Original SWAT Kats Story

Dark Kat’s Revenge

By Etherweil

  • 12 Chapters
  • 26,751 Words

Callie is katnapped by Dark Kat to be used as bait to lure the Swat Kats into a trap that will result in their destruction. Being outnumbered, the Swat Kats turn to some unlikely allies. (Complete – 12 Chapters)

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Author's Notes:

The original character of Officer Harry Snow belongs to Jade Callan.

Chapter 10

Escape Twice

With one last desperate choking gasp, the creepling fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. Dark Kat scowled menacingly as he glared down at the creepling that had failed to meet his standards. With an infuriated growl, he stepped over the body and stalked over to his destroyed computer console that Hard Drive was attempting to fix. “Well?” he seethed, looking at the techno crook expectantly.

Hard Drive just cursed under his breath as he finished his inspection and looked up at the livid Dark Kat. “The Swat Kat named Razor undoubtly did this. The whole system is fried beyond repair; there is nothing I can do.”

Dark Kat snatched Hard Drive by the collar of his suit and held the quaking kat close to his sneering face. “What do you mean you can’t fix it?” Dark Kat spat, his eyes glowing, menacing slits.

Hard Drive gulped as he avoided the crazed yellow eyes. “I…I can’t fix it…it’s dead, deceased, history, totally deprived of life, whatever you wanna call it, everything has to be replaced.”

Dark Kat’s grip tightened as he gave Hard Drive derisive leer. “So, what you’re telling me is that those infernal vigilante monkeys have once again beaten you.”

Hard Drive let out a quiet growl. “I didn’t say that.”

“No, but the whole situation reeks of the notion!” Dark Kat screamed as he threw Hard Drive to the ground. He then whirled around, facing the entire crowd of angry villains. “I want every breathing creature to hunt them down and bring them back here to me ALIVE!”


“Why does it always have to be dark sinister tunnels?” Steele moaned as the group moved on through the dark, dank passageway.

Everyone ignored the complaining enforcer. “Where do you think this tunnel will lead?” Callie whispered to Razor, still holding his paw.

“Hopefully a way out of this mountain,” Razor replied, trying to keep a tone of hope in his voice.

“But, what happens if there is no way out of here?” Steele whined, the pitch of his voice bouncing off the narrow stonewalls irritably. Suddenly, fear seized the hapless enforcer, and his eyes grew round with make believe fright. “What happens if we’re stuck in here?…Forever?” he squeaked as he hugged himself.

“Then you’ll be the first to die,” T-Bone replied flatly.

Steele stomped in front of the intimidating tomkat and stared him straight in the eyes indignantly, not only shocking himself but everyone else with his sudden courage, or stupidity one.

“Why are you always mean to me, hmmm? Did I offend you in some way?”

T-Bone was at first speechless at Steele’s unexpected outburst, but then a sly grin crept across his face. “Uh, yeah actually, you were born,” he replied matter-of-factly as he patted Steele on the head.

Although indignant, Steele let T-Bone brush him to the side. As he continued to walk backwards, he expected the wall to stop him from going any further, but instead, he found his right foot dangling in midair, causing him to loose his balance.

With a startled, helpless yelp he fell down head first into the black hole.

Everyone whirled around at the sound of Steele’s cry, with glovatrixes and blasters raised, ready for anything.

“Now where did he go?” T-Bone growled after a moment’s silence.

Feral, not up to losing any of his officers (no matter how Neanderthal-minded they were), walked up beside T-Bone. “Where was he?” he demanded.

“He was right behind me!” T-Bone exclaimed irritably.

Razor walked up to T-Bone and aimed his flashlight where Steele had been, revealing a downward tunnel.

“Oh great,” Feral mumbled, speaking up for everyone.


“Owweee,” Steele moaned as he picked himself up from the water-covered floor. Shivering, he peered down the pathway set before him. A faint light danced across the water’s surface, altering the darkness into a grayish hue.

A hopeful smile played across his lips as he started to walk towards it.


“Can you just tell everyone he is MIA?” T-Bone suggested.

“Tempting, but still, he’s one of my officers. We’re going to have to go down there and find him,” Feral replied as he rubbed his chin.

“Whoa, whoa, what do ya mean ‘we’?” T-Bone demanded suspiciously.

“We just can’t leave him down there, T-Bone,” Razor reasoned.

T-Bone rolled his eyes. “Okay, okay fine! I’ll go down there to grab the twit, just make sure we don’t lose anyone else,” he mumbled impatiently as he stalked over to the tunnel.

“I’m going with you,” Felina informed.

“I’m not stopping ya,” T-Bone muttered as he put both legs into the tunnel, preparing himself for the fall, then he pushed himself down into the tunnel, the darkness swallowing him up instantly.

Felina quickly followed suit.

T-Bone landed face-first into a cold puddle of water. Sputtering, he started to get up but was slammed back down into the ground as Felina landed on top of him.

“Whoohooo, that was a blast!” Felina exclaimed as she looked about her, then, realizing that she was sitting on a clearly agitated Swat Kat, she jumped up and knelt beside him. “Are you okay?” she giggled, looking down at a soaking wet T-Bone.

“Oh yeah, my chin broke my fall,” he replied as he picked himself up gingerly.

As T-Bone attempted to wring his flight suit out, Felina caught sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.(hehe not the afterlife type mind you) “I think I know where Steele went,” Felina sighed, irritated that he hadn’t alerted anyone else of the potential escape route.

“Heh, I’m not surprised,” T-Bone growled. “Since you’re smaller than I am, go back on up and tell everyone to come down. I’ll go scope it out.”

Without any further words, T-Bone started down the tunnel, glovatix held at ready.

Razor was the last one to come sliding down the tunnel, but ended up landing on his feet. After hearing several outraged shrieks and moans when he was waiting for everyone to get down the tunnel, he took it as a sign that there was an unexpected drop at the end. Several enforcers scowled as the dry tomkat straightened and smiled at their sodden uniforms. Before he could ask Felina where T-Bone was, his partner came jogging towards them.

“Did you find Steele?”

“Is it a way out?”

T-Bone held up his hand at the sudden outburst of questions. “Yes, and yes.” He grinned when everyone ceased their chatter. “I left Steele near the tunnel exit, but I think we’ve ran into a little problem,” T-Bone informed.

“What might that ‘little problem’ be?” Razor asked, not sure whether he wanted to hear his partner’s reply.

Clearing his throat, T-Bone answered as if it were an everyday question. “Has anyone here gone mountain climbing?”

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