Original SWAT Kats Story

Looks Like the Gang’s All Here

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,837 Words

Ace, Ricochet, and the SWAT Kats are now in the Enforcer Archives awaiting interrogation. But, little do they know that they are in a trap for Dark Kat. Dark Kat has them right where he wants them. Just hope they can make their way out of Dark Kat’s Archives!!

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Author's Notes:


The SWAT Kats, Jenson and Ricochet were taken to the Enforcer  Archives.  The Enforcer Archives was a huge place and looked brand new to  T-Bone and Razor.  They both knew that the building must have recently been  built.  Once they arrived, Jenson and the SWAT Kats were first taking to the  interrogation room which was on the first room.  Ricochet on the other hand,  was taken to the medical room which was located on the second floor.

In the interrogation room, Jenson and the SWAT Kats were told to sit  down behind a desk and Feral sat down in front of the desk.  There were two  enforcers standing guard and another one outside of the room in the hallway. “So,  SWAT Kats…why were you two in Katvenya?,” asked Feral.

Jenson answered for them.  “The reason why they were there was  because Dark Kat has created a DoomsDay Satellite which he is planning to use on the city.  Ricochet and I were already going after Dark Kat but we asked  for their help as well.,” Jenson stated.

Feral gave a mean look at Jenson.  “Did I ask you, Colonel?,” he  said angrily.

“No.  But I didn’t want you to pin another one on them, sir,” Jenson  said through clenched teeth, he was angry at Feral.  T-Bone smiled at Jenson  and thought that Jenson was just like him when he was in the enforcers.

“Also, about Ricochet.,” said Feral.  “We found out that she is  really your sister.”

“You unmasked her?!,” Jenson asked when he was shocked at this.

Feral nodded.  “All of you are under arrest, and I have to write  down your real names.  When a transport comes to take you two to Enforcer  Headquarters, we will unmask you as well,” said Feral as he looked at  T-Bone and Razor.

“Where is my sister?” Jenson demanded.

“She is in the medical room, asleep.  We had to knock her out.  She  was causing trouble for us.,” said Feral.  “She wasn’t cooperating and she  was threatening my enforcers to tell her where you were.”

When Feral said this, it made Razor mad.  He growled and jumped at  Feral, knocking him on the ground.  The enforcers who were also in the room  ran over to where Feral and Razor were to get Razor off.  But it was too  late, Razor extended his claws and scratched Feral across the face.  One of  the enforcers hit Razor over the head with his gun almost knocking him out.   Razor lay on the ground, barely conscious.  Feral got off them ground, his  paw over the wound.

“Razor!!,” T-Bone said when he saw the enforcers hit him.  T-Bone  punched the enforcer who hit Razor over the head and ran over to Razor.   “Razor, are you okay, buddy?,” he whispered.  The other enforcer held his  gun at them, T-Bone kept himself in front of Razor protecting them.

“Enough!,” Feral yelled.  “I have to get back at Headquarters.”  He  walked up to the enforcers.  “If they try to escape, kill them.”  The  enforcers saluted as Feral left the room.  He walked outside to his chopper  and left the area to head to Enforcer Headquarters.


In the interrogation room, T-Bone was helping Razor up, Razor was  holding his head.  “You okay, Razor?,” asked Jenson.

“Yeah.,” said Razor.

“Great,” T-Bone moaned.  “What do we do now?”

“I dunno,” whispered Razor.  “But we need to get Ricochet.”


Flying above the Enforcer Archives was the Fearship.  Dark Kat had  his best troops assembled and was preparing to attack.  He landed the  Fearship outside of the archives but only long enough for his troops to  disembark, then he took off again and flew the control center.  His troops  loaded their guns and stormed into the archives, shooting anyone they saw.   The Sergeant cared about the prisoners and knew he had to get them to safety. He knew it would be impossible for him to get to the second floor where  Ricochet was, so he ran to the interrogation room.

When he reached the room, he threw up the door.  Everyone was  surprised by his appearance, the Sergeant was gasping, trying to catch his  breath.  “It’s Da-Dark Kat.,” he finally managed to say.  “When need to get  you to somewhere safe.”  The Sergeant walked up to the wall and touched it.   What Jenson and the SWAT Kats amazed them, the wall was hiding a secret  passage.  “Quick! Get here in!,” the Sergeant ordered.

Jenson and T-Bone started to make their way to the passageway, but  Razor hesitated.  “But what about Ricochet?,” he inquired.

“Couldn’t get to her.  They have the second floor blocked.  Hurry up  and get in, there’s not much time!,” said Sergeant.

Razor stood there speechless, he did not want to lose Ricochet.   T-Bone grabbed his arm.  “Come on, buddy,” he urged.  Razor gave in and  followed T-Bone.  The Sergeant made the wall go back down again.  Seconds  later, Jenson and the SWAT Kats could hear the door to the interrogation  being broke down and then gun shots.  They could hear the enforcers’ screams  and then….silence.  Then the door closed.

This scared Razor.  “I am going to get Ricochet,” he said as he  started to make his way to the wall.

“Razor, you are unarmed.  You won’t last out there in no time!,”  protested T-Bone as he held onto Razor.

“And what I am supposed to do?  Let them kill her?!,” asked Razor.   T-Bone lowered his head.

“I think they’re gone.,” stated Jenson.  “We could go back in and  get the enforcers’ guns.  It will be better than being unarmed.”  The SWAT  Kats nodded and Jenson made the wall go back up that lead back into the  interrogation room.  The Sergeant and the enforcers laid on the ground,  dead.  They were bullet holes covering them…..a small pool of blood formed  around their body.  The sight of them made Jenson and the SWAT Kats sick to  their stomach.  Dark Kat’s troops had basically shot them to death.  Jenson  bent down and picked up one of the Enforcers’ guns, which was a Dostovei.   Razor picked up one of the enforcer’s Soviet while T-Bone picked up the last  gun, which was a PP7.

“Oh great!,” he complained.  “Deja vu.”

“Ok, the sergeant said that sis was upstairs, so we have to find  some way to sneak back upstairs,” said Jenson.

“Well maybe Dark Kat’s troops are gone.  They could have been just  sent in to kill us and the enforcers,” T-Bone suggested.

Razor shook his head.  “I don’t think so, buddy.  They probably are  still up there.”

“Well, we’ll just have to mow them down like they did the  enforcers,” said Jenson as he walked up to the door.  “Ready?”

T-Bone and Razor nodded.  Jenson open the door and looked down the hallway, only to  discover one of Dark Kat’s men.  Jenson shot the guy and then ran across the  hall to a door and opened.  T-Bone and Razor followed.

The room they entered appeared to be some sort of storage room.   There were boxes laying all around them.  “Let’s move,” said T-Bone and they  started to make their way across the storage room.


In the medical room, Felicia laid on the bed asleep while two  enforcers kept watch over her.  Suddenly the door busted open and two of  Dark Kat’s troops walked in.  The enforcers drew their guns but it was too  late,  Dark Kat’s men shot the enforcers first.  The enforcers dropped their  guns and fell to the floor as well.  Felicia was awaken by the gun shots and  saw Dark Kat’s men.  She screamed at their appearance.  They ran over to her  and held her.  Felicia looked at them in terror but recognized one of them.   One of them was the same kat who guarded the building that her parents were  in, the one that she shot but let him live. They guard also recognized her.

“So… this is Ricochet,” the guard said.  “Dark Kat was looking for  you.”

“Well, if he is why don’t we just take her back to him?,” suggested  the other.

“I don’t think so.,” said Felicia as he kicked one in the leg and  then kicked the other in the stomach.  She started to run to the door,  screaming and crying.  But the guard, that she kicked in the leg, grabbed  her before she could open the door.

“You little devil, she-kat,” he said and threw her down on the bed.   “Jimmy, hold her.”

His partner held onto the bed while the other started to look around  for something to use on her.  He spotted one of the shots with some antiseptic.  He picked it up and walked over to her.  Felicia saw what he  had in his hands and started to struggle, trying to get free.

“No!!” she  screamed.

The guard injected her with the shot in the arm.  Once he did  that, Felicia started to become sleepy.  She struggled to stay awake afraid  of what they might do to her when she fell asleep.  But couldn’t… finally  she became unconscious.


Meanwhile downstairs in the storage room, the SWAT Kats and Ace had  managed to make their way out of the room.  There was a guard in the room  but he was taken out pretty quickly.  They ran upstairs and turned left  which turned onto another hall.  The hall had boxes piled up everywhere and  they almost did not spot the guard behind one of the boxes.  The guard saw  them and jumped out into the open to shoot them but T-Bone shot him first.   Suddenly there was a gun fire and the box beside Razor received a bullet  hole.  They turned around to notice another guard, aiming his gun at them.   Jenson shot the kat in the knee, making him fall onto the ground, holding  onto his knee.  Jenson decided to let him live and they continue to make  their to the end of the hall.

Once they reached the end of the hall and opened the door, they were  amazed at what they saw.  They appeared to be in some sort of records  department.  There was a floor below, a flight of stairs from their level  lead to the lower section.  2 guards were on the right side while another  one was standing at a door at the end of the records department.  The SWAT  Kats and Jenson decided to each take a guard.   Jenson and T-Bone would have  the ones on the right while Razor would take the one at the end of  room.   Unfortunately for them, Razor was using a Soviet.  Once the guards were  taken out, because of Razor’s Soviet, 3 more appear from other doors.

“Oh, great!,” Razor complained.

“Way to go Razor,” T-Bone mumbled

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault, this gun is too loud,” protested Razor.

“Will you two be quiet,” said Jenson and then he added, “Or we’ll  have more company.”  He shot at the guards, Razor and T-Bone also helped out.

“Let’s go down to the door where that guard was standing at,” said  Razor as he started to run to the door.  T-Bone and Jenson followed him,  providing cover as they went.  They reached the door and went inside. The  room was much similar to the records department.  They was a guard standing  at a door and another room at the other end.  Jenson took out both guards  before they could even fire back.  Suddenly a guard came in from another  door and pulled something out.  The SWAT Kats and Jenson were confused by  this but when they saw what the guard had, they started to panic.  It was a  grenade and the guard threw it right at them.  “Move!,” Jenson yelled.  They  jumped behind one of the shelves that was in the room. The grenade exploded  which brought in more guards by the noise it made.  Jenson growled in  frustration and shot at the guards, T-Bone and Razor helped him out.  Once  they made sure that the area was secure they went over to the door that one  of Dark Kat’s troops was guarding.  Razor opened the door but when he saw  what the room was, he hesitated to walk in.  It was the medical room  containing two of Dark Kat’s troops.  Razor saw Felicia on the bed,  unconscious and this angered him.  He thought for sure that they killed her  and screamed, “Nooo!!!”  He shot both of the guards with his Soviet.  Then  he ran over to Felicia.  He dropped down beside, unable to move.  Razor put  his paw beside her face and felt that it was warm, meaning that she was  dead.

“Felicia?,” he said softly.

Felicia’s eyes slowly opened and she moaned.  Her head was throbbing  and she felt light-headed.  Her vision was unclear but when it start to  become clearer and she noticed that Razor was there, she, “Razor?”

Razor smiled, glad to know that she was not dead.  “Yeah. I am here,  Felicia,” he said.

T-Bone and Jenson smiled at the sight and Jenson closed the door.   Jenson walked up to the bed, T-Bone followed.  Felicia made herself get up  and held her head.  “Am I glad to see you!,” she said and hugged Razor.

“Me too,” said Razor.

“I thought that Dark Kat’s troops had gotten you.,” said Felicia.

“We thought the same about you, sis,” said Jenson.

T-Bone nodded.  “I think that it is time for us to leave this  building.,” he said.

“Right.,” said Jenson.

“Can you walk?,” asked Razor.

“I think I can,” said Felicia.  Razor held his hand out, Felicia  held onto it.  He pulled her up.  “Yeah.  I can.”

“Good, now let’s get out of here,” said Jenson as he opened the  door.


They made their way back to the records department.  “Let’s go back  the way we came,” said Jenson as he started to run to the door that would  lead back into in the interrogation level.  He opened the door but didn’t  like what he saw.  5 of Dark Kat’s troops were running right towards where  they were, their guns a blazing.

“Oh, crud!!,” Jenson yelled and shut the door.

“What is it?!,” asked Felicia.

“Let’s just say that the way is blocked,” said Jenson.  “This way.”   He motioned for them to follow him.  The SWAT Kats and Felicia started to  follow Jenson, T-Bone asked, “But Jenson, isn’t that the way out?”

“Not anymore.  We are going to have make our own exit.,” he said and  ran over to the record department’s large windows.  Suddenly the door opened  and the troops started to make their way over to them.  Jenson shot at the  glass and broke it.  “Anyone care to join me?,” he asked and then jumped out  of the window.

“Are you sure he is your brother?,” asked Razor.

“Yeah.,” said Felicia.  T-Bone followed Jenson, Razor and Felicia  held hands and then jumped out after them.  Once they landed on the ground,  they started to make their way of to the Turbokat which was parked in the  same area.

“Now what do we do?,” asked Felicia.

“We go to Dark Kat’s Control Center.,” said Jenson.

“Roger that,” said Razor.  T-Bone jumped into the Turbokat and  started to warm up the engines.

“Come on, sis,” Jenson called from his Hummer.

“I guess I’ll see you there, Razor,” said Felicia.

“Yeah,” said Razor

“Be careful,” said Felicia.

“You, too,” said Razor and he kissed her.

“Let’s go, Razor,” yelled T-Bone.  Razor pulled away.  “See ya,  Licia,” he called as he started to make his way over to the Turbokat.   Felicia ran over to Jenson’s Hummer.

The SWAT Kats, Jenson and Felicia started to make their way to Dark  Kat’s Control Center, in hopes that they would finally give Dark Kat what he  deserved!

To be continued……. 

By: Felicia McFurry, Ace and Isis

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