Original SWAT Kats Story

Jaded Reflections

By Etherweil

  • 16 Chapters
  • 47,174 Words

Follows “The Kat’s Eye Amulet”. The Swat Kats, who are already aware that everyone has a dark side, undergo an adventure of self-discovery and deep reflection as their lives take an unsuspected turn. A dark evil is unleashed in MKC that takes the Swat Kats by surprise, and doubt surfaces. (Story Complete Aside from Epilogue)

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Note: Hello, Everyone! OMG, it’s been so long since I’ve updated. I am so sorry. I’ve recently went off for college and I am now living in another state (I just moved last month), so that took a lot of time away from me working on this. However, I just got caught up in all of my homework and I whipped out this chapter today. Chapter 11 is already on its way; hopefully, I’ll have it posted by the end of this week. For a while there I had major issues with a terrible case of writer’s block, but a recent spell of inspiration persuaded me to get this chapter done. Hopefully, this story won’t be much longer in the stage of completion; it’s taken too long already to be finished. I already have another fic planned after this one, so I’m excited to move on to something new. Until then, I hope you all find this enjoyable.

Thank you all for your patience!


Chapter 10

A Dark Secret Revealed

Callie could envision her task list as she walked briskly down the main hallway back to her office. She had just returned some paperwork to the mayor’s desk and was preparing herself for the next task at hand. The windows facing the main street on her right were open, allowing the sounds of the city to mingle with ringing phones and chatter of the office.

As she continued walking, what sounded like a collected gasp from thousands of katizens caught Callie’s attention, making her stop in her tracks. She slowly turned towards the window and approached it as the sound of incoherent gasps grew louder and more anxious. It was then that Callie heard the distant rumble accompanied by frantic shrieks and screams. She looked down upon the street to see some people pointing down the street while others started to run in the opposite direction.

Callie leaned against the window ledge and leaned out to look in the direction of the apparent concern. Her eyes grew wide with fear when she saw the unmistakable sleek red and black body of a jet rapidly approaching City Hall, while, much to her horror, firing missiles into every other building on the way. She quickly ducked away from the window and dashed down the hallway towards the 6th story lobby.

“Everyone get away from the windows! Get under your desks!” she managed to scream before the entire building violently shuddered, and the earsplitting sound of shattering glass and a passing jet deafened everyone.

Soon, the sound of wailing sirens rent the air as the enforcers hastened to city hall.


Jake stepped back to look over the new sections of the heat shield he had just finished installing. He sighed wearily as he finally accepted the job as being good enough and turned away from the jet. Their flat-screen TV was still on and currently on the news where Ann Gora surveyed the damage of downtown Mega Kat City in shock. Jake was putting away his tools when he caught the faint, urgent voice of Ann Gora, making him stop to look up at the TV. The chaos being showed on live television made Jake’s heart skip a beat.

“No, not so soon!” Jake moaned as he grabbed the remote to turn up the volume so that Ann Gora’s panicked voice flooded his ears. “…the Swat Kats just attacked downtown Mega Kat city and City Hall. Commander Feral has just issued an emergency evacuation of downtown…”

Ann’s voice gradually faded into a low, incoherent hum that filled Jake’s ears, blocking out any other sound as he stood there in shock as the news chopper flew over the damaged part of downtown. The sight of burning and smoking buildings, fleeing katizens and roads crammed with unmoving cars filled his vision. It was only when Jake felt someone gently shaking his shoulder that he came back to reality with Ann’s voice nearly deafening him. Chance grabbed the remote from Jake’s paw and turned down the volume.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize I turned it up that loud,” Jake muttered, still staring at the TV screen.

Chance shook his head. “We need to get down there. And, when I say ‘we’ I mean ‘we’ as in team because I’m not letting you go by yourself.”

Jake looked at Chance with a determined look in his eyes. “I know,” he stated as he walked over to a pair of lockers close to the TurboKat. Jake opened one and pulled out a new flight suit and mask before turning back to Chance. “Let’s go kick their tails out of our city.”

Back at City Hall…

“This isn’t good, uncle,” Felina whispered to a frowning Feral.

Feral just grunted as he looked past the fleeing katizens to City Hall. Among the last to come running out of City Hall was a hysterical Mayor Manx.

“Hallllppp!” he wheezed as he stumbled down the steps, nearly running into Feral.

“Mayor, compose yourself.” Feral couldn’t help but growl as he put his giant paws on Manx’s quaking shoulders. Manx whimpered as he looked around at the smoking buildings. Feral gently shook him, bringing the overwhelmed elderly kat back to his senses. “Mayor, where is Miss Briggs?”

Manx shook his head at the memory. “She’s still inside. She told meh ta go ahead… that… that she would get the papahs.”

“Alright, thank you, Mayor. Now if you’ll go with my men…”

“Have the Swat Kats made any demands yet?” Manx sobbed, looking directly at Feral.

Feral blinked in surprise, but quickly recovered. “No, Mayor, not yet. But, everything is under control, I assure you.”

Manx groaned and closed his eyes. “Thay’re going ta destroy mah citah,” he whimpered while he quickly shuffled off towards the squad car Feral had directed him to.

Feral looked at Felina, who was looking at him with resentment in her eyes. “We have to stop them, uncle,” her voice trembled barely above a whisper, “before the whole morale of the city is destroyed.”

Feral nodded. “We will, you can be sure of that,” Feral growled as he motioned his team to approach him so that they could prepare to enter City Hall.

Meanwhile, inside City Hall…

The heavy office door came flying open and slammed against the wall, allowing Callie to enter. She ran up to her desk, yanked open the bottom drawer to get her purse while, at the same time, grabbing the thick file lying on her desk. Just as quickly as she entered, she ran back out to the hallway without even bothering to shut or lock her door.

Walking briskly down the hallway, she tried to keep herself calm and collected. It’s all going to be fine, she told herself repeatedly, trying to ignore the eerie shadows that lingered on the walls around her. They’re just trying to scare… her thoughts were shattered when the sound of footsteps approached from behind her.

Callie stopped abruptly, her heart hammering violently in her chest as she heard the footsteps stop as well. Her eyes slowly glanced over to her right and then to her left as she listened to the deafening silence that hung thick and suffocating around her. She quickly turned around, only to see an empty hallway occupied by shadows. You’re letting this all get to you… she scolded herself as she turned back and continued down the hallway. Almost half way down the hall, the footsteps once again stalked her, making the breath in her chest catch in her throat as her heart briefly stopped beating. Taking in a deep breath to calm herself, she quickened her pace while trying to contain the sheer panic that was struggling to be released.

As she neared the doorway to the lobby, she tucked the file under her arm tightly before breaking into a run and into the false security of the dark lobby. Callie ran over to a desk nearest to the wall and jumped underneath it, concealing herself with the shadows it created. Closing her eyes while leaning her head back against desk, she listened to the quickly approaching footsteps. As they grew louder, Callie opened her eyes and listened closely, noticing that the footsteps had a distinct, sharp sound to them, as if her pursuer was wearing heels. Callie’s eyes narrowed as the approaching heels grew louder, bouncing off the walls and crashing down around her, mingling with the steady throb of her heart. And then, they suddenly stopped, as if their owner had paused at the doorway of the lobby, waiting. The distinct footsteps continued to echo eerily throughout the room until they vanished into the dusty air, sending the room into an absolute stillness.

Callie’s grip on her purse tightened as she listened intently, waiting for the silence to be broken by any movement from her mysterious pursuer.


Callie licked her dry lips and swallowed, trying to alleviate her throat from some of its dryness as she looked across the dusky room towards the stairwell that would grant her escape. Callie briefly closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm her heart as she made up her mind about her next move. Before she could give herself the time to second-guess her plan of desperation, she jumped up from her hiding place and made a mad dash for the stairwell.

She reached out her paw towards the door-handle that was only inches away, but was grabbed by her arm and viciously pulled back and thrown onto the floor. Callie hit the ground, hard, landing directly on her back, resulting in the air being knocked out of her lungs. Dazed and hurting, Callie looked up at her attacker only to be shocked with who she saw standing before her.

“Why?” she heard herself sob as she trembled at his feet, but before he could answer her, she heard the footsteps approach from behind.

She slowly turned her head to look at her pursuer only to have her eyes that were already filled with unshed tears grow wide.

“No,” she sobbed again. “Please don’t do this….”

Moments later…

The stairway door was kicked open by Feral, while Felina and the rest of the team stood by with their blasters at ready.

“Clear,” Felina confirmed before stepping foot into the lobby, with Feral and the rest of the team following after her. The room before them lay in complete darkness, save for the dim golden squares of light emitted through the shades that were pulled down over the shattered windows. Small beams of light from the enforcers’ flashlights pierced through the darkness to reveal jagged glass shards and papers scattered all over the floor in silent chaos.

“Strange,” Feral muttered to himself as he studied the covered windows. “Why are the window shades down?”

Felina slowly walked in further, the sound of glass and paper crunching underneath her boots. Feral stood there for a moment as the team slowly advanced ahead of him. The hairs on the back of Feral’s neck swiftly rose when the sound of the stairwell door behind him creaked.

“Stop!” Feral hissed ahead to his team, but it was too late. The silence of the room was broken by the sound of the heavy metal door slamming shut. Silence came upon them just as fast as it had been interrupted, only the sound of their heaving breathing could be heard.

“Someone else is in here,” Feral heard one of his men whisper before the deafening sound of a blaster going off repeatedly erupted around him as small flashes of light pierced the darkness. Feral cursed to himself as he heard the unmistakable sounds of a struggle along with the misfire of his team’s blasters break out into utter unseen chaos. Before Feral could take any action, something hard came crashing onto the back of his head, allowing the darkness around him to be complete.

Several minutes later…

Razor and T-Bone both landed into a defensive crouch on the City Hall rooftop and listened to their surroundings intently. Only to slowly stand up once they were positive that no one had detected them.

“I don’t like being so far away from the jet,” T-Bone growled as they walked toward the stairway door.

“We didn’t have a choice,” Razor sighed. “Downtown is too closely watched, and we couldn’t land here without raising a lot of hell with the enforcers.”

“Geez, I knew that… it doesn’t mean that I have to like the situation.”

“And, you think I do?” Razor hissed as he and T-Bone hid alongside the wall of the stairwell entrance. Razor looked down at the screen on his glovatrix to see Callie’s signal still blinking.

“It’s weird that she just turned on her alarm,” T-Bone stated quietly, still a little suspicious that Callie didn’t answer them back when they had tried to contact her.

“She’s probably in a situation where she can’t talk. Her signal is coming from the central conference room on the 12th floor,” Razor replied stiffly as he stepped forward and opened the stairwell, glovatrix raised, making sure that the stairwell was cleared.

Motioning for T-Bone to follow after him, they both moved in and shut the heavy door quietly behind them. After activating their night vision, they proceed cautiously down the darkened stairwell until they reached the 12th story. Razor motioned for T-Bone to get behind him before he slowly opened the door leading into the lobby. The room before them lay silent and still as they entered, glovatrix’s raised in expectation of company.

“It’s too quiet in here, and I don’t like that,” T-Bone growled as he looked about him with unease. Without even acknowledging T-Bone’s comment, Razor advanced down the hallway towards the conference room. T-Bone cursed silently to himself as he followed after his determined partner.

Nearing the conference room, Razor’s paw shot up, signaling T-Bone to stop. The double doors to the conference room before them were slightly cracked, with no visible light coming from within the room. T-Bone just shook his head as Razor turned on his radar to see only three individuals who appeared to be tied up on the far wall opposite of the door.

“Cover me,” Razor mouthed to T-Bone as he opened one of the doors and proceeded to move in.

The tables and chairs were pushed over on the far left side of the room so that the middle of the room was completely cleared. Directly across from Razor and T-Bone sat Callie, Felina and Feral, tied up and gagged against the wall.

Leaving T-Bone to stand guard, Razor rushed over to Callie first and began to untie her gag. T-Bone then noticed that Felina and Feral were shaking their heads and motioning their heads to the area behind T-Bone.

“Uh, Razor…” T-Bone began, but was interrupted by Callie’s scream.

“It’s a trap!”

The double doors slammed shut, making T-Bone and Razor look behind them, to see the dark Swat Kats walking out from where they had been concealed by the shadows. T-Bone glanced quickly back at an angered Razor before looking back at their alternates with complete hatred evident in his expression.

“Cloaking device, handy for hiding from radar. Surprised that you didn’t think about that, Razor,” Dark Razor sneered as they slowly advanced towards them.

Razor slowly stood up from where he had knelt in front of Callie and walked up alongside T-Bone, with a vicious determination burning in his eyes. Before anyone could blink, Dark Razor launched himself at Razor, pinning him to the ground on his back while T-Bone dodged Dark T-Bone’s attack and managed to once again cable up his irate dark alternate. T-Bone turned quickly with his glovatrix raised at Dark Razor who, in return, pulled out an actual Glock from its holster and taking aim at Feral without even flinching.

“Try me.” Dark Razor smirked with a dangerous tone evident in his voice. T-Bone froze, enraged. “Lower your glovatrix,” Dark Razor coolly instructed, with a smirk on his face that made his eyes glitter with fearless intent.

Gritting his teeth in rage, T-Bone lowered his glovatrix, pointing it to the floor. Dark T-Bone, who had finally managed to free himself from the cable, walked up and shoved T-Bone to the ground in front of Feral and Felina.

“How touching,” Dark Razor commented wryly, “to think, you, of all people wouldn’t want to see Feral dead.”

T-Bone looked up at Dark Razor and growled with murder in his eyes. “Obviously, you don’t know me.”

“Ah, I think I do.” Razor grinned in amusement. “See, I don’t think you’d have the same outlook if you knew what we knew about him.” Razor suddenly struggled underneath his alternate’s vice-like grip, making Dark Razor push down even harder on Razor’s neck with his foot. “Funny thing about dimensions,” Dark Razor continued with a sadistic smile on his face when he heard Razor gasp for air, “they all seem to revolve around one universal problem.”

Feral’s brow furrowed at Dark Razor’s words, but once his eyes met those of the dark Swat Kat, his heart skipped a beat.

“You know all too well what I’m talking about, dontcha?” Dark Razor purred when he caught the expression that spread across Feral’s tired face. “Ah yes, he does.”

“What are you talking about?” Razor managed to hiss spitefully despite the pressure on his chest and neck.

“Remember that incident that got us kicked out of the enforcers?” Dark T-Bone asked, his face twisted in anger at the memory that left a sour taste in his mouth.

“What about it?” T-Bone growled while shooting a glance over at Razor.

“It wasn’t our fault that our jet crashed into Enforcer Headquarters; that was all part of his plan,” Dark T-Bone stated distastefully while nodding in Feral’s direction. “He and Dark Kat partnered up to get rid of us because we were too much of a nuisance, always ruining their plans.”

T-Bone and Razor both looked over at Feral in disbelief.

“What?” Razor managed to choke out.

“Believe it, Commander Ulysses Feral of the Enforcers was in cahoots with Dark Kat, the nation’s most dangerous villain, and we were a threat, so they came up with a scenario that would get rid of us for good. He knew that nobody would believe us, that he was the one that rammed us with his jet, framing us with a several million debt, allowing him and Dark Kat to get away, blameless,” Dark Razor snarled, his smile abruptly vanishing into his loathing sneer.

“Then why did you two team up with Dark Kat if he was one of the ones who set you up?” T-Bone demanded, trying to find doubt in this accusation.

Dark Razor and T-Bone both laughed. “He’s always been the villain. Of course he’ll screw you over, especially if you’re one of the good guys.” Dark Razor scoffed. “I still don’t trust Dark Kat, and he doesn’t trust us. So what? Doesn’t mean that we don’t see him as a means to an end.”

“It’s the fact that Feral screwed us over, his own enforcers, his own pilots! And then, after accusing us as being the traitors, the bad guys, he still professed to be the good guy, the noble, fearless leader of MegaKat City’s protectors. His betrayal is a hundred times worse than that of Dark Kat’s, because Dark Kat will admit that he’s the bad guy. Feral doesn’t have the guts to do that,” Dark T-Bone snarled, shooting a look of an unfathomable hatred in Feral’s direction.

“Why do you think we became what we are?” Dark Razor sneered. “Why even fight for something that doesn’t even exist? As if justice and goodness does in this world. It doesn’t matter what dimension you’re from. It’s all the same. You guys see everything, this life, this city… HIM, through rose-tinted glasses! You are the ones that are blinded to the truth, you’re the ones who are lost.”

“And, do you even think that this city appreciates you guys?” Dark T-Bone jeered. “You’ll see. You guys are nothing but a source of entertainment, freaks with fancy equipment and flight suits. Once a real problem emerges, they’ll be all for getting rid of you guys, the vigilantes, just to get their perfect lives, their city back. There is no support, no loyalty there. They don’t give a crud about what you guys have done for this city, once your use runs out, you’re nothing. You never mattered; they’ve never really cared.”

The room lay in a cold silence that enveloped everyone, gripping them with an icy realization that made them numb to all emotion. After a moment, letting all that was said sink in, Dark Razor’s smirk reappeared on his face. He leaned down closer to Razor. “Just something for you guys to think about before we destroy you. After all, this city is too small for two teams of Swat Kats.”

For the first time, Dark T-Bone grinned wickedly. “Yeah, it’s about time that this city was showed what the real Swat Kats are capable of. Enough of all this kitten’s play.” With that, Dark T-Bone viciously kicked T-Bone in the back, making him collapse onto the ground completely.

Dark Razor pressed his foot down even more on Razor before taking his foot off of his alternate, who gasped and choked for air. The two dark Swat Kats walked away, T-Bone with his glovatrix, Razor with his glovatrix and Glock raised as they backed out of the conference room. Just before stepping out of the room, Dark Razor added cheerfully, “We’ll be seeing you all later.”

And with that, they were gone; their mocking laughter echoing hauntingly in the conference room until it vanished with their owners.

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