Original SWAT Kats Story

Jaded Reflections

By Etherweil

  • 16 Chapters
  • 47,174 Words

Follows “The Kat’s Eye Amulet”. The Swat Kats, who are already aware that everyone has a dark side, undergo an adventure of self-discovery and deep reflection as their lives take an unsuspected turn. A dark evil is unleashed in MKC that takes the Swat Kats by surprise, and doubt surfaces. (Story Complete Aside from Epilogue)

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Author's Notes:

Dear readers,

I apologize for my absence. Unforeseen occurrences interrupted my writing schedule once again. But, we are close to the end. Only a few chapters remain until this story is finally completed. I refuse to leave this story unfinished.

I literally just wrote this chapter and skimmed through it myself to catch any grievous errors, and I do not doubt that there are plenty more that have escaped my attention. But, I was anxious to upload this chapter for those who have patiently waited on me.

I hope it does not disappoint. Chapter 16 is in the works and will be updated as soon as I can get to it.

Thank you again, and I hope you all enjoy! Please let me know what you think. I have always struggled with action scenes D:


Chapter 15


Dark Callie sat brooding on her cot while glaring at the bars that surrounded her. This was a setback to be sure. She had been counting on the fact that these Swat Kats were as ignorant as the ones from her dimension. NOPE! It wasn’t very often that she was proved wrong, and, in this instance, it really made her ego throb.

Those numbskulls better get me out of here by noon!‘ she huffed in righteous indignation as she fought to get more comfortable on the sad excuse of a cot.

At that precise moment, Enforcer Headquarters shook and groaned as a missile slammed into one of its middle floors. Alarms blared as pandemonium took hold of the atmosphere throughout.

Her discomfort and smarting ego forgotten, Callie stood at her cell door with a deadly yet award winning smile parting her lips. ”Oh how I adore surprises,” she purred.


Feral fought to conceal his dismay as he watched the Turbokat circle his Headquarters like a bird of prey. ”I was hoping that they wouldn’t come for her so quickly,” he grumbled to Felina.

Felina was already dialing Chance’s number on her phone. “If only we were so lucky,” was her exasperated reply as she walked briskly to her office. She shut the door behind her as the phone rang on the other end.

“What’s up, Babe?” Chance answered gruffly.

“They’ve graced us with their presence,” came her irritable reply as she watched the Turbokat thunder past her window.

“We are on our way! Do whatever you can to hold them off.”

“Yes, yes, of course we will…. Wait, Chance!?” Felina fought to keep her anxiety hidden.

“I’m still here, Babe,” came his assuring reply.

“Show them who runs these mean skies.” She smiled achingly; in that moment losing herself in the sound of him breathing before adding, “I love you.”

Now wearing the mask of his alias, he stopped before the Turbokat as Razor jumped up into the cockpit. “I love you too, Beautiful. Everything is going to be just fine.”

Felina closed her eyes and leaned her head against the wall as she felt the building tremor; another missile had found its mark multiple floors under her. “I hate that word FINE.” she mumbled.

“Stay safe.” T-Bone fought to keep his voice steady as he hung up the phone. He then jumped up into his seat and proceeded to bring the Turbokat to life.

“Lets do this,” Razor growled in determination as the cockpit slid shut.

“Time to kick some tail!” T-Bone matched his partner’s fierceness as he quickly guided the Turbokat into the open air.


Dark T-Bone grinned maliciously as his partner fired another missile into Enforcer Headquarters. Suffocating black smoke poured from the gaping wounds of the structure, further adding to the horror gripping hold of downtown Megakat City.

“Savor this moment, Partner,” he purred as he took in the scene that unfolded before them.

“We don’t have time for this,” Razor shot back, trying to keep his tone as emotionless as possible. For the first time in a long time, guilt started to devour him from the inside. “I’m taking the cyclotron to get Ms. Briggs.”

“Be quick about it. We need to blow those goody two shoes out of the sky once they get here,” T-Bone barked. “Knowing them they should be here any minute.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Razor growled under his breath as he prepared the cyclotron. It roared to life as he sliced through the air, landing perfectly on the street and speeding off towards the crippled building. Suddenly, a scrambler missile struck the cyclotron, killing the engine upon impact as Dark Razor was thrown to the pavement with a sickening thud. Stars exploded in his vision as he saw another Turbokat cut through the smoke above him.

Dark T-Bone laughed manically into his headset, “Finally some retaliation! I was getting tired of waiting around!”

“Be careful of what you wish for, you worthless piece of crud,” T-Bone spat venomously as his quarry came into sight.

Dark Razor grimaced in pain as picked himself up off the sidewalk. He looked up in front of him to see his double park his cyclotron and approach with his demeanor nothing short of lethal. If he didn’t know any better, it was as if some darkness had enveloped his better self. There was no longer just light shining through his slitted eyes. It unsettled him that he felt as if he was looking into a mirror.

“Where is she?” Razor growled menacingly as his glovatrix arm clenched in preparation.

The two Turbokats roared through the air as the two pilots engaged each other in a deadly fight. Everyone who was running for their lives through the streets flinched at the deafening noise; except for the identical Swat Kats that stared each other down, unflinching; unmoving.

“WHERE. IS. SHE!?” Razor roared through the panic that rent the air around them.

Dark Razor cursed under his breath. He couldn’t give himself away yet, not while his partner could hear him over his headset. He also recognized the anger his double now possessed; clearly, there would not be any reasoning in this altercation. He straightened his back and stood in a ready stance, waiting for his seething alternate to make his move. He only hoped that Callie would not disappoint him by not showing up in time.


“Are you getting this, Johnny?!” Ann Gora yelled over the panic as her paws shook nervously. She had witnessed many crazy villains and their attempts to take out the city, but this was on a whole different level. Watching the two Razors stare each other down downright scared her.

Johnny caught the last glimpse of the Turbokats speeding off, weaving in and out skillfully through the buildings before he brought back the camera to where Razor and his alternate were staring each other down challengingly.

“This is unbelievable,” he muttered under his breath as he nodded to Ann.

She clenched the microphone tightly as she looked into the camera. “This is Ann Gora from Kats Eye News coming to you live from downtown MegaKat City. All katizens have been asked to evacuate all downtown and midtown locations. Commander Feral has just informed us that our beloved Swat Kats are not responsible for today’s attack or the attacks this past week. As you can see from the footage we have been capturing, there are two teams of Swat Kats currently battling for control. Let us hope that our Swat Kats, the ones who have kept us all safe from the claws of villainy for the past years, emerge triumphant. Swat Kats, we stand behind you united as a city and our hearts are with you.”


It was awe-inspiring and yet frightening to watch the two Razors engage one another in combat. At certain moments, it was graceful, as if they had rehearsed every move. But, it always ended with a crushing blow, an anticipated retaliation delivered with an incensed power that would have made any other kat succumb in pain and fear. Yet, neither one backed down.

It was difficult for any onlooker to tell which one would emerge triumphant; but Dark Razor knew. From the very first blow he suffered to the chest, he was stunned by his alternate’s drastic change. He rolled quickly onto his back and jumped to his feet, pushing aside the aching pain residing in his chest from where Razor had made contact with his foot. He felt a familiar rage bubble to the surface as he charged and made contact with Razor’s chest as well.

His smirk soon disappeared as he watched his good alternate lean back as he flew through the air, and, in seeming slow motion, his arms braced themselves for contact. His paws pushed him skillfully off the top of his cyclotron, allowing him to flip and land skillfully on his feet. His muscles tensed in anger as he launched himself towards Dark Razor, managing to grab his foe’s glovatrix arm and force it up as a mini megaton missile was fired, destroying the street lamp above them instead.

Dark Razor growled as he forced his alternate to flip over him in an attempt to slam him to the ground. But, Razor had other plans. He let himself to be pulled forward, but his feet made contact with the ground first, allowing him to push himself up with tremendous force and kick Dark Razor solid in the stomach.

He flew onto the concrete steps behind him, landing on his back as the air from his lungs was forced out from the impact. He wheezed as he jumped up to avoid the octopus missile that embedded itself into the spot he had fallen only seconds before.


T-Bone cursed at his own stupidity as he fought to shake his alternate off of his tail. “You just had to fall for that, you idiot! How many times have you used that maneuver yourself?!” he seethed to himself as he banked off a skyscraper to get rid of the missile that had been fired at him. His dark alternate equivalently met every ploy he enacted, and it was infuriating to find that he was grasping at straws.

“How the hell do I beat myself?!” he gritted as he evaded more fire.


“Uncle…” Felina scarcely whispered, burdened with an almost paralyzing fear as they watched the two Turbokats fight viciously. They had all agreed the night before that they had to do something to make their Turbokat stand out from their alternate’s copycat paint job. They decided to paint it entirely black, and it was evident that the black Turbokat was struggling to stay ahead just by a mere step.

Feral lowered the binoculars from his eyes and looked at his niece. He knew why she was afraid. It was clearly evident that this dark T-Bone was probably the only adversary that could take T-Bone out of the sky permanently as long as he fought back like this.

Felina swallowed as she fought to keep a cool head. “How can he beat himself? That’s what he’s practically doing, is fighting against himself!”

It was her words that gave him the epiphany. Yeah, sure, they were their dark alternates, the darkest possible versions of themselves. He couldn’t believe he didn’t think of it before. The solution had been in front of him the entire time, practically begging to be recognized.

“No, he is fighting the weaker version of himself,” came his confident reply.

Felina looked at him in surprise, not sure how to reply as she watched him pick up the headset Razor had given him the night before. “T-Bone, I need you to listen to me,” he commanded into his mouthpiece, his eyes not once losing sight of the black Turbokat stealthily weaving in and out between buildings.

T-Bone only managed to blink in surprise as he heard Feral’s come through his earpiece.

“Kinda busy here, Feral,” he grunted as he tried to out-maneuver dark T-Bone, only to be met with equal resistance.

“You can’t beat him fighting like this!” Feral urged.

“Oh yeah?! Tell me, Feral, how is it that I’m supposed to outwit MYSELF?!”

Feral’s frown deepened at the desperation he heard in T-Bone’s voice. He took a deep breath and exhaled, knowing what had to be done to reach the struggling pilot.

“Chance, do you remember your first time flying up against McQueen during training?”

T-Bone was stunned, hearing the Commander use his first name with civility and, was that, a slight fondness? “Y-Yes.”

“You were struggling with yourself. You kept overthinking it, over correcting, second guessing yourself, not trusting yourself because you had in your head he was better than you.”

“HE WAS better than me. He was my idol,” T-Bone corrected curtly as he drastically plummeted towards the ground and then again sharply pulling up to evade another missile. He looked back to still see that his alternate was right on his tail. He could literally see the dark smirk on dark T-Bone’s face, picturing the vengeance and bloodlust glowing in his dim eyes.

“No, Chance, you’re wrong. He wasn’t better than you; you just allowed yourself to believe that. You are the most brilliantly gifted pilot we have ever had come through that program. We all knew that from the very first test flight. But, you couldn’t see it; you limited yourself because of the uncertainty. You were afraid to trust yourself, and you masked it with that cocky, hotheaded front that to this day drives everyone mad! You think you are no better than that hothead behind you? You think you are fighting yourself? Do you loathe yourself that much to put yourself on that miniscule level he is stuck on? He isn’t you, Chance! He is only an example of what you could have been if you had let yourself give in to hate, anger and vengeance. You chose a different path. You chose honor, and goodness, and love. Instead of being the kat that you are letting best you, he should only be a reminder of what you are not. He is not you; he is the exact opposite, and you are better than him in every aspect. You chose to not be him; instead, you became the very thing you dreamt you could be from the very beginning. And, it has been an honor to watch you reach your full potential. What I did to you and Jake was the most unforgiving thing a commander could ever do to any of his fighters, but you had the strength to forgive me. You are not a hotheaded bully driven by hate; you are a hero with a god given talent to protect these skies.”

Felina couldn’t stop her tears of amazement and gratitude from flowing down her cheeks as she smiled at her Uncle.

T-Bone felt his very soul swell and his heart unburdened as Feral’s words sunk in.

Feral took a deep breath and let a smirk play at the corner of his mouth. “Now, do what you do best and kick that sorry excuse of a pilot out of our airspace!”

T-Bone felt himself relax as his confidence returned to him. He readjusted his grip on his beloved jet’s controls and felt a power surge through him that he had never had the joy of feeling before. “Yes, Sir.” He grinned. He gave in fully to the instincts he had bridled for so long. It was liberating to just fly the Turbokat, to embrace her amazing capabilities that he and Jake designed her with. When he looked back at his quarry, he immediately knew what would take him aback. It was a maneuver he had always dreamed of trying, but never had the confidence of attempting. Hell, if Commander Feral believed in his ability then why the hell not?!

He surrendered and let his instincts take hold. He pushed the Turbokat forward, as if inviting his quarry to chase. Dark T-Bone took the bait and surged forward, eager to pursue. And, that is just what T-Bone needed him to do. Without hesitation, he pulled back on the joystick, commanding the Turbokat to veer up towards the glorious blue sky. She complied beautifully and cut through the air effortlessly as her glossy black belly reflected the clouds above them; she had become perfectly parallel to the sky, giving T-Bone the ability to look directly down and savor the look of complete horror and shock that crossed dark T-Bone’s color drained face.

Time had seemed to stand still precisely at that glorious moment. People from the streets looked up in awe. Johnny zoomed in to capture the moment while Ann’s jaw went slack, rendering her speechless. The brilliant glint from the Turbokat’s reflective belly momentarily distracted the dueling Razor’s, who both looked up to witness T-Bone’s moment of clarity.

The grin that dominated Feral’s face was only rivaled by Felina’s as she threw herself into her Uncle for a hug.

“DID YOU SEE THAT?!” she exclaimed, her voice full of joy and pride as she watched the love of her life turn the tables.

T-Bone was now behind his alternate and wasted no time in taking aim to cripple his jet. “Time to cut you down to size!” he taunted playfully into his mouthpiece as he fired a slicer missile to trim the jet’s wings to an inadequate size for flight.

“NNOOOO!” Dark T-Bone roared as his jet plummeted towards the ground below him.

T-Bone watched triumphantly as Dark T-Bone crash landed onto the asphalt street below him. Dark T-Bone’s jet was drastically damaged but still intact, staggered on its side and smoking in defeat.

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