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Mission at Katvenya

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,863 Words

Ace, Ricochet, and the SWAT Kats have arrived in Katvenya to take down Dark Kat. But, Dark Kat has some help. Will they be able to make it past the special forces to get to Dark Kat or not? If they do, will it just be a trap?

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Author's Notes:



The SWAT Kats had been following Jenson and Felicia all of the way  to a place called Katvenya.  Katvenya was a small area located about 200  miles from Megakat City.  The place was practically covered in snow. When  they arrived at Kavenya, T-Bone landed the Turbokat in an area where it  wouldn’t be seen.  The time was about 4:00 am.  The sky was overcast making  very difficult to see but luckily they kept an eye on where Felicia and  Jenson were.

“We better use the sub-zero gear, buddy.  Unless you want us to  freeze our tails off.”, said Razor as he reached under his seat and took out  the outfit.  He put on the gear, T-Bone did likewise.  They started to head  over to where Jenson and Felicia were.


Felicia and Jenson were also wearing arctic gear.

“Jenson, are you  sure that-“, Felicia started to ask but Jenson stopped her.

“Ace”, stated Jenson as he crossed his arms.

Felicia sighed.

“Ace, are you sure that Dark Kat is located here?”    Felicia took off the hood to her coat and started to put her mask on.

“I’m positive, Ricochet”, said Ace as he set down his backpack and  took out some weapons.  He handed Ricochet her silenced D5K and he took out  his ZMG.  Suddenly they heard someone coming behind, they cocked their guns  and turned around.  It was T-Bone and Razor.

T-Bone and Razor quickly held up their hands.

“Wait!  We’re friend!  Friend!”, said Razor.  Ace and Ricochet lowered their guns.

“Hey guys!, said Ricochet.

“What took you?,” asked Ace

“Don’t ask me,” stated Razor.

“Ask T-Bone, he was flying?”

T-Bone gave Razor a mean look.

“So why is Dark Crud here anyway?”

“Well, we have reason to believe that Dark Kat has some kind of  satellite that he can use to destroy the city.”, said Ace.

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier, Ricochet?”, asked Razor.

“Um.  Well since Dark Crud has totally ruined our lives, we decided  to take him down personally.”, said Ricochet.

“Ricochet, we need to be going.”, said Ace as he glanced down at his  clock realizing that Dark Kat could leave any minute. Ricochet nodded.

“But first we need to give these two some new weapons.”, said Ace as  he opened up his back pack again.

“What’s wrong with our glovatrixes?”, asked T-Bone as he looked at  his glovatrix.

“You see, your glovatrixes are too loud for this kind of mission and  we don’t want everyone in the area to know that we’re here.”, said Ace as he  pulled out two more guns.

“But won’t those guns, kill?”, asked Razor as he looked over at the  two guns that Ace had taken out with frightened look.

“Duh,” said Ace.

Ricochet saw Razor and said, “Um, Ace, Razor doesn’t like to hurt  people.”

“You save the city?  Could have fooled me.”, said Ace as he picked  up one of the guns that he had taken out.  It was the sniper rifle.

“Look,  you can have the Sniper Rifle.  Hopefully, all you need to do is take out  alarms and cameras.  Is that good?”, asked Ace as he handed Razor the gun.   Razor nodded.

“As for me, Ace.  I am not afraid to hurt people.”, said T-Bone  which made him receive a mean look from Razor.

“I want the best gun there  is.”

Ace handed the other gun that he had taken out.  It was a silenced  PP7.  T-Bone looked at the gun.  It was the smallest gun that he had ever  seen.  T-Bone had a ‘yeah right’ look on his face.  He felt like laughing at  its puny size but he was more insulted by it to laugh.  But Razor couldn’t  keep himself laughing and laughed which made T-Bone angry.

“Shutup, Razor,” said T-Bone.

“How come I have to have this gun?”

“Because its the only gun that is silenced and besides it shoots  well.”, said Ace.

T-Bone looked at Ace’s gun.

“Well, how come you get to have that  gun?”

Ace patted his gun.

“This is our little insurance that we make it  out alive if something goes wrong.  I hope I don’t have to use this because  we’ll have everyone after us.”

T-Bone understood what Ace was talking about but he still hated the  gun.

“I feel like I am going to break this thing.”, he stated

“Where to?”, asked Razor.

“Well, first of all we have to go to get a Comm Room Key which will  give us access to the room where the communications link is to the bunker.   Then we have go inside the bunker.”  , said Ace.

“Sounds easy enough.”, said T-Bone as he cocked the PP7 with  distaste.

“I wish”, said Ricochet.

They started to look around for the comm key.

“Now there are these  buildings where the key can be located in but we don’t for sure which one.   We have to be careful to knock down every camera so we can’t be spotted and  the alarm buttons.  Which will be Razor’s job”, said Ace as they continue to  run.

“It’s so hard to see”, said Razor.

“Here comes some of our friends.”, said Ace and he spotted 3 kats  wearing arctic suits heading their way caring guns.  These particular kats  were called Katvenya Special Forces.  It was a name given to them by Dark  Kat.  They wore insulated suits that had a mask on.  Their mask had a  breathing apparatus.

“Let’s get them.”, said Ricochet as she aimed their gun at the  incoming special forces.  She shot one twice and he fell down dead in no  time.  Then she aimed her gun at the other and took him down as well.

T-Bone aimed at the other one and shot him in the neck.  The kat  grabbed his neck as he started to suffocate.  The shot had stopped him from  breathing.  He fell down to his knees and kept holding onto his neck.  Then  he got into a fetal position and he died slowly. “Alright!”, T-Bone said  triumphantly.

“Good shot, T-Bone”, said Ace.

“But not as good as mine.”

Razor looked down at the kat’s dead body in disgust.  He never  thought he would help kill people and watch them die slowly.

“Hey, Razor.   Did you see that shot?”, asked T-Bone.

“I’m almost getting good as you.”

“Yeah, well let’s just get out of here.”, said Razor.

“There are two buildings over that way.  They might have the Comm  Room Key.”, said Ace.  They ran over to the area where the buildings were.   The buildings were across from each other.  There was a fence that ran  around the buildings.

“Okay, Razor you see that alarm on that building over  there.”, said Ace.

“Yeah.”, said Razor.

“You think you can hit that?”, asked Ace.

“No problem.”, said Razor as he started to aim.  He took it down  with 3 shots.  Ace was amazed and said,” Not bad.  Not bad at all.  Now  let’s go search that building.”

They ran inside the building.  Ace spotted the Comm Room Key.

“Look  there it is.”, he said and ran over to it.  He put the key in his pocket.   “Now let’s get out of here.”

They ran out of the building.  Right when they did that, an alarm  went off.

“Razor, I thought you hit the alarm.”, said T-Bone as he covered  his ears from the alarm’s noise.

“I did!”, said Razor as he also covered his ears.

“This doesn’t make sense.  There shouldn’t be an alarm going off.”,  said Ace as they started to head out of the area.  Ricochet stopped them.

“I found why, look over at the other building. “, said Ricochet as  she pointed at the other building.

“A camera!!!”, said Ace.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see that!”

“Well, we can’t worry about that now.”, said Razor.

“Where do we go  now?”

“The Comm Room which is located in the satellite tower.  They ran  towards the satellite tower.  Suddenly they heard gun fire behind them.   They turned around.  It was two more Arctic Special Forces.

“I’ll get them.”, said Ricochet as she aimed.  She quickly shot both  of them about 3 times each.  Giving them a quick death which Razor praised.   “Ha.  That showed them.”

Suddenly they heard a gun shot and Ricochet felt something hit her  in the back of her leg.  The pain was so immense that she fell to the  ground.

“Ricochet!!”, cried Razor as he saw her on the ground.  They turned  around it was one of the Arctic Special Forces.  Razor became angry and  picked up Ricochet’s gun.  Before T-Bone could aim at the guy, Razor shot  him about 5 times.  The guy fell to the ground.  T-Bone looked over at Razor  holding the D5K.  He couldn’t believe it!  Razor actually killed someone!!

“Sis, are you okay?”, asked Ace.

“I got hit in my leg.  I don’t think I can stand.”, said Ricochet as  she gripped her leg.

“Go on without me.  I am going to endanger you if I  finish the mission with you.”

“No way.  We have to split up.  I remember to be an abandoned  building over that hill over there.  Razor, you take Felicia to the building. T-Bone and I will destroy the communications link.”, said Ace.

“Um, we’re going to have some company.”, said T-Bone.  They turned  around and saw 8 of Dark Kat’s Special Forces coming their way.

“Oh, no!”, said Ace.

“I thought it wouldn’t come to this.”

T-Bone and Razor had confused looks on their face but Ricochet knew  what Ace was talking about.

“Ace, don’t.”, she said.

“That would  definitely get us into trouble.”

“But this is the only way to make sure that you get to a safe area  and that T-Bone and I can get to the Comm Room safely.”, said Ace as he  pulls out a remote mine from his pocket.

“Is that what I think it is?”, asked Razor as he looked at the  remote mine.

“It’s a remote mine with the trigger in my watch.”, said Ace as he  armed the mine then knelt down and put the remote mine in the snow.

“Now  let’s get out of here!  T-Bone provide us cover.”, said Ace as he picked up  Ricochet and carried her in his arms.

“You got it!”, said T-Bone as he started to fire at the incoming  kats.

They ran down the hillside and stopped.  Ace laid Ricochet down and  peeked over the top of the hillside.  The special forces were only about 15  feet away from the remote mine.

“Razor, get Rico and be ready to head over  to the building”, said Ace as he put his finger near the trigger on his  watch.  Razor picked up Ricochet and put her in his arms the way Ace had  her.   Ace watched the Arctic special forces coming.  They were 10 feet away  then 5 feet away then it came.  They were right on top of the mine.  Ace  pushed the trigger.  Suddenly there was a big flash of light then there was a huge explosion.  The fire engulfed some of the Arctic Special Forces the  others were thrown about 20 feet away.

“Kats alive!”, said T-Bone as he watched the explosion.

Razor watched the explosion and closed his eyes.  He couldn’t see  these people being killed by that.  Sure he did fight crime.  But his  weapons were basically for tieing up the criminals or hold them in place.   They never hurt someone.  He basically would knock them out or hurt them a  lot.  But never kill.

“Razor, take Ricochet out of here.”, said Ace.  Razor  nodded.  Ricochet tossed T-Bone her D5K.

“You might need it.”, she said.

“Hey, thanks!”, said T-Bone as he put the PP7 in his pocket and held  the D5K.

“Now it’s party time!”

Razor took Ricochet to the building while T-Bone and Ace ran to the  satellite tower.  When Razor reached the building he put Ricochet on the  ground.

“Stay away from the windows just in case.”, said Razor as he took  out his sniper rifle.

“And what are you going to do?”, asked Ricochet.

“I am going to stand guard outside just in case they get wise to our  whereabouts”, said Razor.

Ricochet looked incredulous.

“Are you kidding!!!”, she said.

“It  would be safer besides they might not come look for us if they don’t see us  in here.”, said Ricochet.

“But Fel-um Ricochet. “, protested Razor.  He would feel better if  he know they wouldn’t be in any danger hiding in the building until Ace and  T-Bone came back.

“Razor, please,” Ricochet pleaded looking right at Razor.

Razor sighed.   He figured that maybe Ricochet was right.  He nodded  his head in agreement.  Ricochet gave Razor a smile and said thank you to  him.

“We better just hope that no one does come or we’ll be gonners”, said  Razor as he sat down beside Ricochet and held her.


Meanwhile Ace and T-Bone had reached the satellite tower.

“This is  the place”, said Ace as he opened the door.  T-Bone and Ace walked in and  closed the door behind them.

“Now the communications link is probably  upstairs.”, said Ace.

“Then let’s go!”, said T-Bone as he cocked the D5K.  T-Bone lead the  way up the stairs.  Suddenly Ace saw another camera up near the door and  pulled T-Bone back.

“What is it?”, asked T-Bone.

Ace pointed towards the camera, T-Bone saw the camera.

“Not this  time”, said T-Bone as he aimed the D5K at the camera.  He fired about 5  times till he hit the camera.

“Now I know why you’re the pilot and not the weapon systems  operator.”, said Ace as he laughed.

“Hey, I hit it.  That’s all that matters.”, said T-Bone as he  followed Ace to the room.  When they reached the room they discovered a  table with a monitor and two computer consoles on it.

“That it?”, asked  T-Bone.

“That’s it.”, said Ace.


“Razor, you better check outside to see if anyone’s coming.”, said  Ricochet.

“Okay.”, said Razor as he got up and looked outside the window.   What Razor saw scared him.  About ten Arctic Special Forces were heading  toward the building.  Some were checking buildings that were in the area.   Razor knew that they would also check the one that they were in.   “Aw, crud!”, he moaned.

“What is it?”, asked Ricochet as she looked up at Razor.

“We might have company.”, said Razor as he cocked the Sniper Rifle.

Razor could see the fear in Ricochet’s eyes.

“How-how many?”, she  asked trembling.

“I see at least 10 and many more are heading this way.  They are  checking the area including the buildings.”, said Razor.

“Oh no!”, said Ricochet as she lowered her head.

“I going to have to radio T-Bone”, said Razor as he took out his  communicator.

“T-Bone come in.”, he said into the communicator.


T-Bone heard Razor’s voice over the communicator and took out his  own communicator.

“T-Bone, here.”, said T-Bone.

“We might have some company.  There are at least 10 Arctic Special  Forces in the area and they are searching the area including the  buildings.”, said Razor.

“Oh, great!”, said Ace as he overheard the conversation.

“Just hang on, buddy.  We’ll be there in about 5 minutes.”, said  T-Bone.

“T-Bone, we might not be here in 5 minutes.”, said Razor as he  looked out of the window and saw that the special forces were about 40 feet  away.

“We’re on our way.”, said T-Bone.


“Come on, Ricochet.  I am going to have to put you somewhere safe.”,  said Razor as he picked her up and carried her over to the boxes.  He put  her behind them.

“Now if they come in here, don’t make a sound.  That way  they won’t see you.”, said Razor as he picked up a sniper rifle.

“Razor are you kidding?!  There’s no way you can hold them off with  that gun!”, said Ricochet.

“I rather have a gun than no gun.  Now be quiet.”, said Razor as he  crept up to the window.  The special forces were still heading their way.   Razor knew that T-Bone and Ace would never make it back in time.  He knew  that he didn’t like killing people but this was self defense.

“Come on,  T-Bone.  Get here.”, Razor whispered.


“Now in order for them not to know where we are.  It’s better for me  to try to use the code to shut it down.  Silent and efficient.  Here, hold  my gun “, said Ace as he handed T-Bone his ZMG.  He looked down at the  keyboard and started to press some numbers.

“Great!  Do you know the code?”, asked T-Bone.

“Um.  No.  But I can figure it out.”, said Ace and continued to  punch in some numbers but nothing was working.

T-Bone was getting impatient.  Razor and Ricochet were going to be  in a lot of trouble if they didn’t hurry up.  So he fired the ZMG at the  table.  The table collapsed making the communications link computer break  and explode.  Ace was shocked.

“I was just about to get it.”, he said.  He  turned to T-Bone and quickly took away the ZMG.

“Give me my gun back.”

“Hey, I was just about to start to like it.”, said T-Bone.

Suddenly they heard a noise that came from downstairs.  It sounded  like a door closing.

“Um.  Ace, we did shut the door.  Didn’t we?”, asked  T-Bone.

I think so.”, said Ace.

“It was probably the wind.”  They started  to make their way downstairs.  Suddenly they ran into one of the Arctic  Special Forces.

“You call that the wind?”, asked T-Bone as he shot the kat with the  D5K.

“Let’s go get them.”, said Ace as they ran outside and towards the  building where Ricochet and Razor were.


Luckily for Razor and Ricochet only one of special forces decided to  go into the building.  Razor aimed his gun at the door waiting for the guy  to come in.  Razor held his breath and took one quick glance to make sure  that Ricochet was still behind the boxes.  The kat opened the door and  walked in.

“Hello.,” Razor said and he shot the guy twice.  The guy fell  down dead.  Razor went over to the body and dragged him inside and shut the  door quietly.  He was thankful that only one of them came to the building.   He peered out of the window.  He saw two more approaching.  They opened the  door.

“That’s it.  Right this way.”, Razor said to himself as he aimed,  waiting for the kats to be in range.  But he wasn’t so lucky.  They spotted  the dead body and one of them called for help.  The other walked in the  room.  Razor shot him and ran over to the door and shot the other one.  One  of them was carrying a KF7 Soviet.  Razor picked it up.  He knew it would be  loud but right now it didn’t matter.  He looked out of the window again and  saw 10 running to the building.

“Oh, no!”, he said. They walked in the  building.  Razor took out two but more kept coming in.  Razor knew that he  would put himself and Ricochet in danger if he continued to fire.  So he  dropped his gun and held up his hands.  He knew this would be it.  Suddenly  the guards were being hit by something and they fell down dead.  He heard  gun shots outside and the sounds of the special forces being hit.  He looked  outside and saw Ace and T-Bone heading to the building.

“Bingo!”, Razor  yelled triumphantly.  He ran over to Ricochet.

“Come on, Ace and T-Bone are  here.”, said Razor as he picked up Ricochet.  T-Bone ran into the building.

“Come on!  Let’s get out of here!  Before more of those uglies come  back!”, he said.  They ran out of the building.

“The bunker is over this way.”, said Ace as he lead the way.  When  they reached the bunker they saw Dark Kat’s Fear ship.

“Must be the place,” said T-Bone as they ran over to the bunker’s  entrance.  They heard gunshots heading toward them.  They knew Dark Kat’s  Special Forces were following them.  Ace opened the bunker’s door.

“Everybody in!”, he said.  They ran in and went downstairs but they  stopped in their tracks.  Inside were two guards holding guns and one of the  Special Forces walked behind them and pulled out his gun.  They were  surrounded.

Dark Kat walked out of the shadows with a menacing look on his face. “Welcome to Katvenya, vigilantes,” he said.  Ace, Ricochet, T-Bone and  Razor were captured.  The door to the bunker closed.  They knew now that  they may never be able to make it back outside.

To be continued…. 

By: Felicia McFurry, Ace and Isis

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