Original SWAT Kats Story

The Saw Thrower

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,604 Words

Chop Shop has escaped from prison and stolen Feral’s favorite jet. Razor is reluctant about letting his son, Sam, try any SWAT Kat work, concerned for his safety. But, the SWAT Kats, along with Black Arrow, are caught and Sam is the only one left to stop Chop Shop.

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Author's Notes:

The Saw Thrower By David Noble

E-mail: dnoble49@hotmail.com

Sam has grown up to be a chip off the old block and a heroic expert like T-Bone. But after he is criticized for playing with fire, Chop Shot escapes from the enforcers and steals Feral’s new favorite jet. Can he regain his confidence to help his family in danger or will Chop Shot have the last laugh? Stay tuned.

Chapter one

In the hangar, eight years later, Sam was helping his dad Jake out, lifting the saw missiles in the overhauled Turbokat’s weapon systems. Sam picked up a mini round saw in which his dad used to cut out entranceways. He aimed a throw with it.

“Hey cool! Dad, watch this!” He threw it like a Frisbee and it hit the Turbokat’s weapon-release cables while Jake was holding them. They shorted a little and Jake fell out on his tail. “Oops! Sorry dad.” Chance and Sam helped him back up to his feet.

Jake walked over to his son. “Sam! Didn’t I tell you that you are not to play with the SWAT Kat arsenal? I was working on hazardous electricity and you could have killed your father!”

“Sorry, dad. I was just practicing my Frisbee throws. I’ll never do it again.” Sam started to cry and Chance put his arm around him.

“It’s ok, buddy. If you want to do your throwing, use a real Frisbee instead of your dad’s gadgets.” Chance rubbed his paw on Sam’s back and he was calmed down a little. Jake walked over to Sam and pointed at him.

“The gadgets I invent are not toys! They are used only for emergencies. Now go upstairs where you’ll stay out of trouble.” Sam went up, but looked at the jet.

“I wish that I could be like my father and stop criminals,” he sadly thought. Chance went over to his buddy.

“Come on, pal. He only wants to be like you. He’s living in a crime filled world, you know.” He said. Jake let out a sigh.

“He’s getting to be too ambitious. He doesn’t know what it really means to fight villains.”

“He’s young. Why not just give him a chance?” Chance took chances at dangerous things he’d never done even though his parents advised him not to when he was Sam’s age, so they nicknamed him Chance. He felt Jake would allow him the same thing.

“No! This kind of job is too risky for him. When he grows up, he can operate the enforcer tanks or be a security guard, but not one who uses weaponry!”

“You’re running your son down too much!”

“Yes, and he is my son! I want what’s best for him! Now let’s get to work and I don’t want this subject mentioned again.” Jake gave Chance a stern look. Chance sighed heavily and went to get some new cables.

Chapter two

Chop Shop had been in prison for two years and he was cackling up a plan to get out. A prison guard unlocked his prison cell.

“Alright joker, quit your cackling and get to lunch.” Chop Shop was silenced and spied the keys that the guard was wearing on his belt. He entered the lunchroom and received his lunch of mashed potatoes and fried fish. He looked disgustingly at it.

“It’s just food, sucker. Now hurry up and get back to your cell.” The guard turned his back and Chop Shop took the chance to act. He walked up behind the guard and snatched the keys and ran off with them and a gun. “Where are you going with those! Guards after him!” he shouted. Chop Shop was surrounded.

“I’m afraid the fun’s over, guys!” He shot some the guards in the stomach and ran out. The guard called Feral.

Feral was on his way to retirement in a few months and was awarded with a beautiful enforcer jet. He loved it very much and kept it in a secret enforcer hangar where no thief would know or steal it. Feral from that time on worried about his jet even though was safely secured. He had security service set up and ID checkers at the door of that hangar.

Chop Shop reached the hangar by snatching one of the guns. “How did you get out, creep?” The guards demanded.

“None of your business.” Chop Shop cackled as the guards were shooting after him. He shot two guards in the arm and burst into the hangar, seeing the jet. His eyes popped wide and his smile turned into a grin.

Chapter three

Sam was throwing his blue Frisbee, aiming at the old junky cars and hit them right in the windshields. Gabriel came out. “Good throwing, dear, but don’t hit anything in the garage.”

“Ok mom.” His mom comforted Sam when Jake scolded him or comforted by his dad or Chance when Gabriel scolded him. Sam was used to it. The two tired tom kats entered the kitchen and had pepper clam chowder.

“Wanna fire contest, pal?” Chance asked, trying to clear off Jake’s worries.

“No.” Jake groaned. “I’m tired of that game. Just eat your soup.” Jake and Chance finished their lunch and prepared to go swimming at the pool.

“Gabriel, make sure that Sam doesn’t go down to the hangar,” Jake warned her. Jake and Chance put on their swimwear, but before they went, the phone rang. Gabriel answered it.

“Yes Miss Briggs?”

“Hello, Black Arrow. You guys had better come quickly. Chop Shop has escaped, stolen Feral’s jet, and is leveling a few buildings. Can I take care of Sam?”

“We’ll be right down. And as for Sam…” Jake sternly nodded. “Sure, I’ll bring him down. Bye.”

Sam heard them. “Look, I’m thirteen! I don’t need any babysitter. You can’t trust me alone, can you?”

“Sam, this world is dangerous and you can’t be too careful,” Gabriel advised.

“You guys go out fighting crime, at least once a week and come back ok.” Jake put his paws on Sam’s shoulders.

“We’re experienced. It’s only until you’re at least fifteen when we’ll let you out in the city at night on your own,” he said.

“Dad, you and mom just wanna take credit! You both want to be like Feral, don’t you?”

Jake slapped Sam.

“I don’t want you ever to use that talk with me or your mother again. You hear me?” Jake scolded. Sam had tears of anger in his eyes. Then he went in his mother’s car while the SWAT Kats were getting ready.

“Don’t you think you were being too harsh without a good point as to why he shouldn’t witness some crime fighting?” T-Bone asked, wrapping his bandana on his head.

“I told you to stay out of this, T-Bone. This city at night is very risky and he could be hurt.” Razor said.

“For a kitten that’s growing into a kat, come on.” Razor shook his head and T-Bone was getting angry.

“Razor, you can’t always confine your son like this! Is pride the only thing you’re concerned about with him?

Razor had tears in his eyes. “Losing a son whom I love so much is my worry. He represents the citizens we swore to protect. We’ve never had any tom kat except him as a family member. You’re advising me to give my son up to these criminal creeps who could hold him as ransom?” Razor broke into tears and T-Bone put his paw on his shoulder.

“I’m advising you to allow him some freedom in his life. His other eight lives may not be with us again and I feel you should allow him to be a kat of caring and love for other kats as we do. I can see it in his face.”

Razor felt less worrisome. “Maybe you’ve made a point. But if I allow my son to witness what we do, he would need to stay very close at my side.”

“Let’s go, buddy.” T-Bone said. He and Razor then flew out of the underground hangar. Razor looked out into the city.

“He’d better be careful if he’s going to be a crime fighter.”

Chapter four

Chop Shop was riding in Feral’s gift jet and throwing copies of the SWAT Kat’s buzz saw missiles that sawed the enforcers out of their seats. They fell out of their choppers and set off their parachutes. Callie was driving Sam to her home. “Don’t worry, honey,” she said, patting Sam on his shoulder. “You’ll be old enough be like your father.”

“Leave me alone,” Sam said irritatingly. “My mean dad doesn’t want me to fight crime, so I won’t. I’m just trying to please him!” he said sarcastically.

One of the enforcers landed on Callie’s car He suddenly fell off and she stopped. “You ok?” she asked with care as she helped to unstrap him from his seat.

The tomkat felt his arm. It felt very sensitive as he moved it. “I think I’ve got a broken arm,” he moaned.

“I’ll call an ambulance immediately.” Callie wondered why the enforcer fell down. Sam was watching Chop Shop and the enforcers with a discouraged heart.

Meanwhile, T-Bone and Razor watched Feral chase the hideous hyena with desperate haste and not wanting to ruin his jet with shots. “That’s my prize jet, you snickering sneak! I’m ordering you to give it back now!”

“You want it? Come and get it!” laughed Chop Shop as he swerved out of the beams the enforcers fired.

The SWAT Kats sped after Chop Shop. “Ah oh. Those interfering SWAT Kats again.” He fired buzz saw missiles that sawed both T-Bone and Razor out of their Turbokat. It crashed a power station, cutting off almost 50% of the city’s power.

“How the hell does that lowlife find out about our missiles?” T-Bone cried.

“That sneaky son of a bitch!” Razor grumbled. They were floating down on parachutes, but Chop Shop bored a hole in both of them with a laser shot. “Ah crud!” both the SWAT Kats cried. They fell, hit the ground, and were unconscious.

Chop Shop landed Feral’s jet and tied the SWAT Kats from shoulders to ankles. He then hooked a chain saw to a plug in Feral’s jet. Black Arrow came and aimed her arrow with a rope at Chop Shop. He dodged the blow and tugged her into his arms. He kicked her in the stomach, tied her up and placed her next to Razor.

“It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been so restrictive with him in this,” Razor said with remorse.

“It’s too late now,” Black Arrow sighed. Callie pulled her car along side the scene.

“Oh no!” she cried. Sam saw Chop Shot getting ready to slice the SWAT Kats and Black Arrow with one of their gadgets. He felt a sudden urge and calling to help even though he had felt uneasy about it.

“I’ve gotta help him! Just this once!” Sam rushed out of Callie’s car.

“Sam, no! Come back here! You’ll be killed.” Callie called and ran up to him.

“Miss, look! It’s my family! Just this once. I’ll take the yelling,” he said. Callie nodded.

Sam picked up a saw and aimed it his best. Chop Shop turned the chainsaw on and pointed it toward the SWAT Kats. “Bye SWAT Creeps! This is my happy ending.”

Sam threw the saw that cut the cord and shorted out the weapon.

Chop Shop turned around. “Who are you, brat?” he shouted.

“A SWAT Kat family member.” Sam threw another saw that cut off T-Bone’s ropes.

“Thanks kid.” T-Bone cheered and he cut the ropes off Razor and Black Arrow.

“I’ll teach you how I deal with naughty kittens!” Chop Shop yelled as he grabbed Sam and hit him in the eye. Razor, in a rage, ran into Chop Shop and bit into his neck.

“That is my son, you devil!” he hollered. He tied Chop Shop’s hands behind him. The enforcer came, bandaged Chop Shop’s bleeding neck and took him away.

“Thanks, SWAT Kats,” Feral said. “I owe you one!”

“Good luck on your retirement, T-Bone said.

“You aren’t rid of me yet, SWAT Kats. I’ve gotten used to your heroic deeds, but you’re still hotshots. Your jet, destructive as usual, has wrecked the Megakat power station, cutting off nearly all the circuits.”

“Are you still going to blame us for wrecks that aren’t our fault, buster? We lost control of the Turbokat you know,” T-Bone sneered.

“Well it was your jet, but Chop Shop’s missiles caused the damage, so I won’t really hold this against you.” He then sped off in his jet.

Black Arrow ran off to embrace Sam. “My son, are you ok? We owe you one!”

“My eye hurts mom.” Sam complained. Razor took some water and ointment from Callie’s glove compartment and patted it on his eye. He then put both his paws on Sam’s shoulders.

“That was a very daring, but a great thing you did for us, son. I think I can teach you a few basic tricks of being a SWAT Kat at your age.”

“What are you talking about, buddy? Hell, he is a SWAT Kat.” T-Bone said, putting his arm around Sam. Sam did the same.

“Thank for standing up for me, T-Bone. You’re a great friend,” Sam said gratefully.

“Thanks Miss Briggs, for coming here at the nick of time,” Black Arrow said shaking her hand.

“Looks like the SWAT Kats have got a new partner.” Callie smiled. Sam wept.

“Sorry daddy. I did it because you’re my family and I wanted to rescue you. Not for credit, but for the sake of saving lives.”

Razor smiled and wrapped his son in his arms, patting him on his back. “It’s ok Sam. It’s ok. You did the right thing.”

“By the way, what name would sound great for Sam?” Black Arrow asked.

“How about Sureshot or Thruster?” Razor suggested. Sam thought for a few minutes.

“I think I’d like Sureshot. You’ve used it lots of time to each other. Why not use it as a name?” Sam said to T-Bone and Razor. They put a thumb up.

The family then went on home in Black Arrow’s car while Callie waved good-bye until they disappeared into the yellow horizon.


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