Original SWAT Kats Story

It’s Raining Kats and Villains

By Emmerette' Snow

  • 4 Chapters
  • 5,386 Words

(Unfinished) It’s been a year since Darkwing Duck, Launchpad Mcquack and Gosalyn Mallard, and the Fearsome Five had fallen through the portal to Megakat City, where they met up with the Swat Kats. The Pastmaster, now deciding to wreck havoc with St. Canard (Darkwing’s city) sends the Metallikats, Dark Kat and his creeplings, Hard Drive, and Dr. Viper into Darkwing’s dimension, not knowing it, the Swat Kats also go along for the ride, along with Feral and Felina.

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Author's Notes:

Title: It’s Raining Kats and Villains
E-mail: Toongirl16@aol.com
By: Emmerette’ Snow
Summary: It’s been a year since Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack and Gosalyn Mallard, and the Fearsome Five had fallen through the portal to Megakat City, where they met up with the Swat Kats. The Pastmaster, now deciding to wreck havoc with St. Canard (Darkwing’s city) sends the Metallikats, Dark Kat and his creeplings, Hard Drive, and Dr. Viper into Darkwing’s dimension, not knowing it, the Swat Kats also go along for the ride, along with Feral and Felina.
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn, Launchpad, the Thunderquack, the Fearsome Five, the Ratcatcher, all that belongs to Disney. I don’t own the Swat Kats; and the Enforcers; they belong to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. Emgirl belongs to a friendof mine and Xen belongs to me. Em Clots and the kids with her and their place etc. also belong to me.

Chapter 1

The streets of St. Canard were silent; the large city surrounded by the Audubon Bay seemed to be asleep. In the center of the city was a large hotel with other buildings next to it followed by apartments, houses, malls, and more buildings, gas stations, and grocery stores. Tucked in a small corner next to ‘Ducks and Ducks Law Firm’ stood Henry’s Gas Station. A chubby duck with black feathers wearing a blue work shirt, green vest and brown corduroys was watching a girl around the age of fifteen walking around. The girl had messy and dirty ebony brown hair that went to the middle of her back, dirty and holed up jeans, a tattered and muddy blue shirt with a loose tattered and dirty red button down shirt that hung over it on it. She wore sneakers that were literally duct taped together. She pounded at the soda machine after Henry heard the sound of coins scraping the machine.

“Sir?” the girl asked.

“Yes?” Henry replied.

” Your soda machine ain’t workin’.”

“Let me see,” Ole’ Henry exclaimed, walking over to the soda machine. As he was fixing it, the girl known as Em Clots, the famous street rat, grabbed bags of food and ran. Henry called after her – no use in trying though. No one ever caught her.

In another part of the city stood the Pastmaster on top of the largest hotel in the middle of the city.

“This is where I landed after those wretched Swat Kats gave me to that duck who left me here, figuring I was gone. They’ll soon wish I was gone!” the Pastmaster yelled, lifting his watch to the sky. A large purple beam went into the clouds and formed a black swirling portal….to MegaKat city.

Mac and Molly Mange, the Metallikats, were busy trying to rob one of Megakat City’s banks. “Well, get da money, tin face!” shouted Molly Mange to her husband, Mac Mange. She muttered to herself as she usually did “Why, WHY, did I ever marry that lug of nuts?”

“Awww, quit yer yammerin’!” Mac exclaimed, throwing a money bag into the Metallikat express. Behind their car was a huge gaping hole in the building that Mac had driven in to.

“Dis is what I cawll a drive in robbery!” laughed Molly.

“THIS IS FERAL!” boomed Commander Feral’s voice from his Enforcer cruiser. Around him were several Enforcers, including Felina.

The Swat kats were flying in on the scene when a large portal that was similar to others opening in the city sucked everyone up….


Em Clots handed a bag of Doritoes to Erin, a pink rabbit wearing a torn up dress, and threw a bag of potato chips to Leland, a young goose who wore tattered and dirty clothes. Em’s eye caught a portal opening in the sky. She turned and looked.

“What in the world?” she muttered.

Erin looked up in response. “Eh, dat Darkwing can handle it, I ain’t worr-”

She was cut off when a huge brown kat around seven feet tall landed next to her. He had black hair and a military cut and wore the uniform of some kind of enforcer. The three street rats looked at each other. Em stuck her fingers into her bill and gave a loud shrill whistle. The three ran out, leaving Commander Feral and Felina quite shocked and confused.


“UGH!” shouted T-Bone as he finally got control over the Turbokat. “Where are we, buddy?”

Razor, who was now waking up, looked around. “I dunno, buddy. But, it sure looks a little like MegaKat city…wait a second that bridge!”

T-Bone looked over at the large cable bridge. He managed to see in one of the tower’s there were lights that were on! “Holy kats!” he exclaimed.

Razor, meanwhile, managed to bring down his x-ray scope, trying see if there were any road signs or anything that could tell them where they were.

“Uhh, buddy….that sign………. Do you remember Darkwing Duck?” he questioned.

“How could I forget – he has a bigger ego than Feral!” T-Bone exclaimed, flying closer to the tower to get a good look.

“Well, this is HIS city, the city of St. Canard!” Razor exclaimed, taking off the red goggles.

T-Bone’s eyes widened. “KATS ALIVE!” he shouted. “Look down, Razor! Every villain and Enforcer must be here!”

Razor looked down. Sure enough, on the streets, were Commander Feral, Felina, a few Enforcers, the Metallikats, Dark Kat, Hard Drive, Dr. Viper, creeplings, and even that little runt, the Pastmaster.


Darkwing Duck, meanwhile, was sitting outside of his hideout, a tower on the Audubon Bay Bridge, watching a sleek jet that seemed quite familiar to him.

“Dark Darling, what is so interesting out there?” Morgana Mccawber, St. Canard’s witch and Darkwing’s girlfriend, asked. She wore a long red dress, her black hair with two grey and white stripes coming up on each side of it.

“That jet, Morg. It looks……….so familiar…..”

Gosalyn ran out and grabbed her father’s binoculars and looked. “DAD! That’s the Turbokat!” she shouted, excited.

Darkwing looked at Morgana. “You remember how I told you about your little dimensional trip?” he asked.

“Yes,” Morgana answered.

“The Swat Kats are heroes of that dimension,” Darkwing said, going back into his hideout and calling Launchpad.

The muscular pilot wheeled out from under the ThunderQuack. “Yea, DW?” he questioned.

“Let’s go – the Swat Kats are here!”

Launchpad made quick repairs, tightening up a few things on the jet, and then got inside with Darkwing. They were about to leave when Gosalyn ran up.

“Dad, you gotta let me come too! They’ll want to see me!” she begged.

“No, young lady! It is TOO Dangerous!” Darkwing replied angrily.

“Daaad…… Fine, I won’t ever do my homework again!” she exclaimed, crossing her arms over her chest, pouting.

“Fine, you can come too,” Darkwing exclaimed.

Gosalyn hopped in. That’s when Darkwing noticed that Honker was there also………….

This was gonna be a loooong night.

“Somehow I feel my life just got more complicated,” he moaned.


T-Bone quickly got away from the tower when a landing strip came out and out flew the ThunderQuack. Launchpad was soon on its trail.

“I am the terror that flaps in the night!” came Darkwing’s voice over T-Bone and Razor’s radio.

“Well, look who just ran into us, buddy,” exclaimed Razor.

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. Ego himself!” T-Bone exclaimed, flying closer to the Thunderquack.

“I am the engine that leaks oil out from the bottom of your car!” Darkwing’s voice exclaimed. “I am-” he started.

T-Bone quickly took out his radio and he and Razor exclaimed “DARKWING DUCK!”

Darkwing’s voice whined over the radio “I’m supposed to say thhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!”

Razor cocked his eyebrow at another voice he didn’t recognize. “W-w-w-w-welcome to-to S-s-st. Canard-d, S-s-”

Razor then winced along with T-Bone when Darkwing shouted to the voice.

“HONKER!!!!!!!!! SPIT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Well, at least they knew who the voice belonged too!

“Welcome to St. Canard, Swat Kats!” the voice exclaimed, sounding like a young boy.

T-Bone chuckled and talked into the radio, “Hey there, kiddo. Hey, is Gosalyn there?”

“KEEN GEAR! THEY REMEMBER ME!” shouted her voice, causing Razor and T-Bone to laugh.

They landed near an old building, and Razor had a shock as they got out of the jet—-a young girl around fifteen….  Em Clots the street rat Gosalyn had told them about.

“Hey, kid, you alright?” T-Bone asked.

The girl gave him a dark look then her eyes trained on Darkwing’s jet as it crash landed.

T-Bone and Razor were both still in shock that the jet was still in good condition.

Darkwing hopped out of the jet “Em… Don’t run, just hear me out-” he started when the girl took off running.

Commander Feral and Felina had managed to find their way to them.

“Kats alive!” Feral exclaimed, seeing Darkwing. “You’re ducks!”

“Uncle!” exclaimed, Felina. “Don’t be so rude.”

Darkwing glared at Feral, already taking a disliking to him.

“Well………it looks like we’re going to have to get you all a place to stay….” Darkwing sighed.

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