Original SWAT Kats Story

The Kat’s Eye Amulet

By Etherweil

  • 14 Chapters
  • 46,628 Words

Sequel to “Dark Kat’s Revenge”. An amulet with a mysterious Egyptian history is being sought by the Pastmaster. The Swat Kats, troubled by their personal dealings, have to rise to the challenge. (14 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Note: And here it is finally… CHAPTER 12! It’s kind of short, but it is, never the less, the climax of this fic. ENJOY!


Chapter 12

His eyes flickered open slightly as his sense of feeling slowly returned to his numb body. He could feel the coldness of the stone floor on his back as he lay there in silent pain with the room blurry and spinning in front of him. His hand instinctively felt for the amulet underneath his shirt, and was alarmed to find that it wasn’t there. Despite the stinging protests of his aching head and body he sat up, trying to clear his vision.

“Ah, so you’ve decided to join us in the world of the living,” he heard a voice purr above him.

Razor looked up into the unnerving, glowing scarlet eyes of Pagane, who was now wearing the amulet with a triumphant smirk on his face. The gloating sorcerer walked away from Razor and over to where the stone table was, and tied to it was a battered Calico Briggs.

“Despite your best efforts, Swat Kat,” Pagane spat out the name with distaste as he unsheathed a magnificent sword from its gilded casing, “I now have the amulet and the key to the gates to the realm of the gods. The moment that I have dreamt of for countless centuries is now close at hand, and you shall be the first to witness the coming of a new era!”

Razor slowly got to his feet and leaned against the wall for much needed support. “Do you know what calamity will befall katkind if you awaken the gods?” he demanded, his voice hard and resentful.

A wicked grin wrinkled Pagane’s timeless, snow white face. “Why yes. That is the whole point, my dear knight. You see, my brother tricked the gods into making that accursed covenant. And, it is I, their devoted servant, who shall set them free from their imprisonment. Everything shall be set aright, and the balance of the universe shall be restored.”

Pagane brandished the sword into the air, and its flawless silver blade encrypted with the elegant language of the gods glistened in the faint candlelight. He looked over at Razor, who was trying to stand on his feet without the assistance of the wall.

“You overestimate yourself, Swat Kat. I have drained you of your life sustaining energy, and overexerting yourself could, in fact, kill you.”

Callie turned her head onto its side and looked at Razor with her blue eyes that were glistening with unshed tears. Razor’s amber eyes were now lit with an internal fire spurred on by a seething wrath. He let go of the wall and stood there, his stance now steady and his fists clenched and shaking.

Pagane began to mutter the unintelligible language as he positioned the sword’s glistening blade over Callie’s fleeting heart. “I promise you, she shall not suffer…for long.” He began to cackle as the amulet began to glow a shade brighter than any blue known, further enhancing Pagane’s possessed features.

The sorcerer screamed out the final verse of the spell and prepared himself for the killing blow. When the tip of the blade was about to plunge into Callie’s still chest, Razor leaped through the air, his claws extended and his teeth bared in a blinding rage. Pagane, not expecting such a violent attack from his weakened foe, stepped to the side and slashed Razor’s side with the sharp sword. Razor landed in a readied crouch, not even noticing the gash in his side that was now bleeding profusely.

Pagane, his sharp teeth bared maliciously, raised the sword above his head. “Now you shall die!” he hissed.

“You first!” Razor screamed, dodging the sword’s blade that was aimed for his head. Razor grabbed Pagane’s wrists and pushed the sword towards the sorcerer’s torso with his remaining strength. The sword pierced Pagane straight through with a sickening sound, and Pagane screeched out in pain and fury.

“Did you think you could kill me that easily?” Pagane sneered as he grabbed the amulet and aimed its glowing stone directly at a stunned Razor. The blinding flash erupted from the amulet’s core, sending Razor crashing into the magical mirror placed against the wall. The mirror shattered with the impact, and Razor slid to the ground, grimacing in intolerable agony.

He looked up at Pagane through misty, yet lucid ocher eyes that were still aflame with a keen hatred. Pagane sneered at the dying kat in front of him. He withdrew the sword from within him and tossed it to the floor, its blade dripping scarlet. He picked up the amulet from his chest and held it towards Razor.

“I must admit, I underestimated your abilities, Swat Kat. You remind me a lot of my brother, strong willed and difficult right on up to the end.” Pagane was now standing over Razor. “I am curious to see the face of the mortal who has given me so much grief.”

In a swift motion, Pagane shot out his paw and ripped off Razor’s mask, making the red and blue helmet skid across the library stone floor into Abi’s bound feet. Gasps of profound shock came from both she kats when they saw Jake’s defeated face.

“Ah, how touching! The jealous mechanic is your knight in shining armor,” Pagane sneered, looking over at a shocked Callie. “Well then, it’s only fitting that you shall watch him die.” Pagane smiled at her.

“NNOOOOOOOOOOO!” Callie screamed at the top of her lungs as she struggled against her bonds. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!”

Jake felt an intense feeling of shame, knowing that he was going to die. He had failed, and he was going to be destroyed in front of Callie. He struggled not to give in to his remorse and self pity as looked into Pagane’s smug, triumphant face. The amulet was as bright as a lustrous star in the heavens, and it was aimed directly for Jake’s racing heart.

“The only thing powerful enough to destroy it is itself…” Callista’s voice echoed in his head as he stared at the amulet. His eyes grew wide as he felt the shards of broken glass underneath him. He glanced over at a particularly big piece of jagged mirror only a couple inches away.

A deep cackle rumbled in Pagane’s throat as he looked at his helpless victim before him. “Rest in peace, Swat Kat.” He grinned.

Before Pagane could mutter the single word that would unleash the amulet’s killing blow, Abi, who had managed to untie herself from her bonds, threw herself onto Pagane’s back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Pagane, with an enraged shriek, tossed Abi from his back and sent her flying into the opposite wall with bone crushing impact, and she fell onto the floor in a broken heap.

Pagane screamed out the death abiding command, his face misshaped and ugly with fury. The amulet sent forth its blinding death ray at its master’s command. The satisfied look that occupied Pagane’s face disappeared abruptly when he saw a fleeting flash of light come from Jake’s paws. His scarlet eyes grew wide in terror as Jake held up the part of the mirror to intercept the amulet’s ray.

“NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Pagane screamed as the amulet’s ray hit the jagged reflective surface and shot back towards itself, piercing itself directly in its luminous stone posed directly over Pagane’s chest. The amulet grew white, and its luminous opal glowed in likeliness of the sun’s surface. Pagane’s agonized shriek pierced the room, making Jake cover his ears with his gashed and bloody paws. Before them, Pagane convulsed and shrieked, his red eyes rolling back into his head as his body grew skinnier and older looking. Callie turned her head away from the sight of the sorcerer’s fur and flesh melting off his trembling bones like hot, dripping plastic. The sorcerer’s stripped skeleton, which was still shrieking, crumbled onto the floor as it gradually turned into dust, and the scorching amulet with its cracked opal lay devastated in the filmy heap of gray dust.

Jake’s eyes met Callie’s glistening, sapphire eyes that were brimming with tears that were coursing down her cheeks onto the stone table. “That was a little disconcerting.” Jake chuckled faintly as he leaned against the wall in exhaustion, with a pool of his own blood encircling him like a crimson lake.


“No, you incompetent fool! You kill them by beheading them!” the Pastmaster shrieked, jumping up and down on his butt while he watched T-Bone and Felina fight off their overwhelming foe.

“SHUT UP OR I’LL SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE FOR YOU!” T-Bone shrieked at the Pastmaster. “Didn’t I tell you not to remove his gag?” he yelled over the sound of their screeching enemy.

Felina ducked from a swinging sword and grabbed its hilt, twisted it from the creature’s grasp and beheaded it with its stolen weapon. “Don’t you dare reprimand me! He told us how to kill them in case you’ve forgotten!” she hissed back.

T-Bone beheaded a creature with the last of his octopus missiles. “We would have figured it out sooner or later!” he growled, tripping another creature and grabbing its sword that flew back up into the air as it landed face first onto the floor. T-Bone then cut of the creature’s head before it could get back up, and its headless corpse shriveled up into a pile of gray dust.

Felina launched herself at a creature, lashing out at its head with her glistening sword with a vicious savagery. “And, how long would that of taken us!” she shot back as she was slowly pressed back by the advancing creatures that were pushing the both of them into the middle of the circle they were forming.

T-Bone felt her stumble into the back of him, and he knew that they were now completely surrounded by the seemingly neverending creature army.

“Crud,” he growled as he watched the creatures sneer at them, their dead, black eyes glistening with malicious intent as they licked their blades with their black, serpent like tongues.

Felina readied her sword as she tried to stare down her enemy. “It was nice knowing you, T-Bone,” she stated, trying to keep her voice flat and emotionless. She felt him sigh as he also raised his sword.

“Before we’re chopped to oblivion, I just want to say something,” he said, his tone sincere.

“Well, you’d better hurry; I don’t think they’ll give us much time to say our goodbyes.”

T-Bone gripped the handle of his sword tightly in his shaking paws. “I just want to say that I’m sorry and that I never meant to hurt you and that….. that is the last thing I’d ever want to do to you.”

Felina couldn’t help but smile as she listened to him struggle for the right words.

“And, if I ever had the chance, I would ask you out in a heartbeat,” he finished abruptly, hoping that what he had just said wouldn’t provoke any further hatred.

Felina’s smile grew bigger as she felt her heart skip a beat at hearing his words. “And, if you ever had that chance, I would say yes before you could even finish asking me,” she whispered loudly enough for him to hear.

T-Bone’s dare devilish grin appeared on his face. “Let’s give these guys hell.”

They both lashed out at the creatures, beheading several in just one swipe of their swords.

The creatures shrieked and launched upon the two kats relentlessly. As the creatures pushed further upon them, T-Bone and Felina started to receive deep cuts and gashes from the razor sharp blades that whirled around them with thunderous clashing of steel against steel.

Felina, after several moments of frantic sword fighting, received a crippling blow to her shoulder that made her cry out in pain. Another creature slashed out unmercifully at her thigh and shin, making her fall to her knees in defeat. Before the creature could finish her off, T-Bone whirled around and beheaded the creatures.

He stood over her protectively and continued to fight off the creatures that were now falling upon them in full force. Right as T-Bone envisioned their inevitable defeat and death, a deafening explosion shook the cathedral.

The creatures stopped their attack and looked towards the main lobby in bafflement. The thunderous ‘boom’ that followed immediately was the main doors falling from the smoking hinges onto the marble entry floor, allowing a massive force of well armed enforcers to swarm in and take defensive positions.

Feral followed directly after his force with a bazooka of his own perched on his shoulder. “FIRE!” he barked, and a volley of ammunition fell upon the shocked hellish army. The creatures shrieked as the fiery ammunition exploded around them, and they charged at their newly arrived enemy.

“AIM FOR THEIR HEADS!” T-Bone screamed over the deafening sound of battle.

Feral couldn’t see or hear T-Bone over the exploding bazookas of his force. T-Bone just shook his head while he bent down and gathered a dizzy Felina in his arms.

“Hold on,” he whispered gently to her while he set her safely against the wall.

“Let me go and I’ll help you!” the Pastmaster shrieked, still jumping up and down on his tail in irritation.

T-Bone just glared at him. “Yeah right! You’re staying right where you are, you little troll,” he growled.

The Pastmaster gibbered on in exasperated anger. “You foolish mortal! You’re all going to die without me……. without me you’re all just…..mmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhh!”

T-Bone grinned evilly as he stuffed another gag in the little sorcerer’s mouth.

Ignoring the growling Pastmaster, he then knelt down in front of Felina and started to rip off fabric from his pant legs and proceeded to tie them tightly on her bleeding gashes.

“W-where are you g-going?” she stuttered as she fought to stay conscious as she watched him stand up and grab his sword. “I’m going to go help your uncle; just rest and I’ll be right back.” He brushed some matted hair away from her unfocused eyes.

“B-b-b-be c-c-careful,” she muttered as she barely felt the warmth of his hand against her face. She watched him turn and run off into the battle through half closed eyes. Blackness started to envelop her vision, and, as soon as she was unable to fight it, she gave in and her head dropped towards her chest as she passed out from blood loss.


As Jake slowly undid her bonds with shaking paws, she couldn’t help but look searchingly into his face.

“Razor….Jake…” she began weakly as he worked on the last bond on her wrist.

He looked at her sadly. “I-I’m so s-sorry, Callie,” he stuttered weakly. And then, without warning, his knees buckled underneath him, and he collapsed onto the ground.

“Jake!” Despite her injuries, she jumped down from the table down to his side. He was breathing laboriously as he lay there, leaning against the base of the stone table with his arm placed over his side. Callie slowly pulled away his paw away from his blood soaked side to examine his grievous side wound.

“Oh my God,” she breathed, her voice shaking as she pulled her paw away from his side, her blonde fur drenched in his blood.


The creature’s numbers were quickly diminishing as Feral and his squadron figured out what actually killed their unearthly foe.

Feral had his bazooka aimed for an advancing creature that had its sword brandished over its head in anticipation of bringing it down upon the Commander’s head. Before Feral could pull the trigger, a silver blade sliced across the creature’s neck, and the perplexed jackal-like mummy evaporated into a pile of dust right in front of him. Feral looked up from the pile of dust to see a battle worn T-Bone standing there with a gleaming sword in his bloody paw.

“Where is Felina?” Feral demanded harshly, trying to hide the fear in his voice.

T-Bone was about to tell him about Felina, but a piercing, bloodcurdling shriek lashed out into the air resoundingly.

“That’s coming from the library!” T-Bone yelled over the earsplitting shriek to Feral who was struggling not to cover his ears.

The creatures of the hellish army froze at the sound of the scream, and they in turn started to wail and fall to their knees in agony. One by one, each creature exploded into gray clouds of dust as if an invisible beam had been shot through the air to strike it down. The pained scream grew louder and more intense in velocity as the whole cathedral seemed to tremble at the sound of the dying being somewhere within its walls.

T-Bone looked back at Feral, his eyes sparking with urgency. “Get a paramedic in here and follow me!”

The seriousness T-Bone displayed struck down all the doubt and orneriness in Feral‘s manner. He turned to his enforcers. “One of you go fetch a paramedic! The rest of you, follow me!”

Feral and his enforcers ran after T-Bone towards the library. As they approached, they saw T-Bone reach down and pick up some shredded rope bonds and a tattered cloth gag that had been discarded on the floor. But, Feral didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Pastmaster had once again escaped, rather he ran and knelt down beside his unconscious niece.

“WHERE’S THE PARAMEDIC!” he screamed at his enforcers as he gathered Felina up in his arms and cradled her lovingly, and he didn’t look up at T-Bone as he knelt down beside Feral.

The sound of hurried footsteps approached the group, and a paramedic pushed through the on looking enforcers. Although T-Bone was worried about Felina, he was also worried about Razor who was still behind the Library doors where that disturbing scream had come from moments before. He picked up the bazooka that Feral and discarded and walked up to the library doors. Yet, he waited patiently for Feral to assist the paramedics in putting Felina on a cot, and he watched sadly as she was rushed out of the cathedral.

Feral then walked up to him, his eyes bloodshot and red.

“Pagane and Razor are in there along with Miss Briggs and Dr. Sinian,” T-Bone informed Feral.

Feral grabbed another bazooka from one of his enforcers and stood beside the Swat Kat and switched off the safety latch.


Jake gritted his teeth as Callie tightened a piece of cloth around his gashed torso. “How’s Abi?” he breathed as he pushed himself farther up against the table base. Callie shook her head as she slowly stood up. “I think she’s received several broken bones along with a severe concussion.”

He felt himself choke up as he watched her pick up his helmet with a shaking paw. She stared down at it, as if she was still in shock. “Callie….” he began as he struggled back onto his feet and leaned unsteadily against the table. “….I……I didn’t know how to tell you……….I would of……I was going to but………well…….”

Callie looked back over at him sadly. “But what?” she whispered shakily.

They both looked over at the library’s locked doors as someone pounded on them.

“RAZOR!” T-Bone’s muffled voice cried out from the other side.

Jake closed his eyes and sighed as T-Bone continued to bang against the door. He knew for sure that the time he and Chance dared not speak of had actually come…. the Swat Kats had fought their last battle.

It scared Callie to see that look of defeat on Jake’s usual strong, smiling face. Callie walked over to where Pagane had ripped off Razor’s mask and picked up the black scarf from amongst the glass shards.

He watched her curiously as she continued to shake it off and straightened it in her paws as she walked up to him. Without saying a word, she placed the scarf over his eyes and tied it for him, helping him to become Razor once again. She then placed his helmet in his paws and looked right up into his tired, drained eyes.

“It doesn’t matter what or who you are…because you’ll always be a hero.”

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