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Settle the Score

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,594 Words

Ace is now chasing Dark Kat on top of the antenna cradle. He wants to take Dark Kat down personally. The Enforcers, Ricochet, and the SWAT Kats are near the antenna watching to see if he needs any help.

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Author's Notes:


The SWAT Kats landed at where Ricochet was, Razor jumped out of the  Turbokat and ran over to where Ricochet.  “Ricochet, are you okay?” he  asked as he held her.  Ricochet nodded.

“Where’s your brother?” T-Bone asked from the cockpit.

“Up there,” Ricochet replied as she pointed up to the antenna cradle  to where Ace was.

“Why is he up there?” Razor asked.

“Dark Kat is up there,” said Ricochet.  “Ace said he was going to  give him a little pay back.  He wanted you two for back up if he called for  it.”

“We already brought some just in case.  That was why we took so  long,” Razor said as he smirked.  He pointed over to a hill.  “We contacted  Felina and told her to bring some back up just in case.  Why don’t we go  over there, we have better view of what is going on.”

Ricochet nodded and followed Razor to the Turbokat.  Razor jumped  into his seat and Ricochet sat on his lap.  T-Bone closed the canopy and  flew the Turbokat over to the enforcers.


Meanwhile Ace had reached the top of the antenna cradle.   Fortunately for him there were platforms that he could run on.  He looked  down and couldn’t realize how high he was!

“If I fall down, I am going to  be a goner,” he said to himself as he loaded up his ZMG.

He started to run  up to a staircase.  Some of Dark Kat’s guards were there but Ace quickly  took care of them.  He reached the staircase and ran down the steps to what  appeared a small building.  Inside were two drone guns and two guards.  One  of the drone guns spotted him and started to fire constantly.  Ace ducked  behind the wall of the building to wait for the drone gun to stop then he  quickly jumped back out and shot at the drone gun. The drone gun was hit by  the bullets and exploded.  Then Ace took out the guards.  He aimed his ZMG  at the other drone gun and shot it.

Suddenly an alarm started to blare  which made Ace cover his ears up.


Down on the hill, the enforcers were keeping contact on what was  happening.  Ricochet was looking up at the cradle with a pair of binoculars. Suddenly she spotted something and it scared her.  “Oh..no,” she said.

Razor heard her and walked over to her.  “What is it?” he asked.

“Look up there and tell me if the cradle is moving or is it just me,” she replied and handed Razor the binoculars.

Razor took the binoculars  and looked up at the cradle.  He also noticed the cradle moving.

“Kats alive!” he said.

“Razor, Dark Kat must be manually overriding the computer.  The  antenna is moving to intercept the satellite.  Dark Kat is going to set the  satellite back on course to hit the city,” Ricochet said.

“There has to be a computer up there,” said Razor as he ran over to  Felina.  “Felina, is there anyway you contact Ace?,” he asked.

“Yes.  All enforcers have walkie talkies with them,” said Felina.

“We need to contact Ace, can you patch me through to him?,” asked  Razor.

Felina nodded and ran over to her chopper.  She picked up her walkie  talkie and handed it to Razor.  “Ace, this is Razor.  Come in, Ace,” said  Razor.

Ace heard Razor on his walkie talkie and took it out.  “What is it,  Razor?” he asked.

“Dark Kat is trying to manually adjust antenna to intercept the  satellite, to make it put it on course for the city.  Do you see any kind of  computer up there?,” he asked.

Ace looked over in the building he was in and saw a computer.   “Yeah, I see one,” he said and walked over to it.

“Razor, there has to be some kind of code for the satellite,” stated  Ricochet as she listened in on the conversation.

Razor nodded and then said, “Ace, there will probably be some kind  of code for the computer.”

Ace smiled and said, “I already have the right code.” He took out  his ZMG and aimed it at the computer.  He shot the computer and until it  basically exploded.  When the alarm went off, he realized that he stopped  the antenna from moving.  “Yes!”

Ricochet and Razor both sighed in relief.  “Good work, Ace.,” Razor  said.

“Thanks.  Now I am going to find Dark Crud.  I’ll contact you if I  run into trouble.  Ace out,” said Ace and put the walkie talkie back into  his back pack.


Ace ran out of the building and ran over to a ledge which led to a  lower portion of the cradle.  There at the other end of the ledge stood Dark  Kat aiming an AR33 Assault Rifle at Ace.  Ace growled at the sight of him  and aimed his ZMG at Dark Kat.

“So this is the enforcer who has managed to stop my plans.  At least  one of them is able to stop me,” said Dark Kat.  “But I must ask you a  question.  Such anger you have against me..there has to be another reason  why you are after me.”

“You are right, Dark Kat,” said Ace.  “The day you murdered my  parents by that bombing is the day I vowed to seek revenge against you.”

Dark Kat smiled evilly.  “Well then since you miss them so much then  perhaps you should join them,” he said.  “From the cradle to the grave-your  grave, Ace.”

Ace growled even louder and started to run towards Dark Kat.  Dark  Kat started to run away but Ace continued his pursuit on him.  Little did he  know, that some of Dark Kat’s troops were following him as well.


Ricochet was watching her brother chasing Dark Kat through her  binoculars, she also saw the troops heading towards Ace.  “Oh, no!,” she  said to herself.  “I have to help him.” She glanced over at Razor and  noticed that he and T-Bone were watching the fight and discussing it.  She  started to sneak away from them and towards the side of the hill that would  lead towards the building.  She slid down the hill till she reached the  bottom and then started to run fast as she could towards the building where  the ladder was.  When she reached the ladder she took a deep breath and then  said, “Here goes nothing.”  Ricochet started to climb up the ladder.

About midway she quickly glanced down and couldn’t believe how she  was!  “Holy Kats!,” she said and tightly grasped the ladder.  She closed her  eyes because she started to become afraid.  “Come on, Ricochet,” she said to  herself.  “You need to get up there and help your brother.”  Ricochet opened  her eyes. “I have to save him!”  She continued to climb up the ladder.


“T-Bone, there is no way that Ace will make it out of there.  Dark  Kat’s troops are almost at him and he doesn’t even know it!,” said Razor as  he continued to watch the fight.

“Yeah, maybe we should go take care of those troops.,” said T-Bone.

“Roger. Let me go tell Ricochet first,” said Razor as he put down  his binoculars and started to walk over to where Ricochet was supposed to  be.  But to his surprise Ricochet wasn’t there.  “What the heck? Ricochet?  Where are you?!”  Razor back over to T-Bone.  “T-Bone, I can’t find Ricochet anywhere!”

“Aww…crud!!” said T-Bone.

Razor looked at T-Bone, confused.  “What is it, buddy?” he asked.

“I think I found her,” he said as he handed Razor the binoculars.

Razor took the binoculars and looked up at the antenna.  He saw  Ricochet up on the antenna cradle going after where her brother was.  “Oh,  great!” Razor moaned.  “We have to go help her!”  He ran towards the Turbokat, T-Bone followed.

Felina saw them.  “Where are you two going?” she asked.

“Up there, to give some back-up,” said T-Bone as he jumped in the  cockpit.  He fired up the engines and started to fly the Turbokat towards  the antenna.


Ricochet was running towards where her brother and Dark Kat were.   She had managed to take down a couple of his troops.  She saw Ace chase Dark  Kat into what appeared to be some sort of maintenance shed for the antenna  cradle.  “I had better go to see if he needs me,” she said and started to  follow.


Ace ran into the maintenance shed and saw Dark Kat standing beside  what he appeared to be a hole in the floor.  Dark Kat was breathing hard  from all of the running and had a wound on his arm where Ace had managed to  shoot in the arm.  The wound was bleeding terribly.  But Dark Kat did not  look afraid at all at Ace who still had anger in him.

“Come on is that the best you can do, *Ace*?, he taunted and jumped  down the hole.  Ace looked amazed at this and couldn’t believe jumped out.   He leaned to look down the hole and discovered that Dark Kat had landed on a  small platform that was connected to the maintenance shed by a pole with a  ladder.

Ace thought it would be crazy to follow him but he did not want to  let Dark Kat go so he jumped down the hole onto the small platform with Dark  Kat.


Ricochet ran into the maintenance shed and looked confused because  she was almost certain that they ran into the shed.  She ran over to the  hole and looked down and saw Ace fighting with Dark Kat on a small platform.  She was now even more scared for Ace because one bad move and Ace was a goner for sure.  She heard a sonic boom and knew the SWAT Kats were there  as well.


The SWAT Kats flew up the round small platform and watched the fight  with Ace and Dark Kat.  “Make sure you have the grappling hook ready,  buddy.,” said T-Bone.

“Affirmative,” said Razor.  “I wonder where Ricochet is.”

“I dunno…but we need to stay here just in case Ace falls off,”  said T-Bone.  Razor nodded in agreement but still was worried about where  Ricochet was.


Dark Kat and Ace were fighting each other on the platform already.   Dark Kat had managed to knock Ace’s gun away from him.  Dark Kat picked Ace  up by the collar and slammed him hard against the pole.  Ace cried out in  pain and slid down the pole, barely conscious.  Dark Kat laughed and threw  him onto the platform.  He aimed his assault rifle at Ace.  “Now, Ace,  prepare to join your parents,” he said.

“No!!,” Ricochet screamed and jumped down the hole at Dark Kat.  She  managed to knock Dark Kat off of the platform but unfortunately she fell off  too.  She held onto the platform’s edge, Dark Kat was holding onto her watch  for dear life. Ricochet was having a hard time holding on because Dark Kat’s  weight was pulling her down, she started to scream even louder as she  started to slip.  “ACE!!,” she cried.

Ace was beginning to come to his senses and saw Ricochet holding  onto the edge and Dark Kat holding on to her.  “Ricochet!,” he said and slid  over to her and started to try to pull her up but he couldn’t because of  Dark Kat.   “Hang on, sis!”  Ace started to try to undo her watch.

“I am slipping!,” Ricochet cried.

Dark Kat knew that now was chance to get rid of both Ace and  Ricochet.  He looked up at Ace and saw him trying to pull his sister up.  He  smiled evilly and took one of his hands and reached in the side of his cape  for a PP7 that he hid in there.  He pulled it out and aimed it at Ace.  But  it was too late, Ace undid the watch and Dark Kat started to fall.  He had  surprised look in his face, and fear has terror started to fill him.


The enforcers on the hill, the SWAT Kats in the Turbokat, Ace and  Ricochet watched Dark Kat fall into a lake that was located near the  building.    Dark Kat never came back up.  Ace smiled and pulled his sister  up.  He hugged her and then asked, “Are you alright?”

Ricochet nodded.  “You okay?”  Ace smiled.

T-Bone turned on the PA system.  “Hey you two, need a lift?,” he  asked as he smiled.

“Sure.,” Ricochet called.

T-Bone maneuvered the Turbokat just right beside the platform so  they could walk on the wing to the cockpit.  Razor slid his seat back far as  it could so Ace and Ricochet could both fit in.  T-Bone closed the canopy  and flew to the hill again.


When they landed on the hill, Ace, Ricochet and the SWAT Kats got  out.  Ace walked over to the paramedics to get treated for his injuries.   Ricochet watched them treat her brother and sighed with relief.  She was  glad that the worst part was over with.  Suddenly she felt someone put their  arms around her, she smiled because she knew who it was.  She turned around  to face Razor.  He smiled softly at her.  “I am glad that you are okay,” he  said.

“Same to you,” said Ricochet as she hugged him.

“How’s your brother doing?,” he asked.

“Good.  They said he just had some minor injuries.  I think he is  planning to go back to work to headquarters later on today.,” she said.

Razor laughed.  “Does your brother ever sleep?”  Ricochet laughed  and shrugged.

“I am just glad that Dark Kat is gone.  Now all I have to worry  about is Hard Drive and Turmoil,” said Ricochet. “But I guess this is the  end of Ricochet.  I know you feel that it is too dangerous for me.”

Razor shook his head.  “Never the end for Ricochet.  True it is  dangerous but I am not going to stop you.  You can be anything you want, Rico.”

Ricochet smiled and kissed him.  “You are so sweet to me,” she said.

Razor returned her kiss.  “That is because you are to me,” he  replied.  “Let’s go check on your brother.”

Razor and Ricochet held paws and walked towards the paramedics.  The  sun was setting down below the hill……they knew that they won the battle, but the war was far from over.

To be continued…… 

By: Felicia McFurry and Ace

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