Original SWAT Kats Story

Spiritual Uprisings

By David Noble

Diego Cortez, a greedy archeologist, agrees to help an ancient Pharoah ghost reclaim Egypt and Megakat City for the spoils from the tombs. The SWAT Kats and the enforcers have to work together to beat them both.

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Author's Notes:

Spiritual Uprisings By David Noble

E-mail: dnoble49@hotmail.com

Diego Cortez is my character, to let the readers know. I want to thank Kristen Sharpe who gave me the permission to use her.

Chapter one

During one scorching July day, the Megakat Supreme Council of Antiquities was exploring famous kings and queens tombs, located at the mountainous valley of kings, west of Luxor and the Nile in Thebes. The tombs were the Amenhotep II, Rameses IV, Roy, Tausert, and, Shu-Roy, and Seti II.

Diego Cortez, a member of the SCA and an archeologist, joined the team to explore the tombs, but expected a little something along the way. He went into the Roy tombs with a partner named Lydia.

“Do you think we’ll find treasure along the way?” Diego asked Lydia.

“This whole tomb is a treasure, Diego,” she said, excitingly.

The team used giant drills to break off the cement used to seal the ancient entrances. When they entered the tombs, they were impressed. The walls were frescoed with the colorful scenes of the Egyptian deities in glory. The mummies occupying those tombs were painted on the walls as becoming gods themselves.

“Hey look, commander Feral,” an SCA tom kat said, pointing at one of them. He was referring to Feral’s kingly attitude.

The Roy tombs were impressive as well. These tombs, owned by servants, had courts full of scenes of daily life. They had blue lotus plants, harvests, and ritual scenes painted. There were stone-carved pots of perfume and incense in them even though the incense was all turned to a big pile of dust. The perfume had dried up and left a firm curvy mass at the base of the pots, but the sweet aromas had filled the places intensely. Lydia loved the smells, but Diego nearly gagged on them.

The mummies’ coffins designed with blue lapis lazuli stone, gold, and fine limestone were found. Everyday items were found such as gold bracelets, small alabaster tablets with deities, and limestone and marble eating items and pottery. Each kat’s eyes seemed to pop out, looking at these fineries with feverish interest.

“These kings and queens certainly struck it rich!” a team member commented as the stuff was being carried out of the tombs.

“Yeah! No wonder this place is called valley of kings,” Lydia commented. Diego came out holding a small limestone tablet in his paw. It had an arrogant looking pharaoh on it. His eyes were made of crystal.

“What is that? It’s beautiful,” Lydia asked. Diego’s showed it to the others.

“We all found a little something for ourselves as well,” a kat said, holding out a gorgeous goblet made of Lapis lazuli decorated with antelopes for the handles, made of green shell. The inside had a magnificent gold lining. Diego’s eyes popped out and he dropped his jaw. The lucky kat named Fred walked up to him and patted him on the back.

“Sorry pal. Better luck next time,” Fred said. He handed it over to Diego to look at, but looking at it just wasn’t enough for him.

“Perhaps you would like to trade?” Diego asked quickly. Fred shook his head.

“Sorry Diego. I like it too, but you’ve got yourself a fine artifact.” Diego growled under his breath.

“What am I to do with a tablet? No one worships these gods anymore,” he thought.

The sun looked like it was about ready to set, so the leader had every piece of merchandise packed up in a delivery truck.

“I suggest that your little souvenirs should be cleaned up and polished so they’ll last,” the leader said. The group was a little hesitant at first, but then gave their pieces over to the MKC museum cleaner.

Diego looked with an evil eye at Fred. He thought to himself, “I won’t take no for an answer. He’ll give me that goblet, if I have to ” Then he grinned and came up with something sneaky. “Sure, why not? After all, my ancestor took by cunning and chance. I wonder.” Finally, Diego started to plan something out.

Chapter two

At the salvage garage house, there was another hunt going on. Chance and Jake were playing hide and go seek with Scaredy Kat who had been transported into the kat world by Hackle’s open-air transmitter. Kari and Kat kept their lips quiet even though they knew were he was hiding, but they were bursting to announce where he was.

“Where are ya, Scaredy Kat? Come to daddy,” Chance lured as he looked under the sofa. Surprise! Scaredy Kat ran for his life pretending to afraid as Chance went chasing after him, laughing. “I’m gonna get cha, little bugger!” Scaredy Kat ran into the kitchen doorway and Jake, who was hidden, popped out and caught Scaredy Kat who pretended to scream.

“I’ve got you now, pal.” Scaredy Kat jumped off of Jake and raced after Chance. Within three racing steps, Scaredy Kat jumped on Chance’s back. “Oh you really crack me up, Scaredy Kat,” Chance chuckled and he gave the scrawny kat a big bear hug.

“You’re the best buddy as well as my best fan,” Scaredy Kat said, rubbing his cheek along Chance’s. Jake walked up to Scaredy Kat.

“What about me? I’m the one who caught you.” Jake felt sad, so Scaredy Kat jumped into his arms.

“Sorry. You’re also my second best buddy.” Jake smiled and returned the little kat’s affections.

“Come on you guys, the SCA just brought some cool Egyptian items over to the museum last week. We won’t want to miss that,” Kari said. Then knocking interrupted the conversation.

Feral came with a salvage yard fee. Jake answered it. “Yes sir?”

“Chance, Jake, your enforcer headquarter fine has been paid off long ago, but I’ve made the calculations in which you are to give to the IRS before next week is up.”

Feral handed Chance and Jake their paychecks. They were paid a bit more than before, but the taxes were a little higher. “These taxes are a little much, don’t you think, commander,” Chance complained.

“Don’t blame me. Blame the funds for their new researches.” Feral saw Kari and went up to her. “I’m giving you a pilot transportation position for my niece’s new criminal investigator, Kristen Sharpe. Do you accept?” Feral pointed his finger at her as if it was an order rather than a request.

“Yes sir.” Kari said. She then turned to Chance. “What a absolute butthole!” Chance giggled.

“What’s that, Kari?” Feral demanded.

“I said you’d make a very good pharaoh.” Feral sneered and left.

Chapter three

At the Megakat history museum, the Egyptian artifacts were all set up on a shelf. They were neatly displayed, ready for show and tell.

Diego came to do research on some broken pottery. The fast pacing spotlights were turned on. “Would you like a donut. We’ve got plenty,” security guard said to Diego.

“Sure. Oh, look there! I thought I saw Naemer’s ghost!” he shouted, pointing at the ceiling

“Where?” The guards asked simultaneously as Diego sprinkled sleeping powder on their donuts. They turned around. There was nothing. “Pal, you must be over obsessed with mummy curses. They ain’t real. Anyway, we open first thing tomorrow, so ya’d better not stay here too long.”

Diego walked into the storage room where some of the artifacts owned by the others, were sitting on a counter. He sighed as he looked at Fred’s bowl and took his small tablet. “I could take the goblet just now, but there are the guards and I can still hear them chattering,” he grumbled.

Suddenly, a beam of light pierced through the window into the crystal eyes of the pharaoh and his phantom arose. Diego dropped the tablet on the table and the phantom disappeared. “It can’t be. Crystals can’t bring spirits to life!” But he tilted the tablet up to the light and the phantom appeared again.

“Who are you?” Diego trembled. The phantom gave him a stern look.

“Don’t you know how to respect a king of Egypt?” the ghost asked him harshly.

“Sorry signor, but we aren’t in Egypt anymore. We’re in Megakat City history ”

“Silence!” the ghost interrupted. “I am Ptolemy III, king of Thebes. Alexander, the conqueror tried to steal my father’s throne. While I ruled, my citizens had started to turn away from me, so I tried to fight the Greeks, but instead Egypt became allied with Greece and Rome, so Egypt had lost it’s independence and its rule over its dominated parts in Africa. The deities only know what Egypt is going through now.” Ptolemy became sad and Diego put his paw on the phantom’s shoulder.

“Perhaps I could do something to make it up to you.” Ptolemy seized some hope.

“You brought me back to life and maybe you can regain Egypt for me.” Diego’s crossed his arms.

“Signor that’s asking a bit much. Egypt is a modern country now, just like Megakat City here. What makes you think that the actions of one kat can bring a nation to surrender?” The phantom became reasonable.

“Is there not something you desire so much?” Diego looked at Fred’s goblet.

“That fine goblet belongs to another, but I’ve like it and ”

“It’s yours then and so are all the other pieces of finery shown here if you help me out.” Diego smiled wickedly.

“Sure your majesty. But the spotlights are a problem.”

“I can take care of that.” Ptolemy turned off the spotlights and saw that the guards were asleep. “All is clear.” Diego grabbed the keys and loaded the as much of the Egyptian artifacts and Fred’s goblet and put them in his car. Just then, the sun started to set and Ptolemy’s ghost started to fade.

“Crud! I forgot to ask about how to revive him.”

Ptolemy just vanished back into the tablet. Diego looked at the crystal in his eyes and slapped his forehead.

“Of course, the eyes!” Diego saw that all the guards were still sleeping and sped away. The ghost seemed to be reminding him in his mind.

“Remember your promise.” Diego grinned wily.

Meanwhile in Feral’s office, Feral put on his coat and prepared to leave. Felina entered leading Kristen Sharpe in.

“Hey uncle, here’s my new trusted associate.” She said with no enthusiasm. She didn’t approve of having Kristen as a crime investigation associate. Feral looked at his niece with surprise and love at Kristen.

“Felina, I’m amazed that you don’t like having a partner. I would.” Feral smiled at Kristen.

“Uncle, I would prefer not to have Kristen. She’s too headstrong and too independent. I need someone who would stay on my orders,” Felina complained.

Feral became annoyed. “Look Felina, Kristen is qualified for the job! Her search ability and sensing could track a villain down even underground! I have chosen her to be your partner. I want you to teach her your best skills.”

Feral then turned to Kristen and patted her on her shoulder. “Don’t let my niece bother you! As for you and me, we’ve got a date tomorrow night.” Kristen looked a little hesitant at first. Feral’s face became sincere.

“All right, a date. But, only a date!” Kristen put her opened paw in Feral’s puckered lips. “Better get to sleep. You really look tired.” Feral purred at Kristen and gave a serious look to Felina as he walked out the door.

“Well, lieutenant. I guess we’re a team,” Kristen said giving her hand for Felina to shake. Felina just looked at her hand then up at her. Her eyes squinted.

“You’d better obey me and not wander out on your own,” she warned. Kristen forced a smile.

“Ok, whatever you want,” Kristen said yieldingly. Felina calmed herself and looked at Kristen, pacing around her.

“Well as long you admit you’re obedient, there shouldn’t be a problem.” They both walked out turning the lights out.

Chapter four

Diego had dug up sacred crystals from the caves of the Valley of Kings and carried them over to Karnak, in a boat not far from Luxor. He found an old temple called Pylon I. The entrance had a hall of ram-headed sphinxes, with the eyes chiseled out.

Diego put two crystals in each of the sphinxes’ eyes and held the face of his pharaoh to the rising sun. Then as he expected, Ptolemy arose again along with the spirits of the ram sphinxes. They all bowed to Ptolemy and one of them pinned Diego to the ground and licked his face as a reward for her revival.

“Stop it, stop it! That tickles,” Diego laughed. Ptolemy snapped his finger and the animal stood back up.

“Please forgive her. Some sphinxes can be quite rewarding and too full of gratitude,” Ptolemy said stroking the sphinx gently on her head. “Now, I need my army,”

“Aren’t your sphinxes enough?” Diego asked. “How much more do you ask for?”

“My army needs animals to ride on and the defeat can be more possible. Now go to the Rameses III temple on the West Bank where lines of soldiers can be seen. Remember I’m giving you a great offer of riches unless you want to change your mind?”

“No, no, I’ll do it!” Diego said in haste. Ptolemy smiled.

Taking a travel boat back to where he came from, Diego found himself face to face with the Rameses III temple. Seeing it without a door, he went in and found female jackals and tom kat Egyptian soldiers along the walls along the pylon and the mortuary. The anxious Spanish tom kat put the crystals in each of their eyes after chiseling away the filled sockets. He then turned all the statues around to where they would be facing the doorway.

The sunbeams came in through the open door and through the breaks in the ceiling. The ghosts emerged from their statues. The jackals growled at Diego and the soldiers pointed their weapons at Diego. He put up his paws and trembled.

“Easy guys! I’m a friend, not an enemy.” Ptolemy entered the sanctuary.

“He’s my assistant. Let him be!” The phantoms then were calmed down. Ptolemy set himself upon a ram-headed sphinx. Diego did the same and they headed out as Ptolemy pointed the way with his spear.

An overseer of the Egyptian naval forces named Sacoh was reading a book on Egyptian mummy curses. His commander was Kazma, who was once a friend of Feral. He suddenly saw an army of ram sphinxes, jackals, soldiers, and Ptolemy coming forward.

“These Egyptian mummy curses can’t be real! That’s just fiction!” he said.

“I think this fiction’s becoming real! They’re here and they’re heading this way!” his buddy said as he rung a signal on his comm. phone to his chief.

“Commander Kazma here! What’s the situation?”

“Egyptian ghosts are headed into Cairo and a pharaoh is with them.” Kazma looked out the window and on his screen.

He saw officers in tanks started shooting at the rams as they butted into them. The officers shot many bullets into the ancient soldiers, but they passed through them and didn’t wound them. They seized them by their suits and flung them to the ground. Others were struck with spears.

“Thank you, Sacoh. I’ll take care of this!” Kazma rung up his comm. “Sergeant, set up the tanks and jets and arrest these attackers, ghosts or not!”

The Egyptian kats put their feet down on the officer’s heads and held their arrows in case of sudden moves.

Kazma rushed out of the headquarters and raised his arms to his fighters at the canons. The jackals jumped right in front of them. Ptolemy came up to Kazma and pointed his spear at him. “I would not do anything rash around an authority or better yet, one who will rule Egypt and Megakat City!”

“Who are you?” Kazma asked as a soldier tied his hands behind him. Kazma kicked him with his heel and Ptolemy pointed a spear at his chest. “I told you not to make any fatal mistakes. I am Ptolemy III! I have come to take what was stolen from me long ago. My lands and all cities in their entirety! Egypt is mine now and so is MKC. Do not try to interfere with my reign. My soldiers and my allies shall bring any kat to my wrath who tries to challenge me!”

Sacoh hid underneath his desk as dialed for Feral. The phone rang on Feral’s desk. “Megakat City enforcers. Comdr. Feral, here!”

“Sir, this is Sacoh from the Egyptian naval forces. A pharaohs ghost has come along with his soldiers to steal Egypt and he also threatens to take Megakat City!” Feral laughed.

“Are you sure you said *ghost*, son? You’re crazy! Ghosts can’t just raise up and attack.” Just then he saw ram-headed sphinxes head and Ptolemy on his videophone. “The enforcers will handle this! I’ll send a recruit over to Cairo.”

“I think Kazma needs help too.”

“Affirmative. Meanwhile, just stay calm.” Suddenly a soldier broke through the windows and seized Sacoh and his partner.

Chapter five

Crowds outside the MK museum were gathering and wondering what happened to the artifacts. Ann Gora reported the incident. “The MK museum has been looted by what we believe has been an ancient Egyptian ghost and one of the archeologists.”

At the salvage yard, Jake and Kat were watching the news. “Cool! A ghost in Megakat City,” Jake said with excitement.

“Too bad we couldn’t see the museum as we planned,” Chance said, looking at an Egyptian picture book, that Kari had loaned him. Ann Gora continued.

“The enforcers are headed down to Cairo to help Comdr. Kazma, but it seems that more ghosts and mythical creatures are attacking his army. What we need are the SWAT Kats!”

“And what you got are the SWAT Kats!” Chance said, springing up from his seat.

“I wonder how she gets all that information, when she’s never even been to these events?” Kat asked with amazement.

“She’s very sneaky. But now, we need to meet up with Kari and kick some ghost’s tail!” Jake said, giving Chance and Kat a high four. After that, they all suited up, packed up, and flew out.

Outside the enforcer headquarters, Felina was ready to depart with Kari and Kristen. Kristen made friends with Kari as she buckled up in the cockpit.

“This is going to be some fun, huh Kristen? Fighting some ancient Egyptian ghosts sounds more appealing than fighting these regular boring criminals we do too much,” Kari said. Kristen smiled.

“It’s something new,” Kristen said. Then Felina appeared in her chopper to lead her squadron to Egypt.

“Ok ladies, we’ve got allies to save and ghosts’ tails to bust.” They saluted her. Felina looked at Kristen with a little more enthusiasm.

Chapter six

Feral and his enforcers had arrived at the Cairo arms and found Kazma and his army surrounded by the phantoms. He spoke out through his comm.

“Don’t worry Comdr. Kazma. The enforcers are here!” Ptolemy saw Feral’s choppers and jets preparing to shoot. “Go back to your grave, you psycho!” Feral shouted.

Ptolemy laughed. “See if you can stop me, you meddlers! Egypt is my country now and I give the orders!” He gave the rams and the soldiers a sign to attack.

“Fire!” Feral commanded. The lasers scared the soldiers and rams away and they released all of the kats, along with Kazma, Sacoh and his pal.

“Cowards! Will you let spouts of fire stop you?” Ptolemy hollered as he seized his sword and called the jackals out.

“Oh shoot! I forgot how much I hate dogs!” the enforcer tomkats said to themselves, as they backed away. Feral tried to contain himself as he shot at the jackals. They barked as Felina and her crew came along.

“You enforcers can’t be afraid of a few puppies, can you?” Felina joked. “Fire!” Her crew fired where they found the ghosts and chased them away with lasers. They all ran back to Ptolemy. He was really mad.

“Fine then, I shall settle this myself!” Ptolemy rode up to Feral’s chopper.

“That’s it. Come to daddy!” Feral said as he fired. Ptolemy dodged it and threw a spear that crashed though the windshields. Ptolemy then jumped on board and grabbed Feral by his collar and pointed his sword at the pilot, who landed.

“That’s it! Guess I’ll have to beat this creep myself! Kristen look out for any concealed phantoms. Kari and the rest of you, keep the ghosts in their place! We’ll search for the stolen items later.” Felina swung around Feral’s jet and pointed her rifle at Ptolemy.

“Alright, your majesty!” she sarcastically shouted. “Let my uncle go now! I don’t want to have to assassinate a king.”

“Woman, you’re too late! He is mine and so is Egypt and MKC!” She shot at Ptolemy. He picked up Feral and threw him in his place. Felina accidentally shot her uncle in his chest.

“No!” she gasped as she quickly landed her jet and ran over to her uncle. His chest was streaming blood. She started to cry. Feral wrapped his arm around her.

“Uncle, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to ”

“It’s alright, Felina,” Feral gently said. Ptolemy laughed.

“Now I have another captive! Spirits attack!” A soldier started to go after Kari as she sped out.

“Sorry Kristen, but we have to jump now,” she said. A soldier threw a spear that shorted out her chopper and made it plummet. Kari and Kristen wrapped an arm around each other as they set of their parachutes.

“Hey, you guys should still be lying in your tombs!” sounded a rough voice. It was T-Bone. The SWAT Kats zoomed in. Feral smiled a little.

“I never thought I’d be happy to see the SWAT Kats,” he commented.

“Let’s play Ghostbusters!” Razor shouted as T-Bone and Quiver landed their jets.

Ptolemy snapped for the jackals to appear. They sped over to the SWAT Kats with flashing eyes.

Quiver tossed all the jackals some bubblegum. They chewed on it, which stuck their jaws together. “That gum trick gets the savage beasts everytime!””

Curses on you kats!” Ptolemy shouted as the air force surrounded him. Kazma went over to Feral.

“Are you alright my friend?” he asked.

“I don’t think so,” Feral suddenly slipped and Kazma caught him in his arms.

“We’d better rush you over to the medical association.” Kazma carried him on a stretcher into an ambulance.

Kristen rushed over to Feral. “I hope you get well soon,” she said. Feral nodded and looked at the SWAT Kats.

“Get well commander. We’ll help find the stolen property too,” T-Bone said.

Suddenly the sun was setting and the spirits were disappearing in the horizon.

“We’ll be back!” Ptolemy vowed as he traveled in a different direction. Kristen followed the direction, which led her down to water tunnel. She found Diego with a green tablet.

“So this is the culprit who’s in charge of this!” Kristen grabbed Diego, cuffed his hands, and took his tablet away.

“This looks like the pharaoh we met.” Kristen looked observantly at Ptolemy’s features.

Felina and Kari went down to where Kristen was. “Good work, Kristen. Sorry I didn’t trust you before,” Felina said as she looked at Diego. “You’re under arrest! I think this tricky tom kat can be a clue to find the stolen pieces.” Diego was taken down to prison in the MK facility in Cairo.

As Felina and her crew headed back, Felina’s pocket phone, there was a ring. “Felina Feral of MKC enforcers. Can I help you?”

“Hello, this is Prof. Yoshimura from the SCA. My associates complain that their personal artifacts have as well been stolen along with the artifacts.”

Felina was shocked. “Hmm. Your worker’s artifacts you say? Come to the museum tomorrow morning. I’ll be waiting. I think I have found a piece of evidence to your losses.” She then announced on her loud speakers.

“Thanks gang for all your help, but we’re not done yet. I want you all to meet me at the MKC museum at nine o clock sharp.”

“Rodger!” They all said as they rode in Felina’s jet back to MKC.

Chapter seven

In the museum, Felina, her gang, and the SCA entered. The guards explained the situation.

“You lazy kats shouldn’t have slept on the job!” Kari pretendedly scolded.

“Diego Cortez was here to study some clay pots and when we woke up, the artifacts and your souvenirs were gone.” A guard explained. Fred closed his right hand in a fist.

“I knew Diego would be after my goblet. If I ever catch him, I’ll ” he growled, punching his left open palm. Felina put her paw on his arm.

“Don’t worry, friend. The enforcers will try to recover it along with all the other stuff.” Kristen held Diego’s tablet and showed it to Felina.

“Why it’s the pharaoh! But what roll would this have in awaking those spirits?” Mr. Yoshimura had an idea.

“It probably had to do with those crystals in his eyes. The Cairo University of Egyptology can give us better details.”

“Then let’s get moving!” Felina said to her enforcers.

“If the SWAT Kats would come along, we could find out where these ghost are emerging from,” Kari suggested.

The SWAT Kats were hiding behind the curtain. They wore paper-mache masks of two rams, and a jackal. They sneaked out from behind and butted into the enforcers. T-Bone grabbed Kari and swiped her in the air.

“Got cha all! You called for us?” They shouted in unison and removed their disguises.

“Not like that!” Felina said, crossing her arms.

“Oh come on and don’t be such a stiffneck! Have some fun.” Quiver said. Kari pinched T-Bone lightly on his cheek.

“We’d never miss let any of you enforcers have all the fun,” Razor laughed.

“Thanks for coming, guys.” Kari said, jumping out of T-Bone’s arms.

“Where are we off to?” Razor asked Felina.

“Back to Cairo to the University. We think we’ve found evidence of the stolen property and the spiritual raisings.”

“Here we go to Egypt again,” Razor sighed.

“Just one more time,” Felina pleaded.

“Ok, let’s go.” The group started to head out in front of Felina.

“What’s this? Leave me?” Felina said.

“Come on, lassie if you want to join us!” Quiver said, poking her on the shoulder.

“Look, I’m still the lieutenant, so follow my instructions ok?”

“You know, I’m starting to hate this gal as much as I hate Feral,” Quiver said irritably. T-Bone grabbed her by her arm.

“Aw shut up, sister and stop your bitching,” he groaned.

Meanwhile in the Cairo hospital, Feral was in bed. Kazma walked in and patted him on the shoulder.

“You feeling better, friend?” Feral gave a faint smile.

“I’ve felt worse before,” he said.

“Anyway, Felina, the SWAT Kats, and the SCA are coming back for data on the ghost’s appearance. We might be able to stop this mad pharaoh after all.”

Feral rose up. “She needs my help!” Kazma gently pushed him back into his laying position.

“No, you’re hurt. It doesn’t make sense to want to hurt yourself again.” Feral groaned.

“Just relax. I’ll help out in the pursuit.”

“Make sure Felina and the others aren’t hurt. I hate to admit it, but I don’t want the SWAT Kats hurt either.” Kazma nodded and left the room.

“If they don’t succeed in stopping this ghost, I’m getting out there and fighting with them; gun wound or no gun wound!” Feral vowed as he went back to sleep.

Chapter eight

At the prison, the guard steeped into Diego’s cell and handed him a shovel. “Let’s go, pal,” he ordered.

“With pleasure!” Diego said as he followed behind and making sure he wasn’t looking behind. He then hit the guard on the head with it and snatched the keys from his belt. He sneaked out quietly past the enforcers and found his car in the lot. The enforcers heard the ignition, saw him drive off, and shot after him.

“Get back here!” they shouted, but Diego was too far ahead to hear them.

Meanwhile, at the Cairo museum of Egyptology, Abi Sinian and an archeologist named Tarek were studying the crystal in Ptolemy’s eyes.

“The Egyptians believed that this crystal gave life to ancestral spirits in their images. The only way to defeat these beings is to have the crystals in the eyes cracked,” Abi said.

“Ooo! That sounds a bit like voodoo,” Kari commented.

“Yeah, but that’s the only way to save our tails,” Felina said.

“Since we’ve got this Ptolemy III tablet, we can ” Tarek said, taking the tablet and a chisel. But a sunray beamed down from a window and Ptolemy appeared again.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you!” Ptolemy sneered.

“You’re history, pal!” Razor took a fist, but Ptolemy stopped his punch. Tarek secretly took his chisel again and T-Bone threw him a mallet.

“Here! That works better, now blind him!” Tarek pounded the crystal eyes, which cracked into pieces.

“No!” Ptolemy screamed and struggled with all his might as he disappeared.

“Nice work, buddy,” T-Bone said, patting Tarek’s shoulder.

“Thank you.”

“One down, only over a hundred more to go,” Quiver sighed. Suddenly the soldiers came back along with the other mythical beasts.

“Crud!” Felina cried, as she tried to shoot them.

“You killed our king!” they shouted.

“You’ll be joining your master in Death Valley soon enough!” Quiver yelled, throwing her ice stars that froze the soldiers stiff.

“Whoa! I never thought ghosts could freeze,” Razor commented with amazement.

“Why do ya think ghosts are called shrouds?” T-Bone chuckled. Razor slapped his paw on his head.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Come on, pal it was a joke.”

“Well, joke or not, no wonder they can’t fight against cold.” The stars traveled back in Quiver’s paws.

“Great job, SWAT Kats, but now we need to find the statues with the crystal eyes,” Felina said.

“Do you know where we can find them?” Quiver asked.

“At the mortuary in the Rameses II temple located in Thebes. The caves there carry sacred crystal that can enliven any image it is injected into. The sun’s power gives life when it touches the crystal. But there’s some spirit I know who is good. She has appeared to the Luxor officials a few times,” Abi said.

“Who is she?” Felina asked.

“She was one of the only Egyptian queens before Cleokatra, during the 18th dynasty of the New Kingdom period, over three thousand years ago. Her name is Hatshepsut.” Abi showed a photo of her in a relief.

“Whoa! Far out!” Kari exclaimed. “Was she a great queen?”

“She claimed herself to be the first *female* king. She uplifted common kats and established peace. But she gained many jealous and unconfident subjects who distrusted her. They believed that only *males* can be kings.”

“Looks like women’s rights had to begin sometime,” Kristen said.

“How do we find Thebes?” T-Bone asked. Razor checked on a map.

“It looks like Thebes is down south, so we’d better get moving.” Tarek showed them to the storage room.

“Take all the mallets you can find and good luck,” he said.

“Thanks and don’t worry. The SWAT Kats and the enforcers won’t let either city get smuggled by some bright eyed snots,” T-Bone said.

Chapter nine

The gang had arrived at Thebes where the sun was almost near to setting. They found the temple of Rameses III with the door still open.

“It’s a good thing the sun’s nearly over the horizon,” Razor said looking at the fallen ceilings.

The statues were still left as they were. The Luxor rangers were there removing the crystals from the sockets. “Don’t worry, folks. We know these crystals are cursed and they need to be smashed,” one of them said.

“These gems could be worth something! You can’t think of wasting evidence of history!” an enforcer argued.

“Or keeping real Egyptian curses history?” Felina said.

The enforcers pitched in destroying the stones with the mallets. As they chipped up the gems, Diego with the ram spirits waited to surprised attack.

“What happened to the others?” he wondered. He peered in and saw the broken pieces of crystal. “No! Get them!”

The ram that licked his face offered her eyes to Diego, which he accepted and turned back into a statue. “I’ll find my tablet and get Ptolemy back!” He put took out a gun and burst in.

“Lieutenant Felina, I think we’ve got company!” Kristen said, poking Felina on the shoulder.

“Did you expect Ptolemy? Where is he?” Diego demanded.

“How did you get out?” Felina ran up with her enforcers pointing their bazookas.

“I don’t think so! I can become a god now and no enforcer or SWAT Kat can stand in my now!” Diego put the crystals on his eyes and they transformed his kat appearance into an Egyptian deity.

“I’d better call Kazma!” Felina dialed.

“Commander Kazma here!”

“The prisoner has escaped and I need help immediately! Diego’s become a deity himself. But, the jackal and the ancient soldiers are finished. It’s the rams we have to real with.” Then Diego grabbed Felina and Kristen. They screamed. Keiba shut off the comm. and called his sergeant.

Feral, who had gotten out of bed and gotten dressed, listened to Kazma giving orders and walked in the office. “I’m coming too! A laser wound won’t stop me.”

“You’re so stubborn, Feral. Alright, but stay close!” Kazma said seriously. Feral nodded.

Meanwhile, the two ladies were struggling in Diego’s clutches. “You two may become my queens!” he snickered.

“You polygamist!” Kristen shouted, kicking.

Suddenly, a beautiful female ghost appeared. She wore a golden crown with a head of Quebehsenuf, a hawk deity, with her graceful black braided hair flowing free. The kats recognized her as the queen Abi explained.

“My friends, go to Pylon I. I’ll try to distract him,” she said.

“Who are you? Are you a queen?” asked Razor, amazed.

“I’ll explain later! Go now!” Diego was furious and tried to shoot her with a laser. She dodged it. T-Bone rounded up Razor.

“We’d better run and find this place, buddy!” T-Bone urged.

“I’m picking it up on my metal detector!”

“Any of you enforcers want to come better hurry!” T-Bone suggested. They got into their jets and left. The then male Swat Kats hopped into the Turbokat and blasted to Karnak.

Chapter ten

The rams followed close behind them, while the enforcers fired at their eyes. Their hits were a success. The rams cried out and vanished. T-Bone and Razor heard the commotion and saw the spectacle.

“T-Bone. I think we can kick their tails by firing right in their eyes,” Razor said, shooting at the rams charging at them.

“Rodger that!” They hit the rams in the eyes and they disappeared as well. When they got to Karnak, they saw the sphinx statues sitting rows with all the crystals smashed in pieces. The SWAT Kats hopped out.

“Looks like we all took care of them,” T-Bone said, giving Razor a high four. He turned to the enforcers and waved thanks. Razor did the same.

Suddenly an angry sphinx came and butted Razor, which sent him flying over. “Hey you pound of meat! Lay of my pal!” T-Bone shouted, shooting off liquid cement from his small canon.

The cement blinded her eyes. T-Bone ran over to find the last statue and cracked her eyes. The last ram disappeared. T-Bone ran over to Razor and held him up. “Are you ok, Razor? Talk to me,” T-Bone said.

“Yeah. Thanks T-Bone,” Razor said. Then Kazma and Feral came by.

“And here comes the calvary. Late as usual,” T-Bone said.

“Where’s Felina?” Feral asked.

“Looks like Diego got them,” Razor said, pointing to the direction. They rushed back to Thebes.

Quiver in a jetpack threw her stars, but Diego blazed a fire that melted them. “Shit! Those were one of my best weapons! Maybe my grappling hook will help.” Quiver ejected and they caught hold of an eye. “Bingo!”

Diego grabbed hold of the rope and swung Quiver out of the way, dropping Felina. Quiver sped up and caught her. “You ok?”

“Yeah, but now we’ve got to save Kristen!” Diego sent flames at Quiver and the enforcers.

“Egypt and MKC are *my* kingdoms now!” he gloated. He threw a flame that attacked the jet both commanders were on. The jet fell, but all the SWAT Kats grabbed hold of it and brought it down safely.

Kristen thought how to get out of Diego’s clutches. She bit into his paw. He screamed and his loosened his grip and Quiver caught Kristen. Diego exploded the jetpack, but Hatshepsut caught them and brought them down.

“Thanks your majesty, but how did you know about this issue?” Quiver asked.

“I was once the only queen in Egypt, but I had jealous subjects who wanted me dead. I have crystal eyes too and when the sun’s out, I have my duty to protect the security of this place, which was once my kingdom. Too much evil has befallen.”

“Don’t worry my queen, we’ll help you keep Thebes safe,” Kari said, taking her hand as a pledge.

“Thebes is mine! Say farewell my Queen! Enjoy your reign in the land of the dead!” Diego aimed two fingers at Hatshepsut’s eyes and three at the other three she kats.

Quiver threw her super iced stars at him but he threw them back and froze all the ladies. “You warrior women are not so victorious as I feared you’d be! No matter, these enforcers will be under my power!” He set the ground to quiver under the enforcer’s feet and made a restraint for the sun to stay in place before it fully set. The sun followed the way Diego directed it and the afternoon returned.

“I don’t think so!” Razor shouted, setting off grabbling hooks that grabbed the eyes and pulled them off.

“No!!” he cursed as he changed back into his kat state. The sun was free from its restraint and headed back into the horizon.

“Sorry, but your reign has been short lived!” Razor said. They landed on the ground and defrosted the gals. They were shivering.

“Brr!! It’s not supposed to be freezing in the desert.” Kristen said.

“I hope I don’t have frost bite,” Kari said, covering herself with her arms. T-Bone and the enforcers saw Hatshepsut and pointed their weapons at her.

“No guys, she’s a friend! Leave Queen Hatshepsut alone!” Kari said, blocking her way.

“Thanks guys. It’s rare to see SWAT Kats and enforcers working together,” Felina said.

“Well, just this once, Felina,” Feral said.

“Uncle, what are you doing out of bed?” Felina put her paws on her hips and gave her uncle a disapproved look.

“I wanted to see if you’re alright. I can’t let you and Kristen be held hostage, even if I’m injured.”

Kristen walked over to Feral and kissed him on the cheek. “It’s good to know you care for your enforcers.”

“I love you, Kristen,” he said, hugging her warmly.

“Thanks, commander.”

Razor picked up the two fallen crystals. “Well, should I smash these? We don’t need them anymore!” Hatshepsut nodded.

“No, you idiot! Those are mine!” Diego shouted dashing at Razor.

“Game’s over along with your career, Cortez!” Feral bellowed, commanding his enforcers to surround him, but he outran them. Razor dashed the crystals on a rock where they cracked. The spiritual uprisings were finally over.

“You stupid tom kat!” Diego grabbed Razor by the throat and withdrew a knife and aimed it at his face.

“Razor, no!” T-Bone ran over and pushed Razor out of the way and the knife slashed *his* face.

“T-Bone!” cried Quiver.

“You stinking son of a lowlife!” Felina screamed, aiming the rifle at Diego. He ran and grabbed Feral, but this time Feral elbowed him in the stomach, which made him crouch forwards.

“Take him away!” Feral ordered as they carried away the unconscious thief. Razor ran to his pal whose cheek was butchered bad. He could feel tears pouring down his face. Razor held T-Bone in his arms rubbing his ax cheek next to his.

“Buddy, partner, please stay alive! You’re my best buddy!” T-Bone stirred a little and Razor put his paw to stop the blood flow. T-Bone started to feel unconscious. Hatshepsut came over to Razor and put her hand upon his shoulder.

Kari went over to T-Bone, took his paw, and kissed it, putting it to her cheek. “I hope you make it. I have something I wish to give you.”

“Here my friend. Don’t weep so. I can revive him.” She put her hand upon T-Bone’s wound and it closed up and healed fast. T-Bone returned to his senses and smiled at Razor and Hatshepsut

“Thank you, my queen!” said Razor and T-Bone, kissing her hand. Quiver pretended to look jealous.

Felina walked around the corner and found Diego’s car. It had the missing artifacts, the ones to the museum and the belongings. “I think Fred will be happy and so will the museum!” she said to herself.

“What will we do about the crystals in the caves?” Kari asked the queen.

“You can take as much as you wish, but beware of putting it in statues eyes,” she warned.

“No thanks! I think we’ve had enough crystal for one day, but maybe next time,” Quiver said. Kari walked over to T-Bone and kissed him on the lips.

“Glad you made it.” T-Bone smiled, hugged Kari and patted her back.

“I’m glad I’m alive too.” The SWAT Kats then, headed out.

“Good bye and please come back to Thebes!” she called.

“We promise we will as long as there are no evil spirits.” Razor chuckled. Then the SWAT Kats flew out. Kazma smiled.

“It’s a good thing you defended yourself, Feral,” he said.

“Thanks. My niece could have killed me that second time.” Feral rounded up the artifacts belonging to MKC museum and put them in a chopper.

“Well, I wish you a pleasant trip back home and I’ll see you later,” Kazma said, shaking Feral’s paw.

“Thank you,” Feral said as he headed out.

“Let’s go Kari,” Felina called.

“Coming!” she responded as she said good bye to Hatshepsut.

“So long, Kari. Safety and peace accompany you. May Amon Re bless thee.” Kari didn’t believe in Amon Re, but she accepted her blessing. Hatshepsut then disappeared.

Kari then noticed a great temple built into a giant rock wall. The columns were in good condition. Felina and Kristen came to get Kari and saw the temple.

“The sign says Hatshepsut’s temple. Guess the queen was a very popular ruler at the time,” Felina said.

“I think she’s excellent. Then or now, she’s a real ruler. And I think her greatness matches a temple like that,” Kari added.

“I’ve seen many pictures of her reliefs with her face chipped out. I can see how her rivals hated her. I can see how the top has collapsed. I suppose Ptolemy did that,” Kristen said.

“Please don’t mention Ptolemy again,” Felina said. The three she kats approached the temple and saw only a few reliefs and statues of the queen with her full face on them. The one in the entrance had crystal eyes in it.

“At least the Egyptians had someone to rely on in times of trouble,” commented Felina. “Anyway let’s head back. I don’t want to keep my uncle waiting.”

Leaving, Kari saw the crystal eyed Hatshepsut, which one of the eyes seemed to wink at her when the sun shone on it. Kari giggled.

Kari and Kristen looked back at Hatshepsut’s temple. “Don’t feel bad, Hatshepsut. We’ll be back,” Kristen said. Hatshepsut watched them as they headed out. She knew they would be back some day.


Later that day, Ann Gora reported, “The artifacts have been safety returned to Megakat museum. The belongings have been returned as well to their owners. The research funds are grateful that the Cairo and Megakat enforcers along with the SWAT Kats have saved their researches and are dropping 50% of the funds. This is Ann Gora, kat’s eye news.”

Chance and Jake toasted their milk cans to celebrate. “Guess our paychecks will be better,” Jake said.

“Yeah! About time too,” added Chance, going into his room. Suddenly there was knocking outside.

“Let’s see what Feral wants this time,” Jake said and opened the door at the garage and Feral presented them with better checks. “Hey thanks, commander!”

“No thanks needed,” Feral said as he left.

Then Scaredy Kat climbed up Jake’s arms. “Good to see you too, Scaredy Kat.” He took a jackal’s mask and gave a notion for Jake to be quiet. Jake grinned as Scaredy Kat ran into the room where Chance was.

Chance took one glance and ran out screaming.  “Help! Help! The jackals are back!” Chance cried as he ran out the door.

Jake and Scaredy Kat laughed hard.

“Now that’s one Scaredy kat,” Jake commented as Scaredy Kat hugged him.

Scaredy Kat had turned the tables on Chance as a frivolous revenge for laughing at him. But as long as it was just a game, and Chance would realize it, everything would be ok.


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