

Suddenly T-Bone’s eyes went wide as he kept pondering this. “If the Sith said that when the chemical was extracted from his body he had a abnormal reaction to it which caused him to have great strange force. Maybe the reaction messed up his mind and caused him to be that way. If that is true then..” He gasped out loud, his eyes filling with tears. “Then maybe we COULD have saved him. Matthew didn’t need to die then..but we were blind to see that..”

T-Bone laid down on the ground and closed his eyes crying hard.

Did the SWAT Kats really mess up this time?

The End


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JourneyMan Project


Broken Arrow

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II

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I Disappear Music Video by Metallica

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