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SWAT Kratts

By E. R. Fulner

  • 2 Chapters
  • 6,062 Words

Chapter 2 Up! Aliens are back in Megakat City, but this time they are not invaders. Thanks to a mishap, they have a lot of repairs to make their vessel, but first they have to deal with nosey Kats Eye News reporter Anne Gora and the sinister Dark Kat, who has his own plans for the visitors who call themselves humans. (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: SWAT Kratts
Author: E.R. Fulner
Email: EERF77@Gmail.com
Date: 8-27-17
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Disclaimers: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron” and “Wild Kratts” are copyright to their respective owners/creators.

Chapter 2

“This is Anne Gora, Kats Eye News, speaking to you live just outside Megakat Park. Just an hour ago, an alien ship appeared out of nowhere above the city and landed in the park. The Enforcers have blocked off the area, and as I speak, Commander Feral, the SWAT Kats and even Deputy Mayor Briggs have gone inside to investigate. We have not been allowed to follow them and take pictures, but as soon as we get any further developments, we’ll let you know.”

“Annie, look, the Enforcers are leaving!” exclaimed her camerakat Johnny, pointing at the tanks that were filing out of the park.

One of them pulled alongside the news van, and stepping out of it, Feral’s sergeant said, “Ms. Gora, it’s alright for you to go in and take pictures now; the situation is under control.”

“Well it’s about time!” she snapped. “But, what about the aliens??”

“They’re harmless, Ms. Gora, I saw them myself,” stated Sgt. Clawmore as Johnny pointed his camera at him. “They’re speaking with the Commander, Lieutenant Feral, the Deputy Mayor and the SWAT Kats right now inside their ship. In other words, they’re friendly, and they’re also not turtles either, they just built it like one. So, go in and see for yourself. The Commander told us to return to headquarters.”

Before Anne could ask him anything else, the sergeant got back into his tank and drove away in a cloud of dust.

“You heard him, Johnny, let’s go!” exclaimed the she-kat reporter as she hopped into the news van.

“You sure about this, Annie?” asked her camerakat.

“Come on, don’t be a scardy kat. This will be my biggest scoop ever if I can get an interview with the aliens!” she replied.

Inside his cave hideout, Dark Kat had been watching the news when his creepling spy came in and started chittering away in a language that only the omega could understand.

“Ahhh, so you saw the aliens, did you?” he smirked.

Nodding its head, the creepling said, “They’re called humans, Master. They’re from another universe.”

“Very interesting,” smiled Dark Kat. “Were you able to get on board their vessel to see if they had any weapons?”

“I’m sorry, Master, there were too many Enforcers. I didn’t want anyone to see me,” it said. “The SWAT Kats are there too, as well as Deputy Mayor Briggs.”

“Yes, I heard,” growled the omega, slamming his fist onto the table. “Those two accursed foes of mine have stopped my plans to destroy Megakat City numerous times, but no longer! Certainly those aliens have something that we can use, but for now, we will just bide our time. Knowing Ms. Anne Gora, we’ll learn more about our alien visitors very soon.”

Inside the Tortuga, the human visitors were showing the SWAT Kats and the others the main deck of the ship. A glass skylight let the sun come in, giving the room an overall pleasant look. There were also several potted plants and an actual tree growing in the corner. On the wall was a large viewscreen. Half of it showed the park and surrounding city, the other half was a digital map of the human’s planet. To the left was the main computer, which Koki had started working on. Aviva then pointed at what was left of her invention, which she had installed into the main console in the center of the room… just a pile of melted metal and burnt wires.

“Holy kats, when you said it was fried, like you weren’t kidding!” exclaimed T-bone.

“Fortunately, I do have all of the necessary compnents on board to rebuild it,” she replied. “It just might take me a week or so to finish everything.”

“A week?!?” exclaimed Jimmy, “But I’ll starve by then!”

“Will you relax,” sighed Chris, “I’m quite sure that the kats have plenty of food in their city. Although, it may be a bit different from ours…”

“We like tuna, actually,” shrugged Razor.

“Of course, you are kats after all,” said the red-haired human, “I can eat that, but I was thinking of maybe a large pizza with extra cheese and pepperoni?”

“Oh brother,” sighed Martin. “You and your stomach, Jimmy.”

“Sure, we eat pizza!” smiled T-bone. “As a matter of fact, there’s a place not far from here that me and Razor go to all the time. It’s very popular!”

“Are you talking about Jestors?” asked Ms. Briggs. “I go there during my lunch hour every so often.”

“Yeah, but we always get a SWAT Kats take out late at night, when nobody is around,” said Razor. “The owner knows us. I pick up the order by the back door on my cyclotron.”

“So, do you hot shots actually pay him?” replied Commander Feral, sounding sarcastic.

“Of course we do; we’re not broke!” T-bone snarled.

“Huh, so what’s his problem?” said Chris, pointing his thumb at the Enforcer leader.

“Ehh, never mind Feral; he’s a sorehead,” said Razor, which caused the Commander to growl under his breath. “But, tell you what, I’ll order up a couple of pies, one with extra cheese and pepperoni, the other one with tuna and anchovies for us. It’ll be our treat.”

“Hey, that’s great!!” exclaimed Jimmy, “But, don’t hog the tuna and anchovie pizza all to yourselves. I’ll try anything!”

“Yuck, you can have it,” said Aviva, sticking out her tongue. “That sounds really gross to me.”

“To each his or her own,” shrugged Callie. “I happen to love it like most kats do. I get a slice every week. But, what is this, Aviva?”

The Deputy Mayor had picked up a circular metal disc off the console and was curiously looking at it.

Taking it from the she-kat, Aviva said, “That’s a creature power disc… a bengal tiger disc to be precise. We thought we could use it in the ice ages, but we ended up here instead of our planet’s distant past. Bengal tigers live in a place called India. They’re endangered. The DNA of the animal is stored in the disc. All Martin and Chris have to do is insert discs like this one into their creature power suits and touch the animal whose picture is on the disc. That activates the suit, and they attain their abilities. They do this in order to study the animal more closely.”

“We call it creature adventuring,” smiled Martin. “That’s our mission, to study and protect Earth’s wildlife.”

“Which means the sooner we get home, the better,” stated Chris. “I’m worried that those troublemakers back home will have a field day without us around.”

“Troublemakers?” asked Felina.

“Yeah, Zach Varmitech, Donita Donata, and Gourmond,” said Martin.

“Don’t forget Paisley Paver,” sighed Jimmy.

“Oh yeah, right,” said Chris. “Unlike us, they’re not very nice humans. They try to harm wildlife and use them for their own use. You kats should be glad that we’re here instead of them, who knows what they would try to do to you.”

“Yeah, we got our own bad guys too,” said Razor. “Dark Kat is the worst of the bunch.”

“D-Dark Kat??” gulped Jimmy. “He sounds kinda creepy.”

“He is, little buddy,” said T-bone. “That’s why we don’t want you guys wandering around Megakat City by yourself; there are lots of creeps around besides him.”

“But what other sorts of ‘inventions’ do you have?” asked Commander Feral, looking around the deck. “I suppose you don’t have any weapons of some sort?”

“Uncle, how can you ask them that?!?” exclaimed Felina. “They’ve been nice to us ever since they arrived!!”

“That’s quite alright, Lieutenant,” nodded Aviva. “As a matter of fact, we do have one weapon, but we only use it as a last resort, in case our ship is attacked. One time, Zach sent his zachbots after us, and we had no choice but to deactivate them with our electrical disrupter. Oh, and we also have a device called a miniaturizor. Martin and Chris use it to shrink themslves down to the size of a particular creature in order to follow it more closely. I actually invent stuff all the time, but only to advance our cause of protecting life on Earth.”

As Felina glared at her uncle, she said, “Are you convinced now that the humans are friendly?”

“I’m just being cautious,” Feral nodded back. “Don’t worry, I believe them. But, as soon as your ship is recharged, please move it somewhere else that’s out of the way.”

“Of course I will, Commander,” said Jimmy, saluting him. “First thing tomorrow, when we can fly again. But, where can we go?”

“I think I have the perfect place,” said Razor, smiling at him.

“Buddy, if you’re thinking about our secret hanger, absolutely no way!!” exclaimed T-bone.

“No, of course not. Calm down, will you?” he sighed. “I was thinking of the beach near Professor Hackle’s laboratory. It’s about a mile or so outside the city. It’s the perfect spot for Aviva to start rebuilding her device, and I think the Professor would be very interested in meeting our friends in person.”

“Dr. Sinian would love to meet you too,” smiled Callie. “So, before you go to the Professor’s lab, I’d like you all to come to the Megakat Museum with me. Abi is opening up a new wing at 9AM. It’s dedicated to outer space, ironically enough.”

“Sure, we’d be honored!” said Chris. “But, we can’t all go. Somebody has to stay with the Tortuga.”

“I’ll stay,” said Koki. “I have a lot of work to do on the ship’s computer systems.”

“And, I’ll stay too to guard your vessel,” nodded Felina.

“Thank you so much,” grinned Aviva. “Muchas Gracias, Seniorita Feral.”

“I beg your pardon?” said the lieutenant, raising her eyebrows.

“I just said thank you in my native language. I was originally born in a country called Spain,” explained Aviva, “But then my parents and I moved to New York when I was in high school. It’s our home city when we’re not traveling in the Tortuga. Megakat City kind of reminds us of New York. It’s just as large, and it also has real big buildings and skyscrapers.”

“Don’t remind me please. I’m feeling a bit homesick right now,” sighed Jimmy.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get back home, I promise,” said Aviva, who then glanced at the viewscreen and noticed that a van had pulled into the park. “Excuse me, but were you expecting someone else to be here?”

“Oh great, it’s Kats Eye News,” sighed Callie as she saw Anne Gora get out of the van with her camerakat. “Be prepared to have a microphone shoved into your faces. Come on, let’s go outside and get this over with.”

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  1. E.R. Fulner says:

    More chapters to come, thanks to Kristin for correcting my errors.

  2. E.R. Fulner says:

    Story suspended until further notice. I’m sort of stuck as to how to continue it. Maybe I’ll do so in 2018, but right now I’m more interested in other things besides fan fiction.

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