Original SWAT Kats Story

Going Solo

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,287 Words

Ricochet is aboard the train that Dark Kat and Turmoil are aboard. But, now she is beginning to wonder if this was such a great idea since she has no back up and no way out. She knows that it is now or never.

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Author's Notes:



Ricochet had managed to sneak aboard the train that was carrying  Dark Kat and Turmoil.  Unfortunately she had only managed to get in the last  car which meant that she had to go through each car to the one where they  were at.

“Luckily I am in the cargo car.”, she said as she hid behind some  boxes.  She had taken down 2 of Dark Kat’s special forces who were guarding  the train which alerted some of the guards in the other cars.  Now 5 of them  were at the front of the car waiting for Ricochet to show herself.

“Maybe  this wasn’t a great idea after all.”, Ricochet mumbled to herself as she put  a new magazine into her D5K.

“Well, I can’t back out now.”  She took a deep  breath and knew that it was now or never.  She hid behind one of the boxes  and peaked through the crack.  When she caught one of the guards off guard  she shot him.  Then she ducked quickly to dodge the incoming fire from the  other guards who began to fire after they saw the guard she shot fall down  dead. Ricochet jumped behind another pile of boxes and then shot another  guard.  Then when she noticed the last 3 special forces ducked behind some  boxes to dodge her bullets.  She waited for them to pop up to fire and then  she hit them.  When she made sure that they were dead she approached the  front of the car. Suddenly the door at the front opened and one of Dark  Kat’s special forces spotted her.  He aimed his gun at her but she was too  fast for him.  He was shot within in seconds and fell to the floor.

Ricochet smiled to herself but her smiled disappeared when she noticed that  they were 5 more guards in the next car aiming their guns at her.

“Oh,  crud!!!”, she said and shut the door.

“Now what??”  She spotted a grenade  that one of the special forces was carrying.

She picked up the grenade,  “Thanks, pal.”  She pulled off the pin and opened the door.

“Eat this”, she  yelled and threw the grenade into the car and closed the door again.  There  was a big explosion and muffled screams of the kats in the car.

“If that  didn’t alert, Dark Crud, then nothing will.”, said Ricochet. ***********************************************************************

Dark Kat and Turmoil were in car 6 when the grenade exploded.

“What  was that?”, yelled Turmoil as she struggled to stand up.

“I don’t know.  Captain.”, he said.

“Yes.”, said the captain of Dark Kat’s special forces.

“Go take care of our problem,” said Dark Kat.

“It shall be done, my lord.”, said the Captain as he bowed and then  ran out of the car into the next train car. ***********************************************************************

Meanwhile, Ricochet was going onto the next train car, she was now  on train car 3.  Most of the troops onboard were dead or were dying because  she had managed to catch them off guard.  She passed a guard who was just  wounded, she aimed her gun at him.

“I should just kill you now for working  with Dark Kat.”, said Ricochet.

“Who are you?”, asked the guard as he was holding onto his leg.

“You can call me Ricochet.”, she said.

“I want you to get off of  this train at once or I’ll come back after you.”  She walked to the next  train car.

When the guard was sure that she was gone, he took out his walkie  talkie.

“Dark Kat, come in.”, he said.

“Yes.”, said Dark Kat as he picked up the walkie talkie.

“There is an intruder on board.  She calls herself Ricochet, she is  coming after you.  She has managed to take everyone down in the last 3  cars.”, said the guard.

Dark Kat growled and turned off the walkie talkie.

“Turmoil, we  might have some company after all.”, he said as he looked over at Turmoil.

Turmoil smiled and then retracted her claws.

“Don’t worry, Dark  Kat.  We can take care of our pest.”, she said.


Meanwhile, Jenson had just gotten off of work and decided to stop  by Isis’s place and see if Felicia was still there.  When he got there he  noticed that her Kamaro was gone which began to worry him.  He knocked on  the door.

Isis heard the door knock and paused her computer program.  She  walked up to the door.

“Who is it?”, she asked.

“It’s Jenson.”, said Jenson.

Isis opened the door and said, “Hey, Jenson.”

“Hey, where’s Felicia?”, he asked.

“She went out.”, Isis quickly said.

“Where did she go?”, asked Jenson as Isis let him in.

Isis hesitated on her answer and Jenson noticed this.

“I can’t tell  you.”, she said.

Once Isis said this Jenson ran to Felicia’s room and noticed that  her stuff was gone. “She went out after I told her not to.”, he growled and  hit the door with his fist.  He walked back to where Isis was.  Isis was now  trembling.

“Isis, where did she go?”, he asked again.

She shook her head.

“I can’t tell.  I promised.”, she said.

Jenson grabbed her by the shoulders.

“Listen, Isis.  I know you are  her friend and promised her that you wouldn’t tell.  But if you don’t then  she could be in serious trouble.  Do you want Felicia to die?”

“No.”, Isis said.

“Then tell me where she is.”, said Jenson

“She..She is went to catch the train that carried Dark Kat and  Turmoil.”, Isis said and then looked down at the ground.

“Holy Kats!”, said Jenson as he let go of Isis.

“Which train?”

“The one that is heading to Selinda.”, she said.

“Thanks,” said Jenson and went back to his hummer.

“I need to get  some back up and transportation.”, Jenson said to himself.

“I know just who  can help me.”  He drove back to Enforcer Headquarters. **********************************************************************

Ricochet had managed to get the car that Dark Kat and Turmoil were  on.  She was right outside of the door.

“I got them now.”, she said to  herself as she saw that Dark Kat’s and Turmoil’s backs were turned to her.

She walked and aimed her D5K at them.

“Freeze, don’t move!!”, she said.

But what happened next shocked her.  When Dark Kat and Turmoil  turned around to face her they didn’t look surprised.

“Ricochet, what an  unpleasant surprise.  Do come in.”, he said.

Ricochet walked closer, still keeping her D5K aimed at them.

“I  have you now.”, she said.

Suddenly Hard Drive walked out of the shadows behind her.  He hit her over the head with his Klobb.

“No, we have you,” he said.

Ricochet heard Dark Kat, Turmoil and Hard Drive laughing as she  faded into unconsciousness.

To be continued….. 

By:  Felicia McFurry, Ace and Isis

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