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By Dub Kat

  • 3 Chapters
  • 23,728 Words

(Unfinished) Two human pilots, Matt Herapin and Cat O’Neal, accidentally wind up in the SWAT Kat universe and learn to survive in their new surroundings.

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Author's Notes:

Author: Dub Kat
E-Mail: dub_katz@hotmail.com
Size: 24kb

Hey everybody! Here’s a fanfic  involving 2 humans, Jake’s father (He’s later) and the usual bunch. If anybody has any comments on my fanfic, please e me and tell me! I would also like pics from scenes in the story! enjoy.

Chapter 1


Matt Herapin and his partner, Cat McNeal, sat in the briefing room onboard the space station Narayan. Matt had brown hair, green eyes and a medium build.  Cat had blonde hair.  She had brown eyes and was slender. They both enjoyed a laugh from time to time.

The Commander was going over what they would be accomplishing early this morning. They would be flying an anti-grav modified stealth jet into a constructed wormhole that would send them to Pluto.

Earth had made great advances in space travel in the last 5 years than the 50 before that. Area 51 was discovered and the secret base was forced to release their technology, so the new space age began. Plasma engines and anti-gravity capabilities were researched and tested, leaving the universe to be discovered.  There was one problem – they couldn’t yet travel at light speed. Then 5 of the most intelligent physicists, scientists, theorists and mathematicians had dreamt up the wormhole idea.  They would construct two gates, and a spaceship would fly in one end and be transported at nearly half light speed towards the other, and appear in a matter of seconds. The gates were constructed, one in orbit around earth, and the other, in orbit around Pluto. Today, the test pilots would be testing the theory and be flying into one end and appearing at the other.

“That’s what we’ll be accomplishing sir?” asked Matt as he folded together a piece of paper and slid it into his pocket.

“Yes, and now it’s time to see your craft.” The female Commander walked out of the room, with the two pilots trailing behind. They walked into the large hanger and looked at the large, black, jet they would be flying.

“Hang on, this ain’t a ship, this is an old stealth,” Matt said as he ran his hand down the length of the wing.

“Is that a problem? Can’t you fly a jet?” the commander asked.

“Of course I can fly a jet, I started out flying for the E.A.F.” He looked back at his partner, talking to a mechanic. “The cockpit is tiny!” He looked into the small compartment, just enough room for two pilots, and the weapons expert of type into the computer.

“We’ll live.” Cat was looking in too. “And besides, if we survive this, we retire.”

“No we won’t, we’re still in mid twenties.”

“We’ll have enough money to retire, the combined wealth of us for testing this will be over 15 million.” Matt was astonished at the figures. He glanced at his watch.

“I’m gonna go get ready, it’s an hour till we start.” He walked out to the locker rooms.

Seven minutes before the launch, Matt was still in the locker rooms, searching for his lucky dog-tags.

“What you lookin’ for?” Asked Cat as she walked in, in the dark green flight suits they made them where.

“My dog-tags, Lost them.” He continued to check in lockers.

“These?” He turned to see her throwing him a pair, he checked them and put them on.

“You are a saint.” He grabbed his helmet and walked out to the hanger.

“I know,” She followed him. As they walked in, the mechanics where clearing out tools and papers, Matt put his helmet on his head, Cat put on hers and Matt flicked down her visor.

“Hey! I can’t see!” She pulled it up and looked into his grinning face.

“I couldn’t help it!” He started to laugh. She looked at him, evilly. She grabbed for his visor and she pulled it down.

“Hey! Now I can’t see.” He pulled it up. He was still happy.

“Why have you been extremely happy the last few days?” Cat asked as she strapped herself in.

“It’s my birthday in two days, I’ll be twenty six.” She felt around the small pack on her front.

“Here, happy birthday.” She handed him a small box. He opened them to find a new data organiser that can recognise hand-writing and other stuff like that. “It’s pre-programmed with the maps of the world, it can be used to surf the internet and it makes a pretty good alarm clock.” She laughed at the Last one.

“They don’t sell them like this.” Matt opened it.

“Mike altered it, it’s one of a kind.”

“Cool.” The video monitor in front of them popped up and the commanders face was on it. She stared down it.

“Morning pilots, ready?” She banged on the camera.

“Fine, as long as you remembered to tape The Simpsons for me, never miss an episode” Matt joked, he put the small organiser in his front pouch.

“Ha ha, very funny. We are here to test our wormhole not your wit.”


She liked the last one. She slid the computer into it’s slot and made sure her straps where tight. Matt took the ship out of the Narayan’s hanger and into blackness. He pulled the ship round to face the metal monstrosity. STARTUP WORMHOLE PROCEDURES STARTING

The metal constructions arms, charged up and made a web of lines, the lines then became one and it looked like a giant puddle, rippling. COMPLETED COMMENCE WHEN READY

“Good Luck pilots, and fly safely.” The monitors blipped out and Matt took the ship into the hole.

In MegaKat city…….

The Turbokat flew in a relaxed arc as Razor checked his new radar.

“Patrols bite.” T-Bone said, yawning.

“I know but they’re necessary.” Razor twiddled with a few wires. All of T-Bones monitors burst into life with a large white blip above Megakat golf course.

“What the hell is wrong with my screens?” T-Bone tried to get back his usual ones.

“Sorry buddy, that blip, it’s still there, better check it out.”

“Finally, action!” T-Bone pulled round the jet and sped towards a giant pool of water, in mid-air.  Between two realities……

The ship was being hurled along a sliver tunnel, and Matt was screaming his head off.

“WHAT A RUSH!” He kept the ship under control.

“Shit, we’re losing speed, increase the fuel flow.” Cat said as she watched the read-outs.

“Done, nothings happening.” The speed kept dropping as they slowly started to loose height.

“Pull up!” Cat screamed as he plummeted towards a light, with barely visible buildings.

“I can’t, we’re going that way!” He pointed towards a light, advancing on them quickly.  When the two worlds collide…………

“T-Bone, move the jet left, NOW!” T-Bone moved it left just in time to see a stealth bomber come flying out it and heading ground wards at just over the speed of sound.

“Damn! Brace yourself!” Cat held onto her seat and Matt put down his head and the stealth plummeted into the ground, leaving a 500 meter long trench behind it. T-Bone glanced up to see the portal they came through, close up. The stealth skidded to a halt, leaving bits of wing and engine scattered all over the place. Matt started to come around. Cat was groaning.

“Crap, my head hurts.” Matt held his head, and felt a large cut, and noticed 13 flashing red lights around him. “Cat, one or two flashing red lights aren’t good?”

“Why?” Matt glanced at Cat to see a large gash on her forehead.

“Cos there’s thirteen flashing around us. I’m no expert but I say that’s bad.” Cat nodded and they jumped out the cockpit, and ran towards the landing TurboKat.

“That way! It’s gonna explode!” Matt shouted as he ran by the jet. The stealth gave off a low hum and it exploded, the shockwave knocking Cat and Matt to the floor. It was raining debris and Matt looked back at the burning wreckage.

Back on the Narayan…….

“Where in god’s name are they?” The Commander was pacing around the room.

“I don’t know, Pluto says that the gate closed up two minutes ago and no jet, wreckage or even the tiniest bit of metal appeared and they don’t have a clue where they are.” The scientist was watching the monitors for any change.

“I’m going to have to file two death reports.” She sighed and walked out the room.

In MegaKat golf course……….

Matt lay there, looking at the sky, thinking ‘how the hell did we survive that? Crashing at over the speed of sound’ Cat was thinking the same thing, and saw two figures looking down on her.

“What are they?” The left one asked, Cat grabbed his shirt and flipped him over onto his back, he yelped.

“Jesus!” The small figure got up and lurched at Cat, she flipped him again. Matt was getting up at the time and was jumped by a large person. He kicked him in the stomach and it turned into a full-fledged brawl. When the Enforcers arrived, headlights fell on the kat that Cat had kicked the hell out of and Matt had T-Bone in a head-lock, who had a bleeding nose. Feral walked over to Razor who was sitting up and saw who had took him down multiple times and cut his forehead, he saw it wasn’t a kat.

“I…..can’t…..breathe!” T-Bone gasped for breath, Matt dropped him to the ground and helped up Cat.

“Lovely welcoming committee don’t you think?” Cat felt her cut, and looked at the approaching kat. Meanwhile T-Bone was helping up Razor.

“Geez T-Bone you got the living crap kicked out of you!” T-Bone didn’t look too good, a large cut, an almost broken nose and a sprained wrist.

“At least I didn’t get beaten up by a girl!” Razor looked over to Cat, who he realised was the one that had beaten him up.

“Oh god, I am never going to live this down.” He walked off to the TurboKat, with T-Bone behind, who took off and went back to their hanger, while Matt was talking to Feral.

“What the hell do you mean that we are going to pay for this?” Cat stared at the bill Feral had given them. “It’s over half a million dollars!” She handed it to Matt, who wasn’t interested.

“How are we gonna pay for it? We can’t work here, we can’t live here and we sure as hell can’t go home.”

“I don’t care. When I tell the mayor you trashed the majority of his prized golf course, you’ll be citizens before you can blink!” Feral slammed his hand down on the table, they where in Enforcer HQ.

“Citizens?!” Matt looked astonished. “What the hell to you mean by citizens?!”

“You’ll live here, you’ll be issued with work permits, passports and a drivers license, you can drive?” Cat nodded. “Well then, let’s go to city hall.” He got up and grabbed his coat. They walked down to the garages together, and got in Feral car. They drove through MegaKat city, tailed by the media and arrived at city hall, only to be stalked be Ann Gora.

“Is it true you beat up the SWAT Kats? Can you confirm that you can speak English?” Cat spoke to them in German, and Matt started to laugh. The news crews started to get all exited. Inside, Matt was still laughing.

“What did you say to them?” He tried to stop laughing.

“My name is Seymore and I have two dogs called lemons and potatoes.” She looked across at Matt who was trying not to laugh. They arrived in the Mayors office with Feral walking in first to say that the deputy mayor and the mayor himself would have to allow two individuals a citizen ship each.

“Uhh, yes, deputy mayor, sort it out, I have to go have a round of golf.” He grabbed his golf bag and started to walk out.

“That’s not going to be possible mayor, the golf course has a deep trench in it, measuring 525 meters in length, there are only two holes remaining and one of them is almost half gone.” he mayor got angry.

“How did this happen? TELL ME!” His wig nearly flew off his head.

“A stealth bomber crashing into it, the jet exploded and the survivors are outside.”

“Bring them in here! they are going to pay through the nose!” Feral walked out the door and signaled for Matt and Cat to come in, they did and Manx got the shock of his life.

“MY GOD!” Manx and the deputy mayor screamed together. They ran behind a desk and hid.

Matt looked over at the two kats. “Hello!” he waved, sarcastically.

The Mayor screamed and ran for the door, but Feral cut him off.

“Mayor, they won’t hurt you, and they owe you and your golf course.” Manx looked up and shakily went back to his desk and sat down.

“M-m-miss Briggs will you kindly sort out the c-c-c-citzenships.” He felt under his desk for the alarm button in case anything went wrong.

“Yes mayor.” She pulled out a wad of paper and started to fill them out.


“Matt Herapin.”

“Cat McNeal.”


“25, twenty six in two days.”

“Twenty four.”

“Happy birthday.” She didn’t look up. They continued to fill out forms and small tests. “What about clothes?” She said 25 minutes later.

“Wuh, we should have some as we where going to be staying at a planet, if they survived the crash.” Matt said, coming out of a trance.

“Ok,” She kept on writing sown notes. “We’ll check the site and you’ll have to stay at enforcer headquarters until you can find a place to live.” She closed up the notebook and handed them some papers each.

“Cool, we have drivers licenses, what about photos?”

“Commander Feral will sort that out. I will see you later when you have settled in.” They left and headed towards the site. ‘Welcome to hell.’ Cat thought.

“Hey Matt, I’ve found them!” She pulled out a large case and checked inside.

“All intact!” Matt said as he rummaged around, he pulled out his wallet. He flipped it open, credit cards and stuff he thought.

“Lets head back to the HQ then, we don’t want the media getting to this yet.” They left for Enforcer HQ.

“No, no, no, no, no, no.” Matt crossed off six job applications and flat rentals. They had been trying to get jobs for nearly a month now and so far had been bumped off twenty times. With reasons like ‘my business will go bust’ and ‘customers will be afraid to come’ and the majority of them just fainted.

“Do you know what’ll probably happen to us?” Matt asked as he checked more ads.

“What?” She walked in from the small kitchen.

“We’ll have ‘freaks’ stamped across our foreheads.”

She ignored him. “Here’s this week’s paper.” Cat tossed him a paper.

He flicked through to the help wanted ads.

“Stacking paper, supermarket worker, doctors assistant, dental assistant.” He flicked through the ads.”How good are you at mechanics?” Matt asked, reaching for the phone.

“Not bad, why?” She was brushing her teeth.

“There’s an ad here for one or two mechanics, on the outskirts of town, it says you can live there, sounds pretty good huh?”

“Yep, go for it.” He dialed the number.

“Hello?” A small voice appeared on the other end. “Jake and Chances repair shop, how can I help?” Jake had answered.

“Yeah, hello. Your ad…” He was cut off.

“How much experience have you had, and is there anybody else?”

“Few years, both of us.” He scribbled down an address and gave Cat the thumbs up.

“Ok, then see you at about three then. Bye.” He put down the phone. “We have a possible job.” Cat jumped for joy.

At three, they left the HQ in Feral’s car and headed out towards the address. They pulled up into the drive and Chance stepped into the yard.

“You must be the applicants, come in.” The cars engine stopped and Matt stepped out, Cat followed. They stepped in to find Jake sitting under a green car, doing something to the oil lines. The gagged for air and came out, spitting out a mouthful of oil, and his face was covered in it.

“Hi, we’ll, Oh my god…..” Jake looked into the face of Cat.

“What?” Chance stepped out of the kitchen. “Oh Christ.”

“What? I know, we’re aliens, I know we’ll leave.” Matt started out the door.

“Wait, your the two kats that where with us when we first got here.” cat looked suspiciously at Jake.

“Us no, we’re just grease monkeys, the SWAT Kats, they’re heroes.” Matt turned to see a bandage on Chances wrist, and a large cut of Jake’s forehead.

“You are the SWAT Kats, I don’t think four kats can get identical injuries at the same time.” He looked at him suspiciously.

“Should we?” Jake looked at Chance.

“Might as well.” Chance shrugged his shoulders.

“You’ve figured us out, we are the SWAT Kats.” Jake went and sat down at the table.

“So about the job,” Matt continued.

“You’ve got it, as long as you can fix a car.” Chance said.

“We can fix a car.” Cat said.

Jake got up.  “I’ll show you where you’ll be living.”

He took them upstairs and showed them some rooms, opposite each other. They drove back to Enforcer HQ and grabbed their stuff, and returned to the salvage yard.

Two months past and the new mechanics had become friends with the two kats, they got on well and Jake and Chance had a curious question for them. Cat stumbled down stairs to find Matt talking to Callie Briggs, it was nearly one in the afternoon and Cat was tired.

“So, what’s wrong?” Callie asked Matt as he leant in the bonnet and pulled out am old sparkplug.

“The sparkplugs are knackered, your speedometer is 5 miles an hour too high and the little blinking light that comes on the when the water needs changing is broken. I’ll change them all but it’ll take about half an hour, forty five minutes.” He looked up to see Cat downstairs, in an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts. “Morning, sleep well?”

Cat turned to Matt. “Yeah, fine thanks, hey Miss Briggs.” She waved. “Where’s Chance and Jake?” She looked in the lounge area.

“Out on a pick-up, some old lady’s car has broken down.”

She nodded in compliance.

“Miss Briggs, do you want a drink?”

“Yes, and for the last time, call me Callie.”

He walked over to the coffee pot and washed his hands in the sink, poured three cups and gave one to Cat, Callie and him. Cat took a slurp and sat down at the table and started to read today’s paper.

“Matt, can I get a fry up?” She flicked through the pages.

Matt was frying her eggs as Callie sat down.

“Here, enjoy, I’ve got to finish the car.” He walked over and pulled out the old sparkplugs and replaced them.

Half an hour later, he was finished and the deputy mayor drove off to City hall and Jake and Chance had returned. Jake went and poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down with Matt.

“How good are you at flying?” Jake asked.

“Me, not bad. I was one of the best in the E.A.F.”

“How would you feel about you and Cat becoming SWAT Kats?”

“I wouldn’t care, but Feral would get suspicious, two humans, two human SWAT Kats.”

“Unless you tell him that there was another plane, that appeared somewhere else, Feral, not being the smartest of kats would choose that you weren’t the SWAT Kats and that your imaginary wingmen were.”

Matt had a think for a bit. “Jets, we have no jet.”

“We could build it if you could get your anti-gravity engines out of Pumadyne.”

Cat came down the stairs, in some overalls. “Hey wassup?” She waved to Jake.

“Jake’s just asked us to become SWAT Kats, I don’t know yet, but if we do we have to break into a scientific establishment, get back our anti-grav engines and attach them to a jet that we would build.”

She looked boggled. “I think we should become SWAT Kats; it’ll give us something to do.” She walked over and sat down.

“Ok, we’ll do it, just show us where you keep the jet.” Jake showed him the hanger and the second half that they had accidentally discovered earlier. An extra hydraulic lift and everything, another opening door and enough room for another jet.

“Well, when are we going to get back our engines?” Matt looked at Jake.

“I’m not sure, we could do it tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night is fine, so we’ll do it then?”

“Yep, it’s just we’ll have to make flight suits for you.” Cat sat down at the large console, and started to feed in data into the computer.

At around eleven, T-Bone sat in the jet, after being informed by Razor, they where waiting for Matt and cat to come, they where dropping them outside and they would get in. Matt ran in, he wore a dark blue, short sleeved jumpsuit with the same upside-down red triangle as Razor’s and T-Bone’s. His helmet was the same, just a little bigger to fit his head, and his gloveatrix was tighter to his wrist, he also had his sidearm issued to him when he flew for the E.A.F, he also wore a black mask. Cat slid down the ladder after him, she wore a similar suit and also carried a gun. Her helmet had a small visor that pulled down and gave her infra-red vision, she ran up to Matt and tapped him on the back.

“Hey, how we getting in?” She asked, he pointed towards the cyclotron that was sitting below the TurboKat, he got in the front with her in the back. A metal cover went over and the bike was lifted into the bay, the doors closed and they where engulfed in darkness.

“Ready?” Razor’s voice came on the radio.

“Yeah, these mics are cool, tiny things, we’ll stay in constant contact, yeah?”

“Yeah, also, if Feral comes along, we’ll hold him off.” Cat could hear T-Bone laughing evilly.

The jet took off and sped towards Pumadyne.

“Ok, I’ll be dropping you off 1 mile from Pumadyne, so you’ll have to do a bit of driving, and then your on your own.” Razor dropped the Cyclotron from the bay and the metal cover slid back, Matt looked up to see a large, concrete building. he kept going at around 60 mph and Cat fired off some cutting blades and a large hole opened up in the metal fence. Matt moved the bike trough the hole and into a dark corner. He looked for the ventilation shaft that he was told was there, he found it and opened it up. He crawled inside and climbed up to the second level, with Cat close behind. He turned onto his back and pulled out his organiser Cat had given him.

“Ok, beacon, beacon.” He looked through numerous lists and finally came to a homing beacon that had been placed on the ship, just in case it was lost or destroyed.

“Where we going? It’s that way.” She pointed left as they crawled down a t junction.

“No it isn’t have a look.” Matt showed her the beacons signal. “Mike did that as well, so if it was destroyed, we could find it, or they could find us.” He carried on until he reached a grill, he looked in to find pieces of wreckage that had come from his stealth.

“Found it, Razor, We’ve found it and we are collecting the anti-grav generator.” He dropped down into the room and started to sift through the debris, with help from the beacon. He looked under a cloth to find a small cube, no bigger than a computer screen and he pulled it out.

“Cat. found it!” He started towards the shaft. He pushed it up and he jumped up with it, starting back the way he came, Cat replaced the girder and followed.

“Pick us up in 5 minutes.” Cat said to T-Bone, who manouvered the jet over the Cyclotron. Razor dropped grappling hooks and hoisted it up. They waited for Matt and Cat to arrive and they would return, only that some guards saw the Turbokat arrive and walked over to see the jet. They stood beneath and waved their arms madly, waving them down. Behind them, Cat appeared and saw the guards, one of them turned round.

“My god, another SWAT Kat” He said as he walked towards her. He entered the dark area and Cat punched him in the nose, he didn’t see it coming. Matt appeared behind her and ran past, with the generator under his arm. Razor saw him coming and dropped a pair of hooks, and he grabbed onto one. Cat saw this and ran for the other, she grabbed on and both of them where lifted up into the belly of the jet.

“Nice work,” T-Bone said as they flew towards the hanger.

“Thanks,” Cat said simply, looking over the generator. She saw it was in perfect condition.

They sat in the hanger looking over basic blueprints. Razor just looked at the drive.

“How does that tiny thing work?” He stared at it.

“You link it to the main engine and intakes, it creates a anti-gravity field around the jet, so you can go at around the speed of sound easily,” Cat said.

Razor’s jaw dropped open. They went over the schematics for another couple of hours and decided to start building tomorrow.

Two months later, Cat looked at the shell of their new jet. It had taken eight weeks of flat out work to get this far, now they needed to rig up the cockpit and other items necessary. She looked for a final time and climbed the ladder to the garage. She took one more look back and turned out the lights.

The End. Part two coming soon.

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