Original SWAT Kats Story

Jaded Reflections

By Etherweil

  • 16 Chapters
  • 47,174 Words

Follows “The Kat’s Eye Amulet”. The Swat Kats, who are already aware that everyone has a dark side, undergo an adventure of self-discovery and deep reflection as their lives take an unsuspected turn. A dark evil is unleashed in MKC that takes the Swat Kats by surprise, and doubt surfaces. (Story Complete Aside from Epilogue)

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Note: Heylo Everyone! This one wasn’t so long in the taking thank goodness. I’ve been setting aside time everyday to work on this; so, hopefully, chapter 8 will follow in a like manner. I hope you enjoy this! If there is some confusion in this regarding the interactions between some of the like characters please message me, and I’ll try to clear it up for you. I apologize in advance for that. And until chapter 8, I hope you enjoy this!

Chapter 7

A Worst Nightmare Becomes a Reality

That next evening… 5:00 p.m.

Jake stared at Chance in disbelief from across the table, a little shocked with what he was just told.

“How…When did he…,” Jake stammered as he ran his paw through his hair.

Chance swallowed as he looked up from the table directly into Jake’s eyes. “He found out when we were in Megalith city… he… he overheard the argument Felina and I had.”

Jake shook his head. “Why didn’t you tell me until now?”

“I didn’t want you to worry about it; you had a lot on your mind at that time.”

“It doesn’t matter; you should of told me. I’m a Swat Kat too you know.”

Chance closed his eyes and sighed. “Look, I’m sorry.”

Jake stood up from his seat and walked over to the kitchen counter and looked out the window. “From what you’ve told me about your argument with Feral, I think it’s safe to say our Swat Kat days are numbered,” he muttered sadly.

Chance shook his head. “I’ve been so stupid, Jake.” He groaned as he rubbed his face wearily. “There are so many things I would’ve done different, especially with Feral. This could’ve been prevented if I had paid attention to reason and ignored my pride.”

Jake shook his head as he looked back at Chance. “You’re not the only one to blame, bud. We’re in this together.”

Chance sighed and leaned his elbow on the table and rested his head in his palm while Jake turned to gaze out the window. “It was inevitable really.” Jake sighed. “Did you honestly think we’d live two complete different lives for the rest of our existence, Chance?”

Chance chuckled and smiled despite himself. “I actually thought we could for a while, that is before time and reality set in on us.”

The alarm suddenly went off, rudely interrupting their conversation with its demanding wail. Jake closed his eyes and let his chin drop to his chest. “Figures.” He chuckled.

Chance slowly stood up and stepped away from the table. “Well, we should give it our all; we’re not out of the game yet.”

Moments later, the TurboKat screamed out into the twilight, cutting a path through the crimson strewn sky towards the blazing outline of MegaKat city.


Callie continued to clutch the communicator tightly in her paw as she looked down at the chaotic scene below her. A huge T-Rex was plowing its way through the halted rush hour traffic effortlessly as countless katizens fled into the nearby buildings. This was undoubtedly the doing of the Pastmaster, but what struck her as odd was that the Pastmaster was no where to be seen.

Usually, he rode his monstrosities as they wreaked their havoc like a politician would ride on a float in a parade. She scowled as she continued to think about it, and she grew even more suspicious as the seconds passed. Something wasn’t right.

In the TurboKat……

“Callie’s calling,” T-Bone announced as he turned on their radio. “We’re here, Callie.”

“Guys, something isn’t right; there has been no trace of the Pastmaster.”

“Are you positive that it’s Pastie’s doing?” Razor asked, sensing the intensity of Callie’s suspicion.

“Who else would use an extinct carnivorous reptile? Honestly guys.” Callie sighed.

“She has a point.” T-Bone shot a quick glance back at his partner.

Razor shook his head. “What is that gnome up to?” he growled to himself as the enraged T-Rex came into view on his scope.

“Whatever it is, it’s not going to be enjoyable.” T-Bone sighed. “Let’s put this oversized gecko out of commission.”

“Be careful,” Callie pleaded softly as her suspicion turned into fear.

The two Swat Kats smiled.

“Aren’t we always?” Razor replied playfully, succeeding in his endeavor to make Callie smile despite everything.

“Good luck guys.” Callie chuckled into her communicator as she watched the Turbokat speed towards the dinosaur.

“Dang, this bad boy’s big!” T-Bone whistled as they got closer to the back of the roaring beast.

“You’re telling me,” Razor agreed as he scanned his weapons panel. “I don’t think I have anything that would really deter him. I think we’d be better off tying his legs together with the steel grappling hook so he can’t go anywhere.”

T-Bone sighed. “I won’t have any room to make evasive maneuvers, not to mention mistakes. And, how do we even know that will hold him?”

Razor smiled. “Come on, bud, those who are faithful in least are also faithful in much. I just need to get a clear shot of his head.”

T-Bone rolled his eyes. “Alright, let’s just hope your crazed idea works.”

“Oh, it will.” Razor selected the heavy duty grabbling hook on his console and looked for the perfect area at which to strike. “There, on his leg to our right. We’ll circle, let’s say three times.”

“Roger that.” T-Bone’s expression hardened as he focused on the task at hand. He came in low, hoping that the preoccupied beast looking at the fleeing katizens wouldn’t notice them sneaking up from behind.

“Hold her steady….” Razor breathed as he stared hard at the targeting screen. Seconds later, when they had reached the desired distance, he fired. “Grappling hook deployed!” he announced.

“Right, I’m bringing her around.” T-Bone gritted his teeth as he turned the Turbokat sharply and zipped in front of the T-Rex’s legs, quickly working their way around to complete the second pass.

Feral held up his binoculars, stunned at what he was seeing.

“What the hell!” Felina growled, trying to not let her fear for them show.

The enforcers, standing ready with their weapons aimed, watched nervously as the T-Rex stopped and looked down, confused at the odd feeling of his legs being binded by the Turbokat that was zipping around them.

“Come on, come on, detach!” Feral found himself gritting under his breath.

“Okay, Razor, Beastie’s seen us,” T-Bone hissed as he held the Turbokat steady.

“We’ve almost completed the third pass, just hold on a few more seconds!”

“Razor, in a few seconds we’re going to be dinner!” T-Bone growled as the Turbokat lurched in response to the T-Rex trying to step out farther.

“Wait for it…. wait for it….” Razor hummed nervously as the air was shattered with an ear piercing roar. “NOW… grappling hook detached!”

“CRUD!” T-Bone cursed as the T-Rex’s monstrous head shot down to their level. Its mouth, filled with glistening, flesh shredding teeth, was opened wide, waiting to crash down on them. T-Bone jerked the stick back towards him, and they were thrown into a dizzying climb. The T-Rex moved to launch itself at them, but found itself plummeting head first into the hard cement as the grappling cable snapped taunt and ungiving. However, the T-Rex’s outstretched claw managed to tear through the back of the Turbokat, completely shredding a portion of the left wing and tearing alongside of it to the tip of the third engine.

A collective gasp rose from the watching crowd as the Turbokat spiraled violently out of control towards them.

“Open fire on its head!” Feral yelled over the commotion of the falling Turbokat that was heading directly for them.

“But commander…” one of the enforcers started to protest as the spinning Turbokat came nearer.

“JUST SHOOT IT NOW!” Feral screamed, his fiery eyes ablaze with impatience.

“COME ON, BABY!” T-Bone snarled as he fought to gain back control. “Not again…. I’m not going to crash again…..” he hissed to himself. His firm, powerful grip remarkably started to win over the spinning Turbokat. The burly pilot blocked out the blaring alarms that filled the cockpit as his sight became clearer. His throat grew tense when he saw that in their path was the enforcer blockade, getting ready to fire at the fallen T-Rex…… and they were directly in the line of fire.

“COME ON!” T-Bone screamed as he fought to pull up as the Turbokat cut through the air towards them at an amazing speed.

“SIR! WE’LL HIT THEM!” Felina screamed over the commotion of the Turbokat and screaming kats.

“NO, WE WON T, FELINA!” he shot back as he stood erect at the front of the line, staring directly at the Turbokat. “Come on, Furlong… Any day now….” he thought to himself. “I SAID FIRE!” he screamed at his squadron.

Felina tried to continue to breath as the tanks and bazookas fired around her.

Amazingly, much to everyone’s relief the Turbokat started to gain altitude, narrowly missing a missile that zipped right underneath the jet’s belly. Everyone fought the urge to duck as the Turbokat screamed overhead, leaving behind a trail of nauseating black smoke.

Callie collapsed against the window sill of her office and fought to regain the control of her frantic heart. “Oh my God,” she moaned, shaken by what she had just seen; they had narrowly escaped. She clutched the communicator tightly in her shaking paw as she held her forehead in the other and tightly closed her eyes. The dying shrieks of the T-Rex echoed deafeningly through the air along with the harsh explosion of the fired ammunition, making her head pound all the more. She opened her eyes, slowly brought the communicator up to her face and pressed the red button.

Razor breathed out in relief after realizing that he had been holding his breath throughout the whole struggle. He looked down at his paw, and seeing that his knuckles were white, he slowly released his grip and tried to ease his tense body. He looked up at the back of T-Bone’s seat worriedly as he felt the Turbokat shudder in concordance with her injuries. “T-Bone, bud, are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” the pilot replied shakily as he tried to control the agonized shudders of his jet. His heart was still beating hard along with his blood pounding deafeningly in his head and ears, intermixing with the still blaring alarms in the cockpit. “Does it look as bad as it sounds?” he asked.

Razor turned to look down at the torn wing. “It doesn’t look good, bud; he tore open the whole back left side of the jet right down to the engine.”

T-Bone fought the urge to curse aloud. “Looks like we have a late one ahead of us,” he growled.

Razor sighed when the beeping of their radio joined the other blaring alarms. He leaned back further into his seat and looked out into the quickly darkening night. “It’s Callie,” he muttered the obvious.

T-Bone groaned. He really didn’t want to talk to her right now. He reached down and turned off the radio. “We’ll call her when we get to the hanger.”

Razor shrugged doubtfully. “I don’t think she’s going to appreciate us ignoring her.”

“We’re not…. we’re just a little preoccupied at the moment.”

“I’d say. We’d better hurry back to the hanger….. it’s going to damage the jet even more the longer we are in the air.”

“I know; I don’t want to push her, Razor,” T-Bone growled, still a little miffed that his beloved jet was damaged.

Much to their relief, the junkyard came into view minutes later. T-Bone gritted his teeth nervously as the Turbokat shuddered and jolted as they came in for the landing. He brought her in gently without any real difficulty and slowly rolled into the hangar. T-Bone quickly turned off the overworked engines and opened the canopy, allowing the putrid exhaust of the fried third engine to fall upon them.

“Great,” T-Bone hissed as he jumped out, immediately followed by Razor. “Stupid lizard,” he muttered to himself as they both grimaced at the huge, ragged tears that peeled the Turbokat’s metal skin back from her skeletal frame.

“Well, it could be worse,” Razor mumbled.

“That’s the worst we’ve seen in quite a while,” T-Bone growled, unable to tear his glare away from the damage.

“At least she can still fly. Last time we lost the whole jet,” he calmly reminded.

“Barely,” T-Bone emphasized as he turned to look at Razor. “She can barely fly.”

Razor breathed in deeply. “I’m just as equally frustrated as you, Chance, but our arguing is not going to he…”

The hangar lights abruptly shut of, sending the two of them into complete and total darkness. “What the?…” he began.

“Ah, that’s just great. Wonderful. Now we have the lights to fix along with the jet!” T-Bone growled in frustration.

Razor peered, straining into the blackness before him. He took a cautious step ahead, trying to get his bearings when he froze in midstep. The hairs on the back of his neck bristled as he looked straight into a pair of glowing ocher eyes that were completely void of any sign of warmth or emotion; they sent icy shivers down his spine.

“I don’t think the lights are broken, T-Bone,” Razor whispered in T-Bone’s direction.

A deep, menacing chuckle echoed deafeningly in the black void that surrounded them.

“Your jet is going to be the least of your worries,” a familiar voice hissed menacingly.

“Razor? Is that you?” T-Bone’s wary voice spoke out in the dark.

“Well, in a manner of speaking.” The voice chuckled in an icy tone of wicked intent.

Razor and T-Bone’s grip both tightened in their glovatrix’s as they stood rooted to where they were. Razor grew tense as he lost sight of the eyes he saw, and the hanger grew deafeningly silent. Their minds were racing, trying to place the menacing voices of the intruders.

“Who are you?” T-Bone growled aloud as his paw slowly reached for the switch that would turn on the light in his helmet.

“We’re you,” a voice hissed directly in his ear, and before he could react he was shoved forward and took Razor down to the ground as well.

Razor and T-Bone both flipped back onto their feet from their backs and landed in their fighting stances, still practically blind due to the inky blackness of the hangar.

“T-Bone, turn on you night vision now!” Razor hissed urgently.

“Not so fast,” a voice snarled as the sound and flash of something being fired rent through the thick blackness.

“Duck!” Razor cried as he threw himself towards the ground, simultaneously turning on his night vision as he rolled back onto his feet. His heart nearly stopped when he heard T-Bone cry out in pain, followed by the sound of a body hitting the floor hard. Razor whirled around, his glovatrix raised, and the sight of their intruders made him freeze in shock and horror.

His partner was lying on his back with a tipped grappling hook embedded in his left shoulder, and standing over him was another T-Bone, who was completely identical to his fallen friend, and was laughing cynically as he reeled in the steel cable with his lethal glovatrix.

T-Bone, despite the agony he was in, looked over in Razor’s direction and his eyes grew wide. “Razor, behind you!” he yelled.

A strong, muscular arm snaked around Razor’s neck before he could react, depriving his lungs oxygen. Razor let out a startled gag as his head and neck was yanked back. His captor’s mouth came down by his ear so that hot breath steamed his fur.

“Remember me?” the figure snarled as his grip on Razor’s throat tightened.

Razor’s eyes grew wide in realization, but they immediately narrowed hatefully as he struggled to free himself.

T-Bone tore his gaze away from Razor and his double and looked up at the Dark T-Bone that was smirking in triumph.

“I was kind of hoping that you’d be more of a challenge,” he snarled with a malicious leer on his face as he stepped closer to his good alternate.

T-Bone bared his teeth as he grabbed a hold of the steel cable with his injured arm and aimed his glovatrix at the cable and fired a slicer missile, severing the cable easily. The Dark T-Bone was momentarily distracted by the recoiling cable, giving T-Bone enough time to jump onto his feet defensively. “You’re going to pay for that,” he hissed as he blocked out the excruciating pain of his shoulder. Luckily, it pierced through the flesh and muscle in his shoulder, missing his heart, major arteries, and bones, so he was still able to move his left arm.

Razor went to flip his dark alternate over his shoulder; however, his move was knowingly anticipated. Dark Razor leaned back with his full weight while swiping his leg and buckling Razor’s legs, making him hit his head on the workbench before falling hard onto his face. Pain exploded throughout Razor’s skull as his vision turned blood red and swam before him

He heard his darker self chuckle scathingly as he walked up alongside of him, thinking that he was too dizzy to see straight. Razor lashed out at Dark Razor’s legs and pulled with all of his might, making his other fall flat on his back and knocking the air from his lungs. Razor jumped up onto his feet and aimed his glovatrix at the back of Dark T-Bone who was preparing to throw a bone crushing punch at T-Bone. Before he knew it, Dark T-Bone found himself lying bound on the floor.

“Let’s get out of here!” Razor yelled, motioning towards the Turbokat. They both sprinted towards the Turbokat and jumped in. T-Bone turned on the Turbokat with no hesitation and brought her back around towards the exit. The Turbokat leaped forward at T-Bone’s command and shot down the tunnel, leaving behind the hangar. Razor looked back behind them and saw Dark Razor standing there, watching them flee with seething, glowing red eyes and a devious smirk on his face.

“Razor, what the hell!” T-Bone hissed as he tried to put everything in place.

“I don’t know, T-Bone; I don’t know,” Razor moaned as he put his head in his hands and leaned forward in his seat.

The Turbokat shuddered violently, reminding them of the damage. “Crud,” T-Bone growled. “Where do we go now?!”

Razor breathed in deeply, trying to get rid of his piercing headache. “Let’s go to the emergency hangar.”

“It’s not even finished, Razor. We haven’t worked on it for over 6 months at least.”

“Yes, but it’s a place to park the Turbokat. I think we might have some extra tools and parts stored there. We need to look at your shoulder anyway.”

T-Bone nodded as he brought the Turbokat around to the coordinates of their second hangar. The adrenaline was beginning to wear off, and the sickening pain was coming back with full force.

Razor continued to breathe in deeply as he rested his pounding head in his paws. His head injury along with what they just faced was starting to make him nauseated. “They’re supposed to be dead T-Bone, their jet exploded with them inside!” he muttered out loud with lingering disbelief.

T-Bone just shook his head, unable to think of anything to say. 15 minutes passed by slowly as they flew over the vast mountain range thickly carpeted by huge spruce and birch trees, allowing reality to painfully sink in. T-Bone raised his good arm and pressed in a 6 digit code in the access bar that appeared on the screen as they descended closer to the treetops and turned sharply at the cliffs sharp decline into a raging river. A huge waterfall now lay before them and close to the top of it emerged two tall, thick aluminum doors that opened out while pushing the surging waterfall apart into two separate smaller sheets that ran along the sides of the glistening silver doors, allowing a clear entrance into the secret hanger.

The polished stone floors of the hangar lit up brilliantly into precisely marked lines and arrows, helping T-Bone to guide the Turbokat into the cave. Once in, the massive doors started to close, and the waterfall started to fall back into its original descent. Seconds later, no one would have guessed that a massive hangar lay behind the roaring falling waters of the massive waterfall.

Feral was walking up to his office with a thick file clenched firmly in his paw when the sound of someone running interrupted the steady rhythm of his footsteps. Feral stopped and looked back; surprised to see that it was Felina who was running towards him. “What is it, Lieutenant?” he asked gruffly, presuming her reply to be harsh and scolding in nature. His cold expression, however, slowly melted once he saw the fear that was clearly evident in her eyes.

“Sir,” she breathed laboriously. “The salvage yard… it’s…”

Feral raised his eyebrow as he placed a comforting paw on her shaking shoulder. “What’s going on, Felina?” he asked quietly as he looked at her with concern.

“The salvage yard….” she repeated shakily. “It’s on fire.”

P.S. Sorry for the cliffhanger, guys, but it fit in so nicely. ?

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