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SWAT Kratts

By E. R. Fulner

  • 2 Chapters
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Chapter 2 Up! Aliens are back in Megakat City, but this time they are not invaders. Thanks to a mishap, they have a lot of repairs to make their vessel, but first they have to deal with nosey Kats Eye News reporter Anne Gora and the sinister Dark Kat, who has his own plans for the visitors who call themselves humans. (Work In-Progress)

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Author's Notes:

Title: SWAT Kratts
Author: E.R. Fulner
Email: EERF77@Gmail.com
Date: 8-7-17
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Disclaimers: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron” and “Wild Kratts” are copyright to their respective owners/creators.

Summary: Aliens are back in Megakat City, but this time they are not invaders. Thanks to a mishap, they have a lot of repairs to make their vessel, but first they have to deal with nosey Kats Eye News reporter Anne Gora and the sinister Dark Kat, who has his own plans for the visitors who call themselves humans.

Author’s Note: My first story on this site. I’m known as Roller77 on Fanfiction.net.

Chapter 1

“What in the world was that??” exclaimed Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, who was working on a speech for Mayor Manx.

He was scheduled to be at the Megakat Museum of History the following day, where Callie’s friend, Dr. Abby Sinian, was the curator. She was opening up a new wing dedicated to the exploration of outer space. It had been exactly one year since the pirates had tried to steal all of the planet’s water. But, despite the fact that Katrus had nearly been destroyed in the process, katkind had become very interested in the subject of aliens.

So, when the Deputy Mayor heard a loud noise that sounded like a thunderclap, even though there weren’t any storm clouds in the sky at all, she glanced out her window and gasped in astonishment because there was a spaceship hovering directly above Megakat City! It was unlike anything she had ever seen before, and that was certainly saying much because Callie had seen many strange things over the years, like giant mummies, dinosaurs, alien insects. The list went on and on. In a daze, she watched as the ship descended and landed in Manx Memorial Park, which was right across the street from city hall. As the citizens in the area ran for their nine lives, Callie took the SWAT Kats communicator out of her purse and pressed the call button.

Moments later, T-bone’s voice came over the speaker.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs, we just saw the ship land too. As luck would have it, me and Razor are doing our daily patrol of the city. In other words, here we go again.”

“Tell me about it..” she sighed. “If we’re not being attacked by one of the omegas, we’re being invaded by alien creatures. So, I’ll walk over and meet you guys in the park shortly. I want to check up on the Mayor first.”

“Now hold on, Ms. Briggs!” exclaimed Razor, “I think you should stay inside city hall where it’s safe. We’ll check the ship out by ourselves!”

“No way. I want to see these aliens for myself, and I’m tired of always running from danger!” she firmly replied. “So, I’m coming over to the park, whether you want me to or not!”

“Alright, Ms. Briggs, suit yourself. We’ll see you in a bit…” muttered T-bone, who didn’t sound very pleased.

Callie knew that the SWAT Kats cared for her safety at all times, but she was determined to see the aliens, no matter what they looked like. Leaving her office, she knocked on Manx’ door, and, not getting a response, she entered and saw an orange tail sticking out from behind the desk. Rolling her eyes, Callie sighed, “Mayor, what are you doing down there?”

“H-Hiding of course!!” gasped the portly kat, who was shivering like a leaf. “Didn’t you see that ship land? We’re being invaded again!!”

“Of course I did, sir, but I’m certain that the SWAT Kats will deal with this situation, just like they did with those other aliens. I was just about to walk across the street to investigate. Do you want to go with me?”

“Are you crazy, Callie??” exclaimed Manx as he stuck his head up. “I’m not moving from this spot until the SWAT Kats and Feral take care of those aliens!! Why do these things always happen to my citaaaaay, why??”

“Dumb luck, I suppose…” Ms. Briggs thought to herself as she left the mayor’s office and headed outside.

By this time, the park had been completely evacuated by the Enforcers, who had surrounded the alien vessel on all sides with tanks.

Commander Feral and his niece arrived soon afterwards in their chopper, and, taking one look at the otherworldly craft, Felina growled, “Crud, not again!! Tell me something, Uncle, are we just doomed to be invaded every single year??”

“It would seem so, unfortunately…” he muttered back as they approached his sergeant.

Saluting Feral, he said, “Commander, we haven’t seen any aliens yet, but if they do attack, we’ll be ready. Just give us the order to fire!”

“Very good, but we still may need help from the SWAT Kats, just like the last time,” he said.

“Uncle, am I hearing you correctly??” exclaimed an astounded Felina.

“After those pirates almost destroyed the planet, I’m not stupid,” Feral growled. “The SWAT Kats are a pain in my tail, but they can fly their jet into space! Although it still puzzles me as to how they do it…”

“Well, you can ask them yourself, Uncle,” she replied as the Turbokat landed next to their chopper.

When Razor and T-bone hopped out of their jet, the Commander and his niece approached them, but then Callie came through the line of Enforcer soldiers after demanding to be let in.

Scowling at her, Feral growled, “Ms. Briggs, what are doing here? This is a military zone!! So I suggest that you go back to city hall immediately!”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not budging!” she said, crossing her arms in defiance. “I want to see these aliens for myself, and since Mayor Manx is hiding in his office, that means I’m now the official representative of Megakat City!”

“Oh, very well,” the Commander sighed, “But, if things get a little hectic, I think you should go back, Deputy Mayor.”

“Of course, but until then, I’m staying.” she nodded.

Turning to the SWAT Kats, Feral said, “Did you two happen to see any other ships on your way here? Because, if we are being invaded again, you’ll have to be the first line of defense.”

“Negative, Commander, this is the only one so far.” Razor shrugged. “But, I doubt that we’ll need my speed of heat engines to fly into space, because that’s not where this ship came from.”

“It didn’t, Razor?” asked Felina.

“No, Lieutenant,” he said. “My three-dimensional radar picked up some kind of spatial anomaly right before the ship appeared. That’s what caused that loud noise.”

“Buddy, that still doesn’t make any sense to me,” sighed T-bone. “Can you be more specific, without all of the scientific mumbo jumbo?”

“Alright,” he said, “I think that ship came from another dimension. And, before any of you call me a crazy kat who should be locked up with Lenny Ringtail, hear me out. I recently spoke with Professor Hackle. He has this theory that there may be numerous numbers of universes out there that are parallel to ours, where beings other than kats exist. Like those alien Cikata for instance. Who knows where they came from?”

“Ugg, please don’t remind me about those giant bugs, Razor!!” snarled T-bone.

“What’s the matter, Hot Shot, don’t tell me you were afraid of those things?” smirked the Commander.

“Of course not; they were just gross,” muttered the SWAT Kat.

“You got that right. It took me a week to get that slime they spit at me out of my flight suit,” said Razor. “But, who knows, our turtle visitors just might be friendly. All they’ve done so far is land their ship.”

“Yes, and caused the citizens to panic in the process,” nodded Ms. Briggs as she glanced at the tortoise shaped vessel, “I just hope that my dear friend Anne Gora doesn’t try to spread any false rumours. The Kats Eye News van was parked outside, and Anne looked quite furious that the guards wouldn’t let her and Johnny in to take camera shots of the ship.”

“Well, Deputy Mayor, that’s just too bad for them,” stated Feral. “I’m just curious as to why our alien visitors haven’t shown their ugly faces yet.”

“Then why don’t we try to make contact with them, Uncle?” Felina shrugged.

Right after she said this, a door on the side of the ship slid open, and a ramp lowered to the ground.

Getting his glovatrix ready, T-bone exclaimed, “It looks like they heard you, Lieutenant! Ms. Briggs, get behind me and Razor, just to be safe!”

“No, T-bone, I want to get a good look at them!” she replied, holding firmly onto his other arm.

Everybody was expecting some turtle-like creatures to appear, so when something completely different came out the door, they were very surprised, to say the least. There were five of them, three males and two females, and as the aliens walked slowly down the ramp, they had their arms up in the air. This meant only one thing – they were surrendering, and without firing a single shot, which completely stunned Commander Feral and his Enforcers.

When the visitors all stood together at the bottom of the ramp with their arms still raised, T-bone muttered outloud, “Huh, what the crud are those things? They sure don’t look like turtles to me…”

“Of course we’re not turtles, you silly kat!” exclaimed one of the females, who had obviously heard him. “I just designed the Tortuga that way, after a box turtle, one of the toughest creatures on planet Earth! The outer hull is very strong, but we certainly didn’t want to test it against those tanks of yours!”

“Actually, they’re not our tanks; they belong to the Enforcers,” said Razor.

“E-Easy now, Aviva, we don’t want to make them mad,” said one of the males, who had red hair and wore a cap that was twisted sideways on his head.

“At this point, Jimmy, we’re at their mercy,” said one of the other males. Looking directly at the Enforcer leader, he said, “Commander Feral, I assure you that we’re not invaders. We don’t mean your kind any harm at all. As a matter of fact, we really like kats.”

“How do you know my name??” gasped a stunned Feral.

“We know all of your names,” said the third male. “There’s a hidden security camera in the mouth of the turtle ship. We decided to listen to your conversation first before coming out to talk to you. Sorry we scared all of your people away, but we had no choice but to land as soon as we got here. We were running out of fuel.”

“But… what are you, and why are you here?” asked Callie, looking curiously at the visitors.

They had no tails or fur whatsoever. Their faces were round without muzzles, and their ears were on sides of their heads instead of on the top. Their furless paws had five fingers instead of four, but they were also without claws.

Stepping forward, one of the females said, “We’re called humans, Deputy Mayor… but we really had no intention to be here at all. Something went completely wrong with my invention, thanks to a lightning bolt.”

“Lightning??” exclaimed Razor. “Holy Kats, how ironic is that, right T-bone?”

“Please, Razor, don’t remind me about that either,” sighed his partner.

“Sorry. So what is this invention of yours, a three-dimensional radar device?” Razor asked the female.

“No, it’s actually a time machine,” she said in a straightforward voice. “Or was, until that lightning hit our ship. Somehow, the electricity must have altered the components and turned it into a dimension machine. You see, we originally wanted to travel to our world’s distant past to study extinct sabre-toothed tigers, who died out in the ice ages over 10,000 years ago. We used to use a time trampoline, but I decided to build something that I could attach directly to the Tortuga’s main drive systems. But, before I could test my invention, the storm front came through, and, well, here we are…”

As all the kats stared incredulously at her, the female said, “What? It’s the truth, you know. I’m not lying to you. I invent all sorts of things; it’s my passion.”

“I think they’re just stunned at what you just said, Aviva.” smiled one of the males. Glancing at the kats, he said, “Yeah, she’s a genius. She has an I.Q. of over 300. She makes all sorts of things for us, and she designed the Tortuga all by herself. We wouldn’t know what to do without her, right, Chris?”

“You can say that again, Martin,” said the male next to him. “The two of us are the Kratt brothers by the way. It’s an honor to meet you, really it is. I still can’t believe it, a world ruled by kats. It’s the greatest discovery in the history of human science! I can’t wait to explore this place!”

“You and me both, bro,” said Martin, nudging his younger sibling in the shoulder.

“Now just hold on, guys!!” exclaimed Aviva, holding up her palms. “I don’t think you two should be wandering around this big alien city all by yourselves! My main concern is to get my invention repaired so we can get back to Earth as soon as possible!”

“Our city can also be very dangerous, too,” nodded T-bone.

“You heard him, guys.” Aviva shrugged. “No adventuring this time around.”

“Aww, man…” sighed Chris, dropping his arms in disappointment.

“We’d be glad to show you guys around once you refuel your ship,” smiled Razor. “What does it run on, anyways?”

“Solar energy,” said the other female with dark skin. “I’m Koki. I run the Tortuga’s computers. So, do you kats mind if we kept the turtle ship here for awhile? It’ll take at least 24 hours to recharge everything.”

“But, this is a public park!!” exclaimed Commander Feral. “What do we tell the citizens?”

“That the alien visitors are friendly, of course,” stated Callie. “In other words, your troops aren’t needed here anymore, so I suggest that you tell them to return to headquarters immediately!”

“You heard her, move out,” Feral muttered to his sergeant. “I’ll stay with my niece and keep you informed of anything.”

“Yessir, but what about the media?” he asked. “Can they come in and take pictures of the ship now?”

“I don’t see why not,” shrugged Ms. Briggs. “I think once the public finds out that the world isn’t being invaded this time they won’t riot and destroy property like many scared kats did the last time.”

“What?!?” gasped Jimmy. “You mean your planet was really invaded??”

“Twice, but I won’t give you the details, little buddy,” said T-bone, patting the small human on the shoulder.

“Thanks, I don’t want to know,” he sighed. “I’m Jimmy Z. I pilot the Tortuga.”

“Always cool to meet a fellow flyer,” smiled the striped kat. “Even if you are a weird looking alien.”

“I’m weird??” Jimmy exclaimed. “Now talking alien kats, that’s weird!”

“So, what’s so weird about that?” asked Razor.

“Well, um…” said Aviva, “Let’s just say that kats on our world are not as evolved as you are, ok? But, what are you SWAT Kats, some kind of special police force for the city?”

“Nah, that would be the Enforcers. We fight crime all by ourselves,” said T-bone.

“I get it, you’re superheroes, just like Batman and Robin!” exclaimed an excited Jimmy.

“Who?” asked Razor.

“They’re comic book characters on our world, the Caped Crusaders. They protect Gotham City from evil villains like the Joker and Penguin!” said Jimmy.

“The SWAT Kats are vigilantes, young alien,” stated Commander. “They’ve caused a lot of damage to this city; they are very reckless.”

“Uncle, please don’t start that again, not in front of our new friends,” sighed Felina.

“Jimmy, don’t listen to Feral. The SWAT Kats have saved Megakat City more times than I can count on my two paws,” smiled Callie.

“Yeah, that’s what we do all the time, is kick criminal tail!” grinned T-bone.

“Well, that’s all very well and good, but I’d like to repair my invention, if you don’t mind,” said Aviva. “So, why don’t you kats come on board and have a look around our ship while I get started?”

“We’d love to!” exclaimed Razor. “I really want to see this machine of yours!”

“There’s not much left of it, actually,” shrugged Aviva as the kats followed the humans up the ramp and inside the Tortuga.

Unknown to all of them, a little spy had been hiding under a bush the whole time. It was one of Dark Kat’s creeplings, and by this time, the Enforcer tanks had filed out of the park, so, when the coast was clear, the pink gargoyle skittered from its hiding place to tell its master everything that it had seen and heard.

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