Original SWAT Kats Story

The Kat’s Eye Amulet

By Etherweil

  • 14 Chapters
  • 46,628 Words

Sequel to “Dark Kat’s Revenge”. An amulet with a mysterious Egyptian history is being sought by the Pastmaster. The Swat Kats, troubled by their personal dealings, have to rise to the challenge. (14 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 3

The gray Saab sat on the curb just as Felina said it would be. Chance slowly pulled up in front of the car and then backed up towards it so the back of his towtruck was only about 3 feet away from the Saab’s front bumper. Felina slowly emerged from inside her car back out into the pouring rain just as Chance walked up to the Saab’s open hood. Felina folded her arms and held them close to her as she watched Chance examine the burnt engine with his flashlight.

Chance let out a low whistle as he looked up at her. “Wow,” he breathed as he shook his head. “I tell you what, WOW!”

Felina smiled faintly “I know, it’s pretty sad.” She walked over to him and stood beside him as he further examined the engine. “Is it fixable?”

Chance couldn’t help but laugh. “Uh, if you consider replacing the entire engine as fixing it, yeah it’s fixable, but I wouldn’t waste my money. You’d be better off getting a new car.”

Felina nodded her head. “Now why did I see that coming?”

Chance still had a smile on his face as he shut the hood, but when he looked over at Felina, he could see that she was freezing in her drenched clothes. “You’re not going to get any warmer by standing out here; the truck’s nice and warm,” he remarked.

Felina shook her head vigorously. “No that’s okay; I was going to help you load up the car.”

Chance shook his head as he pulled off his heavy Carrhart jacket. “I think I can manage. Besides, I don’t want your uncle to kill me when you’re in the hospital with pneumonia.” He smiled as he placed his warm jacket around her shivering shoulders.

Felina was about to protest but Chance led her directly to the passenger door of the tow truck, opened it and pushed her gently inside. “It’ll only take me a sec,” he reassured her as he shut the door.

Sighing, he shrugged off Chance’s jacket to peel off her sodden coat. After placing it on the floor by her feet, she pulled Chance’s jacket back on and nestled comfortably into the seat, allowing the warmth to relax her damp, cold body. Felina watched Chance work in the side view mirror with half open eyes. She wasn’t even aware that she had drifted off for a short time, only to be awakened when Chance got into his seat and shut his door.

“Do you want me to drop you off at your place?” he asked her as he pulled off his leather work gloves.

Felina sat up straight, trying to chase away the weariness that threatened to take over her exhausted body. “You don’t have to; I can call a taxi when we get to your shop.”

“I really wouldn’t mind,” he assured her.

Felina smiled “ Well, in that case, I would appreciate it.”

Chance shifted the truck into drive. “Okay, where to?”


4:00 A.M Tuesday Salvage Yard.

Jake gently shut the hangar door and pulled the rug back over it. Sighing wearily, he stood up and looked around the dark living room while listening to the steady rhythm of the rain on the metal roof. Another night’s sleep gone his conscience scolded him as he slowly walked over towards the stairs. He carefully shifted his weight on every step, trying to prevent the tired wood from creaking. He quietly passed Chance’s room and stepped into his own. His alarm clock sat on his nightstand, waiting to sound off its annoying call in precisely two hours.


8:00 pm Tuesday Special Presentation at MegaKat Museum of History

“….I am pleased to present to you the Kat’s Eye Amulet!” Abi announced joyously as she pulled off the scarlet cloth, revealing the awe-inspiring amulet in its thick glass case surrounded by lustrous folds of midnight blue velvet. Camera flashes exploded across the case’s glossy surface as boisterous applause greeted its presence.

Soothing melodies of the jazz band drifted amidst the light cheery air of the party. The museum’s crystal chandeliers were brilliantly lit, and the glossy marble floor reflected the gilded ceiling as would a still pond reflect the gleaming heavens.

Callie’s gown of shimmering white graced her surroundings and captured the attention of every tom kat present. Long golden curls cascaded down her bare shoulders and back freely, adding further to her beauty. In her right paw, she held a delicate glass of bubbling champagne that she had barely sipped, while standing alongside Mayor Manx. He droned on about his favorite past time, golf, to an equally dull group of his peers. She had a sparkling smile plastered on her face as she took another restrained sip of her champagne.

Just then, Abi appeared next to her with a sly grin on her face. “There is someone I want you to meet,” she cooed in Callie’s ear quickly. “Mayor Manx, I was hoping you’d let me steal Ms. Briggs for a couple of moments.”

“Ah, yes, you may, Dr. Sinian. I want her back though.” Manx chuckled as he nodded towards Callie.

“I assure you she will return.” Abi smiled as she grabbed hold of Callie’s arm and led her off.

“I’m not sure whether I should thank you for saving me from the ‘ecstasy to golf’ speech,” Callie mused as she let Abi guide her through the throngs of people.

“Oh you’ll be thanking me, my dear.” Abi smiled as she led her hesitant friend up to a group of sharp dressed officers.

Callie’s eyes grew wide, but it was too late to voice her protest for Abi had now joined the officer’s group.

“Lieutenant Cummings, I would like you to meet Deputy Mayor Calico Briggs.”

Now standing in front of Callie was a tall, fiendishly handsome tomkat. Callie couldn’t help but smile as the young lieutenant tenderly kissed her hand. “At last we meet, Ms. Briggs. Abi has told me all about you.” He smiled, his blue eyes twinkling radiantly.

Callie fought the sudden rush of warmth from shooting to her face. “ Really? Well, I hope it was all good?”

The lieutenant chuckled, his blue eyes twinkling. “Yes, I assure you, it was all good.”

“Well, in that case, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant.” Callie smiled.

“Now, I don’t want to appear too assertive, but would you like to dance? It would be a shame to waste such marvelous music.” Cummings gestured over to the jazz band with a raidiant grin on his face.

Callie was speechless. Looking over at Abi completely dazed, her friend mouthed ‘YES’. “I would love to,” Callie replied, trying to maintain her usual air.

Callie let the blonde haired, blue eyed lieutenant lead her out to the dance floor, and for the first time in countless months, Razor wasn’t on her mind.


Two days later……

The radio played faintly in the background as Jake and Chance worked on their clients’ broken down cars. For the past day or so, they hadn’t really said much to each other; even though they were both well aware there was much that needed to be said. Jake couldn’t help but reminisce over what he had said to Chance that night he had lost his temper. He couldn’t stand the uneasy silence that hung in the air, making it seemingly thick and suffocating.

“Chance, I’m s……” Jake was interrupted as Callie’s car pulled into view.

Callie stepped out of her green sedan dressed in tennis shoes, jeans and a MKCU (MegaKat City University) sweatshirt with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. It was evidently one of her rare days off. And then, rather unexpectedly, her passenger door opened, revealing the newly transferred Lieutenant Paul Cummings dressed in his casual clothes.

Chance quickly looked over at Jake worriedly, only to see Jake don a calm, blithe expression, but his fiery amber eyes gave away his true emotions.

“Hey guys!” Callie called cheerfully as she walked up to them, with Paul following close behind her.

“Hey.” Chance smiled as he cleaned his hands off on a rag. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, it’s my day off, and Felina asked me to bring down her payment from the tow the other night. She wouldn’t be able to bring it to you guys until tomorrow, and she didn’t want you to wait that long.”

“Tell her we weren’t worried about it,” Chance replied as he took the check from Callie.

“Oh, I wanted to introduce someone to you guys. Paul, this is Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson, some very good friends of mine, Chance, Jake, this is Lieutenant Paul Cummings, he’s taken over Steele’s position.”

“Heh, bout time someone replaced him. Nice to meet ya lieutenant.” Chance grinned as he shook Paul’s paw.

Paul looked at Chance and then at Jake with a smile on his face. “It’s a pleasure to meet you guys. I don’t want to be blunt, but I was wondering if you two were the pilots that ran into the enforcer building a couple years back?”

“Yes, Why?” Jake snapped, his eyes flashing ocher with irritation.

Paul shrugged, “ I was just curious. You guys are still a well discussed topic at headquarters. Heard you guys were pretty good in your day.”

“In our day?” Chance mused as he looked over at Jake, as if contemplating whether that was meant as an insult or if it was mere tactlessness.

Paul laughed uncomfortably. “Whoa, I’m sorry that came out wrong. I meant to say that you guys were the best in Feral’s squadron before the accident, and there are many of your records that are just waiting to be broke.”

“Yeah, I guess we were. All records are made to be broken.” Jake folded his arms across his chest and looked at Paul, then at Callie. Before another word was spoken the phone rang, shattering the uneasy silence. “Excuse me,” Jake dismissed himself briskly, then disappeared into the garage’s office.

Chance looked back at Paul and a clearly uncomfortable Callie. “Sorry bout that, he’s uh… had a rough week.”

“Oh, well we’d better go then. I hope everything goes okay for you guys today.” Callie smiled, trying to lighten up the moody atmosphere.

“Oh yeah, don’t worry about it,” Chance replied jauntily.

“Well, tell Jake I said bye. See you later,” Callie called over her shoulder as she and Paul walked back to her car, holding paws.

Chance’s smile slowly melted off his face as he watched the green sedan drive off. “Oh my God,” he moaned through clenched teeth. It was going to be another one of those days.

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