Original SWAT Kats Story

Gravity of Love

By Felicia McFurry

  • 2 Chapters
  • 42,327 Words

Felicia gets pulled into the dimension of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but something that she does not intend happens. Could she actually be having feelings for Donatello? But what will happen to Razor if she does? Crossover.

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Author's Notes:

By: Felicia McFurry/Ricochet Rating: PG
Warnings: Some violence, minor language.

Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and  concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without  permission.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and related characters are  copyright to Mirage Studios and are used without permission.

NOTE: This is a SWAT Kats Fan Fiction/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Crossover. Those who are familiar with my SWAT Kats fan fiction based on the  Felicia McFurry Saga Series this is a fic that I am squeezing in after  Chapter 15 it will be like a mini part. If you would like to know exactly  what my character Felicia McFurry aka “Ricochet” looks like and a little bit  about the saga then go to http://www.angelfire.com/va2/Ricochet .

Those who  are familiar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the turtles in this fic are based from the cartoon series around 1993 before the darker cartoon series  around the episodes “Michealangelo Meets Mondo Gecko” and “Night of the Dark  Turtle” that’s how they look. For more information on who the Turtles are  and what they look like go to  http://www.angelfire.com/va2/Ricochet/TMNT/tmnt.html or  http://ninjaturtles.com .  Also, please note that the voice actor Barry Gordon does the voices of Razor  in “SWAT Kats The Radical Squadron” and the voice of Donatello in “Teenage  Mutant Ninja Turtles” so please make note of that to help you understand  this fic more! Please enjoy!

Chapter 1

Raph tossed and turned in his bed, the ongoing sound of clanging from  Donatello’s workshop was driving him crazy. “How can a turtle get some peace  and quiet in here?!!” he bellowed.

He had thought that, for once, he could actually get a nap during the  day since Leonardo was out shopping for Michealangelo’s 17th birthday present  and Mike himself was out sewer surfing. But then he forgot about Donatello.  Oh, who could forget about Donatello? To him, Donatello seemed to be the real  noise problem of the lair.

Climbing tiredly out of the bed, Raphael staggered to Don’s workshop.  Inside, Don hammered loudly on his portable portal; the workshop looked like  a junkyard! There was piece of metal everywhere. Donatello himself was almost  buried with metal parts from what seemed to be the portal.

“Um, Donatello…ever heard the phrase ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’?”

Donatello looked up at him from the portal with the look of frustration and  annoyance on his face. “Very funny, Raphael. As a MATTER of fact, I am  working on Michelangelo’s birthday present.”

Raphael shook his head and replied, “Looks like you are just rebuilding  your portal do-dad.”

Donatello sighed and shook his head as he stood up from where he was bent  down, laying his hammer on the table. “Look, only an IQ level as high as mine  could actually know what I was working on,” he said with a smirk. He knew  how to always rub it in to make Raphael jealous, and of course it worked!

Raph approached the modified portal, “Come on, Donatello. Why don’t you  tell me about Mike’s little birthday present?”

“Oh I don’t know, Raphael. I kind of like it to be a surprise,” Don said,  scratching his head.

“And it will be!” Raph said with a smile putting his arm around Don’s  shoulder.

Don sighed and looked at Raph.  He knew he was going to regret telling  Raphael Mike’s special birthday present but the opportunity to show off his  new invention was a chance he would never pass up. “Fine. Look, I am  modifying the portal so that way we could teleport someone from any  dimension into our dimension with a time limit of two weeks then be readmitted  back to their dimension, so that way if something ever goes wrong they will  always go back with the coordinates locked in so we won’t lose it. I just  hope I get it perfected before tomorrow,” Don sighed, wiping his brow with a  handkerchief then picking up his hammer and walking back over behind the portal  once again.

“Oh that’s it? I thought it would be something really cool!” Raphael  sarcastically said as he walked out of the workshop, calling back, “Just make  sure to keep the noise down now in there, Dr. TurtleStein. This turtle needs  his beauty sleep.”

Donatello shook his head.  No matter how hard he tried to please someone  with his intelligence in technology it seemed not to please someone. “Feeble  brains. No one ever appreciates fine technological advancements. I wish  someone I knew would actually think with their brain instead of their  stomach. Knowing my brothers, they would have loved a new pizza maker.”

Donatello looked over at the opened control panel, seeing the enormous  mass of wires connecting to different parts of a motherboard inside. He closed  his eyes and sighed once again. He knew why he was making this invention,   and actually it really depressed him. Ever since the turtles and him met the  Neutrinos, Michelangelo had had his eyes and heart set on Cala and ever  since she went back to her homeworld in Dimension X, he’d done nothing but  mope around the lair sometimes in one of his moods. By creating this  invention, he could bring Cala to their dimension for a while to make Mike  happy. Donatello didn’t understand love; it never occurred to him. Maybe he  was too busy or maybe no one ever cared about him?

Suddenly, Master Splinter entering the workshop disrupted his thoughts.  “How’s the project going along, my pupil?”

“Going great, Master,” Donatello said with a bit of sadness in his voice.

Splinter sensed the sadness and approached him. “What’s troubling you, my  son?”

“Just a bit confused, sensei. I just don’t get what Michelangelo  goes through every day. I don’t understand how seeing Cala again would  provide happiness, which I know he’ll get once I get this machine working,”  Don tinkered on the machine to just keep his mind relaxed.

“Don’t worry, Donatello. One day you will understand and learn what your  brothers are going through. Michelangelo is just experiencing love earlier  than you are. You must be patient, your chance will come,” Splinter said  with a smile as he placed his hand on Don’s shoulder.

Don sighed sadly and looked down at the ground, putting his hammer down,  then started to rub his head. “I guess you’re right. I just don’t  understand. I mean Leonardo had Lotus Blossom, Raphael had that Mona Lisa  lizard woman and Michelangelo has Cala. What’s wrong with me?,” he said his  lips quivering as sadness became greater, his eyes filling up with tears. He  sniffed as a tear slid down his face moistening his skin.

“There’s nothing wrong with you, my young ward. You are unique just like  your brothers. Do not push this emotion that you are trying to feel or it  will never be true to you. Let it come, and, trust me, one day you will  experience it and it will be the best time of your life,” Splinter said with  a smile, patting Don on the shoulder as he stood back up and walked out of  the lair.

Donatello sighed a little and then continued to modify his portable portal.

About a couple of hours later, Michelangelo ran into the lair with his  surfboard over his shoulders, “Awesome current today, dude!” he said,  smiling over at Raphael who was sitting on the couch watching stand up  comedy on television. Michelangelo put his surfboard against the wall and  plopped down on the couch beside Raphael. “Hey, tomorrow’s my 17th  birthday!”

“Really? Oh, I would have never known,” Raph said back sarcastically with  a huge grin on his face, crossing his arms. Michelangelo’s face went from a  smile to a frown. “Just kidding, Michealangelo!” Raphael grabbed Michelangelo,  wrapping his arms around his neck holding him in a vise-like position,  giving him a noogie, laughing hard.

“Cut it out, Raphael!” Michelangelo laughed as he struggled to get free  till finally Raphael did let go.

“So, what did you get me for my birthday?” Mike said with a big grin on  his face just like a child’s face.

“Now, now. You’ll have to wait till tomorrow, but looks like Donnie is  going to outdo me again,” Raph replied, putting his feet up on the coffee table  and leaning back some against the couch.

“Really? What did he get me?” Michelangelo exclaimed with glee, almost  jumping right off the couch in delight.

Raphael grinned big; how he loved to tease Mike. “Well I shouldn’t really  tell you, I mean Donnie told me not to tell and all.”

“Oh come on, dude! You know how I hate when you partially tell me  something!” his younger brother whined. He grabbed his wallet off the coffee  table and grabbed a five-dollar bill out of it. “This is my last five dollars,  man. I’ll give it to you just tell me!” Mike waved the bill in front of Raph.

Raphael reached out and grabbed it. “Done! Okay, okay.  Look, don’t go  blabbering about it. But, Donnie is working on his portable portal thing-a-ma-bob  to help get Cala to come to our dimension for a while so you can be with  her.”

“Really?!” Mike shouted out really loud, his heart pounding hard, his eyes  wide with a cheerful expression. How he had waited for this moment, it had been  a year without her. “I can be with Cala?!!”

Raph’s eyes went wide with fear.  If Donatello found out that he squealed to  Mike, he would kill him. “Shh!! Pipe down will you?”

But, before he knew it, Michelangelo ran towards Don’s workshop extremely  happy. “Cowabunga!!!”

Raphael’s heart almost stopped. “Boy, am I glutton for punishment or what?  Michelangelo! Come back here!!” He got up and ran in pursuit of Michelangelo  and grabbed him.  But, it was too late; he was in the entrance way of the  workshop and there sat Donatello about five feet in front of them, working on  his portal. “You want to get us caught?” He looked down and saw Donatello  look at Raphael with fire in his eyes. He gulped. “Uh hi there, um Donnie.  Mike was just um coming in to check on his favorite brother!” he said  nervously with a complete look of guilt on his face.

“You told him, didn’t you?! I can’t believe you!!” Donatello growled as he  threw down his handkerchief and stood up.

Raphael put up his hands, trying to make Donatello calm down. “Now just  calm down, Donnie. Hehe um Mike wanted to learn about your invention, that’s  all..”

“I’m going to kill you!!” Donatello screamed as he ran after Raphael.

Raphael took off screaming they ran through the lair until suddenly Raphael  skidded to a complete stop when he saw Splinter standing in his way, looking  at him with disappointment on his face. Donatello bumped into him.

“Turtles! What is the meaning of this roughhousing?” Splinter demandingly  said slamming his walking stick against the ground.

“Master, Raphael squealed to Michelangelo about his birthday present that I  was going to give to him!” Donatello whined, giving Raphael a mean look.

“Raphael!” Splinter said with a stern look. “Explain yourself.”

“Well you see um, sensei, Michelangelo gave me money to tell him what Don’s  present was and I told him but I didn’t know he was going to run in and look  for himself,” Raphael said as he rubbed his head; he hated to get in  trouble.

“Michelangelo, come in here!” Splinter called out to Mike, who walked in  with an ‘I know I’m in trouble’ look on his face. “Did you bribe Raphael to  tell you Don’s present?”

“Yes, Master Splinter,” Mike said looking down; some birthday he was  getting.

“I am disappointed in you, my turtles. First Raphael, keeping a promise  for someone is very honorable and once you make a promise with someone you  shouldn’t break it. Michelangelo, bribing is terribly wrong. You shouldn’t  bribe someone to get such petty information; you must be patient. Like they  say ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ And, look where not waiting got  you, my young ward: into trouble. Finally, Donatello, I know you must have  been angry at finding out what Raphael had done but you must learn to control  your anger and forgive others. Now I think it’s best that all of us go to  bed.  We have a busy day tomorrow for Michelangelo,” Splinter said as he  smiled to Michelangelo.

“But master, my invention isn’t completed yet!” Donatello exclaimed.  He  knew he had a few more bugs to get out of it to get it working perfectly by  tomorrow.

“You need rest, Donatello. You can get up tomorrow to continue your work on  it. Besides, Michelangelo has all day to receive his gift,” Splinter said  as he turned his students towards their rooms, giving them a soft push to  make them start walking.

“Awww, Splinter,” Michelangelo groaned.  How he longed to see Cala again. To  him, a few extra hours felt like an eternity.

A few hours had passed that night and it was around dawn. Donatello hadn’t  slept pretty much a wink.  Questions filled his mind along with different  procedures on how to fix his portal. He woke up around 4am from the sleepless  night and swore he could already hear someone already up.  He looked across  the hallway to Mike’s little bedroom and saw that his light was on.  Michelangelo was sitting on his bed, holding a picture of Cala in his hands  just staring at it, sniffing a little bit as he cried.

Donatello sighed and stared at him; he couldn’t understand it. “Poor guy,”  he thought to himself. “Well, since I am already up, I better start to work on  my invention some. I can recircuit some of the wires that wouldn’t wake the  others up.” He sat up and knew that the squeaking of his bed as he lifted up  alerted Mike for he saw Mike look over at his bedroom then turn off the  light, sliding back under the covers. Donatello grinned and walked out of his  room towards the workshop.

Throughout the day, Michelangelo was having a terrific birthday. He  received a new pair of nunchuks from Splinter, a new surf board from  Raphael, and a gift certificate for fifty dollars to Vinnie’s Pizza from  Leonardo, but his main focus was on Donatello’s present which wasn’t  completed yet. To allow Donatello some more time and some peace from eager  Michelangelo, Splinter told him to go out to the beach and surf for a while  and come back around that evening to receive Donatello’s gift. Unfortunately,  around 5pm when Michelangelo came back from the beach almost exhausted from  the great surf that day, a terrible electrical storm came up.

“Dude, are you finished yet?,” Michelangelo said as he stood there in the  workshop, getting really annoyed with the time delay.

Donatello sighed and stood up, rubbing the back of his head. “I don’t know,  Mike. I mean, I haven’t really tested this thing and I don’t know if all the  bugs are out of it.”

Raphael overheard the conversation and decided to walk in and listen rather   than to go in the practice room with Splinter and Leonardo. “You mean to  tell me you’re not done yet, Mr. Wizard?”

Don shook his head, “I don’t know what’s wrong. I mean, Mike, the storm  could be messing up the coordinate frequency. I mean, we could try to get Cala  once I establish communication with them again and see if she’s ready but then  again something could go wrong and she could be sent to another dimension or  we pick up the wrong dimension instead.” He looked over at the computer  console with a grim look on his face.

Raph glanced over at the impatient Mike. “Do it.”

“Alright, alright,” Donatello groaned as he walked over to his  communications radio and put in the Dimension X frequency to tell Cala that  he was ready. Something about doing this felt wrong to him but he wanted to  make Michelangelo happy.  After all, it was his birthday.  But, deep down inside  he knew that he was no where near finished on his modifying project. The  radio hummed and buzzed with static as his fingers turned the dial.  Suddenly,  he heard a familiar voice, which he noted, made Michelangelo grin.

“Hey, you crazy turtles, what’s happening?” Cala said over the radio.

“Hey, Cala. This is Donatello. Are you all set?” he asked with a smile,  getting kind of eager to test out his new invention.

“Hey dudette!” Michelangelo said as he rushed over to the radio with the  biggest smile on his face.

“Hey Mikey! You hunk you! I missed you. It will be soo good to crash at  your place for a while and be with you,” Cala replied.

Don winked at Raph and then chuckled a little.

“Okay, Cala, get ready. I am about to open the portal,” Donatello said as  he sat down in the chair in front of the portal computer console fixing the  coordinates for Dimension X. Michelangelo crossed his fingers, his heart  pounding hard in his chest. How he had waited for this moment. Donatello glanced  over at his anxious brother then started to activate the portal, but, suddenly,  an alarm started blare from the machine.  He looked over and a look of dread  fell over his face.

Michelangelo just felt his heart sink when he saw the worried look on  Donatello’s face and managed to get out the words, “What’s going on?”

Don looked over at the coordinates of the portal, the dial spinning rapidly.  This was what he dreaded for using the portal in its unfinished stage. “I  don’t know but somehow the electrical storm threw the coordinates off  course! The portal has been activated but not in Dimension X!”  His eyes  were wide.  He started to push buttons on the console, trying to close the  portal. He had no idea on what would come through the portal. He didn’t even  know what dimension it was locked on!

At another dimension in a city called MegaKat, Ricochet had just gotten  home from her battle with Dark Kat. She sighed, every muscle in her body  hurt with pain but the joy of finally avenging her parents’ deaths eased her  pain. Ricochet had just taken off her black mask when an electrical sound  perked her ears. She turned around and there right in front of her was a  green portal sucking her in to it.

“What the heck?!” she cried out grabbing the couch, digging her claws into  the polyester, dropping her mask on the floor. She let out a cry as she lost her  grip and was whisked away in the portal, leaving no trace of her but a burnt spot  on her carpet where the portal had appeared and her mask on the floor.

The screen on the computer console back in Donatello’s workshop showed a  small blip on it as it started to beep.

“Uh-oh, guys. Something’s coming through. Looks like something about our  size,” Donatello said, fear entering his voice. That’s all they needed in their  dimension again, some convicts from an alter dimension or some huge dimensional  creature.

From the commotion in Donatello’s workshop, Splinter and Leonardo ran in.

“Turtles prepare for an attack!,” Leonardo shouted taking his two katana  swords from their sheaths on the back of his shell.  His other brothers  followed in suit.

The dimensional portal gateway got brighter.  There was smoke everywhere  from the machine’s overload, causing the Turtles and Splinter to cough. But, finally,  when the smoke cleared, a feline form laid on the ground before them, unconscious.

“Is it dead?” Raphael asked as he tapped it with his foot.

“Raphael!” Splinter said sternly. “Leonardo, grab a washcloth and a  pillow.”

“Yes, Master Splinter,” Leonardo replied as he rushed off into kitchen to  get a washcloth.

Michelangelo leaned down and turned the unknown creature around to where it  was laying on its back and jumped a little. “It’s a cat!” he said.

“Whoa, maybe we should hide Splinter,” Raphael smiled as he stood there  with his arms crossed.

“Looks like the coordinates must have went to a dimension where there are  humanoid cats. Mutants kind of like us but judging by her clothes, in her  dimension they are all the same feline species,” Donatello said as he leaned  down towards Ricochet, looking at her, amazed at how pretty she was.

Ricochet groaned a little as she started to come to, her eyelids twitching  some, moving her body some. “Uhm, she’s waking up,” Raphael said as he  stepped back from her, tightening his grip on his sai.

She lifted up and held her head, “Wh-where am I?”

“Easy my child, relax,” Splinter said softly as he took the washcloth from  Leonardo and placed it upon her forehead trying to lay her back down on the  pillow that Leonardo placed underneath her head.

Ricochet slowly opened her eyes but still hadn’t focus her sight yet, she  saw blurry images but suddenly a voice woke her up.

“Hopefully she’s okay,” Donatello had said.

That voice! Ricochet’s eyes went wide from hearing Donatello speak, his  voice sounded soo familiar, and he sounded just like Razor!

“Razor?!” she said as she sat straight up and looked over at him  then her blurriness went away and there in front of her was a huge turtle  with a purple bandanna on.  Her eyes went wide from the turtle and she  glanced around quickly noticing that there were three more like him and also  there was a huge giant rat! “What the heck?!!” she gasped out, standing up  quickly.

“Wait wait! Please calm down! You’re not in any danger,” Leonardo said as  he looked at her putting away his swords to show it.

“Sure I’m not! You are working for Viper aren’t you? He used some katalysts  to make more of his creatures! Well you are not going to trick me,” Ricochet  said firmly standing in a defensive position. “I’m leaving this place!” She  started to walk towards the door of the lair.

“Guys if we don’t stop her and she goes up top; hard to tell what will  happen to her,” Donatello said looking over at his broken portal machine,  sighing hard.

“After her!” Leonardo shouted as he started to run in pursuit of Ricochet,  Michelangelo and Raphael yelled out as they followed him.

She turned around and saw them running towards her and took off running,  Splinter watched his pupils chase after her, shaking his head. Ricochet  panted as she looked around in the sewers. “Geez where am I? This doesn’t  look familiar at all! But I am not sticking around to be captured by those  freaks!” She turned the corner really fast and swiftly climbed up a ladder  leading to a small pipe that was big enough for her to get in and she would  be able to look down.

The turtles stopped where the ladder was, the whole place was filled with  pipes. “Aw, swell we let a cat outdo us Turtles in the sewer!” Raphael  groaned as he looked around.

“So now what, dude?” Michelangelo said as he looked over at Leonardo,  trying to get his breath.

“Well she couldn’t have gotten far. Let’s split up so that way we can get  her faster. Raphael, you and I will head up and search through the pipe  tunnels. Michelangelo, you head back to the lair just in case she goes back  after Splinter. Donatello, you stay here just in case we flush her out and  she starts to head this way. Now just be careful,” Leonardo said. He and  Raphael started to go towards the pipes, Michelangelo ran back towards the  lair. Donatello just stood there and looked around. But suddenly he could  have sworn he saw something in the pipe above him and he smiled a little.  Ricochet looked back down and saw Donatello looking straight up at her as he  walked towards the ladder. Ricochet cried out as she looked behind her and  noticed there was a dead end in the pipe that she was in.

Donatello climbed about halfway up the ladder and then called, “Hey listen  I know you’re in there. We are not going to hurt you. I know that you are  scared please just come out.” He went up one more step looking up at the  pipe; Ricochet looked around inside the pipe and stayed there keeping out of  sight, trying to figure out what to do. “Look, my portal machine that I made  messed up and created a dimensional portal which brought you here. I know  it’s hard to understand but if you don’t believe me then hit me,” Donatello  continued as climbed all the way to the top and looked right at her.

Ricochet looked at him, his voice sounded so much like Razor that it was  freaking her out but yet here was this strange turtle creature talking to  her.

Donatello sighed seeing the fear still in her face. “You must trust me.  I’ll help you out and I’ll try to fix the machine for you, it may take some  time but I’ll help you get back to your world. Just give me your hand.”  Donatello held out his hand and looked right at her. She was gorgeous to  him, he felt so strange around her, and something he had never felt before.  Ricochet reached out and took his hand to help herself out. But that touch,  made Donatello shiver. Her grip on his hand was so gentle; her skin was so  soft to him. He shook his head and tried to focus on the issue. He smiled a  little and began to climb down helping her down with him. “Come on let’s go  back to the lair.” He walked towards the lair with her by his side.

Once he got in the lair, he contacted Raphael and Leonardo to let them know  that everything was all right and they came moments later. Michelangelo had  already prepared a pizza while they were gone. “I have got the major  munchies, dudes. It’s pizza time!” he shouted as he brought out the pizza  and set it down on the coffee table that was sitting in front of the couch.  Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael dived in also; their weakness was always  pizza by Splinter was disappointed in this act.

“Turtles, what bad manners you have. You’re making me look bad. You should  always offer your guest something first before you eat,” Splinter said  giving them a stern look, his tail whapping against the floor. Ricochet  blushed by this; she didn’t want to be the center of attention.

“Oh oops. Sorry. Care for a slice?” Michelangelo said as he held out a  slice of pizza. “It’s chocolate chips and marshmallow with pepperoni.”

“Um, no thanks. I usually like tuna toppings,” Felicia said as she plopped  down on the couch behind them.

“Fish? Yuck, I hate fish,” Donatello said as he made a face.

Splinter walked up to her holding a small wooden board with rolls of  different shapes of food on it. “Well I have sushi,” Splinter said. “It’s  raw fish with rice and other herbs.”

“Sure,” Felicia said as she smiled at Splinter and took one piece of the  sushi and placed into her mouth. “Mmm..this is good!”

“Whoa, major gross-out, she likes sushi,” Michelangelo shivered by just the  thought of eating one of the sushi rolls.

Splinter sat down on the couch beside Felicia and took a sushi roll off the  board and placed it into his mouth before saying “I think since we are calm  down now, we should learn about one another. And I think our guest of honor  should be allowed to do first.”

Felicia smiled shyly and then sat up some. “Well um, I am not that good at  telling stories but here goes. My name is Felicia McFurry but I also go by  the vigilante name of Ricochet. I live in a city called MegaKat and everyone  there is a kat species just like me. Well you see my parents were killed by  a terrorist bombing by this crime-lord named Dark Kat and ever since then my  mission is to seek revenge against him and to also prevent anything like  that happening again. Actually right before I got here, I just got back from  a dangerous mission where my brother Jenson and I went after him and Dark  Kat fell from this radar dish into the water that was underneath him. It was  so far below that we are thinking he is dead but he’s probably not. But I  really don’t have anything else much to say.”

“Well, Felicia. Our story is much different but yet the same in some parts.  In our world, we are outcasts because everyone in our world is human,”  Splinter said as he put the sushi plate down on the coffee table in front of  the pizza which made Michelangelo scoot back from it. Raphael snickered.

“Human?,” Felicia looked at Splinter quizzically.

“Well, they are like you but furless,” Raphael said with a smirk as he sat  back some facing Splinter and Felicia, his back resting against the coffee  table. Leonardo had gotten up and sat on a stool near the television.  Donatello sat up against the couch right near Felicia while Michelangelo sat  away from the table, remaining on the floor.

“That’s correct. Maybe you can meet our friend April who is a human later  on. But in another country from this one in a land called Japan, my name was  Hamato Yoshi and I was a human as well. I was a teacher of the foot clan  until one day Oraku Saki, a pupil of mine, sought leadership of the clan and  framed me making me like I was trying to kill the master teacher. In  disgrace I fled to New York in this country, which is called United States  of America. Without any money I lived in the sewers and when a young boy  dropped his pet turtles down into a sewer grate, I made new friends. Oraku  Saki kept an eye on me and knew that I was living in the sewers and he  dropped a vial of mutagen down into the sewers where I was living and the  baby turtles crawled in it making them turn into humanoid forms since they  were most recently in contact with me but since I touched it I was turned  into a rat since I was mostly recently in contact with the rats of these  sewers. Since I knew the humans up above wouldn’t understand who they were,  I trained them in the martial arts and gave each of them a weapon. Leonardo  over there on the stool learnt the use of a katana blade, he is the oldest  of the four and has great leadership qualities.” Leonardo made a slight bow  to her, smiling at her. Splinter pointed down on the floor to Donatello.  “Donatello is trained well with the bo staff and makes inventions and  basically the brains of the four.” Donatello blushed a little and smiled  shyly, waving a little. “Raphael over here trained great with the sai and is  the wisecracker of the group or so they say. Raphael grinned and just nodded  his head at her. Splinter turned his gaze over at Michelangelo and spoke,  “Here is Michelangelo, and the youngest of the group and still has a lot to  learn. But I have trained him well in the use of nunchuks. Unfortunately,  Michelangelo loves to goof off.”

“And also loves to party!” Michelangelo grinned.

“Nice to meet all of you,” Felicia smiled at them feeling more at ease with  them than before.

“Well maybe tomorrow I can analyze the portal and hopefully try to fix it  so she can leave before the two week period,” Donatello said as he stood  back up.

Felicia chuckled a little softly when she heard Donatello say that which  made him give her a confused look. “Oh, sorry, um Donatello. It’s just  that’s this is so weird to me that it still feels like a dream sometimes  because of you.”

Donatello looked kind of embarrassed and looked at her surprisingly. “Me?”

“Well it’s nothing mean. It’s just that you remind me of Razor from back   home, that’s all. You have the same voice as him,” Felicia said a little  feeling kind of stupid for even chuckling at him and bringing it up as she  looked at Donatello’s face seeing some sort of hurt.

“Razor? Is that like your brother or something?” Michelangelo asked as he  got up sneaking in one more slice of pizza before receiving a stern look  from Splinter.

“Not really. He’s a really special friend of mine who I care about a lot  and kind of miss,” Felicia replied softly, looking down on the ground  wondering if she would be able to go back and see him.

“Oh, your sweetheart,” Raphael smirked at her which made Felicia blush. At  those very words, Donatello looked away trying to hold back the pain he  started to feel.

“Well I think it’s time we should get some rest for tonight. I know that  Felicia here must be tired as well. Besides you have your exercise in the  morning,” Splinter said with a smile when he heard all four of his pupils  groan.

“Exercise?” Felicia asked as she stood up from the couch feeling kind of  drowsy herself since she hadn’t rested yet from her last battle with Dark  Kat.

“Yeah, my turtles have their ninja exercise in the morning. Perhaps you  would like to watch us?” the rodent replied.

“Sure if you guys don’t mind. It would be kind of interesting,” she said  when she caught Donatello looking around with a sad look on his face, his  eyes were filled up with tears.

“Very well. Leonardo, why don’t you sleep out here on the couch tonight and  let Felicia sleep in your bed,” Splinter said as he grabbed Leo’s arm before  he head off to bed.

“Sure thing, sensei,” Leonardo replied.

“No, no. No offense, Splinter. But may I sleep on the couch tonight? It  won’t bother me at all,” Felicia said.

“As you wish, my child. Goodnight,” Splinter said as he turned and walk  back out of the living room towards his quarters, Raphael and Michelangelo  followed with Leonardo behind them. Donatello followed them tagging along,  he felt so much hurt inside and he felt so weird. Felicia watched him walk   off slowly behind his brothers, she knew something was bothering him.

“Donatello..,” she said.

He whipped around quickly and looked at her. “Yeah?” Shaking a little, he  didn’t want her to know that he was upset.

“You okay?” she said as she looked at him.

“Yeah..just um a little tired that’s all,” he said quickly with  nervousness.

Felicia looked at him, something was tugging at her but she didn’t know  what, for some reason deep down inside she felt something about him but  didn’t know what it was. “Well have a goodnight,” she replied softly looking  down trying to look away, confused by the feelings. Donatello nodded and  then walked off to his own bed. She sighed and walked towards the couch,  laying down on it, within minutes she was fast asleep.

Throughout the entire night, Donatello turned and tossed in his sleep, he  couldn’t sleep, and the thought of her kept entering his mind. He didn’t  understand it, what was happening to him? He threw the covers off him and  sighed. “This is not like me,” he thought to himself as he stared up at the  ceiling above his bed. He got up and decided to go to the kitchen to get him  a glass of water. He tiptoed quietly towards the kitchen trying not to wake  the others up but as he passed the living room, his glance went over to  where Felicia was sleeping on the couch. He stopped and looked over at her  in awe with his heart pounding a little faster in his chest. “She’s even  prettier when she’s sleeping,” he said softly to himself and then shook his  head. “What’s happening to me?” He walked into the kitchen and got him a  glass of water from the faucet and took one whole gulp and stood there. He  was breathing hard and gripped the sink, closing his eyes trying to push the  thoughts of Felicia out of his head. He turned on the faucet and splashed  some of the water onto his face and then turned it off, heading back towards  his room once more.

Splinter’s ears perked when he heard the water running and got up and  decided to see who was up during the middle of the night. He thought maybe  Michelangelo was up sneaking in a midnight pizza snack. “Ah, that  Michelangelo will never learn to stop eating,” he said to himself as he got  his walking stick.

Donatello stepped quietly through the living room but looked over at  Felicia on the couch once more. Staring at her gorgeous form, something  about her was attracting him but he wasn’t sure yet. He shook his head again  and then walked quietly towards her bending down in front of her looking at  her gorgeous face, his hand shakingly reached out towards it.

Splinter looked out of his room at the living room and saw Donatello near  Felicia. He smiled a little seeing the look on Donatello’s face. “He’s  finally learned,” he thought to himself and quietly went back to his bed.

Don ran his hand over Felicia’s hair feeling then traced his fingers softly  against her face. She felt so soft to him giving him cold chills. Felicia  stirred a little by his touch making Donatello freeze in his spot, once she  stopped and continue to sleep again, Don ran back to his room, his heart  pounding so hard in his chest. He lay back down and pulled the covers over  him and couldn’t help but to let little tears fall from his eyes as he cried  himself to sleep.

That morning around seven after ninja practice, Donatello looked into the  living room seeing Felicia sit with Raph and Mike watching television. He  sighed and grabbed his bo staff and started to walk out of the lair but  Master Splinter stopped him. “Going out, Donatello?”

“Yeah I thought since it was nice outside I would go out of the city for a  bit in the turtle van and just walk around,” he said looking at Splinter  trying not to look at Felicia.

“Well why don’t you take our guest here and show her the city, I know she  would love to see it,” Splinter suggested pointing to Felicia who turned  around and looked up at them

“Um, not right now, sensei. I need to go out and relax for a bit before I  start to work on the portal machine. I couldn’t sleep last night,” Donatello  said with a little bit of nervousness in his voice before he turned and  walked out of the lair.

“What’s in his shell?” Mike asked as he turned his attention from the  television and looked at Raphael who was sitting on the couch beside  Felicia.

“Eh maybe your snoring kept him up all night,” Raphael smirked.

“Me? Whoa dude, you’re totally mistaken if it was anybody it was probably  Leonardo,” Michelangelo replied as he turned back around and continued to  watch television.

Felicia bit her lip as she thought about Donatello and how sad he was,  something was bothering him and she felt like it was her for some reason.  Some how deep down inside, something about him made her feel almost as if  she had feelings for him like Razor. “I’m probably just confusing him with  my love for Razor. That has to be it,” she thought.

Her revelations were broken when Splinter placed his hand on her arm,  which almost made her jump. “My child, would you like to learn a little about  some martial weapons? Leonardo could help me teach you if you would like to  learn. Maybe you can practice with them in the morning,” he said smiling  gently at her. Little did she know that he had a plan in his mind about what  to do between her and Donatello.

Felicia smiled and said, “I would love to.” She got up and followed him to  the practice room.

Back in MegaKat, Jake and Chance were in Kat-Mart buying some stuff for the  mechanic shop. Chance put the bottles of motor oil on the counter to let the  young Siamese she-kat scan them. Jake walked over to a toy claw machine and  saw a white teddy bear with red hearts all over it. “Hey, Chance give me a  quarter,” he said.

Chance smiled at the young she-kat and paid her the money then took the  bags and walked over to where Jake was standing eagerly. “Oh come on, buddy.  You actually think you are going to win something in these things?” He put  his hand into his jeans’ pocket and pulled out a quarter, handing it to  Jake.

“Hey, you’re talking to your sureshot here!” he smirked and grabbed the  quarter from Chance and stuck it in the coin slot. “I’m going to win that  bear for Licia.” Chance shook his head and watched Jake as he aimed the claw  over the bear. “Target locked, launch!” Chance rolled his eyes at Jake. The  claw went down to where the bear was and came back up empty handed, which  made Jake’s jaw drop. “What??”

Chance started to laugh. “Uh-huh. Looks like I am going to need another  sureshot.”

“That thing was rigged!” Jake said as he sighed and then took one of the  bags from Chance.

“Sure it was. Come on, buddy,” Chance replied as he walked out towards the  doors of the store.

Their ears perked when they heard a young kitten behind them calling out,  “Mommy, mommy! Look what I got out of the claw machine!”

Jake’s and Chance’s eyes both went wide before Chance grinned and said,  “Maybe I should make that kitten my new partner,” as he watched the young black  kitten run up to his mother in front of him holding a similar teddy bear that  was solid blue.

“Forget it, Chance. Let’s go. I need to call Licia outside at the pay phone  before we head to the garage,” Jake said as he reached into his pocket and  took out enough money for the call and placed the coins into a payphone  outside on the store’s wall. He dialed the number and heard the phone  ringing but no one ever picked up. He stared at the phone as he hooked it  back upon the receiver.

Something wasn’t quite right; Chance saw the look of horror on his face.

“What is it, buddy?” he asked.

“Licia isn’t answering,” Jake replied softly as he sighed rubbing his  head.

“Aw don’t sweat it, buddy. She’s probably sleeping from the hard battle  yesterday. Let’s swing over there and see her. I know she’s alright, Jake,”  Chance said looking at his friend as he motioned for him to walk towards the  tow truck, Jake followed sadly.

About twenty minutes later, Jake and Chance arrived at Felicia’s old  apartment. “You see? Her car is still here. So she must be here,” Chance  smiled as he nudged Jake a little and got out of the truck.

“Yeah. I’ll head up there,” Jake said as he walked up the stairs to the  second floor to Licia’s apartment and knocked on the door. He waited for  about a minute but no one came to the door. At that moment he almost turned  white, his heart sunk from his chest.

“Not answering?” Chance asked as he walked up to where Jake was. Jake just  shook his head silently and took out a spare key to her apartment that  Felicia had gave him. He unlocked the door and walked inside, everything at  that moment at first looked like normal, all of the furniture was in place,  nothing was thrown about which made Jake calm down a little. But then his  eyes went straight to the middle of the living room and he almost fell down  at that moment. Chance noticed this and asked, “What is it, buddy?” He then  looked at where Jake was looking and saw the same horror to his eyes. He  walked up to the middle of the living room and saw there on the floor a huge  burnt mark on the carpet and Ricochet’s mask right on the floor. He shook  his head trying not to think of anything bad had happened to Felicia as he  ran towards the back end of her apartment where her bedroom was. “Licia?!  Licia?!” But no one answered his calls out for her.  Jake staggered over to  where the mask was and gently picked it up. Then he felt the burnt spot, it  was still warm. “Holy kats…what happened to her?” he said softly his voice  choking.

Chance ran over to the phone that was hanging on the kitchen’s wall and  quickly dialed Jenson’s office number. He kept looking over at Jake and then  refocused his attention to the phone when he heard Jenson picking up the  receiver.

“Colonel McFurry’s office, may I help you?” Jenson asked.

“Jenson, this is Chance. I-I think you should come over to your sister’s  apartment right now,” Chance said, stuttering a little.

“Why? What happened?” Jenson replied as a look of dread fell over his face.  This had happened before when Felicia joined Turmoil and didn’t tell anyone.  But this time it sounded different.

“We came over here to visit your sister and she’s gone. Her mask is lying  on the ground and there is a huge burnt spot on the carpet beside it. We  don’t know what it is,” Chance said as he looked over at the burnt spot  again.

“O-okay, I’ll be there soon. I’ll have to bring some enforcers with me so I  can have a reason to use the lab here so tell Jake to put the mask in his  pocket,” Jenson wiped his eyes as he felt tears forming and hung up the  phone. He sighed heavily and looked down for a moment trying to compose  himself and then looked up at the city’s skyline. With that, he got up and  walked out of his office.

Chance hung up the phone and walked over to his sadden friend. “Buddy,  listen. I called Jenson and he said to put her mask in your pocket because  he’s bringing some enforcers over. But once they get here, we’ll leave and  go back to the hangar to go out and look for her. She’ll be okay,” he said  as he sighed heavily and held his paw on Jake’s shoulder almost about to cry  himself. He could feel so much pain in Jake that it even pained him.

“Okay, Chance. I’m just worried, what if it was Dark Kat?” Jake turned  around and stared at Chance, his eyes red from him crying. He stuffed the  mask in his pocket and slowly got up.

“It can’t be, Jake. We saw him fall from the satellite dish. But then  again, it could be him. We can’t kill that mega-low!” Chance bawled up his  fists and growled a little. He walked over to the balcony door of Licia’s  apartment and looked out into the parking lot.

Chance’s ears perked when he heard Jake replied with the next question:  “What if it was Turmoil?” His eyes became wide when he heard the name.

At first he didn’t reply but then said, “Buddy, I don’t know if it’s her or  not. Could be. All I know judging by that burnt spot that it could be Hard  Drive but he’s still locked away.” He turned back around and looked at his  partner.

Their ears perked when they heard the enforcer cars pull up in the  parking lot, Jake looked over at his friend. “I don’t know who it is, Chance.  But when I find out who has her they are going to pay!” he growled as he bawled  his fists up, Chance nodded at him.

Jenson knocked on the door and then walked in. “Hey guys. We’ll take it  from here,” he said with two more enforcers following him.  “I’ll get some  carpet fibers from that burnt spot. You two go back and look for any clues. I  want fingerprints!” he said to the other enforcers and then smiled at Jake and  Chance. The two enforcers ran back in the back of the apartment. “You guys  better go on and get some rest. I’ll call you when I get this analyzed.”

Jake and Chance nodded at Jenson and then walk towards the front door.  “Thanks, Jenson. You’re the greatest,” Jake smiled at him.

“Hey, you’re forgetting that she’s my sister,” Jenson replied and smiled  back at them then turned his attention back to the carpet. Jake and Chance  walked out to their tow truck, got in and drove off towards the garage.

Donatello arrived at a nice meadow that was located about a hour or so  outside of the city. He knew that people hardly went there and decided he  could walk around and clear his mind about his feelings. He used his bo  staff as a walking staff and walked through the flat meadow towards a  riverbank. Splinter use to take him and his brothers up there when they were  younger to let them play around but now since they were older, he and his  brothers would now only use this place for relaxation or sometimes when the  weather was nice for ninja practice. He stopped at the edge of the riverbank  and looked across the blue water towards the other side and sighed. He felt  so confused lately about everything and became so stressed; but out here in  the open away from everything he really felt at peace. His eyes glanced down  and below him on some rocks near his feet was a golden brownish box turtle  crawling up on the shore. Donatello bent down to the sandy shore with his  left knee on the ground, using his bo staff for support. He smiled a little  as he looked at the small innocent turtle.

“Sometimes I wish I could be a normal innocent turtle like you, little  fellow,” he said softly as he rested his right hand on his knee. “Knowing  nothing about the cares of the world, out here in the open away from all  distractions. I dunno what to do about Felicia. For some reason I can’t  build inventions to fix this problem except to fix the portal and send her  back but deep down inside I don’t want that.”

He sighed again heavily and stood back up. “This must be that love Master  Splinter was talking about. But why now? And why this way?” He smiled again  down at the young box turtle who looked up at him with just a soft smile on  his face. He chuckled a little and patted the turtle on the head and walked  back towards the turtle van that was just parked near where he was. “I am  going to have to go back and somehow just force myself to fix that portal.”

It was around mid afternoon that day, Jake and Chance had returned to the  garage earlier and decided to do a sweep over the city in the TurboKat to  see if they could find any leads on the location of Felicia. There was a  soft alarm towards the front of the TurboKat indicating that someone was  trying to reach them. Razor glanced down on the identification monitor for  the call’s location. “It’s Jenson! Hopefully he has found something.”

“Got it, buddy,” T-Bone said as he pushed a button on the HUD of the jet to  pick up the call. “This is T-Bone. Go ahead.”

“Okay, guys. We are done with that floor sample for right now but I have  some good news and some bad news,” Jenson said from the other end of the  call.

Razor cringed at what he heard and then replied, “Well tell me the good  news first.”

“Well according to the fiber testing. The carpet burn wasn’t caused by any  electrical charge from Hard Drive’s surge coat and besides I just contacted  the MegaKat Prison and he’s still in his cell,” came the reply.

Razor looked up at the sky from the canopy and closed his eyes, thanking so  much that Hard Drive didn’t fry her but hoping yet that it wasn’t Turmoil or  Dark Kat either. “Okay, what’s the bad news?”

Jenson sighed heavily and then started, “Well, this is the weird thing.  Judging by all of that mumbo jumbo electrical particles from the scientists  in the lab. Whatever struck the carpet is too high tech or advanced for Dark  Kat’s level we assume and that definitely knocks out Turmoil as well.”

T-Bone’s eyes went wide when he heard the last statement from Jenson and  looked at the radio with a puzzled look upon his face. Razor shook his head  a little from what he heard and leaned up; gripping the back of T-Bone’s  seat to try to hear more closely on what Jenson was about to say. “So what  it is exactly that you are trying to tell us?” T-Bone asked with a little  anger entering his voice from the frustration on the whole event.

That was where Jenson just totally broke up on the radio. “I’m telling you  that she’s gone, guys. Even maybe from this world or dimension,” he  stuttered.

“What?!!!” both SWAT Kats replied.

“I am saying whatever device that burnt the carpet was alien to us. Not of  this world,” Jenson answered back getting angrier by the minute thinking of  Felicia being tortured by some alien race or even killed.

“I don’t believe it!” T-Bone said, shaking his head looking around. He  couldn’t comprehend the fact that aliens abducted Felicia.

“Holy Kats! KRUD!!!!!!!!!” Razor shouted as he slammed his body back  against his seat. Hitting his fists hard against the side of the canopy.  “Why! Oh why!! Felicia, no!!” Tears pouring down his face matting his fur.  He couldn’t help but let the tears pour out, he felt like he was stabbed in  the heart. At first when he lost Felicia like this she was with Turmoil but  this time it was very different and this time there was no possible way that  he could ever find her.

“Ok, Jenson,” T-Bone said after composing himself. “Listen, buddy. You take  it easy. Let us know as soon if you find anything and I do mean anything at  all.”

Jenson sighed, hearing Razor in the background. “Right,” and with that he  turned off the radio.

T-Bone glanced back at his partner who was now holding his head with his  paw, breathing hard trying to calm himself down, hitting the canopy with his  hand. “I’m getting you home. Right now!” He growled as he pushed the  throttle to the max. The TurboKat shot through the night sky towards the  hangar.

Once the TurboKat stopped at the end of the hangar’s tunnel and T-Bone  turned it off, he and Razor jumped out of the jet and walked towards their  lockers. T-Bone opened his locker but Razor hit his locker with his hand  really hard and then held his head against its door, groaning a little.

“Please, Jake. Listen, you have to take it easy, buddy,” Chance said  removing his mask. Jake looked over at him with his face matted heavily with  the tears and his eyes were blood shot red. “I know buddy that you love her  a lot and I can’t comprehend the pain that you are going through. But right  now, you need to relax and rest or it will never help Felicia.”

“I-I lost her, Chance,” Jake said softly as he gulped a little and threw  off his helmet and bandanna, tossing them on the floor. “I can’t go on like  this…”

Chance shook his head and grabbed Jake a little by the shoulders. “Listen  to me, Jake Clawson. Acting like this won’t save Felicia. You have to  believe me. We will find her! Don’t give up hope yet! Okay? Let’s go  upstairs and go to bed. You need to rest.”  Jake nodded a little without  saying a word to him. “Promise me that you won’t go off tonight looking for  her by yourself? Not like last time, we are going to find her together. You  need your rest so when we do find her we will need strength to protect her.  You got that?”

“Roger,” Jake replied as he walked up the stairs to the waiting room part  of the garage then kept walking up the stairs to his bedroom. Once he walked  in there, he shut the door and then slammed his body hard upon the bed,  burying his face against the pillow. Hiding no shame, he wept and wept for  her till he cried himself to sleep.

Later on that evening, Donatello was in his workshop tapping away noisily  at the portable portal machine. Felicia was in the exercise room practicing  with Master Splinter and Leonardo. She was actually getting pretty good with  the martial arts training and Splinter told her hopefully by the beginning  of the next week she could practice with the turtles.

“Hey, Mr. Braniac, you almost finished with that machine? That noise you’re  making is ruining my comedy show on tv!” Raphael said as he walked in, holding  his hands over his ears.

“Yeah, dude and I was trying to read my Bug Man comic but how can I  concentrate when you’re tapping that loud!” Mike exclaimed as he followed  Raphael into the workshop holding his comic in his hands.

“Sorry, guys. I need to fix this thing,” Donatello said as he stood back up  and wiped his brow with a towel. Actually he hadn’t really accomplished much  that day on fixing his invention, his mind was so cluttered with mixed  feelings for Felicia, he couldn’t concentrate.

“Well how much longer are you going to be? I kind of want Cala to be here  with me,” Mike replied as he sat down on the floor.

“Yeah, we wanted a neutrino here not some feline,” Raphael said.

That comment made Donatello flare up. “She seems to be nice, Raphael! Why  do you have to be rude all the time to everyone?!” He threw his wrench on  the ground and sighed, walking over to his table.

“Hey cool your gears, man. I was just kidding, sheesh! What’s with you  lately, Donatello? You have been very snappy recently to all of us!” Raphael  replied bawling his hands up into fists.

“Look, I’ll get this fixed but I don’t need you guys breathing down my  back! Now just leave me alone!” Donatello yelled back, gripping the table  with his hands with his back to them

Splinter’s ears perked when he heard the yelling coming from the workshop  and looked over at Felicia. “Excuse me, Felicia. Continue your exercises  with Leonardo. I need to see what’s going on,” he said politely and walked  out of the room towards the workshop.

Felicia watched him leave, biting her lip, even she heard the argument  coming from Donatello’s workshop. She shook her head and paid attention to  Leonardo’s instructions, gripping the bo staff with her hands tightly. But  she couldn’t concentrate, something was up and she wished she knew what it was.

Master Splinter walked into the workshop seeing Donatello’s back turned  towards him at the table with Mike sitting against the floor and Raphael  with an angry look on his face. “Turtles! What is the meaning of this  disharmony?”

“Well this dude has totally gone psycho!” Michelangelo exclaimed, pointing  to Donatello.

“Yeah all we did was just to ask him to hurry up with that invention of his  so he wouldn’t make any noise and he goes berserko on us!” Raphael said also  with his arms now crossed.

Splinter looked over at Donatello and thought for a moment. Donatello  sighed heavy and closed his eyes, tears were forming in them; he didn’t want  to look at the others. He was in so much pain at the unusual feelings he was  experiencing and right now there was so much torment in his life.

“Michelangelo and Raphael, come with me. I need to talk to you,” Splinter  said sternly as he walked out of the workshop towards their bedrooms.

“But Master Splinter, Donatello-,” Raphael started.

“Now!” Splinter yelled back as he continued to walk.

“I can’t believe this!!” Michelangelo growled as he got up and walked off  towards the same direction as Master Splinter. Raphael gave a fiery look  at Donatello then followed his brother.

Splinter waited for a minute to make sure he could hear Felicia and  Leonardo practicing and then he heard Donatello continuing to fix his  invention.

“Master Splinter, why are we in trouble?” Michelangelo said with a sad  look on his face.

“You’re not, my pupils. There is something I must tell you about Donatello.  Please sit down,” he said softly and sat down on the carpet that was in the  middle of their bedrooms. Raphael and Michelangelo looked at each other and  then sat down with Master Splinter forming a little circle.

“My pupils, what I am about to tell you, you must not say to anyone  especially to Felicia or Donatello. I have noticed your brother’s behavior  too. But you have to understand what he’s going through to make him act his  way and that is the reason why I am going to tell you. I think that  Donatello is finally experiencing what you two and Leonardo have already  felt,” Splinter said softly looking at both of them.

Raphael looked over at Michelangelo with a puzzled look then at Splinter.  “What do you mean?”

“I’m saying I think Donatello is in love. He knows that she has to go back  because she doesn’t belong here and it pains him to think about it,” replied  Splinter.

Raphael couldn’t help but let out a small little chuckle. “I don’t believe  it. How could Donatello be in love? I mean it just doesn’t seem right!”

“Raphael!” Splinter said sternly as he looked at him. “It’s wrong to laugh  at your brother. You should be happy for him that he is feeling this way  just as he was when you were with Mona Lisa.” Raphael stopped laughing and  looked down with some shame, knowing that Splinter was right.

“But Master, doesn’t Felicia already have a dude?” Michelangelo  interrupted.

“Yeah she does. For some reason, Donatello has the exact same voice as her  boyfriend Razor. I just hope that she doesn’t mix her feelings for him with  Donatello and hurt him. That’s what I am afraid of. But like I said, I am  not too sure about all of this. But I will find a way to bring it out.  Donatello is going through this alone and right now it is best to keep it  this way until I can figure out what to do. So I want you to make sure you  do not tell anyone what I have told you,” Splinter said as he looked them in  the eyes and then stood back up.

Raphael and Michelangelo nodded and walked back off towards the living  room part of the lair to watch television. Splinter watched them leave and  scratched his chin thinking up a way to help Donatello.

Donatello groaned as he sat away from the invention against the wall and  leaned his head back. He felt so tired and he hardly did a thing to the  portal. He couldn’t work on it, his mind was so boggled that he couldn’t  concentrate and every time he’d tried to work on the device, he ended up  messing it up. Splinter walked in and saw Donatello looking distraught as he  sat against the wall. “Taking a break, my young ward?” he said softly as he  approached him.

Donatello sat up quickly looking kind of nervous. “Um, yeah.”

“You need to take a break from your project and get some fresh air, it  would help you. Why don’t you take Felicia out and show her the city for a  while? I am sure that she would love to see it. She’s been practicing all  day with Leonardo and I, I am sure she would like to take a break as well,”  his master replied with a smile on his face.

“Um, I better not, sensei. I really need to get this done for Mikey. I’m  sure that Raphael or Michelangelo could take her out. They would be better  fun for her,” he said with a little sadness in his voice as he stood back  up.

“Oh, nonsense, Donatello. I insist, now go and get her from the training  room. Besides Raphael and Michelangelo are watching a movie,” Splinter said  as he gently nudged Donatello towards the entranceway of the workshop.

Donatello walked towards the training room, his heart pounding. He didn’t  know how he would act around her in front of his master and Leonardo. He  walked in and saw her practicing hard with Leonardo using one of his bo  staffs. To him she seemed really good using it. He smiled a little watching  her but then snapped out of it when he heard Splinter clearing his throat.  “Leonardo, I think that is enough for today. You did well. I think now it  would be best that Felicia here could take a tour of our city and Donatello  will take her.” Donatello smiled a little.

“Sure, that would be great!” Felicia smiled.

“I know Donatello has a disguise he could wear but what about her?”  Leonardo asked slipping his katana blade back into its sheath.

“Um, I could swing by April’s and see if I can borrow one of her outfits  for Felicia. She looks about the same size as April,” Donatello replied,  Felicia blushed.

“A good idea, Donatello. Now hurry up and go get your disguise on. Felicia  will wait on you,” Splinter said.

Donatello nodded and ran off to his bedroom.

“I really appreciate everything that you guys are doing for me,” Felicia  said as she smiled at Splinter. “This has been great so far!”

“Well you will love the city especially around this time since it’s hitting  about sunset,” Leonardo noted, glancing at the clock.

A few minutes later Donatello came back wearing his trench coat and hat,  which had long sleeves and a light blue colored hat. “Ready to go?” he said,  starting to get butterflies in his stomach.

“Sure!” Felicia grinned. “Oh this is going to be exciting!” She grabbed  his arm tightly and squeezed it without thinking then felt awkward and  stopped. Donatello’s eyes went wide when she did and almost got goose bumps.  He smiled at her and then walked out of the lair towards the sewer grate  where they kept the Turtle Van with Felicia following him.

About twenty minutes after they left, Donatello pulled up on the side of  the road in front of April’s apartment building. “Come on,” Donatello smiled  as he got out and led Felicia up the stairwell on the outside of the  building towards her window.

“Are you sure we can do this?” Felicia asked looking around nervously as  she followed him.

“Trust me, you don’t want to go in through the front door,” Don replied as  he tapped on April’s window.

Minutes later, she came to the window and opened it up.

“Hey, Donatello. What brings you here?” she said as she opened it wider to  allow him in.

“Well my friend and I here need your help,” he said as he climbed in  through the window then took Felicia’s hand and helped her in.

April gasped when she saw Felicia. “Is she another mutant?”

Felicia looked at April with wide eyes.

“No, no. I had a mistake with my dimensional portal and she slipped  through. Until I can fix the machine, she’s staying with us. I thought I  could show her around the city tonight but I need a coat and hat of yours to  cover up her tail and ears with,” Donatello said, smiling at Felicia softly.

“Aw, you have a date? That’s soo cute, Donatello,” April giggled, which kind  of made Donatello blush then he got kind of angry.

“April!” he said bawling his fists up.

“Just kidding, Don, relax. Let me go find something for her,” she said as  she walked towards her closet. “Since it’s the beginning of September I  guess my overcoat and my toboggan hat should be okay for her.”

Donatello took the articles of clothing from her and handed them to  Felicia. “Yeah these should do fine, thanks, April. I’ll bring these to you  later.”

“No problem,” April said and then looked over at Felicia with a smile.  “Nice to have met you, um..”

“Felicia,” Felicia replied gently. “It was nice to meet you too, April.”  She followed Donatello out of the window and back towards the Turtle Van.

April watched them leave and shook her head and closed the window back  down. She giggled again and sat down on the couch. “Aww, they would be so  cute together.”

Jake sighed as he sat on the couch watching the evening news. He and Chance  had been out practically the entire day looking for any sign of Felicia but  still nothing. He kept praying that aliens didn’t take her but then again he  didn’t want Dark Kat or Turmoil to get their claws on her either. He was  exhausted from the physical and mental stress but he refused to sleep at all  until he knew for sure that she was safe but how long would that take? Days?  Months? Years? He couldn’t last that long. Jake reached down and turned the  volume up on the television when he heard Ann Gora talking about Felicia’s  disappearance.

“Now for the breaking major story today. Felicia McFurry, the sister of  Jenson McFurry has been declared missing again by the enforcers. This has  been her second disappearance but this time it looks grimmer than before. In  her apartment there was no trace of her what so ever and the only clue was a  burnt spot in the middle of her living room, which is still being tested by  the enforcers for the cause of it. According to Jenson McFurry who seems to  be head of the rescue operation by the enforcers stated that there was no  force entry to the apartment. He stated that the possible suspects were Dark  Kat, Turmoil or Hard Drive. But Hard Drive has been eliminated from the list  when they were aware that he was still in his prison cell. Colonel McFurry  also stated that he has another theory and possibly the only true  explanation but he has named that to be classified and for some bizarre  reason, MASA has been working all day and night.  I’ll go back to you as  soon as I find any more news on this incident. This is Ann Gora for Kats Eye  News.”, Ann said on the television then the channel went to a commercial  break.

With that, Jake sighed again and turned the tv set off.

Chance looked over at his partner and sighed too. “Look, buddy. I know you  want to go out to look for her again but it is nine o’ clock. You need your  rest, Jake.”

“I can’t rest,” Jake replied as he looked up at the ceiling, just staring  at it.

“I know you can’t but you must try. I promise you that we will go out first  thing in the morning and look for her again. Jenson will let us know if he  finds anything tonight,” Jake’s friend replied as he stood up and walked  over to the couch.

“She could be out there, Chance! Waiting for me to save her! I don’t want  her to think that I have given up on her!” Jake replied back, getting  frustrated as he stood up, his fists bawled up. “CRUD!!!” he yelled as he  punched the wall hard with his fist, his chest heaving from his heavy  breathing.

Chance ran over to him and gripped his arms. “Jake, please listen. You have  to calm down!! Right now! Felicia loves you okay?! She loves you!! You have  to believe me!” He looked Jake straight in the eyes. “Okay, buddy? She loves  you and she knows that you love her and she will stay strong and survive for  you. You understand me, partner?” his voice softened.

Jake nodded sadly and sniffed a little, rubbing his paw over his eyes to  remove the tears. “Loud and clear, Chance. I’ll go on upstairs and get some  sleep or least try to.” He walked slowly up the stairs to his room, leaving  his comrade Chance standing there watching him, shaking his head.

Donatello drove through the city that night with Felicia beside him in the  Turtle Van, he had shown her the Brooklyn Bridge and was now on his way to  the World Trade Center Towers. “There is an observation deck on one of top  floors of the North Tower, you can get a great view of the city at night  from there,” Don said as he approached the World Trade Center Plaza.

“This is so amazing. Your city is so similar to mine. I mean we have a  bridge just like Brooklyn except it’s called MegaKat Bridge and we have twin  towers too just like these,” Felicia replied as she looked through the  window in awe by her surroundings.

“You mean your dimension is parallel to ours? That’s pretty neat. I’ll have  to study it more. I have always found dimensions that were altered but none  that were parallel,” Don said as he parked the Turtle Van in a parking lot  located in the plaza. “Now the observation deck is normally closed after  nine but the guy who watches it is a friend of April’s and he is a big fan  of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” he grinned. He lead Felicia in the  elevator and up to the observation deck and saw the same security guard that  he was hoping would be there. “Hey, Jordan. It’s me.”

Jordan was around the age of thirty with short brown hair, kind of short in  size with glasses and heavy set. “Oh hey! Glad to see you again!,” he  smiled. “Now I can’t let you stay here too long. You know the rules? Just 10  minutes or I’ll lose my job.”

“No prob, just wanted to show my guest here the view,” Donatello smiled as  he walked in through the doors, Felicia smiled at the guard and then  followed Donatello. “You have to see this! You’re going to love it!” He  grabbed her hand and pulled her with him eagerly towards the window. He  stopped in front of the window and grinned big.

Felicia gasped as she looked out and saw almost the entire city, the stars  were all out in the nightly sky making it the best scene. “This is soo  incredible! These towers must be taller than the ones I have back at home  but I never went inside of them. But this is so pretty. How high are we?”

“Oh pretty high,” Donatello smiled as he looked out, loving the view  himself, his heart was pounding harder in his chest. He wanted to kiss  Felicia right then and there but he held back.

“What about airplanes? Do you guys have them here? I mean they don’t fly  near this area do they?” she said as she looked up at the sky.

“Yeah we have them but I wouldn’t worry about it. The airports make sure  that the planes don’t enter the No Fly Zone, which is in this area. So you  have nothing to worry about. These towers have been standing here for years  and thousands of people work in them every day and some even at night,”  Donatello smiled at her.

Felicia smiled back, “This is soo amazing. You are so lucky to have this.”

“Well you cherish it more when you can’t see this as often like me. You are  lucky because in your dimension you are able to go out as you please and see  these things. To me this is like a life time experience,” Donatello said  sadly as he stared back out at the city. He sighed and looked down knowing  that she would have to leave soon. “I’ll try to get the portal fixed by  either tomorrow or the next day so you can get back to your homeworld. I  know that you miss it.”

Felicia’s eyes went wide and she looked down at the ground. “I actually  would like to stay for a few more days if I can. I wanted to spend more time  with someone before I left,” she said softly.

Donatello looked at her with a  puzzled face and then realized whom she  must be talking about. “Oh well um, yeah I guess you could stay if you  wanted. I am sure Leonardo would love for you to stay longer to help you  with martial arts. I can tell him when I get back,” he said as he put his  hand on the window and then walked away some.

Her eyes went wide when she heard Donatello say that and looked at him  sadly. “Wait, wait. What are you talking about? I don’t want to spend time  with Leonardo. I was talking about you, Donnie,” she said and walked over to  where he now stood.

“What?” Donatello gasped and then thought about what she said earlier when  she first entered the dimension about him sounding just like her boyfriend,  Razor. He looked away angrily. “Look, I know I sound like Razor and act like  him. But I am not him.”

Felicia shook her head, tears entering her eyes a little. She did have  feelings for him and she was even torn and confused about them as well but  somehow she almost loved him. “I like you for you..I have feelings for you,  Donatello. But I know I can’t…but I do.”

Donatello looked at her, his eyes wide. His heart almost stopped beating,  he kept flexing his fists back and forth he didn’t know what to do. “I do  too..” He gently ran his hand over her face, she just stood there feeling  his hand, looking straight into his eyes. Donatello looked back into hers  getting lost in them, he cupped her face and gently pulled hers towards his  but they stopped right where their lips could almost touch, both of them  breathing hard, they both didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, they heard the door opening and Felicia looked at Donatello, her  mouth gaped open, her eyes wide, breathing hard, she stepped back from him.  Donatello returned the look and heard Jordan walking in. “Hey, it’s time,  guys. I’m sorry.”

“O-okay, Jordan. Thanks,” Donatello replied and walked towards the door,  Felicia followed them, both of them silent.

Donatello and Felicia arrived at the lair around ten that night. Splinter  was still up meditating on the living room floor waiting for them to return,  the others had gone to bed.

“Hey, Splinter. We’re back,” Don said as he looked over at Splinter then  walked on to his bedroom saying nothing else.

Felicia stood there, watching him and remained quiet herself, which made  Splinter suspect something but acted like he didn’t.

“Did you enjoy your trip, my child?” he asked as he got up from where he  was sitting.

“Yeah, it was very pretty! Thanks for allowing him to take me,” Felicia  replied. “I really love your city’s skyline and everything.”

“Well I am glad that you are liking it here. Perhaps maybe you can come  back and visit us in the future. Now get some rest, tomorrow morning you can  practice with my students,” Splinter smiled softly and walked off towards  his room using his walking stick.

Felicia sighed and sat on the couch, holding her head thinking about what  just happened that night. She was so close at kissing Donatello but what if  Donatello was right? What if she just loved him because he sounded like  Razor? Then she thought about the feelings she did have for him, she had  betrayed Razor. Felicia couldn’t help but start to cry, burying her face in  her paws.

Donatello, who was still awake in bed, heard Felicia crying softly in the  living and sighed, shaking his head. He got up slowly and walked towards the  living room without wearing his bandanna. In the living room, he saw her  sobbing on the couch and walked over to her. He gently held her arms. “Hey,  hey. What’s wrong?”

Felicia gasped when she heard his voice and sniffed a little.

“Nothing-nothing’s wrong.”

“There has to be. Is it about me?” he asked, looking up at her with a sad  look upon his face.

“It’s just that I am kind of confused about this mess. I feel like I am  hurting Razor but yet I like you,” she sighed as she wiped her eyes.

“Look, I am sorry for what almost happened today. Felicia, I promise I  won’t get that close to you again or even kiss you until you tell me to,  okay?” Donatello looked at her.

She looked at him not too sure on how to reply to that. “But Don-”

“Shh..go on to bed,” he said as he stood back up and walked to his room  once again.

Felicia shook her head and laid down on the couch staring up at the ceiling  till finally she went to sleep.

That next morning around seven, the turtles had gotten up early to practice  in the exercise room; Splinter had allowed Felicia to sleep in till about  eight.

About twenty minutes later after Felicia woke up that morning  Splinter walked into the exercise room with Felicia, she was carrying a bo  staff.

“My students, since our visitor doesn’t have much time left with us  and she has been practicing hard lately with Leonardo and I then I think it  would appropriate to allow her to practice with us this morning in our mock  battles. Also since Felicia has trained quite well with the bo staff, then  her opponent should be Donatello,” he said as he pointed to Donatello who  looked shocked.

“But Master Splinter, don’t you think that Felicia shouldn’t be in these  battles?” Don asked, his face almost turning white, so shocked and nervous  about battling her. His heart was beating so hard, he gripped the staff  tighter with his fingers.

Raphael smirked as he crossed his arms, “What’s the matter? Afraid to lose  to a girl, Donatello?” Michelangelo laughed along with him.

This made him become angry, his eyes narrowed down as he gripped the bo  tighter. “No, way! I just don’t want to hurt her that’s all.”

“Don’t worry about me. I think you should worry about your injuries,”   Felicia grinned at him and walked up to him. The other turtles stepped back  against the wall to give them more room, smiling, knowing they were going to  enjoy this fight. Especially Michelangelo and Raphael who knew about  Donatello and Felicia.

Splinter walked up to where Donatello and Felicia stood facing each other.  “Now remember that this is a mock battle. Good luck to you both. Bow and  then you may began,” he said and then stepped back towards where the other  turtles stood.

Felicia and Donatello looked at each other, bowed and then grabbed their  bo staffs. The adrenaline in their bodies started to pump hard causing their  hearts to beat fast, both of them gripping their staffs tighter in their fingers.

Felicia made the first attack, thrusting the end of the bo staff towards  Don’s chest but he blocked it and then swung around to hit her from the side  catching her off guard, the staff struck hard with force.  She let out a cry  but then growled. She held the staff making it stand vertically and stuck  hard near his head but he held the staff horizontally blocking her deadly  blows but this left his middle opened and she kicked him hard in the chest  making him fall back some. Splinter watched intensely, surprisingly the  match turned out to be more violent then he anticipated. Felicia turned out  to be a worthy adversary.

“Good hit, Felicia,” he commented.

But this made Donatello angry he jumped back at her, using more force  for the bo’s strikes but she evaded them. The staffs contacted each other  then Felicia used the end pointing at him again to strike hard again in the  middle but this time Donatello was ready. He swung hard to the right when  she pulled back to strike again and knock the bo out of her hands. It flew  out and hit the wall. Donatello chuckled seeing the surprise look on  Felicia’s face. Then all of a sudden she let out growl and dropped down to  the ground and kicked the bo out of his hands and jumped back up on her feet.

“Ha!” she remarked seeing the surprise look on Don’s face, no one had ever  done that to him before. The other turtles’ eyes were just as wide as his.

“Whoa!” Mike said looking totally shocked himself.

“Did you see that?” Leo remarked, looking amazed himself.

“The girl is actually kicking his shell!” Raph cried out.

Donatello overheard his brothers and became angry. Was he actually getting  soft to allow this to happen? Or was Felicia a better ninja than he thought?

“Felicia! Donatello! Continue!” Splinter said, breaking Donatello from his  thoughts. Before he saw it coming, Felicia kicked him hard in the chest  making him fly back some. He hit the wall, holding his head and looked up at  her.

He stood back up and threw some fake punches at her but then used his lower  leg and swept her feet right under her causing her to fall. She hit the  ground and cried out, looking kind of hurt. Felicia got up and jumped at him  but he fell back onto his shell and grabbed her arms as she jumped at him  and used his legs to support her lower body then threw her over his head and  against the wall. She hit the wall hard and fell to the ground without even  realizing how hard he actually threw her. His eyes went wide when he heard  her smack the wall. She didn’t move from that spot.

“Oh no..,” he said softly, he didn’t realize how close he was to the wall.  Splinter and his  brothers had the same worried look on their faces. “Felicia?”  he asked as he slowly approached her.

Felicia groaned as she got up, her body aching with pain from the bruising.  The left sleeve of the upper arm part of her uniform was torn and she was  bleeding slightly from the contact with the wall. She cried out from the  stinging and gripped her arm. Tears formed in her eyes from the immense  pain.

Splinter saw the blood. “My child, you are bleeding! We shall stop the  practicing for today, my students.” Donatello felt bad seeing the bad wound  on her arm. He looked at her with a concern look on his face.

“Oh way to go. You don’t have to kill her,” Raph said as he punched  Donatello on the arm.

“Leave me alone, Raphael!” he said with an angry look.

“No, no, Splinter,” Felicia protested. “I want to finish this fight.” She  got up slowly, shaking a little but then regain her balance. She stared  right at Donatello with a look of hurt and determination on her face.

“You sure?” Splinter asked. Felicia nodded her head. “Very well.  Continue.”

Felicia walked up to Donatello again and they bowed once more. Then she  struck again with a right kick towards the chest but Donatello was ready, he  grabbed her foot right before contact. She grinned at him and then suddenly  did a left high kick hitting him in the head making him fall to the ground,  she fell too but then jumped back. Donatello held his head; it throbbed with  pain from that last kick. He felt hurt from this; she was hurting him really  bad but last night she acted like she loved him. What was going on? Angry by  this, he charged at her and jumped at her, knocking her with him to the  ground right near his bo staff. He grabbed it quickly and held the staff  right at her neck for a defeating position as he held her down with his  body. Both of them breathing hard from the battle, looking right at each  other in their eyes. Their hearts beating fast, their body covered with  sweat.

Splinter clapped. “Very impressive, my students. Congratulations,  Donatello, you are the victor of this battle.”

“Awesome fight!” Leonardo exclaimed.

“Way to go, Donatello!” Raph cheered.

Donatello got up and wiped the sweat off his brow. “Bingo! That was a piece  of cake,” he smirked as he helped Felicia up but she stopped and looked at  him. Him saying the word “bingo” reminded her of Razor. For every time when  Razor ever accomplished something his trademark saying was “bingo.” Then she  thought about him and how angry and saddened he would be by her actions  lately.  The thought of his pain caused her to be greatly upset.

She broke up and quickly walked over to Splinter. “Master, I am sorry.  May I be excused to go topside for a bit?”

“As you wish, Felicia,” he replied looking concerned at her then looked  back over at Donatello.

Donatello watched her too with a surprise look on his face. He knew  something he said must have upset her, he knew it wasn’t because of the  fight. Deep down inside, Donatello knew it was something regarding Razor,  his feelings flared up. She still loved Razor, and he knew it.

“Damnit!” He threw the bo staff down angrily and walked out of the room  towards his bedroom.

“Boy is this like the Young and the Restless or what?” Raphael commented  watching Donatello storm off to his room.

“What happened, Master?” Michelangelo asked with a confused look on his  face.

“I’ll find out. You continue your exercises with Leonardo. Raphael, you  come with me,” Splinter replied as he walked off towards the living room  with Raphael trailing him.

Splinter took Raphael to his room and said, “Raphael, I think you should go  talk to your brother.”

Raphael looked at him with a surprised look on his face. “Me? Why don’t you  or Leonardo talk to him?”

“Because Donatello would know that Leonardo or I would, that’s why you need  to talk to him, Raphael. It would help him out more. Your brother is in  great pain right now and it would be a great honor for you to help him,”  Splinter said looking over at Raphael, hearing Donatello tapping again  loudly in his workshop.

Raphael rubbed his head and then laughed a little nervously and looked  around. “I don’t know, sensei. You know it’s hard for me to be serious.”

“Well now is the time to learn,” his master replied and motioned Raphael to  go on.

Raph sighed and walked towards Donatello’s workshop, commenting, “I still  think you have the wrong turtle for the job.”

Splinter shook his head and watched Raphael and then replied softly, “No,  my student. I have the right one.”

When Raph entered the workshop he saw his brother with his shell turned  towards him, working hard on the portal machine. Donatello was grumbling  loudly, his face was a mixture of both pain and anger. Suddenly, Raphael saw  a wrench fly right behind Don towards him. He cried out and ducked to the  left the wrench almost hitting him.

“Geez, this job is too dangerous for a turtle!” he remarked, his eyes wide  with fright.

Donatello looked back and then returned his attention back to the machine,  “Sorry, Raphael.” He then continued to hammer loudly on the machine,  starting to grumble again, his face covered with sweat from working so hard.

“So, what are you doing?” Raphael asked casually as he walked up to him.

“I am fixing this machine right now so that way she can go home,” Donatello  replied not even looking at his brother, his voice was lower than usual.

“Why? I mean, why so eager to do it now?” Raph asked but Donatello didn’t  even reply just kept on working till finally Raph snatched the hammer from  his hand and tossed it behind him.

“Hey! Come on, Raphael! Leave me alone!” Donatello cried looking at him  angrily as he got up in pursuit of the hammer but Raph stopped him in his  tracks with his hand against his chest. “No way! We are going to talk, right  now! You’ve been acting really weird and I know that you have not been  shocked by anything lately. So what’s up? What’s bothering you?” he looked  at him sternly.

“As if you would know,” Donatello snapped as he pushed Raph’s hand away.

“Hey, Mr. Wizard, it doesn’t take a braniac like you think to understand  what’s bugging you,” Raphael replied becoming frustrated by Don’s attitude.

“Oh yeah, then what is it?” Raph’s brother replied as he looked at him  smartly and leaned back against the wall.

“You are in love with her but you know she has a boyfriend so you get  pained by it,” Raph smiled, crossing his arms.

Donatello’s eyes went wide looking totally shocked. “How did you know-um  that I totally don’t know what you are talking about?” Don said with a  little shakiness in his voice.

“Ha! I’m right! You can’t fool old Raphael like that!” Raph cheered,  grinning big. Donatello looked at him meanly and then he stopped cheering.  “Sorry.”

Don sighed heavily and looked down, “I don’t know what to do, Raph. I don’t  want her to leave but yet I know she has to because she doesn’t belong  here.” His voice breaking up as he talked, tears starting to form in his  eyes but he held them in.

“Hey, look. We’ll figure out something. I know you like her and maybe if  you be patient it might turn out in your favor. Just give it time,” Raph  said putting his arm around his brother’s shoulders.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Raphael. I love her,” Don said softly looking  at him sadly.

Around eight forty that morning, Felicia came back into the lair and saw  all four of the turtles eating away at their bowls of cereal while watching  cartoons. A short cartoon about The Tortoise and the Hare came on, which  made the turtles eager. “Oh I hate this cartoon! The turtle just pokes along!”  Michelangelo grumbled before putting a whole spoonful of chocolate  corn puffs into his mouth.

“Well scientifically speaking, Michelangelo. The turtle does go much slower  in real life,” Donatello commented.

“You traitor,” Raphael remarked look over at Donatello then looked up at  Felicia. “Hey Felicia’s back!”

Michelangelo turned around. “Hey dudette! Want some corn puffs? I could put  them on a pizza for ya!” Donatello looked over at Mike angrily then turned  his attention back to the television not even looking at Felicia.

“Um, no thanks. I am not hungry right now,” Felicia said looking over at  Donatello then sighed and walked over and sat beside Splinter. He smiled at  her softly and then looked back at the television, shaking his head hearing  Michelangelo eating at his cereal loudly.

“Michelangelo, your manners please. We do have a lady in this lair,” he  said looking at him sharply. Mike stopped with the spoon in his mouth and  took it out slowly which made Felicia giggle. Donatello looked aghast by  this and got up from the couch.

“I’m done,” he said with a bit of anger in his voice and walked towards his  workshop again, leaving his bowl on the table.

“Master, I am worried about Donatello. I fear that something has come over  him again,” Leonardo said looking over at Splinter with a worried look upon  his face.

“I’ll tell you later, Leonardo,” Splinter replied.

About five minutes later they heard a huge boom coming up from above. “What  the heck was that?” Raphael cried out spilling his cereal all over him.

“Oh yuck!” Michelangelo broke out laughing.

Leonardo quickly stood up taking out his swords; Splinter had a worried  look on his face.

Leonardo noticed Splinter’s look and asked, “Master, what’s wrong?”

“I sense something very evil,” Splinter said with a bit of distress in his  voice. “Quickly turn on the news!”

Raphael changed the channel and there on the screen was April reporting  with a huge ball of smoke behind her and people running and screaming. “This  is April O Neil with tremendous breaking news!! Just a minute ago, witnesses  claimed that a large passenger jet just smashed into the North Tower of the  World Trade Center building! We assume for right now that everyone on that  jet has been killed in the crash! Policemen and Firemen are at that scene!  I’ll report to you with more information in a few minutes.” Everyone in the  lair had a surprised look on their faces; Donatello came rushing in when he  heard the news. On the television screen, a picture of the smoking tower was  shown.

“Holy kats! No!!” Felicia cried out as she ran from the lair towards the  tunnel that would lead up above.

“Hey come back here!” Leonardo cried as he about to give chase but  Splinter stopped him.

“Wait. Something’s not right. Let us watch the news for a few more  minutes,” Splinter said.

“But why, Master? It was probably some airliner or something that lost  control over the no fly zone or something,” Donatello commented still  looking at the TV.

“No, I fear that there is more to come but we must and wait to see it,” the  rat replied, his eyes wide with fear.

“Could it be Shredder?” Raphael asked, feeling kind of scared himself.

“No, someone more evil than that. Shredder wouldn’t dare do this. Someone  that is out of our hands,” Splinter replied.

Felicia climbed up above near the Trade towers but far enough not to be  seen or in any danger. She saw the North tower smoking heavily then her ears  perked when she heard a jet overhead. She looked up and she saw a jet in a  collision course with the South tower. Her eyes went wide, she felt almost  like she was in slow motion, she felt helpless because all she could was to  watch. The jet slammed hard into the South tower causing it to be inflamed  as well. “Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she cried, falling to her knees, crying  hard. The remembrance of her parents being trapped in a building being burnt  to death by the bomb planted by Dark Kat flashed into her mind.

In the lair, the turtles witnessed the jet hitting the South Tower, it was  now around nine ten in the morning. “Tell me that didn’t happen and this is  all a bad dream,” Raphael said, looking so horrified.

“That plane just hit that building like that,” Michelangelo said sadly, he  couldn’t comprehend either what just happened.

“Felicia!!” Donatello cried as he ran out of the lair towards the  direction that she went.

“Let’s go Turtles!” Leonardo shouted out as he followed Donatello with the  others trailing behind. Splinter stayed in the lair watching the news.

The turtles ran to where Felicia was on her knees looking up at the raging  inferno towers. “No! No! It can’t be happening!” she shouted.

Donatello grabbed her and helped her. “Shh! Felicia it will be okay, calm  down.” He said holding her, she was crying hard against his shoulder. This  was all too familiar to her.

“What are we going to do?” Leonardo said looking at the gruesome sight.

The turtles were about 3 blocks away from the raging smoking towers, a lot   of the media were located towards the block at where the towers stood so  they would be out of the way. Raphael looked up at the towers, his eyes got  wide and his mouth dropped. “Um, guys please tell me I’m not seeing what I’m  seeing.”

The others looked up and there they heard people screaming as they jumped  from the office windows down to their death from the fire behind them. A lot  of people were at the window above the fire trapped, hollering for help.  “This doesn’t look good at all,” Mike said.

“We have to help them!” Felicia cried, couldn’t bare the thought to look  at the towers anymore.

“Right! Let’s go!” Leonardo exclaimed as they ran towards the buildings  from the back entrance. “Grab anyone you can find and get them out!”

Donatello looked around at the towers and thought for a moment. “Um, guys.  If these jets were highly fueled by which I am guessing and the speed of  impact then these buildings are structurally safe anymore if you get my  drift.”

“What do you mean?” Raph asked, coughing some from the smoke.

“At any point these towers may collapse,” Don replied.

“Then we have to move fast! Don’t go too far up into the smoke! Everyone  just help anyone off the floors who needs assistance! Hurry!” Leonardo  shouted as they ran inside. Leonardo and Michelangelo ran into the South  Tower while Raphael, Donatello and Felicia ran into the North Tower.

When they went inside they saw people screaming and hollering from the  fire, running towards the door. They really didn’t care about seeing Felicia  and the turtles for they were more worried about their lives. Donatello and  the others stormed the stairwell helping people move down the steps.  “Quickly hurry!” he shouted to them looking around at the building  nervously. They saw a middle aged woman with a broken leg hobbling fast as  she could down the stairwell but people were pushing at her trying to get  down the steps.

“Hey, I’ll getcha!” Raphael cried out as he grabbed the woman and held her  over his shoulders, she screamed out when she saw him. “Ease down, lady. I  am going to help you! Donatello, I’m out of here with this one!”

Donatello nodded and he motioned Felicia to move up the stairwell with him.  The smoke started to get thick almost so thick that they couldn’t see. “Don,  we’re getting too far up! We’ll never get down if it starts to collapse!”  Felicia screamed, getting really scared.

Donatello looked at her knowing she was right but suddenly both he and her  heard a young child crying out for her mommy about three floors up in the  dense smoke. He looked at Felicia. “I have to get her! Felicia, get out of  here now!”

“I can’t leave you!” she cried.

“Move!!” he said as he looked at her into the eyes and ran up into the  smoke.

“Crud!” Felicia said as she watched him then started to run fast as she  could back down the flight of stairs. When she reached the bottom floor she  stopped. Her heart was pounding hard, she couldn’t leave him there. Licia’s  ears perked when she heard him coughing hard as he struggled to get down the  flight of stairs to the first floor where she was standing. The smoke was so  thick in his lungs, it was making him weak to where he couldn’t breathe. He  felt like he was going to collapse.

“Donatello!” she cried out seeing almost staggering down the steps with  the young child in his arms, she ran over to him.

He stopped, breathing heavy, gripping the banister railing. “Get her out of  here!”

“I’m not going to leave you!” she protested.

“Do it!” he said. “I’ll be right behind you!”

Felicia looked at him with a look of disbelief but then took the child and  ran out of the building towards where the others waited.

“Where’s Donatello?!” Leonardo demanded.

“He’s still in there!” she said as she gave him the child and then ran  back inside. To her horror, he collapsed to the lobby floor about fifteen  feet away from the door. “Donatello! No!” She ran over to him and grabbed  his arms to pull him.

“No! Don’t do it! It’s going to collapse soon!” he protested.

“Stop whining!” she grunted as she dragged him out of the building towards  where the others were. Raphael and Michelangelo ran over to her and helped  her with him. Suddenly, they heard a loud creek as they saw the top starting  to fall.

“It’s coming down!!” Raphael shouted.

“Everyone into the sewers quick!” Leonardo shouted helping the young woman  and carrying the child down into the sewers, Felicia followed along with  Raphael and Michelangelo who were carrying Donatello. The South Tower  crumbled loudly to the ground covering everything with debris and dust.

“Look, Raphael you and Felicia take Donatello back to the lair,” Leonardo  said. “Michelangelo and I will take these two here to a Red Cross station.”  He looked over at the young girl who was in tears.

About twenty minutes later, the turtles arrived at an American Red Cross  unit about five blocks away, Leonardo looked around and saw one medic  technician standing away from the tent and he ran over to him. “Hey, we need  you!”

The technician looked at him and let out a gasp. “What the heck are you?”

“Listen, we have two citizens who need your help! We rescued them from one  of the towers. Michelangelo, bring them over,” Leo replied gripping the  guy’s arms to try to relax him. Michelangelo walked over with the young girl  in his arms who was still crying for her mommy, followed by the woman on  crutches.

The technician looked over at the young girl, his eyes went wide as he  started to cry some. “Oh my-Sarah!!” he grabbed her and held her tightly.  “Oh sweetie, I am so glad that you made it.” The turtles looked at each  other stunned and he noticed. “This is my daughter, her mother works in the  towers. Oh bless you, bless you! You don’t know what this means to me. I  haven’t heard a word yet about my wife yet but I am relieved some knowing  that my little girl is safe since both of the towers are gone now.”

“Huh? Both towers?,” Michelangelo asked.

The technician nodded his head, “Just before you two got here.”

“But all of those people…a lot of them on the top floors,” Leo said  sadly looking down couldn’t help but let some tears form in his eyes.

“Yeah even including the rescuers,” the technician replied. “Well thanks  again for saving my daughter. I am going to take them over to the recovering  tents then I am going over to the towers myself to help anyone that may have  survived. If there is anything I can give you and I mean anything let me  know.” He motioned the woman to go over to where other people were helping  the injured.

“Well actually we need your help. The thick smoke in the towers seriously  injured our brother, he was actually the one who saved your daughter. We  need your help on recovering him because right now he is unconscious,”  Leonardo replied looking over at Mike with a worried look on his face then  back at the technician.

Sarah’s father nodded his head and ran over to a table and came back  carrying a small oxygen tank with a mask attached, he handed it to Leonardo.

“Put this on him, it should help revive him,” he said looking at him.

“Thanks,” Leo replied smiling softly. He motioned at Michelangelo and  they took off running towards the manhole that they came out of. The technician watched them and smiled, “I would never have believe this.  But I guess they were angels saving my child.” He walked over to where his  daughter was to make sure she was okay.

Felicia couldn’t help but let tears fall from her eyes down to her cheeks,  which matted her fur as she looked down at the unconscious Donatello; he had  a look of pain and discomfort on his face. Splinter had removed his bandanna  to relieve pressure from his head. She looked down at Donatello and knew he  was in pain and she didn’t know what to do. But yet she felt happy for him  risking his life for that little girl who was trapped in the tower. If he  didn’t save her she would have been crushed when the tower collapsed.  Her   thoughts were broken when she heard Leonardo and Michelangelo running into  the room where they were carrying the oxygen apparatus. “Quick put this on  him!” Leo said as he knelt down beside Donatello, turning on the tank.

Felicia gently lifted Don’s head up to help Leonardo put the mask on.  They heard the oxygen being pumped into his mouth now all they could was to  wait and hope that he would pull through. Felicia felt so bad, she wished that  she could have got to him sooner to help him; she looked down ashamed.

Raph saw her and put his hand on her shoulder, “Hey he’ll be okay. You  saved him.” There were tears in his eyes; they would have lost Don if she  didn’t run inside the tower to save him. Felicia smiled a little, resting  her head against his hand.

Suddenly Donatello began to stir, groaning as he started to awaken, his  eyelids fluttered as he tried to open his eyes. “Wha-what happened?” He  tried to get up but when he did, he coughed hard, which made him hurt so bad  that he had to lie back down again.

“Easy, Donatello. The smoke is still in your lungs. Keep the mask on,”  Splinter said as he put his hand on Don’s arm to gently push him back down.

Donatello looked up at them with a tired look on his face. “Did I make it?  The little girl okay?”

“Yeah thanks to you. We found her father and reunited them,” Leonardo said  softly as he gripped Mike’s hand, overjoyed by the fact that their brother  had pulled through.

“There was so much smoke I almost never found her; she was actually three  stories above where we were. I try to make it out but I felt so weak, I  couldn’t breathe. Everything was spinning and I heard this loud rumble. I  thought I died,” Don replied, almost breaking up, looking around, and  breathing hard against the oxygen mask.

“Well this dudette here saved you,” Michelangelo smiled as he hugged  Felicia. Donatello smiled and looked at Felicia, she couldn’t help but smile  back at him, both of them looking deep into each other’s eyes.

“I think we should let Donatello rest for awhile to get his strength back.  All of you may go into the lair and watch television instead of your normal  exercises today,” Splinter said as he got up. “Felicia, you may stay with  Donatello.”

“Alright some TV time! Cowabunga!” Mike exclaimed as he stood back up with  the others.

“Yeah just in time for the House of Ha Ha show!” Raph said with a grin.

“You’re totally bogus! It’s going to be Godzilla Vs. Mothra!” Mike said  back angrily.

“Um, guys I think since I am the oldest it will be Wrath of the Ninja,”  Leonardo said as he walked into the living room.

“No way!” Raph said as he pushed Mike out of the way and ran as he fast as  he could. Mike followed behind him. Splinter shook his head hearing all them  arguing in the living room and then walked to his room.

Donatello looked up at Felicia, smiling a little. “You saved me.”

“Hey, you would have done the same thing,” Felicia replied, blushing a  little. Then her voice got softer, “What just happened reminded me when my  parents were trapped in that building and I couldn’t get them out. I wanted  to at least save someone and not fail like last time.”

Donatello nodded his head a little, “Well I guess this is it. Tonight you  have to leave to go back to your homeworld.”

“Yah, I g-guess so,” Felicia replied, trying to act tough and hold back her  tears.

But this gave Don the wrong impression, he thought that maybe she really  wanted to go home and he didn’t want her to. He looked away, sighed trying  not to cry. “Well I better get some rest. Why don’t you go out and hang with  the others. I’ll get the machine ready in a couple of hours for you.”

“Okay, Don.” Felicia said looking at him worriedly, then she got up and  walked out of the room. Don sighed and looked up at the ceiling, then closed  his eyes.

Felicia disappeared from MegaKat City for about two weeks now and there was  no evidence on what happened to her. From the enforcer’s investigation there  was no sign of anyone else in the apartment at the time of Felicia’s  disappearance. The enforcers started to slack off the investigation with the  assumption that Felicia had just vanished, maybe just left herself from the  city, which actually made no sense. Jenson began to believe his theory that  aliens had gotten her, even Jake was beginning to believe that theory as  well but he didn’t give up hope.

Jake Clawson sighed and sat on Felicia’s couch staring at the burnt spot on  the carpet. Chance had stayed at the garage that night since it was almost  midnight but Jake told him he wanted to stay at the apartment that night.  Tears began to fall down from his eyes matting his fur. Soon from sadness,  he started to become angry just thinking of his love being tortured by  aliens or even killed! He let out a cry as he hit a lamp making it smash to  the ground. “When I find out who has her, I am going kick their tail!”

Three hours had passed since the terrible attack on that day in New York  City; Donatello had recovered from his injury and was now warming up the  portal machine. Everyone was in his workshop, waiting there in silence. “Ok,  it’s ready,” Donatello announced as he stood up and looked over at the  others.

“Well I-I guess this is it,” Felicia said, biting her lip some; she didn’t  know what to say. “It’s been really nice to meeting you guys.” She walked  over and gave Splinter a hug. “It was really nice meeting you, Splinter. You  seemed almost like a father to me.”

Splinter couldn’t help but to blush some. “Thank you, it was nice to have  you around here as well. You seem like a daughter to me since I already have  four sons,” he said with a smile.

“Well dudette, I guess this is it. Thanks for hanging out with us,” Mike  said as he gave Felicia a hug.

“No prob,” she giggled. “Maybe next time if I ever come back to visit you  can make me a pizza.”

Raphael smiled a little, “Well it’s been fun.

“Yah anytime, Raphael,” Felicia replied and then hugged him tightly making  Raph shocked. “You’re not getting out your hug, Raph.”

Leonardo bowed to her, “You did great at practice.”

“Well thanks, Leo. You’re a great teacher,” Felicia said and bowed back to  him.

“And I have a little present for you,” Leo said as he reached behind his  back and took out a small silver ninja star from his belt. “Here you go.  It’s a piranha ninja star. Very sharp so watch out. I thought you might like  it.”

“Geez thanks,” Felicia said as Splinter handed her a small black cloth bag  to put it in. She then looked over at Donatello, her heart started to race.

“Well um, thanks again for saving me,” Don said, his voice shaking.

“Yeah, and thanks for the tour of the city,” Felicia replied softly,  fingering the small bag nervously.

Raph grinned, “Well hug her, Don!” He lightly pushed Don. Don smiled at her  nervously and then hugged her. After the embrace, Felicia leaned up and  gently kissed him on the cheek.

“Whoa!” Leo said his eyes went wide.

“Studly!” Mike exclaimed grinned.

“You smoother!” Raph chuckled, their comments made Donatello blush.

Donatello rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and then cleared his  throat. “Okay here goes. You ready, Felicia?”

“Yah,” she replied. Donatello flipped the lever up and the portal opened.  “Bye everyone!” She then stepped through the portal and then it closed.

The room became silent once she disappeared. Leo, Mike, and Raph just  looked at each other then they looked over at Donatello. Donatello just  stared at the blank screen of the portal machine, his eyes filling up with  tears, he held his head down and started to let the tears fall trying not to  cry too loud so the others wouldn’t notice but they knew he was in great  sadness. “Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, it is late why don’t you go on to  bed now,” Splinter said as he looked over at Donatello.

“Okay, Master. Goodnight, Donatello,” Leonardo said as he looked over at  his sadden brother then walked onto his bedroom.

“Goodnight, dude!” Michelangelo said as he trailed Leonardo.

“See ya later,” Raph said not even looking at Donatello as he followed  Mike.

Splinter walked over to Donatello and placed his hand on his shoulder. “You  okay, Donatello?”

Donatello started to break up right there as he began to sob. “I already  miss her.”

“I know you are going through a hard time right now, my pupil. But you what  did was an unselfish act, a true sign of love,” Splinter said smiling.  Donatello looked up with a confused look. “It was very honorable.”

Donatello sighed and looked back at the portal screen, “I don’t feel so  honorable, sensei.” His voice soft, his whole body felt so weak. He wanted  to leap through that portal screen so badly and be with her but he fought  the urge knowing that he didn’t want to leave the others as well.

“I know that you are sad right now but trust me after a couple of days, you  will feel better. I am sure Felicia would want you to be happy. Now it is  late you better go onto bed,” Splinter said.

“If you don’t mind, Splinter. I want to stay up a little longer and just  think about things,” Don said looking up at him, his eyes partly red from  crying, his cheeks were damped from the tears.

“Very understandable. Goodnight, Donatello,” replied Splinter as he walked  out of the workshop towards his room.

Donatello watched him leave then stared back at the portal screen. “I hope  you find happiness, Felicia. I’ll always love you..” He put his hand gently  upon on the portal screen gently moving his hand up and down feeling the  slick surface. He sighed hard and closed his eyes, holding his head down, he  started to weep again.

Jake’s ears perked when he heard electricity fizzling right near him. He  looked up and saw a huge bright light right over the carpet in the living  room of Felicia’s apartment. The light was so bright that he covered his  eyes. When the light disappeared, there in front of him stood Felicia. His  eyes went wide as his heart pounded, it felt like a dream to him.  “L-licia…”

She smiled and walked over to him, wrapping her arms around him, hugging  him tightly. “Oh, Jake! I missed you!” She hugged him tightly, burying her  face into his shoulders, crying hard. Jake couldn’t help but shed some tears  as he held her tightly to him, not wanting to let her go.

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