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Moving Can Be Good After All

By Emmerette' Snow

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,722 Words

Thirteen year old Alex hates moving. She has to leave her best friend behind, along with her other friends. When she moves into Megakat City, she gets to see her uncle again and spend some time with him. After a while of living in Megakat City, her mother announces that she’s leaving town and letting Alex stay by herself. In that time a storm makes her wonder if she’s as grown up as she thinks she is.

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Author's Notes:

Author: Emmerette’ Snow
E-Mail: Toongirl16@aol.com
Summary: 13 year old Alex hates moving, she has to leave her best friend behind, along with her other friends. When she moves into Megakatcity she gets to see her uncle again and spend some time with him. After a while of living in Megakat City her mother announces that shes leaving town and letting Alex stay by herself. In that time a storm makes her wonder if shes as grown up as she thinks she is.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Swat Kat characters or Megakat city, Alex, Marrissa, Rebbeca, Nick, and their mother and their house are mine.

“Well, I don’t see any aliens walking around, but you never do know….” thirteen year old Alex pouted, as she looked out the window.

“Oh come on, moving isn’t that bad, besides, Uncle Jake lives here. Remember him? He lives in the salvage yard?” Alex’s mom asked, as she turned the steering wheel to the small blue car, her light brown fur rustled as she moved, her light brown hair seemed even lighter in the sunlight.

Alex focused her blue eyes on her mother, she pushed her mix of blonde and brown hair from her face. Alex’s mom was a business woman, she always had to move. Alex, had just gotten a best friend named Marrissa, they had stayed in one town for three years, that’s longest time they’ve ever stayed in place, usually they always had to move when Alex was just starting to remember the kids in her classes names!

Alex was sick of moving, sick,sick,sick,sick,sick of it! When her mother announced this was the last time they were moving, that made Alex feel a little better, not much though. Her mother always wore a dark blue jacket, and dark blue skirt to match the jacket, and a blue shirt along with blue high heels.

“Ma, look at that! After we get unpacked, I’m going there!” Grinned Nick, Alex’s hyper seven year old brother. The young tomkat also had brown fur, brown eyes, brown hair, he always wore sports shirts and jeans, and sneakers.

“No your not, first your going to see your uncle, you’ll stay with him for about two hours, you’ll come home,clean up, then we’re going to eat dinner with our new neighbors, they invited us to one of the fanciest resteraunts in town you know.” Alex’s mother exclaimed.

Alex felt like an outcast from this family, she was so different! She had dark brown fur, red hair, blue eyes, and a pink nose. Nick and her actually got along well. Better than she did with her mom.

“Here we are!” Exclaimed Alex’s mother as they climbed out of the car and looked at the house, it was three stories high, long, and had a balcony.

“I call the room with the balconey!” Alex shouted, before her mother had a chance too.

“Oh, alright, in the last house I did give you the attic and Nick and I shared the balconey room. You can have that room to yourself, Alex, after all your going through puberty, it will give you that young lady feeling.” her mother grinned from ear to ear.

“MOM!” Alex exclaimed, beat red, she noticed her Uncle Jake had shown up along with his best freind, Chance Furlong. Alex sighed, she remembered how she and Marrisa walked around like that. Alex refused to cry though.

“Hey, Ann, its good to see you again.” Grinned Jake as he pulled his sister into a large hug. “I figured you might need some help unpacking, Chance came along too to help.” Jake explained.        Alex looked over to see Chance, he had that grin on, the grin he had in his Christmas picture, a ‘i’m up to something’ grin on.’       “Hey Miss Ann.” He said waving.

“Hello Chance, its good to see you and Jake again. Its makes me happy that your here to help. How about we get started on the rooms?” Alex’s mom questioned as she went behind the car to a large kat-haul,trailer. She opended up the large door to it.

“I didn’t think this small car could hold a large and heavy trailer like this one!” Chance exclaimed looking at it.

“It maybe small, but its strong.” Alex’s mother grinned.

Chance and jake got out Alex’s bed and brought it up to second floor on the balconey room, they brought in her dresser, her small desk and chair, and all the boxes full of clothes and other things of hers.

Jake gave Alex a large hug. “You’ve grown another six inches, haven’t you?” He teased. Alex laughed. “Nope, only half an inch since march.” She nearly frowned.

“I’ll tell you one thing, your going to be taller than me! You already reach up to my neck!” He grinned. “I’ll let you do your room call me if ya need anything!” He called walking out the door.

Alex had to admit, her uncle was a great guy, though she never saw him much, she knew that was going to change though.

Alex hung up the poster of her old home town, Tomsburg. It had a starnge name, but the town was small and it had good people living in it. She saw Marrissa’s name and gave a smile, she’d call her later on.

A few hours  later Alex was done with her room.

“There she is!” Chance excaimed watching Alex come down the stairs. “Jump and I’ll catch ya!” He exclaimed, holding his arms out.

Alex gave a wide grin and jumped, Chance caught her alright. “OOF!” He coughed as the wind got knocked out of him, he landed on the floor with Alex on top of him.

“Well, I wonder what Em was say about this.” Jake laughed as he walked over to Chance and looked down at him and Alex.

Chance grumbled, everyone starting laughing, soon Chance joined into the laughter.

An hour later Alex and Nick jumped into the towtruck parked outside.

“Sorry about the transportation, we’re almost finished with our car.” Chance grinned, and gave a shrug.

Alex blinked as her uncle groaned, “I forgot Burke and Murray will be at the ‘yard we get back.”

“Who?” Alex asked.

“Kats you really don’t wanna meet.” Chance growled, blling his left hand into a fist and looking angry.

Jake showed them around the town as they drove to the salvage yard, when they finally arrived, Nick let out an “Awesome, lookit how this place is Alex!”

Alex too was amazed, but not by the salvage yard, but by the tall woman with two young kats, one was a small she-kat with golden fur and brown hair, the other was orange with yellow stripes and blonde hair.

“Remember Jake told you about Em, Artimes, and Selena?” Chance asked. “Well,there they are.” He smiled as he got out of the truck, Alex hopped out with ease, Nick needed a little help, Chance picked him up and placed him on the ground. “Thanks Uncle Chance!” He grinned and ran off shouting “I bet theres hidden treasure here somewhere!” Chance started to chuckle.

Alex saw Jake go up to Em and smile he waved her over. “Alex, meet Aunt Em, Em meet alex, Alex meet Selena and Artimes, Artimes, Selena, meet Alex.” He smiled.

“Hello.” Em smiled as she rocked Selena back and forth.

“How old our they?” Alex asked.

“Artimes is nine months, Selena is three weeks.” Smiled Em. “Would you like to hold her?”

“I’d love too!” Alex grinned, Em carefully handed Selena to alex, Alex smiled as she fixed up the small blanked around Selena. Selena’s tiny arm moved a bit,she moved her legs around a little, then opened her eyes, she saw that Selena’s eyes were blue too! “Hi Selena, I’m Alex your oldest cousin, the crazy boy out there shouting about treasure is your nephew Nick.” Alex said gently.

Selena stared at her for a minute then grinned, Alex carefully handed Selena back to Em.        “I see you’ve met the family. Chance grinned walking up, he frowned when he saw a dump truck back in and dump junk all over the front steps.

“Sorry..” Burke laughed. Alex was already taking a disliking to the kat,she blinked when a small yellow kat, who did look like a pig, come out, the kat looked drunk and sounded drunk too.

“Lemme guess, the yellow kat is five months, the big kat is twelve months?” Questioned Alex sarcastlicy. Chance and Jake laughed.

“Oh yea?” Questioned Burke, then paused when he saw Alex had said that. “I can’t fight a little girl, she might kiss me!” He mocked. Both he and the small kat laughed.

Alex had enough already of them. “What, you chicken? You know……I heard people around here REALLY LIKE EATING chicken, so if Iwere you I’d get outta while you can!” Alex exclaimed.

Chance and Jake again cracked up. After a few minutes Chance, Murray, Jake and Burke, all got into a large argument.

Alex noticed something moving behind a large metal wall and shelves holding differnt kinds of metal.

Alex knew it wasn’t Nick, Nick was inside getting a drink, she watched as a brown furred puppy ran out, barking it ran over to Alex. The pup only looked about three weeks old. The puppy jumped into Alex’s arms and started to lick her over and over, excitedly.

“Hey, that tickles!” Alex exclaimed laughing.

The four tomkats had stopped their argument and looked over to see the sight. Chance chuckled. “We found a mother dog out here, unfortunalty she died, thats her only puppy. I told your mother about him and she said you could have him, would you like ‘im?” He asked.

”Really?! Thanks! I LOVE YOU UNCLE CHANCE!” Alex shouted happily and ran over and hugged him.

“No problem, no problem at all.” Chance grinned and returned the hug.

“Awww loookk……” Murray started, then cut off by Em yelling at them to scat, Jake and Chance had to take Nick and Alex home.     The two kats laughed as they drove off in their dumptruck.

A few weeks later Alex and Nick’s mom had to go out of town for a while, Nick stayed with his new freind, Matt, while Alex stayed by herself. She told her mother she’d be fine. Her mother agreed, but she called Jake and asked him to drop by every now and then to check on Alex.

“I’m in a big house….by my…self…and I am not scared..” Alex muttered to herself that night, she noticed some shadows on the wall that looked a lot like creepy fingers. Alex knew it was just shadows,she gave a small gulp and turned on the tv,around elven she couldn’t get to sleep a bad storm had been going on, she heard thunder and lighting, soon the lights went out.

When there was a knock at the door, Alex nearly started crying, she should have gone over to Samanthas after all!

“Alex, its me uncle Jake!” jakes’ voice came from the other side of the door, Alex ran over and unlocked the door, she hugged her uncle.

“Come on. Em just called your mother on her cell phone telling her that you’ll be staying the night with us. Its tornado weather you know. There have been five tornado reports so far.” Jake said as he got Alex into his fixed small car and drove into the salvage yard. Chance was waiting for them, he ran out with a large umbrella and helped them in.

“Alex, are you okay, Alex, ALEX?!” Questioned Chance worried, Ales looked up at him and nodded. “I don’t feel well, haven’t been feeling good….for the last few days….” She murmered and looked down.

“I knew you were pale when I came to the house, but I thought that was just because of fear.” Jake exclaimed taking her tempature. Soon the thermomiter beeped. “One hundered point three. Not good.” Jake said, as he steralized the tip of the thermometer and put it away. Carefully he picked Alex up and put her into the guest rooms bed, he left a glass of water and a flashlight in her room and wished her goodnigiht.

The storm lasted all night and throughout the next day, on the news it said the storm would be sticking around for a few more days.

“JAKE! CHANCE!” Em’s voice yelled. Both Jake and Chance ran into the guest room where they had heard Em’s voice. Jake grinned from ear to ear when he saw Alex awake.

“Alex, you’ve been asleep now for two straight days, we got worried!” Jake excalimed.

“Your mom called, shes gonna be away for a few more days.” Chance reported.

As time went on Alex noticed that Chance and Jake dissapeered a lot. When she got gotten recovered she was with her freind Rebbecca at a clothes store in the mall. Alex blinked, though she had lived here for a few months her mom wouldn’t let her or Nick watch the news. “Who are they?” She questioned seeing two kats in blue flight suits, black masks, blue helmets with a red traingle on it run in.

“Oh  my gosh! ITs the swat kats! Rememebr the guys I told you about?” Rebbecca questioned. Alex nodded. “They’re heading straight for us!” Alex grinned.

“Okay, their coming real close” Rebecca grinned wider.

Alex froze when they stopped in front of them and the small one whispered something to the larger one.

“Ah miss, you wouldn’t happen to know an Alex Furfeild, would you?” T-Bone asked.

Rebecca looked at her and nudged her with her elbow when Alex didn’t say anything. “Um…yes…I-I am.” Alex manged to stutter out.        “Your going to have to come with us then, you should come too, there are some kats here that are looking for you and we don’t think their up to any good.” Razor explained.

Alex thought of her uncle as she looked over Razor. She missed him. her mother had come home and they hadn’t seen their uncle in a few days now.

“Okay!” Rebbecca grinned.

“WOA!” Alex nearly shouted as T-Bone picked her up and carried her.

“Umm…”Rebecca said looking at Razor.

“Don’t worry, thats just his thing, and No I won’t do that.” Razor said taking Rebecca’s hand and running.

“Whos looking for me?!” Rebbecca asked.

T-Bone sighed. “That was a lie, the looking for you part is true though, you’ve been missing for two days now! Your mother and uncle got worried sick so your uncle managed to get our attention and get us to help. Good thing he gave us a photo of you, and another good thing we asked around alot.” T-Bone smirked.

Alex looked at T-Bone. “I miss my uncle.” Alex sighed.

“Why’d you run away?” T-Bone asked.

” ’cause mom said that she thinks I should have been healthy and that its my uncles’ fault I got sick, when it isn’t.” Alex explained. “I got sick of her blaming him so I ran off.”

“You should have talked to her.” T-Bone said.

“I Know.” Alex responded.

Later on the swat kats had brought Rebbecca home and dropped Alex off to her mother. Her uncle arrived and hugged her. Alex grinned, soon they all talked and had things worked out.

Every Friday and Saturday along with Monday she’d get to be with her uncle for a few hours then she’d go home,

Alex never found out that her uncle was Razor.

The End.

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