Original SWAT Kats Story

Dark Kat’s Revenge

By Etherweil

  • 12 Chapters
  • 26,751 Words

Callie is katnapped by Dark Kat to be used as bait to lure the Swat Kats into a trap that will result in their destruction. Being outnumbered, the Swat Kats turn to some unlikely allies. (Complete – 12 Chapters)

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Author's Notes:

Hey guys, here’s chap 8! Sorry for the delay, my arch enemy(homework) has been at it again! ARRRGGG! Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Thanx for the reviews guys! R&R! Etherweil

Flamable: Thanx so much for the reviews! I hope you like this chap as well! Can’t wait to get your feedback on it, can’t wait till u update your fic also!

Cherazor: Wow! I thought she was French! LOL that is soooo sad…my ballet teacher is Russian and I couldnt even connect the two!…i get so comfused when it comes to accents…I’ll keep that in mind for future reference…thanx for the review!

Chapter 8

Escape Haha

T-Bone let out an outraged snarl as he shot imaginary daggers at the retreating backs of Dark Kat and his newly formed posse, who were heading to the caverns where unimaginable afflictions were being created to destroy all of katkind.

T-Bone, unable to suppress his anger and frustration any longer, furiously struggled within the rope bonds. He lurched forward, trying to snap the rope tied across his chest.

Razor, who was sitting unexpectedly behind T-Bone, felt his breath being unmercifully squeezed from his lungs as his rope bonds that also held T-bone, constricted across his chest. The notion shot across Razor’s mind that it was similar to what an anaconda would do to its prey . . . He knew he shouldn’t have watched that horror movie!

“T-Bone!” Callie shrieked, “You’re strangling Razor!”

T-Bone stopped and turned his head to look at his currently suffocating friend. Sure enough, there was Razor pressed tightly against the back of his chair with his face turning a neat shade of blue.

Feeling somewhat sheepish, T-Bone sat back and listened to his friend’s gasping. “Sorry, bud, I didn’t know we were tied together.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Razor mumbled as he stared off into the distance.

The following moments passed by slowly. The dead silence accompanied by the foul taste of defeat hung heavily in the air. Razor sighed wearily as he closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of his chair.

T-Bone’s vibrant green eyes flashed suddenly under his mask. Everyone was ready to give up! They just couldn’t give up now, not with so much at stake. “Brace yourself, Razor, I’m going to try to get us out of these ropes!” he growled determinedly.

Razor moaned quietly to himself, then he breathed in deep, his body tense, ready for the force that was about to occur.

T-Bone threw himself forward and viciously renewed his battle with the ropes.

Blinding stars seared Razor’s vision as he felt his eyes bulge from his head. “T-Bone, what are you trying to do, kill me!”

“Work with me for crying out loud!” T-Bone growled as he continued his combat. Minutes later, the ropes didn’t surrender their cutting strength.

“T-Bone, can you hold up for a sec? I’m suffocating here,” Razor incoherently muttered, his brain and body already starting to feel the numbing effects of oxygen deprivation.

Breathing heavily, T-Bone settled back into his chair.

“You’re just wearing yourself out. You should just save your strength for what Dark Kat has planned for you two,” Feral spoke, defeat evident in his voice.

Callie looked over at the hunched Commander, shocked.

“Uncle…” Felina admonished, just as shocked as Callie.

“Why? So we’ll last longer for their torture sessions!” T-Bone snarled as he glared reproachfully at the frazzled commander.

Feral looked down at his feet, speechless.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m determined not to give those psychotic lunatics an ounce of entertainment,” T-Bone announced, his eyes flashing with even more determination than before.

“I second that! Let’s give these ropes a couple more tries,” Razor replied, his eyes blazing with a renewed vigor.

T-Bone grinned, glad to have his partner back. “On the count of three, 1…2…3!”

Both Swat Kats threw every ounce of body weight and power they possessed onto their bonds. The sudden exertion made the chairs groan achingly, and the ropes grew taunt. The sound of stretching fibers vibrated throughout the coils of rope.

The onlookers couldn’t help but smile and grow confident.

“They’re going to break the ropes!” Callie squeaked with excitement.

And then, suddenly, the chairs squealed in protest as the legs facing Callie and the enforcers snapped under the pressure. With a thud, the still bound Swat Kats landed on their sides.

“Oww, my arm,” Razor groaned, the first to break the silence.

Poorly concealed snickers came from the cavern wall where the prisoners were chained. T-Bone craned his neck to see Callie and Felina leaning against each other shaking in silent mirth while Feral and his enforcers struggled not to laugh out loud.

“Not a word, Feral. I don’t want to hear any of your sarcasm, gloating or negativity,” T-Bone growled as he struggled to free his wrists.

But, of course, Feral couldn’t pass up a moment like this. With a sneer, he inquired with mocking civility. “So, how’s the escape plan coming?”

The snickers and painful snorts increased in volume and number along with sore stomachs.

T-Bone scowled as he gave in to gravity and rested his head on the cold stone floor. At first, he couldn’t believe it, but Razor was snickering along with everyone else.

“You know, buddy, we are in a funny situation,” Razor commented as seriously as possible.

T-Bone rolled his eyes. “No, ya think?”

“I mean, if you think about it, we do look pretty funny – you know, being tied to chairs and stuck on our sides on the floor,” Razor continued, laughter threatening to free itself from his lungs.

T-Bone backed up at their comrades who were still laughing uncontrollably, but quietly so as not to beckon their captors back to check on them. He smiled silently to himself; at least they were able to provide some amusement to the depressing situation, and maybe they’d get out of this after all.

“You know T-Bone; I’m feeling kind of stupid right now,” Razor admitted after he was able to control his mirth.

“Now that doesn’t happen very often,” T-Bone replied dryly as he still fought with his wrist bonds. “Why are you feeling stupid, dare I ask?”

Razor didn’t reply, but instead, after a few moments, managed to twist his watch’s face counterclockwise once, and the smell of burning rope snaked into the air in grey wisps.

Everyone watched in amazement as Razor slipped out of his ropes, untied his ankles, and stood up gingerly, still sore from the beating he’d received earlier.

T-Bone gawked at his partner. “Why didn’t you do that earlier!” he asked incredulously, still not willing to believe they could have been long gone by now.

Razor shrugged sheepishly. “I forgot that I had on my new watch; it just came to me moments earlier.”

“Wow, that must have hurt,” Feral commented scornfully as he watched Razor untie T-Bone.

“Indeed,” Razor murmured as he and T-Bone started to untie their companions.

While Razor was picking the lock on Callie’s iron cuffs, the deputy mayor couldn’t help but try to cheer up the embarrassed Swat Kat. “It’s okay, Razor, you guys have been through a lot.”

Razor looked at her, a smile playing across his masked face. “Yeah, I probably have a mild case of amnesia from my encounter with the wall.”

“Well, at least you didn’t forget who you are when you woke up,” T-Bone remarked as he finished picking the lock on Feral’s chains.

“Now that would have been interesting,” Felina remarked as she brushed the dirt from her uniform.

After everyone was free, the group huddled together, anxious to form a plan.

“Well, whatever we do next, it has to be good or we’re dead,” Felina stated as she kept her eyes glued on the tunnel entrance.

“Very well put, Lieutenant, but before any of you make any assumptions, I have an idea of what we should do next,” T-Bone remarked triumphantly.

“Isn’t that your partner’s job?” Feral inquired dryly, his arms folded across his chest.

“Hardy har har,” T-Bone growled as he returned Feral’s scowl.

“Guys, let’s try to get along… for once,” Felina snapped, irritated at her uncle’s constant picking.

“What was your idea, T-Bone?” Callie inquired politely, somewhat scared of what was going through the vigilante’s mind.

Before T-Bone could open his mouth, Feral spoke his mind. “His idea is to barge in head first into the bad guys’ hideout with guns a’blazing to wreak utter chaos and destruction upon the creations of evil itself.”

A sly grin sneaked across the striped tom kat’s face. “Actually, that is a pretty good idea; I’m shocked I didn’t come up with it. You never fail to surprise me, Commander.”

Feral stared blankly at T-Bone.

T-Bone rolled his eyes. “Good grief, Commander, I was being sarcastic! I’d be giving you way too much credit if I meant it!”

“Um, fellahs? I think we should send somebody to go check out what those villains are up too, so when we get out of here we’ll have an idea for what we’re up against.”

“Isnt that a little risky?” Feral asked, his eyebrows raised in doubt.

“It’s worth a try, Commander, what other choice do we have?” Razor replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay, whoever agrees with Miss Briggs’ plan raise your paws,” T-Bone instructed while raising his own paw.

All but Feral raised their hands.

“Well, it’s unanimous; the majority wins,” Felina declared, apparently excited at their turn of events. “So, let’s find some weapons, see what the scum-of-our-planet are doing and get out of here!”

While everyone else was searching for weapons, Razor couldn’t help but glance at the big computer console that controlled all of Dark Kat’s computer and weapon systems.

A devious smile played across his lips, and his eyes glistened mischievously under his mask as he walked over and sat down in front of its console and multiple platinum screens.

An evil chuckle escaped his throat as his fingers skipped across the keyboard and with flawless ease hacked into the system. This was going to be fun.


HAHAA I finished Chapter 8! I’m sooooo happy! So close to finishing this fic! I even havea sequel planned out for this one. I hope you guys enjoy! I’m planning on posting at least 3 more chaps… maybe even finishing this thing during spring break this upcoming week. Well, till then, Sport Fans! Etherweil

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