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Traitor for a Child

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,772 Words

Jake’s girlfriend, Felicia, has some secrets… and they’re going to force her to choose just whose side she’s on.

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Author's Notes:

Iris Tabby is a villainess I created. Crash, Adam, Mike, and J.P. belong to Crash Furley.

Over the Megakat City night sky, an ally of Turmoil named Iris Tabby looked upon the Enforcer Headquarters hoping to see Felicia going out on patrol. She had no such luck though.

“Well, my daughter isn’t giving me the data on the Enforcer units I sent her to the academy for. I’ll have to pay her a little visit,” she sneered.

Then a group of Enforcer jets appeared to her aircraft.

“Attention! You are violating the Enforcer air space! Surrender yourself now!” one of the Enforcers ordered.

“*Their* air space? But for how long? Fire!”

Iris had a squadron of females just like Turmoil. They set off the vertigo ray that blinded the eyesight of the Enforcers.

“Lieutenant Felina, we’ve lost eyesight! Bring us to base!”

Felina appeared and ordered the blinded pilots to halt and the SWAT Kats released four iron claws that caught them.

“Felina, we’re bringing the Enforcers to safety. But they really were blinded by some kind of light source,” Razor explained.

“That’s strange. The villain has an instrument that blinds its opponents. But whoever it is, has better not try that on me!”

Felina flew after the aircraft, but it fled out of sight at Mach 4.

“Crud! I couldn’t even see who ran that ship,” Felina cursed.

“Wait a minute. If that ship had a vertigo beam, it must be an ally of Turmoil,” T-Bone said coldly.

“I remember that Turmoil explained that Iris would be reeking revenge for Turmoil,” Felina explained.

“If she comes back, we’ll confront her!” T-Bone assured.

“Just don’t let her cast any more spells on you, buddy. Remember last time?” Razor said.

“Yeah, don’t remind me. I’m still having trouble getting Turmoil out of my mind.”



The next morning at the garage, Felicia came to visit Jake and Chance. Jake’s brother Crash was playing his electric guitar in the garage.

“Good morning, Felicia. Where’s Jennifer? I miss her company,” Chance said.

“She was still sleeping, so I’d didn’t want to wake her up. Or maybe she went back to Arizona for a while,” Felicia replied.

“That was a good move, Felicia. Or if my sister’s home, I wish her a good long vacation,” Jake said.

“Yeah, she pulls the plug from the amplifier if I play too loud,” Crash added.

“But do you have to blast my ears, bro,” Jake asked.

“What? Don’t you like my music? You were at my concert a few weeks ago.”

“But I could hear well enough with the speakers, Crash.”

“I could have had Adam, Mike, and J.P. drag you to the front and tie you to a chair,” Crash joked, swinging a rope.

“Okay, play what volume you like. Listen Felicia, did you hear that some of the Enforcers were blinded by a she-kat named Iris?”

“Iris? No, I was resting. Did you say Iris?” Felicia asked, becoming alarmed.

“Yeah, Felicia. What’s wrong?”

“I’d better go now, Jake,” Felicia said, leaving in her car.

“Felicia, hang on! Wait!” Jake saw that Felicia was trying to avoid hearing him. Jake was dumbfounded.

“Why did she leave without saying good bye? She’s my girlfriend and that’s just not normal for her to go off like that.”

“I don’t know what got into her, buddy. Something’s going on that we don’t know of,” Chance said.

Crash was going to make some kind of joke, but seeing the look on his brother’s face portended that it was not the time for games. The three tom kats grew concerned about Felicia.


As Felicia drove back to her apartment, at her door was Iris accompanied by two female troopers.

“Mother, hello. Long time no see. What are you doing here and why do you have your squadron with you?”

“Felicia, I came to see how you’re progressing? And why haven’t I heard anything from you about the Enforcers? Or have you forgotten why I sent you here in the first place?”

“Mother, I’m a loyal Enforcer now. I can’t turn over a new leaf just for you. I’m not going to go against the Enforcers or against Jake,” Felicia explained with a little courage.

“You could have told me the commander’s routine and I would have blinded him. But who is Jake?”

“Once an Enforcer, but he was kicked off and is now a mechanic ” Felicia naively began.

Iris became angry and looked her daughter straight in the eye.

“So you’re going to betray me? This is not how you should show your duty to your mother, by loving once an enemy, now a low tom.”

“I love him, mother. He is my boyfriend and even more if he wishes. And he is better than a low tom!” Felicia defensively spoke.

“Young lady, you’d better watch your mouth! If my troopers find you meeting with this so-called boyfriend, he will be killed. And if you don’t show yourself more obedient, sad as it seems, you’ll join him!” Iris shouted, seizing Felicia by the wrist.

Felicia could not speak. She was deeply stunned by the threat to her lover and to her. How she shamed herself in her mind for having a villainess for a mother.

“I warn you, stop seeing him! I’ll give you twelve hours to think about leaving the Enforcers and give me Feral’s patrol time. Then I might show mercy to Jake.”

Iris released her daughter and left with the troopers. Then Chance and Jake came.

“Felicia, are you all right?” Jake asked.

“Jake, please go. I don’t want to see you again,” Felicia said, starting to go into her room.

“Wait a minute, Felicia. Did something happen?” Chance asked.

“Did I do something wrong? If I did, tell me what it is,” Jake insisted.

“Look, I told you I didn’t want to see you anymore, okay. Please go away!”

Jake became sorrowful and tongue-tied at Felicia’s attitude. Chance put her arm around his buddy.

“Come on, pal. Let’s leave Felicia alone,” he said, giving a Felicia a look of shame and leading Jake out.

Then they sadly left, Iris returned with a glad look on her face.

“Mother, do you realize what I just did? I just broke our relationship and now I feel that my life has become a living hell! How could you do this to me!”

“What did you do? You just broke your relationship with Jake without giving the reason? That’s very mean of you, Felicia,” Iris said sarcastically.

“Leave me alone, mother!” Felicia cried, going into her room. Iris stopped her.

“One moment, though. Remember what else I expect from you.”

“I won’t!”

“You will, or else you and Jake are dead! You know I’ve had my troops follow you where Jake lives.”

“I hate you, mother! Get out of my life!”

“I’ll give you twelve hours to change your mind. I will not have a traitor for a child.”

As Iris left, Felicia slammed her door and fell on her bed. She shed tears on her pillow.

“Jake, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean it,” she whispered to herself.

Later that night, Felina went out to see Felicia. She knuckled and Felicia reluctantly opened the door.

“Felicia, are you all right? You were scheduled to go on duty an hour ago and my uncle’s very ticked off at you,” Felina said, putting her paws on her shoulders.

“Lieutenant Feral, I don’t think you should know why I’m not out,” Felicia returned.

“What’s up? I have to know, Felicia. I believe I have a little more understanding that my uncle.”

“I don’t feel like it, Lieutenant Feral.”

“Look, I can’t help you if you won’t tell me,” Felina said with a sigh.

Felicia finally gave in and trusted to tell Felina her secret.

“Tell no one I told you, but Iris is my mother and she has warned me to never to see Jake again or she will kill the both of us. And she wants me to go against the Enforcers,” Felicia blurted out.

“Felicia, I feel really sorry for you. But why did you not ever tell me or Feral about your relationship?”

“Feral would have thrown me off the force.”

“I see. My uncle is ridiculous in those cases. I can’t blame you. Listen, would you like to fly with me tonight? It would be much safer for you.”

“Thank you, lieutenant,” Felicia said with a smile. As they both went out, there Iris was with her troopers.

“How sweet. The lieutenant is helping my child become brave,” Iris said, holding a vertigo rifle.

“She’s under my protection and you are under arrest, lady!” Felina pulled out her magnum that was blasted out of her paw by one of the troopers.

“I just came for an offer and now you want to assault me?” Iris accused.

Callie watched the scene from a distance and became scared.

“Oh no! I hope the SWAT Kats can come before she takes them hostage,” she thought.


Meanwhile at the house, Crash and Chance were trying to comfort Jake.

“Jake, it wasn’t your fault. Please try to relax,” Chance said, rubbing Jake’s back.

“Although it sounds really weird. Why would she not want to speak to you again, all of a sudden,” Crash asked.

“Beats me, Crash. I just need to give her a little time to chill out,” Jake replied.

Then the alarm sounded. Chance answered it.

“Yes, Miss Briggs?”

“T-Bone, Iris has found her way to the Enforcer’s living quarters and is trying to abduct Felina and Felicia.”

“We’re on our way, Miss Briggs. Jake, Felina and Felicia are in trouble at the Enforcer living quarters. Iris is with them.”

“Crud! Felicia’s in trouble with Iris? Could does she want?” Jake growled.

“We’ll find out soon. Come on. Crash, you and Tipo watch the hangar.”

“You got it!”


At the wing, T-Bone and Razor found living quarters on the scanner.

“Felicia’s place at the north-east sector of the Headquarters.”

“Roger. Setting her down.”

As the SWAT Kats landed, they saw Feral and the Enforcers gathered around Iris who had Felina and Felicia in her clutches.

“You’re under arrest! Unhand them!” the Enforcers shouted and approached Iris’s troopers.

“Men, no!” Feral shouted as the shooters blinded them with their vertigo rifles.

“Nice work, ladies! Now, if you want Felina and Felicia released, I demand your surrender of your position, Feral,” Iris said.

“Try to get us first, you crazy she-kat,” T-Bone barked, stepping in with Razor.

“SWAT Kats, get away from here! The Enforcers are taking care of this!” Feral shouted.

“Those hostages are our friends, thank you!” Razor shot back and pulled out his mini launch-vault missiles.

“Enforcers, you’d better cover your eyes!” Razor warned.

“This sounds like the friend your daughter mentioned earlier,” one of the troopers said to Iris.

“I see,” Iris replied as she grabbed her laser gun and hit Razor in the stomach. T-Bone caught him.

“Oh no!” Felicia cried. She started to run over to Razor, but two troopers grabbed her by the arms and held her down.

“Razor! All right, you witch! No more mister nice kat! I usually don’t do this to ladies, but you forced me!” T-Bone screamed and aimed his glovatrix at her.

“You’d strike a lady, would you,” Iris replied, dodging the three stringed ropes and blinded T-Bone with her vertigo rifle.

“Mother, stop it!” Felicia shrieked, struggling with the troopers’ grasps.

“I’ll finish you off last!”

“No!” Felina yelled, wrenching loose her arms and punching and kicking the troopers away from her. Finally she grabbed one of their rifles and struck Iris on the head and the back with it. The troopers fled and went off in the ship.

Felicia broke free and cuffed her mother’s paws behind her. Then as Felina and Feral lead Iris away, Felicia came to Razor who was being put on a stretcher by the paramedics.

“Thank you for saving me, SWAT Kat. Can I repay you?” Felicia asked.

“Felicia, here’s something I think you should know,” Razor said, motioning her closer to his mouth.

“I’m Jake Clawson,” he whispered.

Felicia covered her mouth in shock. Razor was her favorite SWAT Kat, but she was bewildered to learn he was Jake all along.

“Miss, please move aside,” one of the paramedics said to Felicia as he wheeled Razor in the ambulance.


Razor lay in a hospital room with get well cards on the nightstand. T-Bone and Crash came in to visit.

“Razor, how are you feeling?” T-Bone asked, shaking his paw.

“Lousy. I think she almost got my heart,” Razor replied groggily.

“Wow! You’re pretty lucky, bro. Listen, we have some one here who wants to see you,” Crash said.

“Tell her to come in. Thanks, bro,” Jake replied, patting Crash’s paw.

“And by the way, Razor, what did you tell Felicia?” T-Bone asked in curiosity.

“I’d rather not tell you. I want to be alone with Felicia, you guys.”

As T-Bone shrugged, he and Crash left and Felicia entered the room. She wanted to make sure that T-Bone and Crash were out of sight, then she walked over to Razor’s side.

“Hello, Razor. I hope you’ll recover soon,” Felicia said, taking him by the paw and kissing it.

“I’m feeling better already,” he replied with a smile.

“Listen, I have some serious explaining to do. Iris is my mother and I was trying to keep us both safe from her harm. Both of our lives were at stake. I owe you a great apology, sweetheart. And since I know your real identity, I’m taking a real risk on my career. But I could never give you up,” Felicia said, hanging her head.

“Neither could I, Felicia. You’re my girl and my Enforcer for life!” Razor lifted her face to his and kissed her on the lips.

“I love you, forever!” Felicia whispered, putting her paws around Razor’s neck and returning the affection.


Felicia’s mother was released from prison six moths later and never returned to Megakat City. But Felicia felt safe in her relationship and no Enforcer; not even Feral knew or suspected that she kept the secret of her lover.

T-Bone still felt suspicious, but respected Razor’s wish to keep it secret until the time that both their identities and that of Phurranha would be revealed by a relation of Feral’s.

About three years later, Jake and Felicia were married and had two sons, Brandon and Edwin.


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