Original SWAT Kats Story

Roland’s Plan

By David Noble

  • 1 Chapter
  • 6,335 Words

Roland has plans of uniting the Enforcers and the SWAT Kats into one force, which are rejected by both sides. However, when an enemy named Scott comes to hold Feral and the city ransom, Roland may get his wish.

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Author's Notes:

The SWAT Kats and the Enforcers as one force might sound a bit different, but I think it works well for Roland. At least Feral is giving in at the end. Neutral City sounds pretty cool for a fanfic. Scott is a new character that I created. Thank you, Briscoe, for your help in finding a name for the Enforcers water-borne division.

During a kitten shower, Tipo and his wife Felina, including Jake and Felicia, celebrated for Chance and Celine’s newborn kittens. Callie and Blake were there to congratulate the couple as well. Both Chance and Celine were holding their two kittens that were both sisters.

“What are you gonna name them, buddy?” Jake asked Chance. Chance turned to Celine.

“What do you think, Celine?”

“Would Stacey and Tracey would be good names?” Celine asked.

“Perfect names for twins,” Chance replied.

Celine kissed her husband on the lips.

“Do you let your wife make the decisions, Chance?” Jake joked.

“She always asks me first. Most of them are what I have in mind anyway,” Chance said and looked at Tipo. “Are you gonna have kittens pretty soon, pal?”

“We plan to have just one,” Tipo replied.

“If my uncle would stop paging me so often. I need some time to be with my brave hero,” Felina said, leaning her head against Tipo’s chest.

Roland came in casual clothes and patted both the kittens on the heads.

“You’ve got lovely kittens, Chance. Listen, I just stopped by to compliment you on parenthood. I have to make a short visit, because my uncle wants me in his office,” he said.

“You’re not in trouble, are you? And he doesn’t need me I hope,” Felina asked.

“No. He said it’s about a future inheritance concerning me.”

Felina’s eyes twitched. “An inheritance? Right now, I kind of wish he called for me,” she said.

“Maybe it’s for us both. Listen, I’ve got to go. Brother-in-law, it’s good to see you,” Roland said, shaking Tipo’s paw.

“Grazie,” he replied.

“Hey Roland, thanks for stopping by,” Chance called out.

“My pleasure.” Roland waved and smiled in reply.

As he drove to Headquarters, he thought about what his uncle wanted. Roland knew that he wasn’t in trouble, for Feral did not sound angry. He entered Feral’s office and sat down while Feral was finishing talking on the phone.

Feral hung up and walked up to his nephew. “So why is it that I see you not in uniform?” he asked in good humor.

“I just wanted to visit Chance’s kittens and my brother-in-law,” he answered.

Feral groaned for he had still not gotten over Felina marrying a SWAT Kat. “Oh, I see. Well, I’d like to spend a few minutes of your time to say that I’m interested in turning my position over to you and Felina when I retire.”

“I I don’t know what to say?” Roland stuttered. He had an idea of putting the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers in one team. He thought ‘If SWAT Kats and Enforcers both fight crime together, why do it divided?’

Feral smiled and patted Roland on the shoulder.

“Just say that you’ll take the job. I’ll let you and Felina decide which divisions you two want to take. I think that since you’ve been with the SWAT Kats, you can find out who they are and uncover their hideouts.”

Roland put on a long face and dropped his shoulders.

Feral glared at him. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“Nothing. Thank you, uncle,” Roland said, trying to keep his chipper side up.

Feral started suspecting that he was up to something with the vigilantes.

“Listen, nephew! Favoring hoodlums like the SWAT Kats tells me you don’t want this position. I want you to be the best of the best. I want you to show me that you deserve this inheritance. Do you hear me?”

Roland nodded and slowly left the office.

While he walked by himself, he thought, ‘The SWAT Kats aren’t hoodlums! Callie’s told him that, Felina’s told him that, and I’ve told him that! How can I make him understand?”


Meanwhile, at Neutral Air Base, not far from Megakat City, the commander Scott Rendel looked out of his office window. He owned three divisions, Air force, Land, and the Marine fighters as a new unit. Scott was a GS-36 and Feral was a GS-40. He then took out the Megakat City News of the day, which read about Feral’s intention to give his position to his nephew and niece. Scott already had a high position in his own facility, but he believed he could further his profession by taking Feral’s place. He looked at a five-year-old issue of the Pumadyne anti-weapons scrambler.

“If I can get my hands on that, I can disable any Enforcers getting in my way!” he thought.

His sergeant entered. “Sir, the men are waiting for your call. Shall I get the submarines ready too?” he asked.

Scott smiled wickedly and put his paws together.

“By all means. I’ve read the articles about a certain SWAT Kat who fights on sea. I’ll need the best officers to get me into Headquarters.”

“And, what about his nephew Roland and Felina? Pretty soon, they’ll be in Feral’s shoes,” the sergeant added.

“Leave Roland and Felina to me. They’re both young and young tomkats have a nature to be innocent and gullible. You may round up the crews, sergeant.” “Yes sir.”

As the sergeant left, Scott put on his best suit and his sharpest gun.

“Looks like I’ve got a ransom to make,” he whispered to himself.


At the shore, Roland and Phurranha sat on Roland’s car talking.

“Are you serious about bringing us and the Enforcers together?” Phurranha asked in surprise.

“Absolutely. Enforcers and SWAT Kats fight crime, so why not do it together? It will be my position and my order then,” Roland spoke in determined tones.

Phurranha patted him on the shoulder.

“Being commander means more than just having your way. It means making the perfect decisions with good judgement. I know that T-Bone and Feral have been up to their necks enough to cause their own crimes. Besides, we’re happy being our own force.”

Roland sighed heavily.

“You just don’t get me, do you? I want to help you guys. You were all Enforcers before you became SWAT Kats.”

“And we were all kicked out, don’t forget.”

Roland huffed in frustration.

“Now don’t get upset. You’re young and you’ll understand why we have to remain as two different forces.”

Roland started walking away with a heavy heart.

“But, for how long?” he asked.

Then, Phurranha noticed a band of jets heading for the city.

“Ah oh, I think we’ve got visitors and they don’t look like they’re welcomed guests!”

Roland’s beeper went off.

“Nephew, get on over to Headquarters now! I’ve got an enemy attack!”

“Yes uncle.” He hung up and hopped into his car. He turned to Phurranha. “What are you going to do? You need an ally.”

“Go on and do as your uncle says. If there are enemy subs coming, Phurranha will sink them!” Phurranha got into his conning tower and drove out to the waters and submerged.

Roland sighed and drove away.

Along the way, the Turbokat flew alongside above.

“Hey, Roland. What does your uncle want?” T-Bone asked.

“He says he’s got an enemy attack. I don’t think it’s a monster.”

“Attention all units! Commander Scott from Neutral Air Base is here! All pilots on pursuit!” a voice from the intercom announced.

“Commander Scott. What could he want?” Razor asked.

“I think he’s a rival who tried to steal Feral’s place before and is at it again,” Roland answered.

“I don’t like the sound of this. Let’s roll!” T-Bone said as he followed Roland.

Moments later, the Neutral Enforcers jets started shooting at the SWAT Kats.

“That’s nice! Invade the city limits and battle its inhabitants!” T- Bone said roughly as he did figure eight maneuvers to escape the hits.

“Just like Phurranha’s enemies. Turboblades away!” Razor shouted. The missiles missed the jets.

“Give up, SWAT Kats!” one of the enemies shouted and released a missile that almost hit the bottom of the Turbokat.

“When you give yourselves up!” Razor yelled. The enemy shots left trails of flame whisks that fell on the hauls and melted pieces of paint off. “Drill-bit missiles away!” The gadgets bored holes in the wings, which caused the air combustion to fail.

The enemy jets started to plummet and the pilots used parachutes. Enforcers choppers caught them up in their nets.

Felina waved to the SWAT Kats. “Thanks SWAT Kats!” she called.

Razor waved back and T-Bone landed the Turbokat by Headquarters.

Roland got out of his car and hopped into a jet waiting by. As he flew up, he saw Scott going after Feral. Feral turned around and blew up Scott’s rudder, which caused his jet to plummet and crash. Scott hopped out of the wreckage and pointed his caliber at Feral when he got out. He shot Feral’s magnum out of his paw.

Roland pulled out his bazooka and pointed it at Scott. “Leave my uncle alone, Commander Scott! He didn’t do anything to you.”

“I know, but he has something I want – something that he’s going to give me!”

“What the hell is that?” Roland demanded.

“Your inheritance!” Scott grinned.

“Not a chance!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not taking it away from you. But, I want you to command on my terms. Believe me, I’d make you a very great commander! In me you can hope for the best.”

“But, what about the Enforcers and my uncle?” Roland was getting impatient.

“They will be in good hands and your dear uncle will retire in peace. There’s only one thing I want.”

“Yeah? What?”

“I want you to bring me the Pumadyne anti-weapons scrambler. You can be sure I’ll take really good care of it for you,” Scott said, still grasping Feral by the collar.

“Go to hell, you creep!” Roland grabbed Scott by the arm.

Scott pinned Roland on his back.

Feral grabbed his bazooka and aimed it at Scott. “Stay away from my nephew!” Scott got up and shook his head.

“Guess nobody wants to be reasonable.” He snapped for his sergeant and his other Enforcers to surround Feral and Roland. “Guard this city! See that no one leaves. As for Feral, put him to sleep. I have some business with Roland.”

His sergeant injected a needle into Feral’s shoulder that knocked him out.

T-Bone jumped out and ran for the sergeant. A group of enemy Enforcers tripped him and beat him with their rifles.

Roland couldn’t stand anymore. “Alright! I’ll get it!” he said with his teeth showing.

“Be back in one hour and I’ll let the citizens go,” Scott said.

Roland hopped into his chopper and prepared to leave. Razor jumped on board with him. Scott’s Enforcers tried shooting Razor, but missed. Razor fired three mini missiles at them.

“It’s ok, men. Let him go. At least we have one SWAT Kat,” Scott said.

Roland turned and saw Razor getting in the seat next to him.

“Razor, what are you doing?”

“I’m coming with you! I’m doing this for my buddy T-Bone. He helped save my tail, so I owe him one!”

Roland remembered his intention of Enforcers and SWAT Kat working together.


Arriving at Hackle’s base, Razor rung the buzzer and the door opened. He saw Hackle’s new assistant, Dr. Litter Greenbox. Razor was surprised to see one of Megakat City’s most threatening criminals working for Hackle. Feral made him an assistant for Prof. Hackle since he was getting frail with age. Razor became suspicious and pointed his glovatrix at him.

“Alright, what did you do with Hackle?” he demanded.

Roland pushed Razor’s arm down.

“Razor, what are you doing?” he asked.

Razor pulled his arm away and repositioned his aim.

Litter Greenbox put his paws up. “Please, please don’t hurt me! I’m his new assistant and I’ll be taking over his occupation pretty soon.”

Razor relented. “Where is Hackle?”

“He’s off today. Feral had me working here as penalty for my metal absorbent robot. But, he was impressed with my skills in inventing. Anyway, is there anything I can do for you?”

Roland turned and glanced at the Pumadyne anti-weapons scrambler sitting on a table.

“Yes. I want the Pumadyne device,” Roland said.

“I’m afraid that might be a problem.” Litter Greenbox said.

Razor seized Litter Greenbox by the arm. The villain flipped Razor in front. Roland grabbed his magnum. “Give me the Pumadyne device!” he ordered.

“It belongs to my new boss now!” Litter Greenbox said roughly.

Razor got up and pinned Litter Greenbox on his back.

“Your new boss? And, just who is he?” Razor demanded.

“Commander Scott! But, he ordered you to just come and take it?”

Roland took out a pair of cuffs.

“Your new boss is holding my uncle for ransom and requires it. Give it to me,” he ordered.

Litter Greenbox growled and moved as Roland grabbed the Pumadyne device. Razor looked at Litter Greenbox in the eyes and squinted.

“Where is Hackle really at?” he growled. Litter Greenbox remained silent. Razor took him by the shirt and slapped him. “Tell me, jerk!”

Then, he heard banging at a closet door.

Roland ran to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hello! Can you please help me out?”

“Stand back!” Roland blasted the door opened and Hackle walked out. Razor ran over to Hackle, while Roland cuffed Litter Greenbox’s paws.

“You alright Profs. Hackle?” Razor asked.

“I think so. My new assistant tried to steal my Pumadyne anti-weapons scrambler for Commander Scott.”

“I know. We’re going to need to give away the Pumadyne scrambler for a ransom. I want to apologize for the inconvenience,” Roland explained.

“Go ahead, son. If it will help save Megakat City, take it. And, please take my new assistant! I have no need for one right now.”

Roland and Razor grabbed Litter Greenbox by the arms.

“Don’t worry Professor. His career is finished,” Razor said with a smirk. After pushing the villain into the chopper, he turned again to Hackle. “You know you should get yourself an assistant and retire. I think you’ve done enough for us already.”

“Maybe later, but not now. I’ve got my robots who can assist me and I prefer them,” Hackle replied.

“Ok. See you later, Prof.” Razor called.

Hackle wanted to have a kat assistant, but he planned to be sure that his new assistant was never a villain or worked for any criminal.

“Maybe someday, I’ll find the right helper,” he sighed, watching Razor disappear and went back into his shack.


Felina secretly joined Phurranha to fight any enemy subs that were coming.

“Found any sea scum yet?” Felina asked. Phurranha checked on his radar. He gasped. “I’ve three subs surrounding me within eighty meters,” he answered and quickly prepared to fire.

“Crud, and only one sub fighter for defense!” Felina said roughly.

Scott’s Harbor Patrol wanted to surprise attack Phurranha. They submerged a few more feet so they could hit him from underneath. The crew came with at least thirty feet under his craft.

“Alright men, we’ve close enough. Fire!” the captain ordered.

Felina spotted the weapons approaching her husband.

“Phurranha, move out now!” she cried on her intercom.

“Oh no you don’t!” Phurranha shouted to the enemies. He swerved his sub out of the approaching missiles. They crashed into each other. A mighty fountain of explosion burst from the ocean.

Felina covered her mouth.

“Oh no! Phurranha, can you hear me?”

Phurranha grabbed his phone.

“I’m alright, Felina. I need to try to disable these suckers!” A missile then cut him off that exploded around the conning tower. The sub started to shake. “Christ! Felina, I need some help stopping these guys!” He moved out of the way of more missiles that were charging at him.

“You got it!” She tried to call the Enforcers Coastal Patrol, but she got no response.

Felina landed her jet by the dock and jumped onto one of the Enforcers vessels that were taken hostage. One of the enemies jumped out and charged at her. Felina dodged his blows and flipped him over board. The rest of the enemies jumped out and threw knives at Felina.


She dodged the flying daggers and took out her bazooka. The crew raised their paws and Felina cuffed them. Then she called Roland.

“Roland speaking,” the voice answered.

“Roland, this is your sister! I need your help right now. Phurranha’s in trouble!”


Felina found the Coastal Patrol and untied them. The second ship prepared to escape. The Enforcers drove their reclaimed vessels up to it and jumped on board. They loaded their weapons.

“No wait! Hold your fire!” Felina ordered. She entered the vessel’s lower compartments and arrested the others. Felina sent some of the Enforcers to go help Phurranha.

Roland appeared and landed his jet. He and Razor dragged out Litter Greenbox.

“I never thought this madkat was part of Commander Scott’s scheme!” Felina said.

“Where’s Phurranha?” Razor asked.

“He’s being helped already,” Felina said assuringly. “How’s my uncle and T-Bone?”

“Both of them, along with the other Enforcers, are being held hostage. Please let me go with you. I’m going to make sure they release my buddy and the other kats,” Razor pleaded, putting his paws on his shoulders.

Roland nodded.

“Alright, Razor. But, leave Scott to me! Since I’m the only one he’s after, his tail is mine!”

Meanwhile, Phurranha fired his dart missiles at the three subs. One of the subs was hit. “Stopped one! Two more to go!” he cheered. Then he hooked his magnetic claw on the enemy sub and lifted it up to them.

The Enforcers opened the conning tower and pointed their weapons down. After the enemies were arrested, the other two submarines made a get away. Phurranha unlocked his magnet and went after them.

“You just try to get away!” he growled.

“Shoot, he’s still after us! Releasing ink missiles now!” one of the sub’s pilots shouted.

Phurranha blew the black clouds aside with his vents and merged in between them. Then, he set off his static eel missiles, which the two subs dodged.

The pilots laughed as they split directions.

“Now he’ll have to catch one or the other,” they both said.

“Prepare to give this king of the seas his own taste!” the captain ordered the crews.

The gunners shot off firecrackers that surrounded Phurranha’s craft on both sides.

“Shoot!” he cried as he barely saved his submarine from becoming burning wreckage. He planned to use more eel missiles when Razor spoke on his intercom.

“Phurranha, Razor in! Do you read me?”

“Not now, pal! I’m in a tight spot right now!”

“Listen bud, use any gadget that will break the windows,” Razor said with heartpounding worry.

The only thing Phurranha had was his darts.

“It’s the only thing I got!” he thought as he pulled up close enough to hit the shields. He then kissed his finger and tabbed it on a picture of Felina stuck on the panel. “In case I don’t make it,” he said.

The enemy subs thought he was surrendering to them and prepared to use their laser cannons.

“Now!” Phurranha yelled as he released his three speared cannon.

The crews saw the spears heading toward them and ducked as they burst through the windows. As they donned their oxygen masks, water went crashing through. Both crews managed to escape from the damaged, sinking subs. As they reached the water’s surface, the Enforcers lifeboats were there waiting. Felina and Razor cuffed the enemy crew after the Enforcers pulled them up.

Phurranha surfaced and Razor gave him a high five.

Felina walked over to her husband and kissed him. “Nice work, Phurranha!” Razor said.

“Thank God, you made it!” Felina said.

“Thanks to you both for helping me out,” Phurranha replied, wrapping his arm around Felina’s waist.

Razor lightly groaned. “And, I don’t get thanks?” he grumbled to himself.

“And, I’m glad Razor grabbed my attention.”

Razor smiled. “No problem. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t becoming fishbait. We’d hate to have to rebuild your submarine!”

“Well, it’s safe now. All that matters is if the others back at the city are safe.”

“Roger that!” Razor said, getting into Roland’s jet.


Scott’s Enforcers were given the order to let the citizens go and meet him at Headquarters. There, Roland walked up to Feral’s office. He carried the Pumadyne device and found Scott holding a knife at his uncle’s throat.

“Ok, you’ve got the Pumadyne device. Now, let my uncle go!” Roland ordered.

“With pleasure.” Scott put his knife away and pushed Feral over to Roland. Then he took the anti-weapons scrambler. “Thank you. This will be useful to me in the future,” he said heading out.

“Wait a minute! What do you mean useful to you?” Roland asked crossly, grabbing his intercom.

“Honestly, did you think my business here was finished? It’s just getting started!” Scott disabled Roland’s intercom with the scrambler and ran out of the office.

As Roland chased him, Scott called his gunners in. Feral and Roland tried their best to avoid getting shot. They knocked out the weapons from a few enemies and one shot Feral in the leg.

“You lowlife!” Roland kicked the gunner in the stomach. “You all are under arrest! Don’t any of you move!” he said, cuffing the assailant.

The enemies laughed since there was only him and they outnumbered him.

Scott walked up to Roland.

“You can’t beat us all, sonny. Your uncle’s going to be disabled for a little while. You’d best give in and not rebel anymore!”

Feral had a look of fear in his eyes.

Roland wasn’t about to yield and raised his magnum to his face. “Remember I have the Pumadyne scrambler.”

“And, we’ve come with a few more allies!” Razor said, appearing with T-Bone and a large group of Enforcers from the elevator.

The SKs pushed along a group of arrested enemy Enforcers. As Roland helped Feral up, the enemy Enforcers dropped their weapons and were taken down.

“Now’s my time to get out!” Scott thought.

Roland turned and saw him run out. Scott got on board Roland’s jet with the anti-weapon scrambler. Roland hopped on board another jet and followed him out.

“Give up the Pumadyne device, Commander!” Roland ordered, firing at him.

“Go back home, junior! Your Enforcers weapon systems are under my control now!”

A ray of anti-weapon light danced around Roland’s jet.

Roland merged behind Scott and on top of his opponent where the Pumadyne scrambler could not hit him. He locked his missile cannon on Scott’s jet’s engines ejected from the wings.

Scott looked up and saw Roland. “Stepping over the line, aren’t we?”

He accelerated in front of Roland and flipped to the right, going around Roland. He hit Roland right in his blindspot.

“Shoot! Hope there’s no serious damage!” Roland thought as he flipped to the left and circled where he could come face to face with Scott. He repositioned his shot at the wings.

“That’s it! Come on, daddy!” Roland softly chanted as he fired.

Scott saw the missiles heading toward him.

“No! That sneaky boy!” He turned over to avoid being hit. He wasn’t so lucky this time, since one of the missiles struck one of the engines at the bottom left wing. Scott lost his ability to make sharp left turns.

“Now, who’s being hunted?” Roland taunted.

“I’m sick of playing games with you, boy! Have you ever heard about revolving machine guns?”

Showers of bullets chased Roland alongside. Roland pulled the control stick sharply to the left and up.

“I have. They’re so old-fashioned!” Roland went ahead of Scott again.

“I told you I don’t like rookies going in front of me!”

“So, have me kicked off!” Roland seized the opportunity to use his missiles one more time. “Wish I had a laser cannon!” he thought as he moved in close enough in Scott’s blindspot. He steadied his aim on the next engine on the right wing and fired. The missile hit the spot just as Roland expected.

Scott jumped out of the plummeting jet and grabbed the Pumadyne device. He landed by parachute on the beach. Then, he saw Roland landing his jet and took out his caliber to shoot Roland when he opened the canopy. Then, he felt a violent shock on his right shoulder and dropped the weapon.

Roland got out and saw Phurranha with his staff.

Felina cuffed Scott’s paws behind him.

“Thanks guys! I owe you one, Phurranha, for that last rescue,” Roland said, getting out of the jet.

“No problem. And, great flying and shooting. You could be a one man squadron and put T-Bone and Razor to shame,” Phurranha flattered.

Roland laughed and put his arm around Phurranha. “I don’t think so, bud. I’m just thankful that I could stop him myself. I wasn’t going to let him get away with the Pumadyne device even if I was the only one to stop him.”

“The others will love hearing that. Better see your uncle now. He’s at Megakat hospital,” Phurranha said.

Roland sighed as he hopped into his jet.

“I think my uncle’s going to kill me himself for going alone,” he mumbled.


Feral lay in bed, waiting to give his nephew the devil for the stunt he pulled with Scott, but was impatient to congratulate him.

A nurse came in. “Sir, your nephew is here to see you,” she said.

“Good! Let him come in!”

As the nurse left the room, Roland slowly walked in.

“Hi, uncle.”

“What’s this? No flowers?!” Feral joked.

Roland smiled apologetically and shook his head. “Sorry.”

“Oh never mind! Get over here.”

Roland took his uncle by the paw.

“Listen, I know I was a bit hasty. But forgive me if I say this; I had to do this. He was after me from the start and I had to take that chance. I know it might cost me the promotion. If so, let Felina have it. I have three other allies that would take me as I am.”

Feral remembered what Roland was asking for.

“So you do want the SWAT Kat and the Enforcers to be one team?”

Roland nodded.

Feral knew that, if Roland took his place, he would have to let him make his own decisions. He hesitated for a while and looked at Roland. “I see. Well, the SWAT Kats aren’t my concern and neither will be when you become commander.”

“So, what’s your answer?” Roland asked, not understanding.

Feral stiffened up a little. He hated to admit that he appreciated the SWAT Kats’ help.

“Did you not hear what I said?” he said, with a little gruffness in his tone.

Roland became nervous and sunk his head.

Feral felt sorry and put his paw on Roland’s back. “I didn’t mean any harm, okay nephew? You do what you think is right.”

Roland smiled in gratitude.

“Thanks uncle! I love you!” Roland kissed his uncle on the cheek and started to leave.

“And Roland?” The words put quick halt to Roland’s steps and he turned around.


“Remember the Enforcers motto, ‘Always do your best!’ Understand me?”

They both shook paws.

“I won’t forget. Go back to sleep now, uncle. I’ll be okay.”

Feral drifted back to sleep and Roland left him alone.


Back at the salvage yard, Chance met with Celine and his daughters.

“Thank God you’re safe, Chance. They could have killed you.”

Chance smiled and put his cheek on hers.

“Good ol’ T-Bone always gets out somehow,” Chance chuckled, always willing to take a little credit to himself for his escapes. He kissed Celine and turned to his kittens. “Glad my little she-kats are safe too.” Chance lightly patted both of their faces. Then he heard his buddy call for him. “I’ll be right back, honey. Don’t go anywhere,” Chance said.

“I’ll wait.”

Chance climbed down the ladder and saw Phurranha with Roland. He became scared.

“Roland, what are you doing in our hangar? How did you get here?” Chance asked, a little cross.

“Please don’t be hard on him. He said he wanted to speak with you and Jake,” Phurranha pleaded.

Chance and Jake were still in their flight-suits. They seated Roland and peered into his face.

“Ok, what’s your excuse and it had better be good!” Jake said seriously, but calmly. He then turned to Phurranha. “You shouldn’t have let him come here!”

“Just listen.”

“You know that my uncle is going to pass his position to me and Felina when he retires?” Roland confirmed.

Chance nodded sharply.

“Good for you, but what has that to do with us?” he asked.

Roland fought with himself to blurt out his intention.

“I want to join the Enforcers and this SWAT team together as one. You’ve been fighting crime for a long time and I imagined what it would be like to be one force.”

Chance and Jake became afraid and shook their heads.

“No, Roland. What if Feral changes his mind about your promotion? Our SWAT Kat careers would be toast,” Chance said, walking away.

“Yeah. Besides we’re happy being our own independent team,” Jake added, putting his paw on Roland’s shoulder. “I see. Then you don’t think that I could be part of your team?”

Chance turned around and walked over to Roland.

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“I want to know about this squadron. Look, what’s your non-SWAT Kat names?”

“Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson, and Tipo Marino.” Chance pointed to his other two pals.

“I want to join this team for awhile. Me and Chance have been fighting side by side in some fights. I want to be Tipo’s partner and fight as a jock-pilot for overseas.”

“Well, that’s between you and him. Do you really want to make our SWAT team join with the Enforcers that badly?” Chance asked.

“Very much. Even Feral said that it’s up to me! Please, just give it some thought.” Jake looked at Chance and Tipo.

“I think he’s kind of naive. Even though his idea sounds interesting,” Jake whispered.

“What do you think, buddy?” Chance asked Tipo.

“I think I know what he’s really after,” Tipo said and walked over to Roland. He took him by the paw. “Would you like to try some SWAT Kat work with me?”

“More than anything. I can play up to your own rules! And, I believe that T-Bone and I helped capture Hard Drive and Diego together. And, you SWAT Kats have helped the Enforcers beat Scott’s squad. Shouldn’t that be a good reason to join the two squadrons?”

“Yeah, I remember. Do you really want to do this? And, will the other Enforcers mind?” Chance asked, softening up a bit.

“As I said, my uncle finally said yes. And I’ll be commander! If a few Enforcers don’t like it, I can hire real kats who will! That’s why I want a feel of how the SWAT Kats play.”

After a little hesitation, Jake and Tipo gave in.

“We’re in!” they both said simultaneously.

Tipo gave Roland a grasp on wrist shake.

“That’s my way of showing partnership,” Tipo said.

Chance sighed and dropped his shoulders. “I guess my two buddies are accommodating. I’d rather be a true kat and take *my* chances. Alright Roland, you’ve got yourself a new team.” Chance took Roland up to the scrap yard. “You’re going to have to wait while Jake and I build you a jet of your own.”

“I think that this future unification will take time,” Roland said, uncovering a haul stripped Enforcer jet.

“Hey, this could be worth it!” Chance said, slapping him on the back. “Now let’s get to work bringing it down to the hangar.”

Celine walked up to Roland.

“You know, you’re a long shot from your uncle,” she said.

Roland nodded in thanks. Then, he looked at Stacey and Tracey.

“Wonder what your kitties are gonna do when their grown? I think they’ll be so proud of their dad, they’ll want to be future SWAT Kats.”

Celine giggled a little. Both she and Chance wanted to take time raising their kittens and not rush into any career details too soon.

Roland thought that they might make good lieutenants.

“I think I’ll give them time to decide. That’s probably how long it’ll take to establish this new team of yours,” Celine said.

Roland felt sad.

“Yeah, but the sooner he steps down, the better,” he said.

“The wait is worth it, though. You’ll see!” Celine assured him.

Suddenly, Blake came over and dumped some heavy sheet metal along the side.

“Just the stuff we need. Thanks,” Chance called.

“You’re welcome. It came from Commander Scott’s plane and from three of the subs that the hero they call Phurranha destroyed. He assisted the Enforcers in bringing the criminals to justice.”

“I wish I was there to see it,” Roland said.

Chance really started to see the reason in Roland’s future plan. The SWAT Kats really wondered how things would be in the future. Only Roland had the plans laid out and wanted to keep them a secret until the right time.


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