Original SWAT Kats Story

Road to Commandership

By David Noble

  • 2 Chapters
  • 5,929 Words

Young Ulysseus (Uly) Feral and his brother Theseus are enlisted as Enforcers by their father, Mark. But, the Feral brothers have to start cooperating while being trained by a serious, but caring commander.

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Chapter 2

Do It For Me

At sunrise, Theseus got up and walked by himself by the track field. He pondered on the time when Uly ran with him and looked at the airfield where he also was selected as his co-pilot.

“This is the thanks I owe Uly! And I left him just because of jealousy!” He sunk his face in his paw. The track teacher appeared and went up to him.

“What’s up, son?”

Theseus raised his eyes to him. “I was mad at my brother because the commander’s daughter chose Ulysses instead of me after we’d started to get along perfectly.”

The teacher felt sympathy and put his paw on his shoulder.

“Can’t let your sudden wishes fly too high too fast. I heard what had happened. There are many she-kats for toms to catch. But brotherly relations should last.”

“I’d better go over to my brother. Thanks!” They shook paws and he went back to his brother’s room, but he didn’t find him.


Weeks later, Jacques’s rival for commandership was ready to abduct the city. Amazingly, it was Mark, who had a C-tomkat that could travel at mach 4 and attack with synchronized 45 mm cannons.

‘Now, it’s time to get the honor that my sons should have helped me get when I sent them!”

He looked out into the city and at Enforcer headquarters. “Look out, Jacques Gerard! The Enforcers and this city will be for me!” He hopped in his jet and ascended with an explosion from the wing’s turboprops.


Theseus went over to one of the Enforcer jets where he found his brother and Dominique barely waking up together. Dominique felt guilty and torn about Chris, Uly and his brother and had been speaking to Uly about it. Uly tried to assure her that its over with her and Chris, but she had carried a guilty conscience. Theseus didn’t want to bother them, so he slipped softly by, but he didn’t get too far.

“Hey Theseus, wait!” Uly ran up to him.

“Sorry Uly. It’s my fault that you got into trouble.”

“I didn’t get into any. And the commander is really worried about you.”

“Why should he care? He’s probably glad I’m leaving.”

Dominique went up to Theseus.

“No, he wants you back! If there’s anyone to blame it’s me. I’ve been the selfish and the faithless one. I’ll dance with you at the next ball, if my boyfriend doesn’t mind or make a fuss.”

Theseus smiled weakly.

The Feral brothers had a feeling that she really wanted to be true to the bully. She was after all, behaving too flighty.

“No, it’s alright. You two have each other. And we have ourselves to take care of.”

Suddenly, the alarms went off and a voice called, “All Enforcers to arms! We have a vigilante attacking Megakat City!”

“Well, get moving, Uly! It’s your call!” Theseus pushed Uly to go, but Uly grabbed him by his collar.

“It’s yours too! I love you, brother!” Uly tightly hugged Theseus.

Theseus was amazed.

“I love you as well.”

Dominique shook his paw too. Theseus felt much better at being touched and befriended by a rival and the girl he wanted. Those bad things seemed to slip immediately from Theseus’s mind.

“What are we waiting for?”

They reached the airfield after they got dressed, but had to travel in separate chopper due to all the jets being taken by those who had gone before them.


The commander, who was ahead of the group, saw the deadly jet. “Turn yourself in, now! You are under arrest!”

“You’d better turn yourself in! Your title should have been mine!”

Jacques recognized that voice. He gasped.

“Mark? Why, you deceived me into taking your sons to suit you! Surround him and fire at will!”

Mark sneered and shot the Power Station, which caught fire. The city’s electricity was out cold.

Uly and Theseus heard what Jacques had said. “Our father is the criminal?!” they both cried out in unison.

“No, I I can’t go against my father! Do what you think is right!” Uly turned around.

“Wait, you can’t leave! We’re in this together!” he pleaded. Then he turned to his dad. “I can’t believe you!”

“I’m your father and will be your commander!” He aimed his cannons threateningly at Theseus.

The kats fired at the jet and he disabled some of the aircrafts.

Jacques rode up to Mark. “Listen, what do you want?”

“I want to be the commander! Why did you step in and take it from me?”

“No! Take me! If that’s all you’re after, take me.” Theseus hollered.

“That’s a good boy!” Mark noticed that Uly was flying away. “My other son’s betraying me, right?” Mark set off blows that blew up Uly’s chopper.

His co-chopper pilot grabbed hold of him and set off his parachute and landed at the top of a pointed building.

“No!” Theseus shouted and fired at his dad. “So you want to teach us self-respect, huh?”

Mark swerved out fast and set off grabbling hooks that caught Theseus from behind him that pulled him over to the enforcer headquarters.

Dominique, who had secretly hid around the runway, hopped in front of Mark with her machine gun. Jacques gasped as Mark took his whip and lashed her arm and pulled her over to him. “Looks like I’ve got two captives’ lives at stake! Anymore?” he laughed.

“Dominique!” Chris cried into his audience communicator.

“Chris! I’m sorry! Please let me go, but just save Uly for me!”

Uly was grabbed by a hook from a jet that swerved over to pick him up. It was Chris.

“Need a lift, you loser!” he joked as the crane pulled him up.

“Thanks. Now would you please take me over to the headquarters?”

“Roger that!” he said with a thumb up. Jacques followed them to the protection facility. Mark held Theseus by the neck with an arm.

“Megakat City is mine. Anyone who tries to interfere will have its precious headquarters in flames!” he threatened as he dragged Theseus and Dominique inside.

“Stop it, dad!” shouted Uly as the jet landed. He jumped out and armed his rifle.

Jacques landed and ran up to Uly with another rifle.

“You’re dad has lied to both of us and he’s too dangerous for you to save your brother alone. In whatever danger my new Enforcers are entering, I have to be there with them.”

“I don’t want to go against my dad, but he will kill my brother if we interfere! I don’t have a choice. He is my brother!”

Jacques smiled put his paw on his shoulder. “I’m always considered a father to those I accompany.”

Uly gave him the same response. “Thanks, commander. It’s time we paid him back.”

Chris came to join them. “Count me in too, commander.”

Jacques nodded and turned to the other pilots with his silent communicator and pressed the on all button.

“Stay close and if Mark jumps out, shoot him. My ground Enforcers are taking care and have entered the premises with discretion. Have courage and good luck!”

“Yes sir!” the pilots shouted. The pilots surrounded the building and the three kats entered the building.


Mark had ordered the headquarters security to deliver the explosions from his jet that were then wired up to blow up the building if anyone pulled any tricks. Dominique and Theseus both were tied with their paws and feet in front of them.

“Hurry up and don’t let any of the Enforcers shoot! These headquarters are now under my control!” Mark shouted.

Uly overheard him.

“So, I can’t always have my way, can’t I?” he mumbled.

Chris and Jacques gave him a sign to be quiet. They tried to avoid being sighted from the moving cameras that turned simultaneously. One of them caught them and a buzzer sounded.

“Those Enforcers, again! Search for them and shoot them! Get moving!”

The scared security did as they were told for fear of being blasted by his laser cannon that had screens, checking every kat inside.

Dominique looked at Theseus and sighed. “I wish I could love my boyfriend as I much as I do the both of you. I do feel pity and remorse for Chris! I hope this sacrifice will avenge him for what I’ve done.”

“I think Chris knows already, but he loves you still. Hearts are pulled in multiple directions. But if we die, Chris will remember you and perhaps be sorry for being mean to you.” Mark turned around.

“This is no time for talking about love! I want you two to join me in taking Megakat City!”

“In your dreams, you big oaf!” Dominique snapped. Mark took her by the chin. He peered seductively in her face.

“You’re a feisty one. Would you like to rule Megakat City with me?”

She spit in his face. “I’d rather this place were burned to hell with you in it!”

Mark pointed a rifle in her heard. “If you’ll come with me, my dear!”

Theseus struggled to break the ropes and broke free.

“Get away from her, jerk! I don’t see you as our father anymore! Kill me, but let her be!” He seized Mark by the collar.

Mark picked him up in the air and flung him down.

“Alright, I’ll kill you first, then her.”

Chris set off his laser and burned Mark’s paw. “Stay away from them, son of a bitch!” He ran and untied Dominique. She kissed him.

“I’m sorry, I ”

“We’ll take later! Let’s go!” He lifted her and ran out, carrying her, but was stopped by the sliding gate.

“Where do you think you’re going with my victim?”

Uly untied Theseus and ran to combat their dad.

“So what kind of satisfaction do you want? Satisfaction for us or from us?” Uly yelled as he knocked his dad to the floor.

“Looks like he’s getting what he wants! Cuff him and get him out of here!” Jacques ordered.

“You won’t be taking me anywhere! Say good bye to your dad, boys!” Mark grabbed a remote and pushed the button. A ticking sound was heard.

“Get out, now!” shouted the security and the five kats. Mark grabbed hold of Theseus’s foot.

“Uly, help!!” Uly tried to kick Mark in the face, but his foot was caught as well.

Dominique ran up and stabbed Mark with her father’s jack sword. He loosened his grip due to the pain.

“Go to hell, dirty alley kat!” Jacques pulled the Feral brothers away from Mark as he fell unconscious.

Then, they ran to the gate. The four toms pulled it up with all their might. The teeth of the gears cracked and the gate opened. As they ran out, the ticking was down to its last count down. Theseus accidentally stepped on one of the explosions as it started to go off.

He fell and was unable to go farther, so Uly and Jacques picked him up quickly as they jumped into a waiting chopper. The explosions went off at once. The cries from the remaining kats inside could be heard.

“God, rest their souls.” Jacques said and crossed his heart.

“Get to a hospital fast!” Uly shouted as he tore off his shirt and bound up what was now a bloody stump with a bone sticking out where the leg should have been.

Dominique’s eyes popped open. “Oh my God!!! Theseus!” She broke down and swooned in Chris’s arms.

“It’s ok! We’ll take care of him.”

Uly sobbed and held an unconscious Theseus tight in his arms. “I don’t want to lose you, pal! I backed out and now it may cost me.”

Jacques put a paw on his shoulder. “You also helped to save our tails and you risked to save my daughter and your brother. Be proud of the services you’re doing already and Chris as well.”


Hours later, at the hospital, Theseus woke up and found a metal artificial leg on him. Chris, Uly, and Dominique came into the room.

“Thank God you’re alive!” Dominique gave him an Enforcer symbol pin and a letter to leave the Enforcers.

Theseus read it and sighed.

“Sorry brother, but Commander Gerard has to let you off because of your injury, but he’s very proud of you that you took a great risk as well.” Uly gave him a model of a jet. “That’s to remember.”

“Thanks.” Chris took Dominique aside.

“Listen, I know that you have a feeling for these two and I’ve tried to control you because you were my girlfriend! If I loved you, you’d be able to make your choice.” Dominique was startled.

“Are you serious, Chris? You wanted me to be ”

“I know, but I love you so much I want you to be happy. I’m going to set you free.” Dominique hugged Chris.

“Thanks for your understanding. Let’s be friends.” Dominique went over to Theseus and turned to Uly. “Would you or Theseus like to take me?”

Uly looked at his brother and pressed her hand against his weeping eye. “Would you take care of my brother. I’ve got a greater task ahead, me and Chris.”

“Gladly. I’ll never forget you, Uly.”

Uly smiled and kissed her hand.

She accepted it and went over to Theseus and took his paw. “Would you?”


Uly and Chris were about to leave until Theseus called him back.

“And by the way, Uly. We received places to vote for the next commander. You’ve got the potential and the care! Take that place if you can for me. Do it for me!”

“I’ll become commander of Megakat City and I owe it all to you, my brother.”

Thank you.” The two Feral brothers shook hands and then Uly left with Chris.


Uly and Chris became partners in the Air Force. The day came when voting was being held. Uly knew what his brother expected. The elections took place, mostly by the enforcers and Ulysses was chosen.

Jacques was transferred back to his position in France, but congratulated Ulysses. “Vive le Megakat City!” he said as Uly went on the podium.

Uly, now as Feral, stood up to receive his oath and medal. He stood tall and proud as a pirate captain on a cliff in the winds. He looked with apprehension of his new career.

Jacques’ office was cleared out and given to Feral. It was a grand place and Feral liked it. He remembered his brother’s request. “Do it for me!”

“So shall it be!” Feral swore with an open paw in the air. He swore to Theseus, Dominique, Chris, and all the citizens. Feral received much honor, fame, and respect in his new job, and was ever shrewd about which kat he allowed to enter the enforcers and his service.


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