Original SWAT Kats Story

Wedding Bell Blues

By Elizabeth "Razor" Berndt

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,663 Words

Two particular couples from Jade Callan’s works are getting married, but Dark Kat has his own agenda. An alternate continuation of Jade Callan’s series.

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Author's Notes:

Wedding Bell Blues by Your friend, Elizabeth “Razor” Berndt

Chance was awakened by the sounds of “The Bob and Tomkat Show”, blaring from his alarm clock.

Wearily, he got up from his bed, ready to start the day. He was wondering how Jake and Sami were.

After all, they had their own house, and MegaKat City had been cleansed of all villainy….Or so they thought. But, the thoughts of whether this day would be ruined slipped Chance’s mind as he got ready for his wedding.

After slipping on his tuxedo, Chance picked up the phone to call his old buddy. “Hey, Jake ! How are you and Sami getting along ? Did you know IÌm getting married today ?” Chance said.

“Wouldn’t you know it, but I’m getting married too !” Jake said. Chance was flabbergasted.

“No kidding !” Chance said.

“Crud ! I just forgot ! If I don’t make it down to the church in time, Sami will throw a fit ! I better get ready !” Jake said.

“Well, I’ll see you at the church, buddy.” Chance said, hanging up the phone.

Chance couldn’t believe that his friend was getting married in the same place he and Felina were getting married. It just seemed too weird.

But, no time to think about that, he had to get to the church. Chance got into his jet-black Corvette and drove to the church.

Still, Chance wondered, “MegaKat City is too quiet…..I feel as if I’m being watched. Well, at least I own the Swat Kats’ Secret Headquarters if there is any trouble….And I’m sure Felina has a gun if anyone tries anything funny at our wedding !”

Chance drove on to the church, but Jake was way ahead of him. Jake was already there ! He was just too punctual !

The church was a beautiful landmark, surrounded by beautiful trees, and a clear blue stream running by it.

The building was so tall, that Chance couldn’t believe it’s size when he walked inside its doors.

Once he walked in, he could see that Jake had beaten him, once again. “How do you DO that ?” Chance grumbled.

Jake laughed, “It just comes to me naturally !”

Felina came beside Chance. “Well, Chance. It’s good to see you, for once.” She chuckled.

“Same here, beautiful,” Chance said, kissing her.

Both the couples were very nervous. Inside the church, they could see all the citizens of MegaKat City. The place was packed ! News reporters from all around came just to see what was to be “The Wedding of the Century !”

Soon, it was time for the wedding to begin.

Meanwhile, Dark Kat was waiting to crash the wedding and terminate any living citizen. Dark Kat had snapped. He and his Kremlings were waiting…and, Chance and Jake knew that something fishy was going on. But, all of super-villains of MegaKat City had been terminated by themselves, the Swat Kats….

‘Maybe Dark Kat isn’t dead.’ Chance thought.

‘I feel bad vibes in the air….This ISN’T going to be good…’ Jake thought. While thinking about that, they couldn’t really worry about villains at the moment…It was their wedding that was the most important at this hour.

Right before the couples could kiss, Dark Kat stepped in. The priest hid behind his altar.

“Oh, great ! Not Dark Kat !” the priest said, scared to death…and fearful of what Dark Kat had in mind.

“Guess what hot shots ? I’m NOT dead !” he laughed menially. “How did you know who we were ?” Chance yelled. ÍOh, if you donÌt remember…The Metallikats were working with me a long time ago, and before they were deactivated, they told me your little secret !” Dark Kat screamed with delight.

“Why you little….” Chance said.

“How could you do such a thing ?!” Jake exclaimed.

“That’s simple. i’ve got power, and you don’t ! Oh, how I hate this masquerade ! Kremlings, destroy them !” Dark Kat said.

The Kremlings came at them head on. “Stand back !” Felina said, pulling out her gun. One by one, the Kremlings fell…And blood was everywhere. Felina’s dress was covered in blood, and it was splattered all over the congregation !

“Now it’s YOUR turn, Dark Kat !” Felina screamed, shooting at Dark Kat, madly. Dark Kat fell to the ground with a hard thud.

“He’s dead, Chance.” Jake said, seriously.

Then, Jake started to laugh at his own joke.

“Nice shootin’, Felina.” Chance said, patting her on the back. “I’ve still got it, babe.” Felina said, smiling.

“YUCK ! Will some one please get rid of those corpses ? I think I’m gonna….” the priest said, running to the nearest window. The congregation was a muddle of talking, and watched Jake and Chance cautiously.

Jake, Chance, Felina and Sami took the dead bodies and threw them out a window.

“That’s the last of Dark Kat !” Jake said, happily.

“Yeah. Thank God.” Chance said.

The priest came back from the window and came back to the altar, a bit embarrassed by making a fool out of himself. But, the ceremony had to go on. “OK. Let’s continue. AHEM ! You may both now kiss the bride.”, the priest said.

The couples kissed and the entire blood soaked congregation, including a sobbing Lt. Feral applauded for the newlyweds.

The reception was nothing short of cool. Even though news reporters were asking them countless questions, the dancing was out of sight.

“May I have one last dance with my niece ?” Feral asked, a tear glistening in his eye.

“You sure may, uncle.” Felina said, taking his paw. Feral and his niece reminisced about the old days when she was an enforcer, but he didnÌt have a grudge on the Swat Kats anymore. He felt like they had saved his niece’s life. Deputy Mayor Briggs was MAYOR now, and she seemed to be enjoying her job.

She was also at the reception, with many other beautiful single girls. She liked both Chance and Jake, but she realized that the kat of her dreams, Jake Clawson was married. She quietly walked up to Jake, and said, “Jake. I never told you that I actually had feelings for you, but now….” She started to cry.

“Please don’t cry, Callie….” Jake said, hugging her. He told her that there would be other kats, more handsome and richer than himself…But, they would always be friends.

“Good. I’m glad to here that you are my friend, Jake.” Callie said. All of a sudden, a slick young kat named Hans with a killer smile came sauntering by.

“Hello, princess.” Hans said, kissing CallieÌs hand.

“My, my. You are quite proper, sir. What is your name ?” Callie asked.

“Hans Kallaway. I’d like to have the honor of dancing with you, Mayor.” Hans said. “See, Cal. What did I tell ya.” Jake said.

Years later, Chance decided to have a big family reunion, and he would invite Jake and his family.

He had taught his two boys, Maxwell and C.J. , how to fly. They were both old enough to learn now.

Chance was going to fly to AnnaKatta Island (with Maxwell, C.J., and Felina as the co-pilots) for the reunion. Jake had already arrived there with his little girl, Lea.

By the time Chance had gotten there, he realized he was a bit late…but not THAT late.

“Hey, Chance….You came earlier than usual.” Jake said, hugging his old friend.

“Maxwell and C.J. have certainly grown !” Sami said, watching the little boys play.

Commander Feral was there as well, standing proud. He was full of pride, while watching his niece and his son-in-law with his two nephews. He was now a great-uncle. He was so happy.

Feral wanted to talk to Jake and Chance in private. Sami and Felina stayed behind and chatted, while they watched their husbands talk to Feral.

“If there is evil in the future, weÌll take care of it…And we’ll have help from the best future aces…Maxwell, C.J., and Lea…..With them, the enforcers will be more powerful !” Chance said.

“You do have a point, Furlong. I know you are right. If any trouble happens to plague MegaKat City again, you will be there, and your secret remains safe with us. You won’t have to worry about the arguments we’ve had in the past, for you paid your debt off a long time ago.” Feral said, patting both Jake and Chance on the shoulder.

“Thanks, sir,” they said, saluting him.

They walked back to their wives, with big smiles.

“You see, Chance. I told you the fighting’s over, and the war has been won.” Felina said, holding Chance’s paw.

Suddenly, Sami got out her camera and took a picture….”Hey, guys ! SMILE !” she said. Everyone smiled, and a beautiful picture came out. >Chance looked at the picture, and grinned.

Felina was right, the war was over….MegaKat City was going to be peaceful from now on…But, if any evil was to plague MegaKat City, the Swat Kats would be there to stop it, along with the future enforcers….Maxwell, C.J., and Lea.

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