Original SWAT Kats Story

While They Were Enforcers

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 9,274 Words

Chance and Jake become Enforcers with Jake’s sister Jennifer and Felicia. Chance and Jennifer fall in love, but Jake is not pleased about it. Another problem is that Feral is not ready to let Jennifer fly, but she encourages Chance to teach her. She finds herself removed from her rank and is ready to quit. Meanwhile, Chance and Jake get into trouble for going against Feral’s orders. And, Jennifer decides to stay in the Enforcers for their sakes.

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Author's Notes:

I’d like to give my thanks to Jennifer Munoz, who gave me the permission to use her and for the help she gave me to write this story. I’d like to thank Brisco and my Dad for the information on the different ranks and Felicia Tabby for her permission of character use and advice on the dialogue. Other than the characters from the show, the ones, other than Jennifer and Felicia, in this fanfic are mine. Thank you and enjoy the story.

Early one morning, Chance, a yellow tomkat with brown stripes on his arms, had beaten the enrolled to the orientation. He dialed to his mom on a phone box. “Hey, mom. I’ve already arrived at the Enforcer headquarters. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, dear. I know you must be going through some struggle with your dad, since we separated. I just hope you’ll be all right. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah, mom. This was my last minute dream to become an Enforcer pilot.”

“Well good luck, dear.”

“Thanks, mom.” He hung up and walked up to the headquarters and rung for service. An officer came to him.

“Are you one of the enlisted going on training today?” He took the files from Chance’s paw.

“Right!” The officer led Chance into the stateroom, which was the biggest room in the building.

“The orientation will start around 10:00. Commander Feral will be here at that time,” he said.

“Ok. Hmm, Feral, that sounds like a bossy name. He should be easy-going, like me.” Chance looked around the walls. They had scenes of famous wars in MKC. One scene caught his eye! There was a malicious white shaggy kat with a Carrier-Borne ready to sneak attack two alert war pilots. Chance’s smile and eyes popped wide.

“I just love the Red Lynx! I’d like to fly just like him!” He gazed admiringly at the picture.

Just then about eight more Enforcer trainees entered the room. Chance turned around noticed a beautiful she-kat with short brown hair. “I like you.” Chance said. She blushed. He then tried to wrap his arm around her, but was cut off by a pepper colored tom-kat.

“Jennifer, you need to watch out for these kind of kats,” he said, looking stern.

“I’ll be alright, Jake. We’re just getting to know each other.”

“You’ll be alright once he *really* knows you.” Jennifer rolled her eyes. Chance felt sorry for her and walked up to Jake, looking like he was ready to send him crashing threw the windows.

“Hey pal! What’s the big idea?” Chance poked him in the chest.

“The idea is that I’m her brother, if that’s a problem!” Jake showed his teeth, but felt timid inside. Chance’s eyes popped opened and he laughed.

“That’s a good combat! Who are you anyway?”

“I’m Jake Clawson and that’s my sister Jennifer!” Chance grabbed Jake by his shirt.

“Well, you’re gonna be feeling *claws* on you, if you ” The officer interrupted the fight to announce Feral’s coming.

“Is there a problem here?” he demanded.

“No no, nothing wrong here. Right buddy?” Jake said, wrapping his arm around Chance. Chance growled under his breath and lightly thrust his arm off.

“Well, settle down in here! Here comes commander Feral!” Feral marched in the room and the officer whispered something in Feral’s ear. He was much huskier than before and so was his self-esteem.

“Alright rookies, listen up. The Enforcers are a commitment in which every kat is eligible for. All of you will be committing yourselves to citizens’ safety and maintaining regulations. Now load up your belongings and get on the bus. Further instructions will be given along the way. We meet at the trainer field in three hours!”

Chance was about to follow the others, but was stopped by Feral. “I heard you had a bit of a conflict with that other kat. I don’t tolerate any physical or verbal abuse in my units. I want him to be your partner!”

“Oh, alright.” Chance groaned. “This Enforcer’s life is gonna be hell!”


Jennifer and a new friend, Felicia Tabby, were in their apartment, preparing for self-defense class. “You know I like the big kat from this morning,” Jennifer said.

“He’s not very respectful. I’d like to meet your brother, though.”

“Jake’s a little overbearing,” Jennifer complained.

“He means no harm. He’s just trying to help,” Felicia assured her.

“He could understand that I’m not a child.” Felicia became curious about Jennifer’s family life.

“Why do you think he treats you like a child?”

“He doesn’t really. My mother’s dead and my dad still held a grudge against her. My dad and me haven’t gotten along very well and *he’s* the one who wants to treat me like a child. He hated my idea of becoming an Enforcer and had Jake chaperon me.”

“Sorry about your mom. I hope your dad will get over his loss and cooperate with you more.”

“He’s starting to. He loves me and wants what’s best or me. But at least he’s willing to give me a chance at something new.”

“That’s the good thing about parents. They don’t always like some of your choices, but are willing to let you make them.”

“Yeah. Jake probably doesn’t agree, but who cares?” Jennifer felt she had more freedom to make the best of her Enforcer training, now that she was away from Jake. She dressed and went to class.

After the male Enforcers got into their PE clothes, they went out to be trained in the course, with various types of courses. The instructor walked in front of the group.

“Alright, you kittens! We’re going to do some physical exercise. I want no pushing! I’ll keep the count with 20 seconds on each obstacle course. Now on your marks, get set! Go!”

Chance started the league going first for the high bars. He took a breath to overcome his fear of heights and zipped through the bars grabbing hold on them with clasping sweaty grips.

Some guys slipped off them trying to meet the 20-second record due to sweaty palms. Jake swung through the bars in less than 10 seconds like a monkey, which impressed the gym teacher. One kat, wearing glasses, accidentally stuck his foot in a tire and knocked the kats behind him. One of the kats kicked him on the tailbone.

“Get moving, snail!” The instructor ran over to him.

“Is there a problem, fellows?” he demanded.

“No, sir!” They pursued the courses. The tomkat sulked. Jake went over to him and helped him up.

“You ok, pal?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Actually no I’m not,” the kat said sulkingly and dusted himself off.

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Jake. Nice to meet you, Walter. Why don’t you race with me?”

“Sure. I don’t have a partner here.” Jake felt sorry for the young kat and wrapped his arm around him.

“Sorry to hear it. Maybe you can work with me and Chance.”

“I don’t think Chance would like it.”

“Who cares if he doesn’t. I don’t mind it,” Walter felt better.

“Ok.” Jake and Walter gave a high five and rejoined the track team. They beat Chance and the others in the race.


During the weekends, the kats went down to the bars and nightclubs in MKC. One evening, Chance came over to Jennifer’s room.

“Come on in!” Jennifer called out. Chance opened the door and walked in to Jennifer’s room.

“Hey, Jennifer!”

“Hi Chance, please sit down.” Chance sat next to her. “Are you and my brother getting along?”

“I’m getting a little bit used to him. But, I don’t think we’ll ever be buddies.”

“Why are you so stiff?”

“My folks broke up when I was a teen. Me and my brother don’t always spend time together,” Chance sighed. Jennifer sat next to him.

“That’s really bad. Do you plan on making friends here?”

“I came here to be a pilot. I’ve always been fascinated with aeronautics.”

“I’m sure you’ll get plenty of that here. But my brother’s a nice guy. I’m sure you’ll get to like him.”

“Well, I don’t know. We’ll just have to see.” Chance looked into Jennifer’s eyes and her smile. “Would you care for a date?”

“I would, but I can’t. My brother Jake wouldn’t be pleased.”

“But he’s not your daddy.” Jake came to find his sister. He heard speaking and he leaned his ear against the door.

“Just let me take out for pizza, nothing else.” The eager tomkat was about receive an honest answer, but Jake walked in the room.

“I don’t think so!” he said grabbing Jennifer’s hand. She snatched it away.

“Jake! He’s just a friend. Don’t forget I’m a young woman and I have to have some say in this.”

“I’d prefer that you not date him. I’ve seen him go drunk and crash bottles against the walls. With the ladies, I’d say he’s too fast. He’d love you than he’d dump you.”

“Who said that about me? She said she’d date me.” Chance said in an irritated, but controlled tone.

“Wait a second. I didn’t say anything about dating. Didn’t you just say you wanted to go out for pizza,” Jennifer pointed out.

“Listen, there are many other kats to date,” Jake said to her.

“Maybe you’re right, Jake. Maybe this one is too fast with she-kats.” He escorted her out. Chance tried to detain them.

“Wait Jennifer! I’m not what he’s telling you. He’s lying.”

“I think you’ve said enough.” Jake tried to open the door, but Chance pushed it closed.

“No, I need to speak to her without you to screw my plans up.” Jake growled and grabbed Chance by the shirt.

“You’ll be speaking to commander Feral pretty soon if you don’t let us through. I think I might need to accept Walter as my sole partner.”

“Fine. I can get by without you.” Chance watched as Jake led Jennifer out of the hall. Tears started to burst from his eyes.

Felicia came in from an elevator and saw Chance’s face. “Are you alright? Did she say no.”

“Oh no. She has to think it over,” Chance replied in a hurried tone. Felicia looked him over and felt that he was hiding something.

“If I was you, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to date girls.”

“Thanks for the suggestion, Felicia. That really makes me feel better!” Chance said sarcastically and headed downstairs.

“What? I was just helping! What do you want me to advise you to say?” Felicia called out.

“I don’t know,” Chance said, sulkingly.


Chance walked into his suite room, took out a can of milk from the freezer, turned on the TV, and sat on his bed. With a heavy heart, he thought only of Jennifer and didn’t want to think of her brother. His favorite show, “Scaredy Kat” was on. Chance’s sunken spirits were being raised from their depths.

“I love Scaredy Kat!” he chuckled. He took off his shoes and socks and crossed his feet. Not long after he got settled, Jennifer again appeared on his mind. “I’d better go back to her.” He put his socks and shoes back on and went out.


At a dance club, Jake tried to introduce Jennifer to some nice tomkats. They didn’t have the high spirits or the humor that Chance had. Chance hopped into his green 1968 Tiger British racer and sped off. When he got there, he saw Jake leading Jennifer out. “Are you still thinking about him?” Jake complained.

“Jake, I like him!” she argued.

“Hello, Jennifer!” Chance called.

“Chance? Hi there!” Jennifer ran up to Chance and hung her head.

“I’m sorry, Chance. I’ve misjudged you from my brother’s point of view. Would you like to dance?” Jennifer gave him her hand.

“My pleasure.” Jake rolled his eyes and slapped his forehead.

“Jennifer. Are you serious?” Jake put his paw on her arm.

“You go away!” Jake’s dropped his jaw. Chance gave him a grin of victory and shrugged. Jake gave him an angry stare.

Jennifer and Chance danced to the music. Chance held her in his arm and danced gently with her.

Jake looked at the pair and sighed. “Well, he is treating her right. What the hell?” Felicia invited Jake to dance with her.

“Would I ever!” Jake held Felicia tighter than Chance held Jennifer.

“Looks like he’s gonna need some supervision.” Chance said.

“I think *he’s* a bit too fast with she-kats,” Jennifer added. Then they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.


Weeks later, Chance was being trained to fly with the Flight Coronal, Richard. The skies were clear and Chance was riding over 10’000 ft and doing dangerous maneuvers. Richard was impressed that Chance was using advanced skills that Richard didn’t go over with him yet.

“Who taught you how to fly? The Red Lynx?” Richard asked him.

“I think so, sir,” Chance said in a smart tone. He then felt sorry for his snappy mouth, even though Richard didn’t take any offense. “No, my dad was an expert on flying and he studied a lot of it, even though he never got around to it. I’m just taking over for him,” Chance explained.

“Good story, but don’t forget, these Enforcer jets are expensive and the tax payers are flipping the bill. So fly the way I showed you and wait until the other students are ready for the same skills you have, ok?”

“Ok, sir,” Chance said disappointingly. He flew around some patrolling squadrons, knocking them off their air space a little.

“Sorry guys!” Richard called to them in his comm.

“Sure you are. Who’s the hotshot flying with you anyway?” one of the pilots answered. Chance growled. Richard patted him on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about him, son. He’s Tom. He has a real attitude. I don’t think he’s going to be in the Air Force much longer.”

“I hope so!” Chance said. Tom had an attitude because he had an argument with his mother about joining the Enforcers. She thought that it was too dangerous for him. Reluctantly she let him go, but told him that he might not make it.

“I’ll show her!” he said to himself when he entered the flight division. He didn’t mind letting the other Enforcers know that he was determined.


Jake was offered a position with Professor Hackle, for his outstanding performance in technology class. He went down to a warehouse where he met a middle-aged tomkat. He shook hands with him. “So, you must be Jake Clawson, my new helper?”

“Yeah. I’m glad to come. I’m interested in knowing about this job,” Jake said.

“I’m in charge of the weapon supply and the jet construction. The demand is always high.” Jake saw laser guns, missiles, and Amatol powder all lined up and piled high. There was one jet that was half way finished. Jake felt anxious to try out those special weapons.

“You’ve quite a supply here, I’ll say!” One of Hackle’s associates came up to Jake and greeted him.

“Hello Jake. My name is Drake. Glad you’ve been promoted to be our next helper.”

“Thanks. I’m glad too. Sounds like our names are in rhyme,” Jake said, shaking his paw.

“Yeah. There’s something in common about everybody.”

“I guess. Is there any training available?”

“Sure, we’ll train you. But I hear that you’re good with weaponry and technology.” Drake was a tomkat who liked to compliment and at times, to be a flatterer. Jake felt speechless.

“Well, only in training class,” he said, rubbing the back of his head.

“No problem. We’ll just get you started on the basics and work you on your way on down.”

“Thanks, Drake.” During the afternoon, Hackle and Drake showed Jake the designing of the artillery and the substances of the arsenal. Jake’s mind was filled with ideas of helping them as he examined the old artillery.

“Part of the citizen’s taxes go to these metal imports from Europe every month. It’s a shame these old items can’t be used twice,” Hackle said.

“You know, Professor, we could melt down these old weapons and recycle the old substances. It would save time and money for the imports brought here monthly,” Jake explained.

“We’ll give it a try. I like your idea, Jake,” Hackle added.


Later that evening, Chance and Jake went to a movie together and started talking afterwards. “You know, Jake, I hate bug movies. I know I’m scared of them.”

“Like I’ve noticed. You’ve been covering your face and making irritating noises almost throughout the whole movie!”

“Sorry.” As they walked on Chance felt a good friendship between them start to grow. “Look Jake, I’m sorry I acted badly with you that first day.”

“It’s ok. I’m sorry I stepped in between you and my sister. It seems you two get along very nicely.”

“Yep. Very nicely.”

“I hope you’re not too close with her.”

“Jake, you worry too much. I’m a big kat, now. I should know how to behave,” Chance said, amazed that Jake would still be suspicious. Jake decided to change the subject.

“You know Chance, since we are sharing the same suite, I’d like us to be pals, please?” Chance looked down at Jake and put his paw on his shoulder.

“Jake, you don’t have to ask me that. Any kat who associates well with me is a pal. I know I might have been a bit rough. My parents broke up when I was a teen. I stayed with my father while my brother stayed with my mother. I haven’t seen him for years. I have seen you hanging around that four-eyed kid and you two seem to hit it off pretty well.”

Chance felt tears in his eyes. Jake saw his eyes water and wrapped his left arm around him. “Sorry to hear that. My folks have been in a bad way too. My dad was still mad at my mom, but she’s gone now and dad hasn’t forgiven himself for it either.” Chance felt sympathetic for Jake.

“I hope that our partnership will make up for our troubles,” he said.

“I hope so too,” Jake said, as he and Chance rode back to their apartment.


Three months later, Chance and Jake had finished the training to go on patrol on their own. They were now lieutenants. “Come on, Jake!” Chance called out, panting.

“Coming!” Jake raced Chance to see who could be the first to get to the jet. It was Chance.

“Beat you, pal.”

“For a minute I thought you were going to pull some stunt or disable me.”

“I was, but this is our first match, so I’m just being kind. But don’t think I’m gonna play fair next time,” Chance teased. Jake crossed his arms. Chance slapped him on the back.

“Come on, can’t you take a joke,”

“No!” Chance stepped back, a little startled by Jake’s snappy response.

“Oh. Well, let’s get moving. The trail is clear,” Chance said, opening the canopy. Jake wasn’t used to Chance’s roguish attitude. But he continued to be nice to him, so he got the same treatment in return.

Chance set the turbofans on, which were still the styles of the Enforcer jets. The exhaust pipe blazed at the end and as the runway kat gave the cue. They started to rise up from the HQ within twelve feet from their staring point.

They were carried on by the lift, which was smoothed by the air pressure on the wings. Chance and Jake were grateful for the drag or they would be soaring out of control. Jennifer and Felicia came by to join them.

“Hey guys. Want to join us?” Jennifer asked.

“We’d love to, but we need to search on our own. You don’t know where a hoodlum may be hiding,” Chance said.

“We just wanted to greet you and see if you’re ok. Later,” Jennifer said.

“Bye Jake, strawberry cake,” Felicia murmured softly and charmingly. Jake grinned.

“Looks like she’s got a crush, Jake,” Chance murmured in a ‘you go boy’ manner.

“It’s none of your business, Chance,” Jake snapped.

“Alright. Please, don’t cough up a hairball!”

Suddenly, an alarm cut their talk. “Attention all Enforcers! Countless little demons belonging to a hoodlum called Dark Kat, are ransacking Enforcer HQ!” They all heard the message on their intercoms.

“That sounds like a real villain, with a name like that,” Jake pointed out.

“Yeah. I’m afraid to see what he looks like,” Chance added. The Enforcer pilots gathered around the HQ. Feral took the lead.

“Alright you thief! We’ve got you covered! Enforcers move in!” Walter bravely raced with his colleagues. Hidden lasers from ceiling blasted at them. They had to discern their location and fast while leveling and concealing themselves behind columns.

They locked their views on where he saw the beams coming from and blasted the ceiling tops. There were laser cannons that were hooked up to an automatic system. Two Enforcers got shot. Walter grabbed both of them while the others tried to destroy the lasers’ wires. Suddenly, there was silence, but the beeping.

“Attention Megakat City! This is Dark Kat’s city and the headquarters belong to me now!” a dark voice sounded.

“I don’t like his tone of speaking. Time to give him a call!” Chance said, pulling in closer to HQ.

“Affirmative! The indicator’s locked!” Jake added.

“Wait until I give the order!” Feral interrupted. “Enforcer co-pilots, find any bomb in the headquarters!” One of the Enforcers searched on the screen, which x-rayed the interior. He found a red blinking light.

“Sir, we’ve found a bomb located at the twenty-third floor,” he said.

“Find the bomb on the twenty-third floor. Blast the place if that’s what it takes and disarm it.”

Walter found the order rhetorical. “We just did,” he thought. He followed the other Enforcers up after he helped carry the two wounded kats to a near by chopper.

“Attention, Feral and Enforcers! This is Dark Kat!” A ray of light rose above the craft showing a great purple kat with a skeletal face and a red and black uniform with a hood. Feral had recognized his low voice as his dad’s. His face turned pallid, for he didn’t want any kat, not even Theseus his brother, that he found Dark Kat to be his dad. Dark Kat knew too and wanted to act as if they were no longer family members.

“Whoever you are, the Enforcers are surrounding you! You and your allies will be taken down! Enforcers move in!”

“That’s what he thinks! Smart little boy, that Uly,” Dark kat smirked. He fired at Feral.

“Let’s answer his call! Dialing ‘1-800-Blast that sucker now.’” Jake shouted. He fired from the lasers filled with amatol, which were well famed in MW II. The shots hit the inner nozzle causing the panel to short out and the monitor to die out.

“Nice hit, Jake! I didn’t know you were good at this,” Chance said.

“It pays to stay in school.”

“Move in, men! Richard, surround the ship. If any weapon prepares to blast, give the order. I’m taking Dark Kat personally with a few others. Do you read me.” Feral ordered.

“Loud and clear, sir! Ok, flight Enforcers spread out and be ready for my cue!” Richard said.

“Yes, sir!” Chance and Jake said with a salute. “You know, Jake. I think Richard should be commander.”

“Chance and Jake, you two come and follow me!” Feral commanded.

“Well, we’d better go. Later.” Jake spoke to Richard. Richard’s shoulders dropped and he sighed. He felt although Chance was a good student, he didn’t feel Chance was quite ready for combat.

“Alright, good luck and be careful. I’d hate to have to lose a good student,” Richard said.

“We’ll be alright, sir,” Chance responded.


When the Enforcers entered the storage room of the ship, they found many bombs along, with the French imported metals. “My brother’s gonna love hearing about this.” Feral thought. They heard chattering little voices and out of the corner popped out a multitude of little pink lizards half a normal kat’s size.

They pounced on the Enforcers, scratching them. Chance and Jake struggled to get them off. “Where did these little beasts come from?” Chance demanded.

“I don’t know, but they’re not cute!” Jake answered. Feral squeezed the neck of one he was fighting with until he passed out. The rest of the Enforcers punched or kicked them off.

“What are you doing to my creeplings?” Dark Kat demanded.

“I’m afraid you and your little pests were here millions of years too late! Enforcers, take him down!” Feral shouted pointing a gun. One of the creepling bit Feral on his neck. He screamed and dropped the weapon and clasped onto his bleeding neck.

“Nice work! Now help me finish those two and Feral off and I’ll hold other Enforcers for a ransom!” Dark Kat ordered.

“No! Stay away from them, you jerks!” Jennifer shouted, followed by Felicia.

“Creeplings, destroy these meddlers!” Jennifer fired her bazooka that hit Dark Kat in the stomach and knocked him down. Jake helped Chance up.

“You ok, pal?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Is it over?”

“I think our little party’s just starting!” Jake saw Dark Kat press his remote to the 60-mm fire cannon and directed it to Manx’s building. “You go take care of the others, I’ll try to disarm the weapon.”

“Good luck, buddy!” Chance was suddenly grabbed by two of Dark Kat’s allies by the neck and his right arm that was being twisted back. He kicked one of them in the lower leg and elbowed the other in the ribs.

The last one aimed his bazooka at his back before Chance looked back. Felicia grabbed him by the legs and the fire hit the ceiling. “Thanks Felicia.”

“No problem.” Felicia and Chance cuffed the two bullies. The third kat tried to run away, but Chance grabbed hold of the ceiling rails and threw a kick with both feet on his head.

“That should take care off those guys.” Chance cuffed the third kat’s paws behind him.

Jennifer was firing at the creeplings. Two grabbed Jennifer and lifted her by the open door. Her eyes popped out as she looked down at the city. She struggled to get free as they tossed her off the edge. Suddenly her fall was cut off in a net. He saw Richard who had lowered it. She waved thanks. Richard did the same and lifted her up.

The bazookas had lost their ammunition. The Enforcers had to fistfight and use their P.E skills. Felicia tossed Feral a knife and the dead prey almost ideal for meat was ready. The Enforcers did a good job of breaking a few wings and arms.

“My beautiful creeplings! Feral, this is the last straw!” Dark Kat grabbed Feral by the neck and grasped his wrist holding the weapon. The Enforcers tried to hit Dark Kat with their empty bazookas, but he elbowed or swiped them aside.

Meanwhile, Jake was trying to open the panel to find the cable connected to the gun. He knew Dark Kat had set a timer for it to hurl. He was always known red would be the color, but he found orange cables. “Now how am I supposed to disarm this?”

He tried cutting the cable from the on switch, but it didn’t stop the beeping. He found the timer. He found surges leading from a flashing red light in place of a time shield. “This might be the answer, I hope.” He cut the cables and the beeping stopped. “Bingo!” Jake shouted. He saw the weapon remain still to be sure.

“You know I’ve almost totally disowned you. Now, it’s time to make it sure!” He dragged Feral and hoisted him up at the opened door. “Time to say good bye, you brat!”

“No! Take this you devil!” Jennifer shouted and fired the missiles at Dark Kat. The laser beam burned into Dark Kat’s arm bone and he dropped Feral.

Feral got up and saw the Enforcers surrounding Dark Kat. “Stand aside, men! This kat is mine!” Feral bound his wound and cuffed his paws in front of him. “I should let you bleed, old man! This is for all the pain you’ve given me!” He mumbled bitterly in his ear. Dark Kat just scoffed at his rebuke as he and the others were let away. “Let’s go men!”

Felicia grabbed Jake and ran off in a chopper. The doomsday express was towed off. Jake and Chance shook paws. “You did it, partner!” Chance said. Felicia kissed Jake on the face. He rested his paw on her face.

“We all did it, Chance.” Jake heard a beeping on his comm. “Enforcer Clawson here!”

“This is Walter. Another Enforcer and I deactivated the bomb. The lasers nearly killed us, but headquarters is safe again.”

“Nice work, pal. Tell Feral.” Walter did and Feral was pleased. He thought about Jennifer.

“She’s a pretty brave Enforcer. Very risky girl, but daring.” As the jets and choppers landed, the Enforcers shook paws with each other. Jennifer and Felicia hugged.

“I was scared for you for a minute!” Felicia said.

“I thought was going to be dead, too.”

“How do you think Feral feels about us hopping on board without permission?”

“I don’t think he’s even thinking about it now.” Feral walked up to the girls.

“You know, I told you ladies to stay with my pilots!”

“Oh come on, sir. If we hadn’t ” Jennifer started.

“But you saved many tails, so I’d say your disobedience was rather called for. Keep it up, ladies!”

“Yes sir!” They both said in unison saluting him as he walked off. Walter looked for Jake and felt two big slaps on his back. He turned around and there was Chance and Jake.

“Hey, guys.”

“Nice work, buddy!” Jake congratulated.

“Yeah. Not bad for a four-eyes kid.”

“Chance!” Jake scolded.

“Oh I meant for an all eyes alert kat! Gotta know that kidding’s my sport.”

“Oh I see. Well, thanks Jake for your support and thanks Chance for being my friend. Catch you two later.” Chance and Jake waved and then walked out.

“I think our first fight was incredible.”

“I don’t think I did much. I just cut a wire.” Jake started to sulk.

“But you saved mayor Manx and the lives of those in the building. That’s why Dark Kat came, but you stopped his plan. You’re a hero and heroes don’t always do much fighting. Their deeds can be pretty brief. And you saved my tail up there and destroyed a few weapons. Each hero does his own part.”

“Thanks for the support, Chance.” Both tom-kats clasped paws in the sunset as a vow of alliance and trust.


Feral looked at the cell where he had imprisoned Dark Kat as he walked away. He felt like a Hamlet that had taken revenge on a family member, but for a good cause. His eyes were broken down.

“I still can’t believe I had taken my wrath out on my father. He’s still my dad at heart and in nature, even if he cared so little about me. And all those years back with Commander Jacques. He’d feel so crushed that my dad would come to this.”

He sulked as he looked at the prison. He still felt that he had a duty to protect the city, even if he would be forced to fight his very father, who had become the most fearsome criminal in the city.


Chance brought Jennifer over to a jet and opened the canopy. He helped her over to the flyer’s seat. “You know, you really shouldn’t be doing this. What will Jake say? What will Commander Feral say?”

“They’ll understand. Can we go now, please?” Jennifer said anxiously. Chance sighed and shook his head.

“Oh alright. Let’s begin!” Jennifer switched the circuits and the control lever. Pretty soon Jennifer turned on the engines on the wing and accelerated at the runway. Chance cautioned her as she slowly pulled the stick towards her and the lift smoothly picked them up like wind to a feather.

Jennifer’s heart pumped with fear, but with excitement. Chance tried hard not to feel sick. He was accustomed to flying with a partner, but not riding with an inexperienced pilot. “Now I call this real Enforcer work. Nothing compared to my job! Hopefully, no one’s watching us.”

“I think we’d better land now.” Chance grabbed his mouth and stomach.

“Oh, ok.” She shut off the breakers and the jet landed slowly. Chance felt better and didn’t vomit. “Well?”

“Not too bad. Need to work on steadying the stick, but other than that you’re fine.” Jake came out of HQ and eavesdropped on their conversation.

“When can we do this again?” Chance put his paws up for patience.

“Not until your shift tonight, Jennifer.” Jake grabbed Jennifer’s arm.

“I think she’s done enough flying for one day! You must be insane, sister!”

“Oh Jake, I don’t care what Feral said, I’m determined to do this!” Jake pulled her away.

“Maybe some other time. Not tonight.”

“Now Jake, she’s got to learn sometime! Almost all the Enforcers, rookie to lieutenant, have learned,” Chance interceded. A gray guard kat had been secretly watching. His name was Saden. One of his jobs was to keep Feral’s orders in tact and was always willing to report any unseemly incidents.

“Looks like this little lady’s flying out,” he said to himself.


Feral was in his office signing some documents when a picture frame of Jacques Gerard caught his attention. He was dead now, and Feral sighed. “If only he were alive today, he’d take care of some of the hotshots on this squadron.” Then a bell rang. “Commander Feral in!”

“Sir, this is Saden. I have an milestone report.”

“Come in!” Saden walked in. “What is it?”

“Enforcer Clawson’s sister made prohibited use of the headquarter property under Furlong’s supervision.” Feral put a fist on his desk.

“I’ll have a word with her and Chance. You may go.” Saden saluted and left. Feral smiled. “Jacques would know how to take care of hotshots.”

He sent his lieutenant Steel, an ambitious and untrustworthy kat to deliver the messages for him. He knocked at Jennifer’s door. “Yeah, what do you want, twerp?”

“Here’s a note from Feral and it’s no promotion!” Jennifer took the message and opened it.

It read, ‘Jennifer, I told you, you were too young and to fly an aircraft! You disobeyed my wishes and therefore will be placed in a lieutenant position! If you ever go against my commands again, you will be out. Signed Feral.’ Steel gave her a book of parking meter tickets.

“Wait a minute this isn’t right! Is he calling me a wimp?” Jennifer threw the tickets in Steel’s face.

“What Feral says goes! If I were him, I’d fire you right here and now!” Steel left. Jennifer felt tears in her eyes.

“I can’t believe this! Jake was right. The Enforcers are not for me.” She planned to resign and started to pack her bags. Jake walked in and saw her putting clothes and items away.

“What’s up, sister?”

“Nothing. You’ll see.” Jake saw a note and reached for it. Jennifer tried to detain him, but he swiped it up and looked at it. Jake shook his head.

“I tried to tell ya, Jennifer. I’m very sorry that this happened.” He put his paw on her shoulder. She brushed it off.

“No, don’t feel sorry! You told me I couldn’t handle an Enforcer job at the start. You didn’t want me to fly. You guys can’t trust us she-kats. Just go!”

“Now don’t go blaming Feral’s own decisions on me. I said nothing to him.”

“You caught me in the act and one of damn guardsmen heard you. That’s bad enough!” Then the alarm sounded.

“All Enforcers on duty! We’ve got a terrorist on track! I repeat, all Enforcers on duty!”

“Go on, Jake. It’s your call.” Jake looked at Jennifer and slowly turned and went out.


Chance got to a jet and was getting anxious. “Where is that Jake? I can’t leave without him!” As Chance boarded his craft, Feral grabbed him by the shirt. “Ah lay off, Commander.”

“Listen you hotshot! I will not tolerate you giving unauthorized use of craft without my approval. Do you read me?” Feral shouted, shaking him.

“Fine, fine, commander!” Chance hated this bombastic style of reprimand. Feral let go and ran into a chopper. Chance was worried about Jennifer. Jake ran up to Chance.

“What took you so long, Jake?” Chance asked impatiently. Jake gave a frown.

“It’s a sad story, Chance!”

“Well, get in! Tell me as we go!” They hopped in and joined the other crafts.


A green camouflage DS-117 fighter fired red shots at the Enforcers. “Don’t stand in my way, hoods!” An African-American voice spoke out.

“Who are you, psycho?” Feral demanded.

“I’m King Naermer! Your weak shots ain’t getting nowhere, you clowns! Just try to stop me. I demand $700’000 in genuine gold blocks by 24 hours!”

“Let’s dethrone his majesty!” Jake said, locking in on his screen. The indication circle pointed right at the jet. Chance drove up close enough to strike.

“Chance, Jake follow my lead!” Richard said. Chance still grieved over his friend’s loss and shook his head.

“Sorry Richard. I’ve got to do what’s I feel’s right this time.”

“Chance, no!” Richard cried out. Feral flew over to them.

“You two, stay on my cue!” A burst of red flame hit Chance and Feral’s crafts.

“Disobedience doesn’t pay off!” Naermer laughed.

“Officers, Sergeants! Hit him, now!” The cannons and projectiles were positioned, but as they shot off, they shorted out and burst. Naermer swerved his way out from being struck. Feral’s couldn’t believe what he saw.

“What the hell?” he yelled to his Enforcers. Jake gulped and held his throat.

“Sorry sir! The Amatol must be too hot or the weapons too old.” Naermer rode off.

“You may keep your gold for now, but I’ll as sure as hell be back, so ya’d better have it ready,” he laughed as he left. Feral pounded the panel, which shorted out. He then turned to Chance and Jake.

“Enforcers back to headquarters! I want a word with you two when we land!” Chance and Jake became scared and Richard feared for them as well. At Feral’s office, the poor tom-kats were in for a bit of wrath.

“You know, I’d hate to have to loose good Enforcers as you two. As for you Chance, I’m tired of your attitude. And you Jake, don’t you lock on until I give the order! You can’t do Enforcer work with the same frame of minds you came here with. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes sir.” They said with a breathy sound.

“What’s that? I can’t hear you!”

“Yes sir!” Feral nodded. Later in the day he walked over to Hackle’s warehouse and confronted him there. “Hackle, what kind of materials are you installing?”

“Explosions gels with Ammonia, commander. I’m recycling the old weapons from before.” Hackle shook as Feral’s growl turned into a shout.

“You know what kind of explosives to use, old man! What if I or any of my Enforcers have died? And I told you to have that old metal delivered to the salvage yard!”

“I’m just saving the cost of imports for you, sir.”

“I warn you Hackle, either get rid of unnecessary waste or get a better mechanic to take your place!” Jake heard the warning and jumped in front of Feral to Hackle’s defense.

“Sir, we’re doing you a favor if you don’t mind. The recycling plan was all my idea!” Feral pushed him back. Drake caught him before his tail hit the ground.

“I know the shipping plans better than you do, Jake!”

“But metals can be melted into one alloy to save waste products and money!”

“And I suppose you’re going to give me lessons, boy?” Feral pointed his staff at Jake’s chest. “I don’t need to know the difference. Megakat City can well afford imported material. That’s the only substance I want used for my weapon systems. Feral out!” He stormed out.

Jake hung his head. “I’m sorry I spoiled everything for you Professor. I guess all the crud might just be waste.”

“I’m sorry too, lad.”

“Yeah Jake. Your ideas helped us save big time. Too bad it couldn’t work out,” Drake said, wrapping his arm around Jake.

“Thanks guys, but I’d better leave you to what you’re doing.” Jake started to leave, but Hackle walked up to him.

“What are you going, son?” Jake lightly patted him aside.

“You don’t need me anymore. You would succeed better without my ideas.” Hackle covered his face in his paws.

“And he was such a good talent,” he lamented.


Felicia knocked on Jennifer’s door. Jennifer was almost done packing. “Yeah?”

“Hi. Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Jennifer moved her suitcase off the bed and Felicia sat down next to her.

“Jake told me about what had happened.”

“I know he would. What’s so good about the Enforcers if they won’t give you the experience they promise for some stupid reason.”

“I’m sorry, Jennifer. But you can still be promoted to the air force if you asked Feral for his forgiveness.”

“He’d say ‘The job you have now is the job that’s sufficient for you!’”

“But you can ask him to give you a chance and give your self-confidence.”

“He would then think I’m ungrateful. It wouldn’t work anyway, Felicia. He’s determined to keep his decisions.”

“Don’t give in like this! The Enforcers don’t give up in winning. You did a good job and I think you’d make a perfect pilot. Just try for me!”

Then an announcement broke the conversation. “Attention all Enforcers! Dark Kat has escaped prison and returned to Megakat City! All Enforcers on patrol!”

“Go on, Felicia. I’ll be fine.”

Felicia sadly walked out as Jennifer looked on. She was so confused. “What’s an Enforcer worth anyway? Just fighting and patrol on some kat’s orders. I’m worried about Chance. He’s going to be so pissed,” she thought.

She looked at her suitcase. “This isn’t right!” Jennifer slipped into her Enforcer suit and ran out the HQ runway. She hopped into an empty jet and started it. She remembered her lessons as Chance taught them.


The chase of Dark Kat was underway. Richard followed Chance and Jake who were followed right at the Doomsday’s missile compartments. They had to perform many twists and maneuvers since they were on pursuit within the urban area. “You can run, but you can’t hide, DK!” Richard fired at DK, but the craft dodged it and the missile hit a building. “Damn it!”

“You can chase, but you can’t catch me!” DK sneered. Chance and Jake decided that they should do what’s best without taking any discretion, since they knew Feral’s type. They knew they were playing with fire.

“We’d better stay close, Jake. We need to bring DK even if it means having to go against Richard again!” Chance said.

“Sounds risky, but do what you have to.”

Richard called on them. “Chance, Jake stand back, it’s too dangerous!”

“Negative. We’re going in! You guys go ahead and get yourselves some donuts,” Chance answered.

“You two are nuts! We’re breaking off pursuit.” Richard and the other jets turned away.

“Don’t worry, Richard. Leave it to us!” A blue-green light flickered on Jake’s screen.

“Dar Kat’s locked in on headquarters, Chance. Missiles deploy!” Jake aimed at his target. The Doomsday’s missiles were disabled. DK tried to release them, but his systems were jammed.

“Nice hit, buddy! Chance said.

“Just one more shot to go!” Feral flew in between them. DK stealthily got away.

“You two stand back! I’m taking Dark Kat personally!”

“Negative commander. It’s our tag!”

“I’m giving you my final warning!”

“I repeat, sir. We have him clipped.” Chance lost his attention from his steering and his left wing got broken off from a skyscraper.

“Come on, Chance. We’ve got to eject.” They escaped with their exhaust lifter seats as their Turbojet crashed into the HQ. Feral growled and squeezed his paw in a fist.

“Dark Kat’s gone and all because of those two young hotshots!” He saw the HQ carrier burning and called for the fire fighters to extinguish it. “If they don’t mind me! Hm, I think Jennifer’s always wanted a pilot position. Well, it looks very promising on her case right now!”

Chance and Jake looked up at the tip of HQ blown off and in flames. Jake sunk his head. “Looks like my sister’s not the only one in trouble.”

“Sorry Jake. It’s one hell of a loss.”

“Yeah. A real disaster.”

Tom appeared and laughed. “I told you not to get too proud Chance,” he jeered. Jake growled and ran up to him.

“Lay off, litter-box!” Tom elbowed Jake in the chest. Jake hacked up coughs.

“You want to start something too, stickboy?” Chance grabbed him by his collar.

“Go and find Feral to pick on!”

“What the devil is going on here?” Feral walked up to them. Jake’s body became stiff with fear, but Chance was used to Feral’s posture and just squeezed his eyes. Tom ran off.

“Nothing you’d care about!” Chance said abruptly.

“What I care about now is what you idiots did to headquarters?”

“We were in pursuit of Dark Kat.”

“I know the event! I want to know why you two continued against my will.”

“It was our call. It was you put the bars on us and sealed up our cue!” Chance shouted. Feral jabbed him in the chest with his staff.

“I don’t tolerate back talk, mister! I thought I made myself clear to stay on my order.”

“Lay off, sir. I should have told you, I don’t like ill-timed supervision. We would have caught Dark Kat if *you* hadn’t of stepped in off your cue, sir!” Feral’s eyes popped and his inner being drained cold in bewilderment.

“That does it. You’re off the force, both of you!” The two tom-kats threw their helmets to the ground and walked off.

“Suits us!” they both said. He called them back.

“Wait a minute! You’re out of the Enforcers, but not out of the woods! There’s still a matter of paying for the damages in this building!” Chance and Jake became nervous as Feral gave his explanation.


Chance drove Jake up to a muddy yard full of rusted litter pieces and trashed Enforcer material. Two owners of the salvage yard drove up in a dump truck. A short stumpy kat with a military bulging chin named Murray and another taller rounder kat named Burke with his cap covering his eyes looked at them and snickered.

“So these are the best Enforcers Feral sent us?” Burke sneered.

“They were the best, but now they’re the least!” Murray pointed his thumb down. Burke put the house keys in Jake’s paw. “You just make yourselves at home, boys. Because you’re gonna be here for quite a while!”

Chance tried to kick Murray, but Burke grabbed his leg and tripped him. Jake helped him back up.

“Now you two start salvaging the place and no slacking off!” Burke waved them good bye and drove off with Murray. Chance tossed pieces of salvage waste after them.

“I don’t believe this, we’re pilots, not junk men!” Jake noticed some shells and appliance generators and picked them up. Chance was confused.

“Jake, what’s are you doing?”

“I think we have plenty of salvage here to design our own jet,” Jake said with a smile.

“What for?”

“We can still fight off Dark Kat all the other criminals in MKC. But this time, we do it our way!” Chance smiled.

“Well, what are we waiting for, buddy!” Then they did their famous high five.


Jennifer received a letter of promotion to the air force. She read the letter and cheered but then, crumpled it up. “It’s my fault that they got kicked off. If my boyfriend and my brother have to lose for my promotion, I don’t want it.” Felicia walked in the room.

“Congratulations Jennifer! You are a pilot now, and I your co-pilot.” Jennifer shook her head.

“You go ahead. I don’t want to be in the Enforcers anymore! My dad was right. The Enforcers are not for me. I just can’t believe our two friends got thrown off!”

“That’s too bad, Jennifer. I feel sorry for both of those guys. They did what they felt was right, but Feral was determined to take control! It’s not your fault! At least Feral was nice enough to promote you. Everything has its opposite sides you know.” Felicia took Jennifer’s paw. “Please be little bit more open hearted. Do it for Chance and Jake and for me.”

Jennifer was reluctant and tried with failing strength to give a response. “Alright!”

“Welcome back to the Enforcers, then!” Jennifer and Felicia walked out and went on patrol. Jennifer still remembered Chance and often went to the salvage yard to see Chance. Felicia did the same for Jake.

“I don’t care what Feral says, Chance is always my Enforcer,” Jennifer said to herself.


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