Original SWAT Kats Story

Jaded Reflections

By Etherweil

  • 16 Chapters
  • 47,174 Words

Follows “The Kat’s Eye Amulet”. The Swat Kats, who are already aware that everyone has a dark side, undergo an adventure of self-discovery and deep reflection as their lives take an unsuspected turn. A dark evil is unleashed in MKC that takes the Swat Kats by surprise, and doubt surfaces. (Story Complete Aside from Epilogue)

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Author's Notes:

Hello Dear Readers and Fellow SK FanWriters:

I just want to apologize about my absence. I’ve been extremely sick and have been making repeated hospital/doctor visits since May because of a serious staph infection in my ankle and then because of mono, which turned strangely into a case of swine flu. I’ve also just recently been in a incident that totaled my truck. Was not my fault, but I am the one without the vehicle and am now waiting for the insurance company to put forth the money to fix it. Ugh. Not been a good summer. I’ve had to sadly put my writing on the backburner, which is something I never like to do, since it is my passion and hopefully my future career.

However, here is chapter 13. It is a little short, and I do apologize. I’m working on getting my head back into the story, so it may take a week or two before I have chapter 14 posted. But, it shall be posted, and this story will be finished… hopefully by the end of this year. *Gawd, it’s nearly October already!!* I just want to give Ulyferal a special thanks for beta reading this chapter and for her encouraging insight. Also to my readers/reviewers. You are the ones who motivate me to get this puppy finished. Hope this small bit does not disappoint. ?

Happy reading, and until the next update


Chapter 13

Time to Fight Back

Seeing Callie gagged and tied up on the couch was the last thing T-Bone had expected to see when he got back to the house. He looked at an obviously irate Callie with a hesitant wariness, his eyebrow raised as he slowly walked into the living room.

“Uh, Jake? What the hell is going on?”

Jake quickly appeared out of the kitchen with Callie’s pink Coach purse clutched in one paw, his expression just as irate as Callie’s.

T-Bone’s nose wrinkled in uncertainty at the rather overwrought atmosphere of the room. “Ok, I know you are stressed out, but if you guys had an argument, I think tying her up and gagging her is hardly the right solution…”

T-Bone stopped mid-sentence, flinching in alarm as Jake roughly threw the purse down on the coffee table, making its contents explode onto the table and floor. He had never seen Jake this mad before. “Jake…”

“She’s the Callie from the other dimension,” Jake growled as he rummaged through the purse’s scattered contents and picked up a small bottle of clear liquid that was probably the same substance as in the syringe.

T-Bone stared at Jake in surprise, and then narrowed his eyes as he glanced in Callie’s direction. “No way.”

“Yeah… way! Right after you guys left she tried to drug me with this.” Jake held up the syringe and rolled it back and forth between his fingers.

Just then, Feral and Felina walked into the room but paused when they saw Callie, who didn’t hesitate to glare at them as well.

“Dare I ask what the situation is now?” Feral asked as he looked over them.

“We forgot to mention in our alternate dimension story that there was a corrupt Callie as well, and here she is. Apparently, our alternates have our Callie because they switched them out earlier today during the attack,” Jake explained, bitterly.

Feral scowled. “Great. I just knew things were going to get worse before they got better…” He growled as he glanced over at Callie again and gave her a disapproving frown.

T-Bone sighed wearily as he took off his helmet and sat down on the far end of the couch Callie was tied up on.

She glared at him reproachfully as a low growl emitted from her gagged mouth.

T-Bone looked over at her, mildly amused. “What? You’re in no position to growl at me, missy.”

“She’s also been texting our alternates this whole time,” Jake continued while he put down the syringe and picked up the Blackberry. “She sent, to some prepaid cell, that the original plan was out because we obviously didn’t rebel against you,” he gestured at Feral with the paw that held the phone, “…. and so, they are now changing their strategy to a plan B.”

“Then why don’t we just ask her what this plan B is?” Felina countered, her paws set firmly on her hips, glaring at the alternate she-kat.

“What makes you think she knows what those two are planning?” T-Bone asked, looking at the blonde next to him doubtfully. “She probably couldn’t care less.”

“No offense, but I seriously doubt your alternates are even capable of running their operation,” Feral said, giving Jake and T-Bone a pointed look, “…. because it seems to me they are either too busy bickering between themselves or are hell bent on getting revenge.”

They both shrugged. “None taken.”

T-Bone sighed as he leaned back into the couch.

“Now that you mention it, I don’t think the Pastmaster would be able to control them himself. She probably is the real mastermind behind all of this,” Jake growled.

“Exactly why we should try to get some information out of her,” Felina interjected as she walked over to the couch, bent down and removed Callie’s gag.

Callie hissed the moment her mouth was free. “Bite me,” she spat. “I’m not going to tell you anything.”

“Oh, so feisty!” T-Bone cooed, mockingly. “Give it up, blondie, or we’ll dump you in the inlet tied to a chair.”

Callie laughed. “Don’t threaten me with something you won’t do. You two are nothing but a pair of sissies.”

Before anyone could speak, Jake was suddenly standing before Callie and leaning down, staring her face to face with his paws resting on the couch on both sides of her shoulders. “You seem to forget that even though they’re from a different dimension, we are the exact same individuals as our alternates, so, you’d better tell us where my Callie is being held and what ‘plan B’ is before I reach the breaking point ‘he’ did.” His voice was deadly cold.

T-Bone and Felina’s eyes both widened while Feral’s eyes narrowed in slight worry.

The corner of Callie’s mouth curled up into a daring smile. “Go ahead,” she breathed, “I’ve got nothing to lose, just like you.”

Jake’s jaw clenched, and his eyes seemed to burst into fierce ocher flames. Both T-Bone and Feral noticed his paws tighten into the couch’s fabric, signaling that maybe it was a good time to interfere.

“Hey, buddy, calm down. We’ll find Callie on our own; we don’t need her help, man,” T-Bone stated calmly while sitting up and reaching over to put a paw on his friend’s shoulder comfortingly.

Jake didn’t move for a moment as he and Callie glared challengingly into each other’s eyes. Jake didn’t blink once as he slowly stood, the intensity of his anger not cooling down in the least from his eyes or body language.

Felina stepped forward and picked the cellphone up off the table. “Ignore her, Jake, she’s just toying with you.” She shot Callie a dirty look.“Instead of prying her for information, lets just call their bluff.”

“Call their bluff?” Jake snorted hotly.

“Yes,” she replied patiently. “We let them know we have their Callie; put this whole game into a check.”

“Nice.” T-Bone nodded, grinning. “But, you got to let one of us do the talking. It won’t be as affective if either one of you did it instead.” He motioned his paw from Felina over to Feral.

“True, that is why you will do the talking,” Feral stated firmly. “Letting Jake talk to them might give us a reaction we wouldn’t want.”

“Why do you say that?” Jake crossed his arms over his chest, indignant.

“For obvious reasons,” he shot back, however not harshly. “They’ve found your weakness, and it’s best that they don’t know of it.”

Jake blinked, surprised, then sighed in resignation. “Sorry, you’re right.”

Feral shrugged. “It’s fine; we all will have to keep our heads cool and collected, or we could make a mistake that we won’t be able to recover from.”

“I don’t doubt that.” T-bone sighed as he stood up and held out his paw for the cell phone. “Let’s do this.”

As Felina handed the cell phone over to him, Feral looked over at a scowling Callie distrustfully. “Let’s gag her again so that she won’t yell out anything.”

“My pleasure,” Felina purred as she grabbed the cloth and tied it around Callie’s mouth. Callie growled furiously as she shook her head and fought against Felina and her bonds, but in the end, her outrage was muffled and her captors ignored her.

The number was selected on the screen, and T-Bone took a deep breath. “Okay, here goes nothing.” He pressed the dial button and put the phone on speaker.

~Back at the Unknown hangar~

Dark T-Bone was still seething from the disagreement he and Razor had had earlier. He was sitting on a crate, watching Razor work on one of the gadgets that he had labeled as the dimensional radar. ‘He’s such an idiot,’ he thought to himself. However, his thoughts were interrupted when the cell phone that he had placed on the center table started to ring demandingly.

Razor looked up from his project as T-Bone got up and walked over to it. “Looks like we’re going to go pick up your alternate, finally.” He smirked as he picked up the phone and answered it. “Bout time you called; we were starting to think you got too carried away with the seducing part.”

“Awh, I don’t know about you, Nancy boy, but I don’t get down like that.” T-Bone smirked on the other line, obviously pleased with his witty comeback.

Jake and Felina looked at each other and smiled while Feral rolled his eyes, although he was secretly amused as well.

Dark Razor watched as the big tabby’s sneering expression turned into one of displeased shock. He placed the tool in his paw onto the table quietly and approached the table, though still keeping a safe distance from his partner.

T-Bone recovered quickly from the shock and smiled sadistically. “Finally, we’re getting some fight outta you guys; I was starting to get bored.”

“We know what you’re planning, so you’d better give it up. We’ve got your Callie and the Pastmaster is gone.”

Dark T-Bone snorted. “Oh, is that so? Well then, in that case…”

His deep voice dripped with a lazy sarcasm that made Jake grit his teeth. He didn’t like how Dark T-Bone wasn’t troubled at the turn of events.

“You’re outnumbered and out powered.” T-Bone fought to keep his tone calm and even.

“By who? Let me guess, you and Tweedle Dummer with Sergeant Pepper and his pathetic marching band of Enforcers? Ooooh, we’re so scared.”

“We’ll blow your tails out of the sky just like we did last time, except it won’t end with you two walking away from it.”

Dark T-Bone laughed heartily. “Alright, I gotcha, tough guy. We’ll just see which pair of Swat Kats is left in the air by this time tomorrow.”

Back at Callie’s house, they all stared at the cell phone as the words ‘Call Ended’ flashed on the screen.

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