Original SWAT Kats Story

It’s Raining Heroes and Villains

By Emmerette' Snow

  • 4 Chapters
  • 8,115 Words

The Swat Kats meet Darkwing Duck when a dimensional portal opens up and out comes Darkwing Duck, Launchpad Mcquack, and Gosalyn Mallard, along with the Fearsome Five. The Swat Kats are unsure what to do at first, and Darkwing and his friends are also confused, until finally they team up to get back home and to get the Fearsome Five back home into St. Canard’s jail.

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Author's Notes:

Title:  It’s Raining Heroes and Villains
E-Mail: Toongirl16@aol.com
By: Emmerette’ Snow
Summary: The Swat Kats meet Darkwing Duck when a dimensional portal opens up and out comes Darkwing Duck, Launchpad Mcquack, and Gosalyn Mallard, along with the Fearsome Five. The Swat Kats are unsure what to do at first, and Darkwing and his friends are also confused, until finally they team up to get back home and to get the Fearsome Five back home into St. Canard’s jail.
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Darkwing Duck, Gosalyn, Launchpad, the Thunderquack, The Fearsome Five, the Ratcatcher, all that belongs to Disney. I don’t own the Swat Kats; they belong to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.

Chapter 1

Stars twinkled in the summer night sky.  The city lights lit up some of  the sky as if it was a large nightlight.  A few cars drove around.  Otherwise,  all was silent on the ground.  Up in the air, a black and red and blue jet flew  around, looking down at the city.

“Well, it looks like a calm night, for once,” a kat with yellow fur and  stripes exclaimed, driving the Turbokat while looking at the city.

“It almost makes me bored,” another kat responded.  He scratched his brownish-orange fur on his left arm, also looking down at the city.

T-Bone looked down at the city. “It surprises me that some villain hasn’t  decided to try to take over the city or something.”

“It’s silent down there, but not so silent up here with all the rain splattering  everywhere,” Razor said.

“And, the Weatherkat said there would be no rain,” T-Bone exclaimed, cocking his eyebrows under his black mask with two white contacts over his eyes.

“They don’t know much what they’re talking about anymore, T-Bone,” Razor sighed.  Then, he looked forward.  His mouth opened a bit in shock.  His eyes widened and he exclaimed, “T-bone! Look!  Ahead, is it just me or is that a kat-sized hamster/dog/rat/weasel thing in a jumpsuit wearing a plug hat and battery strapped on his back falling from the sky?” Razor asked, stunned.

“Not just you, buddy….” T-Bone exclaimed, controlling himself from growing stiff with shock and concentrating on flying the Turbokat.

To T-Bone and Razor’s surprise, more strange things fell from the sky. A duck wearing a yellow jacket with four black buttons on it, an overly large red fedora, a black mask, a black cape and a red turtle neck fell from the sky also. The duck looked evil.  The Swat Kats felt a shiver run through their spines.  By the looks of the duck, he could be more evil than Dark Kat himself.

Next fell a duck in a medieval jester attire, purple puffy pants that went a little above his knees, a black shirt with yellow and orange long sleeves, orange gloves, a yellow belt around his waist, a red and purple jester’s cape with jingle bells on each side of it, red cloth shoes and buck teeth.  He fell from the sky giggling and screamed when he saw the jet “ITTTSSS PLLLAYYYTIMMMEE!”

The Swat Kats looked at the strange jester duck, both thinking the same thing – ‘That duck needs help. Serious help.’

Next fell a dog that was made of all water.  It had eyes, two round dark blue holes, a blue nose, and a dark blue mouth, along with blue water for a body. The dog looked at them and exclaimed in a rather over dramatic advertising voice, “Seeing strange figures falling from the sky, wondering what they are, what you need is to know that you never pester a supervillain!”

T-Bone and Razor were now flat out astonished.

Next came what looked like a duck, but its upper body was green with purple petals on top of its head.  Also, it had a beak, but from the waist down it had brown legs and roots.  It had large leaves for hands, and gave a shy look towards the jet as it fell and just gave a shy wave.

Next, instead of falling, flew a strange pink and purple plane that looked like a duck’s head.  Inside sat a duck that looked like the short duck wearing the red fedora, only it wore a large grey fedora, purple mask, a purple cape, a purple jacket with four golden buttons, and a blue turtleneck under the jacket. Flying the plane was a well built and muscular duck wearing a pilots cap, a tan scarf wrapped around its neck, a dark red long-sleeved pilot shirt, old fashioned brown pilots pants, with a belt and black boots that started at his knees.  Finally, was a little girl around nine or ten with red hair put up into pigtails, a purple sports shirt with the number one on it, pink sleeves, and sneakers.  She also had shining green eyes.

T-Bone looked in back of the jet and Razor stared back at him, both giving the ‘It’s not such a boring night anymore’ look. They dove after the strange plane and followed it.

Meanwhile, inside of the Thunderquack, Darkwing Duck watched the Fearsome Five fall downwards, and watched Quackerjack take out a rubber ducky from his jester pants and pull a tap, causing a large hot air balloon with a rubber duck basket on it to catch the Fearsome Five.

“Come on, Launchpad! We need to catch the Fearsome Five. For they can run, but they can’t hide from the mighty masked mallard!” Darkwing exclaimed.

“Okay, DW,” Launchpad Mcquack exclaimed, following on the tail of the rubber ducky hot air balloon.

“Dad, just where are we?!” Gosalyn asked, looking down at the city.

“Heh. Welll….tell you the truth. I don’t know, but it looks a little bit like St.  Canard,” Darkwing replied.

“DW, aheh, a jet is following us!” Launchpad exclaimed.

“I’ll handle this one, Launchpad, for they must be the police force or the city’s heroes,” Darkwing said, slightly raising up the Thunderquack’s canopy.

“Ah, gee, DW…  Isn’t that kind of dangerous?” Launchpad asked.

“Well, yes, but Danger is my middle name. Turn the Thunderquack around, Launchpad,” Darkwing said, climbing onto the pink bill of the Thunderquack he lifted up his black gas gun and shot a gas pellet down, making blue smoke come out.  He made sure, before he shot out the smoke, that the Thunderquack was hovering.

“I am the terror that flaps in the night.  I am the leak in your roof that won’t stop dripping.  I am Daaaarrkkwwiinngg Duck!” Darkwing shouted,  leaping out of the blue cloud of smoke and giving a dramatic pose.

T-Bone stared. “No offense to this guy or anything, but.. it seems he has quite a bit of an ego.”

“Well, T-Bone, that’s probably his way of getting villains’ attention. At least we know who he is now,” Razor said.

“That’s right, sureshot.”  T-Bone smiled and looked at the duck flying the plane and signalled for him to please land.

“Ah! DW!” called Launchpad Mcquack from the inside of the Thunderquack. “Those kats are wanting me to land.”

On the bill of the plane, Darkwing gave an annoyed sigh  “If we land, we’ll never catch my evil nemesis and twin, NEGADUCK!” Darkwing exclaimed, then looked at the kats inside of the jet.  They could be villains for all Darkwing knew. He didn’t trust them one bit.

“T-Bone, I don’t think that funny-looking duck named Darkwing even trusts us,” Razor observed.

“He doesn’t know who we are.  And, I’m certainly not coming out of blue smoke and shouting ‘I am the terror..’ thing. I wonder if they have a radio inside that thing…,” T-Bone said out loud, grabbing his microphone.  “Darkwing Duck, we are the Swat Kats, heroes of this city. We would like you to land so we can know what is going on,” T-Bone said.

“And, so you can explain about all these other strange things we’ve been seeing,” Razor added.

Launchpad heard the message.  He looked over to see Darkwing also had heard while he was entering the Thunderquack. “Come on, DW.  They’re heroes, just like us!”

“Keen gear! Look at their jet!” Gosalyn beamed in awe.

“D’ooooooh. Fine!!!! Land the Thunderquack, LP,”  Darkwing said, annoyed, and added a sigh at the end of his sentence. Darkwing’s eyes suddenly widened.  He had forgotten for a minute about Launchpad’s crash landings!!!

Launchpad went down, and crashlanded, with not a scratch on the Thunderquack though, on the pavement below.

“HOLY KATS!” T-Bone exclaimed.

“T-Bone, we have to go down there and see if they’re okay.  Anyways, we’re the ones who asked them to land….. not crash,” Razor added, his eyes widened.

“Roger that, Sureshot,” T-Bone replied, gently landing the Turbokat next to the other plane.  He was shocked to see no damage had been done to the plane that had crashed.

T-Bone and Razor jumped out after the canopy had slid open.  They saw the strange duck.  It was obvious he wasn’t the least bit happy.

Gosalyn watched as the two tomkats walked forward and grinned. “Hey, dad, the big yellow kat with yellow fur looks like Em’s type!”

“How do you know? She lives on the streets, Gosalyn! Have you been talking to her? If you are, please convince her to live in an orphanage,” Darkwing said, all of a sudden looking kind.  Then, he went back to his mistrusting look.

“Daddd.. I’ve only talked to her twice – I’ve tried to tell her to live in an orphanage, but she always says ‘I’ve lived on the streets since I was five. For ten years. I’m AM NOT LEAVING,’”  Gosalyn responded, annoyed at her dad for not letting her finish her sentence before.

“We’ll talk about this later, young lady,” Darkwing said and walked up to the two kats.

“You alright, Darkwing? Looks like you crashlanded there,” the big yellow kat observed.

“Oh.. that? That’s my side-kick’s normal landings,” Darkwing said, looking at Launchpad.

Launchpad gave a sheepish shrug.

“So, how did you get here anyways? And, what were those things that fell from the sky?” Razor questioned, sounding excited.

“Well, you see the Fearsome Five were going about doing bank robbing in St. Canard, the city I protect.  Well, I, the mighty masked mallard,” Darkwing started, giving a dramatic pose for a moment then continued, “Went after those crooks! Well, right when I almost caught them, this…… small skeletal kat holding a pocket watch, that must have been larger than he was, appeared.  Then, the next thing we knew we’re flying through a black hole and chasing the Fearsome Five.  Then, we land here,” Darkwing explained.

‘Kats alive,’ T-Bone thought.  ‘This guy’s ego is bigger than Africa, and what is the Pastmaster doing in his dimension?’

“Those things that fell from the sky before you, were the Fearsome Five, if I am correct. Why does that other duck look like you?” Razor asked.  Then, he paused a moment.  “He’s your Dark-self….. correct?  Dark Darkwing?”

“Yes, they were the Fearsome Five.  And, his name is NEGADUCK.  He comes from the Negaverse.   The jester duck you saw is Quackerjack.  The hamster/dog/ rat whatever he is wearing a plug hat is Megavolt.  He’s afraid of me; I’ve sent him to the electric chair, twice,” Darkwing said.

T-Bone and Razor looked at each other and decided not to comment.

“The water dog is the Liquidator.  The plant/duck is Bushroot, and the duck that looks like me, the leader of the Fearsome Five, is the evil cunning NEGADUCK!” Darkwing exclaimed.

“They could be anywhere by now. With the looks of them, Feral’s probably gonna try to  catch ’em and make himself look good,” T-Bone said, rolling his eyes.

“What kind of name is Feral?”  Gosalyn asked.

“You know your job is quite dangerous, why do you have a kid with you?” Razor asked.

“Heh… uhh I rescued her from a burning sidewalk!” Darkwing lied.

T-Bone knew that was a lie. “Really. Who is she?” he asked.

Darkwing sighed.  He had no idea where the Fearsome Five were.  They could be watching him for all he knew.  So, he mouthed the words, ‘My daughter.’

T-Bone and Razor gave an understanding look.

“Oh yea?! I’m the one who got us out of there, SPARKY!” Bushroot shouted angrily as his vine arms wrapped around Megavolt, and Quackerjack.


Quackerjack growled  “Yeah, Bushbrain – it was Megavolt and I who got us out there!”

“No it was I, the Liquidator!” the Liquidator shouted, wrapped around Quackerjack and Bushroot.

“SHUT UP, YOU KNOBS!!!!”  Negaduck’s angry shout echoed around the walls of the not-so-abandoned warehouse. “I found someone who’s as cunning and smart as me for a change who can help us.” Negaduck smiled evilly, showing off his pointy teeth and roaring his trusty chainsaw. The other members of the Fearsome Five (Quackerjack, Megavolt, Liquidator, Bushroot) stopped fighting and gulped as they saw a massive purple kat wearing a dark robe with chains and shields on his shoulders, a hood on his head.  Pink and purple creatures surrounded him, chattering and giggling.

“Fearsome Five…. meet Dark Kat.” Negaduck grinned.

Bushroot, Quackerjack, Liquidator, Megavolt all gulped and knew that they should stop fighting.  Negaduck was bad, but imagine what this psycho kat could do…….  Frankly, the Fearsome Five didn’t want to know….

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