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A Guardian in the City

By Emmerette' Snow

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  • 1,967 Words

Em Clots has come back to Earth from a large space station that rotates around Saturn. Her father leaves her with Jake and Chance. While she stays with them, T-Bone and Razor meet a mysterious girl that helps them then leaves when no one is looking. Jake and Chance are starting to wonder who Em is and if she’s related to their new friend.

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Author's Notes:

Title: A Guardian in the City
Author: Emmerette’ Snow
E-mail: Toongirl16@aol.com
Summary: Em (this is my last character with the name Em, I promise) Clots has come back to Earth from a large space station that rotates around Saturn.  Her father leaves her with Jake and Chance. While she stays with them, T-Bone and Razor meet a mysterious girl that helps them then leaves when no one is looking. Jake and Chance are starting to wonder who Em is and if she’s related to their new friend.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own Guardian Midnight and Em Clots, her father, the space station. I do not own T-Bone, Razor, Jake, Chance, or any other Swat Kat character and Megakat City.

Nineteen year old Em Clots watched the telephone poles go by as  her father sighed. “I’m sure going to miss you up on the space station.  But, when you come back in a year, we’ll have a big party with laughter and  dancing.”  Her father smiled, his dark brown hair swaying in the wind flowing  through the open window.

“I wish I didn’t have to go….,”  Em whispered, her long light brown hair going haywire. She looked at her tan fur in the mirror of the visor, her brown/greenish eyes sparkled.

“Here we are.”  Her father sighed, moving his thick black glasses frames up his nose some.  His pink nose twitched as he went up to the salvage yard and up to the front door of the building there. The cold night wind was whipping against him, crickets were chirping loudly.

Em watched from inside her father’s car.  She could feel tears welling up  in her eyes as she watched.  A minute later, her father was back and helped her  with her baggage.  She got out of the small green pickup truck and watched the  yellow-furred mechanic with stripes climb up on the car trailer hitched to her  father’s car. The mechanic got into Em’s car and slowly backed it down the ramp  onto the ground and parked it inside the garage.  Em watched her purple station  wagon disappear into the garage.

“Daddy…,” she whispered.

“Don’t worry, Em.  I’ll be back in a year.  School on Earth isn’t going  to be that bad. In fact, it’s the space station’s requirement.  Soon, you’ll  be back in the space station seeing Saturn’s large rings. In the meantime, keep  looking at the picture I gave you. I wish I could stay. But, my best friends,  Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong, will watch over you. Soon, they’ll be like  fathers to you.”

Her father smiled and hugged Em gently.  Then, he waved and got into his  truck.  He drove away, tapping on the brakes, making the brake lights go on and  off, a way to say goodbye and good luck.

“Hi Em.  My name is Jake and the kat inside the garage parking your car is  Chance.”  Jake gave her a warm and friendly smile.

Em gave a small grin. “I’m Em Clots, like my dad said.”  She blushed.

“How about we show you to your room?” Chance asked, walking up.

Em nodded.

Jake took Em’s backpack while Chance took the large roll-around luggage  case, and Em took her pajama sack and other possessions she had. She followed the  two tom-kats up a staircase into a long hallway.  They went to the door nearest  to a bathroom and opened it. They then placed Em’s luggage down.

Em looked inside.  The walls were light blue.  A queen-sized bed with clean,  purple sheets was in middle of the room.  There was a small bed stand with a lamp  and a cup with a flower in it.  A shelf was over the bed.  There was a dresser in  the back part of the room with a mirror hanging above it and a small TV on a mat  on top of the dresser. Em noticed the small closet and the drawers under the bed.   A door in her room led to the bathroom.

“We tried to get the place cleaned up as good as we could when we heard you  were coming.” Jake smiled.

“It’s great! I love it!” Em grinned.

“I painted the walls!” Chance grinned proudly.

“And, *I* did pretty much all the cleaning!” Jake smiled.

“Thanks guys!” Em smiled and hugged them both.

“Let us know if you need anything, we work out in the Salvage Yard.   Sometimes, we’ll be away at other salvage yards, so when you hear a loud alarm, it  just means we gotta be going.”  Chance shrugged.

“Okay.”  Em grinned.

The two tom-kats left her to move in.  Em undid the large suitcase first and  took out all the hangars from the small closet and hung up all her clothes.  She  went over to her dresser and put pajamas on the first shelf, underwear on the  second shelf, socks and the last of her pajamas in the next.

She started getting out her possessions. The first thing she picked up was  a silver picture frame holding a picture of her mother and father grinning in front of a space station window with a good clear vision of Saturn and its rings.  Em blinked back tears and set the frame facing her bed and put the cup with the  flowers in it next to the frame.

She opened up the drawers under her bed and put her cards, board games,  camera, and videos inside. When she had finished that, she looked at the small  shelf over her bed.  She took the book series she was reading and placed them on  the shelves and put up two bookends after she finished placing the books.  She  then opened a drawer on her nightstand and put blank paper, paper with lines,  different colored paper, a pen, pencil, crayons, markers, and colored pencils in.

She let out a loud yawn and put the luggage cases in back of the small closet  and got out a pair of pajamas.  She went into her little bathroom, took a shower,  got into pajamas and put her clothes into a hamper that pulled out of wall near the  bathroom door.

Em got into her bed.  The sheets felt nice.  She soon fell to sleep.

Em woke up the next morning to a broom handle hitting the ceiling below her  room. She blinked.

“Time to wake up!” Jake’s voice called.

Em groaned.  This must be his alarm clock technique. Once again, she hit  the shower and put on her space station uniform that looked more like a one  piece all-together suit. It was a light blue shirt, a purple vest with a golden  name badge and the space station’s symbol, a short blue skirt, purple pants that  went out of the skirt and a little below her knees until her black boots came.

That done, she went down the stairs to meet Jake and Chance for breakfast.   She blinked when she heard a whistle, and she looked over at Chance.

Chance had his mouth hanging open. “I’ve never seen anything like that suit you’re wearing….,” he managed to stutter.

“It’s the space station’s uniform.”  Em grinned.

Jake turned around and handed Em some pancakes.  She ate them and looked  at her watch. “Well, I gotta get ta’ school now. Thanks for breakfast and the  wake up call!” she called out to Jake and Chance.

“No problem!” they responded.

Em went out to the garage and looked at her car.  She got in and drove off to school.

Later that night, a mysterious young girl appeared, wearing a black  sailor’s collar, a tight white sailor’s shirt with a silver bow, and a black  locket.  The shirt tucked into a black mini-skirt and a black jeweled belt  holding up a golden sword with a silver sheath.  There was a strange birthmark  on her forehead of a silver upside-down crescent moon with golden wings attached  to it, and, finally, two huge angel wings were folded behind her back.

Jake read about the strange girl in the newspaper he was reading out loud  to Chance.

“Isn’t that the girl we saw last night who kinda helped us, then abandoned  us without a word?” Chance yawned tiredly.

“Yep. That’s the one. She was so close to hitting the Turbokat too…”   Jake’s mutter trailed off.

“Good thing she didn’t…,” Chanced muttered back.  He watched Jake go  into the broom closet and hit the ceiling with the top of the broom handle. He  heard a muttering of, “I’m up, I’m up!” come from the upstairs room.

He laughed as he saw Em come in tiredly.  Although she was dressed and  clean, she looked pooped.

“Why so tired?” Jake asked.

“Couldn’t…..sleep…last night,” she muttered.

Jake handed Em the newspaper after she had made her breakfast and ate it.  Her eyes widened.  “Holy Kats no…  They can’t see  ” she started, then looked  over the paper.  Chance and Jake were giving her a funny look.

“Uhhh….. I mean…. it looks like…. she didn’t want to be seen!” Em said then looked at her watch. “Well, I gotta go! BYE!” Em shouted and ran to her car.

Jake listened to the car rush out of the driveway. “Chance, is it just me or  is Em acting a bit strange today?” he questioned.

“It ain’t just you,” Chance replied.

Three months went by, and the sightings of the mysterious girl increased. Jake  and Chance were now certain that the mysterious girl had something to do with Em.   They watched her come down the stairs.  She had learned the looks on their faces.  They had figured out who she was.

“Em… we know….. who you are…..,” Chance muttered.

“I know, and I know who you are…. T-Bone, Razor.”  Em grinned, leaning  against the counter.

“How did you figure it out?” Jake asked.

“Well, I’ve seen your jet in the desert, and I’ve seen it fly here then  disappear, and I can sometimes hear the engines starting up.  And,… you figured  me out… how?” Em asked, drinking a diet cola.

“Well…,” Jake started.

“We kept on noticing how tired you were each morning and how you mumbled  things when we showed you the paper.  Also, that silver choker with a black gem on  it leaves an outline on your neck. And, you fall asleep during David Litterbin…. and you talk in your sleep.”  Chance shrugged.

“Welp. Ya’ figured me out.”  Em grinned.

As months passed by, Chance and Em found themselves growing closer and closer  until the day Chance asked if she’d marry him.

“Em, I really like being with you…  Will you marry me?” Chance asked.

Em stared at him in disbelief, then a huge smile broke out on her face. “YES!” she screamed and hugged him.

When their wedding day came, her parents, family, and friends from the space  station came.  Em, at first, was nervous as she walked down the aisle.  When she  saw Chance turn and Jake smile, she felt a lot better. A few minutes seemed like  seconds as the priest talked.

Em and Chance kissed and were finally married.

Now, that the Swat Kats had a friend, they knew that it would be easier beating villains.

Soon, Em had a kitten on the way.  Chance didn’t want her helping them while  she was pregnant. But, she always managed to turn into Guardian Midnight and help  them.  After the nine months had slowly gone by, Em had twins, a girl and a boy.  They named the girl Selenity, Selena for short, and the boy Artemis.

The End..?

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