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Felicia’s Dream Comes True

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 924 Words

Felicia and Jake get married.

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Author's Notes:


It was the day of Felicia’s and Jake’s wedding and Felicia and Isis  were at the garage with Jake and Chance.  “So are you guys ready?,” asked  Chance as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“Yeah.  At 4:00pm today, we say our vows then it’s Anakata,” Jake  said and gave Felicia a smile.

Felicia smiled back at him.  “I can’ wait either, love.  You know  that today the Maid of Honor and the Best Man will walk down the aisle  together.  So…that means.” She looked over at Chance and then at Isis.   “Chance and Isis will walk together.”

Chance looked over at Isis.  “I don’t mind that,” he said.

Isis blushed and said, “Fine with me.”

Jake and Felicia both had a surprised look on their face.  They  looked over at each other and then shrugged.  Felicia got up to put her  dirty dish away.  “Ready to go to the church, Jake?,” she asked.

“Sure,” said Jake and also got up.  “See you at the church, Chance.  Bye.”

“Bye, Isis,” said Felicia.  Jake takes Felicia’s paw and leads her  outside to her Camaro.   But what Jake sees surprises him.  Outside is a  silver Mitsubishi Eclipse.

“Felicia, did you get a new car?” he asked.

“No, this is for you,” said Felicia as she tossed him the keys.   “Now, you don’t have to bother Chance anymore.”

“I don’t know what to say, Licia.  Thanks!” he said and hugged her.   He kissed her and then got into his brand new car.  Licia got in on the  passenger side.  They drove to the church.


At the church, Jenson, Chance, Isis, Jake and Felicia were decorating  for the wedding.  Felicia and Jake went to the dressing room to check their  clothes.  Jenson went out to his hummer to get some more decorations.  Chance  smiled to himself and walked over to Isis who was getting some stuff out of a  box.  “I hope you catch the bouquet, Isis,” he said and grinned.

“Why do you hope for that?,” Isis asked as she grinned back at him.

“So, I will know you are the next to be married,” he said proudly.

“I know you would like that, Furlong,” Isis said as she continued to  put up a decoration.

“I am surprised you aren’t thinking that I am annoying like you did  before,” Chance said facing her back.

Isis turned around to face him.  “Well, I noticed how much you care  about me and feel like I was too mean to you.  But I can change back if you  like,” she said and turned back around to hang another decoration on the  wall.

Chance turned her around to face him and pulled her close.  “I don’t  want you to change,” he said and kissed her deeply.  Isis returned his kiss.   Jake and Felicia walked back in to the room and saw Chance and Isis, they  were shocked!  Jake cleared his throat which made Chance and Isis break  apart.  Chance looked embarrassed.  Isis blushed and went back to what she  was doing.  Felicia was about to say something to them but Jenson walked in.   “Well, everyone, I better start getting ready.  See ya later, Jake,” said  Felicia.  She kissed him and then walked towards her dressing room.

“Yeah.  I better get ready too,” he said and went off to his dressing  room.


It was after their wedding and Jake and Felicia were on their  honeymoon in Anakata.  Felicia was looking out at the beach on her balcony  and the city in the distance.  The time was around 9:00pm and the stars  shined brightly in the sky.  A warm breeze was blowing on her face gently.   She walked closer to the railing and pushed her face forward to welcome the  warm breeze.  Everything was going so peacefully, so wonderful to her.  She  was now married to Jake aka Razor and it felt like a present that her parents  gave her for leaving this world and making her alone.  A small tear rolled  down her cheek as she thought of her parents.  She wiped it away and smiled  trying to keep herself from crying.  She heard the balcony’s door open and  Jake stepped out onto the balcony.  Felicia smiled softly at him and turned  back around to look back at the beach.  Listening to the waves crashing and  kats laughing and talking on the seashore.  Jake put his arms around her and  held her close to him.  “Like the view, Mrs. Clawson?,” he asked as he  smiled.

“Yes.  It’s gorgeous.  Thanks for taking me here, Mr. Clawson,”  Felicia replied.

“Well, you only deserve the best,” replied Jake and kissed her on the  neck.

“Well, I already have the best,” said Felicia.  Jake turned her  around so she was facing him.

“And I have you,” he said and kissed her passionately.  Felicia  returned his kiss and then hugged him.

“This is the best honeymoon that I could ever dream of,” she said.

“And it’s only going to get better,” said Jake as he took her paw and  led her back inside.

To be continued… 

By: Felicia McFurry and Isis

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