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Best Intentions

By Felicia McFurry

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,573 Words

Set in between Bride of the Pastmaster and Night of the Dark Kat. Razor is really gloomy after leaving Callista and wants to be back with her. T-Bone really doesn’t want Razor to leave, knowing if he does, then that’s it. And, it leads to a fight between Razor and T-Bone out of their frustration over what each one wants. Strong language warning.

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Author's Notes:

BY: Ricochet DATE: 9/7/01
AUTHORS NOTE: This story is actually in between the episode “Bride of the Pastmaster” and “Night of the Dark Kat.” There will be probably be another piece of this that will link more to “Night of the Dark Kat.”

COMMENTS: This fan fiction is rated R for strong language. Please if you are young, don’t read this.  I don’t want to encourage our youth to cussing yet. All Characters are created by Hanna-Barbera.   DEDICATED: To the paramedics who saved my life two years ago. I still haven’t forgotten the ones who save lives every day like the SWAT KATS!!

Chance’s eyelids fluttered open when he heard the loud clanging from below in the hangar.  It had been nearly a week since they had flown back in time and met Queen Callista.  Chance groaned and cracked his back as he got up from the couch. During that week, it had been so brutal on him.  Jake had been up during the nights, doing unnecessary mods to the TurboKat, doing the reflex room over and over till he basically passed out.  He had gone through three punching bags. Chance knew clearly that something was troubling Jake, and he knew exactly what it was.  The first night that they had returned from the medieval world, Chance had noticed Jake looking quite gloomy.  Often, he saw Jake staring up at the sky at night for no reason, and he often saw Jake crying and saying the phrase, “I miss you, Callista,” over and over.

Chance shook his head.  “Poor guy,” he said as he walked down to the manhole on the kitchen floor that led down to the hangar. When he reached the hangar, he saw Jake’s face and coveralls spotted with oil from the jet.

Jake saw Chance approaching him, but kept his focus on his work.

“Jake, may I ask what in kats’ name do you think you’re doing to our jet?” Chance asked, almost in the tone of a demand as he watched the brown kat’s tail flicker as he worked.

“I decided we needed to fix the rudders on the old TurboKat,” Jake stated as he faced his partner and smiled nervously; he knew that wasn’t the reason why.

Chance shook his head and approached his young counterpart and removed the wrench from his hand. “Jake, look, don’t lie to me, buddy. I noticed ever since we came back from meeting Callista that you have been in a very gloomy mood. I mean, you *usually*  don’t do anything to our jet without some reason – you get after me for that.”

Jake’s ears drooped when the name “Callista” came from Chance’s mouth. “Well, I need to get my mind off of our little trip. The only way is to keep myself busy,” Jake stated and jerked the wrench from Chance’s paw.

“If you keep doing this and not resting, you’ll get yourself sick,” Chance said coolly, trying not to get angry from the way Jake was acting towards him.

“Well Chance I can’t!,” Jake said as he threw the wrench at the wall hard as he growled in frustration. The wrench made a loud clanging noise and then fell to the ground.

“Look, Jake. You’re really starting to scare me, buddy. I know that you have feelings towards her, but she is gone now. You two were in different worlds – you have to move on,” Chance said calmly, putting his paw on Jake’s shoulder.

“Well I do not * want* to move on, Chance. I mean, she cared for me!  It was love, Chance! I want to be with her!” Jake said angrily as he shrugged Chance’s hand off his shoulder.

“Look, Jake. She was Callie’s ancestor, I-I am sure if she liked you, then Callie-,” Chance started.

“Aw, don’t give me that, Chance. What future do I have with Callie? You know she has the complete hots for you! You just won’t admit because you’re afraid of hurting me. I have seen how she has looked up to you, to T-Bone,” Jake said angrily as he walked back to the unfinished work project for that day.

Chance sighed and looked away in shame. He knew what Jake stated was true; Callie did have feelings for him.  She always had her flirtatious talks with him whenever she brought her car into the garage to have it worked on. How badly he wanted to be with her but he knew he couldn’t leave Jake. After all, Jake would be closer to Chance than Callie would ever be.  Jake was close to him like a brother, his own family, flesh and blood.

Jake’s next comment made Chance break out of his aurora.  “I am 25, Chance! What life could I possibly have now? Flying the skies, protecting the city, getting bad guys, so what?! My heart is for the city, true, but my heart is even more for Callista and without her is like without my pilot’s wings. If I can’t be with her then,……I am leaving the city,” Jake stated softly as he placed his hands on the workbench and looked down.  He inhaled deeply, knowing he would regret the next thing he would say. “I am not going to be a SWAT Kat anymore.”

When Chance heard this, his heart basically dropped.  Anger began to fuel his fury. “Now, don’t you dare do this to me, Jake….,” he growled, balling his paws into fists. “The city needs you!  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or one, which means you, Jake Clawson!  You would let over a million people suffer so you can go back to a she kat who you *think* likes you?!”

Jake turned around to face Chance, his eyes almost glowing with anger. “She *does* like me, Chance!”  His eyes were watering up.

“That’s what you *think*, Jake! You saw how she really didn’t care for you until she believed you were mythologically the one to protect them from the Pastmaster. She was USING you, Jake!! Did she even tell you she loved you or cared for you?!” Chance snapped back.

Jake wiped the tears from his eyes and turned on his heels and walked towards his locker.”I have made my decision, Chance,” he said calmly as he opened his locker door.

“Pfft! Just what I figured! You were always spoiled! You think you can get anything you want in life just because your father killed himself and people should feel sorry for you and give what you want!! I am sick and tired of the way you act! Your father must have left knowing how spoiled his son was! Now, I know because I know how he felt being with you!” Chance said.  He knew he would kick himself later for saying that.

Jake’s eyes grew wide, and he slammed the locker door.  Tears were streaming down his face, matting his fur. He turned around and faced his rival, his hatred boiling. “Damn you, Chance!! IF IT WASN’T FOR YOUR HOT SHOT ATTITUDE, I WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN IN THIS MESS AND BEING STUCK AS A LOWLIFE GREASE MONKEY IN A SALVAGE YARD WITH YOU! YOU HAVE ALWAYS SCREWED UP MY LIFE EVER SINCE I MET YOU! NOW YOU’RE TRYING TO RULE ME LIKE YOU’RE MY DAMN FATHER!! JUST FACE IT, YOU’RE NOT!”


“Fine!! I am going to find the Pastmaster and then I am going to use his watch and go back in time for her!” Jake said as he slipped on his uniform, tying his mask.

“Why, you mega-low scum…..,” Chance growled back softly at Razor, his eyes never leaving Razor.

Razor screamed out in fury as he whipped around and punched Chance straight in the face. Chance let out a cry of pain and fell back a few feet landing on the ground.  He looked up at Razor, his nose bleeding. Razor’s chest was heaving from his heavy breaths, his eyes wide with fright.  His hand was throbbing from the hit. He looked down at his right hand still balled up in a fist.  A few blotches of Chance’s blood from his face was on Razor’s knuckles.

Chance’s eyes narrowed down into slits. “Get the hell out of here, Jake…..,” he growled.

Razor gave Chance one more look and got on the Cyclotron.  He revved the engine two times then took off and headed out of the tunnel into the night.

Chance’s eyes never left Razor as he watched his pal leaving him into the night. Chance stood up and wiped the blood from his face.  His nose was on fire, and it was throbbing with pain.  But, his heart was more in pain. He balled his paws into fists, his chest heaving with his breaths.  He could feel the immense anger inside of him.  He had been betrayed that day by his friend, his brother, for a she-kat. The one thing that Chance had tried to prevent with Callie, but he had failed.

“CRUDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!” Chance screamed as he stormed upstairs to try to get his mind off it.

Razor walked up the stairs to MegaKat National History Museum.  He remembered this place too well.  Before, there were large dinosaurs outside terrorizing the city. He remembered when he and T-Bone first defeated the Past Master.  His spell book was destroyed in the intakes of their jet.

Fortunately, to Razor’s luck, Dr. Sinian had made a replica of the book way before that incident and had it hidden away just in case someone stole the original. Razor smiled as he made his way down the hall to Dr. Sinian’s office. Since it was 9pm, the museum was closed to visitors, but the guard told him that he could visit Dr. Sinian. Razor saw a light at the end of the hall indicating that Abby was still in her office.  He approached the door cautiously and knocked.

Abby was doing some late paperwork and looked up from her desk. “Come in.”

Razor opened the door and walked inside her office, smiling softly. “Hey, Dr. Sinian.”

“Oh hey, Razor. What brings you here so late at night?” Dr. Sinian asked as she put down her book and looked up at the slim, young brown kat.

“Well, I need to look at the Past Master’s Spell book. I was trying to recapture something that I had experienced in my previous fight with him,” he said quickly, hoping that the curator would buy it, and she did.

“Oh, that is wonderful, Razor,” she smiled as she got up and walked over to a safe sitting on the floor and took her key to open it. “Aww, the Dark Ages… what wonderful times. I wouldn’t mind visiting them and studying them for a bit.” She took out the replica spell book carefully and handed it to Razor.

“Heh, me neither,” Razor smirked as he clutched the book. “I’ll be back in two hours, thanks doc!” He turned and quickly ran out of the museum, knowing that his time would be limited.

Razor took refuge in the MegaKat Park, near the lake, to use the book. He flipped through the pages in hopes of finding the right spell.

“I need the Past Master to help me,” he grumbled.  His eyes spotted a spell to get a portal to have someone to talk to you from the past, but won’t let them come in. “Hey, I can use this one to get the Past Master to help me!”  He quickly scrolled down the spell, his mind clouded with the hopes of being with Callista.

T-Bone blasted the engines of the TurboKat, and the black, sleek jet screamed down the tunnel and into the night sky. He knew it was stupid to have Razor out when his mind was so clouded with anger. As he flew, he watched the home beacon from Razor’s helmet beep on radar, but he also noticed the sky was becoming darker and thunder started to sound. “This is not good,” T-Bone commented as he went faster, hoping to beat the storm.

Minutes later, T-Bone landed the jet near MegaKat Park, right where his radar told him to.  He looked up ahead and saw Razor sitting near the pond talking to a red figure in what appeared to be a small portal.  T-Bone knew right away that the red figure must have been the Past Master.

“No!” T-Bone screamed as he ran quickly as possible to Razor. When he saw Razor, his anger started to build quickly again.  He pounced on Razor, grabbing him by the neck and causing Razor to drop the book.  The portal closed.

Razor coughed and struggled from the burly pilot’s strong grip.

“What the heck do you think you’re doing, Razor?!” T-Bone demanded.

Razor coughed then said “Ah…..I-I was trying to get the Past Master to let me in the Dark Ages….”

“Do you honestly think he’ll let you in there for free?!! You’re crazy, Razor! Snap the heck out of it!! Right now!” T-Bone hissed, his eyes staring right into Razor’s, his fingers tight against the smaller kat’s neck.

“This isn’t your decision, T-Bone!” Razor cried out and kicked T-Bone hard in the chest, causing T-Bone to fall off his body.

T-Bone slipped on his glov-a-trix. “The hell it is!” he shouted. “Baby Boomer missiles go!” He launched two baby boomer missiles, which hit the book, causing it to explode and fall into many pieces.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Razor screamed.  He let out a loud growl of rage and attacked T-Bone, pinning him to the ground. Both of them started to grip each other’s hands to prevent the other from throwing any punches, they rolled down the bank and knocking him into the pond.

Minutes later, both came up for air.  Razor saw T-Bone and jumped on him, water splashing everywhere.  Razor wrapped his arm around his neck, choking him.

T-Bone coughed and struggled. “Razor, quit – I-I can’t- sw-mmm….uggggghhhhh”

Razor pulled T-Bone to the bank of the river.  That’s when T-Bone rolled over quickly and got on top of Razor, pinning him down with his body. He quickly slapped Razor across the face.

“Snap the hell out of it, Razor!! Right now!!! END THIS!!”

Callie was on her way home that night, when she stopped at a stop sign near the park. She heard voices of struggling and fighting near the lake, so she parked her car and went out to investigate. When she looked down near the pond, what she saw she didn’t like. There was T-Bone and Razor fighting furiously.

Razor kicked T-Bone off hard and then got up, slipping on his glov-a-trix. “I hate you, T-Bone!!” he said as he aimed his glov-a-trix down at the striped tom.

“Razor, no!!!!” Callie screamed.

Razor stopped and lowered his arm, looking at where the scream came from.

There, on top of the bank, he saw Callie looking right at him.


“Miss Briggs?” T-Bone asked with the same blank look on his face.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Callie demanded as she stomped down to where they were, seeing both of the SWAT Kats’ uniforms wet with water and scratched and torn.  Both of the SWAT Kats were bleeding in different spots from the scratches they received from each other.

Razor took one more glance at T-Bone, then walked right past the confused Callie to where his bike was.  He got on it and drove off, leaving the confused T-Bone with Callie.

Callie looked at T-Bone with a worried look on her face. “I HOPE you two were practicing,” she said.

“No, we weren’t,” T-Bone said as he examined the tears on his g-suit.

“Well what happened???” Callie demanded, her hands on her hips like she was talking to Feral.

T-Bone sighed heavily and looked down at the ground.  “I took the one thing away from his life which could have made him happy because of my own selfishness.  I made our friendship like a house of cards: one swift move and down it goes…”  With that being said, T-Bone walked heavy-heartedly back to the TurboKat leaving the still confused, yet frightened, Callie at the park.

When T-Bone reached the hanger, he saw Jake putting his flight suit away in the hangar.  T-Bone slowed the TurboKat down to a halt, then got out.

Jake gave T-Bone a mean, hurt look. T-Bone could see the hurt in Jake’s eyes. Even though Chance didn’t want it to be it that way, but he had betrayed Jake. Jake didn’t give T-Bone another look and he walked up to the ladder in a quick haste.

“Damnit, Jake stop!” T-Bone called out to Jake, removing his mask and throwing it on the floor.

Jake turned around and faced Chance, showing no fear.

Chance looked back at Jake, meeting his eyes and trying to let him know that he wouldn’t lie to him straight in the face. “I am only trying to help you, Jake. Trust me, I don’t want you to get hurt again ,and I don’t want you to leave me. It was for good intentions, I swear.” Chance sighed sadly as he looked down, a tear forming and streaking down his cheek matting his fur.  Jake balled his fists, trying not to cry himself. “Look, I didn’t take Callie away from you…. Callie was probably the best thing that would happen to me in my life, and it’s gone now.”

Chance nodded sadly.  He started to think to himself that he had done the wrong thing and knew he needed forgiveness. “No wonder my family left me,” he thought to himself. “Look, buddy. The door is open – you can leave and look for her, and I-I won’t get in the way.. I won’t stop you, Jake.”

Jake now became silent.  He looked over at Chance he stood there, then at the hangar door. He knew whatever decision he made would be it.  There was no turning back.

“Chance, I-I…..,” Jake stuttered.  He knew this was one decision he could not make.

Suddenly, the blare of their alarm interrupted his train of thought. Chance gave Jake one last look then walked over to the alarm button.

“Yes, Miss Briggs?,” he asked as he tried to keep his eyes off Jake.

“T-Bone, there’s trouble down at the MegaKat Bank. For some strange reason, there has been a weird power surge and the ATM’s losing money as well with the electrical computer.  The bank is losing money by the minute!  We thought it was a hacker, but we can’t find the source.  It’s soo weird; it seems like an electrical current is in the computer mainframe itself!” Callie shouted on her pager from the bank.

Chance could hear people screaming and electrical sizzle sounds from behind her.

“Can I count on you and Razor being here?”

“Well I’ll be there in a few minutes, I- I don’t know….,” Chance said, not too sure on what to say about Razor’s case. Suddenly, he felt Jake’s paw resting on his shoulder.

“Buddy, count me in too,” Jake said as he smiled at Chance.

Chance could only smile back at the young, slim tomkat.

“Roger, we’ll be there in a few, Miss Briggs. Just hang on!” T-Bone said as he turned off of the speaker and faced his partner. “Let’s rock ‘n’ roll, Razor!”

“You got it, buddy!” Razor said as he followed T-Bone to the TurboKat.

Within minutes, the TurboKat was in the air, approaching the bank. Razor looked up at the sky one last time and then shook his head.

He slid down his visor to his helmet and got a lock-on to the power company substation near the bank.  He knew if he cut the power he would at least stop the electrical transaction of money.  Within one swift moment of his finger, an old-fashioned missile launched from the bomb bay of the TurboKat and struck the substation, within seconds exploding it, making many buildings, including the bank, lose power.

“Bingo!!” Razor shouted with triumph.

The Radical Squadron was up flying and fighting once again on the same side instead of against each other.


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