Original SWAT Kats Story

Don’t Back Out Now

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 12,844 Words

A battle with Dark Kat leaves T-Bone seriously wounded and who’s to blame? Razor? Razor must fight against Dark Kat alone but loses and ends up in Enforcer Headquarters. A heated dispute between the SWAT Kats makes Razor quit, then he’s captured by Dark Kat. Will T-Bone save him or not?

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Author's Notes:

Please email me and let me know if you like this story or not. This is my first story for the archive.

On a dark and stormy night, the SWAT Kats were chasing Dark Kat because he built 2 doomsday bombs to drop over the city. Since it was dark and stormy the SWAT Kats were having a hard time trying to get a visual so they had to keep him on radar or it was all over. Ann Gora, Jonny, and Callie were in the Kats Eye News helicopter following the SWAT Kats as best as they could. Since they didn’t have radar contact, they had a radio contact with them so they could hear what was going on.

“T-Bone, Dark Kat’s flooring it”, said Razor as he was struggling to get a good lock-onto Dark Kat’s Fear Ship.

“He can’t shake this tail”, replied T-Bone as he hit the thrusters to keep a pursuit on Dark Kat. Suddenly Dark Kat went into a cloud bank “Aw, crud! T-Bone, I lost him!”, said Razor as he frantically tried to get Dark Kat back on radar. T-Bone growled and hit the console with his fist.

“Well, that’s just great!”, he growled. All of a sudden Dark Kat was coming toward them from the side and fired machine guns. The bullets hit the side of the canopy where Razor was; sending pieces of the canopy all over. A piece of glass from the canopy went into Razor’s arm. Razor grasped his arm.

“Aaah. T-Bone I’ve been hit! “, exclaimed Razor as he tried to withstand the pain.

“What happened?”, asked T-Bone with full of concern.

“The canopy was hit and a piece of hit went into my left arm. I can’t get the pieces out!”, said Razor as he hissed from the pain.

“Put something over to stop the bleeding.” , said T-Bone. Razor reached into a compartment below his seat and took out a rag that he had there to use as a drying rag when they would wash the Turbokat. He wrapped the cloth around his arm tightly. He let out a cry of pain when the cloth put tight pressure onto the wound.

“If Dark Crud’s going to be like that, then I’m going have to get in his plane and stop him personally”, T-Bone muttered to himself.

“Razor, you’re going have to get up here in my seat while I go inside his plane and stop him.”, he said.

” I can do it, T-Bone”, protested Razor.

” No. If Dark Kat finds out you’re injured he’ll take advantage of it”, said T-Bone.

“Okay. But be careful, buddy.”, said Razor wishing that T-Bone didn’t have to do that.

“Roger. I’ll contact you when I get into the plane”, said T-Bone. He put his oxygen mask on and pushed the “canopy open” button. He shot a grappling hook on to Dark Kat’s plane and went up into the plane. Meanwhile, Razor got in T-Bone’s seat and flew the Turbokat. Inside the Fear Ship, T-Bone ducked behind some boxes.

“Razor, I’m in, buddy. Try to shoot at Dark Kat’s weapon system; that will give me some time to locate and disarm the bombs. Razor aimed at the weapon system, sweat was coming down his forehead. He was shaking so bad, he couldn’t get a good lock-on. Something inside his head told to him to fire, but something else told him not to. He couldn’t fire.

“T-Bone, I-I can’t do it!” , said Razor.

“Why not?!”, asked T-Bone. He couldn’t believe he heard that. Razor always aimed at something and fired. It was like clockwork, the same old routine, nothing different.

“What if I miss and hit where you are?” , asked Razor.

“You’re so close to my lock-on you might get hit.” “You won’t miss! Come on, shoot!” , said T-Bone practically yelling at him. Razor was always concerned about hitting somebody and that was Razor’s number one weakness. It effected him before with Dark Kat and T-Bone knew how bad it was and he didn’t want it to happen again. Ann Gora and Callie heard T-Bone and Razor arguing over the radio.

“Come on, Razor, shoot.”, Callie said to herself. No matter if T-Bone was right and Razor was wrong; Razor couldn’t take that risk. He disengaged from Dark Kat. T-Bone saw what Razor did and was furious.

“Razor, if you’re not going to stop him, then I will!”, he growled. He walked up to the bombs and started to disarm them. Dark Kat got a visual on the Turbokat and zoomed the camera in. He saw only Razor in the Turbokat. Dark Kat growled.

“What?!”, he said.

“The other one must be in my plane! Creeplings, take the controls. Maintain the course at the center of the city. I have to go get rid of a stowaway.” He headed towards the bomb bay of the plane. Meanwhile, T-Bone had disarm the bombs. When Dark Kat saw T-Bone, he was furious. He went up to T-Bone and threw him against the wall on surprise. T-Bone got up and said, “It’s all over Dark Kat. It will take you at least 3 days to fix those bombs.” He gave Dark Kat his trademark cocky smile. That only ticked Dark Kat off even more.

“That’s okay, SWAT Kat, because it won’t take me 3 days to destroy you.”, Dark Kat said and began to fight with T-Bone. One curious creepling who was watching the fight had an idea for his master. He went up the airlock door and opened it and then yelled at Dark Kat in his language. Dark Kat saw the creepling jumping up and down, pointing to the door and knew just what the creepling was talking about. He gave T-Bone his own smile. But his smile was evil smile, trying to hint T-Bone that something bad was going to happen to him. Dark Kat began to force T-Bone towards the airlock. But T-Bone looked behind him and saw what Dark Kat was going to do and jumped and flipped behind Dark Kat. Dark Kat was surprised but he wasn’t going to let a perfect, evil, plan like that go to waste. He still wanted to throw T-Bone out, no matter if he was alive or dead. He picked T-Bone up, no matter how much he struggled or how strong he was, T-Bone couldn’t get free. Dark Kat threw him into the wall, hard. When T-Bone got up, his helmet fell off. But he didn’t bother put it back on. He had to keep his attention on Dark Kat. He leaped at Dark Kat and punched him in the face. T-Bone was going to punch him again, but Dark Kat held his fist and squeezed hard on it. T-Bone could feel his bones cracking by Dark Kat’s massive grip.

“Aaaah!”, T-Bone said as he couldn’t hold in the pain. Suddenly 2 creeplings held T-Bone’s hands behind his back. Dark Kat picked him up and threw him against the wall. T-Bone’s head hit the wall hard, he could hear his head crack on impact. He could feel the dampness on his head as blood came out from the wound. T-Bone touched the wound with his fingers and looked at his fingers. He saw his fingers covered in blood. Suddenly his vision began to get blurry as his body was going into unconsciousness but he held on. A feral looking smile appeared on Dark Kat’s face as he saw that T-Bone was seriously injured, but Dark Kat wasn’t finished having fun making the SWAT Kat pay. He walked up to T-Bone, T-Bone wanted to punch Dark Kat; but there was no strength in him to do that. But Dark Kat just looked at T-Bone struggling to stay conscious, still smiling at him, like he was trying not to laugh. Suddenly Dark Kat’s smile faded and his mean looking face appeared. He punched T-Bone hard in the stomach making T-Bone collapse onto the floor.

“Aw, crud!” ,T-Bone manage to say as he coughed. Dark Kat walked over to some empty cargo boxes and picked one up; walking back towards T-Bone with it. T-Bone manage to roll over onto his back but when he opened his eyes. He saw huge, towering, Dark Kat laughing, and holding a box over T-Bone’s head. Dark Kat raised the box up as he was about to throw down on him. Dark Kat threw the box.

“Nooooo!!!”, yelled T-Bone as tried to shield his head from the box, but it was no use. T-Bone was out cold. A small pool of blood formed on the floor from the wound on the back of his head. Dark Kat laughter could be heard in the entire ship. Dark Kat took the lifeless body of T-Bone, threw him out of the airlock and closed the airlock’s doors. He walked back to the controls of the plane and headed toward his hideout to fix his bombs. Razor saw T-Bone falling.

“Holy Kats!”, he cried. He flew over to where T-Bone was and picked him up with the grappling hook and pulled him in the Turbokat. He landed where the Kats Eye News helicopter was, just in case. He opened the canopy and pulled T-Bone out of the Turbokat. He laid T-Bone down on the ground, gently.

“Come on, T-Bone! Wake up, buddy!”, cried Razor but T-Bone wouldn’t. He noticed the scratch marks on his face from the where the box it. He noticed a tiny pool of blood forming on the ground and noticed the wound on the back of his head. He gently probed the wound but pulled back fast when he noticed his fingers covered in blood.

“No…..don’t be……”, he said but he couldn’t finish it as the terrible thought went through his mind. The thought that T-Bone could be dead. Dead not because of Dark Kat but because of him and stupidity of being too worried. He laid his head on T-Bone’s shoulders and started to cry. Suddenly some one tapped him on the shoulders. Razor turned around, it was Callie. He saw the same terror fill her eyes as his.

“Oh, Miss Briggs, it’s all my fault. If I wasn’t too worried about missing, none of this would have happened.”, he said.

” I failed him.” “Razor, you didn’t fail him.”, Callie said calmly.

“I lost him, Miss Briggs, forever.”, said Razor Miss Briggs had the same thought in her head but pushed it away. She knelt down and took T-Bone’s pulse.

“Razor, he’s not gone, yet. He has a very weak pulse. We need to take him to the hospital and fast.”, she said. She didn’t want to smile but the sign of hope came to her and for some reason she knew that he would be alright.

“Jonny!”, she called. Jonny ran over to her.

“Jonny, get T-Bone to the hospital.”, she said. Jonny put T-Bone in the helicopter and headed towards the hospital. Callie noticed Razor’s left arm wrapped up.

“Razor, you need to get to the hospital and get your arm fixed.”, she said. Razor shook his head.” No, Miss Briggs. T-Bone comes first. Come on. I’ll give you a lift to the hospital.”, he said.


On the way to the hospital Razor didn’t say anything and Callie knew why. Razor felt like he was guilty for T-Bone’s condition. When they got to the hospital, Razor helped Callie out of the Turbokat and they walked inside. When they got inside Ann walked up to them and told them that T-Bone was in room 229. Callie said that she would go with him. On the way to the room Razor asked “Callie, do you think that T-Bone will ever forgive me?” “Of course he will. Now stop worrying.”, she said.

“Callie, will it be alright with you if wait a couple of minutes outside of his room so I can have some time alone.” , said Razor.

“Sure”, she said. When they got to T-Bone’s room, Razor opened the door slowly and went inside, then he closed it. He took a deep breath and looked over at T-Bone. T-Bone’s eyes were closed as if he was resting. The scratches on his face were healed over, there was a bandage on the wound on his head. Razor cringed at the sight of him. He couldn’t believe it. Because of him being worried so much, T-Bone was seriously injured. This almost happened before when he hesitated from shooting Dark Kat after believed he hurt innocent civilians. Finally, after he gained enough courage to approach his wounded partner, he slowly walked up to the bed. He took a deep breath and said, “T-Bone?” T-Bone’s eyes slowly open. His vision was still blurry because of the wound, but the distinct form of Razor let him know that his partner was there.

“Razor.”, he said very softly. Razor cringed when he heard his partner say his name, so softly. He had never caused T-Bone to be hurt and T-Bone looked so helpless lying there. Razor picked up a chair and placed it near T-Bone’s bed; he sat in the chair.

“T-Bone, I’m so sorry about everything”, said Razor.

“I should have not hesitated.” Razor was so ashamed that he couldn’t look into his partner’s eyes.

“Don’t blame yourself, buddy. I should have not yelled at you. But, hey, I’m was going to get hurt sooner or later. It was just blind luck something like this didn’t happen earlier. This is what you get from crime fighting and going against a crime lord like Dark Crud.”, said T-Bone. Razor just shook his head and closed his eyes.

“But if I fired then you would have never been injured.” “Razor, look at me.”, T-Bone said. Razor slowly looked at him. T-Bone continued, “Do know why you hesitated?” “I don’t know T-Bone. I guess I hesitated because I was afraid of hitting you too, but I ended up almost killing you.” , said Razor.

“No, Razor. Dark Kat almost ended up killing me. Razor, I was stupid in not seeing this. But maybe you were right. I could have been too close to your lock-on. So, thanks, buddy for saving my life.”, said T-Bone. Razor had this confused look on his face.

“What do you mean?” “You saved my life when you took me here.” , said T-Bone.

“Come on, think, Mr.Brainy SWAT Kat.” Razor laughed.

“So how did you do with the bombs?” ” I disarm them, but it will only take Dark Crud 3 days to fix them”, said T-Bone. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Come in”, said Razor. Callie opened the door.

“Hello, I was just wondering if I could come in, right now.”, she asked.

“Yeah, I kinda forgot about you.”, said Razor. Razor leaned closer to T-Bone and whispered.

“I think she’ll make you feel better.” “Shut up.”, T-Bone teased. Razor got up.

“I’ll be seeing you, buddy.”, he said.

“Where are you going?”, T-Bone asked.

“Well, you said that Dark Kat only needed 3 days to fix the bombs and you will not be in any condition to fight until a week from now. So I’m going after Dark Kat and finish off where you began.”, said Razor as he started to walk towards the door. Callie noticed the drying rag was still wrapped around Razor’s arm.

“What about your arm, Razor?”, she asked.

” It’s nothing really.”, Razor replied as the pain shot through his arm when he remembered the wound and touched his arm.

“Razor, you should get the doctor to fix your arm before you go”, said T-Bone, really concerned.

“Nah, I’ll be fine with it. I’ll get it fixed when I get back.” , said Razor.

“Bye.” Razor left before T-Bone could protest anymore about his wound. Razor climbed back into the Turbokat and started to patrol the area looking for the Fear Ship.


After a hour Razor was getting impatient, especially when Dark Kat had more than one nuclear bombs this time. Razor constantly scanned the radar and even the dimensional radar, but still nothing.

“There’s gotta be a better idea than this.”, he grumbled to himself.

“Wait a minute! When T-Bone fell out of Dark Kat’s plane his helmet was off. That means his helmet must be in Dark Kat’s plane. Let me try the scanner and home in on the location of T-Bone’s helmet.” He pushed a button on his control panel and a red blip kept flashing on the radar screen.

“Bingo! Dark Kat’s located at the old cola warehouse!” Razor banked the Turbokat right and headed towards the warehouse.


When Razor arrived at the warehouse, the warehouse appeared not to be occupied, but looks can be deceiving. He put his glove of tricks on and crept up to the warehouse, looking for cameras or traps. But nothing; Razor began to believe that maybe the tracker was off, because Dark Kat would have something in store for him. But right now the idea of that began to look impossible. Before entering the warehouse, Razor took a deep breath and said, “This is for you, T-Bone.” He opened the door and quickly went in, trying not to let much light to be in the room. When he closed the door he looked around the warehouse. Most of it was dark, only some parts of the warehouse were lighted but very dim because of the light bulb hanging from the ceiling. There were boxes of cola stacked all the way up to the ceiling everywhere. It was so quiet inside the warehouse that Razor could hear himself breathing. Suddenly he heard a tap in his back. The shape of a gun barrel and the hardness of iron, let him know that it was a gun. He held his hands up. He slowly turned around only to come face to face with Dark Kat pointing a gun at him.

“It would be wise to take off your glove of tricks and give it to me.”, said Dark Kat.

“Sure thing, Dark Crud. You want it, you got it!”, Razor said throwing the glove of tricks at Dark Kat’s face. When Dark Kat became distracted from trying to dodge the glove of tricks coming right at his face, Razor kicked his gun away from him. Dark Kat was furious; he growled and retracted his claws. Razor gulped. He knew he couldn’t stand a chance going one on one with Dark Kat but he had to now. Trying to not show any fear, he also retracted his claws, letting Dark Kat know that he accepted the battle with Dark Kat. Dark Kat saw that Razor was willing to fight him. He smiled wickedly because he knew just what Razor was thinking; that Razor didn’t have a chance going one on one. Dark Kat began to laugh at Razor. When he did this, Razor became furious and jumped at Dark Kat to begin the fight.


Meanwhile in the hospital, the doctor came in to check on T-Bone.

“Hello, T-Bone and how are you?”, he asked.

“I’m fine, just sore and have a mega-headache. But I think my vision’s returning.”, said T-Bone.

“Well, that’s good. You’ll be going to be out of here in one h/our. I wanted to make sure that your injuries weren’t serious enough to stay in the hospital.”, said the doctor as he checked T-Bone’s injuries.

“I know that you want to go out and fight some more crime.”, he added.

“Yeah, but right now, I just want to get out of here and check on my partner.” , said T-Bone. When he said that he closed his eyes and tried to block out the image of Razor being killed Dark Kat or be injured by him.

“I wonder how Razor is doing now. I just hope Dark Kat hasn’t got his claws on him yet.”, T-Bone said to himself.


At the cola factory, Dark Kat threw Razor into the wall.

“Aah!” , said Razor as he hit the wall. He slid to the ground, his vision to began to blurry because of the concussion he received. But he knew that he couldn’t get up. Razor laid still and closed his eyes to trick Dark Kat into making him believe that Razor was unconscious. Dark Kat’s pride kept the thought out of his head that it might be a trick. He couldn’t believe how easy it was to knock out that SWAT Kat. He walked up to Razor, ready to finish the job. When Dark Kat was right beside him, Razor kicked him in the leg and threw him into the wall. As Dark Kat was trying to get up, Razor began to look for his glove of tricks. Dark Kat noticed the cloth on Razor’s sore.

“So, he’s been injured.”, Dark Kat said to himself. He had an evil plot into his head to torment Razor.

“Seize him!”, he called to his ninjas. Suddenly out of nowhere, 4 ninjas jumped at Razor. Since Razor was not ready, he couldn’t fight them off. They held onto him. Razor struggled with all of his might to get free, but he couldn’t. Dark Kat began to laugh at Razor as he walked up to him. Dark Kat took the cloth off of Razor’s arm. Dark Kat noticed fear on Razor’s face as he found out what Dark Kat was planning to do. Razor tried to stop Dark Kat from proceeding on, but he couldn’t get free. Dark Kat began to hit Razor in his arm where the wound was. Dark Kat hit the wound about 5 times. When he stopped, his fist was covered in blood. Blood from the wound began to pour down Razor’s arm. Razor was furious when he saw the wound worse than ever. He kicked Dark Kat in the knee, but that only made Dark Kat madder and Razor was in no position to tick Dark Kat off too bad. Dark Kat hit the wound one more time but even harder, then punched him in the face. The creeplings took some rope and tied up Razor. Dark Kat told them to make sure that the rope was tight so it would rub the open wound on the rope. The rope that was touching the wound was already covered in blood.

“I was going to use both of the bombs for the city. But I guess I can not install the nuclear fuel rods in one and use the bomb to blow up this place and you. Besides the extra the nuclear fuel rods can make the atomic cloud larger and take out more of the city.”, Dark Kat said to Razor.

“Good-bye SWAT Kat, only nine minutes left of your life and remember the clock is ticking.” He left but Razor could hear his sinister laughter still. Razor growled with frustration, the creeplings had tied him up and he knew that the only way to cut the rope was by something sharp by a earlier experience. The thought walking in a trap set by Dark Kat and Hard Drive and being tied up on a conveyor belt by the creeplings went through his head. He smiled at the thought, but then hating himself for smiling at the near death experience.

“Blasted creeplings”, he could only mutter. He began to search frantically for a sharp item. His glove of tricks but they were too far out of reach.

“Crud!”, he complained. Suddenly a bright flash caught his eye. About 3 feet away was a piece of glass with blood drops on it.

“Must be the piece from the canopy that was in my arm”, he thought. He looked at the clock, 4 minutes left.

“I’m going to be cutting close”, said Razor as he grabbed the piece of glass. He began to cut the rope, as he checked the timer on the bomb. 2 minutes…..1minute. The clock was ticking, but to Razor it wasn’t ticking down to detonation, it was ticking down to the end of his life. Trying to stay positive, he continue to cut the rope. As the timer clicked on the 30 seconds mark, Razor became free. Time seem to go in slow motion as it hit the 20 seconds mark. He ran as fast as he could to get out of the building, he didn’t know what the time was but his instincts told him to jump behind the rock for safety. Just as he did the building exploded. Razor let out a sigh of relief, knowing that once again he came face to face with death and death blinked. Unfortunately for Razor, Commander Feral was out on patrol that night and saw the explosion from his helicopter and landed at the cola factory. He got out and ran over to Razor. Razor could hardly catch his breath as he spoke.

“Oh, Feral, am I glad to see you.” He couldn’t believe that he just said that but after you come pretty close to death, you say some pretty weird things. Feral withdrew his gun and pointed it at Razor.

“You’re under arrest.”, he said. Razor couldn’t believe what he heard.

“For what?!”, he demanded. He couldn’t believe it, he just escaped from death and Feral wants to arrest him.

“For blowing up the cola factory.”, Feral said as he gave Razor well duh look.

“I didn’t blow it up, Dark Kat did!”, said Razor.

“A likely story, now turn around and put your hands where I can see them”, said Feral. Razor turned around, still flabbergasted at what was happening. Feral handcuffed his hands behind his back.

“Get in the helicopter”, Feral ordered. Razor shook his head as he walked to the helicopter.


At the hospital, T-Bone got on the cyclotron and traced the Turbokat to the cola factory. When he arrived at the cola factory, he saw that the building was blown up, but he didn’t see Razor. A horrible thought went through his head of Razor being buried under the debris, but he pushed it away as he started to sort through the pieces of the building. He was praying that he wouldn’t find Razor under there, but then he also prayed that hopefully he would be there rather than with Dark Kat. He find no trace of Razor under the debris which let him relax a little. He had to find out where Razor was and there was one person who might be able to help him. T-Bone ran to the Turbokat and grabbed the communicator.

“Come in Miss Briggs”, he said.


Callie was in a meeting with Mayor Manx and other executive kats who were helping with next year’s election. She heard beeping noise in her purse which alerted that the SWAT Kats were trying to contact her and it must be important. She slowly got up.

“Gentlemen, excuse me, but I have been paged.”, she said. With that she took her purse, went out of the room to her office and shut the door. She took out her communicator.

“Yes, SWAT Kats?”, she said.

“Miss Briggs, this is T-Bone. Do know where Razor might be?”, asked T-Bone.

“No”, said Callie.

“I haven’t talked to him since he left the hospital.” “Crud! Maybe Lt. Feral or Commander Feral might know. Can you go to Enforcer Headquarters and ask them?”, asked T-Bone.

“Sorry, T-Bone, but I’m in a meeting” went through her mind. But she knew this would be better than hearing Mayor Manx brag about how many years he has been elected mayor and how he protects the city. Also the SWAT Kats always helped her in time in need and now they need her help.

“Okay”, said Callie.

“Great, I’ll meet you there”, said T-Bone.


Callie got in her car without telling Manx where she was going and drove toward Enforcer Headquarters.

“This is strange”, she thought.

“Why wouldn’t Razor tell T-Bone where he was?”


T-Bone put the cyclotron in the Turbokat and flew to Enforcer Headquarters. Along the way he kept thinking that maybe he would be able to contact Razor. He picked up the CB.

“Razor, come in.”, he said. Static was the only response he got.

“Razor, this is T-Bone. Come in. Do you read?” Still more static.

“Razor! Come on, buddy tell me where you are.” Nothing. Being frustrated he slammed the CB back into its place.


When Callie was walking up the steps, Lt. Feral almost knocked her down as she walked out of the door. Felina had angry look at her face. But when she saw she almost made Callie fall, her hatred went away.

“Oops. Sorry, Callie.”, she said as she helped Callie regain her balance.

“Don’t worry about it.”, said Callie.

“What’s wrong Lt. Feral? Why were so angry?” “It’s my uncle. He’s being normal. No correction he’s beyond normal.”, said Felina.

“What did he do?”, asked Callie. Felina lowered her head in embarrassment.

“He-He arrested Razor today.” “WHAT??!!!”, Callie said practically yelling.

“He arrested him because he said that Razor blew up the cola factory.”, said Felina.

“Let me at him!”, Callie said angrily. She was about to head towards Commander Feral’s office, but Felina stopped her.

“No, let me talk to him. You contact T-Bone and tell him.”, said Felina.

“Lt. Feral, let me talk to him. No offense but I’m higher than him. Besides I don’t want you to lose your badge because of this.”, said Callie.

“Good point.”, agreed Felina.

“But I’m worried on how T-Bone will take this. My uncle’s going have to have the whole headquarters up there with him to protect him from T-Bone’s wrath.” Callie nodded her head and went inside towards Comm. Feral’s office.


When T-Bone landed, he jumped out of the Turbokat and ran over to Felina who was waiting for him on the steps. Felina had this sad, worried look on her face.

“Felina, do know where Razor is?”, he asked having a look of hope on his face. Hoping that the sad look wasn’t about Razor.

“Yes”, Felina said gravely.

“But you wouldn’t like what I know.” “What?”, asked T-Bone as the look of hope faded away.

“Well my uncle knows where your partner is, he put him in jail.”, said Felina as she cringed from saying that.

“WHY?!!!”, demanded T-Bone, yelling at her. Not because of yelling at her but from his anger toward her uncle.

“Well, he claimed that Razor bombed the cola factory.”, said Felina.

“Did Feral ask him why he bombed it?”, asked T-Bone.

“Yes, but he won’t tell me what he said.”, said Felina. T-Bone quickly grabbed Felina’s hand.

“Come on, Felina. We’re going to see your uncle and my partner.”, he said as he practically dragged her into the building, there was guard at the cell room but T-Bone walked by as if he wasn’t there. The guard started to chase after T-Bone but Felina held up her badge and told him that T-Bone was allowed to proceed. They walked to Razor’s cell. Razor was laying down, eyes closed as if he was resting.

“Razor?”, said T-Bone. Razor sprang up from the bed when he recognized his partner’s voice.

” T-Bone!”, he exclaimed.

“‘Boy, am I glad to see you!” Razor ran to his cell door and gripped the cell bars.

“T-Bone, you have to get me out of here”, said Razor almost pleading.

“Listen, buddy. I didn’t blow up the cola factory. Dark Kat did. I found him there and fought with him but he also had his ninjas.” “You went against not only Dark Crud but also his ninjas. Razor I told you if you not to go against Dark Kat, to contact me.”, said T-Bone giving Razor a stern look.

“I know. I know. But I thought I could. Besides you were in the hospital and Dark Kat was there and I couldn’t let him get away.”, said Razor. He let out a sigh. He turned around facing the window.

“But to tell you the truth, T-Bone. I belong in here.”, he said softly.

“What?!”, asked T-Bone.

“I let Dark Kat escape the first time with you seriously injured and then I let him escape again with the cola factory blown up. I’m just bad luck to you anymore.

“,said Razor.

“Razor, I told you that it wasn’t your fault this first time, in fact you saved my life. You were outnumbered the last fight with that low life.”, said T-Bone. He knew that Razor was becoming rattled just like the last confrontation with Dark Kat and his ninjas. If anything ever got to Razor real bad it was failure by himself, Dark Kat found out Razor’s weakness and hit him hard this time even if he didn’t mean to.

“No, T-Bone. Stop making excuses for me! You know that I’m not that good anymore! Things have changed, I have changed!! Just leave me in here. You hear? Do not try to get me out.”, said Razor.

“Razor, listen to yourself. You don’t really mean that. You are not bad luck and I need you more than anything. You are so ashamed of yourself that you can’t even look at me and are making up reasons to prove that you failed.”, said T-Bone. Felina stood in horror as she heard the conservation between these two. She never realized that the SWAT Kats would have such a major conflict within each other. But she wasn’t going to join, this was not her argument and she understood that completely. Felina just prayed that T-Bone could make Razor understand that he did not fail. Razor turned around and almost gave T-Bone a death look. There was so much depression in him and now the depression had turned to anger, anger that was pin pointed exactly on T-Bone. Razor looked T-Bone right into the eyes and said ” I quit, T-Bone. I’m not being a SWAT Kat. From now on Razor does not exist.” With that he turned around and laid on his bed putting his face into the pillow. Felina couldn’t believe what she just heard, all she could do was look at T-Bone and see what his reaction would be. His reaction was not good. He was shaking with rage, he had never been this angry with Razor before.

“Fine! If you want Dark Kat destroy you, go right ahead! Stay in there like a common lowlife! But let me tell you one thing, if the city becomes Dark Kat’s or any other lowlife’s it’s all going to be on your head!”, he said. T-Bone walked out of the room and slammed the door. Felina looked back at Razor, who had not move from his position.

“Razor, listen. You don’t want to do this to yourself or to T-Bone. I know it. You have to stop blaming yourself. I’m going to talk to my uncle and convince him to let you go.


Meanwhile in Commander Feral’s office, Ann Gora was interviewing Feral about the imprisonment of Razor.

“Commander Feral, why did you have one of the SWAT Kats in jail?”, she asked.

“He committed a crime by bombing the cola factory and he must pay for his crime just like any other criminal low life.”, said Feral.

“How are you sure that the SWAT Kat bombed the cola factory?”, asked Ann.

“One reason is that I saw with my own eyes and he was the only one at the crime scene.”, said Feral.

“What was the SWAT Kat’s opinion about the charges?”, asked Ann.

“He said that Dark Kat had blown up the factory, but Dark Kat was not at the scene and has not been located in the city for a long time.”, said Feral. Feral knew that Ann would try to ask Feral some question that would help Razor prove to be innocent, but right now Feral had all of the answers to her questions that would prove different.

“Thank you, Commander Feral.”, said Ann. She turned towards the camera.

“This is Ann Gora, Kats Eye News.” Jonny packed up his camera, he and Ann left to go down to City Hall to talk to the mayor and deputy mayor about this.


When Felina was walking towards her uncle’s office, she noticed that T-Bone was sitting against the wall outside of the door. His head was laid back against, she knew that he was having some internal conflict with all of this.

“T-Bone?”, she called softly, hoping that her uncle did not hear her outside of the door.

“Hi, lieutenant.”, he said back. He was trying to smile but the smile wasn’t coming out.

“Why are you sitting outside of my uncle’s door?”, she asked.

“I don’t know. Thinking.”, he said. Felina sat down beside him.

“I don’t think that’s what you are doing.” T-Bone gave her a confused look and so she went on.

“I think that you wanted to yell at my uncle about putting Razor in jail but since you’re angry with Razor, you hesitated.” T-Bone sighed and nodded.

“T-Bone, you and I both know that Dark Kat messed up Razor’s head again, probably even worse. But if you don’t try to help get him out, he will get worse. Besides you can’t go against Dark Kat alone.”, said Felina.

“Also we don’t need both of you shaken.” “I guess you right. But what if Razor really means about what he said in there. You know about quitting. I don’t want him to hate me even more.”, he said.

“Razor doesn’t hate you. He’s just really depressed about you being wounded and losing Dark Kat. Being put in jail just stressed him out real bad. If he has sometime alone to think about all of this he will come around. While he’s doing that, you and I can help him to get out of jail.”, said Felina.

“You just have to believe in this. You can do it. Do it for him, do it for me.” T-Bone looked at Felina and nodded his head. He held Felina’s paw.

“Thanks, Felina. You’re a good friend.” T-Bone got up and took a deep breath. He entered Commander Feral’s office and prayed that he would keep his temper against Feral.

“What do you want?”, asked Feral.

“I want to know why you put Razor in jail?”, asked T-Bone.

“He bombed the cola factory”, said Feral.

“It is going to take lots of money to rebuild that factory and the prices of cola is going to go up.” “I know I wasn’t there, Feral. But Razor claims that Dark Kat was present at the factory and he had a bomb there.”, said T-Bone as he anger toward Feral began to come out. His hands became fists as he tried to keep his temper.

“You partner could be just lieing to you because he knows that you will trust him and make me release him. That isn’t going to happen, mister.”, said Feral. The tone of his voice rising.

“Razor is not a liar.”, T-Bone growled. He took 3 small breaths and decided to change the subject.

“Why did you put him in jail when he is injured and not attending to the injury?” “He is not injured,” said Feral.

“Yes, he is. He has a very serious sore on his left arm.”, said T-Bone.

“It will heal.”, said Feral.

“Besides we don’t want any chances of him escaping.” Finally, T-Bone couldn’t hold in the anger.

“Well you can’t keep him in there unless Mayor Manx will let you.”, said T-Bone.

“Miss Briggs went to see Mayor Manx about this and the mayor will let Razor go.” For once, T-Bone smiled. Even his convincing statement worked on him as he began to have hope for his partner.

“Well, I’m going to see Mayor Manx and make sure she tells the truth about your partner’s crime.”, said Feral as he grabbed his coat and walked out of the room. T-Bone followed closely behind and got in the Turbokat and went also.


T-Bone arrived at City Hall when Feral arrived. Both of them ran inside and got into the elevator.

“Mayor Manx, the SWAT Kat is a criminal. Don’t listen to them, they are his friends, they don’t care if he is criminal”, said Feral as ran inside the mayor’s office. T-Bone was behind him and surprised to see Felina Feral there too. Mayor Manx had a confused look on his face and he shot a look over at Callie and then back to Feral.

“What do you mean, Feral?”, asked Mayor Manx.

“I mean that all of the evidence points to Razor at being the prime suspect.”, said Feral.

“That is crud, Feral and you know it! Mayor, listen. Razor told me that Dark Kat was at the factory and have evidence to back that up. Feral says that Dark Kat didn’t bomb the place because he says Dark Kat is not in the area. But I have proof that Dark Kat is in the area because I was seriously beaten up by him and was taken to the hospital. Miss Briggs and Lt.Feral can back that up. Callie looked at her watch, 6:00pm.

“Mayor, why don’t we watch the news and see what they have to say about this.”, said Callie, seeing that the Mayor was having a hard time deciding.

“Yah, let’s see.”, said Commander Feral as he crossed his arms and gave T-Bone a smile, pretty confident that T-Bone was going to be proven wrong. Felina turned the television on that was in the mayor’s office.

“Today there is a SWAT Kat locked up in Enforcer Headquarters for a crime which he says he did not commit. Commander Feral says that the SWAT Kat is locked up because he is responsible for the bombing of the cola factory. Razor claims that Dark Kat did and not him, but Commander Feral says that Dark Kat could not have done it because he has not been in the city for awhile.”, said Ann.

“You see, mayor.”, said Feral.

“Shhhh. Be quiet.”, said Callie and she gave a mean look at Feral and then shot a glance over at T-Bone who was engrossed with the broadcasting.

“But I have proven that the Commander is wrong. When the SWAT Kats were chasing Dark Kat a couple of days ago. I taped the whole fight between them and Dark Kat was carrying two live nuclear bombs. Also the SWAT Kat was injured in the left arm and but Commander Feral made no attempt to see to the injury. No one knows yet if the SWAT Kat is guilty or not. Let’s just hope and pray that he is innocent. This is Ann Gora, Kats Eye News . Goodnight.”, said Ann. Felina turned the television off.

“You see, mayor. Without the SWAT Kats you can’t be protected anymore and then anybody can come up and kill you.”, said Callie.

“Kill me?!”, said Manx as he began to whimper.

“Wait a minute! Mayor, if you let him go, that means that the city will have to pay for the damages of the cola factory”, said Feral.

“The city pay? Um, then no”, said Mayor. Callie was about to protest but T-Bone interrupted her.

“Mayor, if you let my partner go, then we promise to stop Dark Kat from nuking the city. If we fail then Feral can lock both of us up.”, said T-Bone.

“Very well. Now if you excuse me I have to go to practice my golf swings”, said Manx as he grabbed his golf bags and left. Feral slammed his fist down on the desk hard in defeat.

“Well, okay”, Feral growled.

“But if you vigilantes fail to get Dark Kat, believe me SWAT Kat, you and your partner will be in there and never come out.” He walked out of the room without even looking at Miss Briggs whose was smiling at him knowing that once again she had gotten her way. T-Bone gave Callie a smile and then said thank you to her. He decided to follow Feral and make sure that he would keep his word and to be there when Razor would come out.


At Enforcer Headquarters, Razor was looking out of the window at star filled sky. He was thinking about the argument that had happened with him and T-Bone. Nothing like that ever happened before. Sure they did had disagreements sometimes but they were always friendly and usually it never mounted to anything, except maybe little play fight. Also it was never about anything serious, maybe fighting over the clicker or fixing Miss Briggs’ car but that was it. They sometimes yelled at each other because of frustration but that wasn’t bad at all.

“T-Bone’s right, I am letting Dark Kat destroy me.”, said Razor to himself as he sighed.

“But how can I be any good as a SWAT Kat to the city or to T-Bone when I can be rattled so easily and mess things up? I know T-Bone, that you know that I didn’t really mean what I said about quitting but right now that might be the best solution to this problem.” Suddenly he heard the ground beneath the floor rumble. He saw a hole appear in the floor and 3 creeplings came up but they were also followed by 2 of Dark Kat’s ninjas.

“Dark Kat, would like to see you. You can come with us peacefully or we can use force.”, said one of the ninjas.

“You gonna have to use force because there is no way I am going to see Dark Crud.”, said Razor.

“As you wish”, said the other ninja. The ninjas began to beat up Razor. They punched him in his sore arm and kicked him in the stomach which made Razor collapsed to the ground. Razor had lost his breath and was struggling to regain it. The ninjas showed no mercy as they began to kick him in the stomach. Razor could feel his ribs being bruised from the kicking. One of the ninjas picked him up and held onto him, while the other one was carried a shot with some black liquid over to him. Razor knew that he had to alert the guard in order to get away from Dark Kat.

“Guard! Guard!”, yelled Razor.

“No you don’t!”, said the ninja that was holding him and put his hand over Razor’s mouth. It wouldn’t have really matter if they did that or not because the guard who was supposedly guarding Razor’s cell was asleep. Razor struggled with all of his might to get free, but the ninja was much stronger and kept his grip on Razor. The other ninja injected the black liquid into Razor’s arm. Razor cried out in pain from the injection. He could feel the liquid moving inside his body. He began to feel sleepy, he figured the liquid was some kind knock-out stuff. Razor’s eyes began to shut, but Razor tried to keep them open. The ninjas laughed at Razor because they knew he could not fight off the liquid.

“Nighty night, SWAT Kat”, one said teasingly. The ninjas disappeared from Razor as he shut his eyes because he could not fight off the liquid anymore. But he could still hear their laughter until it too faded away. When the ninjas were sure that Razor was completely unconscious they carried him inside the hole and took him to Dark Kat’s hideout.


When T-Bone arrived at Enforcer Headquarters he walked up the steps with Commander Feral. Commander Feral’s face was dark from defeat. T-Bone was smiling which made Feral angrier. But actually T-Bone’s smiling wasn’t for Feral’s defeat, he was smiling because Razor was going to be free and everything would be alright. Lt. Steele ran out of the door and towards Commander Feral and T-Bone.

“Commander, the SWAT Kat has escaped!”, he exclaimed and then grabbed his knees as he was trying to catch his breath from all of the running. T-Bone shook his head in disbelief.

“Razor, no”, he said to himself. Commander Feral gave T-Bone a stern look and quickly ran inside the building to the prison cells, T-Bone followed closely. When they arrived at the cells, Razor’s cell was in fact, empty. Feral and T-Bone both noticed the hole in the cell’s floor.

“That vigilante must have dug a hole and escaped!”, said Feral.

“That vigilante is my partner and he wouldn’t have done that.”, said T-Bone as he gave Feral a mean look. T-Bone looked at the hole.

“For some reason, I think that Razor didn’t want to escape.” “What do you mean?”, asked Feral.

“I mean, the floor is too hard to dig with bare claws unless you had something sharp and hard. Somebody from under the floor could have done that.”, said T-Bone he took out a flashlight and started to crawl down into the hole.

“And where do you think you are going?, asked Feral.

“Hey, my partner is down there and I’m going after him.”, said T-Bone said.

“It should be the enforcers who should track down that vigilante!”, protested Feral.

“Try to stop me!”, T-Bone growled.

“Fine.”, said Feral.

“But if you don’t come back in 1 hour then I will handle the situation myself.”


Meanwhile in Dark Kat’s hideout, Razor woke up from the knock-out serum and found himself chained to a wall.

“Whe-where am I”, he asked.

“I’m glad that you woke up from my serum. You should have taken the ninjas advice and came peacefully. Since I see that you had a little fight with them.”, Dark Kat said as he pointed to Razor’s arm injury, it had reopened again and blood was slowly coming down his arm.

“I really hadn’t planned having a guest but since Feral’s stupidity mistaken you for me was really an advantage to me. But it will be too late for Feral to realize the truth because tomorrow, there will be no more Megakat City.” Dark Kat gave a evil smile and then said, “Only Dark Kat City.” “Noooo!”, screamed Razor as he pulled on his chains to get free but he couldn’t. He felt helpless. The city’s fate was on his hands because knew the truth about Dark Kat’s plan except him and T-Bone. But T-Bone couldn’t do anything if he didn’t know where Dark Kat was and he probably didn’t care about Razor anymore since their argument. Razor sighed in frustration when he knew it was hopeless.

“Don’t worry about staying chained to that wall because in a couple of hours I will destroy you.”, said Dark Kat. He thought for a second and then said,” No. A more emotional pain is in order. First you can witness of the destruction of the city, the deputy mayor and your partner. Then after awhile, I will kill you.” Razor frowned and shook his head about what Dark Kat said.

“But if your partner does manage to find you, I have some traps for him. So you might get to see the death of him first.”


At the prisoner cells in Enforcer Headquarters, Lt. Feral and Callie had arrived and also received the bad news about Razor’s disappearance.

“I told you that vigilante was guilty, that’s why he escaped.”, said Feral. Callie shook her head.

“Uncle, where’s T-Bone?”, asked Felina.

“He said something about someone katnapping his partner and went into the hole in the cell’s floor and see where it lead.”, said Feral. Felina started to crawl through the hole to follow T-Bone.

“Felina, where are you going?”, asked Feral.

“I’m going to help him.”, said Felina.

“Get back up here or I’ll ground you so you can’t fly for 3 months.”, said Feral.

“So ground me.”, shouted Felina. Callie laughed quietly to herself at Felina’s remark. Feral growled.

“You’re beginning to sound like that pesky SWAT Kat.”, he said.

“Crud! T-Bone could be anywhere down here. I’ll have to run to catch up with him.”, Felina said to herself and started to run.


T-Bone on the other hand was having trouble making a decision. He came to a fork in the underground tunnel and didn’t know which one to go. He could the trial and error theory, but the tunnels could go on for miles before he realized that he went to the wrong one. Only two things were distinctive about the tunnels, one was lighted and the other wasn’t.

“Which one do I take, Sureshot?”, T-Bone asked Razor quietly, even though he knew he wouldn’t get an answer.

“Okay think, T-Bone. You can do this. If you were this lowlife which one would you have taken? I would have used the lighted tunnel to make whoever was following me believe that I went that way but I would have actually taken the darkened one. Okay here goes nothing.”, said T-Bone to himself. He was about to take the tunnel, but the noise of someone coming made him decide to wait on the tunnel and see who would be down here. T-Bone decided to duck behind a rock and get the drop on the person. He quietly loaded his glove-a-trix. The person was coming closer and closer. T-Bone silently prayed it was Razor running away from his captor.

“Aw, crud!”, the person said when they came to the fork. The familiar voice gave the person away. T-Bone slowly looked up from the rock and saw Felina Feral confused at which to take.

“Lt.Feral?”, asked T-Bone.

“T-Bone! I’m glad that I found you.”, said Felina as she was trying to catch her breath.

“What are you doing down here?”, asked T-Bone as he walked up to her.

“What do you think I’m doing? I came to help you.”, said Felina.

“Thanks. I’m might need the help.”, said T-Bone. After Felina caught her breath she asked,” Any idea on which one to take?” “I think the dark one.”, T-Bone said as he began to second guess himself but decided not to.

“Sounds good to me.”, said Felina as she took out her gun.

“Great, let’s go.”, said T-Bone.


Alarm came on Dark Kat’s hideout, Dark Kat quickly turned on his monitor. He saw T-Bone and Felina walking down the tunnel towards his hideout.

“Your partner must have more brains than I thought.”, said Dark Kat to Razor. Razor growled at Dark Kat’s comment.

“Well, they’re going to find me. So, it’s all over Dark Crud!”, said Razor.

“Not just yet.”, said Dark Kat. He pushed a button on the console below the monitor. A wall fell down blocking T-Bone and Felina’s path and another fell behind them, blocking them from going back.

“What the-“,said Felina “Crud! It’s a trap!”, said T-Bone.

“Right you are, SWAT Kat”, said Dark Kat into an intercom which T-Bone and Felina heard.

“Dark Kat!”, T-Bone growled. Dark Kat laughed at them as he pulled down a lever. Two holes appear on the top of each wall and water poured down to where Felina and T-Bone were. The water filling up the space fast.

“Oh, no!”, yelled T-Bone, he put his oxygen mask on and held onto Felina and kept handing the oxygen mask back and forth so she and he both could have air. Razor watched the monitor in horror, even thought they had an oxygen mask, T-Bone couldn’t swim, so he was trapped.

“T-Bone can’t swim! He’ll drown, Dark Crud!”, protested Razor.

“Oh, the thought breaks my heart!”, Dark Kat teased and began to laugh. Razor growled and started pull on his chains, but he couldn’t get free.

“T-Bone, we can swim to the hole where the water came in and get out of here.”, said Felina as she gasped for air.

“Um, Lieutenant, we have a problem. I-I can’t swim.”, said T-Bone.

“You can’t swim? T-Bone, you have to, that is your only way to get out of here. Unless you want to drown.”, said Felina and she began to pull on T-Bone’s arm to get him going. But T-Bone made no effort to move. T-Bone shook his head.

“I can’t swim. You are going to have leave me here.”, he said as he sighed.

“Are you going to leave Razor there with Dark Crud? If you don’t swim, then Dark Kat’s going to kill him.”, said Felina. T-Bone closed his eyes and tried to fight off the fear of swimming.

“Come on, T-Bone! You have to swim! We have to save Razor! He won’t last long with Dark Kat!”, yelled Felina.

“T-Bone? T-Bone!!!” T-Bone opened his eyes. I have to save Razor.”, he said and started to head to the hole. Felina helped him swim.

“That’s it, T-Bone! You can do it! A little further!”, said Felina. They made to the hole and crawled out. Both were gasping for air.

“Thanks, Felina. I owe you one.”, said T-Bone.

“Don’t mention it.”, said Felina. She offered T-Bone a high five. T-Bone first had a sad look on his face and hesitated, but then gave her a high five.

“What’s wrong, T-Bone?”, asked Felina when she saw the sad look on T-Bone’s face.

“I don’t know. When you said that, I thought about Razor and how Dark Kat might have already killed him.”, said T-Bone.

“Stop worrying, T-Bone.”, said Felina.

“I know. I know. Let’s go get Dark Crud!”, said T-Bone. They continued down the tunnel.


Dark Kat’s alarm went off again and Dark Kat turned on the monitor again. He saw it but he couldn’t believed it! The monitor showed T-Bone and Felina walking down the tunnel. They would come up to another fork, but it didn’t matter. They were too close.

“That’s impossible!”, yelled Dark Kat.

“They should be dead by now!” Razor saw that T-Bone and Felina were still alive.

“Looks like you are not as smart as you think you are.”, Razor taunted Dark Kat and he began to laugh at him. Dark Kat became furious and walked up to Razor and retracted his claws. He scratched Razor hard on the face. The right side of Razor’s face was stingy from the scratch. There were three deep scratches on Razor’s right cheek on his face. Razor growled back at Dark Kat for the wound.

“And let that be a lesson, SWAT Kat.”, Dark Kat threaten.

“I am not a kat to be messed with.” He turned and walked back to his monitor. He had to think of some way to lure the other SWAT Kat and Felina to where they were. He could have his ninjas waiting for them with stun guns, but whatever the bait was, his hostage would try to alert his partner of the danger.

“That big mouth SWAT Kat will yell for his partner to get here before my ninjas are ready and alert of the situation. Unless, I use him for the bait.”, said Dark Kat to himself. Razor knew that if he kept on teasing Dark Kat he would put himself in greater danger. But Razor had to much of hope in him.

“My partner will find me.”, said Razor.

“I’m counting on that, SWAT Kat.”, Dark Kat replied his back turned towards Razor.

“Huh?”, asked Razor giving Dark Kat a confused look.

“I will have a little trap for your partner if he comes to rescue you. So go ahead have your partner come.”, said Dark Kat.

“I’ll just have you holler for him and he will come to meet his end.” “I’m not going to holler for him.”, said Razor.

“Oh, I think you will”, said Dark Kat as he retracted his claws and started to walk towards Razor. Razor gulped and began to tremble as Dark Kat’s shadow covered him. Dark Kat began to beat up Razor. He hit Razor’s arm wound a lot and kicked him in the legs. Razor was crying out in pain.


Meanwhile T-Bone and Felina came to the last fork.

“Not another one!”, said Felina. Suddenly they both heard Razor’s cry from the pain. But his voice echoed off the walls of the tunnel and they couldn’t tell which tunnel Razor was in.

“Razor!!”, yelled T-Bone.

“I can’t tell which tunnel to take!” “Which ever tunnel it is, we’re going to have to hurry up and decide, if you want to save Razor.”, said Felina.

“Razor, if you can hear me, buddy. Keep yelling so I know where you are.”, yelled T-Bone as hard as he could so Razor could hear him. Razor did hear him, but he couldn’t yell for T-Bone. He didn’t want Dark Kat to hurt him.

“Go ahead, Razor, answer him.”, Dark Kat said.

“Never!!”, Razor cried out from the pain. There was a red haze in his vision. His arm was throbbing from the beating it went through and Razor’s leg was not movable. Razor was weak and out of breath. T-Bone heard Razor’s cry and followed the second tunnel. When he and Felina arrived at Dark Kat’s hideout, they saw Razor barely conscious and terribly bruised up. Razor’s eyes were closed which made T-Bone more worried.

“Razor? Razor!”, he cried. Razor’s eyes slowly opened.

“T-Bone, get out of here. It’s a trap!”, he cried with all of his might.

“Shutup, you fool!”, said Dark Kat and kicked Razor real hard in the chest. Razor became unconscious.

“You , lowlife!!”, yelled T-Bone as he charged at Dark Kat. There was so much hatred and fire in him that he scared Felina. But T-Bone never made it to Dark Kat. 5 ninjas popped up from the hiding places with their stun guns and shot T-Bone about 3 times. T-Bone dropped to the floor unconscious.

“T-Bone!”, cried Felina. But that was the last word she said as she was shot too with the stun gun and fell to the floor. Dark Kat laughed at T-Bone and Felina who laid on the ground. But he knew that he shouldn’t be careless and leave T-Bone and Felina untied while he destroyed his partner, if somehow they waken and try to stop him.

“Ninjas. Chain these two to the wall and unchain the other one. Take him and put him in the cart. I’m going to melt that one in my fire pit.”, said Dark Kat. The fire pit was where Dark Kat melted metal to make structures for his bombs and his plane and anything else his psycho mind thought of.

“But let’s wait till these two wake-up first to see the death of this miserable SWAT Kat. Mental pain will destroy the other one.”


When T-Bone had waken up, he found himself chained to the wall beside Felina. But being chained wasn’t his main concern, when he saw Razor laying down unconscious on a cart.

“Razor?”, he asked. He looked over to his right and saw that Felina was awake.

“T-Bone?”, she asked.

“Yeah.”, T-Bone replied.

“What are we going to do?”, she asked.

“I don’t know yet. But right now my main concern is why Razor is on the cart.”, he said.

“I have your answer, SWAT Kat”, Dark Kat said.

“Dark Kat!!”, T-Bone growled.

“Well I’m glad that you are happy to see me.”, Dark Kat teased.

“The reason why your partner is lying helpless on the cart is because he is your going to be your punishment.” T-Bone gave Dark Kat a confused look.

“SWAT Kat, what would you do if I decided to sent your partner down into my fire pit right in front of your eyes?” “I would tear you apart.”, was T-Bone’s response but it came out more as a growl than a reply.

“That is what you would do if you were free, but you are unable to be free and I’m going to send your partner to his death right in front of you. You are unable to save him and he was depending on you to do so. Failure is a terrible pain. Well at least is or should I say was on him. Is it the same for you? Let’s find out.”, said Dark Kat. He pulled the lever down and the cart began to head to the fire pit. He began to laugh, after your partner is dead, I will then let you witness the execution of the lieutenant here, then the destruction of the city.” “That is what you think.”, a voice said. Dark Kat turned around and saw Commander Feral pointing his gun at him, followed by at least 30 of his enforcers.

“Give it up, Dark Kat.”, said Feral proudly.

“Very well, but at least someone is coming with me.”, said Dark Kat and he pushed a red button on the control panel which locked the machine, making it unable to turn it off. The enforcers went to arrest the ninjas, Feral quickly went to unlock Felina and T-Bone, but kept his eye on Dark Kat. Feral had to turn his back for a brief second to unlock Felina, that’s when Dark Kat pulled a small pistol from underneath his cape.

“Hey, Commander, you forgot something.”, said Dark Kat. Feral turned around to just to see Dark Kat to fire. The bullet hit him in the side. Feral moaned in pain and collapsed to the ground.

“Uncle!”, Felina cried. She pulled out her gun and aimed it at Dark Kat.

“Felina, don’t!”, T-Bone protested but it was too late. Felina fired and Dark Kat became hit. Seeing that Dark Kat was unconscious from the wound, Felina turned her attention back to her uncle. Feral was already looking weak and he laid in her lap.

“Uncle.”, she said, her eyes watering up.

“Felina.”, Feral said as he coughed. Felina stroked his face.

“I have to free Razor. Felina, get your uncle to the hospital.”, T-Bone said. Felina nodded her head and began to help her uncle walk to the place where the paramedics could pick him up. Meanwhile T-Bone ran to the control panel. He pushed the “off” button, but the machine wouldn’t listen. Only 5 more minutes remained before Razor would be dumped into the fire pit. T-Bone took out his communicator.

“Razor, come in.” But he only received static.

“Razor, this is T-Bone. Wake up, buddy! You’re heading for the fire pit!” But still no answer. T-Bone looked at his watch. 3 minutes to go. He jumped on the ledge and grabbed onto the cable. He began to climb to the cart.

“Thank goodness the cart moves slow.”, T-Bone muttered. He finally reached the cart. He climbed on it, hoping the cart could also support his weight. He began to sweat as the fire pit was approaching. Razor did not look so good. He was bruised up real bad and there was blood on his face and his arm. T-Bone put Razor over his shoulder and started to cross back. Once he made it back, he put Razor down on the floor.

“Oh, crud, buddy! You don’t look so good.”, he said as he looked at Razor’s wounds.

“Just pull through, Razor.” T-Bone saw two paramedics coming down the tunnel, 10 minutes later.

“Hey, down here.”, he called to them. Suddenly he heard Razor moaning.

“Razor?”, he asked. Razor’s eyes slowly began to open.

“Who hit me?”, he asked as he rubbed his head.

“Razor! You’re alive!”, T-Bone exclaimed. Razor looked at T-Bone.

“You did come.”, he said.

“I thought you wouldn’t get past Dark Kat’s little water trap. But you did. How?” “I had a little encouragement from Felina.”, said T-Bone as he smiled.

“Where’s Felina?”, asked Razor.

“She’s at the hospital.”, said T-Bone.

“What happened to her?”, asked Razor.

“Nothing happened to her. You will not believe this, buddy. Feral saved Felina and I from Dark Crud. But Dark Kat shot him. He was taken to the hospital by Felina.”, T-Bone said.

“Oh man. I hope that Dark Kat was taken care of.”, said Razor. T-Bone nodded. Razor’s face turned serious.

“I hope that you have a place still opened for the job of being your partner.”, he said and then smiled.

“Unless you have chosen Felina.” T-Bone smiled back.

“Very funny, Razor. The place is still opened for you. I’m glad to have you back, buddy.” “I’m sorry, T-Bone. You know about what I said.”, said Razor.

“Now don’t you dare start that sorry business. We’ll just leave at the fact you rejoined. Okay?”, said T-Bone. Razor nodded. The paramedics reached them.

“I don’t need any help. I’m fine.”, said Razor as he tried to get up. T-Bone pushed him back down.

“Oh, no you don’t. You are going to the hospital to fix your injuries.” Razor sighed but gave in. The paramedics put him on the board and strapped him in. They took him to the hospital.


At the hospital, T-Bone waited outside Razor’s room as the doctors were bandaging him up. After fifteen minutes of waiting the doctor told T-Bone he could go in.

“How are you doing, buddy?”, T-Bone said as he walked in.

“Fine.”, Razor replied.

“My arm is a little sore.” “When can you leave?”, asked T-Bone as he sat down in the chair.

“I can leave right now.”, said Razor as he got up.

“How’s Feral doing?” “He is in ICU but they think he will get better.”, said T-Bone as he also stood up.

“Then we should go visit him.”, said Razor. They went to the front desk and told them that Razor was going to leave. Then they went to ICU.


At ICU, they saw Felina standing outside Feral’s room.

“Hi, guys”, she said as she waved to them.

“Hi.”, T-Bone and Razor both said.

“How is he doing?”, asked T-Bone.

“The doctor is in there now. He is checking my uncle to see if he is getting any better”, said Felina. She looked over at Razor.

“I see that you look better, Razor.” “Yeah, I feel a lot better. Thanks for helping T-Bone save me and thank you for helping him swim.” T-Bone blushed and then gave Razor a mean look.

“Hey, I know how to swim. It’s just that I don’t like water.” “That’s not what you told me.”, said Felina as she smiled at T-Bone. Before T-Bone could protest, the doctor came out.

“I think that Commander Feral is doing a lot better. We will probably move him out of ICU later on today.”, he said.

“You can come in with me.” They walked inside the room. Felina went in first followed by the SWAT Kats, then the doctor. Feral saw Felina and smiled.

“Felina.”, he said.

“Hello, uncle.”, she said. But then Feral saw the SWAT Kats.

“What? What are you vigilantes doing in here?”, he asked in his familiar voice. T-Bone smiled.

“Hey, doc. I think he is doing much better.”, he said as he laughed. Razor and Felina also laughed. Feral gave a confused look.

The End. 

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