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The Promotions

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 3,247 Words

Felina and Roland Feral are finally granted their commandership shields. And, Roland’s wish about the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers joining is coming true.

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Author's Notes:

The Promotions

David Noble

During one early autumn morning in Megakat City, Ulysses Feral was on the way to retirement; he would be out of office the next day. Roland and Felina were ready to take their places as commanders. He called them both into his office. “Roland and Felina, I think that you two are ready to step into my shoes tomorrow,” he exclaimed in a slightly aging voice.

“Yes uncle,” they both said simultaneously. Feral smiled.

“Good. I hope you two are ready to receive your badges. Have you decided which operations you will direct?”

“I have chosen to direct the ground operations and become co-commander of the Air Force with my brother,” Felina explained.

“I will instruct the water-borne operation. And remember your permission to join the SWAT Kats with the Enforcers?” Roland asked. Feral groaned lightly.

“I know nephew. You don’t need to remind me. Well, I hope to see the both of you in the Enforcer auditorium tomorrow morning at eight. Don’t be late!” Feral warned them and walked out. Felina looked at Roland.

“You know, Roland, this idea of yours is not a bad one. What did the SWAT Kats tell you?” she asked.

“They’re really getting anxious for this big event. Do you have a problem with it?” Roland asked her.

“No, not at all. I just pray that many kats will be enlisted. My husband Phurranha is really looking forward to it. I’m wondering if our son, Ferrando, would like to join.”

“He’s still a kitten. Give him some time. I don’t think my new partner will have any problems having him fight with him. He has my image,” Roland said, rubbing his chin.

“Still a braggart, huh?” Felina teased.

“Well he does. He’d make a great sub-fighter for your husband and for me. Like father, like son.”

“I see. Well, good luck, brother. Take good care of my son. He is your nephew you know.”

“I’ll do my best for him. Best wishes, sister.” After that, they shook hands and left.


At the weapons warehouse, Celine was tied up rearranging stock with the other employees. “Next day Roland will get his wish. Chance will be so proud of him,” she thought.

Suddenly, two fifteen-year-old she-kats, in masks, popped in and fired their cap guns at her. Celine turned around in shock and a sharp look on her face. Then the two kittens took their masks off.

“Relax, mom. It’s only me and Stacey,” Tracey said. Celine gave a stern, but calmed expression. She hugged them both.

“You girls shouldn’t playing those games here. Others don’t know you’re just playing,” she said.

“Sorry mom. We just wanted to brighten your day. Tomorrow we’re going to see dad getting promoted to the Enforcers!” Stacey said. Celine wanted to hide the history of Chance being fired from the Enforcers from her daughters.

“That’s good. I just wish Chance would stop putting ideas into your heads,” Celine added. Then T-Bone stepped in.

“Here’s the culprit, mom,” Stacey announced.

“Hey, is that anyway to speak about your dad?” T-Bone asked in lightly bothered tone, but not meaning it.

“You know, T-Bone, I think you’re getting a little too ambitious. Be a bit patient for more day. And stop letting our girls play tricks on me, okay?” Celine said and gave her husband a light pinch on his ear.

“Okay, *mother*. I’m just glad our son, Phoenix, isn’t getting ideas from me,” T-Bone answered and hung his head in shame. Celine smiled and kissed T-Bone on the mouth.

“Listen, I’m happy that you’re getting promoted along with your other two partners,” Celine commented.

“Yeah, I’m really excited. I hope Roland knows what he’s doing,” T-Bone said.

“I trust him. Listen, I need to finish my work here. I’ll be home in two hours.”

“Okay ladies, out of here. I’ve got to fly you home. And give me those guns,” T-Bone put his open paws out and the girls obeyed.

“Sorry dad,” they both said. Then the girls kissed their mother and their father escorted them out with his paws on their shoulders.

“I think they’re starting to grow up like their father,” one of the workers said to Celine. She chuckled lightly.

“Don’t say that. That’s what worries me.” Then the two girls poked their heads in the doorway.

“And we’ll never play tricks on you again, mother. We promise,” they both announced and left.

“At least they still have their mother’s kindness, along with our son, Phoenix,” Celine thought. Phoenix was the last kitten the Furlong’s decided to have, who was eleven years old.


Jake and Felicia’s first kitten Brandon, was a friend with the Furlong sisters and Phurranha and Felina’s son Ferrando. The other son was Edwin, who was thirteen. Brandon developed the same throwing and shooting skills of his father. Brandon shot several still figures of villains like Diego, Scott, and Hard Drive.

“Very good, son. I didn’t think you could master the flying boomerang,” Razor told his fourteen-year-old son.

“I learned it from you, pop,” Brandon replied.

“Right.” Razor hugged his son and Felicia appeared.

“How’s Brandon coming along?” she asked.

“He’s picking up my skills pretty good. If he wants, he could be enlisted on the Enforcer shooting unit,” Razor said.

“But aren’t the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers joining?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, but the Ferals still want to call us Enforcers. That’s what we all agreed on.” Then Phurranha walked down the ladder with his thirteen- year-old son. Brandon walked up to Ferrando and shook paws with him.

“Glad you’re here. I want to congratulate you that your folks are getting promoted. You must be a lucky kat to have a mom as a commander and a dad as a captain,” Brandon said.

“Thanks, Brandon. But I think many others are going to be jealous of me,” Ferrando responded in a light Italian accent. Brandon patted his paw.

“Don’t sweat it, Ferrando. If your mother and uncle are going to be commander, no one can bully you.”

“Maybe you’re right. But Cousin Ulysses Feral never showed me any kindness at all.” Ferrando began to sulk. Phurranha put his paw on his shoulder.

“That’s because he hated having me become Felina’s husband. He’s really mad at me. Don’t worry; he’ll be out tomorrow and he’ll give you no more trouble.”

“Feral’s always been a real grudging grouch. But we’re going to have a new Feral and a Mrs. Martino as commanders,” Razor added. Ferrando felt a bit better.

“Well, I think every kitten in this family is going to be happy to have parents who work as Enforcers or SWAT Kats,” Felicia said, putting her paws on Razor’s arms.

“Yeah. But we’ll be called Enforcers as we agreed with Roland and Felina. And I did consider Tipo and Chance to be like brothers to me,” Razor added.


Later that night, Feral visited his brother’s house where he wanted to wish his nephew and his niece luck. He found out that Felina had visited earlier and then gone home to her husband and son. But Roland still lived with his parents. Feral saw him awake and knocked on his slightly opened door.

“Come in,” Roland answered. Feral walked in.

“Nephew, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? Tomorrow’s a big day for you and Felina,” he said. Feral walked over to the bed where Roland was sitting and sat down.

“I’m scared as the devil about this promotion tomorrow.” Feral put his paw on Roland’s shoulder.

“Have you lost your sense of pride so fast? This isn’t like my nephew.” Feral looked at Roland in his eyes. “Listen, I said you could hook the SWAT Kats up with the Enforcers. Your sister agreed, didn’t she?”

“She did. But weren’t you nervous when you became commander?”

“Roland, I served a commander who didn’t believe in fear, unless you allowed fear to possess you. Commander Jacques Gerard told me that one of the benefits of being commander was to see what you could do for your city. I’m starting to think that this idea of yours may be a good thing. And you’re the first one I’ve said this to.”

“Thanks uncle. I wish I could have known my grandfather as well as you,” Roland said. Feral smiled and hugged him.

“His ghost is probably proud for you right now.”

“Bless him. Uncle?”

“Yes, nephew?”

“Be nice to my partner Phurranha. And don’t hate my new nephew. I love him very much.” Feral softened up.

“Very well. Now get some sleep.” Roland kissed his uncle on the cheek and went into bed. Feral walked over to the doorway and looked at Roland. “And if you tell anyone I liked your idea, commander or not, I’ll tear your head off.” Roland was not afraid of his uncle’s idle threats. He never meant them.

“Get out of here and let me rest,” Roland chuckled. Feral nodded and closed the door. He trusted his nephew to make the right decisions. He just couldn’t believe he admitted to Roland that he liked the idea of joining the SWAT Kats with the Enforcers.


At the Enforcer auditorium during the next day, there was a great crowd getting seated. The SWAT Kats came in their uniforms. Felina kissed her son, Ferrando, on the cheek. “The SWAT Kats’ children will be sitting here with you. We’re going to be called on the stand in a while. And don’t worry about your Grandfather,” she said.

“I wish he’d stop hating me,” Ferrando replied.

“My brother said he spoke to him about that last night.” Feral walked in and embraced Felina.

“Guess you’re going to be Top Enforcer or SWAT Kat. Sergeant Saden will be calling us up,” Feral said.

“Thanks uncle. And I hope you enjoy your retirement. You’ve served Megakat City for nearly thirty years,” Felina answered.

“Yeah, well don’t call me old, Felina. I still have some youth in me. You know how I’ve hated those hotshot vigilantes.”

“I guess you’re going to have to be stuck posing with them for pictures.”

“That’s something to look forward to,” Feral said in a grudged, yet softened tone. “And I hope your son is excited for you and that other SWAT Kat. He could work with his father on the Coastal Patrol if he wanted.” Then Feral turned to Ferrando and winked at him.

“Thanks, grandpa,” Ferrando said. Minutes later, everyone was in their seats and Saden walked up to the podium.

“Good morning, citizens and Enforcers of Megakat City. It is my pleasure to announce the retirement of Ulysses Feral and the promotion of Commander to his niece Felina and his nephew Roland. Would the three please stand and come up here?”

The three Ferals walked up. Ulysses received his retirement certificate and gave up his commander’s shield. Felina and Roland received their shields and recited their pledges. Dominique and Theseus watched with tears in their eyes as they watched their children. It was something they dreamed of. After the promotion, Roland got ready to give his speech.

“As an Enforcer, stepping into the position of commander of the Enforcers with my sister Felina, it is our privilege and our pleasure to announce a hearty thanks and appreciation to the voters and the promoting staff and to all of you.” The audience applauded and whistled. “I’d like to take this time now call up T-Bone, Razor, and Phurranha to step up as my new partners and my best friends who helped to support me in this decision. Would the SWAT Kats be willing to bring their families along?” The SWAT Kats did so and pretty soon there was much excitement on the stage and in the audience. “With their approval and the permission of my uncle and agreement of my sister and the Enforcers, the SWAT Kats will become one team with us. Our names will still be the Enforcers, but our whole unit will be called the ‘Radical Squadron’.


Late that night, Jake’s brother Crash and his band, including Adam, played to celebrate the Feral sibling’s promotions. “Let’s hear it for the new Commanders, my brother Jake, Tipo, and Chance,” he announced. Then he waved at Jake, who waved back.

“That’s my brother. Just jamming along,” Jake said to Felicia. Then he recognized an old acquaintance.

“Hey, Walter! Remember me?” Walter looked up at Jake. He recognized him, but didn’t remember his name. “It’s me, Jake Clawson, your early partner!”

“Jake! I haven’t seen you in years!” They locked themselves in a great hug.

“I’ve missed you too, pal. So what are you doing in the Enforcers now?”

“Felina said she needed an instructor for her land-based operation and told me that I had the right skills to do it. I said yes.”

“Congratulations, buddy. Good luck!” Jake gave Walter a handshake. Walter nodded in thanks.

“And it looks like you and Felicia finally tied the knot. Shame on you two,” Walter scolded. Jake chuckled.

“I know,” he said, kissing his wife on the lips. Chance saw his mother and brother Mike and greeted them.

“Hey mom, hey little brother. Glad you came!” Chance said. His mother embraced him.

“I told you that you would make a great Enforcer, didn’t I?” Chance’s mother said.

“You were right, mom. Thanks for your encouragement,” Chance replied.

“But why didn’t you ever tell me that you became a SWAT Kat?”

“Some things had to remain a secret until now. You can blame that on the new Commander Feral,” Chance said, pointing to Roland. “And mom, I’d like you to meet my wife, Celine.” His mother shook hands with her.

“It’s a pleasure to see that my son has a wife,” she said to Celine.

“The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Furlong. Thanks,” Celine replied. Mike walked over to Celine and touched her on the cheek.

“Supposing you don’t mind if we have a dance?” he asked. Celine giggled. Chance heard him, locked his head in his right arm, and gave him a noogie.

“What if I mind, little bro?” he asked gruffly.

“Just a dance, Chance?”

“No Mike. Sorry.” Celine didn’t want to see Mike disappointed.

“It’s okay, dear. I’ll let him dance with me just this once.” Chance sighed and relented.

“Oh okay, Mike. She’s yours for the time being. But don’t let me catch you out there kissing her. I’ll be watching you,” Chance said, lightly poking Mike in the chest. Chance’s daughters took him by the paws.

“Don’t be jealous, dad. Come and dance with us,” they said. Chance smiled and went to the dance floor with them. He saw Celine dancing with Mike, but then she turned to him and winked. Chance’s suspicions were calmed a bit.

“Don’t worry, dad. It’s just a dance,” Stacy assured Chance. He rested assured that his brother wouldn’t take his wife away from him.

Felina, Roland, and Tipo joined Jake and Felicia. “A toast to the future!” Roland said. The group clanked their wineglasses together and drank.

“So Felicia, what are your plans in the Radical Squadron?” Felina asked, sipping her champagne.

“To be promoted as a Major in your flight unit,” Felicia answered.

“Is that fine with you?” Roland asked Jake.

“I think it sounds like a great idea to me. By the way, where’s Brandon and Ferrando? We’re missing them.”

“They’re outside talking. They’ll be back soon,” Tipo replied.

Outside, Brandon and Ferrando were discussing their futures.

“Listen, after we graduate from High School, what would you like to do with your life?” Brandon asked.

“Roland and my father said they would be interested in having me pursue my father’s job.”

“But is that what *you* want to do?”

“Sure it is. What about your career?”

“I might try shooting at my father’s instruction class. He said I’d make a good shooter.”

“You would. I’ve seen the hits you’ve made in the hangar.”

“And I’ve noticed that you’re not feeling sad or afraid anymore.”

“Feral’s stopped being mean to me. He even winked at me this morning.” Then Tipo appeared to the young toms.

“Come on, boys. We’re going to have a shoot and we’re waiting for you,” he said.

“Shall we join the others, Ferrando?” Brandon asked.

“My pleasure,” Ferrando said, putting his paw on Brandon’s left shoulder. Brandon did the same and went with his buddy inside.


Roland became Commander for Coastal Patrol with Felina as Commander for the Ground Enforcers. However, both of them were co-commanders for the Air Force. Phurranha became Captain for the Coastal Patrol with T-Bone as Flight Coronal. T-Bone’s wife Celine was happy to remain as the weapons warehouse manager. Felicia was promoted to a Major position and became Felina’s co-pilot. Razor became instructor for the co-pilots in gunning and gadgetry with training from Professor Hackle. Five years after that, the professor had died with age, which grieved Razor a great deal. He promised Hackle to pursue his invention career. Phurranha often took Ferrando on patrol and taught him a few things about submarines. Brandon learned much about gunning from his father. The Furlong sisters decided to join Felina’s ground Enforcer unit. Edwin and Phoenix on the other hand had time to search on what special skill was theirs.


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